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Till! COLUMltlA UKltAL.1: FttllLAV. DECEMBER 30 l 8
' 9
Furnishings. ! maury dry goods
! Notions.
As announced last week, we are forced to raise
amount of cash to pay our retiring members.
a great
In order
to do this, we will continue each week to inaugurate a
at prices where all the profit is to you. We MUST
have this money. See? And to get it we are willing
to give you the goods at less than they cost us. Now
you understand.
For this week week or us long as they last all outings
and Flannele'.tes, dark and light, that sold at ioc,
Our Money liaising Trice, 7 1-2 cents.
iooo yard3 Sea Island finish Brown Domestic, worth 5
and 6cents, Our price next week, 4c.
1,000 yards dress and quilt styles Calicoes,
Dissolution Price, 4 cts.
1 ,000 yards Cotton Flannel, never sold for less than 5 cts.
Sacrifice Sale at 3 1-2 cts.
$7.50, $9.00 and .f 10.00 Capes to go at .I4.9S.
Of the 15 nice new Jackets left (marked to sell at $7.50,
$9.00, $10.00 and $15.00),
V Our Forced Price Will be Your Choice for $4.98.
151 All $4.50 and $5 Patterns for $2.9S.
All $5.50 and $7.50 Patterns for $3.98.
Kememher this is our "II WE-TO-HE" SALE,
to raisejnoneythat "has to be" paid.
All styles and prices from the
cheapest to the best. We are
1 quart Fountain Syringes. .60c.
2 quart Fountain Syringes. .GOc.
3 quart Fountain Syringes. .75c.
4 quart Fountain Syringes. DOc.
All kinds for spraying water,
oil or vaseline, and prices right.
Hot Water Bottles.
in Nashville this
is here visiting
is here visiting
WISH to thank our many friends for making this
last year the most prosperous year of our existence,
and we trust that they will continue to favor us and
themselves as well by buying where they wi'l
find honest prices and honest values. Wishing
a most successful New Year, Yours truly,
1 quart plain or flannel.
2 quart plain or flannel.
3 quart plain or flannel.
4 quart plain or flannel.
Chest Protectors.
The only preventive of la
grippe. Our leader "The Klon
dike" only 50 cents.
is visiting
you all
Maury Dry Goods and Shoe Go.
X. H. Please examine the largest and most complete
line of White Goods, Laces and Embroideries ever shown
in this city. DON'T MISS THIS SALE ! M. D. G. Co.
The County 'Squire Will Be Quite 15uy
Next Monday.
The reeular Quarterly meeting of
the County Court next Monday will
be an important one, as the annual
election of officers will take place,
besides other matters of importance
to h attended to.
The terms of Chairman E. D
Loonev. Assistant Chairman T. H
Nixon and Superintendent of Public
Instruction P. ri. jjocison naving ex
nired. elections will be held to
choose their successors. The dis
trict road commissioners will also
he elected, ana the iurors and ofh
cers to wait on the next term of
Circuit Court will be appointed.
No opponent to Judge Looney has
yet made his appearance, and it is
quite likely that no one will, as the
Judge has made sucn an emciem
officer that the magistrates want to
kefiD him in the place. In the elec
tion for County Superintendent only
two names can be presented, viz:
Prof. P. H. Dodson and Prof. A. C.
Allen, thev being the only ones who
mirtlifled for the candidacy in the
T " " ...
examination neia last summer.
Strayed or Stolen.
Yellow Jersey cow, crumpled Horn,
medium s zed. eiving milK wnen
she disappeared about the middle of
October. A Iioerai rewaru tor ner
return. JOHN O. LATTA. It
is on a trip to
home in Ken-
of Mr. F.
at his
The moon was in a partial
last Tuesday night.
Tf von haven't a case of
you are not up with the rasnion.
The banks and post office observed
Christmas Monday by closing up.
In making your New Year resolu
tions, make a firm resolve not to
break thein.
