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The Columbia herald. [volume] (Columbia, Tenn.) 18??-1935, November 26, 1920, Image 7

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"The tumult and tr shouting dies,
"The c aptains and the kin 3 depart;
"Still. stands Thine ancient sacrifice,
"An humble and a contrite heart."
National toil
I Capital
.111 fill
$125,000.00 :
$20,000,001:;":::'; :zr -
Wc Solicit Your Business if!
$1 ( , j:
ItJUl 5Httf HAYt Bttfi KtUUUtU: IHANKbUlVIKU IU bfc UBStRYtU 'tAPtKIS IU UlSlJUSS rRUDLcMS! & What, about, vour Hank Account? Aro you saving a rait
( i ! whal you oam.' It not you ou:lit to.
(' LMlcr start a .saving's amuint imm'o now. WiVli holp you Jfj
$ savo while you earn.
I undivided I'rotils
W. A. DALE, J. im THOMAS, It
ii President Vice Pres.
K. 0. FULTON, -I
I Cashier if
ii4HOi & ?KrGi &
J , Mules Have Gained Since 1910. But ; Ulh Euuineas Will F.e Transacted on , Officers of ths Farmers Organization
:Y: ! There Has Bsen n Big Reduction . That Day As Most of the Houtoi j Will Be Elected in December for the
Ajap AAA AA i - 1,1 f,'e Nu:1iljer of Hurses--Nearly . Will Sc C d---r:o D.vly Ker.ud to', Coming Year Dit ectors Meet SnUir
vlVUvVUv &l Ha" Mil,ion D''h'' Co"s- Be lued. 1 day Net.
$ i !
i i I nun ;i.n iirdii.s Da'h- Ik nil. 1. 1 ; i Timm Kri-i4 V I wily ii.-ruld.i I ifiuta tfuinrduy';; Da ly ' IK raid.)
Tlic dircelor (.1 fen us niinoiim-a ;-, j ' M.ivnr W O ( (:--ri-y lta. s.n-fl (i h ' At !!m rr ,.l;ir m Hln of (Ira (II
: raibjer-t Li . H'.ccl i . 1 1 1 . .-. fnl.Yv:tl ! 'I hanksmimc I my proi-lamiitii:,. II ' r 'dms of (l.e ni'iiily -i . 1 1 j n .1 of sayi-
itr.JK ' i.i . i .'fct '! ili.it ThaiiA. ' i w, I -iv i i Ullai wliirii will ln i ) . t at ila' I'lam-
will !;. !-M" ;s.i v-l id. onl,' in ! il iron'', r i 1 1 -v s S.-iinr.hv p';wr;
"f I In- LTji'.TT.'i latins in 'IViui'i-aiv, I ill" cii.'. I, ut all t.it lie f oaniy. In, a. 'I h" inad.' lur f - niiiiti.il iiicd ins i
(H';''"' ;ir "H( ! '"..!':. 1 1 i re : T t i f j ' I i.t'al! ,iiiial'"l' 1 1 1 ( Jth-mltt r: ol' l.lic I'lililicil '.ail.'
-.( ,:i I !'.':- in; ii.:,t ij,.'. Ka:J la'."' I'n!' 1 .m 1 1 'fi i -1 : k r. T!'m . a': :: al :o'i r: i I
ftilll.' by ::Vi,M;!: ali.'i'p . ! :i,i, 1 v a ii.1 n i ncral and ih.'-r- .a Kit!.' iu -- vl.a 1'. ! a i ana I in 'i-tinr. ami it i J
l!.!':.-; Iy - I'll I :.ti... r;..ft aitMidad (.. ,j Iii ;au ,.',!. i:.al at. Ihai il.iii. a j
'I In- ii.imli'M' i.f la. i'.-,. a ii. Tana'- .- , 'i .- 1 . i - v;!l i.Ii-:.h'v Smiilay ! !:..' a... ia a : i n i.! i in io i nvi'r j
6c!nmbia Bank & Trust Company!
iOi W. B. GREENLAW, Pres. GEO. I. McKENKON, Cashier jfj
W. '& W: '&
k't; OHI l'(.i(i, l live Plod-:
t . .
.(irlcil bv 1. 1 , i I I . mail's l:y 1 I I.'."
acd Go But 1U "Old Reliable" Tbedford' Black Draught
Came and Stayed.
