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Shoes to Please
Must Fit the Feet
THAT'S the strong point re
garding our New Fall Shoes.
Ycu don't have to break
them in.
They're made with a just re
gard for the shape of the
Combine style, comfort and
elegance at price that fit
your pocket book.
Among the becoming new
styles are gun metal calf and
dullkid boots with craven
ette tops Tans for street
wear. Patents for evening.
We are agents lor Grover's
Soft Shoes tor tender teet.
Evans, Parker & Moore
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Ut - . ft - Vl'Nt 'ON .
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Robert C. Ewing and George E
McKenuon are fishing oa the placid
Duck today.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Walker lave
returned from Dallas, Texas, and are
In Columbia for the present
Mrs. Julia Shields left this morn'
ing for a visit to Nashville. She will
see the Cnocolate Soldier while In
the city.
Col. Joseph L. Hutton, the owner or
Saturn and Great Jupiter, is in Nash
ville today acquiring valuable farm
ing information for dissemination
among his friends.
J. S. Rushton, who is traveling for
L. Jonas, of Nashville, spent the first
of the week with home folks in Co
lumbia. John W. Jackson, J. W. Shalton
and several others left today at one
o'clock for a two dayB' fish and hunt
down the river.
Allan B. Harlan, who has been in
Spain for several months buying fine
jacks for importation, will return to
his home tomorrow or Sunday.
J. W. Bishop, of Pine Bluff, ArJr., Is
here. Mr. Bishop will be remember
ed as the manager of 'the Harris &
Cole Bros business here several years
Mrs. S. F. Hooper, of Springeflld,
Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Chas.
G. Sims, on South High street.
Mrs. James D. Richardson, Jr., is
visiting Mrs. Rebecca McLemor.
Miss Emma Frierson is visiting
Miss Annie Stephenson, of Zion.
Miss Annie Wilkes, of Culleoka, is
here today.
Mrs. Thomas II, Peebles and son,
Thomas H., Jr., came in from their
country home at Campbell's Station
today and will spend the day with
Mrs. Ernes- 13. McLemore.
Mrs. Alford and family, "of Culleo
oka, have moved to the Dale resi
dence on West Sixth street.
George T. Hughes and E. H. Hatch
er went to Nashville this morning on
legal business.
Mrs. H. G. Evans, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. H. Hatcher, has gone to Faulkner
Springs for ten days.
inmri rnnM ni n
bAVtl MUffl ULU
Speech of Presentation is Made by J.
I. Finney, Editor of The Herald
Will Be Placed in Archives of the
Tennessee Conference.
An interesting event of the morn
ing session of the Methodist Confer
ence today was the presentation of
'a gavel from the first Methodist
' church building ever erected south
of Duck river. The gavel was made
from a piece of timber from the
church at old Pisgah near Hampsnire
, which was founded by John Akin in
j 1807.
The gavel was presented by J. I.
Finney, editor of The Herald, and
was accepted by Bishop Kilgo In be
half of the conference in a feeling
The gavel was fashioned from the
timber by the Vaughan Manufactur
ing Company of this city. In pre
senting the gavel, Mr. Finney said:
"When the hardy pioneers blazed
a pathway through the trackless wil
derness from the Appalachian moun
tains westward there accompanied'
them often with rifle in one hand and
Bible in the other, the Methodist
preachers. They were frequently the
first and always among the first, spir
itual comforters of the new settlers.
No hardships were too great to deter
them; no privations so severe that
they were not overcome in their zeal
to carry the gospel to every corner
of the new and wonderful land. 1
"Too much could not be said in '
praise of the hardy Methodist pioneer
preachers who braved every danger
and willingly submitted to every sac-
Everything That's New For Fall and Winter In
This Ad All of It Good, Much of It Specially Priced.
Women's and Misses' Tailored Suits,
Dresses, Cloaks and Shirt Waists
Zt You will find what you want here in a Tailored -Suit, whether you
may want a plain tailored garment or one elaborately tri ntned, in Serges
Diagonals, Cheviots and deep toned novelties.
