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The Republican.
r 1
fj AT CUD AY, NOV 4, 1876.
Next Tuesday, 7th imst, trill decide
. '
uhetber Tldoji or Hayes will bo
President of our republic for tho
reit four years.
So far. it hr.s been the mod wave-
fiil cnd honorable canvass biuce the
war, notwithstanding both ai tiLS
l.avo used great energy and have
strained trcyy ncrvo to- insure kuc
' CCfU.
Wliatevcr the result may be, we
will bew to tho voice and decision of
the people, recognizing tho suprema
cy of the majority of oiir fellow-
It is to be hoped that tho (lection
will pass off quietly and peacefully,
and that all honorable and iniellieLt
citizeng will una their influence to
pi event disgraceful ami unlawful
f cencB of all kinds. The class gen
c rally prone to ni,cli acts is the one
more in need of a high, jaoral, and
liberal political policy than any other,
and their disorderly acts react with
double force againtt thorn ; therefore,
it ib to their interest to act as iutelli
gout, law-abiding and fair-minded
1'i.lasant Plain, Iowa,)
Oct. 21, '7G. )
Tlr.irons Ijujilican- :
I have been thinking of writing
potm-tliing for j-onr valuablo paper
for honit time, but till n,ow I have not
"worked myself up i.o thai point."
Since your Western correspondent.
' Ii Lr. Aiteh," returned" to his hoae
in t!;e youth, tho Keitm.kax hs had
no ''reprcsep'ativo of tho rjuili" in
the Weft, and to supply that deli
cit ncy, in part, with your permission,
1 will occasionally write up pome, at
lcasf, of tho current events of this
part of the "growing West."
In the last letter of 'TU. Aileh,"
he had the audacity to say some very
unkind words in regard to a part .of
our population, viz: The Mtwrjuitos.
I nni tatisfied that if they lind out
what ho has written about them it
would be well, in case he ever visits
the West again, to Bocnrc the services
jof ;t body-guard more sanguine than
Jiiuiself. I must saj', however, that
iT hi hai "ny thoughts of returning
West, I ill vouch for the f.ood be
l,avii;r of his little enemies mu-quis
to-i. I ;rcan, for the nest hIk
inot.ths. '
Times are very hard iu the West,
and are likely to continue so unless
the principles enunciated iu the plat
fonn adopted in Indianapolis by the
Greenback, or Independent, party
triumphs at tho ensuing ehciiou. If
the laboring classes of this country
were properly instructed in these
just and truthful principles, Cooper
and C'ary would carry every State, in
the Union by overwhelming majori
ties, so I think.
.Tliero is but littlo excitement in
regard to the elect ie n in this part of
the Coventry; it is unusually qui' t
This is as it should bo. No good
potnea cf ai;jiinal excitement, r either
in pphtics nor rel'gion.
nl ould alwaja i)0 ma hi to tin jii lg
incut, and reason. 'i V.al . ffinu -who
tiddresses the jiaa.-i mr iu Or.ter to
bnild np his party is u'nwoit'iy of
"" V,c have had a very pleasant fall
fO far, vi'Ji the exeej'liou e f a lew
e'ool, wet, cl'ojjdy days. We have had
but lew frosts. ' lias not been cold
enough to fiei zo upnlrs on tho trees,
lowii is blesseul tlr.s year with moro
fruit thaj was ever known before
Tl o very best winter appdes are sell
ing at fruin 2.3 to .'10 eelitspej- bu.-hel.
Summer and lall cpplcfi sold tt 10
Farmers have commenced breaking
corn ground pretty lively. Tho yield
js not bo heavy as was anticipated,
but jl is generally well matured.
Wheat was about a failure. A great
many of bur best farmers will have
to buy their flour tho coming year.
Oats, buckwheat, and pptatocB about
one half crop. Jltcent rains huve
been very beneficial to tlie fall crops,
which aonBid.erabi margin has
I t en town,
v Oor pional.
Tho Memphis 'mitt, edited by a
lie; ro, haw declared in favor of W. l
YuKlley, the colored candidate for
(lovtriior, and remarks, "Let villimiH
and selfish men clear the track while
tin feewt of the true amlMto livo I
i mly to the hiiipoit of ft g(0d and
worthy citizen." Ex.
A I JTl'I' imiAAfT TO A LI.
UMi.i, y
u,,lfP Nocrclary Cam
T0 2I.
