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rr..i xi-v....;- j-r.-.s-u-u :?. '.r.
;:...v-' . ' ' :'
; i l .-:
iiijibT biiuii...7, liiGH;, THURSDAi. ' DECEMBER 6; 18GG.".. ;
TOOLE iT0: 383.-
IT 7 l 1 O.I 11 I II.', I I . I . I I I .. I
I . t A'
i l y i i ir w h i w iri hi --- w a-, i i i. i i i i i i i f i ir . -
CEO. F. LEWIS, Prop'r,
'.Published every Thursday.
02.00 ia Oritnt Bloek, Wnbincton 8tret,
; V -Trm. 2 Year, la Adrano. v
j -'' ..
Ooo Fqujir, (ton Unci or lou,) flnt lner
ti.B....... .100
One-f igtith Column, ona yer-IB 00
Ono-fituith CoUion, on year. 3000
Ono-lmlf Column, ono yeur-; ........... fiO 00
One Column, ens yaar; ,'.." 100 00
tuslncjs Cnr-li, nix lino or low, S3 per annum.
Alvm t.domcot an. I Spoolal Notices inserted in
the Local Culamns 10 rcnU a Una.
JL3 Jl.'& T S A G I IS A TV
Banker and' Broker,
Enji an! rtllfExcbanKoi, I?tnk Notet, Gold
. . aoJ Silver, Canada Carrcncjr. .
nivoi prompt attention to Collections anJ Ocn
ral Ducking Busincfs.
Orricis : on Washington Etreot, CHm Blotk,
Eut S.iginur, Mich.
' AND '
Cciicrnl Htoiunlxiat AkoiiK.
D. W. O00BINO. ' : W. HAWKINS.
JHtna Insurance Co. of Hartford, Fire and
Inland. Asset. $2,500,000
Security Tire, N. Y., Assets, 650,000
Home Ins. Co. of New Haven,
Conn. Assets, 250,000
Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. As'ts 5,000,000
IVr iiboro Companies, Exchange Clock, Ea(
Sinaw, Michigan. '2Mj
wit L. WKnna n. ibvmo m. smith
Att.-rn9y, Coiinjilors and Solicitors. Offlceo's
7 i 3, Cmuho Block.
'ter strsot, 31 Ward, East Sag'na. All
kinds of elding In tra" and iron, and repair
ing aaJ fitting of machinery of nil drsorip
ti.ni, done promptly and reliably nt tbo alove
(iliUlUJE W. MUItlULL, rroprletor.
Wfco1ml and Reti'tl Drutglfts and Chmnists,
hsn-e full usjnrlment of Irucrs; Medicines,
l'iiinU, Oile, Liquors, Uy aiutu, c;o. jicm
mock. ' . ,' :
Wholoittlcmd Retail dealer in Eni;Iuh and Atnr-l.-an
Hardware, Cultcry, Iron, Agricultural
IinplomfliUs, Stoves, foj.por.-'lin and Sheet
rlnn Ware, Ao. Uric It Ul30krKortb Wntor
Attorney .ml Counsellor at Law. Will give
prunpt attention to oollootioul. Taxes paid
fornon residents, and all busdncM connected
witli a L ind Agency promptly attended to.
A." W. Ovtos ?tablos, eornnr Washington
and Tuscola streets, are fully stocked with
Hoirsas, Carriagns, nd everything required
in the line. Terms reasonable. 1
Dealer In Hats, Caps. Furfc and Skins, r.eady
M i l Clothing, (Jlores, Ao. Opposite Ban
croft II'JUJQ.
Doalers in Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Paints,
Oils, eto. Bucna Vista Block.
Builder nml Superintendent of Buildings, Frank
lin street, between Genesee and German.-
Wholesale and reUil dealer in and mannracte
rorof Furniture of all kinds. Sales Koonis
Coiumorcial Block.
. ' JOSEPH HtTUOEll, '
Manufacturer of and dealers in Hoots, Shoes,
Leather, Findings, Ao , Ao. 2d door easUif
Everett House. . j v
DR. ROS3.. '
OOVa in Ucs Block, Comer of Gcnesea end
. Wnshingten Streets. Kcildrnce Corner of Jef
for.soa and Thoinpnon Slroot, East Sag'uiaw.
... FRANK a. WILKIN, ,
Merchant Tailor, and dealer in Cloths, Cloth
ing, and Gentlemen's Furnis'ng Goods 3d
store from corner, Exchange Bk. . .
. A. 13. SPINNEY, , :
IIomroopathio Physiei'n and Surgeon. Office
nver Luster s store, ntionai u'oi'K, corner of
tJcncsee and Cass streets, East Sni;inaw, Mich
"Offico hours, 8 to 10 A. M. and 7 to G P. M
' Bcsidcnoe, corner of Cherry and Webster St.
Dealer in Fin Watches' and Jewelry, Silver and
Elated Ware. Agent for Burt's Ground Pe
ble and roriHCjpie (J lasses- Opposita Bancroft
Route. Ewt Bnginaw.
L. C. 8TORR3 & CO.
IPsalersU Groceries, Provisions, frnlts, Vegeta
ble Prolate, tainily Supplies, Htone and
Wo.)Jen Ware. Crockery, Glass, Paints, Oils,
Carbon Oil, Flour,' Feed, eto. Commercial
Block. "
Exchange Block, East Saginaw, Michigan, corner
Genoseo and Water Streets. . ,
Hurt Blook, Water Street, EacV Saginaw,
veryl ri K:'.i of or erythinj ia (He lino.
