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Durant weekly news. (Durant, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 190?-1944, July 28, 1922, Image 1

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Fhe Durant Weekly News
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ll.nl Charge f Situa
.,1 in Sherman and
levi- Wednesda
lay if the comine- weclt flu.
Democrats nf Oklahoma will elect
iiipir nominee lor Governor of Okla
homa. So far tin- campaign has been
marked by a display of much parti
san bitterness nn tho n.irl nf tin. fnp.
f. r Denton. Texas of- ces of Messrs. Owen "nnd Walton.
uUoi'k Wednesday "Bankers' Candidate," "mathine can-
". was placed in cf- dictate." "Daily Oklahoman dominn-
aniation of Governor tion" have been some of the principal
xa to cover the fol- charges made against Owen by the
t 'Walton forces. The Owen representa-
almig the Missouri, tives have hurled at the Walton gang
. Railway from north-' the charge of being a "bunch of so-
.( stniii and for a dis-, cialists." runnlntr on a nlatfnrm lik-e
feet on either side to a I unto the works of bolshcvist Russia, fl.".ltn 'votes to be
f(l.t south of the southland dominated by the "non-partisan Probably' the h
the Kav l arcis. souin ' league. '
Biggest Vole In History Of Bryan .CnmpaiKn Committee Estimates fan
County Is Anticipated To He I didate Will Iteuivo Plurality of
Cat in Primary iiOO Votes in Bryan County
Never before in the history of Bry-i The Hi. van County Wilson for Gov
nn county hai. the campaign gotten iei nor Club officials predict today that
o warm as tins year, and the larc
I lirix-heriit.il' Had Been Warned Not
To Tltr-h Oats for (i. C. Jones
est vole in tne county s history is
expected to bo cast next Tuesday
when the primary election comes off.
Estimates of the total vote to be
cast run from G.fiOO to 7.000. Folks
tudying the situation expect about
0 votes to tie cast.
robably the hottest race in local
interest is the Governor's race. Little
Thursday morning, when starting
to thresh oats for G. C. Jones, two
mile north of Yamaby, two pieces
n it. wiicnM r.nr..i;.ioin r.,- r:..i-nF.iv ' of iron, which had hrcn secreted in
will carry the county at the election hundles ,of oats, were run through
next Tuesday, by a plurality of nt' separator of the threshing outfit.
jenst. live Hundred votes, witli some ''" "' miiii'v.m..,.
of the organization workers predict-1 Hirther investigation discovered the
ing a margin of as much ns one Pe-;encc of three sticks of dynnmi'o
thousand votes. While these pro-, hidden In other bundles of oats, Tlad
dictions of what will come of nn elec-, these bundles gone through tne
tion are generally regarded as guess thresher, a tragedy of big proportion
won:, the local organization has made ''" - " "--- "
That N What Walton .Might Try
Do If Flerted Governor. His
Itciord Proves The Fact
, . f n If 11 t L. ""'V " w niM'.iiiirt i) invi.1 imii , iiwini un; iiiiiii iiiKuiiu.iiuini inn uimiv
i u eampnign of K. II .Wilson has groups of men may be found all over n very careful canvass of the strength , Mr. Jones, it is icported to this
ICf 5'
I; the
it ,
. . ... - ... - . -- ------ .,..- .
nn along the tracKsibeen held lltion a Inch nlanc. with the ..! ni nil hniira nf .im. j;i,lni.
- Texas Central and ' candidate espousing leal issues, renl (Ik. rnlntiv,. i..r!iv ..r timir n''r..ii-
v,n Francisco, known as; plans for alleviating present evils be- date and making their predictions of
just how the vote will go.
TKe sheriff's race probably holds
the center of the stage locally with
the contest for county judge a close
The complete list of seekers' for
Democratic nnminntinns for i-mintv
No loyal Democrat should fail to office, ns furnished hv Tom Benson
appreciate the high ideals of Mr. Wil- secretary of the election board, are
on's campaign. It has been a cam- as follows:
paign of constructive interest rather For County Judge: John Finney
than a campaign of party and charac- and S. W. Maytubhy. jr.
ter destruction. For County Attorney: Stanley Wil-
Whom shall we, the Democrats of Hams and J. A. Shirlev.
