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United States Department of Agriculture
State A. & M. College Extension Service
G. B. Dunlap, Miss Fannie Buie
County Agent. Home Dem. Agt.
(Haf Kotci The New li glucl to
tobllih In thta department any Item
from any source, pertaining to farm
work, farm development and farm
latereat. All that la required Is ac
curacy In all atatementa made. It
la our desire to make this depart
lent of real Interest.)
Barley For Hog I'liKture
Down on his big hog farm south
of Albany, E. C. Ten oil has been ex.
perimentlng with barley for panture
for his largo drove of thoioughbreri
Duroc-Jerbey hog.t, and his expcrl
ence to far is that It makes the beat
hog pasture he ever saw. He Is
also experimenting with sweet clover
for the same purpose.
BaiHrrt .HI.IHM IUIi'M or Cotton
According to (ho llureau of the
Census' statement It-sued thin week,
Bryan county raised and ginned 36,
188 bales of cotton in 192(1, counting
round bales as half bales. This
compares with .14, 377 bales for I'Jl'.i.
The entire State ginned in 1920. 1..
287,662 bales as against l.mi2,178
in 1919. For 1920 Potlnwattmile
county lead' tho State with Cl,r92.
bales while in 1919 Jarkson county
lead with r.li.fififi bale-.
Comparing llryan coiintv'i piodtir.
tlon with other Southeastern coun
ties is intciestlng. She iiilwil al
most as many bales as Choctaw and
McCurtain counties combined; rain
ed five-thousand more bales than
Love, Mai shall and Johnson counties
combined and laised seveu-thous.ind
bales more than Atolci and I'ush
matah counties combined.
Some Flock of I'lg
At SanDlego, California, a veiling
thoroughbred lluroc.Jer.sey sow far
fowed nineteen perfectly healthy
pigs, which Is believed to be a
world's lecotd. There are Just five
more of them than the mother can
cuckle and the owner is ni ranging
to have the surplus nursed by goats.
Itat Killing Time
Last week, down in Denton county,
Texas, tho Farm Agent otganized the
county for a rat-killing day, and the
result of tho day's work was that
exactly 104,122 tats weie killed,
that have been accounted for, and
probably more than that, for all to.
ports were not In when the news was
ent out.
Why Cotton U'ns Cheap
The Census llureau has announced
that there were 15,197,775 bales of
cotton ginned from the 1920 crop,
U compared with 11,325,532 bales
In 1919.
Karly 1'iiNtiire Worth Much
According to cattlemen, the short
winter and early spring has brought
out, the grass this year much earlier
than usual and thero has been
grass enough for pasture for several
days. In some sections since March 1.
It Is believed that this condition will
mean much to all farmets in the ex.
sense of making this year's crop for
the reason that early pasture means
a big saving of feed bills. Oi dinar).
ly, In this section, people feel that
they are fortunate If grass onoungh
for pasture comes by April 1.
IHter Itivml Club ut .Normal
Seven more members were initja.
ted last week Into the better bread
club at the Normal School, by Miss
Bule, The club now has twenty-thrce
active members.
Prairie View Club Meeting and Picnic
March 15, 1921 at 6:30 o'clock
the eleven club members of Prairie
View gathered nt tho Pinlrlo View
School house for n club meeting,
picnic supper and a good time.
Miss Bule, Miss I.unn, Mr. and
Mrs. Cunningham, two of the direc
tors, four club members ftom Achilla
and several of the parents.
After all were gathered around
the table the club members got to.
(ether and gave them all a rousing
Miss Bule, our Demonstration
Agent shocked all of the club mem.
berg by slipping up and getting all of
the chicken gizzards before we had
time to say the blessing. We have
Saturday, April
Durant Fair Grounds
Admission 50 cents
Remember The Date And Place
often wondered why she Is so pret
ty, but now we know.
Mis. Posey at keel .Mr. Cunningham
what kind of chlrken he wanted,
baked or filed. He said he wanted
home black and whit" chicken both
baked and filed.
On the way down here Miss Lunn
saw a graveyard and it took away
her appetite, although she ate a
half chicken, n dish of slaw, a dozen
stuffed eggs, and a half cake.
