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iEI)c (Eonrtcr
W1biit, April 4, 1806.
(hie f tho uiowt outrageous pro
teolings that ever dirgraccd a public
body, occurred at our Common Coun
cil lloom on Friday last,' we refer to
tlx attempt of tho republican ltfrtion
o tho Council to depose tho Controller,
, and thereby hangs a talo, v huh has
Veen known to only tho initiated. It
' appears that at the Republican Caucus,
irld previous to the election, a proiu.
inent and shining light of the party,
rocommentled to the meeting the pro-
pxioty of uiaUng no uouiiuation, that
if it was made it would be sure to bo
defeated, but, said ho, let the Demo
crats mako their nomination and then
. the Germans would nominato and the
ltepublicans oould select from ' each.
rhe matter being under advisement, an
unscrupulous demagoguo present sug-
create a reaction and possibly save
them. And what do you suppose the
fertile brain of this honorable gentle
man brought forth ? Why this: that
high sounding charges should be pro-
fered njrainst the Controller, and of
jwwor could blazeu them forth to the
world that he had attempted to rob
tlio city, and haddono sundry henious
tilings, upon which he should be
turnod out of office. A caucus of the
, Republican members was held and
the wattor laid befor them. Tho hon
orable gentleman stated that ho did
iiot know that the charges could be
eustained, but as a party measure it
must be done. After much hesitation
principle and honor were sacrificed,
und the Controller was mado the vic
tim. Tho day of tho trial came on,
Uud tho trial proceeded. As they had
it all their own way tho Controller
jind his Attorney wero overruled on
every point, but on their own showing
no single charge was maintained ; on
the other hand tho Controller was
fully justified in every particular, not
ushadowof evidence appearing against
him; nevertheless he was deposed as
far as tho radical majority could do it,
the vote standing 4 to 4, tho Mayor
giving the casting voto. The question
of jurisdiction was raisod, an effort
was made to refer it to tho City At
torney, but no, the Lity Attorney a
opinion was not wanted in that case.
, Another effort was made to have tho
evidence introduced under oath, but
no, they would have no statement
under oath, as tho brilliant Alderman
of Teutonic persuasion from tho 2d
Ward remarked that they would Jo
the business in their "own quiet way,"
and they did so do it, and disgraced
the city and covcrod themselves with
infamy thereby, for the sako of accu
mulating sufficient political capital to
carry their party through the charter
oloction. Tho pestilent demagogue,
whose Ishniaelitish practices in poli
tics, business and every sphere of life
are a by-woid and a reproach as well
to tho community as to himself, who
misrepresents tho 3d Ward in the
Council, acted as accuser, Judge Ad
vocate, judge, jury and chief witness.
A choico subject he to arraign docent
people for official or any other mis
conduct. .
Thore have been during the past
few yoars many irregular trials by
military commission under the plea of
military necessity, many outrages upon
civil rights which have left a foul 6tain
uiKjn our national escutcheon that
timo will not goon obliterate, but all
these had some plea of justification, as
intonded or the public good. For
this, the latest and meanest act of
radical tyranny there is not even this
poor apology; it is puroly a partizan
inquisition without authority, dignity,
cause or decency, to meet, at tho ex-
peuso of law, right and every principle
of common courtosv a pressinc: en-
pncy in local politics. We shall pub
Iidi the charges and answer in our
next, together with some other facta
in connection therewith.
Incrctso of Voters.
At tho registration of voters pre
paratory to tho recent election, thero
wero registered the unexpectedly large
number of live hundred and twelve
voters, or portons claiming to bo 6uch
-about equal to ono-third the whole
number of votors in tho city in the
kOveral wards, as follows: First Ward
220: fcHicond, 170; Third, 115. The
Mumber registered in the First and
f hird t ards is much greater in pro
jtortiun, than in the Second. This,
taken in connection with the fact that
tho Firt and Third Wards are close,
u tul the large number of Irish and
Canndwiiui brought in, especially in
tho First, ond voting the democratic
licket, is highly fcUggcstive of dt-mo
emtio colonization and illegnl voturs.
The largo aggregate voto may bo
juvouiiU'd fur bv several cucumstances
1st The colouization of illegal vo
tcrs.' 2d. Tho removal of voters from
omo other place, or from tne ward
to another, od. Minors coining of
fc.go. 4th. Tho coming in of the
'noaks" who would acknowledgo uo
citizenship or obligation to this coun
try while the war was pending, least
they might bo drafted or culled upon
to cnlUt, but now, since tho country
ii out vf danytr, they ate ready to en
ny nil the privileges of citizenship,
;.nd nil loiigi-r withhold thi'ir names
jioiu tho vutcrfl li"t. In some iustan-
ces, jtorhaps, they bad failed to becomo (
naturalized; in other cases, being nat
uralized, they had not been registered
in the city. It is a pity that this class
of patriots, who would not acknowl
edge themselvs citizens when the coun
try had need of their assistance, should
ever be allowed to become so at any
other time. They have proved them
selves unfit for citizenship. They
w ere the subjects of Queen Victoria,
or somebody else, when our country
was in trouble, in most cases sympa
thising with its enemies. Now they
are citizens and ready to vote with its
enemies. Daily Enterprise.
