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The Dm ant Weekly News
1) i: SI EVANS
lCnti-iTil lit m m ml usu mull ninth r nt thf
stoffirf fit tuihii1 oklnhmnii umliT Art
f OoofioM (( Murrh 3 lh'V
PtrtilUlinl ettry I'rldaj nt 114 North Third
Arenut, Durtti.t, 0) labium
(In Firit r,il Brrend I'tulil Zonn
(Ht Ytr U.oo
Kll Uculkl ...................... .00
Ko lutiirrlptii r tftt.fr. fir ttfti tlmo udc
yMr to polrtti liyiiiil flrnt iri pot.ti4i 70iirii
nd to rurii i (Jolr ti r jit.nuu. rates re
tone Three I1.S5
Bne Poor .................. ... 1.50
Brat FItc 1.75
-e 81i . 3.00
one Hrtrc ......... .. 3.3S
ForHcrn Advertlflnir ReprnentatlYe
At a (iiifr(!K( of educators in
Chicago last week it . decided that
rvcry iffcrt fhould he Ml forth to
wipe out illiteracy in the United
State" by 11','KI. This i a mom am
bitious purpose, Imt the shame of il
literacy (an and must he removed
from our American civilization. Any
movement with that aim in view de
serves vigorous support.
"It is iay to be deluded about the
comparative case of stamping out illi
teracy because of the deceptive na
ture of census figures on the ques
tion' says the Kansas City Star.
Tbc census figures undoubtedly are
It will not do to rely upon the
showing from that source that there
re fewer than 5,000,0110 persons
more than 10 year of age in the
United State who cannot read and
write. It must be remembered that
the census figures are based upon
the mere statement of people that
they can read and write. In count
less cases these statements are whol
ly or partly false.
This is proven by the fact that
the actual tes-t of men drafted for
service in the world war disclosed
that approximately 25 per cent were
unable to read a newspaper nor write
letter home. Moreover, investiga
tion by the children's bureau jn eight
states show that more than 2" per
cent of the hoy between 14 ,irid IT,
are illiterate.
The Kansas Cit paper nyi that
"the probabilities are that the num
ber of real illiterates in the United
States is nearer 20.000 000 than .".
000,000." If the real evils of illiter
acy are to be removed, illiterates
must be taught not merely to read
and write a little but to lead and
write with a reasonable degree of
Near illiteracy is a problem almost
as serious as illiteracy. I'oth mut
be solved before the country can ad
vance in democracy.
It is a little surprising to read that
in some sections of the north the
failure:! of some ()f the bucketshops
have enused a feeling of s(,me un
easiness, and that some people who
had money in the banks were fright
ened into withdrawing their money.
CommeKe and l'inanu'. the New
York f innni ial paper, in a re rent is
sue tells of one ircident that e nines
its own 'e"-on. A dipositm who
had his entne wealth m the keeping
of an iiititely sife bank, diew it out
Jn a lump. He was making his v. ay
from the bank witu $7 U 1: in I. is
pockets, incsitimihly to -e-lete it
somewhere, when he had a fainting
spell. When he levived, he lound his
money had been stolen.
As a matter of fact the weuiing
out of these buiketshoiis is the bi-t
thing 'ha could haopen fur the coun
try. They have Ken nb-inbing
thousands nf chillais thn should have
been invented 111 pi.il'itable inteipiis
es, and the fniliiii" have lesultid
in the eposiire of metnods o.it of
which the public ought to profit.
The fact has bun impreid upon
the minds of the pieip'e that "p'ay
ing the market" under the direction
of a bucket shop is a lo-ing game for
the man or woman who ent rests
money to the-e institutions.
A pastor in one of the cities of the
country who is being sued by his wife
for divorce is quoted as making the
statement to his congregation that
"it takes a man of nerve and a wo
man who is brave to face the mar
riage ceremony today."
If this is Hue. why the "today?"
What difference is there in the
marriage ceremony of today ftom
that of yesterday?
It takes more than "nerve" and
"bravery" to enter into the marriage
ceremony. It takes judgment and it
takes honesty nnd sincerity. If re
quires the squaii deal between the
two parties to the marriage contact.
