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T11K ( OU'MJilA llhliALl): f
Our 0nmili
Six WIIIii;h, n Itiinnwaj- Horse, nnl i
Ntj;ro Fight.
Cam i-iiki.I.'s Station', Sept. 20.
Though somewhat tardy, we send our!
cditoroiir heartfelt thanks aim appre
ciation for hi.- favor on the 4 1 ti inst., in
ho kindly rememherintr us at his annual
online I had j.veviously visited the
Centennial rity, hut niust admit that
thisday whs enjoyed more than others.
Since your eorrespondeiit's last letter
M iss Kmrua Hohbs whs united in mar-
riaire to Mr. John Ashtoii. Ks'j. liallan
fant 11 if i ;i t i ti ;r -
on Tliursday, Sept. !. Mr. Lee Stipes
whs married i'o Miss Klla Fox at the
home f the hi ide, Key. Kone olliciu
tintr. On Sunday Sept. I-, Mr. Georire W'il!
iams and Miss Cnrrie Warden were
(tiietlv married at the home of the
bride,' Khler Anderson performing the
c ?reinon v.
On Wednesday, Sept. 1. Prof. Tom
Peoples, of this place, drove to l-'arin-intiloii,
Tenn.. and was there united in
wedlock to Miss 1 In lis. Keturn-
int: here, they w civ tendered a recep
tion Mt t he home of the croolll, Ucv. W.
1!. Peoples, prior to leaving for Texas,
Where the 1'rofessor has an excellent
position in a school.
On Sunday, Sept. 8, Mr. L. Adams was
married to Mis Swinev, at the home of
Mr. A. lirinir. rsj. Cochran performing
the eeremonv.
Last Saturday evening Mr. Prenard
McDonald nrrit-d with his hride, mr
Miss Kiehardson.froin ( iraey.Fla., where
thev were married at the home of the
hride on t he Wednesday previous. They
were tendered an elenant reception at
the home of Mr. A. W. McDonald.
These twelve youns; people have our
hest wishes for lives of perpetual sun
shine. Pev. Gray, of Andrews, closed a series
of meetings at Kveri:reen the second
Sundav. lie is a vigorous (impounder
of the Word. Although no conversions
were had, the church was huilt up ma
terially. Pev. Anderson, of Carter's Creek,
closed a meeting at the Christian
church last Monday, with four addi
tions to the church.
Misses Klla West and Xattie Fleming,
while returning from church last Tues
day night, were thrown from their hors
es and seriously hurt. Miss Fleming's
arm was broken and she was other
wise bruised up. Miss West's hand was
mashed, and the physician amputated
one of her lingers. They are both doing
nicely ut present.
Last Saturday night the negro ele
ment held a free-for-all "knock out" at
Campbell's. Kight or ten participated,
using knives, revolvers, rocks and
sticks freely. on negro was mortally
wounded by being shot, the bullet en
tering above his left eye and penetra
ting the skin to the skull for ."i or li
inches. This w as the result of a "Ger
man" and infernal liquor.
Mr. .1 1 til Caskey and wife, of Texas,
have been the guest- of Mr. A. W. Mc
Donald and family.
Mr. Luther Gracy and wife, of (iracy,
I' la., have returned home after a few
weeks visit here.
Miss Kthel Kennedy is recovering
from a seige of jaundice.
With best regards to all, we remain
your friend, Jim Dandy.
HOWS 111 I-'.'
We offer one hundred dollars reward for
ny ease of Catarrh that can not he cured
tv Mall's Catarrh Cure.
' K. J. CUKNKY CO.. Props.. Toledo. (I.
We the unilersiKiR'd, have known V. .1
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
li i in perfectly honorable in all business
tratisaetloiiM iuid financially able to carry
out imv obligations made by their Arm.
West' A Trim x, Wholesale Druggist, To
ledo, I ihlo.
WaUling. Klnnan A Marvin. Wholesale
Druggist s, Toledo, th io.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
.acting directly upon the blood and mucous
. surfaces of t he system. Price ".' eeiils per
bottle. Hold by all Druggists. Testimo
nial! free. Hall's Family l'illsare the hest
McCain's, Sept. 2(1. Once again we
find a few leisure moments to write up
our items from this place. Just at the
close of this autumn-likeday the grand
old sun seems loath to set, for ere long
it will cast its rays over tnese old hills
and valleys w he'u they will look dreary
and gloomy, all their beautiful robes of
green having been changed to deadlier
hues, for alieady theatmosphere causes
chilly sensation's to creep over us.
