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S ll -JL - " WESE MAY- 1
early adjustment of the difficulties between tbe men and tbelr employers
eral dava would nags before work could be resumed. The picture shown a group of
Moseley Common plU and also tome pf the youngsters who must suffer If their bread winners remain Idle.
TI1K strike of the coal miners Is
causing great distress In England,
Scotland and Wales. Tbe situation In
Wales 1h acutei Practically tbe whole
life of the people In tbe country de
pends upon tbe output of the mines.
Hundreds of families In the vicinity
of Cardiff are In destitute circum
stances and In need of Immediate re
lief. The strike pay of the miners
Las been cut down by the union and
there will be need of assistance. Men
In the employ of the railroads and
other Industries are being discharged
dally by the hundreds as a result of
the strike. There is some hope of an
but when a settlement Is reached, set-
the strikers gathered at
that Oxidine is a
most dependable system-cleansing
Most useful in stirring
up lazy livers, sluggish
bowels and kidneys,
weak stomachs. Its ef
fects are quick, safe,
sure and permanent
a bottle proves.
The (pacific for Malaria, Chills
nd Fever and all diaeMes
due to diiorderi ot liver,
stomach, bowels
and kidneys.
60c. At Your Drvggitla
Mont elilfrly pitople are more or
less troubled with a chronic, pcr
slHtent constipation, due largely to
lack of sufficient exercise. Thpy ex
perience dllllcjlty In dusting even
light food, with a conseq.u nt belching
ot elomacti gases, drowsiness after
eating, headache and a f --1 1 1 g of IushI
tude and general discomfort.
Ikx-tors advise against catlnirtlri and
violent purgatives of every kind, rec
ommending a m'ld. gentle loxatlvs
tonic, like Dr. Caldwell's Srup Per'",
to effect relief without disturbing the
entire system.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Is. the
perfect laxntlve, easy In action, cer
tain In effect and, withal, plensant to
the taste. It possestes tonic proper
ties that strengthen the stomach, liver
and bowels and is a remedy Hint bus
been for years the great standby In
thousnnds of families, and should be
in every family medicine chest. It la
equally as valuable for cnlldren as for
older people.
Druggists everywhere fell Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin in fcOc and H-00
bottles. If you have never tried it
send your name and address to Dr. W.
I!. Caldwell. 201 Washington St., Mon-
tlcello, 111., and he will lx very glad to
send a sample bottlo for trial
Perpetual Worth. WWTf JJ f
- Uhy was It you never married ; U j tfl 'fftrtTM J?7
Mlu. Aunt faille?" In.,.ilre.l Mrs.!! fflpMisftMl&wJl
I w.-,t Virginia. f y iShoQ Polishes
'Deed, .Mls Kllie.M replied the o3
wotiiatt earnestly, "dut dald nigger's
wuth tnoah to me dan a live oue. I
gits a pension." IJpplncott's.
Ought to Be All Right.
Mr. Hncon Something wrong with
this hush this morning, dear.
Mrs. Hacon Why?
"I don't know. It needs something."
"I can't think what It ran be. I put
In everything I could find."
Wco, Tun.
Sanitation Has Changed Plague
Center to Health Resort
Is Called Paris of Western World
Cost of Living Is High, but Busi
ness and Wages In All Indus
tries Are Good.
Rio Janeiro. Rio Is the Paris of the
Americas In all that the name Implies
and Is one of the loveliest, most mod
ern and progressive cities In the
world. The fire and police depart
ments are perfectly equipped and
maintain a remarkably high standard
of efficiency.
The people of Rio, by the expendi
ture of a vast amount of determina
tion, courage, energy and money, lit
erally have accomplished marvels.