And so they unquestionably did
vote. The election having: resulted in a
largely increased Republican vote it
is fair to infer that most of the newly
registered electors voted the Republi
can ticket. The result is "certainly
suggestive of radical "colonization and
illegal voters" and "may be accounted
"for by soveral circumstances. 'let.
'The colonization of illegal voters.
'2d. The removal of. voters' from
'some othor place, or from one '.ward
'to another. 3d. Minors coming of
"ago. 4 th. The coming in of the
.i "knowledge
"no citizenship or obligation to this
"country while the war was pending,
"lest they might be drafted or called
"upon to enlist, but now, since the
"country is out of danper, they - are
"ready to. enjoy all the priviligos of
"citizenship, and -no. longer withhold
"their names from tho voters list." -The
1st and 4th classes in the list
swelled tho radical voto to such an ex
tent that no one can well wonder nt
tho overwhelming republican victory.
Valuawlk IsroitMATioN. The En
terprise is at present engaged in the
very laudable business of giving in
struction which will enable persons
having proper taste and talent in the
line to realize a handsomo profit by
the ro-issue of canceled chocks, orders,
&c, heretofore supposed to be worth
toss. Tho editor hates " little beggars"
but is generously disposod to aid those
who would " turn an honest penny-'
by the practice of uttering fraudulent
paper. Wo give his first lessons to
neophytes. Speaking of certain can
celled orders, ho asks : .
" Is it not an easy matter, by wet
ting the torn edges und pressing them
out in a letter press, to partially oblit
erate the cancels, so that they can be
passed to unsuspecting persons ?"
And as tho result of experience in
the business, ho says :
Wo have seen specimens of checks
which have passed through the usual
form of bank canceling, and having
been wet and the edges pressed to
gether, to a casual observer would
scarcely show any signs of the cancel
ing. They miy-ht easily be passed.
The next effort of the editor in this
line will doubtless como out under tho
hood of "useful hints to june'ile pil
ferers, with practical suggestions on
the art of robbing hen roosts and petit
larceny in general."
Proclamation by tho Prosidont,
Wasuinotov, ArKIL 2.
(By (he President of tho Uniw-d Shittw.)
Whereat, lty a proclamation on the
I5th and 19th of April, one thousand
eight hundred and sixty-one, the Pres
ident of tho Unitod States, by virtue
of the power vosted in him by the
Constitution and tho laws, declared
that tho laws of the United States
were opposed and the execution thero
of obstructed in the States of South
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida
Louisiaua and Texas by combinations
too Kowerful to be suppressed bv the
ordinary courso of judicial proceed
ings or by tho power vestod m the
Marshals by law. ' . . ;
And whereas, By another procla
mation made on the 16th day of Alt
gust, in the same year, m pursuance
of an act of CongToss, approved July
13th, lcol, the inhabitants of Uoorgia,
South Carolina,, Virginia; North Carp
lina, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana,'
Texas, Arkansas. Mississipi and Flor-f
ida, Except tho inhabitants of that
part of Virginia lying west of the Al
legany Mountains, and to such other
parts of that otato and the other
States before namod, as might main
tain a loyal adhesion to theUnion and
tho Constitution, or might bo from
time to time occupied and controlled
by the forcos of tho United Stated en
gaged in the dispersion of insurgents,
were declared to 'bo in a Btate of in
surrection against the United States.
