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East Saginaw courier. (East Saginaw, Mich.) 1859-18??, November 23, 1864, Image 1

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Business Directory.
vr. L. r. LITTLE & CO.,
Hankers and Exchange Brokers,
."Bank Notes,
Till icc prompt attention to Collections, and
Attirmys, Councilor an J Solicitors. Office, No'i
7 A 8, Crousu Dlock.
Dealer In Watches. Jewelry, Rooks, Stationery,
Wall Paner, Ac., Ac Irving Flock, Ueuesee
Water street, M Ward, East Saginaw. All
k inds of eartlng in brass and Iron, and repair
ing nnd fitting of machinery of all descrip
tions, done promptly and reliably at the abovo
UEOROE W. MERRILL, Proprietor.
nouan & fox,
DoalirJ In Oroeories. Provisions, Family Sup
jdies, Confoetior.arie Fruits, etc. Ocncsce
O. FRED 11011153,
Drur;lst and Chomit-t, has a fine assortment
of Ir?s, Melieinos, CLoniiealu, Porfnmory,
Toilet Articles, etc. CioiinO Flock.
Physicians uu I Operative Surgeons. Rexidence
on Warren street, directly eif-t of former res
i don-je O.n -e over new l'ost Office, on Wash
ington street. Oflii-o open lit nil hours.
"Dfldlersin lliriwaro, Iron, Nails.iil.iss'rockery
Agricultural Implements, Aa. corner (leno
sp an I Puss streets.
Attorney, Counselor nnd Solicitor.
OHVe in Cxlnnge lilocl.
Wholesale aiidUu-t.nl Dru'ints and Chemista,
have fall as.orlmont of Drugs; Medicines,
ruints, Oils, Llqu'irs, Dye Stuffs, etc Gene
see Mreot, opposite Fancroft Uoune,
"Vill atton 1 to tUo Purchaso, Hiipment and In
spection of Lumber on H;ix!.naw River. Post
OJlco Address, East S.iinaw.
"Wholesale and Retail denier in English and Amer
ican llird.vnro, Cultory, Iron, Agricultural
Implements, Stoves, dipper, Tin and Sheet
Iron Ware, Ao. Uriok Dluck, North Water
c. k. noni;.Tsor.T, . ,
Attorney and Councilor ut Law. Willpivo
pro -apt attention to enlloctions. T.ixi s paid
firiiil rod lotit', and nil luiineFS eonnectod
with i L-in I V-jincy prompll.T attended to.
,.W flios A Cn.'s St ".'lies, immer Washington
nil Tm-oln street., are f ully stn'-ked with
Tl trjos, C.iri-!;i;u., find everything required
Miller tn Hats, I'aps. Fur ari l Fk'n', Ready
M.ih t'.thing, (i'.jvcs, Ac. Opposite Ban
croft Houho
UritiiKn, Shop south of S-lniiidt A Jlor.eys
llanUnrd St.iro, Cam Street,
Dealers in Hardware, lr n, Nails, (Jlasa, Paiuts,
Oils, etc. Fucnii ViM: Flock.
Carpntrtini I'.uil ler. Water street, between
tlem'.-o nn I Herman streets,
Dlrs in Dry Cool., Crockery, etc
Store, r.uenn Vista I'.loek, .
Toiler In (Iroeeries, Provisions, Family Pup
plies, Country Produce, oto. Cornor Store,
Kxehnnge Dlock, .
niaeVsinitk, aa 1 general operator in iron end
st Tm'il street,
Manufacturers of and dealers in Roots, Shoes,
Leather, Findings, Ac., Ac. 2d door caat of
Everette llouso.
United Strifes Assistant Assessor.
ronsAoixAW.viriLisn asdirsabeli.a coi sties
Olli-e at East Saginaw, AlUrdt A Co.'s Tobac
eo Store.
' O. II. WILKIN & CO.,
3IorchantT.iilors,an 1 dealers In Cloths, Cloth
ing, tin I (lontlcmen's Furnishing (loods 3d
atoro f rom corner, Exchange Dlock,
" 0. W. "WISNER,
Attornoy, Counselor and Solicitor
OTi.-o in Croiiso Elock, E.iyt Snpinaw.
Iirr. SILSBEE, "
irkn'..!.. n,1 ri.Lf.il dealer in and mannfactu-
rrl Vurnitiire of all kinds. ulci F.ooli'.s
Coinmercial Block.
liijisa. jajv I'm u
Oilori'1n Dry (ioi 1, tJrucories, Trovulons
Un'its.l Uon. stfl., i iimtiieri'iai 1 100.
:itlrri.n iir.ii!iie l'rovisli.iiij. I'ruits, ccota
PimIhi. lmilr 8:ipnlies. Stone and
W cihti V.iro. Crockery, (Hats, Faints, Oil.,
C iv ion Oil, Hour, J-ceJ, etc. toiumoroiai
atfnn l promptly to the i'lir-Uase. InspeH
in an I Shipmont, of Lumber from any point
011 Siiinaw rivei; Fot otTieo aldress
I'll Vi O I AiNS A Mi K EONS.
fDHue iiui-ua Viitt Elock Cor. denasoo A Water
" ifTll. Jr'ROCTOii.
PeMler in Fine WatAee and Jewelry, Silver and
riatod Ware. Agent for Burt's Oroiind Feb
lle ami Perise.ipin (iliu.cs. Opposite D;incroA
House, Ea.t Sninaw.
Tholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry tloods, firo
cevios, Frovinions, Crodicry, Huts, Caj, l!oot
n i Shoes, Yankeo Notion, etc. Crmse Dlock,
ust Store, Euft Saginaw.
Attorney nnJ Couii.-ellor nt Law, Xo. 2, lless
' Flock, EASr&AUIXAW.
1 0. Address, Sapinaw City.
'Altornnys nnd Coupscllors nt Law and Solictors
.1 Oh in -ery, QZiw ver Wi!l.in.v (Jo's Store,
Water Street, . DAY CITY, MICH.
ri inuractnrer of pump l ;n. fauo ts, &. Salt
Dloitks fiiniislio I to any extent de-irml, on
fair t?ri:ii. OITiea at New Planing JliU, Y.'a
lor street.
firo ersi Dealers 111 i roerrles, Kruits, Ftipplief,
, Ruttor, V.gc, Lard, Ac. OjiH.fite Dancroit
H'tusff, Vhiotrt( n street.
y. W. CARLISLE ft CO.,
Tanners, ho!, tile an I Retail dealers irfMli les,
'LM ti r and Findings, corner M'nter ami 'I us.
W trt, K.-t eagiiittw, Michigan. Cash
for Iliues siul Pelts
Lawyers and Ocrerr.racnt Claim Agents,
' No 4, lles P...k, EsU i-ngimiw, Mich.
O.a.-e fonnnrlr n,riii i,- l I w i X'." r-rm Vn
I. peel.il attention riven to eollcctiotis of
i;..unt y nnd Land Aifenev business.
..unty nnd Land Agency business.
re al Estate officT"
'1 irie Flock. Fast Sagiimw, Michigan. 1
(iciKfe sn l W lifer Streets.
fay &. Co.,
Hauliers and
Fuy and sell Exebanges, Tank Notes, Cold
and Silver, Canada Currency.
Give prompt attention to Collections and Gen
eral Diuiking Duniness.
Orncp. t en Water Street, Euena VlnU Flock,
East Saginaw, Mich.
Cast Saginaw, - - Michigan.
Commission A Rents and Dealers in
Lumber, Shingles, Lath, &c,
Office, Noe. 12 A 13 3d Floor, Exchange L'l'k,
Orders filled promptly and at Market Kates.
Physician mid Surgeons,
WE would say that wo nro prepared to at
tend to nil call, both nt. home mid uhroad,
and to patients suffering from any forms of dis
ease, either Acute, Chronic or Surgical In ad
dition to practice wo keep constantly on hand.
Tinctures, Dilutions, Triturations, Ac, Sugar of
Mdk Globules, Family Medicines, Caes nnd
Chests, worth from 81 61) to 8Jt),0(. Hoimepi.thio
Dioks, Syringes, Supporters, Trusses, Vials,
Corks, Surgical Dtruinciits, Ac. J'uro Wines
and Liipioni, mik everything needed by Homeo
pathic l'h vficians nnd lamilies.
Ein-t Sagiir May 19, Ditil 231tf
Dental Surgeon. Otlice, He."s New
1'riik Flock, No. 10, over Frixclle
Frothera Drug Store, on Wasbinglon street
Artificial tteth Inserted, from 0110 to nn entire
set, on the most approved plan, nnd in a ptyle
combining in the highest degree usefulness,
natural cxprei-toon, comfort and durability.
Teeth extracted without pain if desired. Par
ticularjattcntion p.'id to the rei-ervation of the
Natural Teeth. Reference given if r'iiiireil.
Insnranco Agency.
iEtna ItiEurar.co Co. cf Hartford, Tire and
Inland. Afts, $2,500,000
Feeurity Tire, N. Y., Arrets, 050,000
Homo Inn. Co. cf Hew Hovcn,
Conn. Acrtts, 230,000
Conn. JVIutual Life Ins. Co. As'ts JJ.000,000
For abovo Companies, E.i hane Flock. F.nht
Sj'giiiaw, Michigan. 0'.y
n A -TTJr .xv OX'XTT.
V,'. TI. IlILLI'R,
tttorney and t.'.iiiiisollor at Law, nnl Proc
tor in Adaiira'ty. SAGINAW CITY.
Attorney unl Counsellor nt Law,
in Chancery, Ac. SA'JINAW
Foot of Main Stroot, OufTalo, N.Y.
Particular attention given to the Charter, Sule,
and Pur.ihaseof Vessels, Procuring Freight, Dal-Ia.-t,
Ac Marino Collections made and proceeds
promptly remitted"
I.. II. COTiUi
Wit. T. RRYAN.
THIS Property, which is free from nil inenm
trances, 14 now offered for sale ujion a credit
of ten years in all eases whero substantial im
provements are to bo erected. Only ten per ent.
oftho purchase money being required in hand.
Fn(uire ut tho office of Curtis Eiiicthoii, i's'p,
on the premises.
Sept. 7, ieC-1. . . 2G6
V3I. Ii()lJUTS,
Wnhlngton St., opposito Tctt OEco, T.nt.