Fifteen years ago the city was a mud
hole and a cesspool of filth and dis
ease, Bcourged by yellow fever and
many forms of pestilence. An Italian
warship visited the city at that time
and every officer and every man of
the crew died of the fever. A foreign
crew had to be hired to take the ship
back to Itnly. Today Rio compares
favorably with the healthiest cities in
the world. Sixty million dollars has
been spent In the last ten years for
sewerage, water, streets, etc. No bet
ter water supply exists. It is brought
clear and cold from the mountains to
the city In covered aqueducts of
stone. There are no flies, mosquitoes
or rats In Rio. For two years the city
maintained a force of 4,000 men en
gaged in their extermination, and with
entire success. Her public markets
are gems of beauty and cleanliness;
screens are unnecessary; Indeed, they
are unknown In Rio, and the meats
and fish can be exposed with perfect
safety, because there are no files and
no dust, whether on the Avenida Cen
tral, the Champs Elysee of Rio, along
the dock g or in the back alleys. They
are all as clean as the constant use of
soap and water can keep them.. A
100-mile ride through the streets of
Rio does not discover a scrap of pa
per. The public buildings are magnifi
cent, the parks, boulevards and ave
nues unique in their beauty. The de
partment of commerce and labor of
the United States, in an official re
port, states that the beauty of Rio
Janeiro cannot be exaggerated; to
quote: "It is very much like Switzer
landfor one cannot exaggerate Its
beauty. All is here the beautiful
location, the well-planned city, the
well-paved streets, the lovely vistas,
the Avenue Central, with Its million
of dollars' worth of buildings, and the
harbor Improvements that will cost
millions and lead the world." Jtlo's
park system is one of the most
notable features of the city. The
municipality has 507,000 square me
ters laid out in parks, squares and
parkways, and in addition the federal
government maintains most extensive
botanical gardens.
The climate Is excellent It Is
never any warmer even In the center
of the city than the average summer
weather In New York or Chicago, and
In 15 minutes on the electric car the
heights overlooking the sea can be
reached where the residential dis
tricts are located and where the air
Is always cool and Invigorating. The
winters last from May to October and
an overcoat Is generally necessary.
Rlo's location, its beautiful bay, the
surrounding hills and mountains
clothed In eternal verdure, are Incom-
narable. It Is a. verv ennmnnnlltnn
lclty and her citizens have all tbe ele
gance, luxury and refinement of Paris,
Brussels or any European capital.
Everybody looks prosperous, and as
most, everybody is making money,
many are spending it fast. Rio Is one
of the most costly places In the world
to live, since everything eaten, worn
and used Is Imported. Chickens are
S3 and $4 apiece, turkeys $8 to $12,
butter $1 a pound. An ordinary quar
ter pound can of baking powder cost
$1.08 on bargain day.
Jap Students Send Taft Trees.
Seattle Wash. Three cherry trees,
gifts to President Taft from the Agri
cultural college of the Tokyo uni
versity, have arrived here on the
steamer Aawa,
George V. of England Perfects a
Range Which Is 8ald to
Save Coal.
- New York. King George of Eng
land has taken out a patent through
the German crown prince, his cousin,
for a coal saving range, according to
dispatches published by a scientific
Journal. His majesty Is said to have
perfected the device during the long
month of enforced idleness following
his father's death. The crown prince,
who some time ago patented a pair of
non-slipping sleeve links, proposed
that he take out a patent In Germany
for King George and bis offer was
promptly accepted.
The range has two ovens and is so
built that by pulling a lever the con
tents ot one side, including tbe fire
beneath, may be shifted across, thus
saving time anil coal. , -
Pigeons Stop Phone Service.
Terre Haute, Ind. Mysterious In
terruptlon in the telephone service in
the office of the Vandalia master
mechanic, which occurred only at
night time, was traced to roosting
pigeons In the attic. They roosted on
a wire and their weight caused it to
come near another wire which they
caught with their feet, thus establish
ing a short circuit
Stomach is Home of Soul
Kansas City (Mo.) Woman Advises
8un, Exercise and Baths as
Best Religion.
Kansas City, Mo. A new religion,
centering in the stomach Instead of
the soul, and having salvation ot this
life and not some future existence as
its aim, is being launched in Kansas
City by Mrs. Katheryn Boggs of To
peka. "All religions of the past," says Mrs.
Boggs, "have been bound with tra
ditions and unnecessary formality
and have made demands on human
credulity which were unreasonable.
Comfort, health, truth and peace,
where they have been present in the
religions ot the past, were accidental.