'Special Suits
We are showing many different styles
and colors and popular prices. Suits that
are worth one fourth to one third more,
$10.05, $15.95 and $1095. ' : :." 'C :
This is to be the Banner
Coat Season.
No Matter what kind of coat you
want, whether a lightweight serge, mix
ture or a heavy fur coat we can supply
your wants and the prices are right.
Special Values
in Ladies' and Misses'
$10 00 and $15.00.
Cloaks at $7.50,
More New Skirts
are added to our Jargc s!;irt stock, the new
ones are Corduory nnd Mixtures. Latest
styles at $4.00, S5 0') aua $6 00.
Ladies' Waists
Ladies' Waists in silk. co;ton and lace,
$1.00 to $7.50.
ooro, Is the guest of Mrs. J. Sr.tlton
Misses Mary and Aildie Rainey saw
the Chocolate Soldier in Nashville
. Miss Lillian Kinzgr has rettu ned
to Santa Fe, after visiting relatives
in the city. . '
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Carpenter, of
Nashville, spent Sunday with Dr. and
Mrs. A. G. Dinwiddle. . j
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wheeler, of
Rutland, Vt, are visiting Col. and
Mrs. J. F. Brownlow.
AH. ft. OIUIIBBUWI, Ul lDU.il.C, rlflce that jjjg cauge of ,.5 ghould
spent Sunday with his son at the Co- trIumph ln the new world The
lumbia Military Academy. church had its birth in humble sur-
Mr. and Mrs. Will Dale, Jr., saw roundings. Its first successful ap
the Chocolate Soldier at the Vendcme peaig were to the lonely and the op
Saturday night in Nashville. , pressed and it is not strange there
Miss Orlean Martin, of Nashville, fore that Its message should have
spent the week end with her aunt, taken strong and deep hold upon the
Mrs. John Leonhard Nelson, at Cul- brave and simple men who settled
leoka. this country. In the early days of
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Sparrow and this territory Methodism literally
children have returned from New spread like wild fire, and converts
York City where they have beer, for were made wherever the smoke
the past two weeks. marked a new clearing. Of intense
Messrs. J. A. Smiser, Thos. H. Pee- loyalty, great bravery, and simple
ble and W. C Salmon are in Nash- faith the founders of Methodism in
ville attending the court of chancery the wilderness were fit leaders of a
appeals and the federal court. great people, a people who were to
Judge and Mrs. Sam Holding and leave their impress forever upon the
daughter, Eleanor, went to Nashville history of a splendid land.
Saturday and saw the Chocolate Sol- "First among this devoted band to
dier. come to the country South of Luck
F. S. Woldridge, of New York, river was John Akin, whose religious
spent Sunday with his brother, Dr. fervor and deep devotion led him to
W. P. Woldridge, and family. leave his comfortable Carolina home
Mr. and Mrs. Meade Frierson wit- that he might bring the comfort of
nessed the performance of the Choc- his faith to the settlements in vhat
olate Soldier in Nashville Saturday are now Maury, Lawrence, Lewis and
night. 1 , . Wtiyne counties. Early in the last
The Misses Newman, of Huntsville, century he began his ministrations
Ala., arrived in Columbia Saturday that were destined to result in ths es-
and entered Columbia Institute this tablishment of the first church 01' his
morning. faith in all this section. One hun-
Misses Mary and Rebecca Carpen- dred and three years ago a band of
ter were aming the Columbians that devout, followers of the great Wesley,
The public put its stamp of approval
upon this new -cepartment from the first.
We are all busy from early morning till
late at night in our workrooms and salerooiLs.
We have made a special effort to give
you the latest styles in Hats at
moderate prices.
Charming models with all the clever touches
which characterizes hats from abroad.
Special Prices on Street Hats
at $4.00, $5.00 and $7.50
Model Hats at $7.50, $10.00,
$12.50 and $15.00.
y- Clfrtf fa
in Xash-
attracted by the simple eloquence- of
Akin and moved by the intense relig
ious fervor characteristic of the time,
assembled at Pisgah Hill on the
saw tne (Jiiocoiate bouner
ville Saturday night.
