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East Saginaw courier. (East Saginaw, Mich.) 1859-18??, December 14, 1864, Image 1

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18 flMI
. NUMEEK 280. .
Business Directory.
Bankers and Exchango Brokers,
I3ank Notes,
Will iirt prompt a'.ttntion to Qollect tons, and
Wtf. L. WRnilRlt. IHVINft M. SMITH.'
Attorney, Councilors and Solicitors. Offico, No's
TAR, t'rotisa lilex k.
I)1cr in Wall-hen. Jewelry, Looks, Stationery,
Wall 1'npcr, io, Ao. Irving Ulock, Uonosco
Watar street, 31 Ward, Hast fcjiiRiua-. All
kin l.i of ousting in brass and Iron, and repair
ing and fitting of machinery of all dosurip
'! no promptly and reliably at the above
ilEOiUJE T MERRILL, Proprietor.
Donleri In flrouorlcs. Provisions, Family Sup
plies, Confoctionariei, Fraitf, eto. Uenogeo
Drujjjjist and Chemist, has a line assortment
of Urns, Medicines, Chomieals, Perfumery,
Toilet Art ioles, eta. Crouso LMock.
PliysL-iruis and Operative Surgeons. Kesidonce
.on Warren street, directly cast of former res
ident. Oilioe ovor new Post Office, on Wash
ington street. Office open at all hours.
.De.ljrsin Hardware, Iron, Nails, (1 1 ass ,C rock try
Aijrioultural Implomentg, Ao. cornor flene
hoo and Cum streets.
Attorney Counselor nnd Solicitor.
Office In ExhanRe Block
Wliolnsale and Kotail Dru.'jjists and Chemists,
lmve full asHortmont of Drags; Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Liquors, Dye Stuffs, eto. Qeno
. gno Street, opposite Ilancroft House,
"Vi 1 1 attend to tho Purchase, Shipment and In
spection of Lumber on Saginaw River. Tost
Office Address, Rust Saginaw.
Wholesale and Ret ail doaler In English and Amer
ican Hardware, Cultery, Iron, Agricultural
Implements, Stovos, Copper, Tin and Shoot
Iron Ware, Ac. Briok Block, North Water
Attorney and Counsellor at Law. will give
prompt attention to collections. Taxes paid
furnon resident, and allbusincss connected
with a Land Agency promptly attended to.
A..W CHlos A Co.'s Stables, corner Washington
an I Tmeola streets, aro fully stocked with
Horses, Carriages, and everything required
in tho line. Torms reasonable.
Dealer In Tints, Caps. Furs and Skins, Ready
Mali Clothing, Gloves, Ac. Opposite Ban
croft House.
BriLPKR, Shop south of Schmidts A Morlcys
Bardward Store, Cass Street,
Poalers in Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Taints,
Oils, eto.
Buena Vista Block.
Carpenter and lluildcr. Water street, between
Genesee and German si reefs,
Dealers In Pry Goods, Crockery, eto. Corner
Storo, P.uena Vista Block, m
Js1er in Groceries, Provisions, Family Sup
r!ins, Country Produco, eto. Corner Store,
Hschango Block,
Blacksmith, and general operator in Iron and
st'1, fusnola street,
Ifanufactiirnrsof and dealers In Boots, Shoes,
Leather, Findings, Ac, Ac. 2d door ca
Everctte JIouso. .
Unit til States Assistant Assessor.
Offift at Ea't Saginaw, Allardt A Co.'i Tobao-
oo Store. .
" cOlwilicin & CO.,
lf t,n Tn'ilnrB an d dealers in Cloths. Cloth
inVanl Gentlemen's 'Furnishing Goods 3d
store from corner, Exchange Blocs,
Attorney, Counselor and Solicitor
Office in Crouse Block, East Saginaw.
Wholesale and retail dealer in and mannfacto
verol Furniture of all kiuds.
Sales Books
Commercial Block.
iit.TM JA NV.fi ft CO..
0.vi!;r.'in lrv G.ods. Groceries, Provisions
Hoots A Shoos, etc.. Commercial I'lock.
Ds.ilers in ttr;corios. Provisions, Fruits, egota
Ides Proluco, Family Suppllon, Stone Hnd
Woolen Ware. Crockory, Glass, Paints, Oils,
(Virion Oil. Flouc Feed. eto. Commercial
Will attend promptly to the Purchase, Inspcct-
. ing ann nnipincnioi um'r irmu uuj
ou Saginaw river; rostollico ndiircss
Oi7i'M Bucna Vista Block Cor. Gcnosea A Water
St rect.
Dealer la Fine Watches and Jewelry, Silver and
Plated Ware. Agent for Burt's Ground Pob-
Mo and Perirtc.ipic Glnssci. Opposite Bancroft
Hou.e, Liu-t Snmnw.
Tholcsale and Retail l)enlers in lry Gools, Gro
ccrio. Provisions, Crockery,- Hats, Caps, Boots
nd Shoos, Yankee Notions, etc. Crouse Block,
Hast Store, Last haginaw.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, No. 2, TIess
P. O. Address, Snjrinaw City.
Attornors and Counsellors nt Law and Solictors
' In Ch mcory, Office over WilkinsA Co.'s Store,
Water Street, BAY CITY, MICH.
