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The Ddraut WleklyNews.
The Durant Weekly News
i K M i:ans
J'ntrrftl ii mi il il.i tiii i triit!' hi III
pofttoffltv at linrnnt. Ciklhh'ii i, arilfr Act
of Gongrcrft of Mnrrh 3, 1(170
Ptthlinhrd rwrj Kriti ' ill ' 1 iimd
Avtnue, Durant, Oklahi 11 1.
(In FirM and MumI h A '
One' Year .. . ' .. .. II fin
Bit Month CO
No Mulcriitiiti luktti fi.r It IImi. ittif
year to point If.wintl fit -t tn i'ul ?'
ad to nuch i-ohiI tot htiiiuul rftt-. arc.
Zone Three .. . ... ............ $1.25
Zone Four ........ 1.50
Zone Five .. 1.7S
Zone HU 2 00
Zone Hevcn ........... ........... U 25
f'l.rttir! AHvertiwltii Pebrrt'ntativ
FRIDAY, MAY 20, 11)21
Once upon a time there whs a
young muu in Durum who hail un
all conHUtnlng tlcHirc fur n higher
education, but who Memul unable
to finance his educ.itJon unci wiir
well nigh discouraged, when a cer
tain well to do citizen, who knew
and admired the young man, found
out about his ambition, and this man
financed the yound fellow through
an institution of higher teaming, to
the tune of several liunclictl dollars
After graduation the young man he.
cured a position in the line of his
special training, at a much greater
alary than he could ever have earned
without this training, and he began
to repay his benefactor. The war
came along an dthe young man went
to France and saw a lot of fighting
and won a commission, and sent his
payments back home regularly out
of bis salary as an officer, until the
whole sum had been repaid.
Today that oung man Ftnndi ex
ceedingly high in his profession, and
bis earning power is many. fold lar
ger that it ever had ben 01 than it
ever could hae been without this
special training that the older man
made possible. ThlH old) ; man by
the way, cheiishes the memory of
bow great a help to the boy bis loan
was, and looks back upi u Ids act of
helpfulness us one ol the gieatet
pleasures of his life.
Now, theie are many otmg men
and oung homi'Ti, who want to at
tend the Siiiitlii':.Mrrn ''. Normal
to fit tlieniM'U'i for tent hi !. M.iiiy
arc doing it Otluis, cwmi. to i!
pcndeniiis' air otlur it.i-ni- air
finaniii.lly unable i, i t, ,,, ,
essaiy ti'i'l.ilnt.' (ii. w w r know
Just what i-ns ilnliM. ., tor w- fi.l liwi-
oxl't in Hie oung ftOkr-, iir.nM !o
go to sihnol. if tiny but had tlm
trainlin that f.t.iiniial stress cl.-uli'i
It has ofiuiri.l m t i.liii.r and
to ntheis with wliw-i h U.. i !,;,!
that an ork'siniation nf modi rati
capital tn aid wnitl.y jouug men and
young women, by the in.m ol money
to go through sihoo), would be u
task well wot thy tin attention ol
tlie citizen! hip aid rich It. !is-:liili
Ues of prom good.
It he tn'.n.I tMi if thi.t 'imiuniij U
di ('d illy loot.
The Kitirt rifcirih in diy ?ln't 11
(Oiltity ulll iet;l tht! the irii.iM
t roportlo'i 'f i tln.e I' In Hie cummin.
Itlis wheri' tlM to ate no H.iiuli.
'-'ihinls. Th has bn-n ptown ami
re.proven so many ilmi Mid In
niur.y I'l.ici" that the tiutti of th
iis'-ertlo'i i" pat i t.t
lust a t'W e;it t go. the !-iitida
Schools In llran county were al-
most ronfineil to th" seteral towns.
ami there were a lot ol mighty tough
spnt.s in the county i:-k any old
timer. Fifteen .wain ago. If our Informa
tion if loirecl, there weie twenty,
thiee oniiililzi d Surida.i Sihoolu in
the com.ty with less than flfti'i
hundted members. Todey there nr"
seventy-ilght smh orgnnli'atlons with
an attendiinie nf nluiost ten-tho'J-s.ind.
or a little less than one-fnurth
of the total potmlation of the county.
