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Greensboro Negro Newspaper
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matter April 28, 1015, at the
post office at (ireensboro,
North Carolina, under the
Act of March 8, 1870.”
SATURDAY, MAY 15, 1048
The Civilian Defense Program,
OCD Director James M. Landis
pointed out recently, is steadily
developing u spirit of coropra
tion throughout the country.
"Common danger and ’'com
mon decency can recognize no
harrier,” he declared. “In fact
the Civilian Defense program
affords an unusual opportunity
for neighbors of all races and
creeds to become better acquaint
ed with each other. Every time
an American works side by side
witli an American of .another
race or color, he gives the lie
to Hitler's racial nonsense.”
At that rate, Hitler is be
ing given the lie daily on a
million American fronts. For
the participation of only one
such group Hie Negro in
the Civilian Defense program Is
a good yardstick of the ni insure
of support being given the war
effort ny all minority groups.
Mrs. Crystal Bird Fauset,
Special Consultant to the Direc
tor, states that reports to Na
tional Headquarters indicate
that from the largest urban
centers to the smallest country
town, Negro volunteers are re
sponding wholeheartedly to the
OCD program.
On the protection front, they
are serving as air-raid wardens,
watchers, spotters, auxiliary
policemen, firemen, ambulance
workers, nurses aides and in a
host of . other emergency ser
vices. On the secondary front,
Negro OCD workers are pushing
conservative programs, salvage
drives, rationing cooperation,
war bond and stamp sales, war
training programs, armed ser
vices entertainment and scores
of similar activities.
So if Hitler carries out the
Nazi threat to bomb American |
cities, he will find hundreds of!
thousands Civilian Defense!
workers who realize, in the
words of OCD Director Landis,
“This war will be lost if it
is wou by or for one creed, one
race, one color. If it is a war
for democratic ideals and demo
cratic freedoms, it must be wag
ed In a united manner both
abroad and at home.”
For the last few weeks you
have heard quite a bit of talk
about the way the young people
gather at the Ashe Street Drug
Store for amusement. Quite a
few parents and older people
said that the drug store should
be closed: well, I don’t see it
that way. First place, it is the
center of attraction for young
people to meet in that com
munity. Second, there is no
other place for the young peo
ple to spend their leisure time
for fun and exchanging of ideas.
Third, there have been'no dis
orderly conduct which required
the law to arrest anyone. Fourth,
it is much better to go there,
than to the beer and wine stores
and get drunk to the extent
that no one will have any con
trol over them, as in some of the
other sections of our city.
I Fifth, this business is operated
I by Negroes which makes a pro
j fessional position for them, if
| this business was operated byj
the Greeks or some other race
as you see in other sections of
the city, you would not hear a
word, no matter what the case
may be.
We older people find too much
. fault to criticize the young peo
ple, it only reminds them of
things, which will bring about
more troublp. Do you know that
the devil always played It is part
even when you were young?
Why not encourge the parents
to rear their children at home,
send them to Sunday School and
Church which have a w r ide awake
program that will give them a
chance to execute tlioir abilities
and doing something that will
heli> to diminish a great umount
of their excess energy; you can
also help them by organizing
clubs in your community of some
character building agent. By so
doing the young people will have
more regard of business places
and have more respect for you
who are gossiping about their
conduct, and not offering them
anything to better their condi
tions. Young people have quite
a bit of energy, and they will
throw it off by doing something
good or bad.
Golden Text: Lift up your eyes,
and look on the fields, that they
are white already unto harvest.
—.John 4:85.
One of the chief causes of the
present world upheaval is the
conflict between races. Every
worthy proposal for a just and
durable peace after the war in
sists upon tile necessity of abol
ishing racial discrimination.
Such a peace must be founded
upon world brotherhood. Hatred,
revenge, oppression, and strife
are the outgrowth of feelings of
I superiority and prejudice. In
Christianity there is no place
for such attitudes. The sacred
ness that human life possessed
for Jesus made it impossible
that tlie accident of birth or race
or color should separate him
from any other person. No one
was excluded from liis interest
or friendship. All were children
of his Father.