Mr. FMitor, our mind naturally wan
ders back to our pleasant outing, which
will ever till a conspicuous place of
(food times in our memory. We can
only express our appie nation by faith
fulness to your paper.
An eight days' meeting closed at this
place last Tuesday night. Kev. (iabard
was assisted in the meeting bv Pev.
Paird, uf Waynesburg, Pa., who did
some good (iospel preaching, greatly
reviving the enureh members, with
several conversions and four accessions
to the church.
Professors Harris and Scott, accom
panied by twenty-live of their pupils,
attendedthe Centennial last Saturday.
Mr. Andrew Maxwell, of Vleksburg,
Miss., is now gladdening the hearts of
his home folks by his presence of two
weeks stay.
Misses Sallie and Sue Ramsey, of
Waco, Texas, visited in our midst last
Mrs. M. K. Gabara left last week for
Fayetteville to attend the bedside of
. her father, who is in feeble health.
Uev. J. II. Peoples sold his farm last
week to Mr. llindinau, of Stvveisville,
for $:,(Ki.
We are sorry to report Mrs. Dave
Trousdale and Mr. Dan Wilsford on the
sick list this week. We hope for them
a speed v recovery.
Pev. M. K. (iabard and Mr. C. H.
Trousdale leave this week for Presby
. ter , which will meet at Oliver Hill,
Hardin County.
The Death Angel has again visited
our community and claimed for its vic
tim Mr. Hoyd 'Moore, who quietly pass
ed away last Tuesday night near the
mid-night hour, in his forty-sixth
year. The funeral services were cou-
dueled at this place by Pev. M. K. Ga
bard ; interment also at this plaee. A
. large concourse of friends ami relatives
were present to pay their last respects
to one who, it is said, had not an
enemy. We extend to the bereaved sis
ters our heartfelt sympathy, and may
our heavenly Father sustain them in
their lonely sad hours.
It was "this people's good fortune
. again to listen to a splendid lecture on
last Thursday night by Pev. .1. M. Hub
hert, Dean of Cumberland -University,
Lebanon, Tenn., on "The Model Wo-
. man." A good-sized audience greeted
him, considering the unfavorable night.
The young people of this community
surely ought to appreciate such inspir
ing addresses, and profit thereby.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Woody, of Santa
Fe, have visited in our midst since our
. last.
After three weeks of painful suffering
with the dreaded disease typhoid fever,
Mrs. Hellen Courtney's gentle spirit
!o-k its (light back to the God that jtave
(Inrrespuhoiik I
it, on last Saturday evening at sun-set
hour. In her death this community
loses one of its truest and noblest chris
tian la. lies, she has been a faithful
member of Hopewell church a number
of years, ever discharging her every
duty in church work. Her pastor, Pev.
W.J. White, conducted the funeral ser
vices at the residence Sundav afternoon
at 2 o'clock ; interment at the N'eelley
burying ground. T the bereaved hus
band we extend our sympathy in this
sad tiui", an I, clear "Pmk, a host of
friends join us in sympathy to you. In
your loneliness may the gentle. Spirit
that guided your beloved aunt guide
yon, and throw His protecting arms
about you ever, canning heaven's sun
light to shine upon you.
Juite a number from this c enm init y
are anticipating a trip to Sum mei towii
With iiest wises to Hie Unit w.n. I re
main, OMKiiA.
M r. James Jones, of the drug linn of
Jones A' Son, Cowden, III., in speaking
of Dr. King's New Discovery, says that
last winter his wife was attacked with
la grippe, and her case grew so serious
that physicians at Cowden and Pana
could do nothing for her. It seemed to
develop into hasty consumption. Hav
ing Dr. King's New Discovery in store,
and selling lots of it, he took a bottle
home, and to thesurprise of all she be
gan to get better from tirst dose, and
half dozen dollar bottles cured her
sound and well. Dr. King's New Discovery-for
consumption,' cough and
colds is guaranteed to do this 'iood
work. Try it! Free trial bottles at Wold
ridge A Irvine's Drug Store.