Tlic-ve Humlay Schools are to be
found in almost every locality in the
county mid most of them are banded
together In an Ititer-denomlnatlonal
Sunday School Association, which
has tegular annual conventions, and
does a moral good to the county the
value of which is Inestimable.
Next week, Wednesday and Thurs
day, May 25 and 26.' the annua) con
vention of the County Sunday School
Association meets at Ilokchlto. There
will doubtless be more folks in at
tendance thi'n Ilokchlto can accomo
date and they know ,at Ilokchlto,
that the crowd In coming, and are
prepatlng for the proper entertain
ment. Every person who goes to Sun
day School, or who would like to hut
doesn't, or who isn't quite sure he
ought to but should, can get a whole,
some inspiration by attending.
The Office Cat
In the following ol our wirlou-
occupations, day by day, we grow
accustouud to things, as thev are
all about us. and fail to realize our
different needs in a community so
that it ofto nreiiialns for the ri.Kun
visitor to the city to show us the
Duram had such a visitor this
week. He is a business man from
another cltv in Oklahoma no larner
or better than Durant, yet he sat in
the sanctum sanctorum of this edi
tor and outlined u lot of the needs
of Durant, und they are as follows:
A decent system of street light-
A suitable auditorium for large
public gatherings.
Enforcement of the present traffic
ozdinance or the passage of one thai
enn and will be enfoiced.
A Carnegie library.
A Y. M. C. A. building and oigani
ration. A county pom farm for the inro
of county dependents,
i Metier marketing fanlitiis for
produce and seoral of the laim pro
. A publicly owned and managed
free fair,
i A ladles' test room
A frto public hospital for liner
gency tieatment of poison unable
to pay for cine
An ordinance pri scribing distance.-:
that residences must be built fiom
walks in different seitlnns- of t ttw
cltyj so that hiuties will be lined up
from the front.
More paved striets.
It occurs to us that all of these
tilings ate not only ueedi d but a
possible of attainment.
There Is probably no greater in
fluence for good in the world than
the Sunday Siliool This I- a lno.nl
assertion, but the farther one goes
into it the greatei tt nth he tinds It
tp lie The biggest pioof we lind
lot the statement ir that wherever
we find a well oiganlzed Sunday
School with pretty general interest,
we find a good clean community,
and, conversely, in communities
where there are no Sunday Schools
and in, which tt nuiUn ..u....... .....
. -- -.w-..7. lujiiinn lUttll
tawe are no church 'organizations,!
a a
In Montana a bill has been pass
ed taxing all baihelors ?.' a year,
and paying the taxes into the will.
ow's pension fund. That's pretty
doggone cheap for being your own
boss. -Millikon (Colo.) Mail
That J3.no tax is n small part of
the cost of being a bachelor even In
.Montana. Win n a hatcbelor begin to
be old, when the comforts of home
ate imi'l desiiid, and when all nat
ural men like to have sons and
ilaughttiH giov.n to biag aboitl, when
they iii id more thai) e.er the love
i.'nl sju,p.itli ol a helnmati then
i v.liii) tiny p. the piiti of th"ir
bar' i i boon
W..iting foi liiisluc- to plil: t.p
dots not sound Ameiican Picking
llllsilliss up l.y the .-;.( 'k of the
tri'ie-e - and shoving it along
s'ein1- mn'o hke i ur stjn- K.iIf
spell Mont i Hie.