Manufacturer of jmnip logi, faucets, Ao. Salt
Blocks furnished to any extent denired, on
fair terms. Office at New Planing Mill, Wa
ter straot,
Graders; Dealers in Groceries, Fruits, Supplies,
x P-it'or, Eg irs, Lard, Ao. Opj)site Bancroft
llnie, Washington street.
T. wTcAIlLTSLE &. CO., , -.Tanners,
Wholesnlo and lict.iil doalctsin Hides,
Leather and Findings, corner Water and Tus-"-.!a
ctrccts, Ka?t Saginaw, Michigan. Cah
f ir Hides and Pelts
Lrvxyera and Government Claim Agenta,
No 4, IIfs Blok, Eaat Saginay , M'uh.
CT.co foric'crly occupied by A. W. Frcrt, Esq ,
ivi.c 'til Mtientinn ttiven to collections of
l.ii-.tifv Mil I.anl Ac i cy business.
t; irse,l!!-.k. !"..i-.t Sviow, Michigan, c
i ,.-,d m J M'atcf Ftr" 'is,
Hankers and Ilrokcrs,
Buy and sell Exchanges, Bank Notes, Gold
and Silver, Canada Currency.
Give prompt attention to Collections and Gen
eral Bonking Business.
Orncie on Water Street, Bucna Vista Block,
asi fcugiuaw, junn.
East Saginaw, - - Michigan.
Commission Agents and Dealers in
Lumber, Shingles, Lath, &c.
Office, Nos. 12 A 13 3d Floor, Exchange Bl k,
Orders filled promptly and at Market Rates.
Physicians aiidSiir?cons
1T7E would nay that we are prepared to at
W on,l all oall. both at homo and abroad,
and to patients suffering from any forme of dis
ease, cither Acute, CLrouic or SurgU'al In ad
dition to practice we keep constantly on ban-.-
Tinctures, Dilutions, Triturations, Ac, Sugar of
Milk (lnhu!es. I'ninilr Medicines. Cases and
Chests, worth from 81 Bt) to 923,00. llouioermthio
Hooks, fcynngen, hupjiorters, lru-ses, lais,
Corks, Surgical Instruments, Ac. Pure Wines
and Liquors, Mif everything neoded by IIoiuoc
patliio Physicians and Families.
i;u.t Jiagin--, Way la, IbUl. Xoltf
siji Dental Surgeon, Offico, Hess New
Aiiujr xirick Block, No. 10, over Frir.ollo
Brethers Drug Storo, on Washington street.
Artificial teeth inserted, from ono to an entire
set, on tho most approved plan, and in a style
combining in the highest degree usefulness,
natural, expression, comfort and durability.
Teeth extracted without pain if desired. Par
ticnlurjattention paid to the preservation of the
Natural Tooth. Reference given if required.
Insurance Agency.
2Etna InEurance Co. of nartford, Tire and
Inland. Aeeete, $2,500,000
Security Fire, N. Y., Asseta, 650,000
Home Ins. Co. of New Haven,
Conn. Abgc'iS, 250,000
Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. Aa'ts 5,000,000
For above Companies, Exchange Block, East
Pnginaw, Michigan. 209y
attorney and Counsellor at Law, and Proc
tor in Admiralty. SAGINAW CITY.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Solicitor
in Chancery, Ao. S.VjlJAW wn.
Foot of Main Stroet, Buffalo, N.Y.
Particular attention triven tolho Charter, Sale.
and Purchase or Vessels, Procuring Freight, Bal
last, Ao. Marino Collections made and proceeds
promptly remitted'
It. XI. IWl LVJi H. 1,
rpiIIS Property, which is freo from all incuin
.1. trances, is now offered for sale uon a credit
of ton years in all esses whore sulistautial Im
provements are to bo erected, uniy ion per cent,
of tho purchase money being required in hand.
Enquire at tho office of Curtis Emorson, Esq.,
on the promises.
Sept. 7, 16CL 2C6
. a-.ixJ3?i"r3
Washington St., opposite Tost
Saginaw, Mich.
Office, East
Family Ointment
Is Pure, Mild. Katr, Thorough, and uni
versally acknowledged to be an infaliuble remedy
in every case where it has been faithfully ap
plied on the human ystem( for promoting In
sensible Perspiration, nnd is invaluaUo in all
Diseases of the Flesh. It has ncvor failed to
cure Piles or Broken Rreasts.
for Mildness, Hnlrty, Certainty, and
Tliorouglincas Sloan's Horse Ointment excels,
andisrapid'y superseding all other Ointments
and Liniments tur the cure of
rreth Wounda, Pollevil, Cracked Heels,
Toundei ed Feet, Sand Cracka,
Scratches and Mange.
The Condition Powder
Is composed principally of herbs end roots, and
may bo given at all times and under all circum
stances with perfect safety. It has been found,
by long experience, to be highly useful in the
cure of tho various diseases to wbich horses and
est tie are sebject, vis i Distemper, lllde
Uounrt, l.osa of Appetite, Inward Ktralna
Yellow tVatcr, Iitlamatlon ot the I lyes,
l'atlgtte i'roru Hard lxerelac; also
Itbeumatiain, (commonly called he MtlH
I OinplHlnl.) . it is also a snle ami certain rem
edy for Coughs ami Clds. It carries off all gross
humors, and will remove all inflamalion and fe
ver, purify the blood, loown th" skin, cleanse the
wster and, and strengthen every part of the
PloaVs Istat Rn n r is truly a creat rem
edy. Half a 25 cent I nitio of Sloan's Iotnnt
Relief, given in a pint of warm water, suMora
fails to cure a llorso of common ('olio la a few
minutes; in extreme cases repeat the dose in fif
teen lUIDUtO.