Secretary Cameron Lai written tho
f'jllowii: tojuneral Shermanj
Wah PrrAnTMiNT, )
JWinjcc.Tox, Aiijf. 1.3, j
Ocn. W. T. Sherman, Comiuandin-'
United States Army, Sir: The Ilmse
of Jii'nn si litalivi s (if thi! Unite!
??'tH' ou tlle 10lt,J' l'
.following preamb mid resolution,
, viz :
' "Whereas The ri-ht of suffrage
i prescribed by the ('(institution of tlie
j K-voral Stat, h i Mibject to tho I'if.
u'tr"" Amendment ol tho Uoiistilti
tion of tho United states, which is as
follows :
"Art. 1.1, Sic. 1 Tho right of thf
citizens of the United States to vote
shall not bo de-ii. d or abridged by
tin) United States or any State, oil
account of rac, color, or pioviotia
con lition of servitude.
"Sec. 2 ('ongress shall l.avo pow
er to enforcn thin article by nppropri
at'b Legislation ; and,
"Whereas, tho right cf ruflrnge so
prescril ed end AVgulated fihonld l'c
JaithfuLy tmnntaiued f.:;d .ohf-ivcd
by the I'nited States and tho te.veral
States and tho citizens thereof
"Whereas, It is a-serfe 1 IW the
exercise of the right of suflrago is in
some of the States, notwithstanding
the efforts of all pood citizens to tho
contrary, resisted and controlled by
fraud, intimidation nnd violence1, to
that iu such cases tho object of tho
amendment in defeated ;
"And, whereas, all citizens without
distinction of race or color, are enti
tled to the protection conferred by
such article ; therefore, be it
"Uesolved by the House of Ih pre
sentalives, that all attempts by force,
fraud, terror, intimidation or other
wise, to prevent tho freo exercise of
the riht of suffrage in any State
should meet with" certain, condign
and effectual punishment, and that in
any case which' has lieretcfue
occurred or that njay hereafter oe'cnr
iu which violence or murder has been
or shall be coinmittsd by ono race or
class upon the other, the prompt
prosecution and punihhn t of the
criminal or criaiinnts iu, .iy court
having jurisdiction is iVywatively
demanded, whether tho ciii;fc be ore
pnui-l able by t:nO or im ri,ni.njeiit,
ov ono demanding tho 'ultv'of
Another t;:i ..'
Clarksviilc (Thim.) Ti b';cco lifflf.
It is to be regie tted that the blood v
affair at Hampton's Station ou Satur
day last should have been furnished.
Tlie white Democracy of the county
ha.l assembled to ioin in a q nn id
jollification, and forty or fifty colored
men, with damnable murd r in their
hearts, absolute rode up and and
well, we are bound to tin! the truth.
They rode np and joii:?d in the pro
cession of the white Democracy, and
absolutely sheuled for Tilden and
Hendricks ; yes, and worse stil!, had
"Tilden and lleforni" badges pinned
en their hats ; and still worse, n
spokesman from their midst. W. F.
Jackson, colored, announced that they
were tired of the deception and
treachery of the Republican parly
and intended to veto for the gieat
Reformer. Ah, gentlemen of the
Xoith, there is bloody shirt material
for you. There is one of the many
"geiii'ire(f) outrages" that are Imp
pening all over the eemntry ! Thejy
must bo put down. Call en Grant to
issue another proclamation. "Tliero
is blood on the moon." It will not
do for innocent colored people to be
slaughtered in Montgomery.
T!io Thanksgiving' I'roclanlation.
;.'., Vw'-'-k-t of (he United
Sf;itt'n o' AnHrit'tt .1 J'ft.r! m'tiin
From year t year wo have been
(iccuetoii.ed to pause in our daily
pursuits and set apart, a time' to offer
tUH.KH to Almighty uou lor t;e c-pe-cial
bh ssings He has vouchsafed to
us, with our prayers for a c tit' ".ance
thereof. We have at tins timo equal
reus in to be thaiiLful fjr His ;oii-
tinned protection, and for the miny
materie.l blessings which His bounty
has bestowed. In addition to these
favorn accorded to us as individuals,
we have especial occas'on to cxj'resH
our hearty thanks to Almighty (Joel,
that by Ilis provide nee and guidance
our Government, established a centu
ry ago, has been enabled to fulfill the
purposo of it founders, in offeiing
an asylum to tlie people of every race,
securing civil and religious liberty to
all within its borders, nnd meting out'
to every individual abko just equality
before the law. It is moreover espe
cially our duty to offer our humble
prayers to tho Father of all mercies
for a continuance of His divine favor
to uo C3 a nation and as individuals'.