Saginaw, Mich. 2D
Family OinOneiit
li I'u it, IiUI. Safe, Thorou;li, and uni
versally acknowledged to be nn iiifaliable remedy
in cvvy ease where it has been faithfully ap
plied on the human rystein, for promoting In-
scufciblo Perspiration, nnd is mvalual.li in all
Discuses of the Flckh. It has never failed to
euro Files or Droken Dronst.
l-'or JIIHdncsH, Snfrty, Certainty, and
'l'lioi oticlinrxs. Sloan's Horse Oiutuiriit excels,
anil is rnpid'y superseding till other OiuUncnU
and Liniments tor tho cure or
Frcj.li Wounda, rollevil, Cracked IlctlJ,
roniu'.ciel Feet, Sand Cracks,
Ecratchea and Ilango.
The Ccndltlon I'owdcr
'Is oni'ised prtucip.illy of herbs nnd roots, nnd
may lie given xt all times and tin ler all circum
stances with perfect safety. It has been found,
y long experience, to bo highly usclul in the
cure oi' tho various diseases to hicH horses and
emtio are ec! i t. vis t Dlslfinper, II Mi-
IJoiiiii!, lo?t of Appotltr, lo. ard S ralii
Vrllow Xsiter, It flu in a Hon ol 1 lie 1-lyra,
Ji'iitlsi c flow Hard UxTClsc alsio
ll'li'tiiivitliin, (commonly called tth Hlllf
4 01a pi m In t ) It b also a safe and certain rem-.
edy lor Coughs ami C'dds. It ennica off nil gros
huiuori. and will remove all infl inntion and fo
vcr, purify the blood, loos'n th skin, ilo inso the
water and, nnd strciithtd every part of tho
F 1) ax's Isstaxt Ru.irr is truly a grent rem
edy. Half a 2.) cent liottle of Monn's fnstnr.t
Reliff, given in ft pint of warm water, seldom
tails to cure a Horse of common Colio in a jew
minutes; In extreme rases repeat the dose in fif
teen minutes.
Prcpai cl by Walter It. Slonn,
Chicago, Illinois,
Sold by nil tho Druggists in Day City, Fast
Snifinsw, Sseinnw t'ilv. nnd all d!crs in medi.
ciuci ia thr L'nltcd State? and Canada, n24 ly
cROt sE niocK,
Ctrncr of Washington ami Genesee Sts.
FRISUES. Ac, Ac, Ac.
Drugs & Medicines,
And Chemicals,
AVI NO been selected with prent care and
from the most reliablo houses. In this
particular! have no tear 01 criticism or compe
tition. In this line 1 offer ft choice selection of Ex
tracts, Cologne, Oil, Confections, Ao., for vari
ous uses, of moKt dclieato flavor, pure and relia
blo juulity
lmcy Goods.
Cosmetics, a rare .ortiiieiit, Lilly White,
Peiuim d Chalk, Puff D ills, etc An excellent
variety of articles in thicline.
Englifli and German prescriptions aeeurutcly
jmt up ut all hours.
i. r i-.ii Jiviiii.''.
Knsf 5n!rlnaw. Oetorr ?!, Ifa
Porcelain Ware,
Beautiful Ornamontal Vases.
North Store,
Washington St., East Siginaw,
Have just opened the Largest, Rett and Mort
Elegaut Assortment of
Crockery and Glasswaro
Ever offered in this Market.
Of Useful and Ornamental Household article!
JVot to be round KNcwIicrc
In flic City.
All Cooils sold at tho very
Lowest Prices.
Call and Esamlco cur Geo!?.
For all articles In the Fno of Crockery, Car
pets, Far Fixtures, Lamps, Olnsswnre anl Ocne
ral Fixtnrrs, not to bo found clehcreor tube
fouiiil elsewhere, call on
Grccoric3 and Provisions.
TTAVIXG 01 enod a new GmeerT and Frovis-
J 1 ion Store on Water ?lret, 3d Ward, 2d
corner Jbove Fii-ber's St a vo Mill, will keep con
stantly nn band a full surt lv of Tt-ROOKIH E"
Ac. which he will tell at the ssme prices as sold
at the down town establishment.
East FaglnWjSopt. 7, IbbV ot
sc ft.'
And he buried him in a valley In the land of
Moab over ag.unt-t llcth-peori but no man kaoa
eth of Lie sepulchre unto this day.
4 Dut. xxxtv., 5.
By Nebo's lonely mountain, .
On this side Jordan's wave,
In a vale in the laud of Moub, '
There lies a lonely grave.
And no man dug that sepulchre,
And no man saw It e'er
For the angels of God upturned the sod
And laid the dead man thcro.
That was the grandest funeral
That ever passod on earth,
But no man heard the trampling
Or saw the truiu go forth.
Noiselessly as tho daylight
Comes when the night is done.
And Ibe crimson streak on ocean'. cheek
Grows into the great sun.
Noiselessly as the spring timo
Her crown of verdure weaves,
And all the trees on all the hilfs
Open their thousand leuvesj
So, without sound of uiuvic,
Or voice of tliein that wept,
Silently down from the mountain's erown,
Tho great procorsion swept.
Fcrelianco the bald old eagle, 4
On gray Fetb-poor's height,
Out of his rocky .eyrie,
1 xiked en th Wondrous sight.
Perchnnce the lion stalking,
Still shuns that hallowed spot
For boat an 1 bird hive seen and heard
That which man kuoweta not.