Prepared hy Wnllcr It. Sloan,
Chicago, llliuois
Foi l by ell the Prnjjgi.ts in Psy City, East
F.i paw, Mifinaw t itr, onj nil ilcaicrs tn n.'Ii-
cin 'S in the United f-tts uni Canada, 22lly
amid (Binmm
Corner of Washington and Genesee Sts.
to ivxrsr stock
BRUSHES. Ac, Ac, Ao.
Drugs & Medicines,
And Cliem.'.CAlst
IS PURE AND Trt;38n,
I" fAVINO been selected! with ;r.eat car-, ani
Q from the most rcliablo hoiueo. In this
particular I have no fear of oritioum or compe
tition. 3?TT-IR."r
In this line I offor a choice selection of Ex
tracts. Coloene. Oils. Confections, Ao., for vari-
rous uses, of most delicate flavor, pure and relia
ble quality
Fancy Goods.
Cosmetics, a rare assortment, Lilly White,
Perumed Chalk, Puff Ballr, eto. An excellent
variety of articles in this line.
English and German prencriptions accurately
rut Up at all hours.
East Saginaw. October 21. 19ti2
Porcelain Ware,
Beautiful Ornamental Vases.
?brtli Storo,
3-3.SrT BLOCK,
Washington St., East Saginaw.
Hare jubt opened the Largest, Best and Molt
Elegant Assortment of
Crockery and Glassware
Ever offered In this Markot.
Of Useful and Ornamental Household articles
Not to he round Elsewhere
In the City.
All Goods rold at the very
Lowost Prioos.
Call and Examine our Goods,
For all articles In the line of Crockery, Car
pets, liar fixtures, J,amps, (Taasware ana dene
ral Fixtures, not to be found elsewhere or to be
found elsewhere, call on
Groceries and Provisions.
HAVING ojened a new Grocery and Provis
ion Store on Water 8lreet. 3d Ward, 2d
eorner above Fipher's Stave Mill, will keep con
ntsntly on hand a full sopplr of OROCF.ltl LS
Ac, which he will sell st the samo prices as sold
ai ins nown town r(aMihmcme.
East Fslnnw, Ppf4 7, IP64. 5C
The Ballad of Boaa Bagshavr,
Boss Bsgshaw wss a cobbler
Once living at Bull's Head,
Where long he waxed stout and ft,
As well at his shoe thread.
And while he sowed not what he reaped,
He ripped what he had sewed
And almost asUilio eare
For wayworn soles he showed.
The boss a doctor never was,
Though often did he heal
And kips and calfs he did cut op,
All for the publio woal.
While he could neither write nor read,
The shoeless were aware
That for the understanding he
Did exercise a care.
Ne evil fortnne, small or great,
Could make his spirits fall
He even sang right merrily
U'kw . liw Iobi tils awl.
And even to his dying day,
Of Bugshnw U it told,
lie never sold a lenky boot,
Though such be oft half solod.
Once ho, from too much drink, was in
A state of lsther-gy,
When thieves made booty of his shoes,
And with them they did flee.
When he came to, snyi be, " If I
Get once Uxm their tracks,
For having stolen ot my stock
They'll get shoemaker's whacks."
That afternoon one thief he caught,
Who quickly came to grief (
For Boss he went from welling shoes,
To welting of tho thief.
The M. P's got another ono
A making out of town,
And when the thief wss taken up,
He seemed quite taken down.
Boss plied his trade for forty yean,
Or some here thereabout ;
For he, though long a pegging In,
Was longer pegging out.
But Bagxhaw couldn't always live.
Like cobblers in the past,
lie one day from his last did go
To come unto his last.
The Lax of the Currency Stamp.
r cronos a u sold.
From the New Tork Merer--.
I'm a ragged thing wit'i a or-t: faoe,
Dirty end -rsusy, and til it., a: j ;
My print Is vile and my loo-ts r re base,
And my edes an frayed and torn.
The presses are running by day and u'gLl,
Spawning mo o.T a t'.iocir.d fold.
Though honest men call U a shameful tlgh.
Te see me parsing fur ol i.
But politics cell for ui's galore
To keep ' ins ' in, r.-.d tj keen "oats" out ,
And papr is ehenper than yellow ore,
As nobody claims to doubt.
I'm squandered here and squandered there,
Common as dirt ami as foul likewise
Fortunes come nnd go in the air,
As the seed of the thistle dies.
And where I pass all villainy thrives;
Every sort of malice and tin
Men sell their souls, their Li others, their wives,
In the feverish stri.e to Tin ;
The time of my b'uth rt a Joyful hour
For those who hold to tae rowers mat ue
Twss I that bred and cwntcred that pot.:r,
And it rests aloue with tee :
But Labor sits by her s'den. loom.
Commerce inouris ..eruinpty till,
Progress weeps by Liberty's tomb -
Xtone nouriso savoiuus muv am.
