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Circulation of
Times Added
Lawrence County
Little Ad. Talks
We have a letter from M.
R. D. OwingB, advertising
manager of the Internation
al Harvester Company of
America, placing an order
for advertising:, in which
he saya "We believe thor
oughly that the country
weekly is one of best medi
ums for reaching the farm
er.'' The question which
this hard headed, keen-vis
ioned man of business looks
most closely into, however,
is as to whether any paper
selected does reach the
farmer. By an investigation
of the circulation of The
Democrat, he has learned
from sources entirely uncon
nected with this office, that
it does reach the buying
farmers of Lawrence County
He does not select this paper
because its rates are lowest,
for they are not, but because
its circulation, in both quan
tity and quality, gives him
the best value for his money.
We invite your inspection of
our circulation. We guar
antee to reach the most
readers, at the lowest cost.
We ask you to investigate
and compare, for yourself.
The postal records, the ex
press record, the records of
the Westcii) Newspaper Un
ion from whom we get our
weekly shipment of papers,
ill all prove this. t Mr.
Lawrenceburg Merchant,
just use the satn good sense
in spending your advertising
appropriation that the In
ternational Harvester Co. of
America uses. This method
of doing business bas made
them rich. It won't hurt
you. If this great corpora- x
tiou had done business only X
with those whose politics o
suited it, and bought where X
it could buy cheapest, re- v
gardless of value, it never q
would have been a great X
corporation, See!
have an immense quantity
of Timber Land in Law
rence County, Tenn.,
to Let to Best
Offer by
MAY 10, 1912.
Address: J. M- YEAGER,
Dunn, Tennessee.
Book Contest,
On Friday evening at the home
of Mrs. T. 8. Springer,
the Ladies' Guild of the M. K.
Church South, will give a Book
Contest. An admission of 10 cts.
will be charged, and all who will
are requested to represent, in some
wav. the title ot a book. 'Jream
and oake will be served for 15 cts
Everybody is invited.
I have given up the uiagaz ne
agency and turned it over to Mrs
Geo. LaBeouf. I thank the people
for their liberal patronage aod
hope you will continue to give her
yonr orders
(2t) Mrs. J. S. Finley.
Don't Forget Your
So coine to our store and let us show you our
line of CLOTHING for
Not only you get a good fit but
Very Reasonable Prices
Our line of Shoes and Oxfords Com
plete for Men, Women & Children
So if you want to save money
see our line
A Trial Will
April 27
Opera House
Jess Pugh Company
A Very High Class Musical
Albert Smallwood is visiting
Mrs Will Kelley is visiting tela
lives in town.
John File, of Mt. IMeasant epent
8unday here.
Ed Bradley called to pay up one
dny lant week
Mr and Mrs Clarence Scott visit
ed here last week.
Mins Pansy Stamen spent Sun
day at Carpenters.
It T Bum pass, of Lnretto, has
onr thanks for a renewal.
Mr and Mr? .las P Gilmore have
returned from West Point.
Miss Lncile Wildes has returned
from a visit to West Point.
Mrs. Ed McNeal ami baby left
Saturday for Flint, Michigan.
J H Braden, of Mount Pleannnt,
spent Sunday with homefolks.
Dr D T Gould has returned from
a seeral days trip to Nashville,
Kev. v U uosteiio was ill on
st Sunday and could not fill his
Mrs Sain Johnson, of Columbia,
is visiting her Pinter Mrs Frank
iMrs Mary Ella Spence, returned
Friday from a visit to Nashville
Mrs J PGaitherand family have
moved to the Wollz honse on DeW
ar Street.
-4J F Webhand wile have return
ed from a visit to McMinnville,
Mrs II P Smiley entertained the J
Forty-two Club, Friday at the
home of Mrs N B Simms.
Mrs W N McMillion has return
ed from a visit to her sister. Mrs
Tennie Mitchell, at Praitton, Ala
April showers us with all
that is new in Summer millinery.
Miss Eula Mcadamb
f.Rev. I. N. Yokeley'a family of
Waverly, have joined him here
and are housekeeping on Nixon
-Judge Turner and Gen Frierson
returned to Columbia Friday,
They went to Pulaski and opened
Circuit Court there Monday.
Mrs. Will Reddick and four sons finder please leave at Lewis's store,
have moved here from Birming- in town, or at Taylor Bentley's
ham. They will be joined later by store at Crowson Mills.