" P-y reason of all these considera
tions I, Udyer.es S, .Grant, rresident
of tho United States, do rneomui nd
to Ike people of the Uniled Slates to
devote tho thirtieth day of Novem
ber net to 'XproH:on of (heir
thar.ks and prayers to Almighty God,
id laying tMi t!.ir daily avocas
lions and socr.Jar exicnpatiuns, to aa- nieeting a le
BCTuble iu their respective pi- f'1 yiny been h
'worship and obsi ive nuh day un
elay (if tlian!:so;v li" m.d rest,
Jn wit nos-j whereof, I havn here-
- , m.t.i :( t ii.y l.aml im..I ciuwd the
h .: of the l'n. tod Stab k to be rf!i
t I. Don': at tiio city of Washington,
ii, is tlie iMu day o Uctolier, m the
i vi iir of our Jynd one thousand idit
l uidied and heventj'pir, and of tie
Iii-o pi in. nee of tlio tinted Ma'i r
of A in( i K"i ( htj oi.o hundred
u. s. a
J.v the rre-rnvnt :
IIamiltj,! Fisji, Serve Jarv of Side
A lli n I (Jo, i i noi 's I'ro.sont
View n.
From the Uthr (( I. (J. IbinK of T. n -iit.-.-ee,
i ( lining n iKin.ii.aiinn. J
Tho e-ountrv greatly needs and de-
mandi tliorou'di i(.i -iichim nt. re
lll;d bollest a-1niiil.'-tr.itioii i,f
the government. It needs and. de
maiida that the Constitution, in ad
parts, as well li.o hite amendme nts as
tho oiiginal, shall be r. speet' d a-, the
snjireijie law of the bind, and that the
government ' be ad, ni'.dst' red in
subordination to its law nnd spirit,
and not upon tho narrow j icj'i.iiei s
and sectional hates engendered by
the l.ito war. I shall earnestly advo
cato tlie enforcement of tho Constitu
tion and laws, fedeial and Statu. I
believe in punishment, by indictment
. ,. , , ,
una conviction, oi LiWiCsun ss, no
matte r where it occurs or who may
be tho offenders. I siand ready to
vindicate the constitutional and legal
rights of every man, no matter what
race, nationality, or color, and with
out regard to previous condition or
opinion. 1 stand ready to resist ad
efforts to intimidate or coerce the
exercise of the elective franchise1, bos
lieving that eveiy citizen should vote
hia honest opinion at cv rv miction.
I inn opposed to military government
ia time of peace', and bhall earnestly
oppose tho ion. ;.nding of any State
back into a territorial government
Whilo I shriuk from no responsibility
which attaches to me by reason of raot
oCicial action, it is evident that a
revival and discuss on of the ;;ierits
and demerits of the issues of war
can only irritate and arouse the worst
passions, and lead to no practical
for good result.
When the Confederate soldiers sur
rendered their arms ele ven years ago
the people of the Confederate States
surrendered in good faith tho iss cs
iii which the war had its origin ; nod
from that day every intel'.ig. i I
citizen of these States has regarded
the issues eif the war settled tin. iy
and forever, and has endeavored t i
nis'-d. himself a law-abidiirr oil t: n.
ii we would make ims eouuei
prosperous, happy people, North .md
South, we nout piaei, omi'.k lve;? i p-m
a higher plane, broader nation r iy.
ami broader brotherhood, forget w c
tional prejudices, and rtu'nto sim
pler economical arid cousin ut'ona!
methods of administration. 'J'h-.s
a' eompli.'bcd, tveiy f. eliiig of dis
ti ustii g will disapjiear from tho Union
and people?;' sections may yoik
harmoniotisly tog ther oinuji'ieg
each other iu tlie effort to achieve the
olorious destiny which awaits us a - a
great country an el people. Let every
American citizi n fcI that the la vs
and ll.ig of his country no bv.ger
cover and protect half of the Union
only, but protect all alike, from tho
humblest to the great"st of all' the
citizens of ail tho States, and
that are everywhere entitled to be
and are profoundly respected. If we
were actuated by no higher censi h r
nfhus than those of K elf-int jrests
these interests all cotispiro to make
us struggle for and desire p: acn ; end
prosperit' and the happiness of our
selves ami Stste depend upon it.