Still I, with toy dirty btsien face,
Go hither anJ Cither, broadcast sown,
The seed of a Nalioa'- sore dii-gaaoe,
The power b;L!nd .ts throne !
Tho evening of the fifteenth of Fob-
ruary, itoj, wasagaiaat, x an.
Don uiovanni " was to oo pcnorin-
cd at the opera by an asimblapo of
talent rarely announced for ono night,
even nt tho opera cf i'aris or in tho
creat opera cf 41 Don Giovanni."
Yet it was not tho names of tho cr
tisten that most attructod the atten
tion aa ono reada tho billu nobler and
more celebrated names caught tho ye.
They wero those of tho reigning king
and queen Louis l'hilips mid Mario
Anielie. Tho ajivlis announced th'.t
they would honor theopera vith their
presence on that evening. They had
beon but a hott timo restored to tumr
nativo land, and this wr s titeir lro
nppearanco at tho opera t ino the
thro UavB ol July Baa pjaebU
them on tho throne ; lor this icacon
as many Orloanibta as could obtain
tickets had secured them for tho opora
of tho 15th of February to hear "Don
Giovanni" and fee their king nnd
queon. About nix o'clock (for, if it bs
remembered, tho l'ari opera did not
begin at tho present Ixmdon hours)
carnages wcro to ue seen conveying
their gaily dressed occupants to tho
classic building. An unusually hand
some CQwr0?0 slool a tuo door -of a
largo house in tho Io lci Champs
Llysoes, evidontly also lor tho purposo
of taking some fashionables to tlio
opera. This carriage and houso be
longed to tho Baron do V , who
was iust then standing at tlio bottom
of tho noblo staircaso insido tho man
sion, calling playfully to his wife, tell
ing her that the carriage was waiting.
"I'm coming, I'm coming," was
tho answer to this appeal ; " don't bo
in such a hurry!"
As tho last rieco of advico was prof
fered, tho spoakcr appeared at the top
of tho stairs.
Bho was a dark beauty of about
ono and twenty, and dressed purely
in whito. bhe camo lluttenng down
stairs, chattering meantime to her
handsome husband, who stood look
ing admiringly at her.
"Isow Ira quito ready, so please
don't scold. I'vo only got my brace
lets to put on, and thoso I want you
to clasp for me. Here's tho case, if
you will tako them out, and here's
my wrist. Now, suppose I woro to
loso them in tho crowd, what would
our good mother say"
A smilo was tho only answer the
baron vouchsafed, as he took the
bracelets out their case and clasped
them on the fair white arm of his
They wore very costly, being each
composed of throe rows of valuablo
tablo diamonds, whilst in the centre
of either glittered a spray of hoarts
esso, artistically formed of smaller
diamonds. The bracelet wero ren
dered more precious to their possessor
ly tho laet ot tlieir having been in
tho Do V family for throo trenera-
tions. They now by right bolongod
to the dowager baronne, but sho had
insisted on giving them to her son for
his bride, who, thereforo, wore them
on such occasions as tho ono wo aro
The Baron and Uaronno do V-
stopped into their carriago, and in a
few minutes wore entering their box
at tho opera. Tho houso wag already
full, although it wanted fifteen min
utes to tho timo announced for tho
overture to begin. At length tho
members of the orchestra took their
placos, and the poculiar, subdued
sound of turning stringed instruments
was heard. Still tho royal box was
ompty, and all eyes Mere turned
towards it in eager expectation. In
another moment applauso burst from
the pit and gallery and tho ontiro
house, as Ixmig l'Jiilippo and Queon
Mario Amelu, -v - ,U'6W
uit of olllcers and ladies and gentle
men of the court, appeared. Tho
king and quoen bowed graciously in
rtiurn for the homago paid them, and
then took their seats, at which tho
rest of tho company did tho same, and
the ovorturo commenced.
Tho Queen looked unusually hap
py, and seemed to tako a lively iutcr
ett in all around her. Sho not enly
gazed at tho stago, but the boxea r.lso
camo in for a sharo of her penetrating
Suddcnlv she bent slicrhtlv forward
and looked in tho direction of tho box
that contained tho lovely young Bar
rone do V . Tho lattor wat lean
ing lorward, her rgui nana raisea, a
finger of which touched one of Iioa
dimpled cheeks, deeply interested in
the fate of "Don Giovanni," and
quite absordod in tho beautiful music.
Jlcr husband had noticed the oueen s
gosturo, and was awaro that she had
observed his wife, and when tho quoen
turnod away ho laughingly told her
of it.
" Nonsonso," criod tho brido, "don't
fancy such absurdities."
The truth of wh"t hor luisbnnd had
raw, no orei, con icrced itsou tpou
hor nind, lir ot th?.t iucm?t en olU
cer, dri?sod iu the r,atn r.ttifoita.us
those p.ttending tho royal party, drevr.
i - ii ........ .. I. .1 J .1..!.
uai'K u:o curiam, ihuuuu uivit hua,
and steppi'J forward, Baid, " l'ardon,
ntadanie, but Lpr majesty's admira
tion and curlccity ha been so roi'sed
by tho eitrht of tii3 bcautifal brrceicti
you wear that alio has comwiooionod
mo to come ami request you to spare
me ono for a few moments for her
closer iiisHXtion." Tho pretty baron
no blushed, looked 'ip to her huhbar.d
for his appro vu, thsu unciatpod ono
of the brafoktu rnd handed t tj tV.e
ofucer, fooling not a little Uattered at
tin Pttentior. and distinction tl'Q4ueen
Uutl wnrerr'.'d on r-er.