It means consideration for the other
No man or voman should enter into
the marringe cc lemony who does not
know how to compromise on the non
essentials. Any man or woman who
marries vvith 'he expectation of hav
ing it nil his (,r bcr own way is head
ed straight for the divorce court
And this great fact might be taken
under consideration by the minister
in question as well a by all others.
When a marriage ends in failure it
is not wedlock that is at fault but the
parties who enter into !t.
It looks as if the war between
Greece nnd Turkey has been sus
pended until another generation
Etowb up.
Siipposi onyrss tin"- ei.rry e :t
it a 'it i i (d I'tc-'i'it of gning to
,t h ex- ui,e nun a cirtif.iii'i of
'edit i"s'mI of a .mp jn in cit-ds,
,r..it will be the H'lilt?
Hil'iuni. nt t'.iMsar.iN of ymrg
nen a ul take their certificate to
'( hanks ( r pawn shops ami bonov.
,! 111..J1 .is pn.ssible on them. i;id '.Mil
ia I te. rv tr.e 'can v.h'n they fall
.Itu . The i aik or pawn shop men
wi'l ei'.hr l:ep tr." certificate'' until
im.Unty, or "'! thrn to those -vho
The certificate", m other words,
v. ill find their way into the strung
bov s of the wealthy, while thoe
liom whom they wert issuul parted
with them for half their value or less.
The certificates will eventually be
naid, not to the men who fought
for the country, but to a few wealthy
The more one tHnks about this par
ticular bonus plan, the, lss atifai
tcry does it appear.
Teople are fond of raying that it
is difficult if not impossible for a
very rich man to be n ("hntian. That
may be true. At any rate we are
not going to argue the. point.
But what about the very poor
man? Can he ie a Christian?
If you were out of a job and out of
money, and did '.ot know where
your next meal was coming from,
how would you feci toward Chris
tians and Christianity?
If your wife and children were cold
nd hungry and lacking in decent
clothes, would your heart be filled
with love of God and love for your
fellow man?
We sometimes think the greatest
m that a rich man can commit is to
fail to make it easier for poor men
to get jobs.
Fifty years ago New York nro-
duced more lumber from its forests
than any other State. Now it produces 1
less than one-tenth of the country's
This i partly due, of course, to
the nation's ine leased use of lum
ber, but the greater reason is the
wanton destruction of the forests
without 1 (-placing them.
States that are planting trees on a
big scale aie picparing much v.ta'th
for Their future ic-sidents.
The more any State conserves its
natural resources, and develops its
powi'r, the more attractive it will be
in ti.e next generation, and the
giea'er the prosperity of its inhabi
The number of famine deaths in
Russia to date is estimated nt more
than 2.10.000 by Semashko. the soviet
commissioner of health. Food, rush
ed by the American relief expedi
tions, has saved the lives probably
of millions.
The Russians who have been saved
from death's clutches by American
tood aie bound to have a kindly fcel
11. g toward u- that will be perpetun
'eil through their descendants.'
And in the long run that ft eling
vu'l be mine important fur interna
Kinnl brntheih'i'il that the official
illation- betvvien the Russian and
Ainei lean gov ei nine nts.
The women who pah.ts must be-
iitve that men love art. : ingly called by her many friends in
' Dtitant .md niouni! Yamaby, .is
If you inn't pull for ;.our town "Aunt Bell" while Mr. High owe r
vni i.uirht to pull out. 'is i'lown ;.s "Uncle Homy." Mis.
' Hii'htuvver ha- been a member of the
You dim't need a pointer when ou i Baptist ihuivh for fifty years, and
go nut h.intmg for trouble. 'an aetivi- ihuich winker. Bunal was
at the Old Kemp cemetery Sunday.
lVopk generally do unto you as,
yo.i do unto them. Quit knocking.! ROTAR ( I. Ill MEKIIMJ
The Rotniy Club met in regilar
Sometime a woman makes a fool weekly st.j0n Tuesday noon with all
of a man. but mote often he attends iin-nibeis pre ent but one and that
to the job him-elf. .one- was out of town. Theie weie two ,
Sometimes a politician can be fo
piomi-ing that the piople become
suspicious of him. .
The ba-eball sias0r. is here. Con-1
gVsS can go ahead and do whatever
it wants to do.