Cleveland, Tj:vx , Ovt. 23. 137(1.
To the Kdltoreif the Cineii.naii t'eiivnereiiil:
Relieving your pp:r has loo much
reputation lor honest y nnd fair deal
ing to permit the use of its columns
for the dissemination of falsehoods
knowingly, we beg to call your at
tention to a communication riimed
W. S. Tipton, dated October lo, iMiG,
and publshe d in yenr j aj'er of the
20th inst., in which he c'ai'ii;s that he
lost twenty negroes during tho war,
and II at ween lilden is elected lie
wonl 1 expi ct to get pay' for them.
Wo wish to say to you that W. S,
Tipton, of this place, hrtho editor of
the Cleveland llnohh rn ardent sup
porter of Hayes ui:d Wheeler, and
neiver owned a slave in his life, has
alwaye been a Kepublienn, and wrote
tin eslatemcnt published by you with
a view of creating false impressions
in tho South. He ha, aa wo under
stand, caused a similar publica
tion to be nia-ije in the Chicago hdfr
Oi'can, in which he cluiois to have
oit j'ort y negroes.
When confronted with tho false
hood lie Coolly replies; Snpposo I
did write it, what aro you going to
do about it T" Wo ask you to publish
this stitement in reply.
C. L. H midwicit, Merchant.
Tho eban'o Sn I he Southern color
ed voto tn.til JjiMloer.ie'y has net an
example ')g't!i the coloied j eople at
the !sorllB.M tn dispofsed to follow.
1 ho Coh.ued Mon'fvf; ,-ntrnl Tilden
an t ileri.intkB IjIiiIj of. r.ew Jf'iK
... is!"!
t. iiy tie la a riieetiii,,' ;
-74" I -
under tho protect
The h ill was cro vd(.d to
j ovei l.o hipf, arid luany
awav for ak of ro..i;i.'
wc:e turned
It was tii-!
! s met fii.. of the African com -
- ! mr.ndy ;hnt las oernucl in .Wv
j Yoik for rears.
As nn evidence cf the f.ic! !'it it i;
lb piili'ii-; in who p:iet ce i:. timid. i
ti' ii in the S'Hit'i, and in i vf of the
chaise thut a!l t ! i tinuble-i between
the va ' s iu the S uJ.ein Stit' , are
bi i . J t a' .-ut by (Ksigriing J.V-jiubli-(C-!
I'olilu '. th, wh u-e tic I. enrol s
i'. tin ir tools, the nee- unt of the
Chnilob ii ri"t, is col c'usivc.
I:i e'iy SoiiMo rn St.it;; tlei co'or
( 1 v teid niit joining Tilden nsid
lieielriiks Clubs. In A! ibanm tin
Arlo.i.sa . tin y wei.t p ae. fi,l!y t. t l:e
... 1 . .-..!. tik.lt..... . . i i ' - i .
' ., , t.
OV ll.oliSaTl is. 11 is ( Vl.li n! Il.ut tli'
lieoioe-i huve harm
d, th
J), m .era tic ru'e, ns in Oe.,rgi-i, Ai'
ka nsas an 1 All' M'' i, thiir propeit
IS proteet"d.a'i
wl.ilo in tlioso
; In ir ri.-'hts guardi d,
In i..-! under Ihidieal
rule, Cr y hi;
i'-ed by po! ti(al ad
venturer.'' i -r t In-. r own end-:. '1 !ie
are t!i, refjie jiinin' tho Democratic
pai.'v in largo ii;imbrs. in every
Southern St..t'. Tl:e lb publie.'.ii
lenders l.avo hi -tiKj alarmed at this
defcclioi:, i.ud tho older his oolie
f rth t) stop it, by blondshe 1 jf no
ecssary. Atlorm y-tien. ral J aft has
issued an oidi r ijit'-mled to convince
the negroes of the power of the Ad-niini.-tri'inn
to e-nforco its will.
