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Makes a Wild Dash
At 2iftT;I Atr a Ta-iliitig B.'le
in sv,ie.i Vefc.'c: and
Hora va.ie.
.Vshrt!. ih.r.
rr? ."l.T.iry . ! -r.
-iil pol: nr ,U.
yesterday iu,;tiiu
-0?, of t:-.
v : ri r. -i
.'lorriy after
on) J r. .i. i
having the
entered th '
dry g U ifi'-r-rar
!'. n-.r -t
tio.i. H p.r
tii; amount of
Vi I..
- -r..---f..
tf'.h Kill i otfiu-.uX. vit:fi f t Ji in
f:hari'r. 1 hr -i-r rn,f ffi i-rit
in ti.r It'll t'i in"-, fr,- 'N:((;r'J. o
a i.'i---'r,."-r Mr. N'-Aria:i wa jx-i,t
f .r Ui-r -hTi'y ha) v,-:;.?
tr'rif'.s if. ;.r r. if ar4.) in thj
ttanf im: h-:r a".r.t;'r - all-'l t
th: i;!I. v. :i eh.,--) tnae i a
on tn t.'ik f .Vf'r.f ifi- rrir f,f tor
Kr--fKvk Ukh ff':; th? -ijt-!-
trail, in t,'.: '.'vrt.-.'-rri
r (hr-rv at 'X v.:t . y.nun r-.-vtly.
hn- f.'i'iht ,f f.h? ror,:v-f j: at or.o anl
hv ttifJni'Vf ri'; a-r 1-:fit t' jIi'rf:
h-:a 1 j vrt-ri f..r an o.'Ji'--r.
t-i: v-1 Ir.4-r r an I K' Vr.4 vr-rn
On fhi' ir arrr::! th'-r th v a-.o-twl
th .lr4ft-r : ak) hit uv.i-.i-. a'. 'i
wh-rft hr wai if tm ;' ri.-r i.'.t
lj-iftif atij-f for;-. Ixfw-tiv; I'y;r
J,5a-t') hit h-ir'l r;;r;n fhr tiiiinn
h'jfi'Kl(rr. wyin "V; ar; ;.'f:f:T. 'tA
li'it tiij vVt-r:jfrr wat jatrir.
ini':ic a a fj-tth, ai.'I withont a wor'l.
hr pull-') out a fiTac! of f-rtv-fiv!
:alirr .l'V.J.4. ho!')ir;s thri rn -i th-r
han'l. and fltrroan'Wi th .fT!f:Tt to l-t
hirn fia-t. A 'lrfrat: hari'l to hanl
nrorint-r fo!t ,wi. no orin 'rt.f.inx
th n. ! of tri'-ir t'ittol.t. Tbs tror.j
V.'frrrri:T ti.r'-w th otii'T hh'vI;. iii
wiiii niaw.iifaM'T riariti'-r. an-l rna'ic
a x'-iitatioTial lin-.h inU f'olly 'r:'rt.
jiinfl ii:to an i' waon, wh'-r'r
thr'-" iif!Ti'-n f.tri- sitting, an-l '1
ifiah'lwl th-rn to I:H7;. Two wrr; out
in x jits y, i, ut tn- f.rwuT rfn.--'l to!
iv; tip ni.til hit lif: ha! t-i-n threat
nl. Tin; i'-, rwl, srra-jrf'I th: r'-int
ywn U". Tf-uu- J tf,r 'iriv:r ?:at. an'l
uii'l-r a h-avy fror.i th oftic-rt.
fna'l a Tain O Hhanff'r d,iri for tii
wjuar; siirl a'-ron th r'n.'ii'-Tiand
river t.ri '!'', narrowly ewapin a col
liion with ofiir ihi'lt Tli'
who kiiHw iiotiiif! of th Tir:orcrtr.
thought it v.".i i a rnn-awav tain.