Oklahoma, chooo? Shall it be Walton For Sheriff: Ruel Taylor. John
or Owen? How in the world could Conn and Tom Tabor.
Grav-on County, ing the theme instead of the defninn-
t law is invoked and .tion made of opposition. By reason of
Mere ordered to Sher-1 misleading and erroneous charges
ill re. "to preserve the made upon him by the opposition, Mr.
t c-mimeue. lile and v nson lias paused on occasion onlv
long enough to refute such insinua
tions and attacks.
like ' "
lina "
la ca'K
niiinerous instances of
ed including personal
i, n worKing as svrinu
to railroad property.
,incer- were in charge
, in and on everal ln-
. cd threatening crowds.
it nn warranted complete
i .ntv. the Governor de-
,i pergonal investigation
i days.
i ,.f Denisnn. as a result
e-tless state. Groups of
in the street and talk in
n i hut disperse when a
(iurci anp.ars. business lias Dcen
fly di!" '" " ine imposition oi
1 ..! 4Lr. nHilwn nll4A1a
t;iu ano Hie l-uiiic un.iti.-ii
a- if a storm cloud hung
lirktail t ven in the dead ;t nigni
ittn.t iu'H's ana ngnis in i:un-
of iv-idences and business
je-rii' 'iiuiliu.iu
ji;r ( , i-uir is determined mat
He 'rs'i1 i"-Mie -nan ue coniinuea
.-ard - -f 'he "trike, and that
! ma r.vi go on ana me oiainaiy
ITT.' ' 'IIHH"-
TK' ficnprul Strike Situation
iDjrri: . vi-ek the strike situa-
; hi . itargcd materially save
Bat a p 'id panics aie wearing
Id'ri -uffering. The fact
la: a ' nine and the ti up
re-. mimerre is threaten-
h 't i 'Ke hi ought nbnyt a
lrt':rp f 'Mi rre.-ulent s cainnet
rda - h di-ided that the IJail-
lar Li' I si rJ i the only agency
:k . t" act.
I: - (I. it fiom the new- ili-
k'Ae i l'--'h -trikers and eni-
Ijff I i ate. Neitbei- np-
tar- ' iu and take in order
i e-c .atiiiii. and the possi-
' 'I. ,il taking over of all
" far di-tant, it appear-.
i almost complete tie-
' it '...rtation would demora-
I iid of business in the
,ir'l 1 "-ing about a condition of
y h uould lequire years to
ir" ft im which thousands
.i1 I hundred- of concerns
ti-jii r merge. It is undoubt-
fj m ' -erioits situation this
d in a half a century
v etion of the great
Owen or Owen's friends and support
ers support Walton in. the general
election, after such charges have been
passed by Walton against Owen. By
the same token, how on earth could
For Court Clerk: Iacy Grimes, and
Frank Buford.
For Tax Assessor: Lonnic Glenn.
George Pratt and R. B. Clear.
For County Clerk; Earl Ward and
Walton's following support Owen, im- Walter Mills.
mediately after calling him the "in- For County Treasurer: J. A. Moore
strument of oppression" and a "20011 and E. P. Goad.
per cent interest extortioner?" For County Superintendent: J. Lee
uemocrais, waiton anu uwen nave Cunningham and Ceph Shocmake.
of the various candidates in eveiv . naner had been eieeted from the Farm
community in the county, and insert Labor Union, for reasons which this
that the prediction is based uniin ac- paper wa not given. The thresher,
tunl check up of large numher- of Malcolm Henry', living in tne same
people. community, -aid that he had been re
It is certain that Wilson has gained peatedly warned not to attempt to do
much s-lrcneth in the county the nast thresbincr for Mr. Jones. He did not
week. It is also certain that th- take the warnings seriously he snid,
speeches of Mr. Walton nt Caddo au-1 and made his set Wednesday to start
at Dutant lust week lost that gentle- threshing Thursday. The thresher
man many votes. This is 'evidenced hnd not been nt work long when the
by many folks who assert publicly iron pieces went through the machine
that the" speeches caused them to de-1 tearing it up badly." nnd shortly the
sert Walton. Mr. Owen does not seem dynamite was found,
to have lost ground, although the in- ( The sheriff's force is making an in
dications me that his candidncv has vesticratinn of the attempt sabotage.
not gained any ground locally the The community is pretty well excited
past week, due probaiily in part to a over the occurrence.
sort of let up in the work of thei ..