It isn't Anient en are' it won't
wink. Iliiriiiois is good ol bi.d - the
men ot Ameiica make it, and tho-e
most slice i"-f ul at business are etei.
nally pi, king it up shoving It along
with me r-iising vim ami e.n rg
!!!..' we progies'-ed so veiy far
I -e 1 1! the Siivage iifter all? War
paint vistoiduy related to varied
lines sineaieil on the tails of win
Mors bold. War pant today relates
to an unnntuial red suieaied on
the eaistwhile lily skin of the
model n Amazon whoe quest is
precisely the same namely the
scalp of man McAlesti r News-Capital.
Nature is a much gieater artist
than the manufacturer of rouge and
kindred artificial be.int Iters. ml nn
increasing number our our American
women are coming to realize It. A
clear, healthy complexion attracts the
modern man more than a poor one
hidden underneath paint.
Hepiesentative Stovall says it is
the duty of the Chaplain to pray
for the legislatuie. Hut after a
Hugo preacln r looked ovei the
Legislature the either day, he de.
elded to pray toi the State Hugo
The above leflict.s our sentiment'
No forth' r comment neio'sniv.
It is the In id road that le,.ds to
Kasy s'lrcit - Ada Niv.s.
And lots of people endeavotmg to
le.ich easy street r.t limit Unvoting
the hard load, thereby never leach
it at all
Disaiiuaiiieiit .utlie cinlv sure
way to take the tuth out of the in
come ta Dallas News
No indeed. The teeth will be dtawn
from the in le tax law just as soon
as loiumill sense prevails
When the city or Happiness in
placed on the map. u will U lound
In the State of Mind Cupper.
Which, freely interpti ted, we take
to mean that the man who thinks
lie is happy is happy, and the fellow
who Just won't be happy nevei will
Tue-day evening ; .M. u. MIMire
was lacing a hoise on the fair
ground track, the' animal stepped in
a hole nnd fell, breaking its nick
Moore was hurled to the ciound
witli terrific forte, sustaining sev
eral cuts and biulses. n bad pio-i.
under one eye and a slight con.
cusBion of the brain. He was taken
Jo the hospital and was renoriua
resting easily Thursday morning: ;
"Where ire vou goiiic, my pretty
ma id?
"I'm going a-milklng, sir, she said
'.May I go with ou, my pietty maid."
"No; sir. We'ie nut introduced!" she
"Hey, kid, where: are you blowing
"To dance vou boob -don't you get
"May I bang on while you terps'i
chore?" "llieak In! (Jet wie! Don't ask any
more!" o
Summer suits are to be fuller this
yean Wallets after they have been
purchased will be far otherwise.
As for us. our summer suit will be
wom thinner--thinner even than It
was when we interned it in camphor
last fall.
When you coii'lder the frequency
of the phrase. "SENATE TAKES
STEJ'S". in newspapers headlines,
don't you vvondei why it never seems
to get anywhere?
Hill Splvens says that we .can
quote him as saying that any man,
young or old, who hasn't a smile for
a pretty girl Is Ml per tent dead.
To produie hair on a bald head,
soak th" head in salt water until the
hair gets dry, and when It comefCouf
for a tiring gii.'- it !.m! tie it in
- o -TDK
I felt his sott bixath on my cheek,
".nil the mntle touch off his hand
i'ls veiy prcsti.ee i ear in"
Si t-nied a I ""-i i :i tin en "Tt saniJ
!' ilift!) s.itig.T my li s,
My li-id !. did nlci.il
Then he bioke tt- sj...m .A;-n
'Shall t'ie Il'.iliig if Ml; ii oi ,
o- -
vki'.v n:w
'Thi! k il I'V'i- . . o ii i Is r-,
'I hen Jim Will juihj," Mt.il ii -,
"i hi ie ain't many rn.iiils i i j ! m-
Ir. tin luddi r of succ i-s.-- '
CON--i--;viVc,. I'fyr'.SlHlLn Y
' llrown i-n't a tirllliai.t man.'
aid his iiienil, "Hut he seeir.s to
u.u a whole lot of common s,r,).,-"
"He ought to have," replinl A.
Synic, "be nevei uses any."