In my religion they are the objects."
Last Easter Mrs. Boggs opened Trin
ity Home In Topeka for the followers
of what she termB "Practical Chris
tianity." Whosoever wished to come
was welcome. To this home she ex
pects to return at some time In the
future, and admit all who desire to
live the new religion.
Some of the practices of this re
ligion are: Daily baths of sun, water
or clay she says there is nothing so
good for the body as pure air, sun
shine, water and soil. The religion Is
essentially one of tbe stomach. And
the rule and guide to conduct Is, "Be
Mrs. Boggs says all life centers
around the digestive appnrotus. The
first thing a little child uses is its
stomach. She says Its future depends
more on this organ than on anything
elso. By treating It right tbe child
ma develop into a good man, and by
treating it wrong it may develop Into
a criminal.
Irishman Was In Tight Place, but Not
Too Frightened to Ba Ready
With Retort.
To Illustrate the ever-ready wit of
tbe Irish tbe following story was told
at a banquet held recently:
An Irishman on bis way home st
night was in the bablt of cutting
through a cemetery in order to short
en the distance. A group of friends
evolved a scheme to have soma fun at
his expense. Accordingly they found
a sunken grave across which his path
lay, dug it out and covered It with
toards in such a manner that he must
fall Into the yawning cavity.
Tbe Irishman came along and
everything happened as per schedule
While he was still squirming about in
the bottom of the hole, striving to ex
trlcate himself, three or four of his
friends, attired in white sheets and
other ghostly accoutrements, sudden
ly made their appearance. Pat was
frightened out of his wits and almost
'ainted when one of them said:
"What are you doing in my grave?"
The tone was sepulchral. It made
tbe Irishman's hair stand almost on
end, but he could not forego a witty
"Faith, and what are you doing out
of It?" he asked.
!r. Picitt's I'lrasaiii Pellet regulate
nml invitcnr.tle utomnili, liver Hml ItnneU
rMi(inr-eKiird, tiny graDulcs. 1 .iy lo tuLe
u in ml) .
All of That.
"Who U Nat Goodwin?"
"He's the tenter on the All-America
marriage team."
- -
A remedy that ha I'm1 the lent of tlma
H worth trying, tmittelil 'lea lelievet liver,
Llilui j ami ktuiuacli troulilet.
. tl 11 it -J f
10 ft ! t
fl ,
I , !
! . ... , :i
! ,. t-
f i ;
' i p;i '
Boy Had Noticed Things.
The dear little olnce boy bad been
detected In a He. It was not one of
the ordinary prevarications of the
everyday world, and, moreover, to
make the crime more grievous, ho had
persisted In adhering to bis original
mendacious statement.
"Do you know, my lad," asked a
grizzled clerk, In a kindly fanhion,
"what becomes of young lads who
trifle with the truth?"
"Aye." was the assured, reply ; "the
boss often sends them out as travel
ers when they grow up!"
A man Is known by the company he
lieeps, and by the conversation he
hands out.
OU T KIMiM l ho orlr
Ilui i.Hlilm ...ni.imt mi. n4 l",,!!.!,
ulira' and hiulit'ii tKtK and fttk. altln
Without rul.lilnic, "Krellrh lS
HI A H ciiiuuiwi i m fur rlrmiliitf mid polish In
i i inl- of ru...'t .if tun h,ie. UK1. r'liilT" mi"
ll l K II ITU (in lll'il fiirm lih "'I
qui, l.l Irau and liiuua 4inj twiuilu
lt' HIHl'tK'.
IIAIt M-1TK mmMnivMrtii ffirgiMlmn w
I takt !rnh in having ih,-ir Jium-n )iHa Al. tuir
otii.ii uihI lunir n, all (iia.,-1 hi, l'iiUh vu a
Urnih or inih. Ml fn'i. III!" 'ta cow.
If vuur nna'rr i"-a not aprp tin a'H'1 Tm
triiil u lh urlcatn atnutM anil m Hill aautl yua a
tO-16 Albany St., Cambridge,
Lh ulidmt en ui i.nw( .unit" furl vrtra
Shoe 1'uiishrt ii lh H wriii.