Dutton, Ala. In recommending Tlied
foid's Black-Draught to her friends and
neighbors here, Mrs. T, F. Parks, a well
known Jackson County lady, said: "I am
jetting up in years; my head is pretty
w hite. 1 have seen medicines and reme
dies come and go but the old reliable
came and stayed. I am talking oi Black
Draught, a liver medicine we have used
for years one that can be depended up
on and one that will do the work.
"Black-Draught will relieve indigestion
and constipation if taken right, and 1 know
for 1 tried it. It is the best thing I have
feeling aittr meals. Scur stomach and
sick headache can be relieved by taking
Black-Draught. It aids digestion, !'.;o
I'-: :il7. !..!, uliira iia-icia LViS j iioiir.i and in",-" v II !,- n .1 laail tRIv- j ' ' "i U'iil l a r. a ir-ail 'liy I'r.if i
!"' Iv.'i y .ara nlil aa I uvr, I I i !'; . i: iicr . a i !.. i iiy .r tln . .-uml ry. i-aa i i.-i a.-.a,;.
fult-l j''-(ii:i I tn " ;.iai:-. nj. and I d i A ! I . .1' I Ii I ai a !' : !' ' la' . I ' ; a !!d i-iiall V 'ia..-, . (,..; f.im v. .11 I.; till' I'. j
-..U ii.'i.K i I .....la nl i. Tin- ii.fall ill l.- rl.i. -d t li 1 1 aa'.'a nil ill" d-i y. j : ' a-ia a i- a- a i ;,a ( a ,a ,. ; u, ..if j
V a I im: -.-- ri. fur !na .cm a, $",7, 5 ; '.laal i.l' I hi- !;,'.; -.vill alo I... i-Nw-.l. j :U" i ;nii..!; l.ifta ij-it's a) I he sl.-.f'
0".?., mi awa-a?-.' of f;:.i; . . -1 I'farl 'lia-n' v. ill In- i.a i aa,,- in' Tin. laavjanil aali.'.a ia., v..aial m..,,
'lli-' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - a i - i,' hi . i:i -'; on ,- na i , ' ' . 1 1,1 aid a ia! -1 f . i , i - . .- i ' -a. will lit? i v. il'i t'-c ,'. . .a I in a a. a a ud a n a I
l!illl ((:."! lid iai." a , . i . 1 1 a', t ' il I . ,a .aiicv j : ad a at .-.j i a la a ' a, a' I a" i auacai a ' 'a . ia. ... iii, a I,', a I in a i a i on
la lllaKf a I a ir I'-aal a i i a ni vi 1 Ii !i '.'il .'a a j 'la:(,;- ('iaaav'a j 1 a,a.i ai:, j i-,a a-:'".)'! ' '..a aal . 1 1 1 lii" . aiaiaa
I, ! .la nn i r v I, 1 i : i i u;!- n;-,, 'alia--' caid.aa-a I lit ia aaKmi i-' ,", , laii.
Tin' lri I, , r i .!' laid i I a , 'In olic! i. . a a I i I - ai i a i,i ..Ii find inaa , ' a a ' . i a a ; i ii- i ; la; i a Mr
rludili;', dl,,"', 1 r,.! ; maa-r v-:ir;l old ! 1 a, a.iil and laa'aa nn i!'a! (lav ui' .''' i alt'-r 'a'.', i.ai a-a: a,, an.
Till' Uilal U.ii!.' ia I ,d 17,1'. ! 1 .,11 "Va;-.; !:.ai!d a I. In iW lad a .' ,. !ara M i a ia i ; I, 1 'III '" a I .. a i - al a' -. a;.- iaa"a Ik 1 1
aai' nf $1 ! I.,!.. 'I I'l: r:. ia. a i of i.mJot. ;t--l .'aaiaiil- i'ar in,, 'ai- ;,a ; .-' 1 1 . " .an a,, , 'ii, y.-,r: ami r I .
ill laid I ." .diia;,,.' r- i r i ri;- inlia. vjr:a::;! ha-." - "in aada:!', I a . darkia: ; ' a an aal- ;.iai,.;r (..n-aaj
:infl,7i;a jiin- m .ii, I William u. t '!.,-, , , i:ir,c'' j ! 5 aja a 1 1 . ad , t:r laain. Il mis j
Tii" inlal 1 1 ' i ) a 1 , 1 !' .,1 i a 1 1 i . - i- 1 It'l ; ,.f '.! i? : I.i.) do li'i-1,- .ro, !a til ; l-ai .aatr. a "a : m.-. -in- w;,-.: I I'M I
, iiu-iud.ii a i, ( ; 1 1,- I mi-, ''' nai a't.-r, , ..v. -t .i ! .y .a ir.ay-! t.'..jr.m!.'.
