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From the State Capital
Information and Gos..ip Furnished- by Our Sped! Corre
spondent t Nashville.
Msny Weslern ir.d North w stern Farm
era Looking Toward the
Naxhvillc The Tniwuw rjinp.tij'B
in the intercut of iiniiii),r.itiiii i ro
diKiintf rcniilU. A gi-iith nun who in
iiuikinif it, t our of tlm NuiUiw ( with
one of tlm Teniifuwe exhibits writes a
follows from I'hillirotlie, Mo.:
"Thn kccoikI week of the North weal
em exhibit of the T nii'wf llun-au of
'Immigration, in vh;u,' "f J. J. U.
Joliimoniim and T. O. !Settl., represent
Commissioner T. F. Pi ck, bss been
iTy miu-iwiful. It liit beta well ad
tertisod and lias been luxpivted by
bundr"! of Hie eiti.i'im of tlii city
and county.
'Chillioolhe U in the center of a
rich agricultural country. The county
is traveril by tho Wabn-di, Uurl'miffon
A Chirnyo, Milwaukee & St. Paul Kail
roadx, uud the farmers, who arc thrifty
and prrroui, tiud a ready and con
venient market for the products. Land
in this vk'u'ty and around Mexico,
Audrain County, the first htop of the
Western tour, is held at very high prices,
ra lining from $85 to $1."0 per acre.
There is little opportunity for the man
of moderate moans to acini ire a farm
of sufficient are to afford him a liv
'The Tennessee exhibit has been
visited by many men who are really
interested in finding a section where
lands are cheap and the climate milder,
and thia first venture of the state in ad
vertising promise to bear good fruit.
"One farmer, who owns 160 acres,
and has five sun, wants to sell bis
land In Northern Missouri and is in-
vest icating Tenneaaee. He wants to
buy in some section j where land is
Principles in Landrith vs. Hud.ins, Pi
viously Settled, Govern in
This Case.
Swing Commends Organiiatioa
Its Effort to Correct Exist
ing Evils.
cheap and where he can establish him-j
self and hia boys in the same neighbor
' horn' lie will visit Tennessee.
"Another farmer from Illinois, who
visited the exhibit, stated that he bad
just sold bin farm in that state for
$185 per aero and was going to Ten
nessee in a few weeks and would lo
cate there if ho could find a farm
suited to hia purpose. Ho is an ex
tensive breeder of Percherou horses,
and expects to visit Middle Tennessee.
Ha was supplied with literature from
the exhibit, and seemed to be very fa
vorably impressed. Several others ex
pressed a desire to visit the state, and
it is believed that honicseekers' excur
sions from tho territory covered by
the exhibits will carry many in
search of a milder climate and cheaper
"The exhibition of the 300 atercop
ticon views carried by the exhibit has
been attracting large crowds. The
views are from all sections of the
state and cover the agricultural, min
ing and industrial features as well as
city views, mountains, rivers and waterfalls."
Xahville. Judge M. M. Neil, of the
Tfiinescee supreme court, handed down
an opinion in the case ot E. V. Ilonham
et al. vs. J. T. Harris i-t a I., known as
the (!raee Cunibeilmiil Presbyterian
Church case from Nashville. The pos
si-.siori of church property i involved
The court holds that under the facts
and the principles settled in Landrith v
iludgins, the complainant are entitled
to recover the church property for which
they sue. Jud.e UraUon Urcen dis
Thin suit crows out of the contro
versy whirh was settled by this court
in the case of Ijuuliith vs. Jliidius, 121
Teun., 550.
In that case this court held that tho
union attempted between the Cumber
land Presbyterian Church and the Pres
byterian Church in the United State
of America, or more briefly called, the
Pretibj terian Church, U. S. A., was void
And that in case of a division ol a coir
gregution of the Cumberland Pre.by
terian Church and a subsequent litiga
tion over the church property, that fac
tion which adhered to the doctrinal
standards of the Cumberland Presbyte
rian Church was the true congregation,
and was entitled to the property. The
court also held in that case thut the
faction of such congregation which went
over to the Presbyterian Church, U. S.
A., in recognition of such void attempt
ed union had no longer any right to
the church property.
"The complainants in the present bill
claim to be and represent that portion
of tho congregation of Graco Cumber
land Presbyterian Church which re
mained with that church and did not
go over to tho Presbyterian Church, U.