Merchants to keep in touch with
their customers, should have a Bell
Telephone. 14
Geo. Migrant, the barber, has
returned from Huntsville. and is
back at Shuneman & Ketchum's.
The Hkrld returns its thanks to
Mrs. J. W. Pugh, for old copies of
the Herald, bearing date of 1HHJ.
1884, 1885 and 1880.
Wilson Bostick (colored), a famil
tap fl tril ro hout the streets of Co
lumbia, died last Saturday
home near White Spring.
Mr. J. Cheairs Mayes has accepted
apositkn with J. 8. Beeves & Co.,
ria firm of N ashville, ana
will' leave soon to enter upon his
rrK 0rnitinc officers who were
here from the regular army secured
thirtv.two recruits from
Mississippi regiments
hpre last week.
vj iru it n la indebted to Miss
nc...i nroon for n cony of the HER
,.!.r Knvpmhfr. 1S85. We wish
m,r nthpr friends, who have copies
of the Herald published between
1V otoa nf 1KT5 and 1888, would
hrintr them in.
tnrkevs. Wolf and
Barhoo atraini. for said. Price $4.F0
decl6 3t Ashwood, Tenn.
Cant Robt. D. flmith has secured
th?serV ce8ofMr.J.Hough Guest,
who will be at the Athenteum 'lues
day and Friday of each week, be
ginning Jan. 3rd, to receive punils
in Violin, Harmony and Composi-
Lee will move to tne rectory now
occupied by Mrs. Origsby, about
Jan. 15.
Mr. W. J. Guest will move to-dav
i . . . . ......
i til nla now rmmo tn fc.iirrirh otraat
between South Main and Garden,
and Mrs. Ed. Williams will move to
the cottage on Garden street now oc
cupied by Mr. Guest, and Mr. Meade
brierson will move to the residence
on Eighth street now occupied by
Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Williams and
Mr. Frierson having exchanged
the two
mustered out
W. and I.
Cold and grippe tablets, guaranteed
to cure, bold by
It Woldridue & Irvine.
Stole .
Gus Smith, colored, htole $5 from a
negro by the name of Dan Dunning
ham at Mt. Pleasant last Saturday
and immediately shook the dust of
the town from his feet A descrin
tion of him was furnished the police
of this city, and he was nabbed that
night as he was trying to board the
south-bound train at the depot. The
officers recovered $4.50 of the money.
Smith admitted his guilt before
Judge Looney and said he was sorry
ha didn t get the ichance to spend
the balance of the money. He was
bound over to the Circuit Court.
Three Mimtered-Out Soldier and a Nrgro
Cook Die During the Week.
The following deaths occurred last
Friday nifirht among the mustered
out poldiers of the First and Second
Mississippi regiments:
Private Lee Kills, or company r
First Mississippi, of Brandon, Miss.,
Private J. W. Nunnany, or com
pany B., First Mississippi; menin
Private j. w. Aaams, oi otupy
D., Second Mississippi, of Colum
bus, Miss.; pneumonia.
The first two deaths occurred at
the hospital at Camp Hamilton, and
the last one at the residence or iiiy
Marshal Jackson in South Colum
bia. The remains of the three sol
diers were embalmed and prepared
for burial by West & Nichols, and
shipped to their respective homes in
A r.eirro cook for one of the com
panies died Monday at the hospital,
and the remains were buried here at
the expense of the county.
We have calendars for our friends
and natrons. When you
call to re
or oring us
A.. on ncnrin iimi
new yum - ' ,nh wnrk.
juieui, B""-- j
' - it vkald calendar
Call IUI .... . !,. In
imm nnd if vou are
minc. vou will get one
The ladies of the Second Presby
h.,r.h have announced a
unci" on 8 Monday In January to
he given in the vacant store building
nex to Titeomb'. drug-store It
will be a good PHce to Kei yu. u,
ner that day.