Th hari'iit ".oliy 'l-i'!l utn his
nxt iiiov. Knowing tii im waon
wan io-.v, h ' i.nc!u(I'l to tak :harj:
of a lKy, l:vrwn by a utroTi lay at
:oTnr of 1'ir-it ftrt. ff ran hiM
tarn a'Trti to n fd etor nar t.y,
JctiM-k' 'lown ., fir p!ni, r:ontrivl to
SiThhx on of iii utv' U-iiH by trip
liif.K fiini witri tii rint. ari'i tohl a
ti-jro Ktafi'linj.' y to tak car of th
tam. H orI'-r'l th nsTo out of
tfi vt'l l.utry ari'l t.ok pMHiori.
fl went at a frightful rat after
thi.t, afr'HV th i-',untry, over fri
ftii'l otlier ottruction-. When th
horw; M'a tirl otjt h f:onfiw:at'l
anottier on lie asv bitche'l nar tii
river. liif.s ( h)-ely jjur-ue'l by a Jars'
nninw;r of o)firt. h finally abari
li,nl hi bor.t-. and when lawt wteu h
wat jroifiK it a-fKt 'lu eaut, at break
neck Kfiee'l, aliov Shelby 1'ark.
rnitiitiarv blofKlhoiiri'lt wer put
on th trail, but coubl not track biiii.
m th path lui'l li-n traveled by the
in aniiH
mar eiio or in county im tip
The man it naid to no other than
Oiirg I'arker. of many aliateH. "
tii ciimiual bank robber, highway
man, cattle i-nd h i't" thief. . It it
thought he it in lagii with tii Wil
JiHiim woman, and bat been her nine
th time ,f her arrcnt.
Th man threw away a wallet con
taining fl.oto in ten and twenty-dollar
Id lit of the Montana Hank.
Still at Larg.
Xathville. (.-t. 2M.-Tbe train rob
ber who made mien it b.ild break for
liberty yett.-rdiy hut not vet been cap
Harvey Logar, the Train Robber,
and Annie Holers.
Memphit, Tenti., Oct. ','S. - Harvev
Logan, the ringleader of th gang who
robbed the Great Xortnern exi.reHt
train of fsLouu on July ii, Hj-nt two
weekn here from Sept. '.'it to Oct. in.
He wiih lUTOiup'aii'il by the woman,
Anni Kwgert, iiliat Maude Willianm,
who it now under arrett at, NaMhvill.
When they c.iiii here on that date
they reentered as "K. T. Moore and
wife, St. Joseph. Mo.," and Heut
money like prince. at a part of their
Kchetne for exchanging the ntmigncd
bank noti-H for gmn) money.
The woman bought giMK'.t to th
ainouiit of 1)0 from a lending dry
ok1 Htore, ttie payment-, al wayn U-ing
iniide with new hirg billt. no matter
what the amount of th pun hn-.. was.
The ideiitificiition of thete jfople. at
having len lu re in complete by meant
f photographi to-day Hhown to the
jple with whom thy li'alt.
He Crosaed th River, and That Was
the Laat Seen of Him.
Xaahvilln. Oct. '..-Like a bird of
ufwage fit.r Parker, aliat "Hutch"
Cattidy, the dar-dvil bandit, hart
flown fp.ni the very rap of the NHh
rille jH.lice dpart:..nt. lie it atill at
larg. ami nothing hat lecn heard of
Early yinterday morning came )nf.r
inaiiou that th ltndit. followinir hi
d.i.-h through th ftrett, over field-.
tl-phinn ;ilt and d"p gullie. had
n'i-i or. r.Tr far. wira orr..?.
".V-"t f hi h"L. h.l UKrQ t'llft
U.vird af-!y on ;.- w-f: cf
c-. r.v-r. A r.n turn.) J , tt,o MTa
:.'.. t is lwn 1 ; ar.d it
1 elor It. h wt rvanrg nttreara
with a nit.-? fcd-d wish wood, ffja
for. a 4 oa wm in the bo-it t tr.e
Urn. J',t,nn an) oti '.wit witir.sa
i i tVet of I.'.- tabic niw-i a Hunger
hail'. them, X'i.Lf that tr.y pit Lirn
cro tr, ream. J r,r.,n j,n;d f ,e
snore im m e,,n;.i of m:r.
k'-r r
'1 l.'.t fi,e
Thr B.n v-vl tr.-f fc hi jit
tnt hr h ) whi; ;.) thrfa rrTi ar. 1
ir; f.r.r '-r, u!r ,( th r.vT fti
.rr4'i--r. '"..) f.,r an iri.fr,t 'r.
fv,: n;nn th ts, t,i the boat Hn
f.is hn nht r.Ar; 1 ir.tc hi.i
i? at J'.r,n-.n .,f. in parnrBK fr
tfi: rwv r'-'vrt-. Thr ririt rntnir.
rr.,i;f) i,:f L--ar-iT an I ');A.'.'r-r1
in t.'i rhir.k'-t.
fL- r,sr; Jit.
y VJ: U'
ttt CP HHrt Kl.