I'V tii-A -a aloia' a.niilia if. i:'.i. T. : : aad 'I In: 1, l'-:ia '. in; I M li'.ilO'i; A! l..- auaa-,1 la , In .iiiiaj
value rai.'iil'-d i'i.1- nil r.a 1 1- : " , I (":), ' ii a I daa, ;,- 'if a a i , ;,i ."'Uaa a!-, all ' i' la- aa-ialiar a i i a I ) i. . a i i -' ii I ; Will ).ii !
; I if lol,il ajii" al' daii',' a,,., ';':.' l.lar lai-a:a ai aha'! ) an- arad.ai: ia,." loi ia"nla oni t In Lallola ta,c
t'!.",:1,!!:;:;, ;in -nvi-i-a-" .,r r, . a, h ia-j ail Innnin i-- . I.ia. a Mil aiia.iiai!' -tli" i-lnninai .'il I h l.na.-d ,,r diranta-"-.
Tilt' nlilillii'f of -.ntl.' in lain i , - i.. jOii da a and 1 1: a' 1 a.' , .(! t f -it y ' -U " da I ana tin- i oi.iii.i' ye;.r. Tin''
illK "dnilia, ia-li a,;) v:i : .::,:::'. ri-'iair io tin ir ,ianna;nm-i ila : a a -of I Trr. nf liti- praai'iil diiia-,nra v. ill fX '
Of the ';:i'il.!:a; aln','i in, M. ;sHi, , j win- !ii llial lay i lay i-i-uiK'i' In li: j i'ii in -la mi i ay. 'I'i a dirm lora in I urn !
..:,;. 1'2 an' lambs iimh-r mm m;r (Ji); t'.ivoi- of .Ml i: i i. I'm tin- th: !ik. ; ''!l .'l-'-'l idiin.'ia of Ih- oiaiii j
L' S 1 ,7 7 ! cue:-; mm nar old ami o..r; and praisf wliiah ai" Oar "om- ' .a! inn for ilm lomina, v.-ar.
ami L'L'.r.ha rHiim ami wc: Una's. Tin: ! inn ail ;, ima j.. oayiji , I v. on, i.-rt n!' aitr- -- - - --
:: Many a Pretty Face
Spoiled by Pimples J
Not only are these pimples and to o cured Ly lotions, ointments,
ftilot.'hra di.lijfnrinar, hut they lead
ta nori((tj: alJn iliseasrs t.iat spread
rind raasn tin most .li.-'.eomfurUnf;
irritHtinn :unl p;un. r!i)nirtim:i they
f.-ivli li Eexma, l.oil.-!, Lliatcrs, scaly
ci u'd ioivi arid other annoyances that
burn Y.ln: itamit.s of tlii-, find mako
Jim ft Lrl tJuit your y.n it aLIazn.
li' you are j.lTliit.vl with this
form of tkin lide:iao .In not expect
salves and other local remedies, aa
they can not possibly reach tho
source of the trouble, which is ia
the blood. Herein taking S.S.S. to
day, jnid writo a complete history
of yonr easo to our chief medical
adviVer who will tfivo you special
itiKtruetiona, without charge. Write
at once to Medical Director, 152
Swift Labociloi7, Atlanta, Ga.
i prices fob, CHURCH CENSUS
anal - at for a a i ! S ! 1 ill
pa -, i ',
n ama v. . nave . ttn i fttrnntt nmrnrn
ties. I rail t'lad to lecomtaend b.lacs fiiiiar;-:, an im-ias o, :- 1 1 a; ,er ia-m
Drauglit, and do. to my friends aaj
neii Itbois."
Tim rnin-.K-r i;l sh.-..-.' ia itii-.f o-v.-Im'!- , 'I !.. '
Inj.'' spl il!" )am!i:i .:c !,'. ' I - -1 1 . i a :...! ha:.
Tho 1 "a; .win rer-.rl-'.l in a'analan. v
): Ida 1
Ii. aa nl ill I'd: Hail, in C .J.mnda,
i i . ji.. i. i i.....4 : n .oH ! Clllda ... i v ,- id y mi I ' imailaa,
i llcuiui 11 b 1.:u:lk-i i .uj-i . I ia. a ii,mu- . , ,
om. a.i.i.'.aa aiava ior ni :aa,i, . ia, ; i- am- :i'-, oi. iai:. iia- i.iio u.i i,i
Cl2 bo:tr for l.reefl.iiR, ami Caa.ii.'a ' veniher, 'J aiat.
other ho?. The h)e- are alu.il at j IT. LI AM O. niKt!iJY. Mayor."
