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Durant weekly news. (Durant, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 190?-1944, August 04, 1922, Image 8

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I '
(, ire Piuitt find wife - cut Sun-
'.1,1.1,. -pent i..-t w-ik l.i at Mi. Morgan's neat- (..Ihort
i'i:.)M Ki:Ni:rui
Up. I!. I', i i Kt- f Aidm-m- wa
ill Kcnof-,! ! nlu .Hid 'I'm ilii.
Mi-- A 1 ! 1 1 . liuiiiii'i if Mmiiiit i
ni'iiilinL' tin t.i-il. Willi Mi- ' hailinc
M.. Ti i i
..i.i,,. I,. ,..!,. ( Mr. Oltii .smith. ' Mr. anil Mi
Walter M.-t 'il and tiiiiul -pent W. Ciebb. Sunday.
Aiiunlnv in Durant. . -I-C. M.-Fnilaml .f. nii.l .ji -v. r
Mrs. .lim Ltcliics,,., ..I' Diiimii l-guet at Mr. Aii.ler-.i.i s i Sunday.
I-JHIldillg tin- Wfk v.itll .Ml'-, C. W. '."'la mm
si,.,.,. i Mm ill -m-nt
Mr." and .Mi-. Hodge Fn -'iit Sun Dinhuoith
lav at thi. Kmic of Mr-. l'"'- par-1 I-"',"1'1 I.-'"1,1, ' vi-'ting friend
m.. ,..i iiw. c. .,.... v.,1 ..v. tctauw in n-a- im ween.
school began Monday. Jul :tlst.'
.ill- -.ll,-i.iu-i.. " (.I'"M-.1 , ,. .
Several fniin hole nttoiuli'il i liurcn , ' enguc. ""', ' "" i"-
i VfliilU- Sunday night. SuihIhj and Min.liiy nijtht.
Mr-. I.inn llniisl- and tliil.h.ti -pent Mi- '"'V'"., "f ' "lla" ,"X ,
s,.,,-da night and Sunday at .lohn v -mug l' 1-t .tli.-i-- I.on and ( harl
f"!r. Dill.. Hal f Ki..tt v-ltcd '.Ml- M-.rie Stephen- pent Frida,
- mi.Ii.' Ni.i I'-h-ui . the night ith Mi- eldn Icikin-.m.
. .Mi .lew-II Shaip tin mI dinner wild
"'. ' ...' i ' i.i ti .... Mi- .levwl IMdin Sunday.
. i. , lull.- i-ii'i - Sunday.
Thb BIT ft NT w"f Y Npwq ;
.. ,. ..,.. Cminhell's bal.y is sick. I ITEMS FROM " ASETTA
i mm i.c.mi.s nil. i. " - . . ...
Ton late for last week
Sutiil:i. School and Kpworth !.
Colbert spent Saturday night win, l I
.1. t .... f
.1 1 .. .! 11 Hlllliriii mi i
1 l'.il mill Illll lriitllll W "-- .------- .-.. , it .Ullll-4 n. I
There was a -ocial pariv at me "' ,-"'m V , i7, dtiL In Cad-' nleht. -"urar
,,. of Mrs. King's Monday night. Ileatricc ( ooch were ..hopping in Cad night mtcrtallm ,
it. I -lie nail ia-1 hit oir mi.. ...... ..v ,. Wennipq whn tinu 1
i .. ..I..
I liit mii vl-ited at '
Mi Shnley will imt iii'iu- nut line
.in' winter.
Mr. and Mr-'. Spe r- and Mr. and
,' .Inn Watt- sju.iil Tui'sila at
ti t..n'
Tn.. -uiiliilel i lend lii'irali Wedtie-
, ,,. Auu' '-.
Tin l.aln.r I'nii.n i- t.ikint; in in w
iiil.el- aliinut i .-! y week, lti-irul.il-..tiitL--
eeiy Satiuilay nitfht.
M,.' (iiial Hefner from Pleasant Leonard and Leo Murry made.
Mill weie Mitintr in this eoiiiiiuinity lm-inosM trip to Demson Satuulay
illV Ignite a hunch of younu folks at
" S.'-vri'al I'l'ii'i I"'"' iit'i'n'1 ,,liu"'h tended .siiiKinpf at Murray H,l Sun(al"
...'....i.i .miil:i niirht. nijrht.
t t aililn Miniia iubih. ..--.-
Mi.s (it an- and I.illU' Vimi-nt i'- ranee Weenies and Mine, Jlaj.