Jnd ichcreas, By another procla
mation on the 1st day of July, 18G2,
issued in pursuance of an act of Con
gress, approved J uly 7th, in the same
year, tho insurrection was declared to
be still existing in tho states afore
said, with tho oxception of certain
specified counties in the State of Vir
cinia: ' '
And tchereas, By another proclama
tion mado on the "d day of April,
180.J, in pursuanco of the act of Con
gross of July 13th, 18G1, the excep
tions narnod in tho proclamation of
August 1G were revoked, and the in
habitants of Georgia, South Caroliua,
North Carolina, Tennosseo, Alabama,
Iouisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Missis
sippi, Florida and Virginia, except the
forty-eight counties of Virginia desig
nated as West Virginia and the iwrts
of Now Orleans, Key West, l'ort Roy
al and Beaufort, in South Carolina :
And whereas By another ; proclama
tion mado on tho 1st day of July,
1S02, issuod in pursuanco of an act
of Congress, approved June 7, same
year, tho insurrection was declared to
be still existing in tho States afore
said, with the exception of certain
specified counties in the State of Vir
ginia: Amd Whereas, By another procla
mation made on tho 2d day of Atml,
1HG3, in pursuance of an act of Con-
cress of July 13, 18G1, the conditions
named in tho proclamation of August
lo, 1 SOI, were revoked, and the in
ha bi (ants of tho States ' of Goorgia,
buth Carolina North Carolina, Ten
nessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas,
Arkansas, Mi&HHppi. Florida and
Virginia, except tho forty-eight coun
ties 01 irgimii ucsignuicu us it ust
Virginia, and the port of Sevt Or
leans, Key. West, l'ort Royal and
Beaufort in South Carolina, were de
clared to be in a state of insurrection
against the United States; '
And ichertai, The House of Repre
sentatives on the 22d if July, 1801,
adopted a resolution in the words fol
lowing, viz :
"Iiesolced by the Hons of Jtepresenta
tictt of the Congress of tfte Untied States,
That tho present deplorable civil war
has been forced upon the country by
the disunionists of the Southern' 6tates
now in revolt against the Constitution
al Government, and in arms around
the Capitol; that in this emergency,
Congress banishing all feelings of re
sentiment will recollect ouly its duty
to the wholo country ; that this war is
not wagod on our part in any spirit
of oppression nor for any purpose
of conquest or subjugation, nor for
the puri08e of overthrowing or inter
fering with tho rights or established
institutions of those Statos, but to do-
fend and maintain tho supremacy of
the Constitution and preserve the
Union with all its dignity and' the
equality and rights of tho,. soveral
Statos unimpaired, and' that as these
objects are accomplished tho waT ought
Unitod States, on the 25th day o
July, 1801, adopted a resolution in the
Words following, viz (here follows the
sanio resolution :)
And uhereast These resolutions,
though not joint or concurrent in form,
uro substancially identical and as such
may be regarded as having expressed
the sense of Congress upon tho - sub
ject to which they relate ;
, And uluirsas, By my proclamation
on the 13th June. lant,'ue insurrec
tion in tho State of Tennessee was de
clared to have been suppressed, tho
authority of tho United States therein
to bo undisputed, and such United
Statos officers as has boon duly com
missioned to bo in the undisputod ex
erciso of their official functions ;
And tcltcrtas, There now exists no
organized armed resistance of mis
guided citizens or others to the author
ity of the Unitod Statos in the States
of Goorgia, South Curolina,' Virginia,
North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama,
Ixmisiano, Arkansas, Mississipi and
Florida, and tho laws can bo sustained
and enforced therein . 'by tho proper
civil authority, State or Federal, and
tho peoplo of the said States are well
and loyally disposed and havo con
formed or will conform in their legis
lation to the condition of affairs grow
ing out of tho amendment to the con
stitution of tho United States pro
hibiting slavery within tho limits and
jurisdiction of tho United States ;
And whereas, In view of tho before
recited premises, it is tho manifest do
termination of the American people
that no State, of its own will, has the
right or power. to go out of or separate
itself from, or be separated from the
American Union, and that therefore
each State ought to remain and con
stitute an integral part of tho United
States ;
And whereas, Tho peoplo of tho sev
eral beforo-mentionod States have, in
manner aforesaid, given satisfactory
evidence that they ucquioseo in this
eovereiim kul imiiorluut resolution ef
the national unity;
jimt whereas, It is believed to bo a
fundamental principle of tho Govern
ment, that tho peoplo who have re
volted, and who havo been overcomo
and subdued, must either be dealt
with so as to induce them voluntarily
to becomo friends; or clue they must
bo held by absolute military power or
devastated so as to prevent them from
ever again doing harm as enemies,
which last named policy is abhorrent
to humanity and freedom ;
And whereas, I ho Constitution of the
United States provides for constitu
tional communities only as States, and
not as Territories, dependencies, prov
inces or protectorates;
And whereas, Such constituent State
must necessarily bo and by the Con
stitution and laws ot tho United
States aro made equals and placed on
like footing as to political, rignts,
immunities, dignity and power with
the several States with which they
are united ; . t
And whereas, Tho observance of po
litical equality as a principle of right
and justico is well calculated to en
courage the people of tho aloresaid
States to be and to become more and
more constant and persevering in their
renewed allegiance ;
And wJierms, Standing armies, milli-
tary rulo, millitary occupation mar
tial law, millitary tribunals and sus
pensions of the writ of habeas corpus
are in timo of' peace dangerous to
public liberty, incompatiblq with the
individual rights of citizens, contrary
to tho genius and spirit of our free in
stitutions, and exhaustive of tho na
tional resources, and . ought not
therefore to bo sanctioned or allowed
except in cases of actual necessity, for
repelling invasion or suppressing in
surrection orrobellionj 1 1
And whereas, Tho policy of the Gov
ment of the United States from the
beginning of tho insurrection to its
final suppression has boon in conform
ity with tho principles herein set forth
and enumerated ; thoreJooro , .