The total product ion of in II It ia 101!). I Hftmlrf Che.ir t.-olumu. Adt Pa v.
was l::n.:'Sa.:n: 1 aalloaa, a; i nmnat"ii i '
ard household remedy with a record oi
over seventy years of succecsinl use.
Every one occasionally needs something
to help cleanse the tystem of i.npmili s.
I l iam Saturday';; D.idy Hi ral l.l
II ia i.-Xfinrt.d I hat imxl wen will
ma a 1 - i i 1 1 in tim lui.il com m.'illiel ' v
i-e:, a,,, ami imid.i,,, ..mi, .,,a DR, TAYLOR HEADS COMMITTEE
'iolm at. :' I :i harlvl, or l ii'.llt.V i nllty a 111
j aa.li.d, bat ; if i f a .h corn v-tll rn at , Pastors Are requested to Send in the
. iii.-a-o at l';::',., a harrel or 7.7 cental Names of Their Volunteer Enumer
t ri-iOSMHATi! CITY TO L'C Scf'NC j 1 '.'-'h; I. anil lima ml.-.f liilures down , akrs Without Dtlay So That Organ
OP DHIVC POP. iltMEF Rf.r.i!' "" "':! "" '' '' rr 1 limy adinii Hint the; iratinn May Ce Perfected.
j mad iiiailat ia mil of line a ltd IVoolv 1
jiredii f ,i do, iiim unloan Ilm Hiii'iisto i front Saturday'H lin.ly IK-rald.)
ml Cro-a Al lynhcrsh p cam- ! "'tii'l.et a.lmuhl show n'lrci.Rth that ill At a meeting the .Minister's Assocla-
Try Black-Draught. Insist upon Tlad- ii'1' l--"'.i-.r..!-t! ai! m i;w. The
I iriit.l lir.ti of ua,-l iii l't!!l v..in 1. '- a
torn s, tsio ganuine.
. (TV!
ever found for the full, uncomfortable 1 At all druggists
ABOUT S50,000
i a!.", iiomids- of 'mm v. l .;-'., I
' I
(i 13 : pound i; of i-.'V-t. la, 7a;,! 'd do;:mi. 'Cm!
: min.ii.er '! i nn I., n rar-a d il, ai yea r
I are Kfowil purely iC ,, aida liim ami v.h. Il ., ;.,,:,,.,: e:k .
I lh" i,v' l';""il' !;,illKs " l',irly eluding home uaa of mi;L ami er, ara. !
j is f:mtor if lliore are twenty liir'ev.
j to : ell ami maay raiac oad;.' a dmon
1 far the lmirkcl. I -.tit a dozen I :u l;ey:-.
1 will hriti hita.vnea S. in ami at l.lm
j ) eai pj ic.ay i u ii i :. ' I In " i v- the
IhVifl.v hoila.a'.i'ife ;i jilel'y cmill'i irt a ii.
u a'-di'o'ie for Ilm wi'ilm'.
, .pj,., ,,;,! jV f iii- l.ir.la lh s uaii
FARMERS WIVES WILL GET i h;lV,. ,.,m,'r.!l.,- h-an ;,omi. They have
ABOUT THAT SUM FOR ,;,,,,', j,, j. ;,i ima. ., ,mnal r.iaae on
THANKS GIVING BIRDS. : ie farm:: where ilmv l,:tw l.e )) raia
r." W. i , e-j Arc.ordiiia: In l'r 'a.idam llaaal -y
111,, elm I liirl:ei j.rodui mr, aeilu ns il
the ciiiinl) are movinr; finllicr am! fur
Hmr a, ml h. Tina (mii.iuy lialuih :
lurl;es over a wide are;i a.oiilii o!
here. Ill former ve.nra very few wane
a.rouii in fa1 noulli and lite iimir
noriherii ceclioii siiidi.-d Ilm hulk nl
il... i ron. 'ow Teas is a Ida i;im.-i
"r,i" l',,r ,,'i,i,l,kii' ,.c I ni't. i..i I'-i' 'I iianai.-i im. and I 'In i I
mm: find the crop from that :l:m ia.
Eat Quality Has Been Good and ths
Money Hcs Byen Widely Distributed
As Very Few Large Flocks Are
Orown in This Section.
I'm ii 1 1 Friday's Daily lle,-::id.)
