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Durant weekly news. (Durant, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 190?-1944, April 28, 1922, Image 6

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FRIDAY, APRIL 28. 1f)?9
The Pith ant Weekly News
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THAN .MVllMi.liini IN l(El
Locals Make till Points
Sihool's II.
To Sherman IIvirt on Condition l'p To Dennis
K-i)n.it ion Announced.
The Teacher's College 'lack tciin
won a track imet fiom Austin Cul
lege. Sherman. Iat Kiiday. timing
CO points to Shi i mans (( in the
Cobb yf Duiniit, lani'd tlintoen of Junt;
DuraliiV sixty point, nut'iming any
other individual of tithct team, lie
suits of each event wcie:
100-yard dash I-'irst, Head. Aus
tin; 10;1-.). Su-ond. 0,hb. S. V.. X.
8S0-yard da-h Firt. tt'ilco,
Austin; 1:18. Si-u.ml lMb.-uk. S. K.
Pole Vault Kir-t, flilwin, S. E.
N.; 10 feet. Sicond. Robinson. Aus
tin. 220-yard dash First. Cobb. S. K.
N.. 24 l-o. Second, Iliad. Austin.
220-yard Low H.ndlc First. I)u
pny, Austin; 20 .'(-."j. Seiond. LovinK
E. N.. St
High Jump First, Crawford, S.
E. N.; 5 ft. 5 in; Second. Miller. Ails
tin. Mile Kun First. Roberts. S. E. X.
D.20. Second Craig. S. E. X.
440-yard da-h First. Cobb, S. E.
N.; f2 1-5. Sicond. Iliad, Austin.
Broad Jump First, Witt. S. E. X.;
19 feet ll'i. Second Gibson, S. E. X.
120-yard High Hurdles First. Gib
uon, S. E. N; li 2-5. Second Duprey,
Shot Put First. WiNon. Austin;
88 ft. 10',i. Second. Boyctt. S. E. X.
Javelin Throw First. Witt. S. E.
N.; 141.C. Second. WiNon. Austin
Relay First Austin.
, The state Wis paid to defi
T,1lr(:y;TF,rhV "pyt'tt, . 'S7.,-.:4.i.-,i.7:, , has realize!
eiond, Wilson. Austin; 102.fi. )tm. a,sl,ts $1!n,., WM3, leavii
Candidates for offices at the state
wide primary August 1 must file be
tween Monday. April 21, and .Monday.
June 12. auording to W. 0. MoAlis
tcr. secretary of thr state eleition
According to law, the legistintion
period must open one luindiid days
before the primary election, and close
fifty days before that date. All can
didates whoi' names appear upon the
official ballots must agister before
June 12. it is stated.
At the primary election August 1,
democratic, lepubliian and socialist
candidates for congress, governor,
lieutenant-governor, secietary of
state, attorney general, state treas
urer, superinti ndent of public institu
tion, state examiner, commissioner of
labor, state commissioner of chanties
and conections. state insurance com
missioner, president of tile boaid of
agriculture, one member of the coi
poration commission, cleik of su
preme court, chief mine inspector, as
sistant mine inspector for the first,
second and third districts, judges of
the supreme court from the third,
fourth and s,.enth ditiict. judge of
criminal louit of appeals fnim the
northern distiiu. di-nut judges
from the twenty-nine distrii--. sena
tors fiom twinty-twn distiirts and
representative liom M7 li'ticts will
be chosen.
Almost at the same time when
an appeal was filed in the case
if Lee Peters, negro, sentenced to be
electrocuted Friday. Governor Rob
ertson granted a reprievve of sixty
days in order that an appeal may
be had. Peters was first convicted
on a charge of manslaughter and
was given ten years in the peniten
tiary. Application was made and a
new trial granted. He was then given
the death sentence, with execution
set for April 21. Recently the case
was referred by the Governor to the
Criminal Court of Appeals, the lat
ter advising that it was a cae where
evecutive clemency might be exer
cisid in the action the Criminal
Court of Appeals notifiel the
warden of the penitentiary to post
pone execution until the court had
passed on the appeal.