E. J. MER3HON. .
Will attend' Promptly to Ike Purchase, Inspect
Ing and Shipment of Lumber from any j.oint
on Saginaw rirerj Pott office adlres
plaoksinith, and general operator In iron and
stool, Tusoola street, . . ..
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law and Solictor
in Chancery, Office OTer ilkinA Uo.'a ttore,
Water Street, .. BAY CITV, MICH.
i , ' AH. MERSHON,.' I' '
Manufacturer of pomp logs, faucets, Je. Salt
Block furoishtd to any extent desired, on
fair terms. Office at Now Planing Mill. Wa
fanners, Whclo and Retail doalen in Hides,
keailior and I'idUings, rornnr t nter and les
enla Ht reels, Kmt Saginaw, Miohian. Cah
for III los aad Pelts
. ULI&3, JANF3 & Ca,
IeUrln Dry Uoods, QracarliHi. rrorislons
! A Sht, ste ., Commercial Fl wdi.
United State- AssUtani Aisclsor for that part cf
agloaw toiinty lying east or saginaw mver.
OlLce at Ward A Southwlck's Tobacco and
Belling Storav
I ; ' ! V W. M, MILLER; , i I
Attornoy And CounioUor t Law, and 1 Pro
Kfr U Admlraltf AGIHAW CITY. A
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Solicitor
in Chancery, Ao. SA'JINAW CITY
Commission 'Agept aaJ dealers in
Lumtsr, Shingles, Lath, &c.
ornor Offlae, 3ocond, ; Flr,- puena Vista.. Bloek
Orders filled promptly and at Market Rates.
Heal Estato Column.
Office, No. 10, C rouse IHocl, E. ngl-
- nnw. . i . , .
I.IVE ncr or Ten acre Ixits on the west side
. of Jefforon Street, on south city boundary
CUSE and LOT on Mackinaw street, Salina,
convenient to Mret twnwsy.
STORE, fur Dry. Goods trsde, at Pnlina.
OflA TOWN LOTS, in Salina. Trices low,
OvvF term easy.
ACRES Cboioo Land, S W J Section 3.
in Bnena Vista. E. THATCHER.
LOT 1 1. h 'block 15, in GnllaVber' j.Tnt or
aliim. E THATCHER.
pHErmpertf lately, occupied ,Lv wo at Sail
L pa, -with '200 fft iron! on City Kailwnt. con
taining a good Two Story Double Store, with Of
fice Rooms alxive, good Wood House, Barn and
Ice house. Also a well-finished nnd convenient
Dwelling House. E. THATCHER.
AT "
E. P. & H. L. Penfield's,
Xi-ving Blook, Ge&esoe Street. ' t
' ' ' ' KNIT G00DS,: " 3 ' ; -WOOLEN
Woolen Yarn, all-Colors.
Wall Paper,
PAPER HANGINGS, &c, &c, &c,
Also Agents for tho Celebrated
Iff Ij Harrison & Co.'
Jast Sagmaw
. . i ri n ..
Croc o ry,
-:-r " Caiiol.c, : r : ;
, . And a General Arsortment of
Cull Quirk mid urnirr oni of
the CaiKalut nuw oflVrcd hy
IOR Stova orBlscKsmllhing, of different kind.'
. for ssle in fire or ten ton Ms. Cheaper than
at Itr.y other Co:il Yard t the Saginaw River.
:. 7. MERRILL,
. : .At the fonii ltjt-
j-TTXiSTa. 1800.
TM:VnniT 'axd mimvafkisis
RAILROAD," In t'onnoitlon with the New
and IVmerfU Fpper Cabin Steamhij 'Detroit'
and " Milwaukee."
Until further notice, train will leave Holly, a
Mall M7?f PT Mr for Lansing A Milwaukee.
Miio I at12:f)0 P."M. M ft John1
Mlsed st :I0 I'. M. for Fentonville.
Mixed at;ll:40 P. M., for araad.Hvn.
Mixed at 7;20 A. M for Detroit.
Aecom. at 9::i0 A. M. for Detroit. . , ..;
Mail at 2iU3 P. M. for Detroit.
Express at 4:05 P. M. for Detroit.
lcrpliig Carbon ell Sl$h Tfalije.
REFRESHMENTS at Detroit! 0wos"so"and
Grand Haven, ad npon Company' Ferry
Steamer on. Detroit Rtver.
ComfortuMo Ifotal above Depot nf Grand Haven
AT rRTRfIT;ivlth fat Wes4ernnd Grand
Trunk Railway! for all point East Michigan
Central and Michigan Southern Railroad.
AT MILWAUKEE, with the Milwaukee A
St Paul, Milwaukee and Prairie Du Chien, and
Milwaukee A Chicago Railroads, for all points
West and Northwest '.
Passengers for Groat Western Railway go
on the Company's Ferry Steamer, at D. A M. K
R Dock, at 10:0 A M , and 6.10 P. M.
A M,0tlirrs 1868. : '. : -i l!" J
1II0S. BELL, Gen'l Sup't.
s tiik most, coil ri.17TR
In the Volley, and we mean ,
Spectacle Trade a Speciality,
And our exrlcnco in thutin
If Second to None in the Stat.e.
v r. - -t -. f r
Together with all tho different kinds of lens lined
for the eyes.
0rjera& Field Glasses.;
The Watch Repairing Department
13 UNDER '
And w can assure onr enstomers that their
time-pieces will be CAREFULLY HANDLED,
and returned to them corrtrt, and In snch condi
tion as will give them perfect satibf ition. We
keep constantly on band a Urge assortment of
A merican
AVatcli Materials,
And can make to order any part JV27 IT to the .