1,.,'tame.l a few of their f. lends Sat field .spent the nitrht with Lena Re'
I..,. .,1.-1.1 id had a tllie time. , nei-im-.- oiuiu.iy infill
Mi.s DnmtliJ .Meadiir i
the weel, with frietul- m
.Mr. and Mr-. I'red Wa-hiiiKton
vi-ited in Huiant l-'riday.
Edna Haley i- viitintr her -i-tei.
Mi-. l' in f'.tildo this week.
Mr. and Ml-. John Mavis is at home
after a month'- vi-it at diffeient
points in Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mi.-. K. L. Uliea vi-ited in
Minant last week.
Mis- Maty 'lankm of Muraiil vis
ited friend- i-i Keiiefirk Saluiday
and Sunday.
Mrs. T. C ISaliliff w.i- -hopplnp in
Purant Satuulay.
Mi1-- Lillian Well- who attended the
Normal at Moratit this "iiiniiier i- at
Charline and Lee Well- weie in Du
rant Tin- day.
Mis- .vv' Unvis after an exlendrd
visit with lel.t'ives in TMioniinuo and
Milhurn ii-tu -tied homo this week.
.lolm Waher and wife an
riaietta.iint-' '' lev. ilay- near nailer.
Mr. anil Mrs. Koliert Moseley anil
-i-ter of Caleia ate vi-itini; trrand
ma tiiirer thi- wiek.
Thanie Cohle of Mtiliy Mill i- -tay-itm
thi- weel. with her i-ter'. Mr-.
t.ntitfly anr' Mr-. White.
Pete Jail. -on and family vi-ited
Kdd Clark la-t week.
.Mi Kili'h Jail, .i vi-iK! .Mi-
elda IVll.ili- .smiila.. atteliioon.
M1--1- Itie. Hi.npe and Man.
Stepln ti- tool, dililiei with Mr.-. Ol .
.N'elm.- Siiinla.v.
tirval Mini., the little -on of Mi
and Mr-. l. L. liuike. happened t..1
the auideiit of irettinj? kicked in tin .
und.iv with I'lona l'.n'il hy " m1'1'' Thur-day afternoon
He i- re-tiiur a- at tin- wiitinjr.
Opal IMdin- is -nk at tins writing
Mm. Mrown and v ife took .supper
with Mr. and Mr-. IVikm- Sunilu i
... . . ....... ..... ..!..... .. 1.i...ii .It... H'n.'n
r , am;;... .rsi r . . . : ; u,K .,., m m, nunu.r a,,., mmiiy m.
CI) I" I .1I" I. mill .Miin-wn iJM.iui... ...
Lueian Mddni- vi-ited in Cnleia j-lie y umg people of their eoniliict lu-
.Suiidavafteiiiooii. i'"i' '"ll '1't(,' rhuuh. e.-peeially the
Tlw.'f. I. l meet, eveiv Weihie- U.ih.tleumT' and drinking ones saying
I...V niirlit. I"" ttllt-t stop
lliiii'il.iv in. irnme; tie petiole ol i en mih"
. T!.1I!. 1 , .
.Minnie i.inu-ey i-i'em "" t, -." . .;:: ,"".,, " uipnur
i,.i,. uith llulah Cook. Spring. ls vi.-iting her this week.
Mr. and Mis. H. 1. Smitlihenrt are Mr. and .Mrs. 13. L. Cable and chil-
ITEMS l'KOM lU'l-TALO the proud parent' of a tine oo.v. ,ir(. were visiting his brother Tom
The fanners of this vicinity aie mother anil naiiy uoing '' i uuiu ouuuy.
i.i. .1...1.. i i.: ......i- , m,. nn.l Mis. Le-tor Lind-ey -pent
" The Pennington K. K. K. marched ' Saturday and Sunday with their par- If you over eat you will undwlh-J
... ihurih at Ilantv Sunday night ent- Mr. W. O. Lind.-ey anil mmiiy. a . , recaouo.. u,e your meals in a
,, ,,e-'.,l in their white n.lni hand ' Miss Meat.ice (looch wa- the gue-t exclusive restaurant.
Kstclla uwen nunuiiy.