I.Andrew Johnson, President of
the United States do hereby proclaim
and declare that tho insurection
-which heretofore existed in tho Statos
of Georgia, South Carolina, North
Carolina, Virginia, Tenneseo, Ala
bama, Louisaua, Arkansas, Mississip
pi and Florida is at an end, and hence
forth to bo so regarded
In testimony whereof, 1" have here
unto set my hand and caused the seal
of tho United States to bo affixed.
Done at Washington, this second day
of April, in tho year of our Lord 18GG,
and of the Independence of tho United
States of America the ninetieth
By tho President. i
William II. Seward, Soc'y of State.
TiknnLi Yocr own Caxok. Th following
run! ii pontad eonplcnounly In the offlc of on
of th principal Ininbor dciilinff firm! in Lettt.it,
and lh iiime'rula will hold gooI la mora placet
thiin Detroit i
"No credit. I would rather Iom your eatro
thun trurt yon. ,
' "P.eiiori !t. Reeno'fl I run afford In Mil
dij hum k lowef fir ciuih thnn fr ceIit. 14.
do not bar to chrg4 j;nod ruMomen larje
rrollt to mako nn for lows by hid one. : 31
The eih j-x)iiii ia l-rt for yon. for and fi.r
1.1 , qm. II jou niiff n'l cnpiiHi di jour own
ti build with, .ron had bcttr-r Dot build at lea it.
Important Information Wanted.
We publish by request the following
circular issued in January last from
the Chief Quartermaster's office, Head
quarters, Military Division of the Ten
nessee t
Surgeons, Chaplains, Agents of
Sanitary and Christian Commissions,
Quartermasters, Officers or Soldiers,
who may havo served in the army at
any time during the war, in Kentucky,
Tennessoe, Mississippi, Alabama, or
Georgia, haying knowledge' of ( the
location of cemeteries, places of burfaL'
or of the scatter od-gravesof any of
our brave soldiers, ia th States alove
mentioned.' are requested to send to
Captain II. B. Whitman, Assistant
Quartermaster, at MurfrHiloro, Ttntus
see, such information as will be useful
to lam , in identifying all places of
burial wherever our, armies have
served.' ' - " ' ; ' ' , '
Captain Whitman has been assigned
to tho special duty of visiting the bat-tlo-grOunds,
' cemeteries, . and places
whore Union dead have boen interred,
in this Millitary Division, and to ro
port thereon with a view to the estab
lishment of National Cemeteries, and
the removal to these of the dead, on
the' plan of those already in process of
completion at Chattanooga and Stone's
lli.ver. 1 : ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' "
. llie information should ue so mi
nute and particular, if possible, as to
enablo the person in posessiou of it
to proceed diroctly to the.ot.
It is expected that every member of
the army will take a personal interest
in this work, and" furnish all the in
formation in his posession, no matter
how'littlo. " j
Similar reports from citizens living
in any of thoso States are also earn
estly solicited. ,
Surgeons or others having knowl
edge of any records of the dead, lost
or destroyod, will also please send no
tice. Tapers throughout these States
whose troops servod within this Mil
litary division, are requested to jgivo
this notice soveral prominent insertions,
and to call speeial attention to it as a
subject of great national interest ,
' Itrevet Jlajor General.
Chief Quartermaster, M. D. T.
, a
Children Bodlzonod. -The
following pungent, suggestions
from the New York Hound Talle com
mend themselves to the attention of
all who have not determined entirely
to forego'the exercise of commen sonso
in tho matter of children's costumes i
Among the extrtvagnnrei which eetaiuty en
title oar jountrr and iieriod to noma distinction,
the present fttkbion of child'a attire ia very eon
piruoua notjto aay glaring. Whether 1'arl U
answerable for the extraordinary Ogurea of child
life that meet the eye at every turn, or whether
the thiug ia of the naUve mushroom growth and
of kboddy born, we are unable pomiirely to affirm
Al any rata, the aubject ia a racy one for the
peneil of the caricaturirt, only, alna! we have no
lirst-cluM comic paper aa a medium for diiaemi
Dating the grolexoue record, Desidoa, color haa
ao much to do with the cberinhed 1'hiJTun of the
juvenile now that nothing ahort of tbromo-litho-graphy
would do Juatire to the aubject, which
would fall for abort of the reality even In the
black nod white treatment cf 2'unck'i corps du
Not many dnyi ago we took the liberty cf oo in
piling an Inventory of he clothing lu-t aceeaaoriet
aportod by a young lady of the mature age of
aix or thereabout, who diajienaed much local
fOlor to tWa wry r laahloMM rMM,
accompanied by her bunnt. The abortneaa and
paniva rbarauiM S . - j mtm
young peraoa iuipurted to her the gunaraj a
pearunre of a ballet-dancer aa oue of'thoae
evolutionary arlUlc appeara wheu executing a
pirouettt. The expeDHive lace frill of the pan-
talettea deacended no lower than to just viaa the
top ot the long white stocking aomewhere In the
region of the knee. The ekirt, which wai white,
waa adorned with much elaborate Outing In blue
ribbon. Over thia waa worn a littlo velvet eloak
of black velvet, which tuurt have coat ever ao
much a yard, and all the margine of tb ia were
tudcled thickly wtlh araall ailver buttoat. On
the fair head of the young eren under notice
there aat, jauntily, m white jockey bat trimmed
with streamers o( blue ribbon and surmounted
with aT while ostrich plume. Dootaof a bright vcr
milium nue encored the Icet of tbia favored child.
