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Till-: OU.li.1IMA ll.:it.A!.ll: I'ltlliAY. .OVI-:.1llll-:i!.l, I'.m.
WilliHintwm, Bessie Erskine, of Mem
phis, and Mary Gordon, of Cal. ;
Messrs. Fred Gamble, Will Ridley,
t heairs Mayes, Richard Sinltli, Hugh
lirowii. Perry Brown, of Spring Hill,
Will Howard, George Friersou, Wil
liam Evaus, Sain Harlan, Briggs Mc
Lt'inore and W. B. Wooten.
I'crhBps the inont important social
vent which will occur iu Columbia this
season will be the marriage of Miss
Mina AleI,emore to Mr. James I). Kith
ardson, Jr., of Murfreesboro. The cere
mony will take place in the FirHt Metho
dist church. Wednesday, November
twentieth, at 9 o'clock ji, m. This will
ii U llowed lv a handsome rerettion to
the young fvuple, tendered bv Mr. fti:d
Mm. Meade Frie:son at the i r residence
on Eighth street, which will lie attended
ty the bridal party and relatives.
A crowd of vomit' people of the Hear
Creek neighborhood enjoyed themselves
with a chest tint hunt last Saturday,
1 lie following were
Ernest Fariss,
Harry Boruni,
Ed Caldwell,
Wall Paper
Just received; all th' latest
etyles and colorings.
We are selling nice Papers at 5c.
With 18-inch Borders for 10c.
Also a complete assortment
of finer grades in all the
latest designs.
going to Nelo
in the party :
Susie Mitchell :
Mary Mitchell:
Is the very best Shoe a man can buy for
the price The hundreds of pairs that
we havp sold, and not a bad one in the
lot, make us safe in saying "a new
pair if not good wear."
The new Fall Stvles have arrived.
IJox Calf, Vici and Velour Calf.
If we i lease you, tell othpra;
If we don t, tell us.
& Evans.
Student's Clu;.
Susie Baker : Ripley Steel, Miss May
Mitchell ; Ned Dai in wood. Miss Ethel
C 'aid well; Kirk Loftin, Miss Bessie
Fariss. The young people retiort a
delightful time.
Mrs. Grant Courtright entertained
Wednesday night, complimentary to her
guest. .Miss Daisy Kemp, of Winches
ter, Ohio. A delightful time was spent
socially, and dainty refreshments were
served. Misses Florence Halev, Daisy
Kemp, Dora Parham, Mary Sue and
Sadie Aydelotte : Messrs. Doc Willis,
L,esite Uavis and h eland Dunn, were
among those present.
ine roiiowing party or merry young
rolks were nutting in Mr. Allan Har
lan's grove Tuesday: Misses Annie and
Rebecca Williamson, Jame Sheegog,
Marv Rains, Ethel Hatcher and Minnie
Towler; Messrs. V. B. Wooten, Bruce
Cochran, Will Howard, Joe Lee, Sam
Harlan and Wallace Wilkes.
Miss v in sen you your paper on
wall it you prefer, and
guarantee satisiaction.
Haley are now
has moyed from
with V. J.
The Stocking Sociable given by the
Ladies' Aid Societyof the First Bap
tist church, at the residence of Mr. J.
r. tsrowulowMfrirtav night, was a iw-
feet success socially and financially
About one hundred guests were present.
The Students' Club met Friday
afternoon at 3 o'clock with Miss Re
becca Maves. Miss Mary Carpenter,
Vice Pesident, pesided in the absence
of Mrs W. P. Morgan, President, and
the meetinir nroveu to be one of un
usual interest. The special subject of
the afternoon was Victoria the
Uueen and Woman. ' Mrs Mary Hines
read a splendidly prepared paper upon
this subiect a paper that elicited com
pliment and praise. Mrs. Sue Gray
Dunnington was booked for a paper on
the "Comparison of Queens Victoria Mrs. E. G. Grant entertained the fol
and Elizabeth, but was not present, lowing informally at dinner Saturday:
Miss Lucy Floyd led the general dis- MrB Robert Pillow and daughter Miss
nssion on a "Bird S-Ly6 View OX Mm v. Mm. Hr-zpI PjtrlcAt.r.. "ami Mies
Mrs. Jennie Robinson, sister of Mrs.