Celebrated American Watch.
LOSS, $100,000 1
O'Brien &. Hil.'iard,
Is on hand with an entire. New Stock of
XOT saved from tho late fire, but purchased
entirely Froth. Store next door to Dccring A
Sons, Genesee Street, noatiy ppsite old stand.
My Stuck is entirely new and Eresh, and pur
chased at low rates, bich I propose to soil at a
reasonable advance for. Cash. t ,
I AY down yonr paper, now, and rosae and ex
J amine the best aud largest stock of dressed.
- G4lllii49 - ...... .
w" . . -Hiaing-
' I5oui1n.
At our PLANING MILL on South Wutcr St,
adfoning Foundry and Machine Snap' v.'; i. .
BiT'Custoin Work solicited, by
Th3 ;lIoicliants Ins.'Company
still in Tnr field, bound as ever
lnE Undersigned as Agents of this Company
X. or prepared to ( sue Policies on as favorable
terms as iy any other sound Company. Los
promptly adjusted and paid at our 'Tice. .
PKKKIN'S l; 'C0X,'Ag(t.r
371y I Escbnoj'' "Unit, Fest Saginaw, Mlcb
.' i. T- m .. . . ,.,,.
I easy to frrto ailtlcg
or standing Injures no gar
rnent-i, and docs Its Work to
pfrfeetinn in frita I wo to fo-ir
ii'iiMitesi is diimble, nn i,
the only washing machine that is liktd the better
tht loafer it ia mttd.
fiorommended ss the vriiT pfst, l-ySolon
RobiiKK.n, Orange Judd, Proftsor Youmnns, and
tunny other pmminrnt men.
R, C KROUMiN'G. General Agent,
' ' . . 31Courtland Street, New York,
(Orpite Mfrcknt' Ho4!
i.ovi,-o:;a of the olden time.
I know a lyttle knudej 1 " ' " ' y
Ty ve softest In y land
. 'Aud 1 Tee) yto pressar blamlt ! 1
. . Whyla I iugej . , . , . . ,
I.) lie bit," and resiypg nowj
' Lyk a Vose lour On uiy brow, !
Wbjla Ttwinga. - -'
i .1 Wall I prysa, (all hand abttva) , j
Ibyadaara hand of herra I luva.! ,. : . ,,
I know a lyttle fWte. : 1 .
Very eennlngelya 'ty pott;-
In a dHynli littl boole, " ' '' -
Where it bydesi '
T.yka ashnttleyi everflyes,' '
Baek and forlb lfoia mine ayes; -"
As yt clydesj"
i 1
Welle 1 pry (all feeta above) ' ' - : 1"
lliya dear foot of berra I lova. i
, 1 know a lytle lartej, .
Yts free fnm eoordi arte, .
AnXI owne yt (every partw)'
Forra all tyme;
Ever yl beates with muslque tone
Ever an who of my ne uwne
Ever kepyng with myne owna
llobe chyme. - . .,
Well t pryra (all hartes above)
Tbya deare barte of .herra 1 love.
A Broil with Bolivia.
If tho following story, which conies
to us from South America, he cyrmi,
wti liave got oufBeUoi inta what- U
prettj fctiro to proyo a mo6t voxatious
quarrel witll thertioetorous and in
accesfible I'epublic of Uolivia. The
authorities at La l'nz( wo nro tolJ,
conceived that sotrtehtxlj 'was conspir
ing, or was about to cunnpiro ogaintt
tho government," nnd -gavo orders to
arrest all persons who wero not pnrti
zati of AudgurVjb, thk'- pliio'iit' rtler
of Bolivia. Several young men from
their known disapproval of tho con
duct of ? thtp ' gfovl rnmeuV faring ' the
coiisprfuoncVfi, Bouphrprotrction of the
American legation, which was ac
corded them. .The authorities. upon
henriug that persons had tukotrrefuge
at tho 1'gution, determined to take
them out, and for this purpose sent a
force,; tlieir attempt to, enter tho.Lcga
tioh'was resisted liy tho Ministor, wlno
met them at the door revolver in hand,
and threatened to shoot tho first man
that' attempted- to-cross tho threshold;
Tho Bolivians' wero talten aback; rbt
causo they did not count upon the ro
volver business, and they remained
outsido tho door. A piohsenger , wa
Bent to th l'refect, iuforming Iiim of
what hnd happened, who imim.'diulely
fent troop's nnd surrounded tho IiCga
tion, so ns to prevent all ingress or
egress, upou which- tho Minister do
norvodod hipfsspxrt, and hau!il dov n
Iwsilogi;; (?J ! Vi 1'U "A
Now, it is hiphlj probaldo that our
Miimtf-r at Ijii 1jiz, being ono of Mr.
Seward's diplomats, is at least par
tially responsible fr this in?ult which
has been offered us; fur, preposterous
as tho Bolivians urn, they would hard
ly have ventured upon ufking such a
liberty with an American Minister
who respected himself and could mako
his Government respected. But tho
nd&of the nation. bating Weu pulled,
the qiialitieationsof tho Minister sink
ot4 of sight. Wo must compel tho
Bolivians to apologize to us for tho in
sult; and how to do (hat will consid
erably puzzle us, for.thp Boliviaus nrp
asj, iniu.cesibl9 as.theyrar prepcsteiv
ous. In quarreling with them we got
ouTfelves' into' a position 'not unlike
that of Great Britain in her squabble
with tho Emperor of Abyssina. That
enlightened iotcntnt, it will be re
membered, thought Ht to kill sundry
missionaries, and to clap tho British
Consul into a filthy jail beneath the
shadow of tho mountains of the moon.