Misses Josie, Johnnie and Stella
lliggerstaff and Mr. Itoy ilallard
f I oin the Arhille club were down.
If all the club members eat, as much
as they do, when they come down
here they will have to let us know a
week befoie baud so we ran cook up
We like company but eveiy one
was such delicate eateis we did not
enjoy ourselves.
After supper eveiyone gathered
In the school house for u club meet
ing and initiation.
The President called the house to
order, and the Secretary called the
roll. Kadi member ulisweied by
telling wlii'l be or she had done to
waids cluli work.
Some Poultry club lliemlieis weie
waiting for their chicks to hatch,
while others were waiting for their
hens to set.
Canning Club (iiils icpoileil Ionia,
toes up. and pig club members have
their pigs, and their pastilles built,
Later we initiated Kthel Haddock,
.Johnnie lliggeihtaff, and l.oiiuio Dig.
gei.starf. They were led mound the
room, blind ftdded by the Vlce-Piesi-ilent
Arley Washer.
Knili one lopeateil the dull oath
and the bojs and gills' cieud.
After I lie initiation was over the
cluli lliemlieis all went Into anotliei
loom, and the President gave the
members the club gilp, the Vice
President the club tall oi wlii.-.tle, and
the Secretary the club slmi.
After this we cnjojecl ourselves
eating ice cream. Mis. Posey pie
sented the i ream to the club,
Mr. Cunningham asked Haloid
lllggeutiff what he was mad about
and he leplled that they would not
let him have but L'.'i cieam cones.
Mrs. Cunningham took .Mr. Cun.
nlnghnni's rre.un away from him and
ate it herself.
Eveiyone had a nice time and when
our visilois weie in the car to go
home the cluli members gave a loud
cheer, nnd all wont home after a
most pleasant evening to dieain of
ice cream and chicken, etc.
FLOY COLE, Secretary.
Cotton Drive Kmls Saturday.
The big statewide drive for mem.
bers of tho Oklahoma Cotton Glow.
era' Association, which has been car.
lied on in this county by XV. M
tobacco makes 50
good cigarettes for
Ninth, 2:00 P. M.
Moberly aided by local moil, comes
to a close Satuiday, and 'after that
time, Mr. Mobeily says member
ships will not be accepted on the
piesent basis, as plans must oe per.
fected to get ready fur handling the
1921 crop.
I'.VI Members In County
Last week, Cotton Oroweis' As
sociation organization meetings were
held at Fulsom Orovo, Silo, Kelr.
sey. Mead, ll.iie, itoiietia, uypress
School, Aimstrong Albany, wade,
Ala toy, lliovvn, Caddo and tiushnell,
which resulted in the signing up of
flfty-slx more cotton farmeis. The
membership In this county now num
bers mine than 2511 with upproxi.
mately 4,JUi) bales or 1921 cotton
pledged to be said thtough the asso
ciation. Air. Moberly says that
niound Keneflck, the largest per
centage of farmeis have signed up.
Commercial Apple Orchard
Frank Lewis has Just completed
setting out a one-thousand tree com.
meicial apple onhaid on his large
40U.acre farm six miles east of Hen.
nlngton. Different varieties of ap
ples are planted In the oichard which
occupies about fifteen ncie.s. In
planting the trees, which are p. unfed
in Kciinlv Intnl. the holes weie due
over deep, when lich emith was
placed in (he hole to furnish good
soil in which the loots may grow,
ItcplciiMics Ills Farm
Out near .Matoy C. K. Thornley
has a flue fat m of about 200 acres,
upon which he has ananged to re
plenish the land with rich soil each
year by a ditching piocess. His house
M'ls on the top of a huge hill with
sleep sides, and looking east fioin his
i. ....... ii... ...... ,.,,.,..., ,.ii.,.h,,.wira,i
acres of as fine black lloggy bottom
land us exists. Now, being the ctop
t-enson. lie has cut u ditch around
this hind, which lies perfectly flat
and level, which keeps the water
fiom standing on It. and drains into
lloggy. When winter comes and his
ciops are gathered, he does a little
additional ditching, and lich soil
.. .. I I .1... I.....1 f...... lw.