Mr. Reddick and another son: The hatching season here now
Mrs Trego, the temperance leo- is the time to make use of that
turer who was here Beveral years setting ben. Get eggs of our
ago, and whom the people remem- thoroughbred S. C. White Orping
ber so favorbly, will lecture at the ions, and you will soon be the
M. E Church, South, Thursday proud possessor of a fine flock.
evening, at 7:30. Everybody is
invited. No admission will be
charged, but a collection will be
you will be pleased with our
on your Clothing and Shoes
before you buy.
Convince You-
Death's Harvest
PariHh Hayes, nge 20 years, died
on Sunday, of brain fever, r.t the
home of hi brother, Jim Will
Hayes, at Gaithervjlle, aud was
boned Ht the Nelson graveyard on
L. M. Pqttkk:
At his home 5 miles South of
town, L M I otter was stricken
with paralysis on the 19th and
died next day, Saturday. Funeral
werviees were held by Bro Jordon
and interment at Neleon grave
yaid. Mr Poller was the father
in-law of onr townsman J F Webb
livery night
At the "Princens"
Good motion piclores.
NOTICE Leave yonr orders for
the Nashville Banner with nie at
Burton's Drug more. Prompt
Delivery. W ill IIaevby
Hummer hats nnueiially attrac
tive. Oar new models depict the
tendency of the latest Parisian
Miss EoLa MoAdams
FOR BALE Six Octave Organ
P1'" Upright Piano, One Pianola.
J. L Noes,
Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Mrs. B M Walkingtou, of Wood
stock, III, is here for an extended
visit to M J Sims and family. She
will visit in Wayne County and
Iron city soon.
-m G Grimed was in to see us
Saturday to renew his subscription
also for F I) Atherton Flint Mich-
igan. Mr Grimes is one
m r:rim a nno .if h
Democrats very best patrons,
J A Smith, of pleasant Point,
brought to our office one day last
week a curiosity. It was a com
mon sized ben's egg but of such a
dark reddish brown as to be
aja,0Ht black
The highest compliment this pa
per has ever had, indeed the high
est compliment than can be paid
a newspaper, lies in the fact that
its news is reproduced in the
other county papers.
-fj. F. Webb authorizes the an
nouncement of his candidacy to
to succeed himself for Trustee of
Lawrence County, which was re-
ceived too late .or this issue, but
will appear in next week's paper.
LOST between the pumping
elation and the Gaitherville school
house, Thursday afternoon, April
4 a nickel-caaed watch. Will the
A. S. Crawford.
Lawrenceburg, Tenn
James Bass happened to a sad
accident one day last week. In
... i i. i .i
some way ue wun niH uroiners
had picked up some type at
the old Times office and were
playfully pitching it at each other,
a piece struck him in the eye
causing him to lose the sight en-
Our honor roll from April 13th
to 24th. v
T. P. Curtis, Loretto,
H, L. Richardson, Surnmertown
J. C. Bas, City,
E. L. Durham, Route 3,
C. T- McAnnally, Route 1,
B. Brown. Duun,
F. J. Schindler. Route 5.
S. W. Mabry Pleasant Point.
Mrs James Moore, Tacoma,
Q G Brown, Henry vide, lenn.
Robt. McNeal, Route I,
W M Brewer, Route 1,
S E Bowden, Route 1,
T II Helton. City,
F M Lincoln, City,
Mrs U M While, City,
Walker Barnett, City,
8 E Inman, Iron City,
Roea Lee Liles,
Marvin Crews, West Point,
Miss Helen Neely, Beaumont,
G W Foster, Napier,
Mrs J B Rippy, city,
J M Yerger, Dunn,
Mrs N A Corcoran, of Pratt
City. Ala,
Mass Meeting
To The Democrats of Lawrence
The Democrats of Lawrence
County are hereby called to meet
in Mass Convention at the Court
ITmiaa in T .a uirnrhliror it
i. h vr,.
... t . f 1
4 h. 1'J12. for the purpose of se-
Delegates to attend the
State Convention in NashvilleJ1
Tenn, on Mav the 15th 112
M- FORSYTIIE. Chairman.
J. W. FITE. Secretary.
Th After Easter Opening at
Mrs A W Bethell's Millinery apart
ments, was largely attended on
last Thursday afternoon and even
ing. Painty wafers and hotchooo
late were served.
Stohv Land;-
The entertainment entitled ' Sto
ry Land" given at the Opera House
on Tuesday evening of last week,
was one which deserves the highest
praise, of both children and man
ager, Mrs. P. E. . Hose. In verse,
in song and in costume ideas of
storyland were tieanlifnlly pnr
trayed and each little tot did their
part with such grace and ease that
the audience was quite captivated,
An occasion of much enjoyment
occurred at the home of R. W.