Her parasol waa tl white silk, lined and tageed
with the same in emrlet aol she waa providod
with a little pocket-handkerchief, ofwbii b the
liute might have been worth alout SIO. The hair
of the child whs flaxen, and wonld have been
beauuiul had it not been crimped painfully over
cushions or wads. She bail jowtltd rlnzs in her
little white ear, and as aha drew elf one tiny
Un-eo ord Jouvin glove, wo could tee that her
little white Bnger were be-jeweled. also This
ia a correct description of the article under notice,
so far aa our memory eervea us. Il la not an
exceptional instance. We have taken it at ran
dom, and ita repetitions are to be even on all our
fashionable avenues all 'different, perhaps, but
al marked by the same extravagance of cut and
color of garb. . -
iewiagl rach objects as these and the little
bojs are if pomible, worse than the little s-irls in
their extravagant bediienings 4be grave ones
tion arises aa to how the mind of the rising
generation ia likely to be Influenced by the
idiotic frippery on which it is taught to dwell.
In the maUor of taste, even the roaaideratinn la
s very serious one, It is by early aajorlntlons
that taste ia, for the mt part, formed. The
spangelod juvenile ot the circus grows up to he a
spangeled clown. Simplicity haa been reckoned
as an element inseparable from republic-si hut
that is an idea of the p.vrt. and in tho extrava
gance that has taken it jtno, there Is vista of
iiiui-u itiinre irouuic. n sometimes minx trial
there may be sm h i cuae as to much civilisation,
and, really, at this period, tho extremes appear
aa If tbey were about to meet
The turn for frippery ia a inarkod characteris
tic of man In a savage state, and we renlly seem
to be coming round to that peint of the eirclo
when tattooing our little children, and putting
rings in their noses and bars of lipnurn tit
through their under lij. will be quite the thing
ami wnen iom rooi win oe King, ana suaw nave
his own again.
The control organ of Republicanism In Mich!
gan, the Lansing Jiq ubliran, Is evidently uut in
the Fenian interest. It says in a recent editor!
fleaied as above.' 1 t '
The Irish nation are proverbially a race . who
love excitement and danger, and. hair brained
atteuuitato accompli)) the' impossible, haa for
them -peculiar thai in. . Ibe order of i'ewians,
but a short time in existence, has become power
ful enough to alarm the Knjtlisb Government,
and place our Canadian neighlKirs on the d
fenaive. . For the time being the factions of
O'MaUuooy and Koltcrts litre censed to quarrel
for the iSHtacsciun of the tunds, and Robert party
under the martial leud of Ueneral Sweeney are,
quite as determined U ereroeiue Cauad, at the
lollowera of U'Mfthorey to carry out the libera.
tion of I r el und. Ibe whole thing Is an alsuruity.
as to any permanent ol joi-t te be accomplished
Canada may be overrun, and Ireland for the
time being set free, I ut the advantage eaa te
only temporary.
Tho condition of Irclnnd is not what it was in
the revolution of '93, er even twenty years ago.
Then nine-tenths of the population were Cath
olics. Now more than one Ihiid of her popula
tion are I'M est ants, and it is said that the county
of I'Uter alone can turn out 100,000 Orangemen,
prepared to defend the Government to the last
the English fleet fills the channel, and forms a
Tlockade about the Island, while every point Is
Ixtfrnded bv loyal Uritioh troops. J as. Stephens,
disguised h is so far escaped detection. . But his
arrest or esaape, is of its If, a matter of no great
Importance. In Cannda 16,000 volunteer troons
stand ready to meet Invaders. Nor U it to te
forgotten that dignitaries and priests of tho
Catholic church, both in this country and In
Europe, oppose the movement and condemn Ua
members in the strongest term. ..T '
While onr Government might wink M the ex
rortatlonoT munitions or war lor an auempi npon
reland, it Is very cortain thtt no intcrntknal
law will allow arinnd forces to leave the initoil
States, either for. the purpose of crossing the i
border or the ocean, for aggressive wiirfre upon i
a nation with whom wc are at pern-e. The wrongs
of Ire bind bars bjen suffered long by that people, '
ail the are ho too late la tho attempt to I
tfynht a tiatiijtiiil g'vf iniucul to g loit,
The whole thing will result In robbing the
day laborer and servant girl of their hard earn
in, to build up a few men who love the fiction
of authority, without the power to tiie it. Let
the balance ot the nation come over this aide or
the water, where there is room and homes for all,
and in the future, should feud erlae between
America and Kufilaudj they eaa draw their
sword in defense of their adopted country, with
a certainly ef revenging national wrongs and
vindicating national honor.
