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rf'f.ivjt.rni"?' irKW P- f?irD4V JAXF.VItV 23 I93
n3d !345oS Men's Felt Hats S1.75.
Two dozen in all. Most of them the celebrated Stet
son make, colors are Lrown and pear!, Alpine shapes.
We give extra black bands with pearl colors
..WatMns, Harlan & Evans.
Hats on display in 6how window.
Church Workers Reception.
The reception given bj the Church
Workers of the First Presbyterian
church Tuesday afternoon was quite
successful. There was a good attend
ance, notwithstanding the inclement
weather, and the Session Boom was
the scene or quite a congenial and
pleasant little feathering. Mrs. C. A.
Parker and Mrs Callender served
chocolate from a table on one side of
the room, and Mrs. Sam Caperton and
Mrs. Robt. Pillow presided over the
fTa tAnln oniiosite. The amount
of twenty six dollars was contributed,
in freewill offerings, of the Society.
Mrs. C. A. Parker gave a beautiful
whist party Friday afternoon, com-
Elimentary to Mrs. William Moses, of
ouisville. White and pinlt carnations
were the chosen flowers and they
added greatly to the already bright
and cozy appearance of the apartments.
After a delightful game an elegant
Jancheoa of three courses was served.
Those present were, Mrs. Moses. Mrs.
C. A. Forgey. Mrs. Norman Kirkman.
Mrs. W. P. Morgan, Mrs. J. I But
ton. Mrs." Geo. Martin. Mm. Robt.
Pillow, MlBS Camille fieraddn, Mrs,
Pm Holding, Mrs. R. C. Cnurch, Mrs.
W. T. Chaffin, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. W.
M. Chaffin, Mrs. Hazle Padgett, Mrs.
Robt. Sparrow. Mrs. Beale. Mrs. Sallie
Dobbins and Miss- McGruder assisted
Mrs. barker In receiving and keeping
the score.
Organ Recital.
Mrs. R. C. Gant gave a very pleasant
whist party yesterday afternoon in
honor of her daughter, . Mrs. Win.
Moseley, of Louisville, Ky. Three tables
were used. Those present were: Mrs.
Robt. Pillow, Mrs. R. C. Church, Mrs.
Will Morgan, Mrs. Jas. Andrews, TOiss
Daisy Witherspoon, Mrs. Joe Hutton,
Mrs. A D. Wharton, Mre.O A.Parker,
Mrs. Rebecca McLemore, Mrs. W. M.
Chaffin, Mrs. Ulner Foster, Mrs. W. M.
MoseJey." An . elegant three course
luncheon was served.
Miss Carrie Alexander entertained
a few friends very pleasantly Friday
night at her home on the Pulaski pike.
The hall, parlors and dining-room
were artistically decorated with cut
flowers and palms and presented a
beautiful appearance. Music and con
versation were the features of the
evening and at a late hour, a simple,
though delicious lunch was served.
Those present were : Misses Dorothy
Ewing, Elise Ewing, Janie Sheegog
and Carrie Alexander ; Messrs. Chas.
Fussell and Ed Calhoun, of Atlanta,
Wm. Johnstone, of New York, and Win.
plimentary to Miss Lillie Mai Younger
of Nashviile. who is visiting them.
Various games were indulgea in, afte
which dainty refreshments were
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Roach, of Knob
Creek, entertained a number of friends
at their 'home Friday night. Music
and games were the features of the
evening, and before their departure the
guests were serveu wun reiresnnients.
Six tii Street Flinch Club very prettily
i i iin t ti i,r i in k hi jiii. i.wii si i ii ii:h .
The game was played at four tables,
and was followed by an ice conrse with
Mifui tfuaia StMllAra Anforf Alnal lTriav
night in honor of Miss Bertha Walker,
of Santa Fe. Flinch was played and
a nice course of refreshments was
Mrs. A. S. James entertained the
Friday Morning Whist Club Friday
morning in her usual charming man
ner. A delicious two course luncheon
was served at the close of the game.
Miss Willie Ashton will entertain the
Philokallean club Saturday afternoon
!l n'nlnplr at flinnh. in hrtmir nf Mm.