That rittsbuigh scientist who has
lie en making lightning probably
thinks he is playing thunder.
More people would be demanding
the bonus if they did not fear they
would have to help pay it
It is harder to be truthful about
yourself than about others. If you
don't believe it. try it.
jfeivv- that women are -erving on
the juries. s,)lm. forms of crime are
not as safe as they used to be.
A correspondent asks. "What is ar-,
tistic temperment?" Oh. merely n
stage name for bad temper.
n exchange ay that Senator
Borah mobllblv Wouldn't VOte for n
treaty that he" wrote himself.
. -:'": "
vimiiij nm in-Kin m innni-. uu.
mat is no rea on ior men 10 roanc
their wives beg for what money tney
An exchange suggests that the
money for the bonus could be raised
by a tax on staying away from
The Durant Webklv news
l!cv..e of ire fellow who says8 8 a K 3 U a 8
every man has his price. He proba
bly wouldn't stay bought if you
slouid buy him.
It is aid that President Hauling
has rid pair of tio.isers. Hut we'll bet
a nat that he hasn't inodgh suspen
ders to go aiound.
Senator Lodge tome-" up for re
election this year, and the people of
the country aie already wondering
v hut .Mas.-.chus(.tts will do about it.
We hae iqunl suffrage now, but
there aie still a lot of women who
had rather get their names in the
society column than be elected to of
fice. it,
At many colleges the students
have been forbidden to keip autos,
no doubt on the theory that they
can't bum gas and the midnight oil
at the same time.
"Russian landlords hacked to bits."
says a headline. Well, you have got
to admit that those Russians have
the nerve, to do whativir they ft el
like doing.
Now a "dentist claims to have dis
coveieel a serum one shot of which
will make a man till the truth. Let's
tiy it on the eanehdates for office
this year.
From Ohio comes a story of a hen
that lays two igg.s every' weekday
and three on Sundays. Tne Cleveland
I'aindcale-r says that Ohio either has
a mitivellous hin or a maivellous liar
who thougr.t v.p the story.
a a
a a
Peaches or Pines
O woodmon spare that tiee. re
frain frarn futther hacks an do not
swing and sling s() free yon elouble-
.bittel ax. but lend a listening ear to
me and let your arm relax. Our wood
supply i growing scant we should
not chop unle-s we plant. Eie to
Saint Peter's choir I've risen to blend I
my ileep bass voice with his n to
thumb and stunn both flat and sharp
on one size-ten left hanek'd harp
ere this. I say. has come to pass, I'll
sciatch around in leaves and grass
to find an oak or maple seed and
having struck it in the mead and
love-red it with loam and muck, in
later yearn with any luck I'll have
a tree beneath whose boughs the
woiidehucks and the goats mny
browse. What does he plant who
plants a trie?" the poet asks of you
and me. He plants a hope of future 1
good in shade and beauty, fruit or,
wood. So here and there tree seeds
I'll place to tienefit the human race.
Posterity shall view those tiei-s and,
pay me compliments like these. "In
all his vei-e together tossed, that
Rural Rhymer' was a frost; we'ie
good and glad his works are Iot. Hu
as a forestntion factor the bone
head was a right good actor in fact
a blooming benefaitor."
Mi's. (. ,1. Hightouer, aged ill
died at tier home mai Ynrnaby. al
ter'nn illne-s of te-wntj days. Mis
Hightower, who with her husband, (.
J. Hightower. has bien living in IIij -an
County -imc ISbS, has been lov-
visitors, Albeit
Kakin, foundry at
member of the
club and Lorenzo I
love, member of the Ardmore club.
Next week is national father-on
wvik and in keeping with the spirit of
the wick each member of the c'ub
'will bring a boy with him as his
guest, his son if he has one, some
one's ilse sm otherwise.