I it rny'.-tw nhv n',r'..n n-far
Hi-ic if 4 Nr''iitn-.t,
:-p;fit. MAnf.t,r,w, F.nt:riif
r i 7w t;i hn tn'n4r'N hv
pr'.v -'Mr.t K'tr; f:;uM nlU'f',:lj
''if ttf-h it i tiZt't t',r Tr
I '!".'. 'hnT. of f
tr n, I '-an-l a
m I r,'li' (IM
'i" nr. :f.r,'t K.'-'ri'
' iif- J rr.-. sr.ri :a.'.tii(i,
n ' xi-.'i a '. t , rnv h
J t'ert h' lir
yrt o!'l, I
nwork." (t
f-"f. t.rft health Of.ly
l V.'. J', , o;.In !z':' fi r r t if tor;.
ST At K TfUTK n! n (; s.
t Franklin has irrat hort of :f!ririsf
,af,'r'; ''a'-
wa.t oru tn:t v-k l,k:ri over the
battl fiM wirh th view i,t floin ail
h cotil'l toward .-mriii a park thr.
Owir;i to the Kreat .ar':itr of co-al
cart, it it aiwo-t irnp-j'ib! to obtain
lar' ftnabtitieti of coal in Chattanooga.
John Hill, a farmer. n-ar Nolen.t
vill, shot and killed an alleged frrazy
negro, over a wim'l difficulty.
U'hil trying to v.-t fir to fthavint
pile1 around a l.ilifi iot. in Mfn
phit, forir-year old Tini liardford wa.t
burned t o d rath.
Memphit haf captured another big
in.ttitution. A pa' kirg plant a Kan
tat (,ity concern - now hat head'inartert
tii er.
John F. Conrey. of Urbana. O.,
walk) out of th third tory window
in th Clarendon Hotel. .Memphit.
Thrir.tdav morning. Hu.-taining injuries
from which he died.
frtba Smith, colored, of Memphit,
while a.-b-ep rolb-d over her two-week
old baby and cruthed th lif out of it.
YA L. Cannon of Gibson Station,
ar.d Mi,-, Ruby Jonet, t Atwfxjd, wer
married Wednetday night, on the band
Hfand of the Klks Street Fair at Jack
wiu. Iith are prominent young people,
and wer Unit married in order to pro
cur the numeiout present offered" by
th Klk.t.
J. V. Wood folk, of Nanhville, ha
entered unit in the Ciriit Court
agairir-t J. H. Gunter and Hister, heirt
of J. W. Gnnter. owners of a lead
mine near Nolentvllle, for $.Vi,Hj) darn
aget for breach 'f lea.te or contract.
G. L. I'itt, a prominent member
of the Clark.tville bar, died this week
after a brief illness with consumption.
HIT CAI'?. M'iHT A f . A K H .
"fin night my brother' baby wat
taken with Croup," writes Mm. J. C.
.Snider, of C lltenrlen, Ky, "it seemed
it would otrmigle beff.r we eon I I get a
doctor, so we uve it fir. King' New
fiitcovery, which g've 'puck relief and
permanently cured it. vv'ealwayt keep
it in the tioiifi to protect our children
from Croup ant Whooping Cough. It
eured rn of a chronic bronchial trouble
that no other remedy would relieve."
Infallible lor Coughs, Cold", Throat
and .nog trouble. .Vic ar.d $1 0 0 Trial
bottles fice at W. I. VVoldndge's drug
"The Best of Everything".
The Knoxville Sentinel contains
following :
'James Pemberton, rural free de
livery HgTit. will leave to-night for
Shelbyville, to examine four routes
applied for in IVdnrd connty.
"So far Shelbyville has no rural free
delivery mutes. He will also examine
four routes asked for at I.ewishnrg.
Marshall county. From there he will
go to Columbia and Pulaski, where he
will look over the routes there. (
liiriibia has seven routes already estab
lished, and Pula-ki has six.
"Mr. Pemberton says that Maury
county bat the best system of rural
free delivery in the State.