But when the warrior dioth,
His comrades in the war,
With arms reverted and muQlod drum,
Follow tho funeral ear.
They show the banners taken,
They tell his battles won
And After him lend h s masterlcu steed,
While peals the minute gun.
Amid the noblest of tho land
Men lay the sago to rest, ' '
And give the bard an honored place
With cotly marble drcst.
In the great minister transept,
Where lights like glories fall,
And the sweet choir sins and the organ rings
.Along tho emblazoned wall.
This was the bravest warrior
That ever buck led sword 1
This the uvwt gifted et
Thai ever breathed a word J
And never ear'.h's philosopher
Traced with his golden pen,
On the deathless page, truths half 10 sago,
. , As bo wrote dow a lor men.
And had he not high honor 1
1 he hill-side for bis pall,
To lie in state while unguis wait,
With stars for t. pers tall,
And the dark rock pines, like tossing plumes
Over his bier to wavo,
And Go I'sown hand, in that louoly lanj,
To lay him in tho giavj !
In tint deep grsve without a nnmc,
belli e hs uu olorie I clay
SVill luck air. ain, iiKwt wuudrous thought,
Fcloie the Judgment Dav t
A nt it iii I itli glory wrr.pt around
On the hills be never tro I,
. AU U of th.i strif that won nrr l.fu.
IV uk Ue luui-xl Hvn -r UoU.
" 0, loi'cly tomb In M aVs land,
O, d.uk Fcth-peor's hill,
Fpnak to thee curious hearts of ours,
God hitth his myste, ies of gntce, -
Ways that we eannot tell 1
He hi. Ies them deep, like the secret sleop
Of him he loved so well.
A Description of tho Treasury EuiM
ing What may bo eoea in tho
B. V. Taylor, writing from Wash
ington thus gives a jiieturo of lifo
whero greenbacks aro made:
Tho Treasury ImiUlir.g is a walled
city. Any morning, between eight
and nine, if you watehod ono entraneo
or another, you M'ill soo a lino of men
and women' filing tilently in. Somo
in carriages, somo in cars, and bouio
on foot, dangling a dinner basket.
CY devant governors, whom you havo
missod out of daily lifo, and who havo
worn out their "excellencies," aro
among them, senators that were, leg
islators that would bo, smooth-faced
youth and grizzly ngo ; palo, thin men
in fslippery black ; stout, ruddy lellows
in fancy patterns ; mock-eyed matrons
and bright-eyed maidens. You won
der nt tho long procession, and you
number it at livo hundred, but it is a
hobt of two thousand strong. As tho
clock tolls nine, tho lust girl flutters
in at a door and out of airht. You
havo beoii Beeing tho workicg force,
tho rank and filo of the Department.
Tho Secretary of tho Troasury lias
stolen in without your knowing it ;
you havo missed the most notablo man
of all. As tho day wears on to ten,
another strong tido begin to How
Treasury ward, and to iiass oil in at
tho open doors. Men that out Atlas
Atlas, with their couple of worlds on
each fehouldor ; rusty -looking Colonels
straight from Vurs horrid lront;
prominent citizens with inunenso phy
lacteries ; rough riders in cavalry jack
ets : hour classes of blades and cha
meleons of fashion at whoso coats
you cry, " and what length of tail be
hind ; men with coat-slooro bluo and
empty ; Boldiors swinging themselves
slowly along between two crutches;
women veuod 111 black cr;tno, and now
and then n human butteiily.
ly and bv, you follow, and find
yourself in a spacioui hall that con
verges Iiko a , as you look down it,
but asido from a messeuger hastening
with noiseless Rtep, you seo nobody.
You wander from hall to hall, and
beyond a littlo group hcri and thero,
talking with bated breath, fctill no
body. What lias beenma of tho
thousands that just entered beforo
your eyes? Aro they tho retinues ot
tho night kings that went by in Mac
beth' vision, and now nil melted into
nothing? And so you full to won
dering nt tho folid heavens of etouo
vaulting, and tho stone tair-ea.ses
swung up like a ppiral trail of gray
llo then describes his descent in'o
the lower portion of the building
urhen! the workintr furco is oninloved.
OU, UUWll uiu mum riiiii uj o
among Alio arches you go ; by doors
ajar you" would liko to set wide open ;
past rooms' full of queer noise, in
stght of rows of girls playing upon
strnngo instruments beyond tho art of
Tubals and Jubals of old time.
Sometimes a grating, sometimes a
solid door, is locked behind you ; you
aro getting into tho rough regions of
r smithy ; tho tomplo of money is not j
at uu wnat you luncied, it tins bo it ; ; jn th0 city of 1'luladelj.ili'ii, many
two forges nro before you ; tho iron of yenrs iujjo, thera stood q, public liouso,
conimerco is around you; in tho story .pt by a waggish follow, who had a
of that beauttiul 1 oO, this is tho "m painted with n picture of nino
the bi'ginmng, tho very Oenesis of n triors at their work, whilo at their
greenback. Jlero many of tho deli- fw.t wft!l a i,irg0 bulldog, and beneath
caU and beautilul pieces of median- Was tho inscription, "Nino Tailors
ism aro fasluonod thut Jtavo rendered au,i a 5ulldog make a man."
tho . making of a Treasury noto tho . At a short tlistance from this publio
iiuest of tho Duo arts. Imagine Vul- l0U80 was Q tailor's shop whero a num
can "blowing and striking," in tho bcr of taiois were employed, and
placo of bt. James; think cf the they had long considered this sign a
loino columns and marble Tuills and standing insult to the " craft." Each
stately porticos, and here in tho heart ; had in vain endeavored to dovisosomo
of tho temple a blacksmith s shop ! j riaa to romovo tho obnoxious sign.