J. B. Ashtou, gave an elegant dining
Friday to the church society at ll
liauisport, and a number of her
triends. Several from Columbia were
guests in this pleasant home.
cussion on a uira s-ye view 01 Maiy, Mrs. Hazel
Europe from the time of V ictoria s peari Provine
Accession. A great deal or enthusi
asm was brought forth in this discus
si on.
The time of meeting for the club
has been changed from the second and
fourth Fridav afternoons to the second
and Konrth Saturday mornings Jit 10
n clock. The club meets next with
Mrs. Hazel Pdauett. Special subject,
"Origin of the Premiership," by Miss
Rebecca Mayes.
Miss Ellen Friel will prepare a paper
rn "Contrast between Gladstone and
RsnpnnHtiell. ' '
ttenernl discussion. "The Yoke of
leader. Mrs. W. M
The ladies of the Episcopal church at
Mt. Pleasant gave a Hallowe'en
party last night. Several Columbians
were in attendance.
Progressive Niloe.
Mrs J. P. Street entertained delight
fully at "Progressive Niloe" Friday
afternoon at 8 o'clock, in honor of Mrs.
Charles West, of Nashville. After an
interestinsr iraine. delicious refresh
ments were served. Those present
were Mesdames Charles W est ot Is ash-
ville. Georse P. Martin, C. A. Forgey,
r. W Rradshaw. Robert Pillow, Sue
(i Thinnintrton. R. C. Ewing, W. H.
Howard, John H. Carpenter, J. L.
Hntton. Alex Titcomb. Sam Holding,
J. M. Mayes, Annie Bowcn and Meade
The Misses Ash ton were .hostesses of a
very attractive entertainment Friday
night. The pretty home was brilliantly
ii.rht.pii while a wealth or oeaiumu
..l.rvaanthemninH and cosmos distrib
n,i thrnmrh the house irave a finish -
imr touch of beautv to the decorations.
Tl,a irranefnl efforts of the hostesses
rounded out a pretty completion. An
ituruatiinr iame of anagrams was
inilnhr,l in. Music was sandwiched
iu,twwn and fra une was served at
intervals. Delightful refreshments
were had at the clo.-e. Those present
Mie Marv and Edna t riersou,
Annie Fleming. Clyde Gant. Rebecca
Carnenter. Mamie Hodge, Willie, Mary
o,i u..h..l Ashton: Messrs. John Lee.
Itoh Harlan. John Gant,
William Frierson. Robert William
Smith. Troctor Polk and Flem Shegog.
Miss Callie Mai Simmons ve a
Saturday to a number
of her young friends. "The young peo-
..1.. five miles OUI on Ilie nowen
i;n ,.iL and had a delightful time.
ti,0 til.m-incr were in the pari
v..u Tliniimson and Louise Adkis
Tii, Kn.daud and Tearl Yar
brough ; Joe Miller and Janie Fleming ;
r.-i.. ..ii!irrt and Frankie Lipscomb :
Hmrh Harker and May Hart : Algie
Hodge aud Libbie Tegardeu ; Brawley
tj...,.,.,tt ux.l Callie Mai Simmons:
lim T.itiKCcttnb. Mable Holtz and
Annie England.
rw.ie F.rskine. of Memphis,
tv u...i viirt.. Ewimr. Lily Warheld.
Clyde Gant, Edna Friersn. Sue T.kI.1
u:.u-.,r i'arrie Alexander. Alle'U
t. ' P..rl Provine. Lnla Mosely
w.iroli Mucrnder: Messrs. 1L F
i... uti.l Ku-'ene AKXHinler. r lem
u-;iu,.,ii siii'iM'- Wiley Warheld
Xiinro.1 and Frank IVrter.. Lynch
IVrrvandA. 1'. Fleming -vhapeioned
bv Mesdames John T. .i.H)re ami
i" l- ;.,, -went i-hestn it htiutnij
A lnw-ket dinner
wan spread, and" the party
g,Kd time, and plenty of nuts.
had a
m: '..,nut; J.,n was the hostess
V.'ii"'"'. ... .