Owen folks locally. TE TBXAS ELECTIONS
rii'i'n urn iiirii;iiis ) ii'in 1111.CI1
communities in the county in which!
In the Texas elections held last Sat-
eliminated themselves as possible can
didates to lead the Democratic party
to victory against the Republicans in
November. We must not cannot
have the horrid Gore-Ferris episode
With a public record dating back
t.o January 1011. more than eleven emment. He has demonstrated this
years ago. R. II. Wilson stands forth knowledge through years of faithful.
For County Surveyor: Vamer Stin-
For County Weigher: B. F. Pinsnn
and .1. Sm Wright.
For Commissioner, District 1: Wal
ls the man of the hour in the Demo
cracy of this fair State. His demo
cracy is unquestioned. He has been
faithful. His character i- unblem
ished and beyond besmirching. He
's a man of statesmanlike quality. He
'00k our school system in its mfan-
efficient nnd far seeing service. He
will give us a good government of,
by and for the people of Oklahoma,
.No machine will dominate
ii..tii.ii. No clique will be the in
side or invisible government.
Vote for K. II. Wilson for Gover-
Uiiillliiiuiilii '- ill 1111: lulu.!, ... .....v... , , . .
complete change of opinion has been "rday several nn'ff
noted the past weeklarge numbers t'J' chief one of which was that the
of people coming out for Wilson, who "Man" candidates, so called, lead I in
heretofore had not been identified ' practically every State and in most
with any candidate, and other num-!"" V ,rnctPR- Govc0' ,
hers flopping from other candidates running for reelection was nominated
tr, Wiknn hy a good majority over a field of five
Ol'oni . .:... ui-Jriimliitales. For the United States
1111s cnange in st-iiuim-m- miuvii -- f. , , i in'
has al-o been seen in almost every. Senate. Earl I Jtayf eld. n open Man
county in the State is the result 01 i""." - ";,."-:.
the conviction that Wilson is the '''nor Ferguson second, Putting the
strongest candidate with which to win ' eniuor 01 tinny-year
,.'r. tin. l'..,i.il.1i.Mifiu in rvnviimhnr. 'ii. vuii'i-i.--'ii. ...
y and has molded and shaped it until nor next Tuesday and insure the
now Oklahoma stands well to the fore- .Humph of the Democracy at the No
front in education nnd Oklahoma i- umber elections and a four year
iroud of her schools. -, peiiod of government such as Okla-
Wilson know the science of gov-'humans are entitled to have.
of service,
third place. In
and is the strongest candidate for the ' Texas, unless a ci ) w
nomination on whom to center in order lm ".)"' "" , " '" "".
t ,lif..ni D,n ,n.l,Vnl element in the!iace. there is a second or run-off or
.u : . ..!.....: nniirv between the two high candl
im.iy.u we ,i,i . .v....,.,. f wjlJ bu hcl(, jn T(xni)
- I August 2."). There is no run-off in
his admin-, ter Rambo, Clint Ethendge, C. r.,the governors race, as wen. mso
Stveetnian. -uppo-eu 10 ne n kuui (.iiiiiiii.iii-
.Fi.r Cnniniissioner. District 2: J. R.'ieieived a majority. In the Senator's
McLaughlin and A. C. Henidon. Vice, however. Mayfield and rorgusnn
I.'...-Cnmniissioner. District H: J. W. have another election in August. In
l.. u' II r'l.miiiimr.:. It.nnsnn I'm-1 1 liis r:u e Hie issue will be clearly de
"ish I fined, with Ku Klux Klan on one side
L'.ir l.eL'ii,lature: Frank Naylur. K. ami anti-Ku Mux Man on me omcr
I P. White, V.C. Phillips. C.E. Thornleyside.
xTMznjmn: ! Tma;itnwJ.VM;.u,HKg,gn'rBJHrjgaKgaSrJ
5- i-iisl- -A-sr---A'.- --w-i--r-.-. . - .w . . . - .