"America's foremost writers
i! ml men of letters use It."
P, "Z. hi
They're so light -so compact
eliminate tiresome hand writ
ing they make writing a
See one ileinonst rated.
M. i:ANS, Dealer
11 I North
Have You One?
This maiin from the mind of one of Ameri
ca's bivalent thinkers should Mrike home with
the young men of llryan Couut,. Our most
succe.sstul business men heeded it in their youth
and are happ for having done o. They prac
tised Thrilt without personal inconvenience
and tlie dollars they thus aved proved the
foundations for their present fortunes.
Thus, if the future and its possibilities mean
anything to you, young man. it would he bust
that you heed Franklin's good advice.
Resources over $1,500,000
The total di flip in the giiai.inlj
nn.il of the state banking tlepait
inent was .s2.o!'l,120..'s: on Filuimiy
!', acioiding to a lepoit of inspection
of that depaitmeut, toveiing from,
1. P.21, to the resignation of
1'rul Dennis as bank commissioner. '
nuide by Colin Valentine, deputy'
state e.saminer and inspector. .
Sinn- that time then hae been
sewiul failures but until the liuui-
dating agents now handling the many)
banks in their hands have made a
leport of the asets and liabilities, it
will be impossible to determine just
what additional deficit will be
ihaiged to the guaranty fund, it is
A tabulation of the state banks
whiih hae failed since the beginning
of the operation of the state bank
ing law shows eighty-three failures.
The state hns paid to depositors
I from
ing the
tate S."i..")o!).t."2.btJ "in the hole."
Oklahoma City bank failures have
cost the state more than $1,000,000.
Chairman of State Election Board
Replies to Owen's Attack
What the Records Disclose With Reference to J. A. Barbre and His
Alleged Connection With the State Highway Department
In the issue of April 6th, 1
homan there appeared concer
Thomas II. Owen as follows:
..'. of the Daily Okla
m me a statement by
"The pity of it is that the gevnior will be required
to prove his innocence, althouuh. under the law, he is
presumed to be innocent until Ins guilt is proved. The
people have pre-judged him uii'ty and lie prepared
the minds of the people to pn -nidge him guilty when
he surrounded himself with tt like Jesse Barbre,
chairman of the election boanl who has now "what
amounts to a complete mono y of furnishing gravel
on all state road projects that ; ass through the high
way department."
The first part of the above suu'inent in effect says
that the Governor is presumed to be guilty and will
have to prove his innocence mi account of having
connected himself with me; having reference doubt
less, to my activity in the IJeliertson primary cam
paign. Seven das after the Coventor was elected
1 received the following letter ironi this same Thomas
II. Owen:
Supreme Court of Oklahoma
Oklahoma ' it
'1'lioma.s II. Owen
Xotcmber 11. li'ls
Honorable J. A. Itarbre,
Phoenix lluilding.
Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Dear Sir:
1 Uh ti congratulate ou on the splendid result obtained
in the election in .Muskogee Courly. You had a good organiza
tion and dcscrie much credit fur the work ou did. I am quite
sure that Judge ItobertMin deeply appreciates your efforts and
the efficiency of jour work. In a conversation I had with him
Sunday of this week, he spoke of jou in the most complimen
tary terms. I suggested ou to him ius the proper man for his
pri.ite secretary. He told me he had not made any selection,
and I shall be surprised if he does not offer jou the position.
He asked me particularly about your business and whether I
thought j mi would care to h.e the position. I should like very
muih to st-e jou take it. I know jou could render the adminis
tration much aluable scmic mil would put jou directly in line
for better things.
With kindest pcr-on.il
continued sucies., I remain
r-'j.irds and be-t wihcs for jour
our friend.
The latter part ol tin- above statement in effect,
-ays "That 1 have a i 'ply on the gravel used by
th- Highway Depant.'i ' of this state." The public
records of said department with reference thereto
disclose the following:
Theie have been thin -five Federal Aid road pro
jects completed or under construction during this
administration, ninetei-n of these projects were con
structed of concrete. Inn k or asphalt types of materi
al tr'iiiina (Snivel canim' be and is never an ingredi
ent of any of these typ. s.)