Twenty thousand stand of arms are
sent (o Charleston. Th riot is the
first result of this obey. Every
coloied Democrat is a miike 1 man,
and threatened with death. The I
National 1 mocatic Committi e an
in the daily rceicpt of litters from
colored n;e u in the S juth, scving that
they are con refused communion ii
thiir churches if they vote the Demo
era tie ticket. Neyro J'Uiocratic
speitkcrs n:e threatened with ari-assi
naiiuii, ana u rein ot terreir is in
augurated, with the deliberate- t,u
pose of checking the expression of
Dcinocra.io sentiment among tho
Tho )o:nor.".r;(; I'arly i? want?.
that the la.- .hull be en'orral
Against tho employment nf'troops
illegally and uncons:itntion:Jiy nt the
o!!s, or elsewheie, it does protest.
While it oneedi-stho right of every
colored Republican to vote as h
chooses, it de;n inds that ev"iy color-
e l iJem
rat ft!.. -ell bo fullv i.rule.'ted
in tne sar.m right
Tha' i'j.''c is t:o "-.j.'!ict between
tho negro am! wliit-.i races in the
South. x?e;;t such a-; is eveat-d and
1 '1:ppt , altve y" nepubPeaDs'ioi- polili-
cal puipose-H, is al?elute!y proven by
ti.e Jiarm-'iiy txi-tiiig between the
races wl ere.er tlio Democracy is in
tho ascendency. -SjwiitLrville Jrl-
The CIi'el I5:;:o'rsU? of
lra;,i''rc"..,ir;) (Tenn.) News.
viiowingly v.lien we sa-
iirii Liu ie wio ne i!ue,' coi"Ie:l i'ei'.l-
ocrtUie votes polh-d in this county,' at
the approaching Fresi h ntial election,
than l.avo boeu east for our candi
dateu in all the years p it together
emco tho war. As onr colored citi
zens griul. tally becom.o educated, they
very naturally tnink f-;r themselves
npem lhe political situ'itie,n, and learn
i . . i l i i . . . ? , , .
to distinguii
h b; lwc". :i good and bad
The two most influential colored
men in Mi;;sissi;pi have publicly (le
ch; red in f ivor of the National Reform
ticket headed by Samuel J. Til Ion.
The Holly Spiings 7,VM-or notices
tlie fa-.-t timt "Senator Ihuco and
Secret. try of Slate Hill have both
left, the Republican pa.ty and de
clared for the Democratic 'nominees."
Tho bottom is falling cut of the
Kadical party in Mississippi, evi
dently. Fully one-half of tho Union
veterans living under the roof of the
Soldiers' home at Dayton, Ohio.
(1 lilx rafely went out and voted the
Democratic! ti-ket, which leads the
Ispriie. field (Mtss.) Jltptblh,m o
remark, in a lavfnl vein we fear the
venerable Di:c will not appreciate:
"Wo eupooxo they must have been
'in tiia ill o I' in n.mo way by those
dreadful Democrats and perhaps it
would he well to have a company of
able b. lied tr;op;j at Dayton mxt
month to see th:;L they aro allowed
to vote their rcul seutiiiienU next
ml' t
i n:s rem I e.tn i.merson J',iiieri(l!'e
in Ihfis, must no', b.) lost f-i ' h t ef
the cm vans :
Cail me Do'Xicrat, cmi Loofocn,
roll vie uu it'i'i nt 1'int jihytitc (,rci pt,
Il'i'iirnl, for ii'lnii Imiicrd m. 'it. tire
ilalun. ntid wie-n the haf. niifl lK' mvl
are abroad, then do they meet in He- y
erc-i conclave to concoct their schemes .
of villiany, and in th morning the'
may iio trnclted n,;etii,' miti, by t!.
ulinie they have h-ft In hind tiiem, a
vhni J ht'fMlIK : I' ll'..':" lehitnriya
. . i .r. 4' . . , ' ..?.... itMiJSI
tiieoi.ii. et .jiif. j et;i t.&it?i7TTt Tint
the rru.-M 'ii.ithi r hrnr.i't vi'jfet, the
footf (' ' l? c ''!''( '. the rorfh. o
. t I f f .
frore, tiit mm itt lein' awl hatnen
her C
v "r
a I can io(.b
A'OiUm, I.WillTE.
Tno-n wile ilc-ir- n ii; i'.fy tin nisi Ives
.IS ''i n ix r-. ;il)J it feci ivc a tlinl'ollll
lriii.1; f i' He I'lut h-i...a. er tn pnpiuv
Ioo!:i 1 i-. !n i';!l any -i!iii,n, n-.ifiKin
or i-ai'in ia life cp-dita'i'y to tlx ni.-s lvo
m d tie ii rac,., v ii i their u.l-
v.!iitiej- t.i iitn-aa lac J iujimi's s AoitM.lL
In.-iiii i;:, at .M.ii vmIIc, 'IViiiii see.