" "Infact, ' declares Mr. Pemberton,
'Maury county has the best of every
thing in the State. It is the best coun
try I ever saw, without exception.' "
"',' n.lna AM IHFTt Mdti
nilMl klMl eltvlUM lll.lll. lM-f ! ll. ..!,-
dcrliil Mr l.iUliivr aul I rrr l,ilM-ri-d uh
Irk .I'ltiin. h an, ,,iir l.r(-lh au irtf t.mtl Afler
taking a l, of aw-aret mr initr.'Tri
.MiilprfuiO Tii i at a iftral Im-I. ii. ttir famllf "
H II III. i iia Na.,i.
1IB Hiiiiiiuftc sc. . iix iiinall. Ohio.
fcuua, .S..r b.cb. W.aaeii ur Oni lu-. i i!
taa.. Itlnn W. t. Ill
TaDf uaJIS aaartMB
May Be Sent to the Colum
bia Arsenal.
1 Would
Co: th OoTemtant Bat
$SX0 to Coarertthe Prop'rtj lato
a Arti;ier7 Pot.
Tr. '.Virtbinton ft;)rr-;i-,D'!nt
x l
lu-r .a.t.i vi.. Afji-nrar; jt:
"Th i.-hn-it ra f.4v.,r1; f r th
cfRTerti.r. of th art-tal at Coi irnhia.
Tenn.. into an artillery p,n. Kibt
f-oT.'.;.r.ini of artniery' wr to hav
:tt in Kn-t. bnt an ir.rri
ifat.on prove,) that th r.-ot of f.trir.
rP. tfe tfir woi'.l amor.rt .
f T.;.ii. whra th Coi-imhia Art
nal pror-rty 'onl.) convert.) into
a r.ott for on!y ,.
. trot!y rY-or.rr.r,lt ! U r rith'T. to nno jne Mr
'.onmhr for tb;t p.t. .nator Car- I KmVr v at ran jidi'. f ,r r-:o-ina
it arid Iipr--nrativ Browniow 1 o "r?tT of riruu i,.jrt VWtk
iii an en.-rnent wita .t.-retarv
O 't . u.it
ti rnatt-r. "
Sayt Colambia it a Mo: Desirable
Place for the Array Pot-
WatbinKiy,n. Tx-t. 2o. .Srjatr far.
rnack frl Keprritative fcrownlow
aw Li-ut. G. Milet to-dav in r---srard
to th matter of th Colnmhia
Ar.teuaL j
'n. Milet i,p,k MithtHiafttically of
tne aovania,' 0r tn t.oinmhia Art
Lai a an army tu and pra.-ticallv in
dicated hit pnrpote- t-, recommend that
a battery of artillery be Htationed
there, fien. Mil artied that th
character of th coantr and th.
j plndkl hort it rai.tH made Col a la
bia a most desirabl jint for an army
Hnalvr Carmack and Representative
Brownlow x.t to e Hy.Tetary Root
to-morrow in regard to th Columbia
Arnal. They feel quit encoaraged
by th outlojk.
ar.d Surries, Iartjest ntor.'k in Columbia,
n'-st style and th best quaiitv. 8ee
uxi ir,nrir.Lj a WJL.tl3,
The Krrtln tit a Hrantlfn! Ira
trniit Hnililinu at the World's
fair ow Aiinrrd,
St. Louis, Oct. ti'j. The Temple of
Fraternity, tii erection of whi"h as
a fea'ure of the Louisiana 1'iirchas
expo-ition is now assured, will er
baps be th center of wider interest
than any other Mriieture on the expo
fcition grounds, barring the oWpart
ment builditigs. This interest is a.s
nured not alon ; irf-'-ause of the uni
versal (haracter of fraternal societies,
but in part. beause of the beauty of
the st rue Mi re. Its architect, Thorna-i
J. I'rosser, has designed an alaptation
from th Creek Parthenon. It is to
cost !.t',f)00, the raising of which has
leen started on an excellent fiasis
The temple will fie iio'ix.IOO feet in di
mensions, surrounded by grounds f,00x
700 feet. A committee consisting of
some r. f t,c strongest m-n of the
World's fair company began active
ineas.iires last 'eek to insure th" rais
ing i the necessary funds from
among fraterrril societies f the
world. The World's Fair Fraternal
Pudding association has been formal
ly organized with William II. Thomp
son as tr'-asurer, and other officer
including ( harles II. Hnttig, Samuel
-" Aermard, ( orwm II. Spencer, W. II.
Woodward, (harles F. Wenneker, W.