James McPhail, of Marshall, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gordon, of
Cross Bridges, entertained Tuesday
evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Webster.
Mrs. E. H. Ha v wood, of Mowd.
entertained Saturday at "flinch, in
honor of P. H. Herbert in of, Be seer,
Ala. ,
' The Ladies Aid Society of the First
Methodist church will met with Mrs.
H. P. Fieners Wednesday afternoon at
2:80 o'clock.
Mrs. Hattie Jones will entertained a
few friends at cards Friday evening,
in honor of Mrs. Norman Kirkman.
Mra .Tnhn IT. Kfanhunonn nf Zinn.
entertained a few friends at a nicely ap-
. . . i m .
pointed dining xaesuay.
The Sans Pariel club met last
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock with
Miss Charlotte D arias.
Miss Ethel Hendlev entertained
the Girls' Card Club yesterday after
noon at two o'clock.
A lecture on "Musio and Musicians,"
will be given at the Columbia Institute
on Saturday evening from 7:15 till 8
o'clock, by Miss Wallace. These lec
tures will continue throughout the
school year every week at the time stat
ed. The public is cordially invited.
Tax Payers Take Notice.
Mrs. Hattie Jones entertained a
small party of friends very beautifully
Norman Kirkman, as honoree Thefol-, On February 4th, I will have my
Nuriuau iiauj , uni,a UnrimrPi 1 for the recemt of
lowing laaies wmo ; vrc t t
Kirkman Mrs. Meade Frierson, Mrs. ; taxes, and on February 5th, I will go to
J W.Howard, Mrs. C. A. Forgey, Mt. Pleasant tor tne same purpose.
ai ht, Mr. Tvrea Rhodes I Mv office in Columbia will be closed
lurs. .iiiuic uvnwi . ( -
and Miss Camille tlernaon. a uengui- on inose uyo.
ful luncheon was served at the close
of the game.
Mrs. E. W. Jones entertained very
pleasingly at flinch Monday night at her
home on South Main street, in honor
of her brother, Mr. Fairband.
Delightful refreshments were served.
Those present were Mieses Launi
Farias. Annie McKay, Mamie Hill,
Lola Scribner, Simmie Payne, Miss
McKay; Messrs. Tom Sheddan and
Jack Davis.
Mrs. J. M. Harris gave a delightful
entertainment aV her home on West
Ninth street Friday night in honor or
her niece. Miss Laura Beckenbach, pf
Bigbyville. The house was Pettily
decorated for the occasion and flincn
was played at four table After sev
eral merry games, the guests were
served with refreshments.
Miss Annie Evana entertained charm
ingly Thursday afternoon compliment
ary to the Girls' Card Club, The large
parlors were darkened, and then lighted
with waxen candies held in silver candle
sticks. Euchre was played at seven
tables, and honors were won by Miss
Sadie Sheegog. A beautiful three
course luncheon was served.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Owen, of Bear
Creek, entertained a number of young
people at their home Friday night.com-
J. H. Kannon, Trustee.
Supreme Court Reports.
A new edition of the reports of the
Tennessee Supreme Court is now being
.... - . a i tfriA,.M
nnhlitiliea. Known as me
Edition." The edition will be com
nufn nrirh nnnntnMnn and editorial
urnrlr'hv Robert T. Shannon, author
of the "Code of Tennessee" and
iiU,..n.n'a Tonnoaaflfi (!4HeH. ' ' There
will be 105 volumes of the reports, .and
forty volumes nave aireaay ueeu pub
lished. This announcement will be very
pleasing to the practitioners in the
Train DBS AA. BH fOT 801116 V6arS
thA aurtnlv of the old edition has been
short, making some of the books very
costly, as well as difficult to ohtain.
Bears th
The Kind You Haw Always coup
New Pension Board.
The retiring pension board of Maury
county held its last meetmg yesterday,
but it will be a week or so before the old
board is ready to turn over it's work to
the newly appointed board.
The anniversary of the birthday of
Gen. Robt. E. Lee was generally ob
served throughout the South Tuesday.
