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Volume XI.
Number 22
Pit .. L r-v -W ji
Uf WaJ e kBik a j t
ft Bargains in Men's. Boys' and Children's g
Spring and Summer
For Ten Days Only
2 We are overstocked on Spring and Summer Clothing,
Sm tho season is late and we are going to turn the whole
line loose at prioes that will shake the earth and wipe w
competition off the gtobe. The goods-must go. They will m
go ana go r,gst at tne prioew -we hivj pui. uu uisun mj
'Heroes where we use
Men's two-pleco, high grado,
will go aL..-..
Mob's two-piece Suite nobby
$6.50. In Hub eaie at
Men's Suits, two-piece, all-wool,
$7X0, will go at
.Men's Salts, two-piece, extra good
worth $8.60, yours for only-
Men's Suits, the very best all-wool
worth $10.00. take thorn for .
60 Men's Suits.nothiBgto equal them in the town, 3-plece
worth $12.00, go at , 2 ...-. ....5.j...
400 pairs of high-grado Summer Pants, worth f rom$1.50
to $6.00, will go at 75o to
200 Boys' fine Summer Suits, worth from $1.00 to $7.50,
will go at from 50c to. ...
150 Youth's two-piece Suits, extra good, worth from $4.50
to $12.00, will go at from $2.75 to
These goods must be seen to be appreciated. The latest
styles, quality in every garment and fit assured. You
must not tarry long, for they are sure to go. Tho early
buyer gets tho choice.
Sale Is Now OnLasts But io Days
Durant's Big Bargain House
Tams Bixbv is Appointed and
Assume Charge July 1.
Muskogee, I. T., May 29. Offi
cial announcement was, reoeived
from Washington today of the
appointment of Tams Bixby as
'Indian Commissioner.
Mr. Bixby has neon chairman
of the" Dawes commission six
years, and is one of the best
posted men on Indian Territory
affairs in the country. H will
wind up the affairs of the gov
ernment here, assuming full
charge of the work on July 4,
when the Dawe- commission
coaseg to exist. Mr. Bjxby is a
wMinnesotaian, and is at'this time
in. Red Cloud attonding the fun
oral ot his brother-in-law, who
, died there last Saturday.
We have a customer who wants
Mo buy land within five or six
miles of Durant. If you have the
land and want to sell, come and
sqous. Hatohett & Cox. 44 -Gt
Wo have leased the building on Second Street formerly
oooupied by F. D. Ross & Co. We will nse that space
for ware room. That will, with our preent spaoo, enable
Wo will use our two buildings on Main Street for
Display Rooms only.'
Nothing but the Best of Everything
Furniture line will be kept in our
Main Street Buildings,
We will begin to make changes noon. In the meantime
if you are in need of anything in our line. We will
make it to your interest to Visit our store and gee prices
before you buy. Will have to move some goods before
we oan make the desired improvements. Come and
get some dargains.
W. B. Petty Furniture Company. I
KQiie ami ivu-uuk uycjji .
all-wool Suits, worth $5.00, 0 Kfl
designs, all-wool, 'worth
something swell, worth
and hard to beat,
and fine asspllfcallk
Died at Sterrett.
J. E. Massey of Sterrett died
Monday evening very suddenly
of heart and stomaoh trouble.
He had been sick for a long time,
but it was thought he- was im
proving. He had been up walk
ing around town. Coming in
home in the evening he laid down
on a bed and not moving for
some time bis wife went to him
and found him dying. He was
dead before the dootor could get
The funeral took place yester
day evening. Mr. Masoey was
well known in this country and
"North Texas where he has lived
for years. He leaves a wife and
five children.
No Secret About It.
It is no secret, that for cuts,
hums, ulcers, fever sores, sore
eyes, boils, etc., nothing is so ef
fective as Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
"It didn't take long to cure a bad
sore I had, and it is all O. K. for
sore eyes,' writes D. L. Gregory,
of Hope, Tex. 25c at all drug
Commercial Club of Tulsa and
Muakogee Raise Fund to
Make Test.
Writs of Injunction Against In'
dian Police to Be Asked For
It is Colleotib'e
on June 1st.