They all knelt to
and prayer was lean oy
tin- u.mniunitv wa -hoiked vvhenl'.to. Wolf then they ninrched thri.''.'h. lay.
the.v heanl that Her-rhal Kddins the ' longiegation leaving with loud Mr. i
f Mi-
Mr-. Nute Haddock wa- -hopping aqvifim a no ''
in Caddo Saturday. " CLASSIFIED ADS
Mis.s Marv Whi-enhunt were visit-,
" ... .. . .. .. I o '!ltt!lHnil!tllltltltllnt.H...
iliir I ioei't.v MUliniay ami ou.r - H Si I
Megan e- o the hot -innnier ay-. " - '"' , ,.- f,, ,,e .onu.egation. itn: at Caddo Sunday.
. noil weevil ami lamiiie- are . . " ." '. " .." : mi i.-i t l i..,.,.. r,...,i,-.
II. i. r.ll.llll- W.I- iie.iu. lie .i- mm,, i - . i . . I . .1. :.. 1,. ,.. :., Tivno
v..,l h.v .lit r.-rio it i Koliei't-oli atlenueil cimuo .u uiriieu .. im-.i '.'... ..-
........ .... -- - ....
. ... MISRIl milflNA in sntnM .7 I
lliam- and family were visit-1 --" .. ."- ""i "' l,va??
,i.u... uu.t,u.... .. o, u.alll eexij
.Me r-
-till with ii-. (Juite a numher of farmer-
an- -t.ll tunning their weevil
'all her-.
Mr. (iraliam and family have re-
.-uddelily -ii
Then- i- -inging a' tilt
Hoy Mi-.ii-k -pent Sundav alleinooii at .l:ii"
parent -
-e ion-.
vi-itiiu' friends
in Ptiiaill ll.ii Weel;
Mr. and Mr... Watkin- of Calcia
.spent Toe day in Keiiefirk with their
yon Mai Wall ms.
Several at tended the thildren's pro-
gr.'im Minila morning.
Mr. and Mr
Smiilnv with hi
Mi- I'va fk-irianl. Mi-s Pearl West-
iiiiiieland. Mr. and Mrs Unundtree and
Mud I'mv ler iiiotoied to Pirtle Sun
day afli-Mioon.
'i l!"liy Mnllaniy .-p.-iit Tin-d.iy
nii'lit wi'h di Dillierl; of Dtirant.
Mi- Ili-nnah Dmery made a lnii
u. s 1 1 in to Murant Saturday
Me wa- laid t.. i.-t in the Mead Chap Mi- Methie Ki.e wa- M-itmg day School at f add,. Sun I .ay.
el ...neleiy. The I'annl.v has our! H-- Uiihy ami l'lo-ie Ciaig Satin- Ol.ton M.e.Mi.ng i- attending -
av veiling
plan- ever. 1'he danre at Mr. and Mr-. Will
o'clock. " I ' "oil wa- attended by a large crowd.
Ml ii poll a nlie time.
Too lale for last week.
Health i- faiii.v ."d in thi- i urn
i.iuiiity .it pioM'iii.
Lot nf tlie Midwa.v people attended '
the piciin in Cad. ! .-'atuiday and
h, aid -onie mighty fine -peaking. ,
Mr. and Mr-. Web-ter and Charlie
it i
t Midway.
pure-bred Duroc-Jerscy sows with lit-
I .! nf nil': nnn wnnV ntrt. in citl ...il
u..i . ' " ..:.v -- "-" "Uf'0
VH.'W. .1. . ,.,...,.. I'hlll.tlG I.'!.,. Til
.-. ........... - &. .nu. i nung
77.1-K. Durant. 32wa2
Ciadv Min-oii and Edgar England Smooth JGO acres one mile East of I
h.-.M- retuined home fiom Temple. S,wr. on hard surface State road.
1W.I- when- thev have been at work. "' ' l,i,UL' v'i"" 1UI B'"uer place,
"nay Steele and Ckninci- Wiggler w mM1fiEfc ft arara ,
mailee a tup to Hem mi r.auuua. .,..,, Ana.larko, Okla.
l.veiyi.oiiy uporieu o incu muu n.
MiiMer Mill Lambert of Roberta '.i.iham were in imrant Monuay
-lient Satiirda.v niirht with Mn-'or lending to lui-iu -.