The heavy tain of Monday after-.
noon did considerable damage to the
west Main street paving, large ec-
turns of it bung mulct mined by v.a'cr
anil niiov eit to stlK iiown ktun
Si ve nth and Tenth avenues. Num-'
emus sm;,i. 'culverts weie al c. wash-
eel away by the huge aim. ml
watei which ft 'I
fuinier tains.
during that
The believed to have originated n
a clothes c-lo-et. at thtce o!o.k
Sunday mottling damaged Willho ti-
liakeiv considerably, although .lui.
i , hup was tuminir out bread withoit,
nm- Intornmlinn niilullh.lnnilnii. ""!.'
damage t.. the building was abo'.:,rn inn-un-M hn iu'st married a wo-
jSl.-.OO and to the fiMines ard sto,k!mnn who icak- only seven- but we'll
-aimtit -i i.uu. itistuance coveiecl
tuut three-fourths of the loss. yv
Willhoite said
More earthquakes in California.
They're awfully sensitive about men
tioning them out there. It's said that
newspapers now use the heading:)
-aiesi movements in Real Estate."
a a
011 can fill n mans
head full of learning,
and even put up side
boards to hold it; but
if his heart is not in
his work, he will ditch
the whole darn outfit.
uck of buzz-savv underneath the
,ide trombone, two saxaphones.
and thou.
1!' .cie . me,
At this fair
t r 1 vv .
playing on a ktttle-
wot Id is wilderness
t'.ll Spiven- sas once there was a
Woman who said she would be ready
in .1 minute and was ready in ex
in' .111 seconds.
si'ence is goldtn, especially when
tax assessot
ne Gknn.
is around opines
and a
maid in
love. They
get married
and they live
happily for one
or two years. Then
they drift apart as
people sometimes have
been known to do in the
course of time. Wife feels
r.egletted and husband slurs
It's the psychological moment
fur a third paity to appear and
so complete this eternal triangle.
Vk hy live w ith the shades eternally
puhid down. Why not open the win
dows of your soul, and see something
worth living for. worth laughing at,
when a fellow lives like a daily fun
eral its time to take a laughing pow
der augli like "all gol darn."
A IH-nison Pastor, who preached
on modern women's dress very appro
pi lately took his text from Revela
"I thought you had given up burnt-
wood ait. dearie."
"Ferdinand, how-
can you be so
he.irtles! This is a pie!"
To kill the gloom, and fill the room
with things worth while just smile.
Long & Short are in business in
Federalsburg. Md
The curfew tolls the knell of parting
The lowing herds wind slowly o'er the
' lea.
The plowman homeward plods his
I weary way.
But. honest
to me'.'
kid now what's n!I that
Mnn is the only animal that can
be skinned more than once
Two Durant lawyers (it won't do
to tell their names) are joshing each
other and being joshed ejuite a bit
by their friend-, over an incident
that occurred iccently when one of
them was asked to sit as a special
judge in a "bootlegging" case. The
one who was temporarily wearing the
judicial ermine was in doubt as to
what penalty to fix in the case. He
called up his fellow barrister and
said. "Say, John. I've got a bootleg-
ger here and didn't know what to give
him." "Well, about $10 a (matt, and
sny. can you git a couple for me?"
" o
By Weare Holbrook
"Just one kiss a week,"
And she smiled as she said it.
"It's wicked to siek
More than one kiss a week."
Then she lifted her cheek
And I used un my credit
"Just one ki-s a week,"
But she smiled as she said it.
Bill Sniv ens says, once upon a time
there was n man who told his boss
that he was being paid too much
money for the woik he was doing,
I's a moral disgrace to go about
yvith a sCovvl nn your fnce. when a
smile can do -o much cooil.
"What is your clog's name'
"Does Ginger Bite?"
"No. Ginger Snap-."
"Judge. I'm down and out."
"May be you're down." said the
wise judge, "nut yoirie not out. six
s .,... ...1 I..
bet on the lndv
"Our mamma is very kind to us,
Every time we drink our codlivcr oil
without crying we get a dime each."
"And what do you do with the
"Mamma buys more oil with it."
Bill Spivcns says, most men like
little women and little womtn like
most nun.
Everything conns to thoe who wait
And the lazy man waits to greit it.
But suctess comes on with rapid gait
To the fellow who goes to meet it.
If a young horse is a colt, a young
cow a calf, a young sheep a lamb,
could you tall the young -camel n
Bill Spiv ens says if men had the
gift of second sight there would be
fewer iais of love at first sight.