4 Com ud M6 (or loana 11 wh.t w. 0.0 do for 7 "Vh, -J
; otoTrKvTwW
a big line for spring, and we don't want any heavy weiguw u.
0 - tinowllwMjwoMPuxU cheaper than you thinn.
il. Any style Hat that you want.
1 a nTTTciniVT BROS.
A Bauman spent Sunday in N'sshril'e.
Will Dale was in Nashville Sun
day. Paul FiUjn is back from a trip to
Webb Rklley left yesterday for
Mrs. N'orman Kirkman returned Sat-
turday to Nashville.
Mrs. Simms Butner is visiting rela
tives at W&rtraee.
Miss Pearl Ingram, of Mt. rieasnnt.
was here Saturday.
Mrs. Albert Ward was here Monday
from Mt Pleasant.
Mr. Nelson Cherry has returned from
a visit to Arkansas
Mrs. W. J. Andrews is visiting rela- :
tives in Juritiu. lex.
Miss Blanch Stewart has returned
from a visit to Nashville.
Mr. A. Freeland, of Mt Pleasant,
was in the city Tuesday.
3Miss Virgie Red, of L9wisburg, is
visiting Miss Ireu-i 8mith.
Ab Atkisson has returned from a busi
ness trip to Ft. Worth, Tex.
Frank Moore and Norfleet Fisruers
spent Sunday in Spring HilL
Mm. Arra Holtz has returned from
visit to relatives at Lynnville.
Edmund Huehes. postmaster of Mt.
Pleasant, was here yesterday.
Miss Eva James is the guest of Miss
Marion Cooper, in Nashville.
Miss Katie Thomas, of Glendale. is
visiting Miss Virginia Brown.
Prof. W. Lee Harris, of McCains,
was here Saturday on business.
Miss Pearl McKay, of Murfreesboro,
is visiting Miss Oma Colquitt.
O. H. Hisrgins has returned from a
visit to relatives in Fayetteville.
Mr S Cullender has returned from
a business trip to Birmingham.
Mrs. Sims Watson left Monday to vis
it her husband at Thomasville, Ga.
Mrs. Eliza Stegall has- returned from
. ... - . i -. t l
a visit to menus at uariers wreea.
f- rt V Rnrnm nft MondaV to
visit relai iyes at Wayland Springs.
Mrs. Rnfna (!. Jackson, of Mt.
Pleasant, was in the city Tuesday.
Miss Gertrude Martin of Fountain
Creek, is visiting Mies Lucy Haley.
Mrs. Callie Parker and dangtter,
Miss Maggie, are visiting at Isom's.
Miss Alice Lanier, of Madison, Ala.,
is the guest of Mrs. W. D. Hastings. ,
Edmonson, of Earlington. Ky.,
is visiting friends and relatives here.
Fuller Brittain left Monday for
Nashville and Clartsville on business.
John Trotwood Moore,' who is win
tering in Nashville, was here Saturday.
Miss Julia Reneger, of Fayetteville
is visiting Misses Kate and Ada Shields.
S. 3. Vbss left this week for Hills
boro. Tex., with' a view of locating.
Mrs. Shull, of Fayetteville, attended
the Hinebaugh-Eddy wedding Tuesday.
Mrs. Fox. of Nashville, came down
to attend the Hinebaugh-Eddy nuptials.
'j. K. Shannon returned Wednesday
from a visit to his parents in' Lebanon.
Mrs. Ad Tegarden has returned to
Nashville, after a visit to relatives
Miss Elizabeth MoLemore is the
guest of Mrs. W. B. Smithson in Pu
laski. Miss Mary Neeley is visiting her sis
ter. Mrs. John W. Wilson, in Lynn
ville. Miss Ida Woodard will arrive today
from Fayetteville to visit Miss Laura
Mrs. E, E. Erwin left Monday
mofaing for Nashville to join Senator
Erwin. '
B.H. RagwlaH of Acworth, Ga., is
visiting Will Ragsdale in South Co
lumbia. " Mrs. Gus Watson and Miss Rosa
Cherry are visiting friends at Park's
Station. '
Maj. Williamson has gone to Mem
phis on a visit to his son, George Wil
liamson. 'Mrs. W. J. Moore is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. George Williamson, in
Mrs. W. A. Perry, of Jackson, Tern.,
was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ellette
Mrs. Robt. Cooper, of 'Mt Pleasant, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
C. Phelan.
Mrs. Will Lansdown is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Webb, on
Bear Creek.