Tinle alii,inenla for Ihe Tiiai
ai'dn: I ;i id . will Im practically own
nl the end of this ,venl. Tile :.lli- ;
nn nt froiii the county have lie -n
l:Khl. les:: in volume limn lift yen",
and Ima; lima the uvera:;e lor never::!;
m a i a It iu I,, lievi-il Dial a con ; li.ivim.' i.u.-ilili-d a
:.-ri(,li sliuiale nl' tlm turkey ahip Ilm e.-tat,. ol John S. odd. d""'aai d.
nn nla for Ihe holiday trade winihl nol , all partie.: ,iideliha I.. . :.i.l i ilni.' an
"M-,.e. l.Ml.imn laiiuida. Al IliirlV ''. 111:. , :mlili.-d Io a.-lile al i e and all pal
inn I ai'l
ilif-reasinv all I Ik- I i me.
i miliiat i a lor o
i n,, I in. lea-iv-.l In. Iht :.;, la.l.nm- e alim ami
lailm-i'i. Ihia means lli.il tin- luilo-v : l.,i" a." m,iil:-d l-i iii- . lann.. dulv a'i
moimv of tl oinily Im' '!'ha i.!.:.;:H I hen 1 ta., I , J iWlli m- v.iliiin the turn
.im i: arOiiii I J. . '..Olio. Il mmhl linmli.mo -I I..' lau or l!,- -.1111.' Imn la
1., ".n 1. no lull if . 1, il.iii. in II." oinn fa:'i. d.
i, f w-ll .o l.-d dealm , that anl, ., Mi I .'I " iml.,,.-l I.' ' !- till,. Oil .1 H.e '...m lea aial la 11 n
would I,.- an on! I I- ..alinaii.a odd K '.,1,1 .... ,...t I due arcant am .,. a.l " '' "'
llowev-r Ilm 1. ir!.. v I i.umj l -m d v ' md ih.-.l I., -el . e : v, n ln.nl I in l Ik t . -
wan :,a,i; ,n - r.i : of e.-: -a . i a ny 1 ii ! ! -of
( hi( l: m: raia.al iu i " I a . . I ' .n t
I'.'f.lut .d in :,n;mal.' ia p! ill ilia
I'm ami, ( il y a. -i !,lea a nd i-v. .er. no'
-m faria , v.-i-r ' ''' i" t ' '.'1 a tt f..l!o-.v.':
I loramy '! l.tc.i-, in iaau, a .-, compared
with !;:.7-:'i in l-ilo, mal-v. ta,!;: ' ia
I'V'a ami I 1.7."-! in !Ui; caUlm '.'.',.!' L'l
ia ftya and a in i"a (..,. ,
aa in ia;-a ', : , 'a j., a;,,
1 1 ER I'. OM "C. ?. A I'll,' .1 WIU BE i
1 Ar?0'. ... Y AH PNL.LD.
i roi.i i-a i la; '. I il: ' i-i i ('.
l'l oal lh-' n ' a , I ' . :a a a-.
. ' 1 1 . 'a 1 1 ft mi: laid I ' m
. diinI . ami t !i..:r i . " a: ..t'.-r pail-; o'
I;.. : ; ;: 1 , I a ' ..ana- , all.. ' p.. fa!
ih.V Io L" la Id .a, IL. :' .aal a a! tie
iu .,.'," "i Ilm ! a i Mot.M i i.y.i'.iin
oia ia a hm " u a. Ia,a a,
lie . olio- rt-.l vi!h . !! . a,. i. a . ail i,
i ;, a i a n' I i . , ,. a, i a :, i t vai.f
;,' In m v i;,'!1 Via:'. i,mi i!e
. r . :.. lOlii' I .' ..l.o ' m a i ei..
'CiiiifrTin.! Syrup of Fis"
Chiki's Best i.iualive
: ai W )
j a ':a will 1"' la-ifirlie.l ; I Ml. I'leasaii'
i - ly imitmiiy, yaner Ilm iliiveilcti
hi' :.!:. '. II. .1 a a;ami wim li:n; a;)
' ' aa 1 ' i .ai,. i.l'- ; I i ma .. i I Imr
, a. a a r :r, a :, i..' i In- pi.i: adial e city,
: mil il i .pi i I id i.ln . i a art i a I ! v ev-
i-v ma i. v : man ami cln'al in 1 1 . i c'l v
: I l..ae ,,. mroll , in i;.,. R-d
I'm. ' : ' !uiit ion I i i oi a i iy. ii ri ae is
I ; miden-d.