I!. Fidron and A. S. Iiobiu.-.oii. Mr,
Thompson, as grand treasurer of the
Odd Fellows of Missouri, will take a
prominent part in forward in' th in
terests of the association and its pro
ject. The other mcmlx-rs of the asso
ciation named are .nil more or less in
terested in fraternal matters.
The Nnllonnl llank of (liminrrr( of
O in iihn, r, will t; Out
of llualneaa.
Omahn, Neb., Oct. 29. Th National
P.ank of Commerce hjiS decided to
Hose up its nrairs and has turned
nwr $--'20.fioo in cash to th Ou.aha
National bank to pay its depositors.
President .1. II. Kvns of th Pank
Of Commerce j-ave out the following
ttatcm. nt: "Th bank is -rfctly
lolvent and the only reason there is
for rb.sing'is that the Uink has a cap
tal of si'in.noo. ,.f hich $i:.o.ooo s ;n
fenl estate. This does not Wave a suf
3 ient margin with which to compete
with the larger banks of the citv."
The I ank was established as it pri
.ate hanking institution in Is-.',. The
tank has successfully weathered two
financial storms. lt cashier Is W. S.
I.'.iyn.ir and (.eorge K. IWirki r is vi'r'f
Be Kiml.er. n Montana Rnnefcinnn,
Kills Joaeph Tennarr. a XelKh.
fcor nail Snrreadrra.
Townsend. Mont.. 0t. 29. r.ea
Kimf r, a rnncher residini? near here,
urrendered himelf to Sh.-riff Pool
foinday ninht. saying he had shot and
kiUed a neighlHir named Joseph Ten
fT. The men had een in m dispute
over the right to a fence road. A
quarrel enue.. resulting in Kimtier
Hi.Hiticp Imager. Pn.th men are wH
Hi:HAUI; FHIlUV. .OVH3IIJKR 1, lilt?!.
i . -
j Fr lttrj.oriral.
! W r.r.' r ') to thr.rtriw. J. B.
f"iraf", Kfj, of fjra4 v.taST.
rfil.i; ,i All.,r',;-'.r.tft. of uii
t th Fitirnnth Jo1tii Dwcriet, i
niH H-fWtn tn -i a;' t in
"'sioq or tti l-mr5ir rty.
fhi!ir. K'j., ( !i r ,,inir, a
'r.d.t for the ,tf: of Atorny
,f tr,i th K.rtta'h Ju-ir.-i
Ijittrrt. s eh A'izitc -s .n i; (.'.
to tt. '.ii a of t!i-9 Lrrjo'-r!iV
j Wr oihorlxil r.nnT fr
John La;: . i, it. f ,r r.f;rT of
l-VUarr t o intr, t tae Ai nsioa
' to I
W 't iritHorii4 t., lid"'!,-..' Mr.
f. t l.' rl a :.'i.i! u: :,r
irfif of Mvifjr : ur,t7, t ta A a iot
!t;.,n in I c
Wij aft
' A. L Km
s th Au.
'it:ioriz1 . :if!'.'i
!- r. of cn .j!:r!
f-.r "riri?r of M'iry
; .t! tf.'.i.. tx la i t".'
t.'ou r.
t v
Fr ( freoit I ort f lerk.
.' ''r o.uity, t ca. Auut
Wc ar a-.th irue-l ft aanoiiae? Mr.
'.Villard P. i'.'orl a a casi1i,iat tor
f. ire lit Conrt Clerk, at tb Aan.tt
election in lSrri.
f or KesNtfT..
We ire authorized to ann'ori Mr.
John . La'.t a Mni:'lt? f.,r re
eleotion to the office of Kiter of
Maary County at tbe Aazutt 'election
For Trub.
We are aithorized to announce Mr.
Timet If. Kinnoa at a ca')idate for
Tronteeof Maury Co.icty, at the Au
gust election.
For Coontj Co art Clerk.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
A.ITnomt at a can'iidase for re
election to tne oi?ice of fJotjntv Court
ClerK at the Ang.jtt election in '.rl
Knittirr nl an II-ir to thp Title II.
Dnkr- of lnti ti-!rr Will ot
Ha lu tiie War.
' r.
f.v i or i-..
-"t. 2'. -A d:r-,tc!
on, H'i:it!P',ons;-..r'.
. Wo:M savj:
oni iii:.ii-oi
Fnglai.d, to t.!.