Til? lr.st act of tho opera herein,
and at length tho l.act raeno ended,
yet tut bracolct was not r&ixrnel. It
owners thought tho olficcr hcl doubt
less forgotten it, and the baron said
ho wculd go and make inquire con
cerning it. Ho did so, end i few
moments returned, though without
tho bracelet.
." Adele," said ho to his wife, " it is
very strange, butv.cirecii.g the officer
who took yot'r bracelet, 1 acked cno
of tho others who had been in the
royal box tho whoto evening, and he
says your bracelet was neither sout
for nvt' fetched."
Tho baronne looked aghast.
"Francois," hheEiid, "that man must
have boon an impestov. llo was no
oilieer, b- t an a f Irene thief."
The baron tmilod as his littlo wife
jumpt'd eo speedily i.t tuth a conclu
sion and persisted that tho bracelet
was safe and had really been sent for
by tho queen, and that tho oflieer
whom ho had consulted was misin
formed. But woman's penetration had guess
ed rightly, as the morrow proved.
As tho bracelet was not forthcom
ing tho nc?.t worniug, M do V
spoke to the chief inspector of tho
polico cn the subject, who quito coin
cided with madame's opinion as to
tho valuablo ornam?nt having beon
artfully stolon. Tho bnron was great
ly annoyed, and ordered tho inspector
to advertise for it in every direction,
offering ft reward of 3,0'JO francs to
tho person who should rsstore it.-
Tho inspector promised to do ail in
hi3 power toward tho recovery of tho
bracelet, aa wi ll for tho sake of soci
ety at largo ag tiio satisfaction of tho
But throo months passed away
350 francs hau been spent in adver
tisingand still tho missing bracelet
was not found.
It was growing dark ono evening
in May, when a ecrvani lnionueu
Madamo do V that inoniour tlio
inspector wished to p.peak to hor or
monsieur the baron. As tho latter
was out, Madamo do V went down
btairs to upeuk to tho inspector, with
whom tilu' had many pluvious inter
views on tlio subject of the diamond
bracelet. As alio entered tho room
ho bowed in tho respectful manner
peculiar to him. "1 believe I have
eomo good news for madamo, this
evening," ho sold! His roico was
rather singular, somewhat resembling
a boy s when changing. Madamo do
V had remarked this peculiarity
before, so it did not strike her that
eening. "Tho detectives, Be con
tinued, engaged in tho business, havo
met with a bracelet in a Jew's second
hand shop in Lyons, so exactly tho
samo as madamo' s, that it only ro
mains for it to bo identified before wo
can claim it as madamo's property.
My object in coming this ovenmg is to
ask madamo to allow me to look at
the other that I may bo able to swear
the one at Lyons by its follow."
She baronne, overjoyed at tho idoa
of recovering her lost property, trip
pod out of tlio room, and soon re
turned with tho remaining bracelot.
Tho inspector took it carefully in his
hand and; proceeded to examino it
minutely. ' " The bracelets aro exact
ly alike?" he inquired of Madame de
V , :
" JJxactly," repeated the baronne.
" I boliovo I havo learned tho pat
torn thoroughly," said tho inspector
musingly, "yet thoro may be somo
difficulty in not having both bracelets
together to compare them ono with
tho other."
""Why not tako this to Lyons, then?"
suggested tho baronne.
" Ah, madamo, it would scarcely
do to trust even a police inspector af
ter having boon deceived by an oflicor
in difguiso."
" Oh!" laughed Madamo do V ,
" do you not think T would trust you,
Monsiour Inspector, after all tho in
terest and trouble you have taken in
tho matter? Tako tho bracelet, and
Ihopoyou will bring me both back
ere many days havo paused."
Tho inspector still hesitated, but at
length eonsontd to do as tho brJlonna.
Una io;;ix llllil, -UCTWem CWa, 'fT'U'ii'-
mg tho sparkuufr ornament with him.
On her husbund's return tho baronne,
of course, told him of tho joyful dis
covery. A week, howevor, passed away
without the " inspector arriving with
the stolen property. Ono morning,
therefore, tho baron called on tho in
spector to make inquiries respecting
it. Tho latter teemed very .much sur
prised on beinp; asked if tho bracclot
had been brought from Lyoiu.
" What dooa monsieur irjcau ? I fiov
er her.rd r4n; thivg about tho bracelet
having beon found at Lyns it i3
6rely a mUtd'co. Monsieur has mis
understood Madair.o la liarour.e."
"You bad better r.wmeyourtclf and
Lp.vo his sir?ngo mystery cleared up,
11. 3 rieetot'," ".ns'.-.rsd tho baroa,
sternly. ?.tadauo in at homo, and
yjll bo happy to assuro yea herself
that it is no mistake, that you called
ind i
.! ho-r of tl liwoad hov
: i. 1 i , .... -
Tho c?roA and inspector rcpaiW.
to tho li.o d3 Clu-mpo, KlyHces,
where they found Kaunx.o de V .
they lour u Jiauav
at home, ui lier hu:batd lied said. -Sho
coniirmed 'rliat ho hrd already
said a'nout tuo inspector having called
ono night at dusk, and having in
formed her that tho bracelet was sup
poiod to bo at a Jew' second hand
shop at Lycn.