It may bo a queer assertion but it is a 1 After a long debate among thom
truo one, that tho government, which 6elves, thev adopted tho following
in iti economy takes Iiobiuson Cruso plan: .
for a model, makes the boldest ap- One of their number was chosen to
proach to irfoctwn ; whoso neetls ! po to tho lamllord, and order "dinnor
crecte efforts, and who never encoun-1 for one, bating that he was a " big
torod a want but to supply it. Now, if oator." The delegato chqscn Ordered
ever a government played the lonely tho dinner according to aonointment.
Islander, anywhere, it is in this mak
ing of money. Within theso walls,
every process is carried on, ovcry man
ufucturo' produced, nesesary to create
from a shred of linen and a bar of
steel, tho most beautiful evidences of
national wealth and good faith in the
woi du truth strikingly illustrated . his soat, his osamplo was followed by
in tho fact that when you want to see J companions, aud the dog crouched
mon. y ma.lo, they bogiu by showing ; beneath the tablo. Tho host perceiv
yeu.il hammer, aud a forgo, and a ; ;ne them seated, hastened to renlcn-
mass of ugly iron.
Tho renowned "Josh," whoso opin
ions on financial, as well as on politi
cal matters, are worthy of "awl eon-sid-rashua,"
has preparod tho "fol
h rin' explanashuns from original rc
cipees:" A " Spirits of tho just men made
porfect " don't come within the wliia
keo bill.
11 "Spirits of tho damned" aro
COnstrui 1 t!m H;linrt n iLimnnLLt or!r-
. ... -j
its, and must pa tho highest whiskeo j
O Tho tax on " undressed poultry" !
Louoieu iiiu niontis 01 me country ,
seem t re'imro this
I) Holona sarsage, made in part
of dorg nnd part of red llannin, must
pa the duty on llannins also.
E Awl tibakker (unless tho man
ufakturer dibcriminatcH what iz now
and what iz old chaws) is elevated fifty
per cent,
E-Ministers of tho Gospel, who 1
don't dew over a !,O00 worth of biz
iness a yoar, aro exempted.
U Assessors aro cspeshila required
to soo that all men owning whetlbrr
rtrs aro licensed.""
II Eutiy man rofusin to own a
wheelbaner will bo find ."0 fur tho
fut otrwne' find 50t for tlio aokund.
I Sol. lie it-, tin) dufv on riikiikks
& Camp Meetins has bocn postponed !
for the prciont. j
lotheHoJobh adds tho following, I
after tho manner of Tuppor: i
It i.J hily important when .1 man
maks up his mind low' bekum a ras
cal, that ho fc.hu d examine lii.s.s-lf and
B'0 if ho aiut bettor construclodsfor ft i
phool. j
When you pra, pra rito at tho bull's
eve. I
" Tel tho truth and shamo tho devil;" j
i no lots of reojdo who can shame tho '
devil easy enulf, but the tothor thing
bothers them.
.It is a very delicate job tew forgivo
a man without lowering in Lis own
estimation, und yours too.
As a giueral thing when a woman
wares tho britelies, sho lias a good rito
to 'em.
I am poor, and i am glad that i am,
for i find that wclth makes moro poo
plo mean, than it does genorous.
Woomau'o iulloociieo is powerful
especially when the wants onything.
Sticking up your vtoso don t provo
enything, for a sopo bilor, when ho iz
away from his hum, smells enything.
Awl kind of bores are a nuisance
but it iz better to bo bored with a 2
ineh orger than a gimlit.
"llo suro you aro rite, then go
aheil;" but in kase of dout, go ahed
enny wa.
Sekts and creeds ov religion arliko
pocket compasses, good cnulF tew
pinto out the direvshun', but tho near
er the polo yu git, tho wuss tha wurk.
Meti ni ut apt tew git kicked out ov
good society fur being ritch.
Tho rodo tew Kuin is alwus kept in
good repair and tho travelers pa tho
expense ov it.
If a man begins life bi bein' a fust
Luteuant in his famih-e, ho need nev
er tew look for promoshun.
I havm't got ns mulch munny az
sum loiks, but 1 havo trot us mutch
sum iiiiii.-i, oui 1 iiiii 111 milieu
impudence nz enny ov thorn, and that
iz tho noxt thing tt'W munny.
Don't mistake nrroguuso for wis
dom; inenny people hav thought they
wuz wize, when tha wiu tmla windy.
Tho man who leant git ahed with
out pulling others buck, iz a limited
Woman will eutntimes confess her
sins, but i never knu one tew confess
her faults.
Oh, what a wurld this iz tew live
in, for tho soul that is afraid ov dirt
and doviltreo.
' Young man, study Deffercnoo; it iz
tho best card in the pack.
. jftjT Alexander Hamilton onco said
to an intimate friend :
"Men give ino somo credit for
gonitis. All tho genius that I have
lies just in this : When 1 havo a sub
ject in hand, I study it profoundly.