.u v WaRpr. formerly
'M,nrv Dry Goods
meJ"ll" "n"' .m lea've in a few
S " 7. i v Ue. where he hasac-
cented k position with Murry,
,CeTl & shoo merchant, of tht
city. His many friends here wi.i
hlni ailO(eS9.
r nu. who has been oc-
the Hennng ''"'c,,v ?,
rtnrn to ni iarm i"
country to live,
will move to the
ni ed bv Mr. Davis.
CUpj nK ..., . farmill tlle
street. ijriht
live, ami iiwo.
niifttt now
Rev. Baker i
Prettiest styles and shapes,
'way below cost!
Miss Beatrice KerwicX
rTEntrance through Maury Dry
Goods Co.'s Store.
iniprovemf nts at Rose Hill.
A handsome new iron gate, with
stone pillars, has just been placed
at the entrance of Hose Hill Ceme
tery. The gate presents a neatap-
ncurance and aaas mum to me
I . , m i
hfinutv oi the cemetery, inn unve-
wavs through the grounds have also
been greatly improved recently.
Tim work was done under the direc
tion of Mr. A. Barr, president of the
Cemetery Company.
Lan Robes and liorse Blankets.
Large stock and prices right. See
Shot While Out limiting.
While out bird hunting one day
last week in Marshall county. Cir
cuit Court Clerk Sireo of that county,
accidentally shot Mr. Gentry Mc
Lean, of Maury. The wounds are
painful but not dangerous, and Mr.
McLean is improving as rapidly as
could be expected.
Garwood'sSarsaparllla tor the blood
guaranteed to cure. A. B. Raids
Them Loose!
That is just what we have been
doing for our goods the last three
months. We have never sold as
many goods in the same length of
time since we have been in the gro
cery business. And right here we
want to thank our many customers
for their liberal patronage, and wish
von a haoov and prosperous New
rf I I a
Year. What we have left you can
have at these prices:
1-2 llis liest seed tick coffee $1.00
14 1 ha hest country lard i."'
6 21b cans tomatoes
12:sibeans tomatoes w
Rest nea or clover hay, per bale
f'onntrv bran, per sack
Next Motulav one day oniy we
will sell yon for cash, ! bars or
Lenox or 10 bars (Uariette soap for ,
These are tho best 5 cent soaps on
the market.
No. 6, North Main Street,
Bell Telephone No. 1133 King.
Citizens Telephone Operators.
The operators of the Citizens Tele
nhone Exchange were kindly re
tneinbered this unristmas uy num
ber of the subscribers. The young
lady operators Misses Carrie Bar
ker and Rebecca Irvine were each
presented with $30, and the young
gentlemen operators Messrs. Lewis
Kirk and Joe Dugger were each
given $10. These employes have
served the company faithfully dur
ing the past year, ana iney wen
merit the gifts that were presented
to them.
For Kent.
Residence for rent on Sixth street.
Apply to It
R. C. Ga.nt
Crap Shooters Pulled. .
Another raid was made on the
Rathnll House baggage-room last
Saturday night and four negro crap-
shootprs were pulled. I hey were
assessed $5 each for their fuu.
Will Jones was
Ed. Church is spending the
days here.
Congressman E. W. Carmack is
in the city.
John Thompson
Harry Woodside
his homefolks.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Phelan, of Nash
ville, are here.
Miss Lila Coleman has returned
from Athens, Ala.
Geo. B. Williamson, of Nashville,
spent Christmas here.
Mr. Charley Akin, of Nashville,
spent Christmas here.
Flav Carpenter, of
spent Christmas here.
Miss Tennle Sowell
friends in Clarksville.
Mr. O. P. Rutledge is In West
Tennessee on business.
Aaron Hirsch spent several days
In Nashville this week.
Mr. Maurice Rothschild is visiting
his parents In Chicago.
Lester Cherry, of Nashville, is
visiting Robert Dodson.