Vote For
'in the arrival of the
' -on. Texas State La
im i Jo-eph S. Myers
-"lull, with the declnr-i-
a nig of soldiers in a
an outrage. Gover-i-setts.
however, that
ftmz To It That Coal And Neces-
Htic. t. rr;insnnrpil Tn Ilser.s
Ik 'i tinieiit is nnw ilefinitelv
L"-.ft rn, ,r ,. ,lirontinn nf f reie-Sr. I I
'f1 ;il .'mil ntlinr nr.pi.sitles I
"t t ri-is growing out of the I B
'1 tl Pi, friL-ns
TK I'r !i nt hfiv cnt nn ..nnf lo
1 If- fct ., ;. n "eonlv distribution
ftvr it under the temnorarv
aiT in I- , ,f c,in..n-, IT,r
P - r (l''ll I ,n t.i llfinl'np nnmnnsn
. - ...... ivi vunn"i-.,
,J ' f y General Daugherty. Sec-
S'!' f 'h. lntnrini- T7nll nnA rnm-
Plfcr i..hi-on of the Interstate
1 mmi-sion.
"umber of this powerful
A f
y- v
pi'hf.r ii
f (lt-r!
t .
nil b" added later to
' administrative direc-
i- understood that War-
dministrator Harry A.
c g considered for the
' mate character of tho
'" 1 depend upon the
nting the Nation, it
"e in beginning the
'f ilt ta-k ahead of it.
Shaw of Poteau, one nf
""ma's foremost jur-
rs. -poke here Tues-
lie court houe in the .
1 friend R. II. Wilson.!
f-p Democratic nomina-j
r r of Oklahoma. Quite j
me out to hear Judge j
"' heard one of thy
'hat has been made '
" me Judge S'.iaw was I
! by Attorney C. i
'as billed for a speech
'lay afternoon, bui due
' y the trains are run-
' M'ter he did not arrive
me to fill thi Caddo
zf tie is honest, iwnoraoie, lvanvaa nun '
, He owes no allegiance to any individual or class of in
Pile does not fiqM booze, nor was ever known to gam-
ZiHis morals were never questioned.
He stands for a clean county and strict law enforce
He is qualified.
To while men and women, it is
unthinkable that the day might corns,
when negroes are permitted by law
and custom to intermingle with the
whites on a basis of social equality.
That is an indisputable fact. In Ok
lahoma, we have laws providing for
pnarate schools, separate waiting
rooms, separate pa"-enger coaches,
separate churches, separate hotels,
separate everything that has to do
with the public u-cmbly or public
movement of the people.
All indications point to the proba
bility that if selected at Governor
of Oklahoma, one Jnck Walton would
seek for the enactment of laws and
customs that would allow negroes to
intermingle with white people on the
basis of social equality.
W e have only to point to the record.
Mr. Walton is nt present mayor of
Oklahoma City. On Thursday. Oc
tober 20. 1K21 (just last fall.) Mr.
Walton presented n motion to the city
commissioners of Oklahoma City pro
viding that negroes be allowed all the
rights and privileges and courtesies
of whites nt the city library in Okla
homa City. The motion died for want
of a second. The record of the mo
tion will be found in Minute Book No.
II., page ri-18 of the Commissioners of;
Oklahoma City. The minutes read.
"Moved by Mr. Walton that the Li
brary Board nnd employees be in
structed to permit the negroes of
Oklahoma City to have the samo
courtesies as they do any race that
avails itself of the privileges at tho
city Library. Motion failed to carry
for the want of a second". Mr. W. E.