1 he t -ves ;;. y Iis ( within
r":i'!i nt nil. liny nn. for TriU'is id
( tils p r Voii;. .-iii. fcr Pi ri. an.l otlu r
c(ii:iiie.'c!:ci. . .id cents o r Vm:: inakinsr
a tonil e st to ca'-h papi! of 1'ivk Dou.aiis
.s SitTV Ciais a Vkai: ef Jen u.nJ a
'I'ir.rl' r iiiuiiil.i. ,
M-vli i-N are nd r.iili d at nr.? time ileal
a !. im, i wii, i.iiv -i i ' v Inr the tune
fuaii a.lini.-ri.ili to the Ctrl of the Ses.-ioll.
I"'!-" arc eiiM-,1 1) the Pub'ic
Scli'n-1 ruii('.ti:i ."in-ad i I'Ki: of cli.uve for
I union, while lu'i J-'u.i l is iiM-d jji the
s-ehix I.
Wiio-s ir in V '-i t elcine.-tioicit, and
.'iiMri-i'.s i-f th (', ). amy attend them
selves, or sciul t!,-n- eiiile.va to the Insli
te.ie Piit-i-: of cluir.'i' for "t i ii iun.
Tlcrc arc Timr.E ('i)!'sir. or Sicov
. , ,
" -i-i i-Mi .N iai:v, i ae ai va.si r.o ana Hie
Any one Lri'adii:;'ii2 in the K'em.itirv
e onr .e .u.l he aid to iiM.aia a Fh.-t Class
( i r-. !i,i"i'.i' fnrn Couidy Superintendeiits,
an 1, ot course, sueii laat s will a'so oh.
taia constant employment at t"-;t wains.
J'.oj.rd may he ( -li'aii.cd nt hnv rates.
For fartlier information address
W.V. 1'. 1Iasiini;.
iMaivvi.lc, Tinn.
il. T. M &
Arc now rci iv!n.r fmm New Yml;
a larrc and splendid Mock of Good.-', which
tl.( V offer to the puh'ic nt veiy lew prices.
They pay ( asli (r (io-.ds for nil kinds of
eo-.intrv produce an want immediately :
.1,000 1m. V.'henl, 2,f00 U.S. liutter.
f.oo de7.. h:rirs,
1.000 Cl.ii ). -ns,
TiOo Turkeys,
2.oon " (i,,ts,
1,000 " I'eas
1,00! i ;,
rallies vlo ;-;v ar.y of these articles
for ;;i'e limy hriie.r tiiem at any time, in
liirje or san!! leiantiiii s, wiih assurance
of ivecivimr fuir n.aiket ii'n:e in cash or
lloods ns Pa y i -i,y fnfer.
L"eisvi!!c, Venn.,' )
Oct. 7, 187i3. ( IL T. Co.t.'iSon.
S.'muI ia!c.
iv virtue of a rrvdi c). issued from
the Circuit Coi rt of blount. count r. Ti nn.,
in ca-e of W. T. Paihatii r.y .Tiilm" 1"). ,Vlex
andi r, an 1 to t'.ie SleaifT of faid county
directed, I will at, tli" Ci.iiri-hnnse dnor iii
Pi-' town ot ! irvville, v,i!!iin the letral
liours -of sale, em Saturday, t!ie:'.'t!i day of
.ievtmher, ISTi'i ofT'.'r fc-m!c to the l.ieh
m e;.l(ler fur cash in hau 1. ad the r;;;it.
'aim. inter-;t and demand, that Jnhn I
1..1 n.'.iim i ha n ami to a ceilain tract of
in. I, lyiii'. and In k'.!: in the s -eo-.d civil
i'-:i i'.-T id llio'int four.iv, aljoinimr the
hai. is of John 1 u'dcr. .1. J. ll nltreons, nnd
p'l'.rips e.llu rs, out. ii aim,' five hundred
acre- mure or less. A Dart of said tra-'t nf
md id now I m i o. ir occupied lie lldinund
Tucker, an 1 kn ),vn as th" Nine (',ic!.-i-in
inn. . b vied (n and to tie sold to
satisfy said ivtet r.epo.
a. :a. ltri.B, n pt sin cr.