... i.....,..if,il nl lmrtv ctveu Wetl
......l.i.- nn.ht in h.-m.r of Miss Mar
iordon. of Odtf-mia. There werr five
tables, and four-handed pnt'reive
.-a, i.live.1. Au eWant thre-
.ur luncheon was m rve-1. Thw
in ti- -Aie were: 3li-
Iaty Ri.lb'v. K.tva
y,,. Fth.l
Mm Mcliu'T
ilittie LUui. OUtU Brrvw,
Erne9t Yoest is here from Elkmont.
Sheriff Hight is back from Nashville
Mrs. Eula Haley is yisiting in Bigby-
Mrs. W. P. Morgan is visiting at Lex
Miss Susie Mitchell has
from FranHln.
H. P. Figuers, Esq., has returned
from Conference,
Senator E. W. Carmack has returned
to Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Figuers have
to Primm's Springs.
Mrs. W. P. Woldridge returned this
week from Washington.
Miss Alice Bond, of ftlt. t'leasant, is
visiting Mrs. R. C. Church.
Mrs. J. D. Harmon and little daugh
ter have returned from Pulaski.
Mus Annie Ivler, of Brentwood, is
visiting relatives and friends here.
Mr. T. N. Figuers, Jr., has returned
from a business irip to Cincinnati
Mrs. Smith, of JMuifreesboro, is visi
ing her brother, Mr. Connor Easley
Miss Laura Fariss left yesterday
for several days visit in Alt. Pieasant
Mr. and Mrs. John Trotwood Moore
have returned from a visit to Nashville
Rev. W. A. Provine ia spending this
week iu Lebanon in attendance upon the
Mrs. Fred Latta and Mrs. W. A
Provine are in Lebanon atteudin
Mr. John M. Gray and family left
Thuisdrtv for Nashvilie to spend the
Miss Daisy Erwiu left this week
to spend some time with Chattanooga
Miss Mattie Sparrow of North Caro
lina. is visitinn her brother, Mr. R. G
Messrs. Vance Wallace and Johnnie
Johnson have returned from Caney
Mr. T. P. Murphy of Cyruston, Lin-
coin county, was nere mis . ween ou
Mrs. S P. Payne aud Miss Simmie
Va ne have retorted from a visit to
Miss Alice West is visiting relatives
at bingham aud other points in David- j
sou county.
Cant. J. R Brvan was here yesterday
enroute from Birmingham to his home
in Mt. P.easant.
Mr. ul Mrs. W. H. Shuneman aud
children, and Misa Nettie Green have
returned lroin the country.
Mr. and Mrs. George Dainiwood
have moved to the Marshall pbue on
Bejir Creek, near Mt. Olivet.
Mr. J. A. Ketehum returned lat
week from Corners i.le, where he was
culled by the death of his brother.
Miss Mattie Stamps, of Bear Crek.
after a 1 1 meant visit to friends and rela
tives in the city, has returned home.
Little Miss Annie Louise Latta i
txving with .fudge and Mrs. E. E. Er
in while Mrs. Latta is in Lebanon.
Mr. Ed (Jeers, enronte North.
st'p;d here WVinesd iy from Mem
phis, to spend two days with friends.
Mrs. B. M. Ketk-k aud children of
Phns Ky., are ti-r.inrf her sisters, Mrs.
Me.de FneroQ and Mrs. F. I). Lander
Mrs. Francis A. Shouo baa iie t
Frank A. Shoup, Nashville American.
Miss Mattie Hastings and Mrs. W.
P. Hastings and children, of Wilhoite,
are visiting Capt. James Friel's family.
Misses Myra Thompson and Marv
Gordon, and Mr. Henrv Pointer have
returned to Spring Hid from a visit
Misses Florence Pratt, of Dunlex. and
Annie Moore of Rally Hill, have re-
tun ed home from a visit to Miss Lula
Hon. J. V. E. Moore of Brownsville.
who is a candidate for Judge of the
Chancery Court of Appeals, is in the
city to-day.