june-1 ly. 5
Watkk Vai.lky, Sept. 2(1. The revival
at the Methodist church, conducted by
our pastor, Pro. Owens, closed yester
day morning. Pro. Powers, of ijigby
ville, assisted in the meeting. lie
preached four days, and during all of
the services there was not perhaps a
disinterested hearer. The preacher
held the undivided attention of his
audience from the tirst to the closing
sermon of the occasion. He stood as
the man of Jod, bearing Heaven's
direct message to dying men, and the
hearts and conscience of believer and
unbeliever seemed to feel the impres
sion of the solemn message. As a re
sult of the meeting there weie six pro
fessions and ten were added to the
church. Church members were great
ly strengthened and drawn closer to
gether iti love. A great, many gave their
hands to Pro. Powers in token of the fact
that they intended to live better lives.
Pro. Powers has done a good work at
this place. Christians, wo tirtnly be
lieve, will walk more circumspectly
in the future than in the past. There
will be more family religion and more
of prayer and plane in nuny country
Mr. and Mrs. Will Arrington, of West
Tennessee, were ill our miii-t last week.
Miss Daisy Pigg is visiting Miss
Maryetta Harris, of A'illiamsport, this
Mrs. Pate Johnson, who has been
q li e sick for several (lays, we are ulad
to say is some better. "We trust she
may soon be well.
Mr. Fleming Jarratt, of Goshen,
moved into our midst to-day. Ho will
make his homo with Mr. ISoti Pigg. We
are glad to have such a good christian
youug gentleman come into our village.
We trust be will make his home among
us. As ever the same,
Moments are useless if trilled away;
and they are dangerously wasted ii
consumed by delay in cases where one
Minute Cough Cure would bring im
mediate relief. A. P. IUins. ly
Knox Ckrkk, Sept. 20. A very sad
accident occurred in this neighborhood
on last Tuesday at 10 minutes after 10
o'clock. Mr. Frank Lochridge, son of
Mr. and Mrs. .las. H. Lochridge, acci
dentally shot himself, causing instant
death. The young man, his mother,
and M r. John 'Lochridge, of Columbia,
were seated in the front yard at their
residence, three and a half miles south
east of Spring Hill. The unfortunate
young man was cleaning out a double
barreled hamtnerless shot-gun, pre
paring for a hunt. After getting the
gun cleaned out, his mother asked him
to shoot her a chicken for dinner. He
was sitting on a chair when he mi
breeched the gun and put the shell in
it, with the gun across his lap. The
supposition is that after he threw the
gun back in breech, it was still cocked,
and in getting up off his chair he gave
the gun a jar someway, which made
it tire. The load entered his right side,
Just below the chest and ranged Ho
ward, death resulting instantly. He
was ;i" years and It) months old, and has
lived in this community nearly all his
life. He had scores of friends, who
were very sorry to hear of his death.
The funeral services were conducted at
Port Poyal church by the Pev. T. A.
Hardin, on Wednesday at 11 o'clock.
His remains were followed by a large
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: V
concourse of sorrowing relatives and
friends to the Mt. t'armel Cemetery,
where they were laid to rest to wait tlio
resurrection. I Ie lea ves an a:'ed father
and mother and one brother to mourn
his untimely death. We extend our
sympathies 'to the bereaved ones in
their hours of sadness, ami bid them
look to a higher lire than this for otn
fort. The pall Ivem-crs were Messrs. loo
Lee, Jim Harris, K. K. Williams, .1. S.
Prown, p. 1. Chapman, and J. P.Glenn.
Little Miss Maud Jamison, vh. has
been very sick for the past two weeks,
we are glad to say is improving slow
ly. Misses Ilendlcy and Carpenter, of
Columbia, after a very pleasant visit
with M r. and Mrs. S. 'J. Caperton, of
this neighlxirhood, have returned to
their home.
Sorghum making is going on in this
vicinity now. The cane is turning out
remarkably well, for it to be as dry as
it has been", making about "." or so gal
lons per acre. Mr. J. J. Overton is mak
ing as tine a sample as we ever saw;
as clear as strained honey.
Joe Jones, an industrious, hard-working
colored man of this community,
had the misfortune of getting his house
burned last Tuesday. Kvervthing he
had was destroyed. All the grown
people were away from home, and the
small children were playing with some
matches and struck one and stuck it too
near the straw-bed.