. .1 II. 's ,!lll . r.i ill.- I ii nil iii.iii tut;
lillH, leplenl.-hlng The bind every
winter. Next spring when farm work
starts, he stops one set of ditches
and opens the one aVoiind the land.
and foi the glowing season the only I
water on the land Is what falls on
it. ,
Air Thfirnlev Is tilnntlni' plirhtv '
acies of coin on this giound this
year. He laises bogs on the place
and lias a fine orrhatil growing u li
nk's, peaches, pears anil plums.
I'iflj Acre- of Alfalfa
A. Coodmnn, who owns a two-hun-dred
arte faun two miles south-west
The Elite Hat and Beauty
Expert Shampooing, Hair Dressing, Scalp Treat
ments and Facials.
Manicuring for Ladies and Gentlemen.
If you desire advice regarding treatment call and
consult our operator, we are indeed glad to give
advice at any time concerning any phase of the work.
Telephone 124
We Are Ready to Show
You Our New Spring
We ask you to look over our new Dresses,
new Georgette and Migonette Blouses, our
new Spring Skirts, new Silk Jersey Petti
coats, new Underwear for the whole family,
new Pumps and Oxfords for the whole fam
ily, new Tissue Ginghams, new Voiles and
Organdy, new Percales, new Dress Ging
ham; in fact, everything nice that you will
find in any first class store in town for less
Headlight Overalls,
Luxtte Hosiery, Arrow
Col la I sf.
of Wade In that red waxy Red River
linttiun land, has planted fifty acres
t alfalfa this year and reports
that It is up In as fine a stand as he
ever saw. Ho plans to plant still
lac te of It. Mr. Goodman has a lot
t hogs limning on his place, some
bundled and fifty he sas. nnd will
u e this alfn fa patch to pasture them
on and get hay off of It besides.
Incidentally' he sas he Is not going
to plant any cotton on this place un.
til he forgets about what happened
In the cotton faimeis last year.
About fifty acres of this farm was
,,! cd f i mil damage by a system
of dlKhes planned by Farm Agent
Dunlap l..st year.
Cow-.. I'fgs null ItlblHtu Cane.
Walter Rambo. who Is one our
PMimtv commis.ioneis and who Incl
dnnailv owns and resides on a 100
ucie farm a mile and three.quaiters
iiniiheasi of Durant, Is depending
nioie upon cows, pigs and ilbbon
cine than anything else this year.
He 1- milking at piesent thiee grade
jei-i'V cows that piodure about ten
gallons of milk a day, and has five
fine heifers of the same bleed com
jug on to make good milch cows
iiioihei year or two. He also raised
time bred Duioc-Jersey pigs and
sa - they pay. He says that another
' yi-ai is going to plant a lot of ilbbon
inn tne piace. L,asi ween nu iei
raced ten acies of his land that was
gelling pietty badly cut up by wash.
and believes lie nas stoppou n.
.lfalfa Nearly Hemiy To Cut
Sain Kails, who owns a farm across
lllne on (he road between Caddo
and Keneflck, bi ought to town a sam
ple of aifalf.i that measuies nioie
tli.in one foot in length. He lias
tui.Mtv.thii i! acres ot it. illlllosi
ready to bloom when he will cut it
foi hay. Last year be got six ciojis
' ol ha off of this patch.
I Sewing Instructor Coming
.Mi-. Nannie Collins, of A. & SI.
, C.i'lee. who Is at the head of the
hewing department in the Hoy's and
i (.'ill-' club work in the State, will
D. L. Stradford, Manager
Our titles are examined here
in Durant, assuring prompt
closing of Loans. Let us
serve you. if it is Farm Loans
34 West Main Street
Durant, Okla.
210 W. Main
Come In, look over our
new Bpiing arrivals,
whether you buy or not
be here April 7. 8, and 9th t,o give
c0i,.,i,.iimiM to the different 'sewing
clubs of the county, when she nnd
Miss Uule. Home Demonsiraior. win
nuke the rounds of the clubs here.
lull Work At Kemp.