Mr. Spence McFall has returned from
a very successful business trip to Tus
cumbia, Ala.
Chas. W. Webb has returned to
Union City, after a visit to relatives
in the city.
Miss Lola Scribner leaves in a day or
two for an extended visit to relatives in
Dallas, Tex.
Miss Nora Padgett, after a visit to
friends here, has returned to her home
in Nashville.
Mrs. Chas. Sarver has returned to
her home at Jameson, after a visit to
Mt Pleasant.
Mibb Emma Wooten is spending a
few days with Miss Janie Sheegog at
Mr. Wm. Johnstone has returned to
New York after a visit to relatives
near the city.
Mrs. E. G. Shuneman of Crockston,
Minn.. Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. vv.
H. Shuneman.
Mrs. J. E. McRady, of Lewisburg,
and Miss Virgie Reed are guests or
Miss Hay Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Merrill leave in
fw davs for California to spend the
rent of the winter.
Mrs. Frances Tanner has gone to
Lewisburg on a visit to her niece,
Mrs. Jno. Lincoln. '
tu Rimanr. the blind nreacher.
will arrived Monday afternoon to visit
Rev. J. A. Molloy.
Mia Fior Harlan, of Cross Bridges,
ia spending the week with her cousin,
Miss Emma Harlan. 4
n r pratt hojt n,tnrned to
Nashville, after a few days visit to his
father, W. a Padgett
Mr. O. W. Nichola returned Friday
night from trip to Birmingham and
otner Alabama' cities.
Thomas N. liatts arnveaasi xnun-
an excvllf nt di.-hre from the L cited I
States Army. He will stay in Colam-J
bit awhile now. having been away from
home nearly all the time since 1S
Mis Laura Bt-keabach has returned
to her home at Bigbyville, after a visit
to Mrs. J. M. Harris.
Rev. W. K. Peebles waher Monday
IIIh minr frien la are elad to learn that
his health ir improving.
Mrs. Oampett Dooley. ef Andrewr.
is visiting htr sister. Mrs. da be Over
ton, in South Colsiubia.
the Bible Training School iu Nashville.
is nere lor a snort visit.
Mrs. A. M. Harlan and daughter.
Mies Flora Harlan, of Cross Bridges,
spent Friday in the city. .
Miss'Ada Davidson has returned t
her home at Bryant . Station, after o
visit to friends in the city.
Mrs. A. Sidney Page, and son, A.
Sidney Page. Jr., have returned from
a week's visit to Bear Creek.
Mr. Chas. Fussell has returned to his
home in Atlanta. Ua., after a visit to
J. H. Alexander and family.
Mr. John W. Cecil and little son. of
Crown nririireH- left Weanesdav to
spend several weeks in Florida.
Mrs. M. E. Williamson has returned
from a visit to her daughter, Mrs.
James A. Craig at Williamsport
Mrs. H. F. Fariss has gone to Mt.
Pleasant to attend the bedside of Mrs.
W. D. Broons, who is qnite sick.
Mrs. Ed Carter and daughter. Miss
Myrtle Carter, of New Decatur, Ala.,
are visiting Mrs. A- A. Hodge.
Mrs. Green Fleming has gone to
Culleoka to visit her mother, Mrs.
Harris. Mrs. Harris is 83 years old.
Elder A. P. Johnson went to Lynn
villa WArlnASil stv In ntAAnh fchp funeral
of Mr. John Kerr, of Bu ford's Station.
Gus Cocrkill, who has been in the
Philiooinea for the past two years.
returned to his home here Tuesday
Messrs. J. K. Orr, George W. Kille-
Km Ft HnwirH and Mnmfnrd Smith
were here from Mt. Pleasant Monday.