Mr. Harry Swansburg, of Macon,
Ga .(is visiting relatives here.
Miss Gamble, of Mississippi, is
visiting Miss Linda Frierson.
Miss Louise Woodside has return
ed from a visit to Waynesboro.
Mrs. W. H. Shuneinan ard chil
dren are visiting at Park's Mill.
Misspa Cora and Kittle Brownlow
are visiting relatives in Nashville.
Miss Jessie White, of Nashville,
is the guest of Mrs. K. G. Johnson.
Jndireand Mrs. E. E. Erwin went
to Murfreesboro to spend Christmas
Mr. Fred Foxall. of Decatur,
Texas, is here on a visit to relatives.
Mr. J. H. Barr, of Birmingham,
spent Christmas witb his relatives
Hardin Figuers and Frank Os
borne, are here spending the holidays.
Miss Emmie Harlan is spending
the holidays with friends in Lewis
W. C. Salmon, Esq
Chicago and his old
Dr. J. C. Ewing, of
visiting the family
xt Wilkes came over from Bell
Buckle to spend Christmas with his
Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, oi
Nashville, are guests of relatives in
the city.
Mrs. Merchant, of Murfreeshoro,
i visiting her sister, Mrs. uizzie
Miss Emma Dorris, of Nashville,
came out to spend Christmas with
Mrs. L. T. Woldridge.of Franklin,
Is the guest of her son, Air. waiver
P. Woldrldge.
Mr. and Mrs. William Everett, of
St. Louis, are visiting Mr. Everett's
relatives here.
Mrs. W. R. Hutton, of Shelby ville,
is the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W.J.Dale.
Clark Jones, of Howard Institute,
spent Christmas wun nis muwiei,
Mrs. Hattle jones.
Mr. W. S. Kirk, or Texas, is
no- relatives here, after an
r - i
of twenty-one years.
Miaa Afarv Sue Avdelott, now or
Nashville, came out to spend Christ
mas with her parents.
Mr. Robert Huey and daughter,
Miss Ida Huey, of Texas, are guests
of Mrs. W.E. Brazier.
Hamilton Brown is here spending
the holidays with his parents, uoi.
and Mrs. H. A. Brown.
Mrs. Sarah Holman and son
Henry, went to Nashville to peuu
Christmas with relatives.
Misses Charlotte Henderson and
Lizbeth Shields, of Hay Long Col-
ege, spent Christmas here.
Dr. F. C. Williams, of Savannan,
Tenn., is spending the ween wun
his friend, Dr. Sidney rage.
luias Willie Fizuers came up from
Alabama, where she is leacnmg
school,to spend the holidays.
Mr To T.. Hutton. Cashier of the
PhaMilx Bank, spent Christmas with
his homefolks in BheiDyvme.
Prank Willhms and Ed Baird
came out from Vanderbilt to spend
the holidays with homeioms.
Dr. G. W. Oliver is at borne for the
holidays. He will return next ween
to the University of Nashville.
Charlie Hatcher, of the University
of Virginia, spent Christmas wun
his father, Mr. E. H. riatcner.
Mr. George Childress, former
Cashier of the Second national
Bank, has returned to coiumoia.
Prank Roberts came out from
Nashville and spent several days
with relatives here the past week.
Mr. James Avent, of Murfrees
boro. spent Sunday here with Mrs.
Avent, who is visiting her mother.
Misses Bessie and Ethel Hendley
have returned from a trip to New
York.Washingtouand Philadelphia.
Mr nnrt Mrs. Ernest Loven. who
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Brownlow, have returned to their
home in Springfield, Mo.
Mrs. John Wilson, of Lynnville,
and Mr. and Mrs. Jonn jeeiey, m
Nashville, spent Christmas wun me
family of Mr. Elijah Neeley.
Oatman Fleming, or the dental de
partment of the University of Ten
nessee, came out last week from
Nashville to spend Christmas.