Mrs. George E. McKennon is in
Nashville today on a visit to her
daughter, Miss Mary McKennon, who western borders of this county, where
is in school at Belmont College. the hills catch the last rays of the
Mr. and Mrs. Will Newman,' of setting sun, and there erected and
Huntsville, Ala., came through the forever dedicated to Almighty God, a
country in their automobile Saturday Methodist church, and for more-than
and brought their daughters and n- a century that church has proven a
tered them In Columbia Institute to- blessing to the community and a ben-
Miss Laura Briehtman. of Haynes-:day. ediction and means of salvation to
ville, Ala., arrived Friday afternoon Dr. 'vV. A. Smith left this afternoon the hundreds who have lived within
and is the guest of Miss Ruth Flem- j for Murfreesboro to attend reunion the sphere of its influence. Inanity
ing until Moday morning when she of Confederate Veterans. From there alone can measure the great harvest
will enter Columbia Institute. ;he will go on to Chattanooga to at- eternal that has been gatlu-red
Mrs. W. T. Erwln ha8 returned tend the grand lodge of Masons. through the Instrumentality of that
home after a delightful visit of a Miss Maude Cummins, of Fayette- man and his great labors,
month to relatives ln Atlanta and Ce- Tille, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. B. "The people of that community
dartown, Ga., and Chattanooga and Cummins. now, decades after his ashes have
For Men, Women and Children, Boys and Girls.
All the late styles in Fall and Winter
Footwear are here. Good dependable
Footwear at popular prices.
Queen Quality
The famous shoe for women. They fit
where others fail. The new styles were
never so stylish or pretty. The new leath
ers in gun metal, tans. Russia, vici, patent
leathers, cravanett and satin. Prices are
$3.00, $3.50 and $4 00.
Special line of Ladies' Shoes at $2.00
and $2.50.
Children's Dress and School Shoes at
$1.00. $1.50, $1 75. $2 00 and up.
Orossette Shoos for meu 'in ikes" life's
walk easy, $4 00 per pair
Abbott $3 50 per pair.
First Shipment of Sweaters,
Toques, Aviator Caps are now in.
Sweaters for Ladies. Children, boys
and Gents.
bold upon all classes and conditions
of life. Its power has been felt in ev
ery strata of society. There is some
thing in its doctrine and polity which
appeals to men of all classes. Its
record is one that typifies the Fath
erhood of God and the universal
brotherhood of man. But we of this
day and time who boast our millions
of members and hundreds of millions
of wealth; of our towering edifices;
our magnificently . endowed institu
tions of learning; of our material as
sets which almost beggar computa-
Belle Buckle, Tenn.
Master Jack Carpenter and .little
Miss Rachel Carpenter, of Nashville,
are visiting their grand parents, Dr.
and Mrs. A. G. Dinwiddle.
Tom Blair, of Nashville, is In the
Hugh Shelton has returned to Leb
anon. J. A. Crowe, of Rally Hill, was in
Columbia today.
John Akin, of Hampshire, was ln
Columbia today.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Aydelotte have
returned from Nashville.
A. W. Brant, of Nashville, spent
Sunday with his family.
Miss Brownie Giddens spent Sun
day with relatives ln Culleoka. .
J. B. McLemore, of Nashville, spent
Sunday with his family ln Columbia.