This happened nearly two years ago,
nnd to tins day all tho power of Eng
land has nvailcd nothing to wipo out
the insult ollVred her slag, or to ro
dress tho injury done to her represen
tative, yecuro in his inland empire,
tho Abyssinian "monarch lolls upon
his mats, nnd listens to his maidens
playing upon the dulcimer, careless of
mankind, and scornful of Sir William
Armstrong's biggest guns. If Bolivia
chooses to bo just such a beast in re
spect of us, wo shall havo' a world of
trouble in teaching her manners. She
has only onb seaport, about one-third
tho size of. Hull,-iu Massachusetts,
and tho harbor of that is for tho most'
part open only, to catamarans, nnd at
high tide. Unless we can bribo or bul
ly I'eiu or Braf l intdiYuaking n.tvay
for us to march nn expedition into the
impertiuent republie, wo shall havo to
nurse our w rath to keep, it warm, and
bo. thankful that our Minister' has
csenpod with his ears. .This is an ex
trenioly unpleasant , etato of aLTurs;
but as not even Uiiclo Sam's web-foet
which according td tho lamented Lin
coln J can' go ''wherever "it is. a little
damp," can .very well travel aver the
dry aud parched Bolivian winds, wo
really do uot .eoovwlmt - we Ttro to do
about Jt., States 'like Abyssinia and
Bolivia jVisscss tho sftmb natural ad
vantogo which tho fapious showman
attributed to a certain animal, who
whenever ho finds' himself hotly pur
sued, takes re f 11 go in his own interior,
fr6nwbich Rftfo retreat he laugh' n
th'1rhpoent malicb of his Tors.' Un
less we can contrive to imitate tho
Baron do Crook, w Witting threaten
fcd by a Hon, thrust his hand down
the throat of the" boast and- -twriH.l
him inside out like a glovo. whereby
the lion instantly died of thahie and
pain," we fear we must submit, with
what patienco we may, to soo Bolivia
for an indefinite time, gyrate htr rin
gers upon her noso at us from the
highest peak of tho Andes.
'Vv?i'iv- '
The last issue of the French
ninrtnacopeoia appeared in 1837, but
a new edition .s jvtst been prepared
iho it '..'.l of the labors.of nn imperial
cumin siou dnringthe last three yrara
In addition to the changes rendered
necessary by the progress of science,
tho formuho ha been drawn up nnenr
as possible in accordauro withthosoof
neighboring countries, and an appen
dix has been odded, containing for
eign formula) of recognized .value.
Tho new edition is therefore rogarJcd
by its authors as tho first approach
ft vmivorsal pharmacopoeia. .
Ap;Unpublifened 'Letter from Burns.
Among the papers in Aldouri
House, on '.the , hanks of Loch Ntss,
are' copies of seVeraT of "Burn's poopis,
lit ,tho handwritirig ' of thd poet, "a fid
thcfoilowtng inedtteu lottor addressed
to, the grandfather of Colonel Ifrusor
Tyller, well-known us one of Uiomost
accomplishvd of tho Edinburgh litero,
ti at the tloso of last century, and as
a Scottish. Judgo under. .the title of
Ii.rd;,Woodhou8elee. , Burns was pre
paiing a new edition of his works
utost likely that which appeared alter
his death in 1797. The verbal alter
ation ho proK).sos was never, iuado, Jus
friond iu Edinburgh probably tliink-.
ing that it would.be tio improvement:'
"fir A a poor caitiff, driving as I
am at this moment, with a excise-quill,
at tho rato of ,'Devil tako j;the .hind
most,' is ill qualified to round tho pe
riod of gratitude or swell the pathos
of seusibility. Jratitu'de'; like some
other admirble qualities of the mind,
is now-a-days so abused by impostors
that 1 have sometimes wished that the
project of that sly dog Momurt, I think'
it is, had gone into clfect planting a
windowjn the. brest of a man.. Ia
that caso, when a poor fellow comes as
I do at this inomeiit, before his bene
factor, tongue tied with tho sense' of
these very obligations, he would have
nothing to do but .dseo himself. in
front of Lis friend, aud . lay baro tho
workings hi1 bosom.' " I again troixblo
you with .another, "and my last parcel
of manuscript. ,1 am pot interested
in any of these; Mot .them at your
pleasure. J'anl ihuch Indebted to yoU
tor. taking tno trouble 01 correcting
the press 'work.' Ouo instance,' indeed,
may lo rather unlucky; if tho lines to
Sir John Whiteford are printed they
ought to end
1 And tread the shadowyjiath to that dark world
, , unknown' ( ,.v ..
'shadowy1 instead of 'dreary,' as I bo
lievo it stands at present. ' 1 wish this
could W noticed in the errata. This
conies' of writing, as I geuerally do,
from the memory. , .
. ' I have, the honor to bo, sir, your
deeply indebted humble servant, .