This Oct. l'.ilh IsTil.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For all tbo rurposos of a Family Physio,
ami lor (mum (.r.ntivpr.oss. u'icnuice.
i.i'i.i.i .,i.,on. i"oU Sioimiun. i?roiith,
ile,viacn.;. E-yHipcias lthcumatmrn.
i-e'uptions iimi SUin Diseas Uu
tousnoas. Jiropsy, Tiimcrs.VV'ornu,
Uonrai,;i;t, as a ln.nner Put,
lor rurifyuiu Dio UlciJ,
Are the most ef
fective jiijd conge
' f' ; '
nial j inrr.iiveevcr
. ....-,, i ,- i. j ue v
k . are mild. lme.
u' -,
f'eeta.il in iK.ir
opciatieti. moving
the 1 (oveb firt-h
1' t 1,1 1. 1 . 1
k i ii .1 1 I I ij I" I (, i' ii r n
f- Mr- s t re. ' .. " "per;
. .f -r . tf i-i . -a
' ieration,
f .-''y.. 1, .ii' lliev .-ire still th
' 1 '. 0 1'
most thoreu 'li and
":""'' - - seari hiiirr ,..nl,n.
. ... , ... i .,, -
tie medicine tlint can ho emiiloved : cleans
nig tho stomach and bowels, n'nd even the
Hood. In small doses of one pill a dav.
they stiamlate t!in dil ative organs and
iromote viperous health.
Aykk's Vu.ua have heen known for
more than a umirter of a ccntnrv. nn,l !...
ebtained a world-wide reputation for their
..linen, x ncy correct diseased action in
tie several assimihuivo cirpans of tho
l:cdy, and arc jo com posed that ohstnie-
uons wiiimi ttieir ran?u can rarelv with
stand or evade theai. ' Xot only do thev
cuio the every -day complaints of cverv-
'tin, urn also I iriiiidiililo nnd (hmirerons
".aiiiif.i '.ive liallled tho bit of
hni'ian skid. Whilo thev produce power
fal ollcet.s they are, nt ilm taiuo time, the
sj'iW nnd best physic for children, liv
. .ipeiient act ion they trripo much less
I he eoa,mon jnireaiivi!?, and never
'iiiii when the bowels are not inflamed.
reach tho vital fountains of the blood.
rpn,L'ihe,i!!ifjn stein by freeing it
hc cleinejiis o weakness,
dapiod f.) ail iiofH and conditions in
les,. coniainiii? neither calomel
,.ci'ierioi . drnL', these Pills mav
M wait siiii-iy by anybody. Their
ii".' nrc-erves them ever fresh,
's lb, in pleasant to take; whiie.
" V vejeianie. no harm tali arise
isc im ;;i.y (piaiuity.
( riii eti.iiii i;y
ER& CO., Lowell, Mass..
nn l Atnilvtlenl Ik-iiiUi..
'.Mi L w-vis 1 3 L Ul X WMKIIft
For Scrofula, ruid all
scrofulous dirie.is"s, hryst
jiehw, Uose. or St. Antho
ny's 1'jre', Lriijitions and
KruptivG discuses of the
skin, I'lcerat ie.'iis of the
Liver, Struuaeh, Kidnpyn,
Lungs, I'inijilcs, Pustules,
- IV.ilo I'l. l. I,,..
i- , W ' - "'ll-7, JJU'lVll' .1, A 1,1, 111
m 5 'ii'-'. Tetter. Salt Kheum. Scald
Head. Kiniworm, Ulcers,
Fores, llheiiniatisni. Neuralgia, l'ainiii
the Hones, Side and Head, Femald
Weakness, Sterility, Lcucorrhnca, arising
from ihternal ulceration, and T'terino
disease, Syphilitic and Mercurial dis
eases, Dropsy. Pysjxpsia, Lmaciation,
fJener.il Utoility, and for Purifying tb
This Sarsaparilla is a combination of
vegetable alteratives Stillingia, Man
drake, Yellow Dock with the. Iodideg
of Potassium and Iron, and is the most
efficacious medicine yet known fcr
the diseases it is intended to cure.
Its intrrediei.ts are so skilfully com
bined, that tlie full alterative ellect of
each is assured, and while it i.s 90 mild
lis to be harmless e vm to children, it is
still so effectual nsto purge out from the
system those impurities and corruptions
which develop into loathsome disease.,
Tlie r puta'ion it enjoys is derived
from its ci. res, and the confidence which
prominent pi; vniciiins all over the coun
try r-pes" iu it, j rovo their expei ienco
ed its usefulness.