Ktta Jenkins, a respectable colored
woman of this vicinity, died last Satur
day, the isth, of consumption. Her
funeral was attended by a Urge crowd
of colored people, and a good number
of white people. Ktta had many friends
among her color, and was well thought
of by all the white people. She was
buried at Spring Hill.
Gypsy Plaiu.
To heal tin" broken and diseased tis
sues, to soothe the irritated surfaces, to
instantly relieve and to permanently
cure is the mission of DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve. A. P. Pains. ly
Wkst Point, Sept. is. It is better
late than never, so we desire to express
our sincere thanks to our kind editor
for a most pleasant day at the Centen
nial. Pev. D. T. Waynick, of your city, has
been preaching some splendid sermons
at this plaee tor the .past week. The
meeting closed Thursday night with
five additions to the church and ipiite a
revival of religion among the chris
tians He also organized a Christian
Kndeavor society.
Visitors at the home of "Zulu" last
week were: Pev. S. M. Gupton and
wife, ofMowd; Mr. A. T. Vestal and
wife, of Timtnons; Mrs. Linda Gallo
way, of Theta; Mr. Matt llight and
wife, of Santa Fe; Miss Cora Dawson,
of Godwin, and Miss Lettie Martin, of
West Nashville.
Miss Lorena Harbison, of Theta,
spent part of last week with Miss Hula
Preparing ground for wheat and sow
ing turnip seed is the order of the day
since the good rain Thursday night.
Mr. John Walters is on the sick list.
Sorry "Marguerite," of Godwin, was
unable to attend the reunion. Hope
she will soon be her own bright self
Wonder why "Jim Dandy" doesn't
write occasionally? They say he en
joyed the reunion greatly.
Ve had the pleasure of attending the
association at Santa Fe last week, and
must say that the good people of that
village deserve a great deal of praise for
their hospitality on that occasion.
Pev. S. M. Gupton will begin a tent
meeting near Carter's Creek Sundav,
the lltth.
They say we will have a wedding to
report when the leaves have ceasod to
We are enjoying the nice beef fur
nished by our club weekly.
We were sorry to hear of the death of
Mr. Hoyd Moor'?, of Pigbyville, and
truly sympathize with the bereaved
Peopleofthis community will begin
making sorghum next week, ami will
have a "sweet time," of course.
With many good wishes for all, I am
as ever the same, Zi'i.A.
)M) l'KOPI.K.
Old people who require medicine to
regulate the bowels and kidneys will
find the true remedy iu Klectric Hitters.
This medicine does' not stimulate and
contains no whisky nor other intoxi
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It acts mildly on the stomach and
bowels, adding strength and giving
tone to the organs, thereby aiding na
ture in theperformanceof t he functions.
Electric Hitters is an excellent appe
tizer and aids digestion. Old people tind
it justexactly what they luvd. Price 50c.
and 11.00 per bottle at Woldridge A Ir
vine's drug store. .'! junel ly
Nkapoi.is, Sept. 1!). Bro. Currey de
livered an interesting address at the
church Sundav.
Miss Nora Parks visited friends in
Nashville since our last, and took in the
Miss Irena Allen expects to attend
school at the Athenieuin this term.
Mr. J. W. Huckaby visited Mr. Gee
and family since our last.
Mr. W. J. Allen is in Nashville at this
Miss Nola Allen is with friends at
Thompson Station at present.
Little Kuby Allen is on the sick list.
Mr. Alexander has returned from
Mr. Scott has returned from Giles
Mr. Scott, of Coffee county, is the
guest of his brother, Mr. J. K. Scott, of
this vicinity.
We have not yet had sntlioicnt rain to
wet the ground. Xina.
Mr. Pi.kasant, Sept. 20. The dry
weather has been very favorab'e'to the
clover hulling business and the phos
phate industry and has given Messrs
Hunter fc Ingram an opportunity to
display their kindness to tiie people in
our vicinity while the water is so scarce.
This firm s'hips several hundred barrels
of Hour every day. They have afforded
a market for wheat, as they have
bought and stored ten or twelve thous
and bushels in their elevator.
Our schools are well attended, and,
although there are some cases of fever
in the country, the pupils are remark
ably healthy.
Prof. Bos tick, who was ill last week,
is at his post this week.
Prof. Puchanan is also up and well
enough to be with his faculty teaching.