Lantz, near town, Thursday night
of last week, when a company of
fon loving young people went
there in a crowd for the purpose
of surprising the eldest son. Loyd,
it being his twentieth birthday.
It was truly a surprise. They all
'quietly entered the room, Loyd
being in an adjoining room was
unaware of their presence, until
the connecting ooor was tnrown
open ond the young folks greeted
him. The evening was spent in
pleasant conversation and numer.
ous comical and interesting games
Light refreshments were served at
a late hour. Mesdames kmma
Schindler and Lela Wilson assist-
r ra. o.io.ion in cv - I
.1 A I Vm Hietofta in aartrlnrv I nPTP 1
were twenty gnests present beside
nine or ten elderly persons and
children. Loyd received a unm-
ber of birthday cards and several
nna nrounta Th irnBuf s rlftnarf.
edata late hoar declaring they
themselves immens ely
and wishing him many happy re
turns of the day. A GtJEST.
Buy a Gasoline Engine
You Can Depend Upon
TWO engines may look
equally good, may even
work equally well tor a
time. In the end one proves
Satisfactory, the other becomes
a nuisance. Why?
. The satisfactory enrnne 19
one 'that is carefully built,
and thoroughly tested.
Thorough testing takes timo '
and costs money. It means
careful adjustment under trying
conditions. It is an expensive
process, but a necessary one if
the finished engine is to be
I H C Gasoline Engines
Are Thoroughly Tested!
No engine leaves the factory
until it has proved itself thor
oughly dependable. lhat is
reason enough for buying an
I H C engine. It is a good buy
because it is dependable it is
dependable because it is thor
ouehlv tested. If you want en
gine satisfaction for years to
come go to the local dealer and
buy an I II C gasoline engine.
It is the safe way and by far
the cheapest in the long run.
htafutioaU Ksrretltr Cmut Aaerica
(Incorporated) ....
I H C Sank Burau
Th mirDote ot this Bureau Is to turnUh,
free of charts f all, the best Information
any worthy questions cencarning soils, crops.
land drainace. imiaiion. lemuier. cit.,
M..k. wnnr inmilrltt anirihc and and them
to I H C Service Bureau. Harvester Buildmfc
Chlcaio, USA
II i ifcy mm
County News
Mm Margaret Cottrell and John Grif
fin have beta very nick tome time.
Elder Perry Ezell, of Minor Hill,
preached at Appleton Saturday night
and Sunday a week agj. Bro Eaell
U a fine preacher for a young man,
Rev J VY Btandfield, of Hardin Ouun
- wil1 PreVch ' t.4ifom,Dg L0ro" lbe
Fourth bunday in thit month .
Mr aod Mr Ueo W, Ooflman of this
place visited their sod, E O Coffinao of
your city the latter part ol last week.
"Phi'ander," of Appleton, paasfd
through here recently, enruute to
E der EOaiiTujn,ofLarenceburg,
will p reach at Appleton the first Bun
day n May
Misses Vera and Mary Phillip visit
ed Misses Boauie aud Lila Dendy bat
urday night.
Messrs W 0 Crowder, J C l'billii
and Philander purchtumd new snrrey
last week,
Mrssrs W V Green and J R Oallian
f ibis pUce have planted some corn,
J logs in thin community are still
Messrs Tom aud J. sue Hood of Brown
Crow Knada visited Lounie Ualliau Huu-
Mount Nebo
J Haivey peucer and family were
UBre uu ,"1
Henry Pullen came in from Terrell,
Txs, last week to see his father.
Howard, the small son of Mr and
Mn W 1 Brewer is seriously ill,
Mrs Mat Bryan, of Way lac d Hprings,
is visiting her sister, Mrs W U Brewer.
Henry T Lackey, of Japer, Ala . !
home on a week's visit.
J R Pullen has been in Lawrenceburg
on business.
Miss Mary Fpencer visited her aunt,
Mrs Nannie Lackey from Saturday
till I
8e?enH0f our member, from Way-
.nH Unrlnni V.M In af.AnHanAA ail
r..u0 vuuuauvo
church Sunday.
The new cemetery fence has been
oompleted and is one of the best in
Lawrence County. It is of a fine grade
of wire, and is well put up It is one
1 f.f?
IIZZ" La "L: T . .
credit on the abl6 committee who select
edit. The movement was begun last
summer, but recently the fund has been
doubled by collections sent through the
committee composed of D L Adkisson,
Tom Bpancer of Nebo, Arthur Willis of
Wayland Springs and J Harvey 8pencer
of Iron City. We wish to especially
inana ine people oi me last mentioned
places for their help. Come out and
see the results of yonr help
Ethridge Route 2.