NOTICE. All persons changing their resi
dences or places of business, since the car
vass waa made for the Cur and Ugsirbss
DiBtCToar, will confer a favor on the subscriber,
besides benefitting ihemselvea by notifying us of
ucb change, on or before April 10th next, either
t a note tlroUgl the'ftat Office,, or v taVisg
ueir names and plaoei of bwUleuoe antj bualnea
al the Bancroft Uouae.
- j. M.-TMOMAS, 'T
Ea4t8agiDa, March 13,1664 , .
Important to the Salt Manufacturers
of Saginaw Volley,
CAPITAL $100,000.
, OFFICERS FOtt ISflft! , , , v
V 'll. iT. mZIIUGII. President.
J. S. JUDSON, Sec'y and Treat. ,
UEy. E. bMlTlI... H. M. HTZ11UUII,
' piIE AliUViyCowpANY is now
JL fully organized and Spared to
mako contracts, with all the Salt Man
ufactories of the Saginaw Valley on
the terms set forth in the Articles of
Association and By-Laws, , a copy, of
which will be furnished to any appli
cant, by the Secretary.- .
' Tho' association is a strictly mutual
one, of the advantages of which all
persons making Use of, the agency will
equally partake. On becoming fa
member of the Association, with or
without subscribing ' to the capital
stock, each manufacturer will roceive
a reliable inspection 1 of his salt, a
large advance upon it' as' soon as in
spected, its prompt, careful and eco
nomical shipment, tho payment of tho
government tax thereon, and its salo
by a single reliable agent at each of
the lake ports or othor places whoro
it may be offered. At the close of the
season there will be a division of the
profits, after deducting the expensos
of the Association, according to the
amount of salt contributed by each
member. . ..
i All salt manufacturers, before mak
ing their arrangemots lor the season,
are invited to give this plan a careful
and candid consideration. It is con
fidently believed to olTor thorn advan
tages far suporior to the modes here
tofore pursuod in this valloy. '. '
Opposite Irving Hall,
i:ast hagixaw, : . MICH.
WE ARE NOW receiving our SPRIXO
Patent Stretched,
Manufactured by BRADFORD A SHARP,
Cincinnati, Ohio, of a quality superior to any
ever offered er sold In the Slate
Mill Owners and others in want of a GOOT)
ARTICLE, will find it to their advantage to
give us a call. ulbe best always the cheap
est." Our prises are lower than at the Factory.
Alao, a large stock of
Calcutta Lacing Leather.
Of a Superior quality.
Belt Hooks,
Belt Cement, &o.f
Together with a full asaortment pertaining to the
Hue. 1 Orders hy mail promptly attended to. '
, Suit Agtnlt for Manfaclurer$.
East Saginaw, April 3, 1SGG. &:H3
WE are now opening Urge and full Stock
ot . No. I, 4 '
Tobacco',' ; ; ; ,
; ' Cigars,
.! Pipec,
And all kinds of Goods in our line, which we
. offur at the very Lowest Trices at . ,
Wholeoaic l Retail.
East Saginaw, April 3, 1106. . n349
A MEETtXfl of the Directors of tl
ATA MEETtXfl of the Directors of tho East
Saginaw, Vuanr and Sanilac Plank Road
Company, hold on the 2 lot day ofteoruary, 1H61,
tho following roaotutlon was paastd: Rttotrtd,
Thut an aweaatnenl of Tw Dollars and fifty cents
is herehy made on each share of the Capital
Motk of thia Company. aynMe on the 2!t day
of Artril. 16, at the offlceof James L. Ketrhum,
Treasurer of the Company, In the city of Enat
Cast Ssginnw: Mareh 2d, IPCs'. " ; '
JIOR'JAN L. GAUE, Sterttary.l .
Family Supplies.
Groceries, constantly on hand, and for sale
cheap Vj V . ' , l'A j V' DtLAND.
SUaARSfrom lie. upwprds, at.. '
jo.ii il'io-m'J DiiiiNp;s5;
' i i
TEN CHESTS fine Ten for solo t
A LARGE STOCK of Molases : and f vrupsf
always on hondUt"' DtLAND'd.