S. A., and the nroof austams this con
tention. The proof also shows flint the
defendants and those whom they repre
sent recognize such void union and pub
licly claim to be members of the Pres
byterian Church, U. S. A.
"Under the foregoing facts and the
principles settled in Landrith vs. Hud
gins, the complainants are entitled to
recover tho church property for which
they sue, being the church house nnd
tho land on which it rests, with the
appurtenant property nothing else appearing."
From County 1 Road
Tears Ago.
Nashville. Gov. Hooper granted a
pardon to A. II. Harrison, who was con
victed of an assault in the Davidson
County Criminal Court in 1905 and sen
tenced to the county road for six
months.' Shortly after Harrison had
been sent to tho county road he es
caped and went to Indiana, where he
secured employment and married. Re
cently bo returned to Davidson County
and secured employment in Nashville
and was making a comfortable home
for his wife and family when he was
recognized and officers re-arrested him.
His wife was left with the care of
tho children and in a strange city. Sev
eral persons became interested in the
ease. As a result of this interets and
the fact that Harrison behaved him
self whilo in Indiana and since his re
turn to Nashville, and the further fact
that Gov. Hooper has a letter from his
employer stating that he is a good man
and that he will take him back and
give him employment, the pardon as to
the road sentence and also the fine was
Was One of the Founders of KnoxvilU
Knoxville. Col. Sam McKinncy, aged
66, died at his Main avenue residence.
Though born in Greene county, he spent
sixty-one years of his life in Knoxville.
He was a graduate of the University of
Tennessee, and also took law, by tho
wish of his father, who was a supreme
court justice. With the Hon. John V.
Daniels, he stumped Tennessee ami Vir
ginia in the Hayes-Tilden race, and
while he was a most eloquent speaker,
he never held office except in the Ten
nessee legislature, serving In the lower
house in 1904. With Col. John M. Flem
ing he established the Knoxville Tribune
in 1870, but remained in the newspaper
business only two years. His widow,
Mrs. Annie Hooth McKinncy, is a well
known Tennessee writer, their son,
Booth, is aide to the president on tb'
yacht Mayflower.
Nashville. Speaking for the lio.ird !
Trade, Judge Kobcrt F.wing, member ol
the agricultural committee, weLnmeJ
the 'IVimc.-Hee Vegetable, Fruit and l!ee
men to Naihville. paying, in part:
"Gentlemen I can say very ' truth
fully that no more pleasing duty could
have been assigned me by the Nash
ville linurd of Trade than to extend, oil
ita behalf, a verv cordial welcome to
Nashville to siicli a very' helpful uml
patriotic organization as yours, tu
have held meetings here on many pre
vious occasions. I sincerely hope that
the present one will be so pleasant to
members ind so productive of good to
your fellow-citizen throughout the stato
that you will, before you leave, pass
some kind of resolution, if only a silent
one in your hearts, that Nashville, a
the capital, central city of the ntate,
hereafter shall have Tho honor and pleas
ure of receiving you each year.
"You are fully alive to the fact thnt
the extraordinary cost of living 1 now
the ono subject uppermost in tliu minds
of all classes. All agree that the situa
tion which now embarrasses us is any
thing but agreeable.
"One caiwe, perhaps, is that ome in
land communities which used to enjoy
the best of food now find that the means
of transporting this rapidly to the larg
est cith-s which pay the highest juices
are so perfect that unless raisers firmly
resolve to keep for their own consump
tion the things which they raise, thee
are almost taken from them by the at
tractive prices which they know they
can obtain in these markets. Then, again,
cold storage houses of magnitude have
been established in all of these larger
cities. These preserve so perfectly and
for so long a time perishable thin;; that
the temporary over-supply of these,
which used to offer occasional oppor
tunities of getting thing cheaply, no
longer favors consumer.
"Vcgctavble.s, fruits, honey and other
foods of like nature, to tre better and
cheaper production of which you nie
now devoting laborious attention, go far
toward furnishing us the means of liv
inir comfortably. In the matter of
fruits, every one must admit that years
ago, when agricultural knowledge was
not so far advanced, many of the dis
tricts of Tennessee did produce fruits
of the very best quality. What has
been done in the past in the way of
production of such apples can surely be
done ngain.