t !"r..'..t .-..I." ..v a laaiy liaiaM i
a aim of ! a f 'ai arcs of 1 11" pr fio a.
d !,.;..( Inn- . . imliLdn d in The IU r
.-ia ;a 'i i:n , 'ia - 1 a . a n . I villi in
an j I "fniii.nna" rfjrt.p ; f !'is.'. . ' : : 1 1 ' app. ...!. 'i lie .-aiaac ai i-m I'm
i a I : look I or l-m n am- I 'a norma ' a.. roai c ' ai; ..n a a m i m - .-vm a '
aa I in-' yae'ma, ., I I,, a v-a aye ar-a- ,. , , , ,
.... . , , i o : ! . , i i . . ' ' i i i ! I n 1 1 a ' i a a t )
' .air m' nd i-' la: . n, a, fa" li i ail :
. i .am ;h.. :m Mr l'l" Ijtlie ! "-'j'i" ' aemally to Mil lii;
nnmmi,. I vr a.al Inv.ei;-. I 'lnl.ir.-il ;li; of main
loe it frmiv -ii ('!'! dir-miiam -- , ,!,, . , , . mmdi ,l v..- - dl t.:t
has net disiilaycil. Faruiern are slow , i(in iincide.l to mako a church contain
In s-II al $l a barrel, lait there pm-j of tlm towii and siihurha Sunday fifter-
In lie little liope of jrelfiTif' tlml. price 1 my n, ,'or. Olilh.
I'"1' l"i".. ' .Sum- of (Im churches nf lh city
' ma l.e ailtai c.-,,mi.;i.n iu a limit ott way
tor Iheir own work every year, but it
' linn Imcii ahrail live yeai't! Kiru-e a ct.tn
d.'l e.ni'. aaa rd' Ilm lowit Ima bf an
made and many !ianfc-s have t.il.fit
j filane ilurlm; dial I Hie,
l or the coiivi'nieni-e of (he t'anvaaH-
IS lim lev, Il has been divided Into fif
ty dial rid; Willi a pprnx i ma t ?!y (vvcn-
. ly live l'.ilin'liea to- each di:-jlrlcl. -it
. iii Imped I.i m-l al leaal two (atnvaHiior.s
for e.nli diairid, mi that Ihe vvork
may he i.ms ly done t,i fine al't TiKK ti,
an call will lm imule I'm- not. le-ts than
' une hundred nliin.'eer.s; if inrira th in
"They Work while you Sleep"
Ii e:i a 1 1. If.
: a !.. en ',
Girls! Savr:
.S3' ' (
V.nir Hair!
.. : ! ' a ..a.ndaaama,',: ,y . lectin,
i i m, p. y al , i '. oi a I. ii! ! !; eluin-'..
d a v.. 'I laiam, ri; i,: ai v. Im lai
! . a a ,.:. ,;' i!".al of iin'meat in road
I alinm i i the j . a ,V '' I'n.a toll.s io'e
oi v.ii.-.iilv d, 'an n lie I w ,1 h the ei- t
.imlnion, fa', v.anl a "ha ape a ad
l.anye M a meuilar vol" v. ill :-at;a
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a ma" : In. I, Id ..I ' '. lie : I a t, i liv
a':,:' v ta, . !.- il t in' lolk.l U ill lltlVe
. -ai., 1 v. a i .. I 'm,, tlii-v won't
' . i ' ! i ' . ..I I II .o!l a i.i lill to
ai' !!. la. a! a ,.i li: ..i v.'l .llll.-
d i a m a la m a l.eit.- r hmnor."
Have yon no lime for exercise'.'
1 In-:: do ilm men In-al tiling. Talte
(aec.ir.ds nccaaionally to keep your . ;l '""t'lral offer Iheir neivic.-:t three
liver and bowels iiclive. When bil-i or I'mlr canva asers can l.e put In ttnnie
inns, i i,in:lii,itcd, headachy, unstrung I of Ihe larf.mr and more Vcaltered din
. r lor a cold, unset stomach, or hud ' (
liraaih, nothing ;mts so nicclv t'tis-
children love tlieni too. In, ; In onlrr tl,.,) ihe canvassera ma,
r.a cenls. (Advr.i !) i aid." In nl ;ii t on tlmir v.nrk wllh
" i Ihe I .mi iioanilde delay on (ho (fay of
fie i iiiiui"..-,, ihe iimfoia will reijiipnt
a ll V. ho ara wH'iii!', to t.ike i:irt to 'Ivp
iii ill ii iiain-a al church tomorrow,
and all win. are alii., to I'urii'sh ram
will d. a: e nolify t heir pastnra of this
. nice ai ilm yanie lime.. Thnyn who
have car; will lie a .:i;ned Ihe Hllhui'-
.Vest Tlli SI... over hial A Tliotrths
( 'ohiin!ii;t. Toim.