1 Cth Deccember, 1795."
From tho M'uihingion Fuodsy Herald. ' '
In a CoClu--A Ludicrous Scouo. y
A few mornings since, as somo of
tho seven1 h ward. police wcto retiring
from their lufs, they were surf.Hs- d
lit'finding nar tho station a corTin,' in
which, was the bod' of ii niftn prepar
ed for" burial;, but from tho snoring of
the occupant they "were satisfied that
h wos not lead v K.r iiitrtnent. With
tllrr cxrpptlon or irie"bllorlT.g; 1L6 I ody
presented every appearuie of" Leing a
genuine corpse the jaws be?ng band
aged, lingers clasped, and tho uual
copper cents enclosed in pupcr on tlin
eyes. Tho ollieers did. not take long
to trrnke up their mind wliat to do
with tho occupant; and tUoy forthwith
aroused him, is hen the. "corpse," after
ono or t"'o turnings,' arose and sa(
upright and after staring around, he
asked, very coolly, Where In the d-l
ami". Ouo of tho ollieers having
laughed until it -ft ns impossible to
laugh fnoro, volunteered 'to explain
and finally the corpse was heljxxl out,
when he took a 'stand at tho foot of
the coffin, and' very solemnly remark
ed: ''This is what we all have to come
to, but I never thought I would efer
Come to it wdiile I lived. Ono thing
this ioko has done for me, - ;1'11 never
drink 'any more, for I kno'w'that I
will always think of this scene Mat
Yarn urn is a sober man." A I ter, these
rotnarks' which were made in a man
ner that show ed Tio was earnest, tho
officers allowed him to depart.
Tho joke was explained the next
morning. It appears that some citi
zens attempted to carry him, to the
station, and seeing the coffin in a yard
near by, (wl.ere it had been left by an
officer of,' the FrcoduienV Bureau
some days before,) formed ? this plan,
thinking that when ho awoke ho wo'd
make a resolution to 6top drinkjng,
and it is said that thus far tho victim
of this practical joke, gives all bar
room 1 a wUo.hcrur. . - ,r j f '.
: Yaxkke Stratackm. ;I)uring the
Bevolutionary war,' two 'brut hers from
ono of tho eastern., ports wero com
manders of privateers; th y cruised
together," and weteTnmiently siktcsh
ful, doing grfnt.datnagQ 1 tO.theJpnoWy
and making money for themselves.
Ono evening beingn tholtitudo of
tho' shoals o jNanttvketwmt' nany
miles to tho eastward of them, they
espied a large British vessel having
the appearanco of a merchantman,
and mado towards her; but, to their
astonishment, they found her to, be. a
frigato iudisguiso. A vory high breeze
prevailing,. they hauled off in , differ
ent directions? One only 'could bepuri
sued, and-tho. frigate gaffed ' rapidly
on him. Finding that he could not
run otny,,thd eomnlartYr,'!!. rt
soureo to stratagein. 'Orfa suddeh he
hauled in sail, and all hands were
employed with setting-poles, ns if
shoving hu.vt'ssejl of. a ba'uk.' 'Tho
people on lnard . the.frjgute, ntnawd
at tho supposed danger they had run,
and to save thcmjwlves "from being
grounded, immediately clawed off, and
left the moro knowing Yankee' to
mako himself scarce,", whov Ji , soon
as night rendered it prudent for him,
hoisted sad in a sea two hundred
fathoms deep,
Sword blades resomlding; those
of Damascus are mndo at Solingen in
Oerrnnny "A faggot in ' first fmitied
of alternate fino ,br.rs 'of. iron, aud
steel. It is drawn out, doubled and
twisted several times, and then form
ed into a ribbon. Two such ribbons
are welded t gether,- encloreng bo
tween tliem a thin blade of .the best
cutting English steel. After polish
ing it is dipped in, dilute , sulphuric
acid give it a pattern.
, -''t ' BY TI1E CABLE.
Tjotcdo December 8. Two regi
inionts.of troops' have been ordered to
leave hero to-day for. Ireland.,. The
Eenian excitement is on the increase.
.Various rumors and reports coutinue
to be circulated in fegatd to . the
w hereabouts. of James Stephens, chief
.organizer of the Irish rerubho. , L
An immense reform uemonstratiori
is in progress in this city ithis fore
noon, " !;.'.!.
Consols quoted , at 82. United
States 5.20's, 70 1-2; Illinois Central,
77: 805.
.Llvturool, December 3. Noon.
Cotton opens firmer," with an adraneo
of CM! v Fal to-day' of 13,000 bales'
mitldling uplands at 14j :u. ' :i;
.IoifDox, Deo. 3. It is estimated
that at least fifty thousand' persons
were in the prooessiou which formed
the imposing feature of the reform
demonstration which took place to-day ,
Nearly all the trades societies were in
ful) forco and marched to the place of
meeting. lorty-seTen ' of these or
ganizsd bodies' togtthor with various
branches of tho reform league, were
in the lino, which, was composed of
four grand divisions under the gum
mice of Marshals and lod. by bands of
music, banners and society insigmas.
It was by far the largest and most
important affair of, tho. kind which
has ever' taken place in 'this country.
Notwithstanding the very unpleasant
state of. tho weather, it is a fact , wor
thy .of notice that tho stars and stripes
waved nbovo the procession in many
places, and was frequently and loudly
cheered." The band,' toy seetned. to
havo caught the inspiration of thooc
cassion, nud indulged in the produc
tion of national airs' of a patriotic
character. Tho.-meeting i ook,. place
in the grounds yf Beuufort House, a
most convenient locution fur so largo
ngnthering.'' '
' Stands were erected for the nccom
modation of the several speakers, .'a
large number wliom were .present on
tho occasion. I no stores in rail Mall
Piccadilly, and tho other' thorough
fares through tho procession was to
pass. Tho people congregated at the
SU Jamos, where tho procession was
formed. Ou the grounds of Beaufort
llouso the greatest order wus- main
tained throughout the 'denionration,
and tho greatest) enthusiasm prevailed.