Mm OnorcA Sedberrv. who has been
has returned to her home at Nashville.
Mr onrl Mrs. . A. J. Nichols and lit
tle son left Tuesday for St Petersburg,
Fla., to spend the winter.
Miss Lettie Williams, who has been
visiting Miss Emmie Harlan, will re-'
tarB V H?r home at water y&iitsy to
UMbsaa .faniA anil Marearet McKay
have returned to their home at Carter's
Creek, after a visit to Miss Annie Lou
Mr una Mra. John Camenter and
children will go to Florida the firit of
February to spend the remainder of the
winter. .'
Miss Laura Taylor and Mr. Joe Hines,
J. W. Thomas and Ernest Cochran, at
tended the banquet at CulleoUa Fri
day night.
If Pr.fr, a t" .Tarlrann nditor Of the
Mt. Pleasant Chronicle, passed through
the i city J! riuay nigni en ruuw j
. Mrs. Harry . Weil and children, of
Fayetteville, are visiting Mrs. Weil's
Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gross, on
Sixth street.
ia Vnrmfr and little SOn
Clandi leave in a few days for Milford.
Tex., where they will make their
future home.
Misses Mattie and Fannie McClellan
are expected home in a few days frjm
Kirminsrham. where they have been at
tending school. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fergueson have
rofnml to their home in Nashville,
after a short visit to Mr. Ben Fergue
son and family.
Mr n R ifllnv of Loaisviile. bro
ther of Miss Lena Thomas Eddy, came
down to attend her marriage to Mr.
Guy Hinebaugh.
Mr a n Tf AinB left Tnesdav morn
ing to attend the meeting of the State
Board of Pharmacy, wnicn was meet
ing in Nashville that day.
Mrs. Will Griffin and children, who
left here recently for New urieans,
hv cone on to California, where
they will spend the winter.
Misses Jessie McCain. Kena iswans-
burg and Edna Peters, who have been
visiting Mrs. Columbus ifrierson ai
Cross Bridges, have returned.
Mra V. Wrrn Clark, of KooKtord,
111. , was the guest Tuesday of Mrs. W.
m RwiHia arnnnina- over on her way
to Florida to spend the winter.
Mr. Thrift, of the Vanderbilt uni
versity theological department, wno
has been visiting friends here, returned
to Nashville Wednesday morning.
Will Mit Shields and Miss Elizabeth
Shields, of Columbia, attended their
uncle, L. M. Shileds' funeral batur-
aay.jjynnville JNews in miasm
Citizen. Z
Miss Annie Bunch and Miss Pellette.
of New York City, who have been the
guests of Mrs. Wooten Moore, left Mon
riav to visit Mrs. A. McKissick, at
Spring HilL
Mrs. J. VV. Tanner has returned
home after a visit to iiewisourg.
Miss Ada Davison, of Bryant Station,
returned with her aBd will be her
guest for several days. '."
Ernest Keamon iohvob i-nunj
for Birmingham, Ala., where he
will reside in the future, navmg ac-
nnnted a nositlon there as book-keeper
for a mining company.
Mr. Tom Peebles, recently or the Leb
anon Law School, has located in Colum
bia for the practice of his profession, and
has an office in the Brown block. He is
a son of Rev. W. R. Peebles,
Mrs. Fred Latta. who was to have
gone to St. Louis Monday to visit
did not leave, aa news was received
that Mr. Herbert Latta. In whose home
sne was to visit, was ill with pneumo
nia. Mr. Aruiid E. Pettig, editor of the
Platte County Argus, of Platte City,
Mo., passed through Columbia yester
day to visit relatives, Mr. and Mra.
Matthew M. Hamilton, ot Lawrence
burg. Emile Rothe, of Mt. Pleasant, who
has been teaching school in Montgomery
county, was here Monday enroute to his
home. Mr. Rothe waa a candidate for
aargeant-at-arma of the house in the
present legislature, but was defeated.