Day nnd night it is before mo. 1 ex
ploro it in nil its bearings. My mind
bi'iouies pervaded with it. 'Jhvn tho
effort which I mako is what tho peo
ple are pleased to nil tho fruit f
It is the fruit of labor and
T3T Tlio gentle education of fate
gradually ot customs tho unarmed cit-
itzcn, as well n tho soldier, to danger,
nnd begets a happy fatalistic levity, a
truft that the evil times will not bo
Suite unbearable, and perhaps tho
oud will pass over our he-ad with
out breaking.
The price was to bo one dollar.
At tho appointed timo, tho delegate,
in company with his brother stitchers
and n largo bulldog, presoatod him
self at the hotel. V.
The tablo was already laid with
"dinner for ono. The doletrnto took
ish the table
Not a word was spoken by tho
tailors, but each fell to work with
commendable zeal, and an appetite
sharpened by long fast. Tho land-
' 1 1 1 .1.1 I 4l 1 il l1 t.
10m luuiL-r uiiu iwiuier, uuik.-
ing remarks on tho weather and simi
lar topics, which elicited no reply from
the company, who kept their eyes fix
ed on tho work beforo them, occasion
ally varying tho exercise by tossing
choice bits of moat to tho dog under
tho table. The landlord regarded tho
iitmvt -uii.-j win vtiiinib ii.iBiiuiiiii;-
tion: but tho company kept at their
work, regardless of his scowls of dis-
approbation. At length, for all things
proceedings with evident diusatisfac
havo am end, tho dinner was over.-
Tho company nroso; tho delegato ap-
Iiroached tho landlord, nnd paying
lim a dollar, turnod to depart,, fol
lowed by all his companions.
" lleg pardon, gentlfmen," exclaim
ed tho landlord, a littlo nervouy,
" beg pardon ; but you'vo forgotten to
1 iJ, ., ..'y .ft (T.
j. 1: i
lievo I ordered dinner lor ono man
only, for which I have just paid you."
"Certainly, sir, just so," replied
tho landlord, nervously, for ho begun
to smell a rut, "certainly, sir." ,
" Well, sir, this company," (point-
( uiir to JiU couiimmoue) "oouoliluty
i Oils,
"I don't understand you, sir'.'' ex
claimed tho landlord; explain "
"Don't understand mo?" said tho
delegate, interrupting him ; " not un
derstand! The solution is simjilo
enough. Does not your sign read
" Nino tailors and a bulldog mako a
man ?"
Tho landlord looked from the com
pany to tho' table, then back to the
company again.
" Sold ! by !" ho yelled, aa he
rushod from tho room amid tho roars
of tho entire company,
That sign came down quick you
Tho Voluo cf an Old Llan in China.
Tho reasonableness and placability
oftho natives -were on on) occasion
ovinccd in rather a romarkablo man
ner at Chusan, whilo I wus there.
An "Englishman had como across
somo wild ducks in tho canal insido
tho city, at which ho fired with ball,
all his thot having been previously
ox ponded. Tho bullet missed tho
birds, and, glancing from tho water,
killed an old Chinaman, who was sit
ting at his own door, enjoyiug liis
" Tho unfortunato sportsman, hor
rified at the result of his billy thought
lessness, hurried away to tako counsel
with his friends, who rocommendo 1
him to try to settlo tho matter with
tho relatives of tho deceased, to pro
vent their complaint from being laid
formally beforo tho authorities, who
would bo obliged to award a heavy
punishmont for such reckless careless
ness. With this view ono of his
friends was dispatched to visit tho
family, to condole with them fur their
loss, and to explain how thoroughly
it was the result of aceidont. He de
plored tho unhappy circumstance which
tiad deprived tho family of so valua
,,, , .
bI'? ftmJ 60 respec tablo a member, and
pointed out tho cheering fact that he
wus very old, oud, in tho natural
courso of things, could not havo been
oxpectod to livo much longer, and that
pecuniary recompense should bo made
to console tho family, for tho few
month's society they might havo an
ticipated enjoying with him. They
admitted that ho was old, vory obi,
and as ho could' not havo lived long,
they mentioned a hundred 'dollars, as
a 6um likely to have a good clfect 111
assuaging tho bitterness of their af
fliction. Tho ambassador, delighted
at hearin't a demand so much moro
reasonable than ho had anticipated,
but concealing his satisfaction, pointed
out tS.it tho deceased was so old that
he could hardly havo estimated his
short remnant of exiftenco at such a
largo sum; that ho had died a very
quiet mud easy death, and that very
likely ho was wanted in tho other
world, so that tho unlucky bullet
might be'esteemod a messenger des
patched by tho go-Is. lie thought,
therefore, that fifty dollars,. ta mako a
feast and burn plenty ot joss-Mick
nnd paper money, would bo sufficient
ly satifclitctory ti tho spirit of their
departed ancestor. Tho matter was
finally settled to tho satisfaction of all
parties by tho payment of seventy
livo dullars; and question whether
ono miirht not have shot two-thirds of
tho old boys of Ting-h.io nt tho same
reasonable rate, notwithstanding the
veneration iii w hich age is held,"-?