Mrs. James A. Long and daughter, mingled with the dust wher he
Mamie D.., of Springfield,, are visiiing preached, reflect ,ln their' Hves the
Mr. and Mrs. Jim' Andrews. power of his work. No where in all
Felix Ellett, of Mt Pleasant, was this land Is there to be found a citi
here today with his six year old son zenship of superior worth, of more
in consultation with Dr. Pillow re- loyal devotion to civic righteousness,
garding the little boy. of truer faith or greater fidelity to
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seay and little truth and lionor than live withi-i the
daughter, Frances, will go to Law- sphere of influence of old Pisgah
renceburg Friday to visit M. Seay's church. It is a God fearing, God
mother. serving community. A community
Mrs. H. D. Harkreader, of Nash- where the people read their Bible and
ville, came out Tuesday to attend the believe its divine message; where
Allen-Hodge wedding Tuesday at they go to church and make an hon
high noon. She will remain over ln est effort to do justice to their fel
Columbia until Friday. low man; where the people share
J. C. Ragland, advance man for without complaint the burdens of cit
"The Echo," one of the largest ntusi- lzeoshlp, obey the law and grateful-
cal comedies on the road, was here y acknowledge the supremacy on the :
today and closed final arrangements One and Only God. (
for his show which appears here on "The chief glory of Methodism lies B. Krause, 30fl Walnut ave., Altoona,
The publication of the story tbout
the Kentucky apple tree that has
been bearing for seventy years with
out intermission has attracted the at
tention of Culleoka readers, and it is
tion, can never appreciate nor meas-, said that Jeff Smith, who lives at that
ure tne aeDt wnicn we owe to simple piace has a tree In his orchard that
men of faith, of courage and of devo- was put out bv hIg father and ha(J
tion to duty, like John Akin. The never been known to produce a srlen
flnite mind cannot calculate the did yield of fruit for eighty years
blessing which men like him and This is a better term than the Ken
churches that they founded have been tucky tree and only shows that Maury
to this world. ; county 1b equal t0 thfl be8t q
"From this old church building growing,
near th&'"pot where 'the ashes of.
John Akin are now dust, I bring to
this conference a gavel. And may he A Bpec,fic for Pala-Dr. Thomas'
who wields it have that gift from on Electrlc 011 strongest, cheapest lini
High which so moved those noble ment 6Ter deTllel. A hausehold
men of old; may it prove an inspira-j Temedy 111 Amerfca 25 years,
tion to all th9 members of this con- . -
ference and teach them to revere the NT? W HDCCC TUf A If
l.'ves of whose deeds are worthy of
highest emulation and teach us all
anew the great lesson of life and
truths of eternity which they learned
and exemplified."
Mitchell & NeviUe have opened up
a dressmaking and general work par
lors over the J. Rosenthal Co., end
I have been somewhat costive, but . are now ready to do business. All
Doan's Regulets gave Just the re- j customers will be given the bet at
suits desired. They act mildly andtentIon n,l the patronage of our
regulate the bowels perfectly." Qoo. 1 "'lends Is solicited
t'Z S C e &t33fte9:v I
Mr. and Mrs. Vi. II. Boardman are
receiving congratulations over the ar
rival of a little baby girl.
The homes of C. D. Park and Gas
Watson on South Main street are be
ing remodeled
Farmers get new Economy Wheat
seed at Callender & Co., It
Any skin Itching Is a temper test
er. The more you scratch, the worse
it Itches. Doan's Ointment cures
piles, eczeman any skin Itching At
all drugstores
A. H. Shields, Jr., who has been
conected with a western road for
several months has resigned his po
sition and accepted a position with
the Century Phosphate Co.
One good second hand rubber tired
top buggy.
Street, Martin & Vaughan Co
F. A. Shelton, who for a number ot
years was with Bogatzky & Bauman,
but later with an insurance company,
has accepted his old position and is
back with this popular clothing rm.
Nashville Tonn rtfflna f rviiwtnr
ING PARLORS Internal Rvenue, October 11, 1911-
-wn Monaay, October 23rd at u
o'clock a. m., at the South door of the
Court House at Columbia, Tenn., I
will sell to the highest bidder for
Miss Lena B. Smith, of Murfrees- the ISth of this mont.
In the fact that It has been able to lay P-
7J6t ftw
cash one three-year-old horse nule,
which has been forfeited to the Unit
ed States under provisions of secJon
3460 Revised Satutes.
CHESTER CLARK, Deputy Collector.

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