Chatter Box
Duncan Bue spent Tuesday
with Bratrh McMahan.
Hnsea Heistand and Toanie EmerBon
were pleasant callers at the Gumming
borne lat Hunday.
Miss L zjie Bottom spent Bunday
afternoon with Miss Hazl Ooddard.
Joel McMahan of California who has
been isir1ig bis brother here has re
turm d to hi home.
MitB Ada Patterson ppent Tuesday
afternoon wtib Mrs McMahan.
Miss Lillle Patterson is with her
sister, Mrs Alvin Btaggs, uear Oarden's
Route Four
Our Sunday 8bool is progressing
nicely and good attendance.
Bro. Debel preached two Interesting
sermons Saturday night and Hunday
Hi mihiwt lininr. "I must work thfl
.nrk.nl Him that ,nt m whil It i.
day, for the night cometh when no man
can work." Bt John 4
Mrs James Martin who has been quite
sick is improving.
Miss Lucy LaCroix was the welcome
guest of Minses Kmma and Minnie
onaner eaiuraay nignt.
Mr anrl f rm Thnrntnn Pmai vlaitA)
homefolks recently.
ut wivvb ""'"vm
airs Maggie wunnmgnara is on me
aick list
t.- n..u ;f. t.sM
visited their mother Mrs Luna Hunday.
Arthur Smallwood was a welcome
the McClain home one day
last week.
Miss Gertrude Gobell spent Monday
with Mrs Moia McAfee .
Mn Ora Flippo and litUe ones were
the guest of her parents Mr and Mrs
M ehaSer Sunday,
Land Transfers
T J Mitchell and wife to A B BUesi
lot la lnd 30.
Jack Btaggs to R B Btaags 1 lot lu
land $5(1.
R B Htaggs to J T Fltrguall 78 acres
12 dlat SI6U.
Joo T Hell and wife to J B North
and wife loU 10 dUt 11100.
R N Jennings to 8 E Jennings 40
seres 8 diet 1200.
Susan A and J no F Jones to W O
Crowder Int In land $500.
Harah O Bur gem etala. to Geo W
Burgess 6 acre 3rd dist $50.
k M Oebman to Wm Oehman 83
10th dist $1500.
Harrison Blair to J 8 Lycan Deed lot
Alice Eecue and husband to J 8
Lycan lot In 10 ditt $2000.
Dr J H Pickard and wife to Mr.
Alice Crane acre 11 dit $100.
Ueo Kleiner and wie to W II Be lew
2 acre 2nd dist $10.
W P Hannah mnA mitm t Ml...
fringe Stave Co Oo 200 acre 14 diit
W H Gussom A Co. to Mr W A
Mabry lot 2nd diit $70f.
O H Heratun and wife to M A Moody
lot 15 dint $160.
O O Hpriuger to F D and Una Chap.
man 21 tores 15 dist $50.
J E Uther and wile to O W Orals
142 acres 14 dist $800 '
Frank Blair and wife to J no Blair
15 acres land 15 dist $1800.
Aii.Ir w J Zeitler et als. to R 8 Keck
ham lot 8 dU $775.
B Reguii et. als to Wm Garner lot
8 dist $675.
T O Anderson and wife to Mrs Ruhv
Lillycrop 1 acre 11 dist $100.
Mrs Cecil Hammonds of Appleton
pent Tuesdtjr night of last week with
Mr Jordon, while enroute to Naxhvllle
to buy her spring. goods.
Mrs Nelse bteroerage spent last
fhursday with Mrs Tom Brown.
Isom Wells and soa Roy were in
town Friday.
Alt Hmith was in town Saturday.
Rev George Hardy left Friday for
hie home near Athens, A labama, after
few weeks visit with friends and rela
tives here. '
Mrs Joe Lee Porter returned home
unday after a visit to relatives on Long
li vv Mitcnel and family and Mrs R
r u.. : j - -.... j,
..... J
Mr -D(i in jordon were in
shopping one day recently.
Mrs Rob Stewart and Mrs Elisabeth
Mitchel were r hopping in town Thurs
Nolan Brown was the auest of Frank
u.riJ!? "!!? ,
, i i , , . ,y raovea 10
Mrs Boon Brown visited her sister
Mrs Charlie Quinn Bnuday."
C W Davis went to Lawrenceburg
Grandmother Smith is on the sick
A J Smith went to Eaele 8undav.
Mr Bursas visited Georee Mitchell
Sunday evening.
Mrs iBom wens ana children were
the guests of her mother Mrs Crane
O Jones attended court at Law
renceburg Monday of last week. Mrs
Jones and children spent the day with
Mrs W F McClanahaD.