Senator and Mrs. W. B. Bate return
ed to Nashville Sunday, alter spending
several days in the city as guests of Airs.
K. R. Dunnington.
Airs. W. II. Rogan and little son, of
Chicago, and Mrs. R. Swansburg and
daughter of Mt. Pleasant, are guests of
Mrs. A. l. Simmons.
Capt, W. N. Hughes, U. S. A., who
has been retired on account of disa
bility, has returned from Columbus Bar
racks with his family and will make Co
lumbia his home.
Miss Alackie Scott, after a pleasant
visit to friends and relatives in Spring
Hill, has returned home accompanied
by Miss Nelle Watson, who will remain
several days as her guest.
Dr. J. E. Dixon, who has been
suffering from jaundice, has been in
feeble health for some time in Nash
ville at the home of his daughter, Airs.
John W. Witherspoon.
jir. and lure, j . w . rceams have re
turned from Chattanooga, where they
attended the meeting of the Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows. Mr. Reams wa9
appointed Deputy District Grand Alas
ter for this district.
Air. James A. Sloan of Nashville, was
in the city making arrangements to
bring his family here the first of the
year to locate. Air. Sloan is of the
firm of J. A. Sloan &Co., who recently
purchased the wholesale grocery busi
ness of E. W. Gamble & Co.
The many friends of Rev. John P.
AlcFerrin of Birmingham, were glad to
meet him again Sunday, although his
mission here whs a sad one. He went
to Nashville with the relatives of Airs.
Williams, deceased, and took part in
the burial services there Monday morn
Miss Alary Black is si-jk with typhoid
Bulbs of all kind at the Columbia
(ireen House. tf
Mr. and Mrs. JelT Haley are now at
the Guest House
Air. W. P. Oakley
r ly to Lolumbia.
Air. James Baugh is now
Guest fc Co., the butchers.
Air. Wes Roberts has moved to the
Voss cottage on Fourih street.
Tho members of the Vendome Stock
Co., are registered at the Bethell.
Airs. James A. Smiser, who has been
sick with fever, continues to improve.
The residence of Airs. Nettie Huttlo
is being prettily papered and painted.
Adele Nichols, oldest daughter 'of
Mr. G. W. Nichols, is sick with scarlet
Air. and Mrs, Henry Sowell have
moved to the new Watson house on
South Alain.
Alaster Joe Waldo, who has been sick
for several weeks with typhoid fever, is
Air. Claud Craig, formerly of AlcKen
non, Anderson &, Foster, is now with
the Trade Palace.
Ed Hight has recovered from an at
tack of jaundice, and was able to
goto Santa Fe Sunday.
Messrs. Joe Dixon and W. C. Napier
will leave soon for Oklahoma, where
they will seek thir fortunes.
Airs. M J Glenn and familv fcave
moved to South Main Street from the
Ussery pbice in South Columbia.
Mr. Robert Harrington and family
left this week for East St. Louis, 111.,
where they wid make their home.
Air. and Aire. J A. Ketchum moved
Monday from Fourth Street to the
Barker residence on North Garden.
Air. Albert Fleming this week re
ceived from a friend in Alissouri a
rattlesnake skin eight inches wide and
fifty -five inches long, with ten rattles.
All claims against the estate of J. II.
James muBt be tiled with us as execu
tors. A. S. and Edgar James, Execu
tors. ' oct25-it. '
The many friends of Airs. T. U. Brit-
tain wiii be glad to Know that she -is
much better, and the doctors think the
crisis is past.
The Board of Stewards of the First
Methodist church are requested to meet
at the Herald othce this evening at
o'clock sharp.
Mr. Elijah Neeley of this city, has
Ideal weatner (or snopplog.
flu Ideal Place toi Buying.
Tl:ls week we are making
some special inducements in
several departments;
HIe. Airs. Oakley was forty years
old, and was a good christian woman
one who will lie sadly missed in the
home, church and neighborhood. The
friends of the deceased sympathize
with the bereaved family.