W. N. V., MEMPHIS, NO. 13-1912.
Stella What Is the matter?
Cholly I wish you'd tell your fath
er he's gotta quit kloUn' me aroun'.
New York Sun.
Woman's Power
Over Man
Woman's moat !orioui endowment is the power
to awaken and hold the pure and booeat love of a
woithy man. When the lotee it and still loves on,
no one in the wide world can know the heart agony
he endures. The woman who suffers from weak
neat and derangement of her special womanly or
fiiniam iooo loaet the power to iway the heart of
a man. Her feneral health suffers and the totes
tier food look a, her attructiveoeit, her amiability
and her power and preatige at a woman. Dr. R. V. Pierre, of Buffalo, N.Y., with
the aaaistance of hit atari of able phyaiciana, hat prescribed lor and cured many
thouaandt of women. He hat devited a tucceaalul remedy for woman's ail
menu. It it known at Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It it potitiva
tpecifie for the weakneaaet and diaordert peculiar to women. It puri6ea, regu
late!, atrengthena and bealt. Medicine dealert tell it. No honest dealer will
advise you to accept a tubatitute in order to make a little larger profit.
Dr. Pit ret' $ PlBsat Pallets ngulmta aaaf MnaotAaa StomM.h, Lht aaar Bowwla.
1 m
Government's Employer's Liability
Law Does Not Apply to Mine
wasnmgton, u. c Although the
government has an employer's liabil
ity law which applies to certain parts
of the government service, the widow
and children of John Ferrell, who lost
his life while exploring the burning
mine at Cherry Valley, Pa., will get
nothing. Ferrell was a mine rescue
worker in the newly established fed
eral bureau of mines.
The widow of a laborer accidentally
kHled on the Panama canal gets a
year's pay. The same benefits apply
to employes of the reclamation serv
ice. Ferrell had personally saved at least
ten lives. At Brlceville, Tenn., in
the Cross Mountain mine disaster
he found and saved five miners. He
was a miner and mine foreman for 31
Ferrell's pay was fl.OOO a year. His
widow andchildren aro left without
means of support unless congress
passes a special act
In a Bad Way.
Stranger (in train) A man in your
business can't get borne very often, 1
Commercial Hornet 1 Bhould say
not. Why, sir, I get home so seldom
that I can't remember half the time
where I live. Have to telegraph to
the firm to send me my address!
Stranger You don't say so!
Commercial That's true. Why, one
time I was away so long that I forgot
I'd ever been married and I took
such a fancy to a pretty woman I met
in a strange town that I eloped with
Stranger My! My!
Commercial Yes, it would have
been a terrible thing; but when 1
called on the firm during my honey
moon and introduced her tbe old man
told me she was my wife before.
London Tit-Bits.
Critic and Cleaner Accused
Manager of Musical Show Charges
Collusion Writer May
Sue. V
Milwaukee. It wasn't that Marie
Dressler's chorus girls permitte'd
those well er those lacy bits of
nothingness that peep from beneath
their skirts to be eiposed In their
cavortlngs. !
ja(oThat wasn't what shocker) a
VlicvfUV" dramatic critic. But they
bore evidences of travel. In fact, it
was set forth that tbe dust of St
Iritis, where the play last was pro
duced, still clung to the tbe same
garments when the company tripped
out before the footlights in Milwau
kee. And that wasn't the worst of It. A
Milwaukee cleaner was Just as aggres
sive as the dramatic critic. He hur
ried around to the opera bouse and
told John Dalton, manager of the
-ebow, tbat he specialized in making
jlboss very garment white as the driv
en snow after they passed through
the ordeal of appearing on St Louis
"Well, you get no Job here," roared
the male end of the house of Dress
ier. "I think you are in league with
that critic and you don't get a penny
of this show's money."
And he didn't. The cleaner Is will
ing to give $500 to some worthy char
ity to prove his Innocence of the
charge of collusion, while the critic is
talking of the possibility of a damage
suit against the ungallant manager.
Foreigner, Ten Years Ago, Unable to
Read or Write, la Massachu
setts Lawyer.