-' : cor3iEiDBbL'r- 'jZ '
OLD JAVA 13erry ' r 1 1 tiX
UEST IUO 1 Jerry. .
. ' 11EAZIL1 JANIkrry.'
GROUND JAVA, r. . ,0 - A '
" V UNCLE AM'S, &c.,,
7 . uU DtTAND'S.
r i
Herring aud Cod, at DiLAXD'S.
1 iUilJ
. SIUyiNG,. , : y
JVnd 'Toilet to Soaps,
All kinds at '.. ' L ' Da LAND'S.
ALL KINDS and Srarfanted pure,
at ' DkIANDU
"13AILS, TUBS, MEASURES, Ba.keta, Mops,
Raketa, Mo
x. uroouis, o., at
. A LL the little and-ao-fortbs " to innke up a
u. -V. complete stock, at .
qIP-TO!', II. A. D , PONYS, W. A L , CK;k
oi me aiu. uur liont. at IHMJU S.
IS SOLD at the cheapest living prires for raih
at DkLAND'S.
Crockery in Great
Variety ! !
- '
Everything, from a
Clothespin (oii Nut
cracker. "IT'-.'.,", j
'.1 c ; i
: o
tm -: r,j
1 A Complet? Outfit for those
who are going' to: Housekaep
' A tiost of convenient irticl6s 'liandy
to' haTo in tne house," may bo found
i: 1" -1 j J . I ' x . : -!. i i '
.':.!; f- " . , i : t.;.' r -I
House Furnishing Emporium,
South' Wiitcr Street,
Esst.5sS(nsw, April 3, 18C6. 1 ' ' 2I9 ' f
"Whicli you can do,
111" DUYINC-r r
GEuviy$rQAK:7 Tanned
. 1 I J ! f " KK'l . Vi.t.-:.i . .i 1. I
,c r:or.o .e .a. ; J
LeatrliBr Belting,
tizuvir ai r j o ;uoroo o
'.. c JJ .-i..'i.',Aw..'ji
:u.i::i:i!.y;i :i:u;r;
... . .iv .1 :!. .. t:.
Liice, Leather, &c.,
.i.i '.:
' . ! o r't v r.
Relar Belting House
87r Woodward Avenue,.
Only ManiiAicturer
. x Vu.S. 5. '
Iieather Belting
; ' 1
Don't buy Hemlock.
i.OTU 51 UO
;!!' f : ' " lift j'.l
. . i, ' .ft. - .. i i i - r ' : r
Refer to alliho EHlliOtm&rs
"s On Saginaw Itivcr.
1 1 1
87 Woodward Avenue,
. '....";.,. v '
lN X)ctroit,;jMicli.
' '-4
BY VIRTl'H f.f. writ of fieri facial Ituo.1
mt ut Ilia Clrruit Ci urt for tho Counljr of
fcin'"wi tti't of Mil Imkuii, nnl ti m directed
nuil u.ivirwd nK.Mmt thu k1 nni rliattols.
Unds mjI trnenir.nt cif Ovoriee I. Invi, I did
on tht V.M .it of M.i nli. A. 1 ld6, luvy upon
ud Uik till lLoj riUt, tillv und IriUrcxt of suid
Uvorgs L. tuvi.i in Hud to ths following duscrid
w jxinils of land rituntcd ia the County
of flsjfliiBw, nnd txtti of Miidiigiin, slid know a
od dcscriUtd lollows, lu it : Coiuiucnclng
ftt the North-wcrt rornor f set-tloii (G), In town
(11) North, of range 6 Eivt, thnc running
South 2 degree on town line 7 $'3 feet to the
centre.' tLs 5niw end Red River PUok RAd,
tht Dce Soutli DU dnrer 31 minutes East slons;
the' centra of said Knad iH fT rtt, (nonce North
5ft degrees 33 minutes Eait 61f) feet,1 tbcnr
North 19 degrees 43 nilnutes Ent C7J feet to the
Jfurth lino of said. etwlUw (G), thence 83-dfgreee
DU rntsntes vert alone; tho IVortB line ol gaid
section 1320 feet tt the laco of beginlng, eon
talniiijf 73 acres and fi.lj-three oao hundreths,
also the following (docs of Uud, lo wit ( All that
part of tha Worth part of the North J5at frac
tional, f of lection (11) in town' (II) North of
ranrd4 Hunt,' .tiionueneitijr v1 thesonrferef the
rreeir running arrrvn the SajJvww and lUtSrer
Plank Rond in saidXoith jmrt of said section,
and running thence 8outb East along tho East,
aide of saU Road tojUe icction line on tho East
line of fold tertton to the renter of said tTk,
thence South Went on a straight line to the jAitr of
feotffthningt all aituabkl In tho County of (tjlMi,'
and State of Michignn," all which I shaft epoM
for sale at public auction or vendue to the blgnes
bidder or biiMore, at the front door of the iag1'' '
now County ("ou it llouoe, in the til j of Suginaw
flngipaw Couhty, Michignn, ou Siiturdny the 12th '
dny of AI, A. D.. 1866, at 10 o'clock AiSi. of'
that day, to satisfy the amount of said esocutjoc
with costs and expenses of sale in accordance
wllh the jtntutc in- snoh ease made and provided.