"My wife used to play the banjo
"Now she picks on you. 1 suppose."
as follows: "Secretary Fall said.
Alaska alone could pay for the war.'
And the nest day Harding announc
ed he would go to Alaska next June."
0 -IN
Sailor: "We have seen some orange
peel and banana skins floating on the
starboard, sir."
Columbus: ''Was there any ihev.--ing
Sailor: "No, sir."
Columbus: "Then it must be the
West Indiis we're coming to, and
I'd hoped it was going to be Amer
"Girlie, I'd die a hundred deaths
for you."
"It's a sweet dnam, Chariie, We
could get rich on life insurance."
This week's issue carries the an
nouncement of Walter L. Rnmbo.
county commissioner from district
number one of Bryan county, who will
seek another term in this important
office. A little later on Mr. Rambo
will make a more lengthy statiment
in these columns about his candidacy
and just what he has stood for and
will stand for if reelected.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Office over Kimbriel's Drug Stow
Associated with Drs. Colwick &
Colwick, Memorial Hospital,
Durant, Oklahoma.
Pi BRPh vsv' HTS I ,,
M mm
29 and $35
Their wear, their style and good appearance is
guaranteed by Makers you know.
We don't have to tell you they're better clothes
than the juice indicates you know it.
lim: or jilie serges
HiltibrAnd-StAton .
The Best Appnrel under the Sun nt the Most
Reasonable prices.
FRIDAY, APRIL 28. 1qoo
DEACON I like the saying that
MORRILL pie cannot be dirtft
MUSES: morally into M...1. ?
white, but only into various shad I
of gray. Let's all try to bleach out
nui noc uespise too much the m.
v.iiu I- .. muc umr gray than w.
Wm. Gill of Atoka, Okla., is bein
mentioned quite frequently in CwS
county a- probable successor to Sen
ator Cartwright. Senator Cartwright
has moved to Tulsa and advised us ky
letter some time ago that he would
not be a candidate. Mr. Gill has been
very active in Democratic politics for
a number of years and was a mem
ber of the 1019 legislature, when)
he gave a good account of himself.
His activities there on behalf of th
farmer and laboring man wotiM
1 cause his candidacy to have favorallt
consideration, in the event he en
I ters the race and his former exper
1 ience would be of great assistance
I to him. He is strong for good Toads,
holding at this time the position of
secretary-treasurer of the Stradford,
,Coalgate. Atoka and Texarkana di
I vision of the Ozark Trail association.
Mr. Gill has many friends in Coal
'county who would Tally to his sup
port if he should enter the race,
Coalgate Record-Register. "Adv."
I v
1 Insertion Al.rll 28. 1022
3rd iLMTtinn May 12 12J
In thy IHftriot Court (it Bryan Count;,
Ccmn.prce Trust Cimrnny. a Corporttin,
A. W. Walker, llanah Walker and Cbu R.
Allen, DttVndants,
No. 5101.
Ptnte i f Oklalmiua to the defendant! A. Tf.
Wiilker and Hanah 'Walker, greetlne:
Yen are herel.y notified that on the 41k
il.iv of April. 19J2 the above named pUU
till ued vnu in the district court of Bry
an County. Oklahoma. fir the sum of
J32I.9.4" with interest thereon from April
1 l't22 at the rate of 8 per cent per asima
ard the furthir uni of $320 91 attornji
fi-e-. tuccther with foreclosure of morttrt
on the fullnwini: ilescrilied lands.
tti- of V4 N'4 (f NE'i of NWVi of
S'ertii.n 20 Township 5 South, Raofe 1
Fast of tie Ii.dlL late and Meridian, Drj.
un Cumin Oklahoma containing 180 icr
i f iiii'l
Nw therefcre ;ou are hereby notifies
rt th fillrir of snid suit and that you nun
nr.sMir plaintiff s petition on or before
.lui.i 10 1'22 or said petition will lie tslta
i,s true and Judgment rendered accoril-glj
in favor of the plaintiff for the amoMi
sued for with the foreclosure of plaintiff
inortFiipe oi the above lands, with a dr
fliteitliiK the sale thereof.
Mk-ned this 25th day of April 1MJ.
Court Clerk, Bryan County, Okla
Attorneys for Plaintiff.

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