The moral effect of the whole affair
cannot bo over-estimated. '
Tho . Govt rniiivut of tho United
States is paying $l,0liU,0U0 (riyhtt-cn
iHillltht cf i!uliur) to ' tho ' national
bnuks for fheif truing '.OO.OOO.tXtO
of eurrrney which, it couJd; Jstuo for
nritiinipr-' ....
Tho Government is t-n gaged in
withdraw ing from cire ulation it issues
of .greenbacks and permitting the in
ereaao of the curretiey of the banks,
and consequently increasing tho bouus
.t pays them.
Its boiidtd lit Lt is protected from
Statu and local taxation, and aW other
projH'it in. th country ,hi taxed , to
pay six or seven per eenl, interest an
nually upon these bonds.
Instead of paying the bonded debt,
nud thus stopping the - accumulation
of interest, it cancels greenbacks
which are drawing no interest.
The estate of an- individual who
managed his bustaiiws upon ueh prin
ciples would bo taken from him and
placed iu charge of a guardian and
he sent a luuatic asylum. But to use
the government to cheat and rob the
people is the great moral idea of the
Republican party, and this' financial
policy is only one of the. evidences of
the fact. J'rre 'iris.'
; Rich Mcn'a Soi;s.,. ...
Henry Wu'rd Beecher, in a sermon
delivered at Plymouth Church, last
Sunday evening, presented the follow
ing picture of rich mens sons;
Men seenx ashamed of lahor, and
often you 1li11 find men havo made
themselves respected in ' lalor have
built up a business and ' umascd a
fortune, who turn to their1 sons and
say: "You shall never do ns I did,
yom shall' lead 0 different -life; you
shall bo spared all this." ; Oh, these
rich men's sons ! They aim to lead a
life of elegant leisure; nnd that is . a
lifo of .emasculated idleness nnd lazi
ness. Like tlio polyp that floats use
less atvd nasty 'vfm the sen, all .jelli,
uIl-UuLlyj no,, mutclo, tio bone it
shuts and opens, and opens and shuts
and sucks in nud squirts out agaiu,
of no earthy accont, influenco or use,
Such aro these poor fools. Iheir par
ents toiled and grew strong, built, up
their frames of iron and of bono -
but denying all this to their sons, they
tutn them upon the" world boneless,
muscieiesn, simple grizzle, aim son at
that What, if you dq got your time
reduced to eight. hours, and wages in-
crerisctl to $.ri, does tliat 'educate you?
MAsnct-x I'otrkT. Tho Shy lock
w ho with head erect, with honest peo
ple mingles, should cease to shave his
fallow man and g. to shaving shingles.
The la,yyer would be better: off, hw.
science far less pliant, who .owned , a
littlo farm in fee, nn1mado that farm
hisli. it. We liave somo doctor in
our midst, whoso talent they should
use. by practising the heeling art
healing Loots and shoes.. The minis
ter' whose sage advice a' ir.oral lesson
teaches', should tntnd and "watch' as
well as pray." find, practice w hat - li,e
preaches. . The, world should havo its
doeket called, and eluggurds ' all de
faulted, nud those' should Iro tho' "n fi
ller ten," whom labor hath cralted.- i
rt ux's JocKWALOr Ilr ti.Tn express
es the opinion that buckwheat cakes
cHitain more 'nourishment for-'Iess
money than any other articUi of food.
Hospitality is tho virtuo of scantity
inhabited countries.' ' ' !
God destroy nothing, ho but trans
forms . . ." , " '
alKlus, the Roman Empcfror, was
w eary of' being but the obedfant fu0e
tionary of. tlio, Senate; hfl wished . to
rule aid to have that power which
the Senate claimed ns its ' own. lie
kept his- ambitious desires to himself,'
however, and showed. the benatori 'a
contented andubtn.issijQ fa;p.Qn
day he invited them, to a. splended
ftast at ' his ' villa he '"plit'dd " before'
them the' most costly meutf and' the
choicest winea...;1Tliey .were Bitting'.
nround thia luxuries table,, somewhat !
' . 1 t , , T ' x - ' ' ' I
exciicu oy urniK, wnen xuo roperor
arokoandsajd with a peculiar smile,'
ngreeablsurprise. ind practical juke
which you will ionfesa las .the rnerit.!
4,1 must go now to prepare lor you- an
or originality" Ho left ' th.e room, J
that the doors were locked and bolted
without, ,t,They continued to ,iink
and sing merily; suddcnlp a glass door
was opened in j the Veiling, and" the
Heliogabalus was heard' -saying;
(" You werfi never satufLe4. with y out
power, and glory; yot) were always as-'j
piri'ng after new laurels; . (his noble
thirst shall now bo fcatisfleoV" ,:; "' '
A toireat 'of .lauretl wreathes and
branches now fell u pen tho. Senatoro.
At firit ther laughed, and sriatched
jestingly at the,!flyin laurels.1 Tho
itost exquisit (lowers were now added
nnd .thero soemed, to 0 end, to ; thej
pelting,, storm.", lliey .criea , out
'Enough, enough,"' in vain; thi" bou
quets still 'poured upon them in lin
creasing stream;. the fioa wo literal-J
Iv a bed of roses. t At last terror took i
poecssion of them; thoy,wishe4 taesr
cape, nn a rusueu xo mo uoore, out
they were lmniovftrilejL'i'Ihrongn the
sea of flowets, which already reached
their knees, they waded to,tlyo window
but they were in tho second stqrv, arid
below they ' saw tho '.Roman' legiort
with their sharp weapons pointed iAi
the air. r light was 'impossible., they,
pleaded wildly for mercy.hut tho in
exorable, stream of flowers .continued
to flow. Higher and higher rose the
walls, around i thero; they could no
longer plead fur, pity; .they wero liter
ally buried in laurels. At last, noth
ing was to see but a vast bed of roses
of w hich not evca a fragrant leaf was
stired ' by ' passing breeso. ' ' Ifelioga
balus had'nol murddrcd his ''senators
he had suffocated them with: weet,
that was all. (Frederic tho. Great
arid his Court.)' '' , . ' .