"I am not a practical farmer, and
my thoughts on farming matters are,
perhaps, of but little worth, but knowl
edge of this deAcicncy on my part shall
not prevent me from saying that I
think that an association like yours is
on the right track for the correction
of evils which are bearing very heavily
upon many communities our own
y-yug the number."
Women tiro bcgltnlcf, to realize!
more fully that good health Is not to
be found in tho use of coHtiietlcs and
lace powders. Tbo nppeurance of
health may follow facjjtl treatment,
but health ltaelf lies niucu deeper than
the (surface.
MoHt Important to the health of ev
ery woniun Is regularity of the bowels
and dlgeHtlvo organs. Tho weary
eyes, bijd breath, frequent headaches,
pimples and general air of lussltude,
Is In most every case due to consti
pation or Indigestion, or both. There
are various remedies prescribed for
this condition, but tho easiest, most
pleasant and certainly effective, Is
a combination of simple Jaxatlvo
herbs with pepsin known to druggists
as Dr. Caldwell'g Syrup Pepsin. This
simple remedy is far preferable to
bareh salt a and cathartics Hnd violent
purgative waters that disturb the
TliO woman who "Wips hoiiM:"
enonjh to do wln-n the i in ird, noimd
hcuith, bi:t if fciie np.ik, tired all the
tune, and ujllciir.K from mum to lii,;!it
with an scliinx Vk k, houe-wnrk become
a heavy buvjen.
Many women who were afflicted in this
way f-xv that lean's Kid.iey I'llhi have
nmde lift) rustier fur tiifai.
Women are subject to kidney dienn.
The clntliiiiK Ihev wear, V.a work they do,
the worry and strnin of Inuring and rear
ing iliil lirn, the lack of projier txercisc;
atll tend to it.
Packarbe, laring-down pains, headache,
dizzy spelN, f.iinlness, fits of. "blue," and
other troubles often tlioupht to lie peculiar
to the I. are found frequently in kidney
disease. Win n any one of thee ills ap
pears, together with a dixrolored condi
tion of the kidney secretions, with pasture
too frequent, scanty or btiminn, just make
lip your mind that your kidneys are weak,
and be quick to help them.
Doan i Kidney Pills have helped a great
added misery, TLey do not disturb the
stomach or bowels ami contain no poison
ous, dangerous nor habit funning dniK
Doan's are harmless for childivn too.
whole system witnout anorumg more , niany wt,uk .orn, through the trying
than temporary relief. times when kidnev disense means so much
Dr. Caldwell's Byrup Pepsin la a
tonic laxative mild in its action,
pleasant to the taste and positive in
its effect, strengthening the muscles
of Ftoniacb and bowels so that after
a short time these organ regain the
power to perform their natural func
tions without assist anco.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrttp Pepsin Is sold
by drngglsts everywho.-o In GOc and
$1.00 bottles. If you have never tried
It, write for a sample to Dr. W. B.
Caldwell, 201 Washington St.. Monti
cello, III.; he will gladly send a trial
bottle without any expense to you
When Kidney Troubles Keep
You in Misery Pay
and Night
s . .
m .:. A jf.w- i f
" jutt can't g't "
The following ene is typical of the euros
cfiecied bv 1 hi.'k Kidney Fills, lirclcia'
testimony is Un? Ik-hI evidence.
Md Well After Doctors Gave Up
Mrs. Y. M. Hill. 1M V. 10 8t, Water
loo, Iowa, :.ii.v: "I enjoyed the lx it of
health until the winler of l!u5 when 1
was scicd with kidney trouble. I Rrii.bl
ally lire wre until I was devoid ol .!
energy ami uml ilioii. Them wns a stinR-
ing pain through my knlucys, ln'lowe.1 or
a dull, Krlf'diug ai iiu ui rowt my ein. The
whites uf r.iy eves chunked color and tb
eveluills bulged. My bands pulled and mr
feet Iscanie o nwulleii 1 could not wac
my shoes. 'I lie kidney accretion cansej
great iin and also annoyaiiee by their too
frequent pnsage. 1 got so 1 could not eat,
lout wcit ht hii1 was sndmilly growing
weaker and waker, w lien my futiver sd
vised Doan's Kidney Pills. I obtiirvd so
nucli be-ielit from the very first tluit I
continued and by the end of the tirwt week
tho backaches and headache bad !iap
ptsred. 1 grew tedily b' tter, and was
nt last completely cured. Duan's Kidney
Pills aveI mv bfc when I ws so sick tlm
I did not csre whether I lived or died.