Utterback. of this city, is in posses
sion of the original of n certified copy
of this notation on the minutes, certi
fied to at Oklahoma City by C. F.
Semmelhnck, city Clerk of Oklahoma
City where it may be seen upon ap
plication. That is only a tnrler
One of the state organizers of the
Oklahoma Reconstruction League is
a negro by the name of Bounight. He
is said to reside in -the northeastern
part of Hryan county in the Bur-o
community. Hi- negro neighbors re
fer to liiin a- ii "gii.diiated nigger"
and t'n others of hi- line hold him in
a -oil of revel euro. TIim negio has
been making speeches in Bryan coun
ty on behalf of Jack Walton. On Tues
day of In-t week he spoke to an au
dience of white men and women nt
Manning ihuol am ... iluee miles
.oiitb of Bennington I'e was Intro
iliiied . it is ii'imited b a white man.
a radical socialist hv the name of
Daniels. He ha- made -till other
speeches. He wn- invited to make
the.'e speeches, looking to "the bro
therhood of man" tl.e News i-. in
foimeil. He is invited to make a
peecli at the pimic to be held at
Bennington the ln-t two davs of this
week, and we aie informed, has ac
cepted the imitation, and will make
the speeih. Wedne-da.v of last week,
he w.i.- in Bennington, with -ome of
hi- h"t chiiien, and t- m iiiiiii nent
danger of uolcnrc a the eitiren- of
that town iom'IiIciI his ore 'mutinn
tn taking the pliitfmm t-' a Mrcs
white men and women, even at iheir
own invitation. On the advice of :.n
of fuel of the l.iw . we are advised,
he liimiedly left the town of Ben
ningtou Mr. Walton'- motion to the uy
i-oliiiiii-sumei .l OKI. ill ma l is
all opening widge tn the eii'ictment
of t.ite laws fin intermingling the
white and liegio nice-.
Would von hae your children sit
side by sidi with negroes m the pub
lic schools?
Would ii hac you i wi.es and
daughters sil side by side with
iiegiocs in your church?
Would you hae sour wife or daugh
ter sit sfde by side with a "nigger
buck" on a p'i--enger tiai'i"
Would you base negioe- as town
ship county ami -tat- ff ! -r ''
Those are ju-t the conditions to
which you might become subject
with Jack Walloii a- Governor of Ok
lahoma and with a legi-hitine swayed
by a tiiajoiitv of h's Kind.
'Think it over caiefully white men
nml women
We have settled the negro (lliestion
in Oklahoma o long as Democrats
are ill power
If we thoughtless l plaie in office
red soiinlisls. pnlit n nl tiick-ters nnd
demagogues like Walton and his
erjwd the table- "' be 'urned noun
us in a way whiih will foiever humil
iale and haunt us.
11. k
" not be an unmixed
vuuv ,4 UIIJI VVUIllUll
V....1. , ""' to marry at every
'!!!' runirits
To the Vulel
Pull that blind ft
that bus In en nolle
the co railed union
you are going
far away fiom tin
f the Democratic
in off your eyes,
il iim i them by
.mil ! where
fine oii get too
Demon nt if paily.
Tom Tabor for Sheriff Club
1 s:iv if m aie a I'emoi'rat. vote
the Di'tnoinilii lirkit: and if u
are a Kepublii-aii- vote the republican
ticket. Dou'l be mi led by anv such
a thing as lo mm our late : nm-t
of you -urely know thai the so nilleil
iinliin i' iiiiuiiiig on the I'emonain
llel.el in Oklahoma and on 'he Itc
pilblit'illi tiikel "I other -t.ite- Si.
you con filer what you do befme you
casl your ole Let me beg you to
stiik to youi old party.
As a fannei of BiAiin niunt). -t.iy
with I lie Democratic paity
,i a. uoriiNi:.
"U'nrn to play golf in a Ford." nd
vl'Ct our special correspondent in Du
rnnt. "Do the driving tur'elf nnd
the Ford will do Hie putting."
&.i.ii.imiLim,imw MWgMMIIimBWma
-" ir tcv-n.

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