Hay Iong Seminary has received a
handsome stone color of paint on the
window and door frames, anil a sub
stantial llight of steps on the West side
will he a great convenience on concert
Our town has three new brick store
houses and an Odd Fellow Hall, com
pleted iu the last ten days.
Hoping to let you hear oftener from
Mt. Pleasant, I remain, most trulv,
The "Hicyclist's Pest Friend" is a
familiar name for DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, always ready for emer
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affections of the skin. It, never, fails.
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For irregular, suppressed or
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perfect success and vnstlv supe
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writes: "The medicine is doing me lots
of good. For the last two months I
have not had to go to bed nor take mor
phinesomething very unusual for me."
A. It. RAIN'S,
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aug20 ly
Mr. Zio.v, Sent. 20. Mrs. It. W. Oak
ley is very sick' with malarial fever.
Airs. Nannie Dal ton is very sick at
this writing. Hope to bo able to note
her recovery soon.
Itwaswiiha sad and aching heart
that we read the death of Kli jah Parson.
He was a noble young man. ' We truly
sympathize with his father, mother and
sisters in their sad bereavement. His
death will be keenly felt, but "blessed
are the pure in heart, for they shall see
God." So let us try to meet Klijah in
Mrs. Malinda Kinzer, our clear old
great-grand mother, spent part of last
week with us, much to the delight of
your humble scribe and her family. We
certainly enjoyed her visit. She is SI
years old and still enjoys horse-back
Little Miss Pessie Goad is spending
quite a while with her grandpareuts.
Mr. and Mrs. M. T. White.
Mer-srs. I). L. Goad and M. T. White
killed a largo rattle snake last Tuurs
day near Theta.
Several from here attended the quar
terly meeting at Pope's Cnapel yester
day'. Sir. Pevley Dodson and wife, of Ken
tucky, have returned home after a short
visit to relatives here. School Gikl.
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fusely illustrated.
ItKortviKW, Sept. 20. Mr. Allen Har
ris, of this place, and Miss Pelle Smith,
of Stiversville, were married last
Thursday evening at the homo of the
bride's father, Mr. Krwin Smith. Im
mediately after the ceremony they re
paired to the home of the groom's
father, Mr. I. T. Harris, where a
sumptuous supper awaited them. Mr.
and Airs. Harris have the best wishes
of a large number of friends.
Prof. T. M. Hogau visited home-folks
at Water Valley from Saturday until
Mr. Kgbert Clark returned last week
to the deaf and dum school at Knox
ville. Mrs. Jim Hickman Is spending
several days with her mother, Mrs.
Angeline London.
Mrs. Jane Matthews has returned
from a month's visit to relatives at
H a m psh i re. P iu n ktt k.
No man or woman can enjoy life or
accomplish much in this world while
suffering from a torpid liver. DeWitt's
Little Karly Pisers, the pills that
cleanse that organ, quickly. A. K.
Pains. ly
SrsNvsinK, Sept. 20. Circumstances
over .which we had no control prevented
the appearance of a letter from this
place for two weeks, but, with pleasure
we assume our place this morning.
Mr. Finnv Hrutnbach of Sheffield,
Ala., is with his brother T. P. Hrum
bach at present.
Mr. Will McCleish and wife, of
Prownsville, West Tenn., are visiting
relatives at Sunnyside.
Misses Joe and Olivia Foster, two
lovely girls from Carter's Creek, visited
friends here recently. Come again,
dear girls, you are always welcome.
Mrs. Mary Iyickhart, of Knterprise, i
spendtneafew days with her sister,
Mrs. McCandless, at this writing.
Miss Maggie Notgrass is visiting
Nashville friends this week.
Miss Kthel Hatcher spent a few days
recently with Miss Olivia Harrow.
Miss Annie Street, of Savannah,
Tenn., is visiting relatives here.
Pev. M. K. Gahard will hold a pro
tracted meeting here snon; will prob
ably announce the time in next week's
Mr. Chas. Peden is at Mooresville at
Maury Fleming was circulating
among Sunnyside friends Sunday
afternoon. How about it Maury? And
where is your "Chumf
Mrs. Knglish stopped a few days re
ctntly with Mrs. Giddens, on her way
froni'Primms. Sinolarb.
(Continued to Seventh Pace.)
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