Tulsa, I. T., May 30. The
Commercial Club of this city has
raised a fund of $200 to go into a
common fund raised over the
Territory, which will be used in
resisting the collection of the
Creek Nation tribal tax, inlposed
by tho Creek Nation Counoil,
when the nation was under con
trol of that body. The tax has
not been collected for three years,
pending a decision in the courts
and ainoo the decision was ad-
verse to the white people, the first
payment beoomes due June 1.
It ha9 been practically decided
not to pay the tax without resist
ance, and plan? to escape the as
soBsments have been made. Con
gress recently passed an act that
provides no United States Court
or official has authority to enforce
a law passeil by an Indian coun
cil. The punishment for refusing
to pay the tax is removal from
the nation, and the plan is to re
sist removal by askirig writs of
injunction against the Indian po
lice, which will delay matters un
til such a time as a decision can
be had from the Supreme Court
of the United States, and later
from the President, in case the
court's deoision is adverse to the
position the people have taken.
Muskogee, I. T , May 30. At
a meeting of business men here
last night a resolution was adopt
ed pledging every man present to
resist tho payment of the Croek
tribal tax. Over six hundred of
the leading business men of the
oity were present, and not only
did they deolaro against paying
the tribal tax, but subscribed
liberally to the fund being raised
to defray the expenses of tho case
now pending in the United States
Suprome Court. They are confi
dent of winning this ouse and will
send a committee of five with at
torneys in the oase to Washing
ton to appeal to the Seoretary to
defer collection of tho tax whioh
under a ruling of the Secretary
of tho Interior, must be paid to
morrow under penally of dosing
every man's plaoe of business
who refuses. If Secretary Hitoh-
000k refuses the committee will
appeal to Prosident Roosevelt.
There is no penalty for refus
ing to pay, as it has beendeoided
that no one can be ejeoted from
the Territory who rofuse to com
ply with the ruling of the Secre
tary, and an aot of Congress pro
hibits the judiciary from enforce
ing a tribal law. This is an ab
solute law of the Creek tribe
whioh Indiana have never sought
to have unforced, and the busi
nese men of the entire Creek Na
(tion have passed resolutions re
fusing to pay it.
On the firt indication of kidney
trouble, step k by takiftg Foley's
Sidney Cfcre. Sold by- O. t
Offiolal Notioe Served on Gover
nors of the Choctaws and
It"' is" Believed That- theGover
I ' ' ''
nora Will Give up the Fight -
.,. and Acknowledge the
' Seoretary. j
, The following official notioe is
authorized by the Dawes Com
mission :
Department of the Interior, Com
mission to the Five Civilized
Notice The Commission to the
Five Civilized Tribes is this day
direoted by the Seoretary of tho
Interior to give publio notice that
all patents to allotments to citi
zens and freedmen of the Choc
taw and Chiokasaw Nations de
livered by the Principal Chief of
the Choctaw Nation and tho Gov
ernor of the Chiokasaw Nation
without the approval of the Seo
retary of the Interior, must bo re
turned to. the commission to be
forwarded to the Seoretary of the
Interior for his approval.
Tams Bixby,
Muskogee, I. T., May 24, 1905.
The department will see that
the allottees will receive the pat
ents duly executed and approved
by the Secretary. If the tribal
executives fail to observe tho
opinion of the Attorney General,
action will probably be taken to
compel them to do so or cease is
suing deeds, even if it becomes
necessary to appeal to the United
States courts to enjoin them from
issuing more deeds.
In the event they refuse to sign
the deeds, further aotion may be
delayed until the tribal govern
ment goes out of existence, March
4,1906, when Congress will make
provision for the delivery of tho
It is the opinion of the Dawes
commission that no futthor trou
ble will be experienced with the
governors, as their fight seemed
to be against the Interior Depart
ment, and it is believed thoy will
not dispute the opinion of tho At
torney General.
In a recent letter of Governor
MoCurtain to the commission, the
governor cited the opinion of the
Attorney General in several cas
es, whioh opinions he seemed to
conour in, but he doubted the au
thority of Secretary Hitchcook to
become a neoessary signatory
party to the deeds for citizens of
the Choctaw and Chiokasaw
This order brings the gover
nors of the two nations to a show
down and it remains, to bo seen
whether they will advise the al
lottees to return their patents for
approval or wkether they will is
sue patents of their own as they
said they would do in case the
present contingency arose.
The attorneys for the two na
tions have been notified.