Q Satin Skin
' hv the funnel':-, is pi'-llv well ili .il-lay
iiilmled It roe.; In a !ar-e niiiUic. a cm. ' HHh 'I', nn.. Nov. f. I''.
.,i fMnillmi. There nt- m. Lam' vr.ev W II 'AlfK:i dmiiti -t rator.
..ft ..f iitrlteyi iii Ilm ir.miiy. The.- 1 d no. I : !'. w mn a, dec;:
Bank Vice-President
i i
Mr.-'irt Ch nn M tur.-.r, .,, Pay
U Cm'
" ( "
t- y. .: -
ban do 1 1 ict ; mid Ihere should ho at
l.i.l I wn til y a l a, offei eil.
Hi Taylor, of ihe Kir-t MflhoJir.l
-t 1 1 . 1 1 !i ha -, been made chairman nf Hie
raiiva s c'limuHi"" and the pastori
.re ii lit al. d l,i hand in tho tuitpfts of
heir v'oluul er a to h 111 an sncn (kit
! F'nmau,;e of her n.sy cheek:? anl ' :1" 'r l,,ov rmdv thorn.
uJmt at. not alltmn. Wten the K UK Tfl VMV.fl
' -I, r.i'Md iata-a. ;.r .jpKf iijast., the may ,
; , ad,;,.' In,; : -i e la'dl-de d A'' '. ,.J.T4.' , i ' ALLLoLO THAT tAME MAS BEEN
Mirrjr to conthary.
(I i. mi i.at j. d.yv 'a Daily Heiul.lj
I 'mlr a bill lib d in the chancpry
ml In. Chaiaes D. Imrr.un an inluiii'-
1 t'. the til US Stuff ior fjaint, pu.- .ma ; son. '.lit araim;! . I.. Coud.
Tells How Ziron Iron Tonic Helped His Daughter
After Operation for Appendicitis.
'l ake "Pape's ).:, i p-Mi
at f.iv.itite i
mm h pnin H'K:( :-n,! d m-
u.UMhu i bull! -- im,
C , rriSi (injino t-.. the tlx us Uorc iVir iaint, puv.-
.'' t 3 if IS U li MO h ra. and Uauty creams, ulu-ndie - O.,'. !.-. i: V w'oolard ami the
, . ill r ' u.ii I . .inn in reeni. inn
beuiupii..H'iura .m-Ki inmi- ,, ,.. ( , ,.,.,!;.
AFTER any serious lllna;. the
first thins you notice when you
negia to gei arouuu
IfrHd ttili hltr from Mr J. H. Kr-Ut. . i
vhc-pre. idciit of tin' 1 1 1 -1 National . j ......... ...
Lar.k. t;r:m,-vllle, I-'la.: "ity d.mhtt-r , V(.u, ) ,t
Pad l" li in bad lieaitil Pttlve last April.
i,: i,'
f strength aud energy a tired, was tpn-att cu ;ei--;! I. ,; .at. i .am,.:
,H, P-l'" a,KK '.,' 'V: llianp:. ..f iifll-.-
.....UB. I ..,. ,. . le, ..niipii .. 1-; iell'1- li. I I i;
The Boonr you get your strength Ct,'.i: ' lb r n. rv.; are L"-i! r. ami
I she .-ays Kite tVtCs Lt t. r ... 1 l.':-' '
is fcooU lor ft u-u ;e'.-i.
tack ttie betur. The tUInrf to do is
lu eat plenty of prod, nouiUhinS faod,
get all the fredU air you ci.n. exercise
conservatively, and take '.Iron lioti
Tonic tbrpo times a day.
I t.llt lie er !) i-'i
' In r.