Mr. William Hobbs died at his home
near Campbell's Station Wednesday,
of last week, after a spell of typhoid
fever. The funeral services were con
ducted Thursday afternoon at the
Christian church there, the services
beiug conducted bv Elder Slayden, of
Columbia. Burial at Shane's grave
yard. Mr. Hobbs was 4") years old,
and leaves a wife and seven children,
who will sorely miss his kindly
presence and strong arm in life's ear-
and struggles. They have many friends
who sorrow with them in this dark
An excellent line ot
date garments
cannot be
New additions to
our line ot . . . .
Dress Goods
A bi selection of new
ects at small prices.
New Eatables.
New Oat Flakes,
New Grits,
New Hominy,
New Hominy Flakes,
New Oat Flakes,
New Canned Goods of all
8 packnges XXXX, Ar
buckle or Porto Rico
Cotfee, One Dollar.
N. Alain St. Both 'Phones.
Mary had a little lamb,
Some steak and mushroom stew,
And 'ere the sunlit morning dawned
She had the nightmare, too.
London Answers.
spirit leyel that has been in use for
sixty years. It is made of mahogony,
and is still in good condition
The Daughters of the Confederacy
dinner next Monday promises - to be
great success. Take dinner with them,
and thereby help a good cause.
Alessrs. Riggs Hayes of Lewisburg
and Blair Hayes of this city, have rented
the Sheppard stand in West End, and
will open a grocery in a few days.
An effort is being made by Lieut
Robert Ragsdale to organize a military
company at this place. A number of
young men have agreed to become mem
ta tini nad an exciting time with an
uniuly horse several days since at Bates
& Hib s plaining factory near the depot
The hoise turned a wagon over on Ed,
but fortunately he managed to extricate
himself without being hurt.
A few days ago Air. John N. Hunter
advertised in the Herald for a strayed
horse, and soon after the paper reache
the country the animal was returned
to its owner. Aloral : Try an ad in
the Herald yourself.
At the meeting of Columbia Lodge
of Odd Fellows Tuesday night, W. A
Willis was passed through the third
degree. An interesting report was re
ceived from Air. J. W. Keams, repre
sentative to the Grand Liodge.
Miss Irene O Aeal is the pioud pos
sessor of a pair of Belgian hares Tw
or three days ago the family was in
creased by the arrival of two of the
cutest, prettiest baby hares, which are
attracting the attention of the little peo
pie of the town
Air. L. C. Alartin, who has had
charge of the Columbia Journal for
few months, has sold the property
to Alessrs. D. L. Hoover and Jas. A
Alerrill, of Franklin, who took
charge Wednesday. We wish Air. Marti
success wherever he may decide to go,
and welcome Alessrs. Hoover and Aler
The meeting of the Board of Alayor
and Aldermen next Thursday night,
Nov. 7, will be their last meeting but
one. The city election will take plac
November 19; the election commis
sioners will announce their successors
on Alouday following, and on Friday
night, November 29, the old Board
will hold their final meeting and turn
over the affairs of the city to their successors.
iU-Uixa ' Texas to scd the icier ith her sen.
at titrures
Claiborne Lee, the two-year-old son
of Mr. and Airs. Byd Andrews,- died
Friday afternoon. 'at the home of its
parents on .S'.i'.uh Main street. The
little fellow had not been well for
some tiu.1''', but his death was unex
pected. The parents are deeply grieved
over this affliction., aud have the
sympathy of every one. Tin' funeral
was conducted at the residence this
morning at 1 o'clock, bv Rev. A. S.
Pet tie. Burial at Ros.llill.
Air. Willis McCatii ! s. who lived a
few miles out on the Nashville pike,
died Monday, aged sixty-'wo ypars.
I he buri.d took n!nce Tuesday at
Thompson Station Mr. McCandless
left a wifrt and sever;, 1 children who are
deeply grieved over this Rllliction.
The activity in our Carpet
Department is not surprising.
lere you will hnd a large
stock of floor coverings, se-
ected to suit the masses, and
at prici s to suit the most eco
Offlrr: Itmnn 5-T, Mil in Hunrilirg.
r-leph, , (t,ln.ni'): 'tHo, No. -10!;
retiii.'-, Nu, H7.
"An Unfortunate Accident.