' -;'J-' ''' ' ' ' ' ' ' !
' Commerce of the 'World. 5 '
' i-
Franco exports wines, ''brandies
silki, lont-y artU-Ies, -jewelry,- clocks,
wqtches paper, porftmiery, uud fanc
Italy exports corn, on, uux, wines,
essence, dye etufl's, drugs,. fine marble
soap, -paintings, engruvings, mosaics
and salt., . . -, ,-, ,
'Prussia exports linens, woolens, zinc,
articles of ' iron, ; copper and brass,
ndigo, wax, bams, wu.iiele iaatruineuts
obaco, winos and porcoUan. . , . ,
Germany extorts." woolj woolen
goods, liiicns, rags, com, timber, iron,
lead tin, tlax, hemp, wines, wax; tal
low and cattlo. ' - .; : .:;'!'
Autria exports jrencTSls, row and
munufat lured, "silk, thread, ' grass,'
grain, wtix.' tur,- nutgnll, wines, lioney
aud mnthemotict.il instruujents.' x'.-. '.
England exports, .cottun, woolen,
glass, hardware, eurlhern . ware, cut
lery iron; ' ihetaiiri wares, salt, ' coal,
watches tin s,ilksiand linensj i-'-u'
Kusia exjiorts. tallow,' llax, hemp,
flour, iron, copper, linseed, lard, hides
wax,' duck, cordagebristles, f ursi po
tash.'and ttir'.-'" " ' "' ' ,r"1'1
Spuin exports wine, brandy; oil,
fresh nud dried fruits,, quicksilver,
sulphur, salt, cork, saffron, nuchoyes,
silk and woolen goods. 1; ' '" ,u
China exports tee, rhubarb, niu-k,
ziue, ginger, borax, silks,. qa&sia,,. fila
greo. woiks, ivory ware, lacxucred
wttfe and porclain g'oodi. v m t" " ""
Hindoosta'n ' exports silks, tshawli, '
carpets, opiunv saltpetre, pepper, gym
indigo, cinnamon, cochineal, ajsuionds
pearls and drugs." -
Turkey exports coffee, opittm.tsilV,
dried and green fruits, 'drugs,; gums,
tobacco, winesj camel's ,Uair, .carpets,
camlet, morocco. nd shawls.. ' ,
Mexico; cxiorts gold ' fliid sih'rf,
coeh i n en I, n d i go," sa r sa pari 1 1 a ' 1 v a n il I a
jalap, fustie, cipipeocVi)' rt o4d, pimen
to, drugs, and uye stuus. ; .. ..
, Brazil exports 'coffee, indigo, sugar
rice, hides, dried meats, trtl!owV- grid,
diamonds, and other precious tonoV,
gtiuts, inahogony, and India rubber.
West Indies exports stirrur. molass-
fs'ium, tobabco, cigarsi mdhhgon',
dye wood, coffee, pimento, frehli fruits,
and preserves, .rubber,, wax, ginger,,
and other spices. ,- , . ,,
Switzerland exiorts cattle,' ''cheese,'
butter, tallow'-dried fniiti lime, silks,
velvets, laces, iewelry'i watches, paper
gunpowder, and fancy goods.., . .
Last Indies exports cloves,. nutmegs,
hiaco, pepper, riee, indigo, gold ' dust,
enniphor, benzoiru-sulphiir, ivory, ru t-
tans, saudal wood, zino and nuts , t
United' States , exports, principally
agricultural products, cotton, tobacco,'
flour, -rico provisions' Of alt kinds,'
lumber, turpontinno and hearing ap
parel. . ..o ...). :-t,h-- ,
itoro than half of the obstacles' in
youf path ftro' like' a' rotten stump in
woous, wiueii a iimia man taaes tor a
ghost, and runs away.. A brave man
wollts up to jt, and finds it to be what
it is. Never be assailed and "w avered
by what is1 said alkiut risks and diffi
culties. and competitions.! .:Neyr ro
treat,int,q e, naTrqw, corner, with,
its only one chanco of success and
usefulness, as if it was the siifer for
that : -l'ush forwanl, if yod haro the
Com luon Coinwioiwncss of aliHly, into
the great tlvoroughfai es, w iiore though
a hundred c hances e success ami ude'
fulness should fail a hundred ehancos
are left. -Jttiiw$ IfVXrr.i.i ri; :' r..'