Mr. and Mra. : Fred Elmendorf, of
Spokane. Wash., were the guesta of
Mrs. A. M. IJUgnes xnnrsaay nigut.
Theyle't today for Gainesville. Fla., to
spend the winter. Mrs. Elmendorf ia
f ' '
Maury Dry GoodsCo
January Sale of Vhite Goods, -New
Laces and Embroideries, New Percales,
Xew Shirtings. Another week of Money
Saving, Price Cutting, Bargain Getting.
We takp stock the first of February and in order to
make room for the new goods and convert as many of the
heavv weights into readv cash, we are offering- Un brecede)it-
ed Bargains in Every Department in Our Tivo Dig Stores.
Bargains in ladies', Kisses'
and Children's Shoes.
98c per pair for Ladies' or Misses'
$1.50 and if 1. 75 quality shoes. Misses
size 13 to 2. Ladies size 2 to 5.
$1 48 per pair for choice of Ladies
$3, 2.60 and 3 quality Shoes, every
size from 2 to 8. every style toe hell
and swell heel, button and lace
10c per pair for the very best hose
made for the price, fast black, in rib
bed or plain.
25o per pair. A few pair left of the
drummer's sample . Hose, value 85c
and 50c.
White Goods, Embroideries,
10c per yard for one of the . best
brands of yard wide Cambric cloth.
1o for srood 10c quailty, yard wide
soft finished, bleached domestic.
yard to dose One of the best 10c
quality, wide and heavy cotton flannel.
6c per 7ard for S& vard wlde
bleached domestic.
Beautiful Hamburg, Swiss, Nainsook
edges and insertions; 6c per yard up.
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits and!
Skirts at Less Than Half
$6.95 for choice of $12.50 and $15
tailor made Suits, in brown, dark
gray. This is less than the worth of
the skirt.
$3 50 for choice of $5, $6 and $7.50
Walking Skirts, in dark grays. The
style is not up-to-date, but quality ex
tra fine and well made.
Bargains in Men's and Boys'
Suits and Odd Pants.
$6.95, still a splendid assortment of
those $15.00. and $16. 60 "suits left to
choose from. All sizes from 84 to 40.
in regular and double breasted.
$4.95 for choice of $6.50 to $10 suits.
All sizes, 84 to 40. '
$1. 95 for choice of over 100 pair of
pants. Sizes 28 to 40, waist measures
Regular $2. 50, $3 and $3. 60 values.
Boys' Knee-Pant Suits
$3.45 for choice of 60 boys' knee
pants suits, age 5 to 16 years, worth $5
and $6 per suit.
$2.95 for boys' $3.50 and $4 suits.
Special Bargain Prices on all
Rugs, Carpets and Mattings.
Any carpet sold this month will be
made and put on floor free of charge.
a daughter of Capt W N. Hughes,
U. S. A.
Capt. E. M. Hearn spent last Satur
day in Columbia. W. A. Dale,
of Columbia, was the guest of Judge
and Mrs. K N. Richardson, .Sunday.
Miss Delia Owen spent last week
in Columbia and Mt. ' Pleasant with
relatives. Franklin Review-Appeal.
Rev. W. A. Frovine left Tuesday
for Altanta, Ga., where he goes to
look after the interest of the new
mission church being planted there by
the Church Extension Committee of
the Synod of Tennessee, of which he
is Treasurer. He will return in tim e
for his regular duties next Sabbath.
Qnite a number of Columbians at
tended the inaugural ceremonies at
Nashville Monday. A.mong those going
up were, Sheriff Forgey, City Attorney
Towler, Chief of Police Love Webb,
Circuit Clerk Willard Worley. Alder
man, Ashby Wilkins. Maj. W. J. Whit
taorne, Col. H. O. Evans and Joe Tow
ler. Several Columbia attorneys are at
Nashville in attendance upon the
Chancery Court of Appeals. The
Maury county docket was taken up in
that court yesterday. Among those who
have gone up are, H. P. Figuers, W.
S. Fleming, E. H. Hatcher, W. B.
Gordon Shelby Coffee, James A. Smlser
and J. B. McLemore.