- Shtrijr of Satrinau) County, Mick.
i Saginaw, March 23, 1866. n3477
BY.VIRTUK of a writ of fieri Jaciat tausd'
put of the Circuit Court for toe County of'
Ssginitw, fUte of Michigan, and to me directed -agafnot
the goods and rhuttflu, hinds and tene-
tncnU of Hourr White, I di.1 on the first day of
March, A. D. 1.6(5, levy nnn and take' all tho
right; title and interest of said Henry White in
and to the following despribf d, rrorr' Ji omit t'
" Lot number four (4), fn Mm k eighty-two (82)
and the houfe thereon, and lot number one(l),
in block nuinher one handred and sixty-six (166),
all in the eity of Saginaw, in the division thereof
south of Cro Street, In the County of Saginaw,
ml State of Michigan," and all which I shall
expose for sale at public auction as the law direct
to the hlgheftt bidder, at the front door of the
County Court House of Snginnw Comity, ia the
city of gaginaw, Snginnw County, Michignn, on
Saturday the 12th dny of My next, at ten o'clock
A. M.of that day, to satisfy the amount of said
writ wit ooHts and erpensos of salo. .
; Sheriff of Saginaw Votmly.
Faginaw, March 24, 1866. - n34T-7w
Including tht rilbiges of CARROL TON and
. SALJNA, vrilha hUtoryfrum Hit fir it -,
Settlement of tht cititt, and a gen
eral Portrait qf their lutinett
at tht pretent Hint.
TIIE &UR5CRIRERS lmvin been solicited In
ixsuo a work of this kind, huve commenced
the cunvaM. and will have tho liook ready for
delivery about tlio Grxt of April next, and from
their extensive experience in the buyincM feel safe.
lirt of all buHlncfs and profi'Mional' men, mer- -cbnnts,
clerks, salwmcn, book-keepers, millers, .
seanmtreKes, Ac, residing or doing business In i
the above nmued plnces, sketches of the Churches, ,
Schools, Publio Inxtitutions, Renevolont Societies, .
together with the history, vhieh vill bt ttwLpittt, ,
interesting and taluubft, and if sulUoient pat-
ronnge is extended, tho book will bo embellished t
It would bo superfluous to hero urge the ne?eei-
sity or mention the ndvantiiges of A Directory tn
plnces like the, or the advantages the burinee
men derive from advertising in a book of thiai.
ohnmctcr, which i to be found infhe most rtubliili.j
.m 'ii necitonr ot the country nnJ viclnify,,
where the card must meet the eye of purchapers
scores of time every day j but it is hoped thai I
huftinefs men will duly appreciate aud considers
this, aud extend their pntronngo. '
'One Page $30,00
One half pago 18,00
One quarter pnge. - 10,00
Price of IiiKtk to Suhxcriltcr, 93,00; charge,
fur capital names, 'ZH rent.
Fellow Citizens !
HAVING ro-ipcned in Fabler Block, VMh.
Ington Stroot, respectfully invite the pat
ronnge of former cutoincri us well as new one,
believing they can make the arrangonient work
to tho advantage vf t huso who favor thorn with
their trade. . .
A fall stock of everything in tho lino of
. , ....
New, fresh and reliable, also VEGETABLES.
v LITTER, ' i
SUGAR and all manner of Family Supplies and.
Provisions. . '
, " W. I. HOWARD k BRO..
East Saginaw, Feb. C. 1866. n340
: -A-X-B KCCDXJSE, ' r
... .. '. ; AND MARKET FOR " ' .:
Wnshlnston Street, Sonth 'of
Bancroft House,
Serves up at all hour- and in the be-t of style,
OAME, OYSTERS, MEATS of all kinds, FISH,,
and all ' requisite vegetables, aecoYnpanimeni-
relishes and fluids, for a roasobable consideration
, The only reliable Market' in the city for tbo,
best quality of Lake and River Fish, and all-,
kinds of ttamo in Season. . - '
t2Ti .)':' For f ale hy the Keg or Can,
' ' '. .
IVholcralo Dealers In ,
Foreign Winea ;a
and Liquor
Domestic Rrnncly.
Ohio ilcctiacd Whisky,
New Brick Block, north of Gooding A Ifeejt
kins. North Water St., East Saginaw, Mlthlg.n.
Havt fucilitifg fc rectifying whUky of al
k'nds, at their starwL W. Z. A CO.
Eart Saginaw, Cwtoket 1, ,

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