Tho follies and vices of tho poor, call
for our pity or our grief, but not for
our scorn, or our stniles. In his poem
of "Tho liorough," Crabbo is tremen
dously sovero on players, and in his
laceruting description of the poor
strollers whom ho satires, thero is un
questionable power; but when this
power is turned against the weak and
the helpless, every generous and pity
ing uutuVo rebells against tyranic ge
nius. The most prosperous in "the
theatrical profession illustrate so stri
kingly tho vicisitudes and transcioncy
of our human state that I can. connect
them with only sober associations; tho
unsuccessful, whoso work is hard, rnd
whoso pny is as uncertain as it is scan
ty, I can regard only with sadness
and compnsyion. There is so much of
tho glare and grief of lifo connected
with tho stage, that it fills mo with
ino:;t solemn thoughts. To-day tho
god and goddess of tho scene, stiflod
with dense crowds, inflated with ap
plause, tread with testacy a giddy and
an airy height; that height has been
attained, often, through years of labor,
trials, fear, want and suffering; now
wealth flows in upon them with, most
ample measure; plaudits hail their
triumphs, and intoxicated joy is theirs
to suffocation. All those will soon bo
gono and silent; aN brief enthusiasm
will givo them to oblivion, or give
them to tho tomb.
I heard tho wonderfull Malibran in
her latest concert. I listened to her
dying song. Sho poured fjVth htr im
passioned soul, 'in linked sweetness
long drawn out," through all the ma
zes of music. A glorious crowd was
beforo Iter of jeweled and and joyous
beauty, light and gladuo3 gavo en
chantment to tho hour, nniHhousands
of excited heart were raised to tho
delirium of dolight At this moment,
lifo in her who caused the pleasure
was throbbing to its close. Encoro
upon encoro echoed in shouts that
seemed to rend tho ceiling. Tho poor
singer eamo on, elated by tho cheers;
sustained by wonted fervor,, her sink
ing form arose living and tluetic her
transcendent eyo kindled with even
unusual lire; her magical tones swelled
and sank, and floated into wilder
ecstasy; again tho building rung with
plaudits they were her triumph and
her knell. 1 might havo gono from
this place to tho tuge door of the next
theatre and thero 1 might have seen
a weary creature, coming out from
her night' unnoticed labors, and she
was also iroin; homo to die. No'
prnio oIif)red Dor Hpirit no ocilows
growing fainter, ling;rft on horrnr
no soul tho next evening would re
mark her absence, would care for her
I might havo seen a trembling girl.
such as Mr. Crabbo, in tho section I
havo mentioned, describes with a pa
thos that compensate for his to- J
verity tow aids tho o her members of
tho company. 1 might have seen thi
trembling girl who, ut a moment be
fore, was blazing in tinsel, amidst gas
and gilding, stealing to her cold aud
shabby lodging tho paint washed
from her cheek, and leaving the palor
of consumption in its stead t'.ie mim
ic smilo of gladness ptiiBolttwuy, tlxk-
fciuvnodud by tho joul tonr Ot naturO
tears that now may How in freedom
and in sdenco. Shamo upen the soul,
that could givo her afllictcd lot only a
hard thought and hard words: shame
upon tho pharasaism, that could dis
cern no motive in her career, but van
ity, when charity, that "thinkcth no
evil," might suggest impulses moro
worthy, the necessities, perhaps, of a
widowed mother, or sickly father, or
of helpless and orphaned brothers and
sister. J5liamo upon tno unmaniy in
solence that impeded her way; shamo
upon the unmanly insult that crimsons
cheek; shamo upon the dastaxdly sus
picion nativo to tho meanness of a
small soul, and to tho filth of a cor
rupted heart, thatsupposes tho unpro
tected always to do vicious, iuo poor
to bo without honor, and tho weak
to bo proper objects for foul inten
tions. Antr.siAX Wrn.s axd thf.iu Cost.
Tho first well of this kind wos that of
tho abattoir of Crenelle. This was
sunk, after eight year's incessant la
bor, a total depth of lii'b feet, and
gavo riso to many inventions for the
purposo of facilitating tho progrcts of
tho works, for removing tno broken
tools, for tho introduction of tho pipes,
and for carrying on observations at
various depths from tho surface Sub
sequently many similar wolls were
sunk on tho continent, particularly in
the llhino provinces, but they wero all
of small diameter, lho Herman en
gineers introduced important modifi
cations in the tools, ayenhausen
made tho etriking part, used for com
nrtnuting tho rock' t-j slidt so as to
fall always through a certain di stance,
and thus avoid a jar. Kind had al
ready nppliod his system to large ex
cavations for winniug coal mines, when
ho was intrusted by tho Municipal
Council of l'aris with lho execution
of the well nt Eussy. Thii was to
havo a diameter of one meter (: feet
3 7-10th inches,) that at (Jreuello
being only twenty centimeter (alut
eight inches.) Tho difficulties en
countered in carrying tho excavations
through-4ho clays of the upper serins
wero no serious that six years' nnd
nine months wero occupied in reach
ing the walor-beaving stratum, which
was ultimately attained at a depth of
1.1)13 feet 10 inches from the surface,
when the yield was 3,3 10,1200 gallons
per day, .of twenty-four hoars, subso
qucntly increased to .r,f$:!,000 gallons
per day. Tho total cost of the well
was 10,000. It was lined with solid
masonry for a depth of loO feet; then
wood nnd iron tubing was introduced
to feet from -fno surface, and
below that, thero was a length of cop
per pipe pierced witliho!cs,
Contractcri and Gcwins-Wcmcn.