The doctor as w ell as myself had givin up
hope ef my ever getting well. I am
frnteful that 1 cannot rucommend DoD
,idncy Pills too highly."
"lien Your Back U Lame-Remember the Name'
Sold by ml Dealers,, frlce 50 cents. fojlcr-Mnbum Co. Buflalo,
firr Proprietor! ys J
Mrs. Brown Where did Mrs. Close
wad go for her new suit?
Mrs. Jones Through her husband's
Contract Let for Lebanon's Confederate
Lebanon. The contract for tho erec
tion and construction of the Confederate
monument to bo placed in the new park
on the public square has been let to the
Oman Stono Company of Nashville and
work will begin at once. The figure on
the monument will be that of Gen. Rob
ert Hatton, Wibion county's general. Tins'
figure will bo six feet tall and will be
Photos of Thirteen Ministers Will B
Passed on at Bristol
Bristol. A novel method of choosing
a pastor ha been decided upon by the
First Christian Church of this city.
There were a number of applicants and
the church was unable to decide upon
which would be chosen. It was decided
to ask each to submit hia photograph
and the congregation has been called
to meet and make the selection from the
photographio likenesses of the mini
Carnegie Library for Nashville.
Nashville. The announcement that
Andrew Carnegie has offered to Nash
ville a branch library has been made.
That this city is to get an additional
library gift is a tribute not only to Miss
Mary Hannah Johnson, whoso splendid
work as librarian of Carnegie is widely
recognized, but it is a recognition of
Nashville's appreciation of the advan
tages tho public library affords; The
library board has taken no action re
garding the matter as yet but wil'
doubtless do so at an early date.
Married Women in Law Class.
Lebanon. The law school of Cumber
land University is proud of the fact that
it has enrolled among tho members of
the junior class three prominent young
. , .ii .1 1 ii o i -V Aftrv mi, auu will w , . , . ,
? i j t i- n i- i I women who are taking the course along
chiseled from Bowling Green limestone. ... en, j
Tennesseans at Reunion.
Nashville. Gen. John II. McDowell,
Commander of tho Tennessee Division
Confederate Veterans, has written to
Col. John P, iTlekman concerning the
arrangements for caring for the Ten
nessee veterans at the reunion in Ma
con, May 7, 8 and 9, in which be says:
"I have arranged for nil the organ
ized companies to go in a new brick
' building in tho Fair Ground park cloic
to mess hall and convention hall; cot3
with blankets and pillows."
"Old Hickory" GaveL
Nashville, The gavel tu be used by
the Southern Commercial CongTcss in
this niky, April R to 19, is being pre-
ywed! bv tho Ladies' Hermitage Associa
tion. It will be made of hickory from
a tree planted by "Old Hickory," An
drew Jackson, wlioii he erected the tomb
to his wife, near Nashville. Tho Nash
villa moetilisf Of the congress comes
hist one hundred years after tho out
break of the war of 1812, in which
"Old Hickory" took such valliant part
and just fifty years after the battle of
Sbiloh, in Tennessee.
Tennessee Shows Decrease.
- Nashville. According to the report of
fMi. Robert K. Evans, Chief of the
Division of Military Affairs in the War
Department, decreases are noted in the
number of enlisted men in thirty-four
states in the past year. Tennessee's en
listment is 129 less than that for 1910
although the number of officers has
increased two.
Died at Ninety-One.
Lewisburg. Wiliam H. Youell, one
of Lewisburg's oldest and most highly
esteemed citizens, has died at his home
lure of fiieiiE'.nia.
The whole monument will be about
nineteen feet high and' the base of the
monument will be of native stone and
the contract for this, together with the
cement work of the park has been let
to W. S. Page, contractor, here. It is
thought now that the unveiling will tak
place some time in April. '
$1,000 for State Y. M. C. A.
Nashville. At the anmial meeting ol
the state committee of the Young Men's
Christian Association it was aunouncod
that John A. Patton of Chattanooga
had contributed $1,000 to the state work.