CeHiiicat' s aitcsting its virtues havo
accumulated, and are constantly being
re ived, and ikS many of these cases are
publicly known, they furni.ib cou hiring
evidence of the superiority of this S.ir
sapariihi ovi-r every otliiT aiteratiro
mi'dieinc. Sn pcneraliy Ls its superi
ority to any oiher la-'diuuie kuoMii, that
we need uo no more tlian to asarn tiiu
f aiiiie tliat tne best ejitaiities it iioa tver
possessed are strictly maintained,
rut im in ii hv
Dr. J. C. AYER 4 CO., Lowe!!, Miss.,
J'rurl .citl itwl .Jntihtirnl I Unfmlt.
TcAlorC fe Currier, Arei ts,
M'iryvillc, 7'enn,
rOKTY VtAblS UES'OI.'e Th f. ft4'J.
m c. wumi
Celebrated Ai.;;ik.:,i
MMIE countenance is pals a;xl
X hM.h'n-CCl'ja J, Willi C:'-A(j l
fliiiliL's, cr a cin ti.irvc; ib:d s;...t c-1
one or both cheeks; tliscyrs b.-jo.v.';
dull; tlisjnjvlidil.'itc ; an a:ur-r :,?.. !
circle nr.s alo:ij the low.-r ev;-i;.J;
thsnmc is in it itc 1, v.y'.-lls.areif.;r.:e-tinie.i
Idee'h ; a-.trollinof t'".er;p-er
lip; occ3si-jn.il hr.fl.i'-ii-r, wi:h iui
minjj or throbbi;ig of th-j ears; si
unuv.nl .sccrcti-vi of s.iliy.i; s!i v or
furred to;iS'i-?; brcnt'i v-ry f ..:!, jt--tieul.-irly
i:i the months'; j-.;'.i:
variahh, s.mietiiTr, vra i i-.r., ri'.'ia
g'Uvi scnsa;io:i of l',r. :o .n- h.r.t
otlicrs, entirely son ; flxti:i.j pai
i; the stomatlt ; ocrasic-nal ivurci
and vomit in-; ; violent pains ihrru-jh.
out the abdomen; bo'wch i;-.v:;ul:.-,
nt times coiitivo ; stool-, slimy ; iv t
imfrequcntly ti.ij-l wii'i bl .y.y ;
belly swollen and" hard; urine tur
bid; respiration ccr a.i-na!! di:;i- .
cult,aneaccomiianic.i by hiccr:i?j ;
tough someii:nesdry.'ndconvu!iiyr;
uneasy and elitftirbcd slsrp, wit'n
grinding of tht'.rth tcmp-r vuria
ble, but generally jrr'itab!-, &c.
"Whenever the above symptoms
are found to eTi.-;t,
Will certainly cCitA a cure.
in any form ; it is r.n bmorc -t j repa
ration, ,,;,'.', ,,;,',.;-; ', t i. -v; .
tit injury to (,'ie most tenicr ru
Tiie genuine I;;. M'I.ami:' Vtr.-'
MtrtGE LxTrs the sirmaimvs e.f C.
MVLaxe and I'lkminc; !::o;. e t th
: o :
PR. C, f.:?LArJC3
These V'AU tiro not rc"o'iinirm!v,l
as a renicdy lor "Hll tiu that
tlesh is heir to," but in aikviions of
the Liver, nnd in ell L lean 1 4.111
lilaiut', Dyspepsii. R1 .Sie-li litnd
nche, or di vases of that character,
they Ftnnd without a rival.
agujj and Fi:vi:i;. '
Jo batter cathartic can hi led'
preparatory to, or after taking Qui
Jim c, 0 w
As n fdmplo purgativo they nn
"ncqualeai. J
gennino nro nevttr nugnr
Kitch bov Ima n w.l I ...
tho-'bcL wit 1 il.n ; . r,..
M,r -', ' ' "iiMi.MI ijn,
Lanks Livku Pn i.m.
of . M - Lank and J.'i.rs, j;ROB.
,'N.Id by nil re-pett..tb!e. druwisU
a country Ktorekecpers ten c rally.
Koceivod a complete JAnn
reir little, you can shino
No. C2 Oay Street,
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