Tho following fucts aro Printed in a
late number of tho Philadelphia Jlvt.
Idin. They servo to show up the clus
of men who nro so clamorous for war,
and tho roason why they are so :
A sub-eoutrat tor for the govern
ment in this city, hose numo though
known to us, wo for tho present with
hold, in now getting work done iu
Wilmington, Delaware, at tho follow
ing prices:
Haversacks, 10 cent. Wo under
stand that by a long and hard day'
work four of these can bo madej but
this rate cannot long bo kept up.
1'antaloons, 10 eonts! A case wa
mentioned to us, whero a woman, by
working from early morning until 1
o'clock at night, succeeded in making
eighteen of theso garments in a weok,
but by working in this manner eori
ously injured her eyesight.
Heavy overcoats, 40 cents each.
Wo are informed that those garments
aro so heavy to handle, that thoso
who work upon them soon break
down with pains in tho back, unless
they are uncommonly strong of frame
To the abovo prico ton cents aro added
for making 115 button-holes about
five hours' steady work, or two cent,
per hour!
Wo aro told that the old prico for
ranking overcoats was always SO ccnt9
each, so that now while the necessa
ries of life aro at a double price, those
who -'consume them aro to work ot
hulf price, the effect of which is that
they are required to do exactly four
times as much work a formerly to
procure the same quantity of food, fuel
or raiment.
Another case has been mentioned
to us where an army contractor get
$J each from the government for
making shelter tents, for which work
ho pays forly-jht cents! which it seems
is just half the price formorly given.
All this is literally shameful; thero
is no other word to express it, and no
community is justifiable in seeing the
poor among it crushed in this fright
ful way. It is tho clear duty of tho
government so to control its contrac
tor that they shall bo forced to do
somo kind of justico to thoso whom
they employ.
The very eamo men who aro thus
grinding the poor to death, aro squan
dering tholr extensive profits in tvory
specie of foreign luxury, swelling
our imports,, depriving us of our gold
to pny fur them, aiding in depreciating
our currency, and speculating in all
tho necessaries of life, to tho direct
enhancing of all tho values Let us
have. a refoim without delay. Tho
whole) matter is too iufuruoU to bo
telratod. . . .- . ,
A Tiger Frightcno! by a Mouse.
A-traveler rrivos tho folio wire an-
ecdoto of a tiger kept by tho "British
Itosidencv. at Calcutta; "but what an
noyed him far moro than our poking
him with a stick, or tantalizing him
will shins of beef or legs of mu.t)n,
a mouao was iutrodueod into h's cajro.
No tine lady over exhibited moro terror
at tha s'ght of a spider, thau this mag
nificent royal tiger botrayed on seeing
a mouse. Our mischievous plan was
to tio the littlo animal by a Btring to
tho end of a long polo, and thrust it
. 1 j 1. 1: ' rri. n
I IUMI 4U . will ,11.1.1 .
mont he saw it ho leaped to tho oppo
sito sido, and when tLe mouse was
mado to run near him, Le- jammed
- - SJ .
himself into a coiner, and stood trcm
blimr and roarinsr in such an" oxtaey
of fear, that wb wero always obliged
to desist in pity to, the poor brute.
Sometimes we insisted on his passing
over the spot whero tho unconscious
littlo mouse ran buekwards and lor
wards. For a long time, howover, we
could not get hiu to move; till at-
length I believe by iho help of a squib
wo ohlic-od him to start: but instead of"
Iiacing lesiuroly across his den, or ma
ting a detour to avoid tho object of"
his alarm, ho ereuerally took a kind of
flying leap so high as nearly to bring;
his back in contact with, tho roof o
tho cage."
Tho Oninion Xationale. of. a recent
date, gives this dismal picture of tho
present beligorcnt couditioii Qi tlio
If there bo a dead calm in politics
as well a business among u, it is not.
the same in all part of tho littlo plan
et we inhabit. Thrco quarters of hu
manity, in fact, aro living in tho bar
barous stato of war.
Thero is war in Poland.
War in Algeria.
War in Tunis.
, War in'Moxico.
War in the Umted States.-
War in Peru.
Yur in New Zculand.
Wur in China and Zuchgar.'
War in Japan.
War in Afghinistan.
War in twenty countries in Africa.
This id unf.u tuuntolv enough todis-
cjurae tho friends of univors.il peace;
and who cm say that thev will not
meet with still-greater disappointment
next year? Italy, Hungary, Poland,
Denmark, oud '.ho Slavonian popula
tion of Tuikey, ure, not it must be con
fessed, 111 tho most pacific l.uinorj flinl
to thoso who study tho generul titua
tion of our eontin!ii it is quite evi
dent that tho general situation, in
stead of getting letter, goes cn from
day to day getting moro and moru
JGl5TTho ropc-trjek of the Daven
port "brothers is an old thiug, accord
ing to the King ofOulo, Mho say
that in India it usod to bo performed
in this fashion : Tho performer was
tied neck and feet and put into n rack,,
tlio mouth of which wus carefully se
cured; ho was then thrown into deep
water, from which he emerged swim
ming, freo from both ropes and sack
A Ixmdon pniirr urgoa subjecting tho
Da venport brother to this test
. .
TnR captain of tho Talahassco is n,
grand-sou of Ex-Pres h'nt Tyler.

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