ITEMS ''ROM PLATTER N"ld'- Ii'.V vruuir .iniei--'.ii aim iiu mm
Mr. !' aides and family left Mi.tn- Ray Hmnl an.l Mws i.-nny ni e- .ijiu. i. -o m i ... ...m
Sundav f-.r I't Worth n. attend tin- : "amy i'i.ii mireli at him Mm- a : wiei .,.. ... o... ...... w-.v.-.
funeral ..f i, f.itl,,-r. day ..ii-li. Mis es nonn Stcv.-on ot Murant i
Mr. M. L .M ..v and daughter. .,.. it.ir- Mr. .1 M. Mellamy an.l Ml- Mar- lending a tew da - with Mrs. Do
...I i n..,.: . u.....i... I'erv Pniitl weie ill Murant Wedne- bu'l Cllild.
Our Mh..! b.ran".M.i.hv with a ilay. . I'l"'- Ibniud-.-.Mlle and family vi.s
(. . .... . . .. ... I;.... .... 1....I ... l. fill.. n. ..!... itii '
bilge att. mla'iie. M'Vci.ii nave oeeii aiieiiiunir nie ' ' ...-. ....... ............. ......
Mr.-. T II N... -.nil daughter -pent Holim meetini- at Murant. Smiil..y.
the week.-vl at tin- olacewith -'.-V' .al weie nut at the l.iteraiyi Ml-.-e-Moi.-iie all.Ke -pent Sat
fi lends and i-latives. So. i l.v hrid,i night but people have . unlay night with Latie Hell f.raliain.
.Mr. and Vi , I). I. M.iyMveie bu-i- '"', '' " ' '' 'bere were not much Sihool lugan the 2! '. with a large
lie'-- vi-iloi- i llmanl on Tin-dav. pro"r.un. bin we aie expectinc a bet- atteiidame.
Mr. J. R. Smith ..ml f.imilv vi-ited l"'1' "" " i'w- ' -Mr- i"!'1 -Ml"- ''eiue ( uiry an-
at the home -if II. T. Sinilh Sunday. M'' '"I'l Mi-. Hall were the gue-ts , the iioud paieiits ,,t a Ii.mneing baby
Jim Ivv ..f I't U'.ntli i- vi-iiing!'1' Mi and M- Mellamy Sunday nf- girl. .. , , , ,
relatives of tin- plaie. '"'" " 'I lie tru-ti e-vi-ited the -i-lmol Mon
Little lleb i. s'aiifoiil of Sherman, -" , llay- ,. ,
spent the w.il. wilh her giand par- HEM-' l'KOM LON'E O K i Vitle and idol (.lahaiii were in
ent-. Mr. and Me.-. M. L. May. i ' ,! Voting and family O. R. Rine- - MiTiant Saturday for the -peaking.
Edd (lue- "..i- in Woodvi'llo Sun-"''"' '""' ''-'iil' vi-ited at Fd Rine-, We will have Sunday school nex'
,av- bait" Sunda.v. Sunday piomntly at 2:'li o'clock
Jlr. John Wa-lier of Aihille is vis- '"" noeting lo-ed .it 1'iiioii (irow'eveiy body (nine and bring Mime mi"
itiiig hi- son Melvin of this place. i Sunday night. with them.
Mis. I .,.. Il.ivis wo- enlli.il In ll...' Alne late- -nenl eilm-ilav night Mile mill "la iiialiam spent
bedside of her -i.ler at Murant thisjwuh h Young. ,ilay with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace.
-vi-i-L . Mi- Mougla-s nf Meni-on -pent' Pewit Cuiti- has gone to Demon
jl'iulnv night with Mr . Tune. JTea- to work.
ITEMS f.'ISOM CALEKA ! Mi-. Aim- Allien and little -on of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller spirit
Mr. and Mrs. J ('. Keniou of (ilen " ""''' '- M-umg at tln i Siimlnv with Mr-. Currv
. . . . ... ... i... e i.... I.....1 i ii n- i
uaie. .nz. are vi itmg then many
Itniv. I tiiin. K :. over in this your neach seeils ana Ury them in thi
..iminuniiv ami ever.v body ivadv to -hade We will pay you 91 no r
go fi-hing.