1 .im t ' a v ui
: . a .. -ii 1
.- -...a :-." la-a
! iot: ..-..n or I" adaa'a
He,-.. , ::i aa: t (
,-: ' i:.i' a t ih'm c
::rl, m
i.:' '
i ."a t
. . .... a .m .: m. i, .. r-f.v i.m .1 . :
, . : i . ' . ... ,., .i im: .. !.
a i" in,' .r.'i i'ii k. j. !,-
U r ".n- la- : : . . I... I .-. ! e a i.
i, l'l . ' a . a .' i . I i'. t a ,.j , , ;
.l-i. l-a .. ' my ' "li.i'o In v i
thai .'.iron is fcoou lor ..: uu .c-.u.- .:v ,:,.. , i i
I-'l-'i1' '" i nmi". a en i. ;y.,a. a.-.!.;, and ad V " , . -a ' i..." t' ! u.U ft:i -
-.ii-U it a ecicnir.ic. riwuiiru.-u..' ..,.... daun a.;. . a,, a-! I.. . iility I mum r i'm laa ; ' a: re.i :.;!...-, mi - .:,.. in i i j,
tree nrrnarej ITCH vaiiiHue- :-i n-iito. ,,,.. , ,-, l . e - . '; an: : Iia1 (-! ;..: r-i i a i c-1 hiiin'.n aim
l.'iiiiiui: iiirimaid':!'-. f.ir v.-raU Ji'-cph i t: . ,, . . ,!. i .. ..... t Ti.ia .,:,.;,!:;.. ' !. ..ai . tmn " yics .,.:,
your doctor win i-n yon u.n i-1 1 vita ta.a 1 1 e j. n.-uai. . .:.:.. , e iirm
9 '..I ... i..:,...n.-f.J-. Tu 11 1
tfU&4 ltd i tee, Ld uifcS J J'J U l-.w it. ,ca a i.uuj ma. t -''- - "
itinp, of a ufiti
. citii ai;:U.m:.c!i u!tt Kitr. e hnuvvfi i n mid, j j , m t,v onir.hi.nant f n-
re!-, r.orni, ui.i! instantly
rm ......i, ,.:;.: :,,! Cstrest. 41, "(,!dcn Meditvl Discovery." " '""' " t-lU'i ,i,,f(r"1
., . 1111 :1' ,'-'-' ' ''a - turned m't' to tiaklay
la :'.,:;,!!.: .n.,1 PI.ua :i,i; ! "" ,-lCUl!'le l;!,U arl,i : ad U.i'l.ird ...nl unbh W .,.V 1.1 tho
:im ' A e oi "l','''s !. !' e f., t i'. f ( let I - the bkill, beaut I Wain, .".at ioa.il Itanl;. Il ,H ullrgo.l
: ' " I ! ' ' , ;';V,'I!!!!!; ! .t, inaea.,c, the L!ooJ supply " 'T M
-' ,K V7"1,. . . 11 ' . . :m. .'. v. m ftipi.la.l that It wan
e :' me .old alnl Vnds tiH fl ., the tirt'uIaf.O!., VN hilt pi.Ti.'S. , . ,. ,.,.. ;,.a,,,., , v
i. i.,-1 .-'s.. on a "!ii' . Lm l-o:i and eruption.; VJT..r.h i.u.tkly. ':..- v.'mn M.-f nlant i;m.1 uirfe tu
' 1 " :,ir' -w-. A,k' your nearest di uist for Dr. '"; ' '",y ,h" ,w,, an', hmh?1
as .. .- imi nr'a; 10 '. at a-u h pair. It is 1 liai that onl)
" ' a a. Se. ,l,.li,ma;y raver- I'i( JCf's CulJetl M dlCal DmO.V- ,. W,M v ..f t In rs were d-lit .-red K.
a';., t nr a -i alal still ... . , . , , . ...
try 1:1 taLlel ortitjutd tonr. i r sen'. .mt'i.nii.im. ami ihal tlnroaft'r J. T.
i I'"' 1... i-r tr.-.l I o. f ..f t al.b t-. li. a-.Sh.lt!! replMlie,! Ihese WOS UH IlU
.ten- It H f!iorfmr .mkr( ihnt 1lc
niv a !-. c. in .11 urin' nr. rierti s invaiKJ ttuiti i.i r..n(.,.i ..n. fr fithini imhi th
U is,,,-, i""'k.': :' relievers in ... t a. . ;i . a a la ia - i;..: ei,, ,,f . , --. s. I- r.-M w.tV.ut B jj j N y Ilf,,.. complainant, hirh it Is char?,
11 ;t),e world. rimv ,a" t ery I.u'e al '-nhin- .; and : mmd. -n d.,e!;:ii.r- la-.-i rontnitu n. qtimrie-Ir. . OUUAiv. i. . .. "
dru stos.-tAd.t.) 9 ;A11 J;niSu:-UVl.U 1 , E.st upon Pap,V-(Advt.j 1 j - d Is not transferable. f
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