The Demtmstiatlon Club nt Kemp
t c.i,.'nt. a tn hold a mee'iug Fri
day nlijht of tl.ls week, when several
....... .......i.,.,.. in l,i. Initiated InloiI.eJVV frost cf Sinwlnv ni....
the mifatfirlttb of i lull work anil islvea
inc ni;iMu j m-iiiti-i-i". .
.... ..... n. . i ..... r
Seelev School cub is to have an
initial Ion meeting an Apill h. At
the n?nlrr mce'liig of the rluu neiu
irut Vililnv. Miss Huie u:ie I'.lstruc
tint s : ml then the youngster? pulled
off an K..s.er :;? hunt.
Kp"it l" In ri'uvw Cmiti'-t
Fullv four hii'drod boys nru gins
are experieci m unroii im i" "..
. .. ...... !...!.. Iw.1.1 In n,iianl
(linden Contest being held In Durant.
uny bov or girl between the ages
of 10 Hid IS being eligible for en
trancc:. Alli, Faii"io Hule woiked
out p':i"s for this contest whivli
closed September 1. and Hlltlbrand
Staton Co., is furnishing $3(1.00 in
wish pri7.es for the winners.
Hog llri'cder's Mc-cllng.
Farm Agent (i. H. Dunlap ask the
News to announce that on Satuiday,
tSf " v .2iciHcliBtZySvHjSik
You have been "good to your mentis lor
a Ion:? tinif. You have been a spender. No
one ever called you penurious, or close, or
tight. But what have you to show in re
turn? Why not be a "good fellow" to yourself,
open an account with this bank and turn
your generosity to your own account and
credit? The results will show up in a short
You will appreciate being insured in a GOOD COM
PANY that will settle the loss promptly and fairly.
You're sure of strong A-l Companies when you insure
through us.
Phone 22 Durant, Okla.'
The Result of A
Two girls were working in the same shop several
years ago. The question of saving money came up one
day, but these girls said they could not spare anything
from their small earnings.
But just as a joke one of the girls said: "I dare
you to start a savings account with me and see who
can save the most" so they started.
A few years later, one of these girls quit working
at' the shop to get married. She was surprised to
find more than $600 in the bank to her credit a very
welcome sum at such a time.
The other girl is still working and she continues
her visits to the bank each week. He account is
well above $2,000 now, and it is growing fast. Her
interest money each year is more than her first
year's savings amounted to.
Perhaps this story will suggest a plan that will
work as well for you.
IAS. R. McKINNEY, President,
W. C. SLAUGHTER, Vice-President.
M. W. FITZGERALD, Cashier,
J. E. McKINNEY, Ass't Cashier.
GALIN 0. McKINNEY, Ass't. Cashier,
Capital $100,000
April , mere wni DO a mep. i
pure-bred hog
owners A? .I
county at the Chamber of Comi!,?1
112 North Third Avenue, to
everyone ln!rested in n,..".Wt
1 oris is invited and urged to att
Kiiilt Kilted,. But Not u.
Tho State Uourd of ABilcuTt. 1
. -"--- ,-' "'"' lfl8t iv.
m Rert the fruit crop of tin Suu
" """"'. 'lone, -
j jutui nun men ure reported to hi "
ilcclnred that thp rmn nt .... r
not suffered seiious damage In T
county, but In fact, very slight haiV
; harm.
Gardens And Plants Hun
The frost, seems to have him ...
.Inno n.nA In l.la aI .. V IsST.
..Co inu.D ... tuts cmuuii man it di,a 1
. fruit Niimprnnn nnnnU ul I
plaining that their growing peas m '
i ---------- 1.--1. are C0B.
neirs were Kiueci. nnu some oth
......-. ...-.. U...BC leiuiteg u
inlnntu (tint nail haan aal .. - . iv
plants that had been set out of tJ
inl 1.. nlhnr ,lulln.n ... """I
which had blossomed duiine til
In tk
win m spe 1 of weather
Lightning struck a Dowcler ni...
containing six ton of powder in Nak.
vine, i uimjctouc, i ne piani burned
wunoui explosion until cohsutim
...I.U l nnntn. UUC(
time, and of a most satisfac
tory nature at that.
Be good to yourself. Be
gin today.
I ii 4 4'
Surplus $100,000
See Our Windows for Bargains
. i

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