Oti- Steele ha-
1 dry them in thi
y you Si no r
bu-hel for them. Bring any amount
.i i from one gallon up. Purant Nursery
ll'lllllllll iiwmi. .-, -. -.
fii.ui PeniMin after a two weekn vis- j ,
i' wnh his . inther. WANTED To hear from owner of
Mi-. Me -ie Elliott who work- in jrood ranch for sale. State ca h price,
he Aelulle Rank i- off on her va- full partiuilars. D. F. Hu-h. Minnea-
. .itioti. poli-. Minn. 31wt2
Mr-. Sariatt i- on the sick li-t tin-
Mr. and Mr-. Shine Rice ol Ikitity
.' Satiii-ilav eight with hi- father,
'Ii Dirk Kin.
H-iiinT Moiati attended ihe ikiiict
Will Wood Saturday night.
i lean I i I lore of Matoy attended ihe Achille picnic
' dame riven by Will Wmid Sat-
.l-iy n'jrlit al-o.
'Ii--e- Rub Craig i- on the -iek
' thi-' week.
V'.nie Skinin r of Erailklia ai.d
.- R.il.y -iiul H-i ie Ci.ul ;-i',. d
In- home of Mr. -iiul Mr Will
T iibull Tuesdav night.
Mugun Harm-ill of Muffalo atteml.-d
or. h at Mauty Saturday and Sunday
ll-- Ilelie i'niitieo of Dlll.'l'it i-
i'I vi-'nuu h.. aunt Mis Cora I leii-
Autli r Oniv ..i' Matoy i- helping
I a'e Iriv '.ear jtaotv thi- 've. I
Mi-. E. . Craii' ami W. L. Robert Pine Tonic.
n made a bi.-i-n trip to Mokihito ..
Innilay. "
, laude Nyh.-l' ,..h -. f-.n I, .go DR. J.H. CROCKETT
M-iting him the week end. DENTIST
Mi - Mitliie line and Ri.b C-aig Annminro the installation of a mod-
v-iied Mi--e- iinie and I'.uia Sk'n- em X'Ray equipment for
n.-r Wedne d.t. diagnosis.
Mr. W. I.. Robeitson went in Du- OFFICE, DOWNEN BLDG.
i ant Satuulay. Phone 17
Mi. Mii'i- Mayfield from near
Gtiii quickly relieve- Cold-, Con-tl"
p.-ition. Miliou-iie-s and Headache-. A
Fri'sh and Cured Meats
FryiiiR-Size Chickens
Phone 128 118 West Main
Have It Cleaned j
Legion Hat Works
42 West Main 'Phone 67
frieiiiU in :ti..t ;iiiinn.l C.'.li.i.'.. I'.
.Mr. Will Tvrii- while at u.ok with hill
the extra gang mi the M. K. and T.
south of town si. .taineil a veiy nainful
xprain of the knee joint.
Some of the faimei- -aj the boll
weevil is holdiiig up nlher- -ay they
are not.
(larden.- will lie a thing of the pa-t
utile it rains at once.
Jes-ie Iiul' ik has letuined home
from Mu-kogee where he ha- been
working for W. E. Turley in the eon
1 Ktriirtinn of a new gin.
rile work on new -chool building is j
progressing mcelv. I
it .. ... . .... . . . i
.or. nun.- nine .son mat wa- in
jured by the mule kick is improving.
' Mr. Mote's little daughter is s-tdl
-suffering fiom the broken aim which
was caused by falling from a horse.
The election pa-sed by in a very
quite way. No hard feeling.- between
any one that we know of.
So many people complaining of be
ing exhausted from the extieme heat.
Sicklies- -eems to be on the increa-e
mostly of a malarial type.
We undeisl mil Mrs. W. E. Turley
will move to Rliiikogce soon; al-o Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Hen-.m are talking of
going to Muskogee.
of her biother. J. II. Wiiot
M. Young and family attended!
Ii .it Mm. int Tue-day night.
ClilToiil Newell. U-slie N'eal.
Eainey. Ii -nit li ('none. John Rinehart.
.May Wil-on. r.-iunie Tune and Nellie
ileal went Kodaking Sunday.
Mr-. J. C. L-iymanio and Mrs.
I.oa.li vi-iled Mr-. . I. P. Miiiirnniiun,iting. I-ots of Ubor-Union men
Moinkiv evening. I c.-inu- out far in the lead.
Iieiie lining -pent Ihur-day night
with Ali.e ("ate-.