Chas. Fergueson is in Mt. Pleasant
working as substitute mail-carrier.
Mule trading was quite brisk Mon
day. Probably forty changed hands.
Mr. C. W. Baker, formerly with the
Herald, has accepted a position with
the Maury Democrat.
FOR EXCHANGE: A good second
hand surry for a real good driving horse
or mare; must be sound and gentle, tt'
G. W. Hight returned Monday fawnv
a trip through Hickman, Lewis and,
Perrv counties, where he went to buy
mules. :
Looney Walker and Emmet Dugger; .
after a vry "close call, " rode the ,
K. of P. goat through the second rank '
Friday night. , . -,
Jno Brazier, who has been in Louis
ville for some time, has returned to
Columbia and accepted a position with
the Democrat.
W- and I, La Grippe Tablets af
ford one of the quickest, pleasantest
cures for colds known. Price 52 cent.
Only at Woldridge's.
Mr. L. I. Jackson, an expert and ex
perienced uoholsterer and'refinisher,
recently of Nashville, has opened an
establishment over T. J. Tucker &
Co's. on the public sqnare. Mr. Jack-
New Crop Just Received-
; We intend to lead in the Garden and Flower Seed business this season if
handling only the very best seeds obtainable and selling them at the LOWEsT
POSSIBLE PRICESvspell anything. yhoIesale prices to merchants nd
market gardeners.
Get Our Prices if You Care to Save Money.
A-X)A3CS &C ZkCA-IRTIIN . Leading Drnggistar
KF.D men organize
Chickamauga Tribe No. 63, Organized
in Columbia.
Chicamaugua tribe of Red Men No.
63, of Columbia, was organized Wednes
day night at the Elks' Hall over Wold
ridge's drug store. About twenty-five
members were initiated. Temporary
organization was effected by Dr.
William Austin Smith being chosen
temporary Sachem, James McGregor
Secretary, and Hiram Titcomb Treas
rure. Officers will be elected for the
year at the first regular meeting on
next Wednesday night.
The following Red Men came down
from Nashville to institute the tribe:
Great Sachem John J. Straub, Great
Mishinewa Frank Rives, Past Sachems
W. T. Dunehart, John M. Marks, L.
F. Woods, Chas. D. Wright. L. J.
Brown, H. A. Luck, A. Goeer, J. M.
Jarrell s Sacnems Jake Fishgall and W.
E. Allen, and chiefs J. C. Hinton, A.
Schwartz, N. August, Joe Wein stein,
J. W. Copeland, U uooper, rnoa.
Wvnnn. A. Hoarich. Cummins, Jake
Cummins, 0. C Winnia, Max Gold
stein, L. Genini. T. Bt. unariea, recer
8t Charles.
Two million Americans suffer the
torturing pan? of dyspepsia. No
need to. Burdock Blood Bitters cures.
At nj drugstore. .
son has already won a reputation .
locally by the work he has turned oat.
A big crowd was in town Monday,
people being here from nearly every
part of the county. All the stores -had
a splendid trade.
Mr. W. M. Chaffin has bought the
interest of Mr. C. A. Parker in the
old Chaffin homestead on East Ninth :
street, aud will move there. Mr. Par
ker will purchase some other property. .
FOUND: On the pike between Co-
lumbia and Glendale, a lower set of
false teeth. Owner can recover same
Vf sa1t4nn enrl novfniy te fhla arl on1
VJJ vauiaif n nv iMg v sre ;(-,
leaving small reward for the old negro' J
man woo iuuuu uieui. n
The remains of Rev. W. A. Haynee'
have been taken up from Rose Hill and
carried to Lebanon, where they will be .
placed by the side of his wife, who died
at that place. Mr. Haynes was the C.
P. pastor who died ia this city about
nine years ago.
Impossible to. foresee sn aocidetft '
Not impossble to be prepared for it.
Dr. Thomas' Electric OiL Monarch
over pain.
. Wheat Wanted.
We are in the market every day
wheat in any quantity, ana pay
ket price from same. Telephone
Columbia Mill & Elevator
m a.
A 1
7 (or

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