Tlio purest alter of lovo is the'heart
of mother.' ' ' ' ' '
1 .''. s i a m r It if
c TJjarsrLi Deeember 0 t806V eiit
V.tt.Vr.M, IfvLlway Miaiand IL;
j.Uif.Kneof , fail way,-not. xttu;.,
600 it is true as it, deserves to be, and,.
a,we haya,er0)ry auraxipo irriji bay ,
but whose record stands in honorably
contrast with that of nearlj.fvcry oth
er Western land.'grant road, has lik
VW. othct,lmr0 ;en.l?.rTr!'! c!t ,
or elsewhere had its ups and. down,.
mainly downs for three years QOtnpris-.
inre i ia firat nr od n ti x atftnrn. It
has seen years when, its business was
, ,r;."".:7,": ..jTiiVi!
so' 'Iirhitod' that'-' tlierjuperintendont-'
could spare time from7 light duties of
supervising bn feebl epolly wofof an
engine w ith d single "car train once a'
day each way, to run salt worki, write
for uew'spi pet-s, and - take general'
particular 'Interest in'any ftnderew
ry ' publio rojecV sooialj literary,' Teli-'
gions or commercial;' eot those ' days'
arb past, thToad has grown with'the
growth "nd "6trengtbened; with' tho!
siren gth'-of' Uie" com mtrciiil inerests'
of the' sectidrti U hai'-o'ftiateriali'T aid4
ied in dcrHopingjlind -US bu-iness now'
requires not' only thr'-undivided kin
tention of tho'ofiwsaidSTerirllend-I
ent'but iif h' corps, also, of office as
sistautt hi passenger land ' 'freight' de
pnrtniottts, i 'decldiklly''' rotrilidab U !A
point of buuiDcrs.'though'in - ftll elU"in
at trattiblo ' asihe tractlbles'ti ib th:'
railway' business. 'T .' -'! V ."::t.
Ono f act worthy Of ' coniideratlon
and duo" recognition 'in connection 1
with'the F.f& P. If.' Co., and whieli 1
should recommend it to the especial'7 .
favor arid conriderice'of' 'bur people' h':
that its oaterprio keeps pace with itas
prosperity. The aecumrnulatlons of"
the lino thus far established, aro in'
vested in improveuienta, and an intel--'
ligent cjpoto of its business prosper- I
ity, resource and, adrantnge with a;
View to. induce investments tq aid ia
its extension, is tho only Appeal it, has r
mado tor aid in any "direction. In
j .' . ' f ' ' i
mnuinjj thia.eflbrL,. which has. been
succe8s.ftit la 'securir 4on' euTtriont' '
rrr.rr.t'iTOi'.t ; a..- '
tio fiii'im un; irut K iy juiuiarju vity,
tho .Company liavo(disseminated. in a
clear, conipoct, business-like form, an
amount' ol information . ' eoneorninj;-'
tho varied interests and resources of ,
Sugirtow Valh'v,' that will. bo worth to
it, a s id o from all beucfits derived by
the." building, of tho road, milllobs fit
dollars ' v" ' ' "
Tlio Midland esfension is to bo j
pushed Ihrdugh as fast an the work
enn by possibility be done; tho proli
miliary arrangemouts aro largely, in
tho hands of ' JosrAn'pH.tTTj.Esq.a
tornado 'stylo of a inan in tho pionoor"'('
Vnxtvt -ay' business, and ho will mako '
tinio in spito of any and all obstacles. '
ThisMd6no, and showing as! !it will,'
equally favorable resuls its to earnings,' ' '
as' the first 'scction'of tho 'rodd.'and 1
tho jrriine -idea7 of the F. & 'P.: M. ; '
Itailway a pioiieof 'lino 1 thVcoigh
Mlchigdn'to tho Ijake-Superior re-'
gionswill begin ' to' bo .appreciated.
Tho facilities' for sfoamboat 'connec-.
tion' froui th'o wo'storri sor'e,.rii ,s-,'.,
cftfiaba ftre equal In alt respects to
those 'of thd Chicago route," the' dis-v"
ifanco will bosiiftrtcnbd hibre' tiiarj I half 'H
and the advdnta'ges'ofthfs connection,'"'
which must tfirely come to this sec-" '
lioii' ill thJ"" way of travol 'and com-'
mer(?o aro incalculable.' " '
Wo riotico th'eso' things' at this t!mo';'
without BOlic-itation, 'and for auhl! wo 1
know,' iir'opp6iti6nto the wishes ol"
the managers of the F. '& P.; Ml. Ifail- '
way, bocaus'o'vro bel'cto that is' to-day ' '
the most promising ond best inanageA"'
of all the multitudinous railway pro- "
jncts ' in' progress or contemplation in 1
tho Wcs that it will'' as Jt progrcfst'S
develop nnd mako valuablo' an im-'''
mense district of pine ahd' fdrrnir.g
country uow nearly or quuo maccest-.
ble, and on its completion t en a new. j
avenuo fo trado and commcrco un
equalod by the i 'grandest ;liuo of the f
great North Western j-outes.
. If any doubttho trutb of this pro
position, hit; them take, tho trouble to ;
examipo, into tho facts and statistic
n relation thereto on file ,in tho of
Ceo, of(Mr. ?'osT,ingcnfqr.th Coir),- .
pany's lands atJlV-troit, and wo lhin1c
they wiU lo copyinced,a3 wo nro, tUu ;r
such, doubts aip groundless. ( ( t
' Cnyxvtx' BitT. We aro favdrodrT.
wifh small Samplej It pickle and ta- '
blo'sn frou; the :Oolerich! wlL,!
Thoy oppoar to bo quito equal, to any . -luiporiL
Tho well yields f0 barreU
K d ly of Jtivolvo hours.' 'Th6' i-all' H 1
sjld at thflt well for 8'J cents a'bw:irM,
by,-Veight.-PW;f C. tP ntmtr. .h
; , ; ..V ' ' 1 .f
TimiOiy Titeouib jioaks o "tho
lirofid rolling, bills A inothcr t a fib' '
tbott'ntiful grwubackk : ' '" " ' -' '";

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