Eoston. Ten years ago Moses H
Steuer could not read Or write." Today,
at the age of 56 years, he was admit
ted to the Massachusetts bar. Steuer
came to this country a little more
Duke Breaks Bank. '
Nice. Orand Duke Michael Mlchael
ovltch, ' playing at Monte Carlo, bet
the lmlt on and around the Number
22 and won. The bank was forced to
suspend for the evening.
than a decade ago. To earn a living
and support his family he traveled
from house to house selling small
wares. '
Then be became Involved in a law
suit In a local court Steuer success
fully argued his own case and recov
ered goods which a deputy sheriff bad
replevined. The court proceedings
gave him an Inspiration to study and
ne Degan to learn English. Working
by day and studying law at night.
Steuer laid the foundation Tor bis pro
fessional career, which started today.
Cat Is Philanthropic.
w insieu, louii. Mrs. Arthui L
Morehouse of Korthville is sure that
animals reason. She found a colonv
of rats and mice in an oat bin In ths
barn. She called ber cat "Deacon
weignmg is pounas. "Deacon," aftef
one look into the bi, started at full
speed down the road. In five mln
utes ne was uacn witn naif a dozeD
lean and hungry brother and sister
cats and all followed his lead straight
Into the bin. The barn is now tree
from rata.
Costly Necessities.
A woman who wants alimony says
her face powder costs her $400 a year,
We shudder to think what she muBt
epend for tooth paste.
Or hairpins.
Or shoestrings.
There Is one thing certain. The
husband with a wife like that should
deal directly with the factories and
cut out the middleman. .
Imnortnnf tc Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that It
Ttnnra IVi a
. f& . SASd-i-XL.
Bignature of LZ,Sv7syVj'J:jJ'
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Whenever some preternaturally
smart zlg tells us that he's got our
number we wonder where he got bis
adding machine!
There's room at the top because
somebody is always coming down.
Use Allen's Foot-Ease
The antiseptic powder to be shaken into
the shoes tor tired, lender, smarting, acu
ina. swollen feet. It makes your feet feel
easy and makes walking a Delight. Sol',
everywhere, 25c. F free trial package
address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y
"I can truthfully say Cuticura Rem
edies have cured me of four long
years of eczema. About four years
ago I noticed some little pimples
coming on my little finger, and not
giving it any attention, it soon became
worse and spread all over my hands.
If I would have them in water lor a
long time, they would burn like fire
and large cracks would come. I could
lay a pin in them. After using all
the salves I could think of. I went to
three different doctors, but all did
me no good. The only relief I got was
So after hearing so much about the
wonderful Cuticura Remedies, I pur
chased one complete set, and after
using them three days my hands were
much better. Today my hands are
entirely well, one set being all I used."
(Signed) Miss Etta Narber, R. F. D. 2,
Spring Lake, Mich., Spt. 26, 1910.
Although Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment are sold everywhere, a sample
of ach, with 32-pago book, will be
mailed free on application to Cuti
cura," Dept L, Boston-
Green I wouldn't marry a widow,
They are always looking after num
ber one.
Wise I differ with you. I think
they are usually looking after number
Instead of liquid antiseptics, tablets
and peroxide, for toilet and medicinal
uses, many people prefer Paxtine,
which is cheaper and better. At drug
gists, 25c a box or sent postpaid on re
ceipt of price by The Paxtou Toilet
Co., Boston, Mass.
The Result.-
Mrs. Howard Did you give Johnny
an unbreakable toy?
Mrs. Barker Yes, but the trouble
is that be has broken everything else
with it. Harper's Bazar .
Are You Sick?
For prompt relief, if you suffer from any of the troubles
so common to women, or if you are merely weak, and lack
life and energy, you are urged to take Cardui.the woman's tonic.
Cardui is a purely vegetable, tonic medicine for women,
and as its success of more than 50 years clearly shows, it
can, as a reliable remedy, be depended on, in time of need.
Airs. L E..Hibbs, of Mortim's Gap, Va., says: "I was
taken sick and confined to my bed, most of the time, for 10
months before I decided to
t i n i s
CC 77
The Woman's Tonic
I had ulcers and then a tumor.