This is the largest single gift for thi
work ever made in the South.
with tho young men of the class and
who will receive their diplomas next
January. The names of the women tat
ing the course aro Mrs, Herman G. Mohr
of San Francisco, Cal.; Mrs. E. W.
Johnson of Lawrenceburg, Tenn,, and
Mrs. Hogaii Thomas, wife of Wilson
county's register, H. H. Thomas.
Leaves Kidneys In Weakened Condition
Doctors in all parts of the country
have been kept busy with the epidemic
ot grip which has visited, bo many
homes. The symptoms of trip this
year are very distressing and leave
the system In a run down condition,
particularly the kidneys which seem
to suffer most, as every victim com
plains of lame back and urinary trou
bles which should not be neglected, as
these danger signals often lead to
more serious sickness, such as dread
ed Blight's Disease. Local druggists
report a large salo on Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root which so many people
say-soon heals and strengthens the
kidneys after an attack of grip.
Swamp-Root Is a great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy, and, being an
herbal compound, has a gentle healing
effect on the kidneys, which Is almost
Immediately noticed by those who try
It. Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N.
Y., offer to send a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root, free by mall, to every
sufferer who requests It. A trial will
convince any one who may be In need
of it. Regular size bottles 60 cts. and
11.00. For sale at all druggists. Be
sure to mention this paper.
More Like Him.
'Yo' act me b'out Mis Johnslng an
aer husban' las week, Miss Lou," said
Matilda, looking up from her Ironing
"Ah seen Mia JohnBing on de street
las' night an' she says dey gone to
boa'dln'. Her husban' been out of
wo'k fo' de las' six monts an' dey
cayn' 'ford to keep house no mo'.
Ah t'lnk It mighty foolish 'cos dey's
sto'in dere fu'nlture an' it cos'es dem
fifty cents a mon't to keep It In de sto'
bouse, an' ef dey don' pay it ebe'y
mont de money keep a-growin' an'
a-growlng, an a-bur-owin Into dere
bank 'count, jes' like a eatin cancer.
Ah tol' Miss Johnslng dat, an Ah say
w'y don' she put her husban' to wo'k.
He right able body man. 'Hitch de
reins to de mule,' Ah say, 'an' don' yo'
wo'k yd" finger nails to de quick fo"
dat nlggab.' But she say he can' fin'
no wo'k he like, dough he out all day
an' sometimes till 12 o'clock at night
a-lookln'. Ah reckon he don like no
wo'k he can fin', dat's w'ot's de mat-tab."
Favors Omnibus BilL
Washington. Representative Sims ro
ported favorably as chairman of the
committee on war claims the "omnibus
t-iaiiiis bill," which carries a total of
$1,545,000, of which $375,000 is the ay
gregate of claims for Teiinesseaus. Mr.
Sims is hopeful of the enactment of the
measure into law at tail session.
Felt Rather Fat.
"Mamma, I had the nicest dream,"
said little Mury, age six, just after
waking In the morning.
What was It?" mamma asked.
'Why, I dreamt I was a young lady,"
the child explained.
'That felt pretty good, didn't It?"
the mother remarked.
"Yes," was the reply. "But I felt
rather fat."
The Effect of Sleeping In Cars
Is the contracting of cold, which often
results seriously to the lungs. Never
neglect a cold, but take in time Tay
lor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
nnd Mullein nature's great cough
medicine. For all throat and lung
troubles, Whooping Cough, etc.
At druggists, 25c., bOc. and fi.uu a
"Heigho!" sighed Mrs. Stoutly. "You
used to sit with your arm around my
waist, John, but you never do it any
"I'm sorry, dear," replied Stoutly,
but there are some things that are
beyond my reach." Harper's Weekly.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy. No Sm&rtlnrr Forts
Fine Ada yuickiy Try It mr Ken, wan,
Watery Krr mid Granulated Eyelid. Illus-tru-d
Book la each Paekngo. Murlno In
compounded by our licnllsiit not aMl'atorit Med
ic! n" but usod In snri'mtuful PhyMclanV Prac
tice tor ninny year, piuw aciu-Hia to mo- run-
i c nna soiu dt iiruceiMfl at zbc una out Dornniufl,
Murine ity Halro In Aiepllo Tube, 2fiu and DUc
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
Right in Her Line.
Oillet The people in the flat above
us are constantly fighting.