Tho injector smiled incroduously
r.s ho eaid: "Does madamo really
think that I called at duc.!c after bui
r.jS3 hoi'rs, vlioii all tho world is out
r enjoying itself with company at
l 'J "I. 1 O T 1 1 .
uomer xanr xua my business in
business hours. Tho disguised officer
moot probably thought ho could do
'.mother littlo ntroko cf buciiiC35 ii: an
official UTiform of anotl :r oui the
villian! I urn eftald, .r.daraa will
never soo either of hor bracelets again
afUrthie" "
Tlio ingpoctor'e words camo but too
true. .Vro:a that day to this madame
hi Bai ouuo de V 's diamond brace
lots havo novor been heard of.
Tho c. t: ' Cmmiericn.
The Natio.il jvtilii ,en:ii' juado al
lusion to tiio appT,of kiituittiry Ctin
iuiMiou for j'icre:'. of fttndj, and
ako. for a statement of tho gross
amount cf salaries rivided r.riorg
employ) cf that r.tii.:uiuon. In par
tial reply, there waj received a iinan
cial report cf tho western department
of that crgani.attou, coveriii. u im
port from fcJopi. I. 1SG1, io Jai uary
l, Kill J. From this report it up tr i
ed that, in that branch, tho sum of
5321,0155, VI had been expended. Of
this &'Jo,5l)J,5G was applied to pur
chase of supplies, and tlio remainder
expended in distribution of thoso sup
plies. Under the head of " cxpou
sos," &'J7,4 17,7- was absorbed ; under
the head of "publications," &c, ?",
tis3,88 was absorbed, and the amount
of fct,UGt),l5 was absoibed in tho
work of " general inspection ;" being
an aggregate of $5G,s00,75 for these
threo itenii alono. In tbo "Directo
ry," tho turn of Cl3,07l,5d wa. spont
for "compensation" of olhers or
agents ar.d in tho " Ivolicf Depart
ment" tho suiu of 13,ti2l,50 was
siir.ilurly appropriated.
In a word, it cost $27,472.8C to
place t; 0d,50,5G vorth rf supplies at the
dixpoxiii'oji cf the soldicist notwithstand
ing the largo amount of transporta
tion which was performed by tho gov
ernment, and so not paid for by tho
Commission. Is thii tn foment-to be
considered ns evidence tending to show
the economy of management by this
Tlio InUUigcr.eer mako3 tho follow
ing significant statement :
" We learn that tho Eastern De
partment of the Commission, which
has iU headquarters in this city
(Washing:,) and nl which the ap
propriations havo been muuv n
greatly moro extensivo scale, lias nov
er publishod any financial report sinco
the date of its organization down to
tho present timo."
TrAn old gentleman, who was
never accused of being a wizard, went
out with his gun ono day to shoot
Eirtridges, accompanied by his son.
eforo thoy approached the ground
where thoy expected to find tho game,
tho eun was charged with d severo
.load, and when at last tho old gentle
man discovered ono ol the birds, ho
took a rest and blazed away, expect
ing to see him fall, of course ; but not
so did it happen, for tho gun recoiled
with so much force as to " kick " him
over. Tho old man got up, nnd while
rubbing tho sparks out of his eyes,
inquired of his son, "Alphy, did I
Eoint the right end of the gun to tho
irds?" .
J5"Tho New York Herald says
that some persons, who . wero in
straightened circumstances beforo they
got their fingers into matters connec
ted with " Soldier's Fairs," now keep
their carriages, and livo in stylo I It
is also said that borne of tho philan
thropic managers of tho Sanitary
Fairs, tho Christian Commission, and
other charitable enterprises developed
bv tho war, aro "making a cood
thing " out of their devoted labors.-
It is believed that tho lnvgor portion
of tho tcouey collected to aid thoso
objocls, is absorbed in "expenses."
From the Pontiao Jacksoniao, Deo. 1.
Provost Marshal McConnell Out
wittcd by a ITigor.
A Coollne Lotion for bis Abolitloniam-.
Fun for the " Copperheada," . Colonol
lluokini " paye birn a visit.
Tho rosult of tho election operated
like a- spark of llro upon a powder
magazine upon " W. M. McConnell,
Uipt. and i'ro. Marshal, Fifth Dist.
Michigan." For a few days subse
quent to that event, meeting him was
to a " copperheud " liko meeting with
a wild boar, his tushes stuck out iu
every direction, and ho frothed and
foamed wonderfully. Ho had " got
the copporheads under and he was
going to keep them under." Even
ons of the most quiet of thora had to
tako a vaniiii'' (nun tho rodoubtable
"ir;7iiarrwnrt:.Tir'.vv4iJin.N.n, i.
would bo " watched and "kept un
der." But as thero was no general
rising of tho " copperheads," it did
not requiro any groat amount of the
captain's jio'wor to keep thom under,
and tho captain consequently got cool
ed down to moderate heat. But un
fortunately for Iho " copperhoada," an
ovent occurred ou Friday, which crmt
our mercurial I'rovoet up t'ain, and
ho roared around tho streets hko a
mad bull. It was tho most desperate
cuco of " nigger on tho brain " on
record, and niet with the lfost tpo.dy
if not penuai'ont cuio cf ny yet
poctod in tiio bookn.