A mans (tain.-, his to! t,-f(iie
mairiage; thereafter he darns mar
riage. Knocks from man or motor usually
mean theie's something v.'iong in
side. Hill Spivins says that if the first
kiss makes her weep, the second will
console her. Presuming, of couise,
that be knows whereof lie speaks
Some pieachers would be ii heap
more popular If their seimor.s weie
only as broad as they art long.
Jim Kiersey of Durftl.t is vis
.it. miiirer heie tli" week.
- i;s i. Hob'Tls visited Iriends
. ,( liiblt:, S,.tuui(i nnel Sut,-
lumi.er i' IK (eopie flOI.'i
, i attttnl'il the tioMur s'hi.ol
, ., ( .e hell I l'idl.y Illgllt.
, ... A1...11 li r." Murphy returiiei!
i i Si.tuiduy nfteriilitpu.
i, .. I'L.beti Ollistn s,i,t the
.. K.unl In Sherini ti.
.;i-s Heile Mahanty itturned to her
Mil. it Oakland Monday.
Mis W. it. Davis vIsi'.mI irieiid"
,i, luiihiit Tuisday.
I.. It. L. Kteue filled his leg
in I at pi.lliuitent here. Siilidny.
M - Nannie Hrouilty is visiting
Ml- .launlta Vi nu at I'latter tills;
( K. Tiacy visited friends in Ma
did Sunday.
Mr. ami Mis. Ii. M. C.--swell and
Mi and Mrs. Headley White visited
itlatives in Maiisville Tuesday.
Miss Inez Troutt visittd friends in
Maiilll Suinlpy.
Mr. Hemltrson fiom Dallas 'was
a husliies; visitor in our little city
Libert Higgons of Durnt is
visi'Jng fiiends here this week.
.Inn. I'rater. Frank Nance, and Joe
Atkins of Trenton, Texas, visited
Joe I'rater here last week.
Jack Tleice was a business visitor
in Durant Monday.
J P. Morton was u business visitor
in Durant Monday.
bridges, ril located In Ilryan County
being i. part of OKLAHOMA FED-VAXf-l.
3. Sand Cuek. 7.r. foot Truss Rein-
! foiectl coniiete flooi nod Abutment.
I 2. Little Hlue Creek. CO foot Low i
water nlnfetud cohere t". j
I ". Ki Mii.la Cieek, (0 fe.ot Low I
I v;:.t' r te .nfo-ee n.eiit con re:.
i A. liig Hlue Hlvei. !'f. foot Truss.'
two. '2 foot I Uc.'iiii approacher,
I reinfi r"d eticiite Hoot, alutment.
anil p e,
! 5. Caddo Creek. 120 foot Truss.
relnfeiicfrd concrete' floor and abut
i ments.
C. Hig Crie'.:. iH foot Truss, iein
forced roncitte floor and abutment.
T. Sulphur Cieek. H foot Truss,
reltiforced concrete titer and abut
ment. Mans nr.'.v le exiiiuined and fcirmf
of Proposals, contracts and specifi
cations secured at the offite of the
State Engineer. They may ulso be
examined at the County Clerk's of
fice at Durant, Oklahoma.
If bidders desire to puichuse plans
they will be furnisred by the State i
Engineer, at thn irm.i
me. oiWlt1
Uida must be on pronns-ii .
the State Highway lh-Vm '"!,
cotupanled by certified th,i
Surety Company's I-ropct o 'CJ
the amount of 10 per cent ,. .?, :
ltight is reserved
1 ""'J'" Mr or
a n
a a
First insertion, May 20, 1821
j'eeomi inseition May 27, 1921
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
St-pau.te sealed proposals will be
received at the office of the State
Engineer. 3:00 I. M. May 31, 1921.
for the construction if the following
i-i:i:i ami si;i;r
sI:kd PEANl'TS. White Spanish
pinriui foi -eed, raised on sandy
ain1 v.el. liiiituied, Ar all cltan and
ITU lit. The veiy Hud of seed need
m! t: I r...n c unity. Piice includ
j.f s.ic,.s jr,.';.-, ptr ion lbs, f. o. b.