Judge and Mrs. Sam Holding re
turned last week from Savannah,
where Judge Holding held court.
The Judge left Monday for Waynes
boro, where he is now hoi ding court.
Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Yeatman and
MNs Fannie Webster, of Nashville,
and Miss Mattie Sue Hunt, of Au
gusta, Ga., were here last week to
attend the funeral of Mrs. Margaret
R Webster, who died at her home
at Cross Bridges last Thursday.
Mr. Andrew Walker, of Charles-
Mo., has been here tne past
From now until Christmas. As
only a few days remain to re
duce this large stock, we have
made prices on every article that
speak more eloquently than
Our Capes and Jackets
have appealed to careful and
economical buyers throughout
the season. Our present prices
on these garments place them
within the reacli of all and be
low all competition.
We must move our large stock
Ladies' Shoes
and have made prices on new up
to date styles that must induce
trade rapidly.
A beautiful line of
just received. The most appro
priate Christinas present you
could give.
Our stock of
Carpets and Mattings
is most complete, and we are
offering special inducements in
Clothing! Clothin
A Happy and
New Year!
YOU and
We take this opportunity
of thanking our many
friends f'cr their patron
age, and hope a continu
ance of the same.
Your lriends,
Professional Undertakers
and Embnlmers.
We always have been and al
ways will be leader in this line.
This department lias always
been our special pride. None
can show you the variety we
carry; none can meet our prices.
This immense stock was bought
for CASH you shall have the
er was a former resident of this
place, but moved away from here
about twenty two years ago. He is
now running a hotel in Charlestonf
W. and I.
Cold and grippe tablets, guaranteed
to cure. Sold by
It Woldridob & Irvine.
We carry everything our line of
business calls for, whether it be the
most expensive or more modest la
its cost.
Our stock is bought to accommo
date those in distress, and our prices
are neither for the rich nor the poor,
but to suit the occasion for those
favored of fortune, or for the humble
home where cruel Death has made
his always unwelcome visit.
Our business motto is to "Do as we
would be done by," and to honsci
extiously discharge all sacred
trusts committed to our care.
Whether night or day, telphone
calls will be promptly attended to.
Office, Citizens' Telephone No. 120.
IIAKK, Keiilflenre.
HellTeleplMoie 3:13.
JOHN A. OAKK, Kenldence,
Citizens' I elephiine No. 5S.
Personals fulled from Exchange.
R. L. McDaniel and family, of
Snake Creek, returned Monday from
a visit to relatives in Columbia.
Marshall Gazette.
Miss Mamie Hodge, of Columbia.
who is a candidate for Engnsing
Clerk of the House, is In the city.
Nashville American.
Miss Susie Cheairs, of Spring Hill
visited Mrs. Henry Pointer this
week. Miss Lillie McGavock
visited in Columbia last week.
Williamson County news.
Miss Emma Higdon came from
Columbia Sunday to attend the mar
riage of her couin, John Reynold.
Miss Florence Haley, of Columbia,
was one of the guests at the Rey
nolds-Martin marriage Sunday
Houston Thomas, of Bigbyville, was
in town Friday and haturaay
Lynnville letter to Pulaski Citizen
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dale have
returned to Columbia after visiting
here for several days. Mrs. Dile
was much admired at the Her-
mitaire Club dance. Miss Izora
Hughes, of Columbia, is visiting the
Misses Turner, of McLemore Btreet
Nashville American.
White Urothers' Trice List.
12 lbs of good Seed Tick Coffee. .$1.00
3 lbs Best Prunes 25
3 lbs Good Raisins 2"
3 lbs Stick Candy 25
21 lbs Best Flour &0
14 lbs Good Country Lard 1.00
9 lbs Best Keg Soda 25
3 lbs Fiesh Grits 10
Try one of those Rd Gravy
Hams at 10
17 ibs Best Granulated Sugar. . . . 1.00
18 lbs Best Clarified Sugar 1 00
5 gallons Best Coal Oil 05
lcalbest suyar house molasses. .50
Below Old Jail. North Main Street,
Hell Telephone 84. t'ltlxen, 1311.