Perry Doesn't your wife object?
Glllet No. She likes to have a fuss
made over her.
Take the Old H'andard GltOVK'S TK1 k-LlvhS
I'HUiL, TOMU. Ion Know wnat yon are taking
Tb formula la plnlnlv printed on nvr bottle.
showing It U limply Quinine and iron In a tantelcfa
form, and the most rflectual tujiu. h'vt growa,
people ana cuiiuji'a. w veun.
After a Fashion.
Church Member Does your father
always practlec what he preaches?
Minister's Son Yessura; before
mirror. Cornell Widow.
Dr. Pierce's Tleasant. Pellets cure con
stipation. Constipation is the cause of
many diseases. Cure the cause and you
cure the disease, .basy to take.
Woman has led the world since it
began. She took the leading part In
the first drama, "Man and the Ser
pent." Paul Blouet.
iitr eriirn iv it to i hats
rnnrylriiirmtMllI rotund IDOMr If PAZO OtXT-
MfeNT fails to cure any cane of Itching, Blind,
Uieediua o' Protruding Plle In 8 to U daya. 60c.
Boys Under Eighteen Go There Instead
of Ptnitentiary.
Nashville. The reformatory near
Nashville is now ready for inmates.
Gov. 1' per, James Palmer, John A,
Pitts nnd Prof. Kilvington instructed the
secretary of the board to address letters
to judges of the circuit and criminal
courts of the state, requesting them to
sentence boys under 18 years of age to
the reformatory hereafter instead of t
the penitentiary.
Organize Potato Clubs.
Nashville. At Crossville, Cumberland
county, a mass meeting was held for
the purpose of organizing a potato elui,
the first in Tennessee. Speakers urged
the opportunity afforded Cumberland
county people to increase the productive
ness of that county by raising potatoes
Asks Aid for China.
Nashville. Gov. Hooper is preparing
to issue a proclamation, as head of the
gtate ReV Cross work, calling attention
to the famine in China and asking aid.
Found Nearly Dead ia Haystack.
Law.enccburg. A man giving his
name as Robert King was found in a
haystack, near St. Joseph, nearly starved
to death. The unfortunate party came
afoot from Texas, an while en route
was caught in a blizzard, during which
his feet were so badly frozen he could
barely proceed. He, however, succeedc'
in reaching the haystack, in which ha
sought shelter, and the little warmth it
afforded. When found he was in a pit
iable condition, having subsisted on on'
ear of corn for ten days.
Prizes to Road Contractors.
Humboldt. As an incentive to better
road building a number of progressive
citizens of Gibson county will offer a
prize of $100 iu gold to the road con
tractor in the comity whose district
shows the best worked roads during tU'
year 1912.
T. C. Real Estate Dealers.
Lebanon. Lebanon has been aelecte
as the next place for the holding of the
Tennesse Central Real Estate Dealers'
Convention, which will be held bore on
February 9.
Ready for Anything.
A popular neighbor had just passed
.o the great beyond In a rural Penn
sylvania community and the under
taker stood at the door of the home,
when he heard the following remarks
by the minister:
"Mlno brethren und sisters, Joe
Thomas he Iss dead. Maybe Joe Thom
as he go to heaven up I no know, und
maybe Joe Thomas he go to hell
down I no know, but, mine brethren
und sisters, we must be brebared to
meet him."
Lumbago, Rheumatism and Chllblp'is
There is nothing that gives so qmik
benefit as Hunt's Lightning Oil. The
very minute it is rubbed on the Im
provement Is noticed. or over tnirty
years this Liniment has been acknowl
edged to be the best for these troubles.
Every druggist will recommena u.
Price 25c and 60c per Botue.
His Economy.
"What is your idea of economy?"
isked one statesman.
"Making everybody except my con
stituents get along with as little
money as possible," replied the other.
Riches do not make a man happy
It Is what he gets out of them.
Mr. Newlywed Resented What He
Considered Impertinence, but the
Joke Was on Him.
They were on their wedding tour,
and Imagined that every civility giv
en them related to their new condi
tion of servitude.
Having stopped at a way station,
the bridegroom was approached by
the station agent, who asked:
'Are you going to take the next
'It's none of your business." re
torted the bridegroom. Indignantly, as
he guided the bride up the platform,
where they condoled with each other
over the Impertinence of some of the
Onward came the train, Its vapor
curling from afar. It was the last to
their destination that day an express.