If you have kidney cr bladder
trouble and d not use Foley's
Kiduey Cure, you will have only
yeursclf to W for results, as it
positively curifs all forms of kidney
and bladder' dlecaees StiM hy O.
L. Shannon ,
Dr. Jas. L. Shuler Will Ask City
' Council for Franchise to
Establish a
Proposes, to Cover Principal
Streets and Have Cars
Moving Within Twelve
, , Month's' -T:lme.
Dr. Jas. L. .Shuler, a promi
nent physician and citizen of the
oity, will at the next regular
meeting' oi the council, June 6,
aBk that a franchise bo granted
him for the construction and
maintenance of a system of street
oars for the oity of Durant.
Tho franchise to be presented
the council has not as yet been
framed in entirety, but Dr. Shu
ler will propose to begin work on
the system within the next thirty
days and to have it completed
and in operation within a year.
The oxaot streets that are to bo
covered by tho system have not
as yet been determined upon,
but it is proposed to cover nil the
prinoipal streets in all parts of the
city. In tho. beginning only the
leading prinoipal streets will be
covered, but as the oity advances
and the demand for transporta
tion increases the system will be
In jthe start out the system will
be propelled by horse power. As
tho city grows and just as the
occasion will demand, tho horse
power will bo abandoned and the
eleotrio system installed. It is
believed that the eleotrio system
will be put on within tho next
two or three years, perhaps
Something like three miles of
track will be put down the first
j year. This will give employment
to from thirty to forty home men.
From three, to five cars will be
run regular for tho first year and
more on special ocoasions. The
first traok to be layed will be
from the depot up Main street to
Ninth avenue, up Ninth avenue
to the Durant College, east on
Looust street to Third or Second
I Going Fast
m That big line of Wall Paper wo are offering for just Z
2 half the real valuo is going like Russians before-tho J?
2 Japanese guns, and like the Russians, will not last V
long at the prioes wo are making. HI
q 12c Roll Patterns for 6 cents S
B 15c Roll Patterns for 7 i-ac
f 35c Roll Patterns for 17 i-ac S
H 50c Roll Patterns for 35 cents 0
There is over 6000 rollo to select from the latest de- SI
M signs and quality the very best. You can't beat it in A
the oity of Chioago. Tho big sale goes on all of this g
am week. Hurry get Wall Paper. g
: Durant FurniturejCo.
G,. W. Hojwea. Manager.
avenues and then down to Main
Dr. Shuler will ask for nothing
but a reasonable franchise from
the city and it is believed that
the city will grant it, for it is un
derstood that all the aldermen
are favorable to the movemont.
It will all depend upon the stipu
lations of the franohlse. If the
council finds the franohiso good,
the people will be asked to vote,
on it.
If tho franchise is granted, Dr.
Shuler will prooeod to form a
company of local men and then to
KEIRSEY news iudget.
This seotion was visited by a
heavy rain and hailstorm last
Saturday, some of the hail stones
being as largo as quail's eggs,
doing considerable damage to
corn and garden stuff.
Miss Daisy Buokley spent last
Thursday in Durant.
Mrs. Effie Ravin of Southern
Texas is here on an extended
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
James Gurley.
Mrs. W- D. Minor is on the
sick list.
Mrs. W. D. Keirsey went to
Durant shopping Monday.
Mrs. Charley Dobbs and two
sons spent Sunday night and
Monday with Mrs. M. A. Buok
ley. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thornton
spent Sunday in Durant.
A few of our farmers sold cot
ton last week. .
Marvin Cox and family are
spending .a few; 'days with- his
family here ?.
Mr. Sam Weaver gave an ioe
cream supper last Friday night
in honor of her neice, Miss-Dora
Alexander of Garland,' Texas.
All who attended report an even-'
ing most enjoyable spent.
H. R. Bass went over to Du
rant Tuesday on business.
Daniel Suffudy is on the siok
list. Guess he's heart siok. . '
Miss Effie Thornton returned
homo from a very plsasant visit
to Durant friends,
Road Working.
Everybody living in the com
munity of Fulsom Grove, Cox
Chapel, Twelve Mile Prairie and
Nail Crossing and all interested
parties are notified to meet at 2
miles northwest of Durant at new
bridge to work hill and road on
Saturday, June 10, 1005.

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