The second doctor that treated tnn said my last chance
was an operation, and when the tl.'ird dotior was called in,
he told me it was doubtful that I would recover.
I wouldn't consent to an operation, and decided to give
Cardui a trial. When I ha6 taken two bottles,
I felt better. In two months, I could go
about and do light housework. .Now I feel
well and the tumor is gone.
I heartily recommend Cardui to suffering
women. I am sure it will cure."
Try a bottle today. Your druggist sells it
Political economy may be all right,
but political liberality counts for more
about election time.
Take I.AXAT1VB BBOMO Quinine Tablrtn.
Jratfrlftturefiind monr If It falla to cure. J. W,
UhuVKBainturalaoneachtKi. 2te.
Regret for the mistakes of our
youth doesn't always prevent us from
making them in our old age.
Circular :
Base Pucaa Co., Luniuwton, Mia.
A man is apt to get so rattled when
a leap year girl proposes to him that
she can make him believe be did It
Constipation can h cured without drugs.
Nature's own remedy is Garfield Tea.
It's difficult to discourage a girl who
can't sing.
Tnke the Ola Standard UHOVfcVH TAHTKLHSS
CHILL ToNlU. You know what yon are taking.
The formula le plainly printed on eyery bolUe,
ihowtoa- It la simply Quinine and Iron In a uuiuIa8
form, and the most eflectual form. Vol frown
people and children, 60 eenia.
Measure the depth of the water be
fore making your dive.
Yesterday we cheerfully chipped In
J.wo metallic men to help inter a friend
of ours who could "take a drink or let
it alone!"
Mrs. Wrnalow'a Soothing Byron for Children
teething, aoftcna the gums, reduce Inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, 3Be bout.
All Fresco.
"Why does that old maid use so
much paint on her face?"
"She's making up for lost time."
For constipation use a natural remedy.
Garfield Tea, is composed of carefully select
ed herbs only. At ail drugstores.
Even a wise man never gets over be
ing a fool to a certain extent.
The corn crop fooled lots of farmer
last year.
Many fields looked good but fell down
on the yield. This was owing to a lack
of available Potash, for Potash is primarily
a producer of grain.
Vour corn must have enough quickly available
Potash to produce well-rilled cars as well as stalks. -A
cora frtllUvr should contain! at loo't .VT Pe tanh
better IO' no mailer In what form the (rrlltiaer l
lined. Kalnlt, 76 lo lOO Iba. per acre, drilled t a with
tbe seed, will keep away cutworms and root Ilea.
If your dealer can't furnish brands rich enoueh hi Potash
and won't carry Potash Salts so you can supplement your
table manure or strengthen the brands be does carry, wrne
to us lor prices.
We will sell direct In sny amount from
AXHb. tin ir up. wrne lor ln-e book of
fertilizer lormulas and directions.
Continental Bids ., Baltimore
Monad nock Block, Chicago
Whitney Central Bank Buildinc. New Orleans
Reduce The Feed Dill-Improve The Animals
Horses and Mules do more work ; COWS ffl nre and better Milk and Butter;
Sheep and GoatS (trow better fleeces; Hens lay more TggtL, an all aa well as
Cattle and HogS take on more flesh and tat, and derelop more rapidly and keep in
better health and condition when fed on
Cottonseed Meal and Cottonseed Hulls
For Breeding or Nursing Stock, Mares, Cows, Bows or Ewes, it la especially
valuable. Much better tlian Hay, far cheaper than Corn.
Writ for free Booklet containing- much valuable Information to Feeders and Stock
Kaieetis to
Intaratato Cottonseed Cruahsra Association
808 Main Street, Dallas, Texas
Spml Offer to PiintQMG
This paper is printed from ink made in Savannah, Ga. by
the SOUTHERN OIL & INK CO., Savannah, Ga. Price 6 cents
per pound, F. O. B. Savannah. Your patronage solicited.
i "
) A life!!
If Your N flvtlerlRK ir wiili. sa "RtNOViNC." Made tot Van Vleet-MamfleM Dm. Co.. Memphis, Tean. Price tl.CO

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