The Priinar.v i- over; it pas-td ..ver
heie the mo-t quietly I ever saw an
election. Many women and men wait
ed for hours to get an opportunity
to vote, and seveial became disheart
ened at the delay and went away with-
Moiulav .mil Tuesday.
Too late for last week.
Farmer- aie delivering oat- to New
Alli-on and loading on cars in pref-
, erance. to hauling to Purant over the
l long dusty road.
.Mr. and Mr.-. Arburn Hale visited
1 his mother on Twelve-Mile last week.
Ileatiice (ioocli wa- shopping in, Davis Reaubien i- m Durant with
Caddo Tue-day. 'typhoid fiver. Tue-day evening -he
The dam. 'at Mr. E. O. Smith's, was repotted to be real sick.
Satiinlav night was well attended and.
enjoyed by all that weie pre-ent. '
Mi-e-s May. Kallett at 1 little .ntl- UVS. EVCUIS & WdrrCH
-oy motoied to Durant Tuesday. ' riiTTmn r'rnce
Mrs. Chailie Iker I- on the sick list, WUKUl UAL1UKS
this week. '"Where Health's Contagious"
Mr. and Mr-. Haddick were vi-it- Office hours 51 a. m. TO fi p. m,
iiil their biother at ('arm! Chapel 120 N. Third. Dtirant. Okhv
last week.
A. D. and L. J. -Sanders motoied
to Durant Monday on busines-.
Mrs. W. E. Harris n-turned to her
home in ("recnvillo Tuesday after a
short visit with relatives here.
Mrs. A. J. Farrell and Mis- Ruby
Terry weie -hopping in Durant Fri
day. Little Ruth Vanzant is on the -iek
list this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCowan enter
tained with a party Saturday night.
Everybody teports a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Terry and fam
ily visited Mr. nnd Mrs. Guy Far
rell Sunday
W. A. Carroll was called to Fort
Worth Sunday to the bed side of his
Blck brother
Mrs. Andre.v shford visited Mrs.
Sam Duncan Sunday.
Singing Sunday night was enjoyed
by a large crowd.
Sunday School was well attended
The summer term of school started
Monday. The following are the teach
ers employed are J, V. Turner and
wife, Mrs. W. F. Farrell. Miss Amy
Cox and Miss Mae Ashford.
Mrs. Guy Farrell visited her moth
er, Mrs. J. L. Lynch Monday. Mrs.
Hattie Chllders Is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Addle McCandless this week.
.Minnie l.itul-ey and Mary Whi-enhunt
attended church at Caddo Sun
day. Will Vincent attended the all day
-inging at Pleasant Hill Sunday.
Johnnie Hun- from Durant i- vis
iting in this community.
The farmers of thi- community
have begin In caking stubble.
Mr. Downing and family attended
the pie supper at Caddo Saturday.
Velma Weber spent Saturday night
with Iteula Cook.
Mr- t'ntu and daughter. Mrs. Hef
ner from Pleasant Hill spent Sunday
wiia .ui-s. .inn rauiinck.
First State Rank Iluildlng
Phone SS8 Res. Phone 6C0-J
Dr. J. L. Reynolds
Eye, Kar, Nose and Throat
and (ilass Fitting
Durant, Okla.
ther Corner Drupr Store
The American National Bank
of Durant
Capital $100,000.oo Surplus $20,00C.oo
in- iu,rfiFrwitKtnnrhsjPA-riiri..nT-irA?r?firs. .'!SkYiNao,..nr ..r.cry.i
.7 'S W i;iT AW'VJVr'V If' iPrs ir g- Wfr
V ' i' 7 s f wVv -'',' fv' a-j
'if & Air 9f i-'-M-J' i' 1 1 ttsJ i-.'!- .f nran rrxmuar Lit-Tdwij
" '" i nt''i !" - - ; r ' t- p .'"' "
Prf yW,WW(AJUMlS. '.- .-fC?;:!"-''.;!:'" 1
fi !:l? tA Cmm in smd see ' Ki;
lis V ' i
iilia MmrmiWW i
jmJ-1 " u
Jm a for 1923 ii;
ftfcio The Seasons finest xJ
kS5' and most complete line )j
mnM wBk motor cars rt
I 18 iH Fourteen Distinctive Models fe
II il .... "-" lzJZIaHgji3e?gsjgggps'L-jat'wm "Z..
--iniiiiia)iLiMJBMsMM(- wwBmafi,' in" r -fiTr-T

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