The Jews of Jesus’ time were
bitterly opposed to the Samari
tans. They felt for them a con
tempt and hatred similar to the
present attitude of the Nazis
toward tlie Jews. Jesus attacked
this prejudice. To his country
men tills was to question the
foundations of both religion and
patriotism. When he told the
story of tlie good Samaritan, he
outraged every feeling that the
race-proud Jew was cherishing.
The first followers of Jesus
v "ji' .**•,i«v, ■ •*'.»
V ***»... <•>! “ * * • .
I '••At ,*« Y*.', * •
Avv, „ ' _ ,1— ' . *
......**• yy flßf, _,r \ \
;iKL -
saw the implications ,of tills
teaching; for the Christian move
ment. It is much to the credit of
Peter and John that they woi;e
able so soon to break through
this prejudice. It is proof of the
vitality of their faith and their
grasp on the universal nature
of the gospel. When the revival
broke out among the Samaritans,
there was probably some doubt
ful questionings in the church
in Jerusalem. Could these alien
people be accepted in the new
movement on the same terms as
Jews? With their foreign back
ground were they cabable of
understanding the Christian
way of life? Without hesitation
Peter and John accepted the op
portunity of investigating the
genuineness of these Samaritan
followers. They must have been
thoroughly convinced; for, re
turning to Jerusalem, they
“preacehd the gospel to many
villages of the Samaritans.”
However, the battle for Chris
tian brotherhood "was not won
by this first crossing of racial
lines. Paul became the great
leader In tills broader interpre
tation of the message. Even
Peter drew back from the full
implications of th 1 s truth
(Galatians 2:11-12)7 much to
Paul’s annoyance. Throughout
: liis entire missionary career the
I apostle to the Gentiles was con—
■ tinually hampered by the nar
i row. sectarian viewpoint of the
! Jewish Christians . Though Paul
did more than any other leader
of the early church to promote
interracial, Christian brother
hood, the goal is not yet in
sight. Though modern mission
ary activities have carried the
gospel across national, racial,
and geographic houndries, preju
dices both within and without
Christendom are still tragically
evident. The coming of Christ's
kingdom still awaits the blot
ting out of race discrimination
and the promotion of the rights,
liberties, and self-respect of all
kinds and conditions of people.
Commercialism (or secularism
as we sometimes call it) Is ex
emplified in the character ofi
I 'V: ' , i:
By William Dialet Carpenter jjj
Main Street (not the novel by
Sinclair Lewis) can be a social
hades when infested with ob
scene vipers; no self respecting
man would risk venturing among
human serpents for love, fame,
or money.
Since the body of man is the
home of the soul and the human
heart the temple of the Holy
Spirit, one day or two, or for
that matter two or three years,
missed attending church, because
of social and civic persecution,
will not worry the mind of a
wise man, as much as being
forced at sword’s point to dwell
in the land with lying, hypo
critical, unjust human monger
Human bondage, no .matter
how much social deception is
used to conceal the fact. Also
enemies whom will wantonly
Simon Magus. He perapnifies
those who exploit religiou for
financial and selfish gain.. Many
subtle tendencies in the Church
today lead in 'this direction.
Christians must be always on
their guard against influences
that make religion materialistic
rather than spiritual. This can
be as serious an obstacle, to the
progress of Christian brother
hood as nationalism or racialism..
To see Christianity as a whole
is to discover how completely
it outreaches all our little hu
man distinctions, prejudices,
ambitions in its vision of the
one great family of God.
SATURDAY, MAY 15, 1942
change the written words of
an individual whom they hate
in order to make him appear
ridiculous are ungodly knaves.
The power to tell unautheutic
tales upon an enemy in order
to damage bis or her social repu
tation is a very small and de
spicable blow, after all. Only
rulers and murderers stoop to
such folly.
If tlie hairs upon a man’s
head are numbered, then every
single man justly or unjustly
cast into prison or dungeon con
finement by peonage advocating
enemies, is duly noted and ren
corded upon the heavenly scroll
of Jehovah. By His Hand* are
guilty nations cast down unto
destruction for levying devilish
acts against the common people.
Wordly fame may be sweet,
but Christian righteousness can’t
be beaten.
William Malet Carpenter.
Food is so scarce In China that
it is not rationed among civil
in QReensßOßp

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