One day last week, while the two
little boys of Air. Crome.r, who live
near the Arsenal, were playing with a
sling, the older one aecidently struck
his little brother on the temple. The
blow did not hurt very much, and
little attention was paid to the place ...
until Tuesday night, when the little
fellow began to have convulsions,
and upon examination it was found
that the skull was cracked. An opera
tion was performed, and, at last ac
counts, the little fellow was getting
along nicely.
Mrs. Susie Daniel Towler.
The many friends of Airs. Joe Towler
were greatly shocked and deeply
grieved to hear of her death which oc
curred Wednesday morning at Price's
Infirmary, Philadelphia Airs. Towler,
accompanied by Air. Towler went to
Philadelphia alxmt two weeks ago. to
have an operation performed. After
the surgical treatment Air. Towler re
mained until his wife was able to. sit
up in bed some, and then being assured
by Dr. Price that all danger was past,
he returned home, arriving on the 3
o'clock train Wednesday morning.
About 9 o clock a telegram came
from Dr. Price announcing AIis. Tow
ler's sudden death from heart failure.
The remains , will not reach here
until Saturday morning at 8 o'clock.
The funeral services will be conducted
at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the
First Presbyterian church, and the
burial will be in Rose Hill cemetery.
Mrs. Towler was one ot the most
popular and beloved young women who
has ever made her home in Columbia,
and many hearts are heavy with an
unutterable sadness at the sudden end
ing of her bright young life. Young
aud cheery, pretty, bright and cordial,
she numbered among her friends all
classes and all ages. She enjoyed life
and loved to live ; and yet she was
prepared foi death, and not afraid to
die. To such an one the end is but
the beginniiig ; the sleep of the hotly
but the resurrection of the soul. Pa
rents, husband and child survive her,
and how sadly she will be missed only
hearts that have ached like theirs can
tell. But with her all is well. Her
sweet spirit will grow sweeter still
through countless years of endless ages,
while her frail, tired body is at rest.
Mrs. A. E. Williams.
Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Williams,
wife of Dr. Williams and mother of
Airs. A. P. McFerrin, died Sunday
morning at 5 o'clock, at the parsonage,
from pneumonia. A beautifully im
pressive funeral service was held at the
residence at 4 p. in, conducted by
Revs. Jno. P. AlcFerrin, W. A. Pro-
vine and A. S. Pettie. The casket was
hidden beneath the mound of rich
floral offerings, and at its head sat the
u ,'V- 1 au "If 1- iml": feelingly, as the choir did, 'In the
Christian's Home in Glory." The
Tne Summer Hymnal a Winner.
The success of the Summer Hymnal,
Air. John Trotwood Moore's book, is
most gratifying to Air. Aloore's
friends, here aud elsewhere. Tne
"Literary Digest," a high authority, re
ports it among the thirty best selling
books in the United States for Septem
ber, while in the two cities of Phila
delphia aud Kansas City it ranked
third among the six best selling books.
When you think of the increasing
number of books on the Alarket, and
the thousands sold daily, this means a
great -deal.
Buy the Best, It's the Cheapest
Nicholson, Magrader & Co. represent
in their .agency the largest Tornado, the
largest Fire, the largest Life and Acci
dent Insurance Companies writing
INSURANCE in Tennessee. Office in
Brown Block. Both 'phones. 3-29 ly
er to
business, will'
fsell G roccries at ioj
Jper cent, less
' .111 1 WV. 11 til
Jnessee. Get
ypetitor s
iwill have
ful of money
you a
I n-
of Airs. Williamson, that is a sufficient
guaranty as to its quality and style.
A number of Columbia ladies who
bought at'her establishment and after
wards visited the Nashville millinery
stores, say their hats were greatly ad
mired and in several instances were
copied from by the city trimmers.
This is quite a compliment to Airs.
Williamson aud her ethcieut trimmers.
The three yonng ladies Alisses Lucy
Haley, Ida Lipscomb aud Henrietta
lizarns who were succehsfnl in the
Glory. "
body was taken to Nashville on the
evening train, where another service
in memory of the dead was held, and
the Moved one laid to rest in Wau
tiful Mt. Olivet.