Nearer and nearer It came at full
speed; then in a moment It wblzzcd
past and was gone.
"Why in thunder didn't that train
stop!" yelled the bridegroom.
"Cos you said 'twarn't none of my
btzness. I has to signal If that train's
to stop."'
Hobby of Wealthy Englishman.
The earl of Mount-Kdgcumbe, who
will bo entertaining many parties at
Mount-Kdgcumbe during the next few
months, would have been able to make
a living as an architect if he bad been
born In a less exalted Hphere. lie de
votes some of bis spare momenta
evolviug fascinating toy palaces, each
a study of its kind, perfect In every
detail. One he had lighted with elec
tricity. These Aladdin palaces are
sometimes passed on to lucky chil
dren of his acquaintance. Lcndor
He Ought to Get It.
"On what grounds do you seek a di
vorce from your wife?" asked the law
yer. "Simply becaune of a pun," replied
the long suffering hunband. "You see,
she's a sculptress, and it gets on my
nerves to hear her remark twenty
times a day, 'Will you lovo mo when I
Brewer's Rule.
It was common knowledge that at
twelve o'clock noon tho wealthy brew
er called In all the poor men In the
neighborhood who warmed themselves
over store and factory gratings and
made them small presents of food,
clothing or money. The brewery grat
ings alone possessed no occupants.
"We don't dare stand there on ac
count of the fumes," said one unfortu
nate who had been requested to va
cate the trunkmaker's grating. "He
won't give to anybody who smells
Deep-Sea Version.
Tommy Cod What Is It they call a
pessimist, pa?
Pa Cod A pessimist, my son, Is a
fish who thinks there 1b a book in ev
ery worm! Puck.
A tough man's idea of being well
dressed is to wear a loud necktie.
f. i2Ka
t , 111 ,1
I,- I; . i i - t
I want vtj pf?roa
bo la bftiuun, couhU-
tmtetl or ha hjit Moto
mrh or livrr ailment tt
tend for a five )tn h h
ot my Pw-irw nun.
I want to pruv thai
thy poMltively cur? ln
UigeMf ion. Hour KiiirTH
n0, Belrhiutr, 'Wind,
lada!hc, Nervoua
tifNtKle?plcR.Hi)M ntid
ar an infallirUi run
forCmntliat!m, Todu
thin I am wllUuff to fflve million of frt park
aires, i take all tlie rink. Bold by drutrt?tiil
for 25 cnt a Yiul. For frc packaffff a-1'Jrrsa,
Prof. Munyon. 53r k Jellorwo St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
big norjEY
Box 974M. stlsnti. 0s. Ban ISM, Memo!ils.Tnit.
Box 481 M, Fort Worth, Taus
About tbe ul te ot your shoes, yoa can wear a
Ixe (mailer bj shaking Allen's Foot l-ami, tb
antlseptlr powder, Into them. Just th tli Iuk for
Dancing Parties and for Ureattlnfrln NewBhiX! .
GIvrnlnstantrt-lleftoCornaandBuuiuHa. :im
pleFRXS AiMrcHB Alliufct.Oliuytetl.LeKuy.N.Y.
Eye, Eplzootl
Shipping Fever
Catarrhal l evrr
Snra mn and poHWa prvTantlTa. no matter bow hnrww at any air are Infa-tml
r tipoMd.1' l.luuld.irlTfln on Ui tontruoi am n tbo mood and (llaala; ei.lo tin
olnmoua irerm. from tbo body. OunVblntemnor In Ilopa and SKi-ri. otv! ( ti'il. ra la
"Xy7; "mtMinnK lltonk twl,. i wa l a lirl. . among- li.jmrm bom.,
id laafln KldnoT roinodv. fioo and ai k.iti.. tr..,,.....:. ......i
Koeplt fhowtOTOUrdruKIM.wliowlllTOltrorjoo. frw Eooklo't, 'iu.tuluiwri
CauMaaadCuroa'' Mpeclal Agent wan tod. -.v.,
SPflMI MFmnil f!fl Ch.ml.ta and
wi wiiii niLvmna vvil
B.cteriolSB ?a GOSHEN, IHD., 0. S. A.