The remaining sixtem Federal Aid projects were
constructed and completed with gravel, nine of which
projects were construe- 1 of local gravel, and the
remaining seven t tln thirty-five Federal Aid
projects were consirui'nl of Salimi (travel, which
was sold to the con' i actors direct by the Salina
("travel Company, a coloration of which I am pres
ident. The gravel fur these seven projects has been
or will be shipped to tin- following five counties:
Muskogee. Wagoner .Mcintosh. Bryan and Rogers.
1 respectfully rel'ei
Count Commissioners
whether the Depart!
ever suggested the ti.
not prat thai or econi'i
any interested person to the
of the above counties as to
nt of Highways of this State
of Salina (.'travel when it was
i teal to use the same.
1 desire further, to 'vfer any iuten sted person to
any louun coinniissniuer or reputable engineer in
the State of Oklahoma who is familiar with Salina
(travel as to the merits of this material for road
buikling purposes.
After the publication of the above statement in the
Daily Oklahoman of April Cth, there appeared an
editorial in the Muskogee Times-Democrat, in the
issue of April the Sth, the editor of which news
paper is a supporter of Thomas H. Owen. The ed
itorial is as follows:
"Judge Owen may have information relative to
the state highway department of which we are not
informed, but so far as Muskogee county is concerned
we believe the folks are pretty well sold on this de
partment. The state highway department has in a
measure been responsible for the roads build in Mus
kogee county on which federal aid was secured, and
this means most of the hard surface roads in ftie
county. Up to this time we have never heard a word
that would indicate inefficiency or graft on the part
of the department. Judge Owen's statement concern
ing Gov. Robertson and including the state highway
department as his appointees, which they are. comes
as a surprise to many in this county. We do not know
what information the judge has but the highway de
partment has certainly assisted Muskogee county in
its road building program and we are sorry to hear of
aspersions being cast in that direction. Of course, if
they are true, then that is a different matter. We
hope tin judge is mistaken." 4-S-22
The above editorial speaks the sentiment of the
people in Muskogee county where both of us reside.
in another issue of the Daily Oklahoman of April
12th. VJTJ, Thomas H. Owen again made concern
ing me the following statement:
'I do not approve the conduct of the highway de
partment in various hard-surface road projects
throughout the state, where the contractors are, for
all intents and purposes, required to use salina grav
el purchased from Jesse Barbre one of Robertson's
campaign managers and chairman of the state elec
tion board the taxpayers pa.ing the excessive
freight rates incident to shipping this gravel to sec
tions of the state remote from the gravel bed. Xeitln r
do 1 approve Barbre's having what amounts to a
monoply in making surety bonds covering contnu's
let through this department."
In the latter part of the above statement it is ii
effect said, that 1 have what amounts to a monrpeh
in the making of surety bonds concerning contracs
lei through the State Department of Ilighwavs.
On this proposition the public records of the High
way Department disclose the following facts:
Total amount of bonds filed during this adminis
tration covering contracts let by the Highway De
partment is S10.10S.70iJ.tl7.
The same record further discloses that all of the
foregoing bonds I was only interested in or executed
$l,S34,Sr.4.37 of bonds of which $1,0S4,59S.41 was
written by me on Muskogee County projects.
I was appointed Chairman of the State Election
Board and in. appointment was confirmed by tlic
Senate, without my knowledge or procurement. I
have been and in the future will be fair to all can
didates both in primaries and general elections. I
have never used this office or any connection wiU
it to further my business interests. I am not now
and have never been in my life a candidate for pub
lic office, mid at this time I am willing to leave to
the judgment of the citizenship of Muskogee Coun
ty where we have both a long time resided, the merits
of his personal attack upon me and my private busi
ness affairs.
I know or no reason why he should attack m hi
this manner unless it should be to relieve the serious
pressure brought about by the constant whispering
attacks against his private and public life, for whi'
I am in no way responsible.
(Political Advertisement)
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