Large Marriage KeoorJ.
Cupid has been firing his darts
with unerring aim during the past
week. Since last Thursday County
Court Clerk Thomas has Issued mar
riage licenses to fifty happy couples
and sent them on their way rejoic
ing. Twenty six of these were
white couples and twenty-four
colored. A marriage license now
costs $2 50; $2 of the amount going
to the county, and 50 cents being
charged for the privilege of sticking
a war revenue stamp on it. Thus it
will be seen that Maury County
lovers have netted the county $100
and the Government $2o during the
past week. This marriage record is
an almost unprecedented one.
Buggies and Surrles.
We have the largest assortment
of both high and medium grade
surries. and phietous in
Call and see
Satterfield & Dodson.
J. D. Fitzgerald to Miss Nora Hay
Robt. P. Thurman to Miss Lulu V.
J. M.Tindell to Miss Nannie Gray.
J. P. Hardisnn to Miss Mada Jones.
R. C. Edwards to Miss Laura
.las. A. Witt to Miss Anna Wil
Gillie I. Alford to Mrs. Klma V
Foutz. J.W.Gilmer to Miss Sallie Os
Wallace E. Hardison to Miss
Cornie Morton.
William Cheek to Mis May Mor
ton. A. A. Rummage to Miss Ida
John R. Walter' to Miss Mary
M. M. Sharp to MUs A. M. Derry
berrv. H. E. King to Mis Mollie Pardon.
J. L. Saunders to Miss Sarins
J. T. Lunn to Miss Nora Harvey.
Lem Jolly so Miss Pinie Amlck.
A. F. A. Shaw to Mrs. Fannie
C.A.Campbell to Miss Mary M.
Ed. T. Church to Miss Adelene L.
W. T. Reives to Miss Lillie J.
A. J. Marchtll to Miss Nannie
Thomas Latta to Miss Mattie E.
William H. Cunningham to Miss
Ella May Graves.
Farmers, Farmers!
The City Grain & Feed Co.,
aitee vou the highent market
for your crop of new corn.
the city,
week visiting relatives. Mr. Walk,
See theia
Industrial School.
The managers of the Industrial
School made Christmas a very
happv one for the little children of
the school. Saturday afternoon at 2
o'clock they gathered in the room
over the "Maury National Bank,
where old Santa met them and dis
tributed gifts among them In a most
liberal manner. The ladies who
have this school in charge deserve
much credit for the splendid work
they are doing.
Arthur Cooper. Coloreil, Mm it Rim unit
a Neijro Hoy.
Arthur Cooper, colored. hot and
killed a negro hoy at the lenuessee
Phoophats Company mini's near
Mt. Pleasant last nunn-iy evening.
One version of trie atmr is tnai
Cooper had an old grudge against
the boy, and wnen ne met nnu rsuu
day evening he piilld his pistol and
began firing at him. The boy died
shortly afterwards from hU wonuds.
Cooper was drinking at the time.
He was arrestee ana given a pre
liminary hearing before a magistrate
and bound over to the Circuit Court.
Saddles! Saddle!
Largest and best assorted ttock la
the city. See
tf Sattkrkield & Dodson.
Married In a Buggy.
Mrs. Fannie Hendrick and Mr. A.'
F.A.Shaw wer married while sit
ting in a buggy in front of Mr. G.
W. Nichol' store last Tuesday af-
i r rrt T T
temoon, Uev. v. i. i-ssery pro
nouncing the ceremony in the pres
ence of several spectators. The
groom resides in the Culleoka neigh
borhood, and the bride was a resi
dent of outh Columbia.
If you feel dull, languid, broken
down, debilitated, have weak stom
ach or Indigestion, use Dr. M. A.
Simmons Liver Medicine. lm
r "

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