It is the easiest thing in the world
for a man to believe as he hopes.
a L. RemmeU Pree, Max Heiman. Vlce-Prea, W. L. Hemingway. Vlce-Pre, Emmet Morria, Treat,
We Give Away
Absolutely Free of Cost
t-.-i. 1 ii j
The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, in Plain
English, or Medicine Svmplinea, py n. v . rieree, n.u..
Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur
.io.i Wtituta at Buffalo, a book of 1008 large pa.et and
over 700 illustrations, in strong paper covers, to any one sending 21 one-cent
tamps to cover cost of mailing , or, in French Cloth binding for 31 stamps.
Over 680,000 copies of this complete Family Doctor Book were sold in cloth
Mnding at regular price of $1.50. Afterwards, one and a half million copies
were given away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready
lor mailing. Better send NOW, before all are gone. Address World's Di
rBNSAiy Medical Association, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y,
THE ONE RF.MEDY for woman's peculiar ailments food enough
that its makers are not afraid to print on its outside wrapper ita
very ingredient. No Secrets No Deception.
TITR ONE REMEDY for women which contains no aloobol and
" no habit-forming drugs. Mado from native medicinal forest root
of well established curariro wahic.
.3ABEL4 50NS
uimaaif i.a a
fctiertli FMl.ei,W.K. FURS
W toll yo kar act
pay baprta. tVrltt
Cor kly prt Hat
uid rfrtnoM.
Brown's BronchialTrcrlW
An old and. reliable Conirh Eemerty. No opiat-a.
Sample (rea Juhs I. liauwaaBoM, BoeUm, Mam.
tliKton Ark.: JtiAa.oalt., 1 rft)tmco. dlmk-hoiVH-tt,
8 ba nis, B.WJ0 fnilt trom, HtfH-k, m.ri-iilncrj-, elc;au
ouuvenkneea. LOOKIH, Box !;'.!, Uiloj.'ttu.
F)Il HAl.R-.4tm ACR1W IN AMiTH VA. MH'l.
noar IiIohut: all cuivoiiioncoa, ttuu acra :iiiLivat
ed; all tlllabli1.; couiplole InipmvtinH'.nlKi 1 frame,
tenant liou-.ua, ele. aUAJJl) Ut, liux U'S, Clil.'u.
eii mom
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 6-1S12.
Young America's Reply.
"Why did Shylock want a pound of
"I suppose be knew that tbe price
of meat was going up."
When a man has occasion to ap
pear before a police magistrate he Is
apt to forget his own name.
ITCH. ITCH relieved In SO minutea by
Woulford's Sanitary Lotion. At Druggist.
It takes a genius to play the fool
and make It pay.
lira. Wtnslow's tioothlnaj fiyrop for Children
teething, aoflena the gums, reduce Inflamma
tion, allajra pain, carta wind colic, 2fc a toill..
Push some men forward and they
will go back on you.
Z25, 2.50, 3, 3.50 4 & 5 SHOES
All Styles, All Leathers, All Sizes and Widths,
for Men, Women and Boys.
give W.L. Douglas shoes a trial. W. L
Douclai name stamued on a shoe guar
antees superior quality and more value i
for the money than other makes. His V
1 .1.. x
name and price stamped on trie Dottom -. -
protects the wearer against high prices
1 :r : .1 i..:.t k..,;n f i.
the genuine W. L. Douglas shoes, i
no subsutute. 'ZZiZZJZZi. i,.A
HOW TO OBDES BT KAIL. Shoes Stat Everywhera All Chsrg-os Prepsia.
L-uouglaa annraare aot aold In yonr town. Mrnn aira,-tte Tarxnrr. lava intaurrrn"
Of foot aa ahown in mortal : atai. a jlaoaauM ; aiw aiKl wutth oai.nl a.'m; pi.ta
OTMDtM; bwr, kmhIiubi or llht anle. ethlrom1 .hnw.ailmjirbni
luu It. A. orlL luua. Calais tn. W.L.DoaLaJ.iwaiwkiit.,at.tra.ua
V' t. m
t ,V 4 " I". Lr,
a8fS . rS r j
RigiMy 111
Because of thoa ugly, crtxzly, gray halra. Uaa "LA CHEQUE" HAIR DRESSING. PRICE. SI.CO. retail.

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