Tom Brown and son Boon attended
court Monday
Mr Btandzel, of Floreuc. Alabama.
was operator Monday during O N Jones'
John Lee Brown unfortunately cut
his foot with an axe about two weeks
ago from which he is suffering a great
Heft' ve'
O 8aterboker was in town Monday
on business. -
O W Davis and sons, Rim and Joe,
attended the singing at Leoma Hunday
evening week. They reported fine
Oacar Orowder and Jim Bendrix, of
Appleton. spent Friday night with A
The Sunday Bchool at Leoma is
progressing nicely. The little folks are
pleased with their teacher, Mrs Nipher.
Second Creek
The Irish Boy.
Eai lie Abercromblo met with an ac
cident recently that badly dit-ngurtd
his f aoe . While giving chase to
L0 he fe on hi. ... -nd mf.de
I ....
considerable wound above his left eye
but he is rapidly recovering.
Mrs B F Newton is cartiallv disabled
this week on account o! a sprained
i '
thumb. While working with her little
chicks, one day last week, she struck
her thumb against a box and has been
.nfferin with it a crest dal .ir,
i o o
I ... ...
...,. u... ' ,...j
I UAII.M r t ho llhniia" r.T nit
1 Two new houses are being construct-
H here lstely
Wyne McAnally and Miss Llwh
Abercrombie attended the singing at
econd Creek the fifth Hunday in March
April 27, Jess Pugh Company,
Musicians o! best tslentOoera
J I ,.
High School Notes.
Stribling Literary Society
The society will give the follow
ng program on next Friday
night, April 20. Everybody in
vited. I'iano 8olo Wilma Isom
Declamation Clarnece Paflord
Piano and Violin Duet
Sadie Looney and Richard Arnold
Locals Marie Gilbieth
Resolved, that Capital punishment
should be abolished.
Affirmative Negativo
Ernest Cofiman Brown tiitnma
Webb Gower Walter Davis
Verlie Reed Sallie FHpdo
Jewel Hurst Gertude Smallwood'
Reading Gertude Smallwood
Recitation Flora Garrett
Piano Duet Mable Finley and
Kathleen Lucy.
"A Daughter of the Desert'
will be presented by the aocietv
at the opera honse Friday night,
May Jrd.for the benefit of the
school library. It is a comedy
drama of the plains of Arizona in
four acts. It has been pronounced
by critics who have rend it that
it will be the best amateur tier-
formance ever pat before the
people of Lawrenceburg.
I he character of Ruth Arhng.
ton, as will be interpreted by Mins
fannie Hurst, will be lovable and
graceful, and the difficult role of
Pedro Silvera will be played with
profespional skill by Mr. Webb
Tickets for the perfromanoe
which through kindness of Dr.
burton will be on sale at ha store.
admission 25 and 35 cents.
Bald Heads
Not Wanted
Baldness is too Generally Con
sidered a Sign of Advanced
A bald-headed person does not
have an equal chance with one
blessed with a healthy head of
hair, because baldness is too gen
erally accepted as an indication of
Many large corporations
have established an age limit, and
refuse to take men over 35 years
of age as new employees.
Probably 65 per cent of bald
headed people may regain a good
head of healthy hair if they will
follow our advice and accept our
offer. We have a remedy that we
positively guarantee to grow hair
on any head, unless the roots of
the hair are entirely dead, their
follicles closed, and the scalp has
become; glazed and shiny. We
want people to try this remedy at
our risk, with the distinct under
standing that unless it does ex
actly what we claim it will, and
gives satisfaction in every respect,
we shall make no charge for ,
the remedy used during the trial.
We know exactly what we are
talking about, and with this offer
back of our statements no one
should scoS, doubt our word, or
hesitate to put our remedy " to an
actual test.
We want every one in Lawrence
burg who is suffering from any
scalp or hair trouble, dandruff, fall
ing hair, or baldness to try onr
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic. We want
them to use it regularly say until
three bottles have been used and
if it does not eradicate dandruff,
cleanse and refresh the scalp,
tighten the hair in its roots, and
grow new hair, we will retnrn
every cent paid us for the remedy
for the mere anking. There ia no
formality expected, and we exact
no obligation from the user what
ever ,
We are established right here in
Lawrenceburg, and make this offer
with a full understanding that our
business success entirely depend
upon the sort of treatment we ac
cord our customers, and we would
not dare make the above offer un
less we were positively certain
that we could substantiate it in
every particular. Remember yoa
can obtain Rexall Remedies in this
community only at our store ThF
Rexall Store. Burton's D r u
V 1

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