oomo weeks ago a darkoy yn. re-
oruitod at tho Prorost's olfiek nd
wu3 li-om thoro takon to tho tamp
ground. This darke enlisted iu Ms
bohulf all tlioja generous impulses
and sympathies of tho captain which
drkey.ionly cun arouse. Ho was a
woor, iuuiaut, dowr. -trodden darkey
living ovidence of the " wrongs of
slawp- . At '"T waJ 1
ruetcd in reaamg and writing, bo
of which accomplishments we
was m-
" CI " ia him. But ho SiUrrr?ed
all with tho wonderful proficiency he
made in mastering tliem, and none
more so than his friend, the captain,
who rung his praises of the nigger
upon every change, and pohitod him
out to tlio doubting " copporhorda"
as a living, breathing, savory illustra
tion cf tho fact that a niggo waa an
intcdligcnt man and broihor " and
tho equal cf the captain in every ro
spoct. In return for tho praiso of his
now found friend tho niggor showed
his ivory, but kept his own counsel.
When the captain boasted that he
was tho right kind of stuff for a sol
dier, t ed would fight liko a hero, the
nigger nodded his bond and exhibited
a still rrreatcr amount of ivorv. And
tnus matters stood' until with prided
and 6orrow tho captain witnossed tho
final departuro of tho 6ablo saviour
of his country for tho seat of war,
with the bounty money in his pocket
ami a plenty of chicken-pio under his
jacket. But sad to relate, when this
i3Lchif;6i, cravo, and patriotic pupu
cf tho opLcm reached Detroit, no
sudclooiy bcrnmo rr;i cJt Mid hai not
evea to .h's day returned to his kind
instructor tho tliro or frur hundred
doliai-s beauty luout-.
liut s. belle? s ;tjtct iW the sympa
thetic tcaia of tho Frcvo.it turned up
on Friday lirt. Another ehado mado
his appeal anco a a veer.ilt. Io l ad
been a clave ; had boon moct iahu
mauly treated, mado his escape, cud
uow panted for revongo. Ho lil not
want te go us a substitute ho scornod
going for pay. llo was going for a
higher and holier motive. He want
ed te havo his name enrolled as a de
fender of tho rights of his race, and
scorned greenback. - Wdl, this) eo
ond " mau and brother " was stripped
for examination, w hen lo, tho sight
that met tho astonished gf-ze of
" Brother McConnell " words cannot
express. There, right before liim,
wtw a living victim of ono cf Harriet
Bcochcr Stowo's Ijegroes, with the
horrid Dtripes plainly marked in ridges
upon his back. Thero was evidence
incontrovertible of tho " barbarism of
slavery," aud happy thought
" Brother Mo." would havo it photo
graphed, and then wouldn't he show
tho "copperheads" a tiling or two?
So away went Mc and his shade to 'a
photographer, where tho nigger stood
for a backtiJo view, while Mo stood by
and listened with breathless interest
and tears of sympathy in his eyes to
tho terrible wrongs of bis reoruit.--Ho
had been whipped by his oversocr
until tho overseer could whip no lon
ger from sheer cxhaustatioii, when the
master took his place, and thus they
whipped alternately, until tho blood
flow all round tho premises, and flesh
hung down in ttnngs liko sausages in
a butcher'si ta!l. And finally Sambo
made his ecapo, and here he was,
ready to fight tho battles of his coun-
tT. .
An clocrant Iramo soon adorned this
elegant parlor ornament, and "Broth
er McConnell," so soon as ho had paid
over the lounty money, (a favor which it
seems is not gruutod to " whito trash"
until it is safb in. tho service) hurried
with it to tho street, and there ro
hoarsed te littlo groups of attentive
listeners, and fur; tho special benefit of
tho " copperheads," tlio story of Iho
black man's wrongs. "Warming up to
the full height of his new born zeal
tho flashes of undying love beam
ing from his clenr bluo eye, and ren
dering eloquent tho tonguo which had
wearied in fainter praiso of vulgar
cheese, " There," ho declared in stento
rian voice, pointing to tho scored back
of tho son of Ham, " that is tchat makes
me an Alolitionint"
I'oor "copperheads." Thero they
stood, struck dundi by this mute evi
dence of the " barbarism of slavery."
What a sceuo wos that for .a painter
what a themo for the oct. Wondor
filled the hearts and spoko from the
eyes of thoso around as it did when
Moses appeared beforo tho people of
old with the tablets of binai. And as
Mokcs looked in rnge at tho golden
calf while ho pointed at tho tablets,
no Willard looked at tho "copper
heads" whilo ho pointed at his nigger.
But hero tho nimilo ends, foy whilo
I Mosos dashed tho tablets to the ground,
"Brother Mc " hugged the photograph
to his breast, and finished his labors
among the sinning " copperheads " by
carrying it homo, to be chiefeot among
tho idols of his household.
Whother in honor of tho event or
not we are not prepared to say, but
Bometimo during tho day tho colebra
tod Col. Hawkins, or Huclins, or lhy.
gins, mado his appearance, and at
night, he and " Brother McConnell,"
aud various of the faithful, repaired
to the "African House," vr " Union
House, "(where a graud supper await
ed them. Hero, over, tho choico vi
ands of mino host of sweet voice and
silky locki, tho wrongs of Sambo woro
recounted, by tho captain, and he told
the hictorv of the arrival r,f 41.