It is now f-;
r-f the duke :ir,-l
t-r is a
t'ne irr.;::'-' r..
i"';-he:-i. v.ili
I.. eat (ff-ctel
d that th" 'ill' h
i' g from l.r :.
r.-c. th child
d t fi.-.-t of Manches
end no? a son. Ks:
i, tne father of the
'- in.ike the seTt!e
It is p-rv'tively stat
s' l,;is received noLii-
since her mar-
: e.vc.--.f
iri'-'.me from her
'e. Until a irMie
Charles Mantagu.
the duchess of
f:r-t husSiand was
of ' Manchester's
flead liif.tf.er's e-t
heir is born i.erd
i he second son of
I'evonsh.re lu;i,tp
the present dok
grandfather) w !1 remain the heir pre
unmpfiie to the title and estate of
tfi duke of Manchester.
What a splendid type of tireless ac
tivity is the sun at the psalmist de
scribe it issuing nke "a bridegroom
from his chamber and rejoicing like a
strong man to run a race." Every man
ought to rise in the morning refreshed
by slumber and renewed bv rest, eager
for the struggle of the day. Hut how
rarely this it so. Most people rise still
unrefreshed, and dreading the strain of
the day 'a labors. The csuseof this is
deficient vitality and behind this lies a
deficient supply of pure, rich blood, and
Hn inadequate nourish ment uf the body.
There is nothing that will give a nnHn
strength and energy at ill Dr. Pi rc 's
Oolden Medical Ijiscoverv. It u .es
this by increasing the quantity and
quality of the blood supply. This nour
ishes the nerves, feeds the"braln, builds
up enfeebled organs, and gives this that
sense of strength and power which
makes the struggle of lif a joy. The
"good feeling" which follows the use of
"tJolden Medical liiscovery" is not due
to stimulation as it contains no aicohol,
whiskey or other intoxicant. It does
not brace tip the body, but builds it up
into a condition of sound health. It
I.nthei- Kateele siioota n White Man
anil f;irl nn.l I mum its Stiiciile
at Hot
Hot Spring.-. S..,
of jealous in; .- l.ir i
or. d man. . ,
( lyde Mr.Mll.li.- ; w i
shot a ml crit ic.-i . y w
ry, a white- gv ' I
himself, dyir.g ;i t o: i
ployed nt th- ;:.:.;.
and tin- girl v. ,
1h vera rid. i of i ::( ;r
rushed upon ; :. ,:i .
-3.- In n fit
o-elc, a col-
: :i ! : V
im'iii. nor;
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FdarataTonr llowela TTIfh raaearett.
Candy Catbnrtlr. rvro i-.-msi in-.nio.i forever
.0c,2Jc If CC. C f ill. 'lriii'isu ret und money
Spring hill's Postmaster.
The appointment of E. H. Pilling as
postmaster at Spring Hill, to succee.1
Mrs. C. P. Rush, has been announced.
Mnlaitoea n.ite
(liarbston, F. ('.,
court of common pi
X Mam.
Oct. sn.-The
as in Florence
county has !e ided thai a marriage
contracted in South fariiiii a l-tM-cn
a white man and a nrt-ro vtman. in
Im'.T, was invalid, and that the chil
dren lorn of Kiuh marriage do not
inherit from an estate left to the law
ful grandchild! en of the teatatrix.
The Ilameahln loan art.
NewM.rt New. Va.. fat. 2". Al
though no formal announcement ii
vet ready, it ha bern decide,) that
the launch of 'he battleship MUsouri
ahall tke place in January. The
ork on this sreat fitrhter ia progress
ing more rnpHlly than during th
firtt atagea of ont ruction.
I Largest stock in Columbia and at the Iow
; est j. rices ever offered. Come and get
one while they are :oin".
floosier AVheat Drills improved. If you
want a large yield, buy a New Hoosier
Disk Drill. It's the best. Disc Harrows,
Smoothing Harrows, Land Rollers,
Turning Plows, etc.
We have a larcre stock
o C
-Mr. Ush (in tank at toverr.mnu A't'iarium- "11. m
that we were Invite.i to attend (his Uxcosit.on w..-r
tor tne stu.lv of all r.ir- fuel curious spec.mens of rr.n at
out the least irsunal iJang. r, too."
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Mr. Hawklna "Ktiherr time I
th arparKlon
Hon of a Jncka.a"
"Mr. Snowden
Huh! Bom people I
Subscribe for
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Come and
thankful we should be
w- h ive nn oruiortunitv
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the Herald

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