Airs. Williams had leen making her
home with Airs, lcrerrin for some
time, and had instilled herself into the
hearts of those who had learned to
know aud love her She had jmssed
her three score and ten years, being i
years of age. She was a mother in the
truest and broadest sense. Her charity
Banner contest for tickets to the Grand was proverbial and hunted only to her
Opera at Nashville, last week, report ability. She was a Alethodist, and
a delightful time. They put up at ever lived a consistent Christian life,
u the summons came she was
Her patience and holy trust
were an inspiration to uiote wno
watched over her dying led. Just be
fore the end came. he sang the chorus
of "I'll soon 1 at home over there."
At her request friends sang 'In the
Christian's Home iu Glory. ' and le
fore the echtH-sof the sweet refrain had
died away (-he wearily sank to ret-t.
She leaves a hushand. two daughters
and a son. who, while they mourn her
loss, smile through tears of sadness,
for they know that "moth r ' i at rect,
and they know where to find her.
the lulane. and had the best of every
thing. Th Banner staff and their
wives showed them every courtesy and
extended (.harming hospitality. There
were K)l succesfful contestants repre
senting three States -Kentucky, len
nesee and Alabama -at the grand
banquet given by the Banner. Alaj.
Stahlman was presented with a hand
some gold matchbox by his giieM.
so wh
Tied Himself to a Cow.
Valentine Herman, of Indianapolis,
Iud. , was killed by a train one day
recently. He had been pasturing his
cow on vacant lots by tethering it
with a long rope. When he started
home, he tied one end of the rope to
his body. She became frigtened as
ho reached the railroad tracks aud ran
in front of a moving train, pulling
the man with her. Both were killed.
Daughters of Confederacy.
The meeting of the Daughters of the
Confederacy, which was announced to
be held this afternoon at .1 o ciocK
with Airs. Dunnintgon, has been
changed to meet with Airs. J. G. Wil
liamson, at the same hour. A full
attendance is desired.
Notice to Owners of Good
Shoe them rijilit und they will go
right. Track, road or draft horses shod
with steel or iron by mpetent men.
l. U. UATKS.
Bell 'phone 401-:!. : ) South Main
The Arsenal Soldiers.
No information has yet been received
at the Columbia Arsenal as to when
the detachment from be line to be
wnt here by the War Department, will
reach here." It will be known this
To Our Mt. Pleasant Readers.
The Herald wauts a route agent for
Mt- Pleasant, He ninst W something
more than a mere carrier boy. We
want a bright lad who will not only
deliver the papers promptly every even
ing, but one who will canvass the town
and we the jeople and get new snh-K-riUr.
If Jon know sm b. a boy.
pit-.fv ra'.l his attetition to this notice,
and have him (-omn.unitate with ns
at once, by telephone or in person.
Mrs. Alice Oakley.
Airs. Alice Oaklev. wif- of Mr.
Poliert Oakley, near Th-ta.di-d Friday
morning at 1 u'rlnii. Th fun. ml
wrvjre wre indncte,l Satnrlay
iiinrnin at P oYl k at Mt. 7i..n by
Bev. J. . Hatcher : burial at Lating
Valuable Keal Property For Sale.
Good farm with two dwellings, two
barns, aud large new store house, ten
miles from Columbia. One of the best
business stands in Maury county.
Terms to suit you. Apply to Salmon
& Turner. Attys, Columbia, Tenn.
Office over Farmers aud Alerchant
Bank. d&w It
Teddy Gets a 'Possum.
President Roosevelt, i in receipt of a
big. fat 'cossurn from -.nine iiint in tht
South. The 'po-'im 'al.elled "Booker
Washington." The rn.idet)t l as de
filed to rat "Booker Washington" as
i II as eat with the original. Washing
ton Corresonder,t.
Miners Agree to Return.
Harriman. Tenn.. Vt 2ti.-Th
differences lo-tween the miner and
i'rator at Carloii Hill and Coal Hill
have Ud satiidiw torily adjusted. th
wa'e m ale acn-ed n-n and sijfne.1.
and wi rk will ! reuined this week
iu tLe mine tLat Late l-n idle.

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