"Jknew by tho glisten of his eye," ho
said, " that the bravo fellow
fight."- Whether tho shado was proo
ent in his proper place at tho h. 'd of
the board to respond, wo hate. 4tct
learned, but he was there in sirl-?. if
not m iuci, ana tuo recital ci his
wronsrs lost nothincr of thpir iVr-i hv
being repeated second hand.
But a mo.it unpalatable C:Utl
awaited " Brothor McConnnll 1.-
made his wav to tha street on 5nr
dy morning. A opparhead" raised
' ts head in his path Bad informed him
tiutt Ilia (black) bird hid tnton -Iti,
in mo uip;r.t tne shade had molted
away into ulter darknoss, louniy money
,id all Tr.o boys in bluo wsr even
men in uoi pursuit of the patriot in
black, and he was doing up somo of
tho tallest walking on record. As ho
took a'southerly course, through Thur-
i wmin, Lis sudden departuro ia
undoubtedly owing to that anxiety to
rovewje hfs wrcr-s upon t3 "master"
n.d " C7orst6i-f which could brook no
delay, and ho thcisfoie rcido for tho
front in hot haste.
Wo are hourly oxpectiaj to hear of
a most important and decisive action
mado by the departed ' hero. If, be
fore tho week is out, he does not storm
and carry by ar,sault goracbody'a hen
ccopK thea wo J Jiall consider that he
ccuried oi tiio wholo of tho bouaty
rioney instead cf dividing as ho ought
to havo douo with " Brother McCon
nell," "Cupteinnnd IVoTost Marshal,
Fiiih liisi., 2Jichigan."
Vo hava a d;m recollection of hear
ing in by gone days about tho mon
strous wrong of slavo hunting." A
" poor dorm troddoa fctavo," his "back
covered with tho gears of tho over
seer's lash," went flying out of town
at early dawn on Saturday morning
yttrraed tj ni lutU In nmia,-" thjMt- .
lug for his blood." Weep " friends
of freedom," weep; for tho "year of
jubilee" is afar olf, and tho whang
doodle mourneth for his first lovo with
nought but a fhoingraph to comfort
Tub Sixth Cobfs Badge. Whatev
er Sheridan's crimpaign in the Shenandoah-
Valhy has done for tho na
tion'a good and there can bo no dis
cursion rear :cting its brilliancy or its
siivicojT it has had, in romance and
adventure, the air of the old Crusades.
High and proud in tho confer of bat
tle, tho gr.nd cross of tho old Sixth
Coins has often mado the heart of a
soldier pvljato with tho pure, chivalrio
thrill of iho olden time. That crosa
symbol of a faith ancient as tho
Greeks tho faith in right and tho
good right hand of the soldier inspired
is knit with so many recollections
of valor and valorous hearts, that, for
fear of a doluge, lean scarcely essay
one 'yUnipso at tho'rocord. Within""
sighl of its folds, Sedgwick, noblest
among tho noble, fell at Spottsylvania.
Clcoe behind Itussell that pcrfoct
soldier, whose very name, to thoso
w'.o knew him, is blont with tho mois
tire of tears the red cross floated at
Winchester whon ho fell, smiling at
death, to find a reward higher than
ihat withheld on earth by a country
unselfishly, faithfully, served through
a lifetime. Bidwcll, too, struck hard
with a mortal wound, sank under this
beautiful symbol; and warriors young,
and warriors old, smitten on a rcoro
of fields bloodier than that overlooked
by tho Black Trinco at Crossy, have
carried tho shapo of this cross Into
immortal dreams. O, faces of tho
dead, so good to look upon in life !
O, hands of many fallen, 'whoso grasp
was so frank and warm beforo I May
never an arm grow weak that slays
to help on this conflict, in which your
glances went out liko tho lightning.
m which your touch was lost to ua
fwyver, until tho causo for which you.
fought and foil is truly and honorably
won! J. It, SlH'son,
IxDcsTnr. Toil is tho prlco of
sleep nnd nppotito, of health and en
joyment. Tho Tory necessity which
overcomes our natural sloth, is a
blessing. Tlio world does uot contain
a brier or a thorn that diviao mercy
could havo spared. We are happier
with the sterility which wo can over
como by industry, than wo could be
with the most spontaneous and un
bounded profusion. Tho body nnd
tho mind are improved by the toil
that fotigueo them ; that toil is a thou
sand limes rewarded by the plcasuro
it bestows.. Its enjoyments aro pecu
liar; no wealth can purchaso' them,,
no inwdenco touch them. They only
flow from tho exertion which they
' Wilt. Itr. Some one writes both
gracefully and forcibly : " I wohhl
bo glad to soo moro parents under
stand that when thoy spend mor.ev
'judiciously te improve and adorn the
house, and tho ground around it, they
c irn in f P. . . f rnvlnf. 4 1 . . . M 1 ' 1 1
... , ...... ...... .v,u f
premium te stay at home as much as
possible and enjoy it; but when they
epond money unnecessarily in f no
clothing and jewelry for their child
ren, they aro paying them a premium
to spend their time away from home
that is, in thoso placos whoro thv
can attract the most nttentiou and
J mako the most display."

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