Vi'l'.Vn:. Oklahoma. Addrets
v .- lli.n...:i ii, Lox i , ivii'.e Okla.
2 1 wsl f
.'. "inf. i.'i li.til-lioist llml'...l vail
I.i s,-,,i ,, , , j(. trlc-nin drive
, u .e ". (ittet (nmlltle'i W.ll J.jll
si.;, jdiiti i, le K's !'-.. t Jij
liur.m: V . i. y I.iws Ii.ir..r.t. Okla.
V ve'i'j'. l.l.v. cirK. eini.iii.i Six-inlumc
tolcier wlili iio-trt board f.llowlni? the
fclittr.g nl l.lier tiuir, eight, ten, oi
'"'lif rnwsiM.tr lle In good con
lillo'i lilt t.efils ii few reiialrp. He.
(lucre! l.y linger outfit Just tht
'tang fir iciiin'ry msp.iitr if eight
PUKfs !'! o- t.liuiiii dtllve-rtd on
curi" ut Uuti.nt Durant Weekly News
MATTRCSSKS renovntrJ made pood al
new. I'liur.e T0S, r'ur.nt Muttresa Fo
fry 4watf
ON MONDAY May 9th. I opened a
first class daily service in Durant.
Tho'e desiring sweet milk, butter or
, either dairy products, telephone 773
It. riiillips Farm Dairy. 19wstf
Earnest M Che-nut, aged 2S.
cashier of the Kir-t State Hani at
Kingston, was drowned in l.mle
Classy, foul miles east of Kings. t n
Tuesday i.orning while fishmg
I horse If. hands high; about 9 years
olu; geighs 1100 iiounds; no brands;
dark spot on right flank: fore-top
l clipped and is barefooted. Kinder
i nouty u. l ilinchey, Coleman, Okla.
I or Coleman State Hank. 20wal
FOlt SALE Hargain prices. Ford
( truck, adding machine, typewriter,
check piot'jrli.r. typevviite't, chair
and table St" ,1111101, Marshall &
Pendleton. 20wal
Beverly" In Dark Brown
Kangaroo Or Black Kid
Tor ileiwnriirht A.ti
iiiiics. and ('.inability
as won as iilcasiii.'
line's, tht "lii'vorly"
wives nothiiiK to be
The reputation of this
store rests on the pob
ley ol giving lull val
ue for every dollar ii
customer spend with
ti. and we know that
aie built with the
same integ-iity of pur
pose and are ahvavs
worth the price-.
V kkkkkkkkkkkkv lkkkkkv
kkkkkkkkkkkkkv J vkkkkkft
kkkkkkkkkkn .kkkA
j Durant
Carroirs Shoe Store
Exclusive Footwear.
124 W. Main
Tli..nlt...t l..... ..
ut""lrl1 iiimruciioils to Y,Ua -4
will be found on na i .. .D1.,Mil
wive, of specifications, Koitjj ij
B. R. m.in
Acting Commissioner of iilh.' -
E. S. ALDERMAN. ,lin"tt
State Engineer.
Fresh Meats, Fish, Butter anf
Pure Hog Lard, per lb j
Highest Market Prices paid fw:
iame ana Hogs.
L. L. CLARK, Prop.
rnone issb us w. Mahl
A Practical Plan
Modern retail grocery buying has proven beyond a rea
sonable doubt that the best way the economical way is
not to buy groceries on. credit but with cash.
While credit may have", its advantages in some respects
it tends to tie one down making him feel as if his
very wages were mortgaged.
But why not make a change this month. Turn over a
new leaf. Estimate your needs a week in advance and buy
accordingly. One months experience will cure you of the
credit idea.
Send us your order this Saturday for trial.
Cash Flour & Feed Co.
30-32 W. Main
Tom Allen, Manager.
Telephone 26
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Durant, Oklahoma
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.it "Mu v'
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