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JUU tlic Arch
rrrrr.-. . . -rr: . 7v....v. i
(.'on IuumI fruro jisge
taction 6; lie it further enactfctl,
That it at any time during aaid frrlod
of two yearn iald jury box thall bmima
no driileied that rtgular venire or
panel cannot be drawn then from, aaid
Board of OommUiouen b( all meet and
nii poly aaid jury liata and jury box with
a siillicient number of namea, a in the
firflt iiiHtanot, to meet the prob.tble de-
number of Jurors who, under exlatlog
laws, are aelected by the County Court
and the Judge of the Circuit Court or
the Dumber designated by order of the
Court at hereinafter provided to oonstl
tute the regnlar panel of grand and
petit juror for auch term of Court In
the event a name or uamea of a perann
or pewona known by the Coromisloncni
to have died or removed irnm the coun
ty or U be mentally disabled, shall be
A k
Rt thArc
I J I i . . a
mamlafor the remaiujr of aaid two arWI. "cn name or names shall be put
yeara, and tM they may continue to do Mlllnl lh nm or namea drawn
duting aaid tw year.4 a- often a it may ln ,U or lhei' led- Wbpn ,n thl
become neceary. Bit It la the Inten the required nnmt)er of names have
lion of tbU Act tha aid original lists ln drawn the allp or acrolla on which
and any addition thereto Khali be made lhe7 hve been ""'Hen shall be placed
only for tho period of two yea a nen ia wleJ envelope ud safely kept by
after making Bald original liata to be 1,18 Chairman of the Hoard, and by him
rn.rU t.ienniallv an nrnvidad In Sp.iI,i the open Court to the
5 of thia Act. Judge of the Court on the first day of
taction 7: Be It further enacted. ,he Ia the "me manner all
That if at any time during aaid period n,mM which bT ben drtw0 ui Put
of two yeara aaid jury box shall become Mlde " bo7e provided shall be kept
so depleted that the Circuit Judge cau- n(1 delivered in open Court. A report
not draw tberefrom any regular or iso be prepared by the Clerk of
ipecial panel, he may call aaid Board of lhe Bol,d ubatantially aa follows:
Com inlssioners together, who shall meet 10 lue Uouorable
and supply said jury box with a suffi. t'ourt of County (fill
cient number of namea a in lhe flint ln8 101,18 nme 01 lDe wun, wnen
instance, to meet the demnd for Circuit or Criminal and also the name
special panel; Provided, however, th.t t"e County), We, the Jury Commie-
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FifilKe Arch
of ths court, both civil and caimlnal.
From this panel, tbe grind anl petit
jurors shall be made up aa now providi d
by law, txaminiug each proposed juror
to aaertain whether he Is qualified Io
the event that, by some reason of tbe
disqualification of proposed jurors or
other came, the rtquired number of
junrs cannot be obtained from said
pauel, the clerk ot Circuit court shall
produce in open court tha jury box, aLd
said box aha I be opened aud there shall
in such instances the l iicnii Judge may s'oner of said County, respectfully re- j b i drawn (herefrom in the manner pro
vldr-d for ii trn original drawing, tx
cept that it bd dune in open court in
stead of the preaeuce of the Board the
number of names deemed by the judge
sufficient to complete the jurits. This
proceBi shall if necessary, be continued
until the grand and petit juror are
completed; Provided, it shall be the
duty of the judge ot etrch circuit court
to make a rule or order of oonrt tillered
on the minu.ee, designating how many
jurors shall be in attendance at each
term of his court, and the number of
additional or extra jurors who ahall be
in attendance to supply the places of
such jurors aa shall be disqualified io
particular cases, aud further directing
how many namea shall be drawn for
the board for each term, including such
number aa he may deem necessary to
insure a promt impaneling of the juries
(Continued next week )
draw all the names in toe jury box and P tne following as tbe ngular panel
select the remainder of Iba ra-el and Jurors, which have been drawn accor
1 .
additional panels necessary uutil iald ding t) law, for the term
Board r.f Commissioners shall have of aaid Cou rt viz: (filling
again supplied the liata and box in the blank before the word "term
twtion 8: Be it fur.li.-r n.t.,! and then copying tbe names drawn
i . .
That aaid Circuit Court Clerk aa Clerk from ,ne JurT 001 )
of said Board shall purcliwe, at the ex- 11 Rn7 nnmtm hve h"1 drawn nd
pense of the County, a suitable and Pllt s,,lde M abov8 provided, there shall
well bouml book in which he fha'1 re be adtd to the report substantially the
r.,r.I s&id iirv iit n.,1 following: "In audition to tbe above
Board'a Minutes keeping each list ther0 were lr,wn from the jurT bcl
separate from all o.hers, but arranging the following names ot persons known
the names alphabetical'y. Said names 10 lue Bo"J 10 have dled or amoved
shall be numbered cooa. cutively. beiriu from the County or become mentally
ning with one, and this consecutive disabled, viz; (here copying names)"
numberine shall continue through ll This shall be delivered to the clerk of
succeeding lists, Upon the back of said the Oircut court, and by him filed in
book shall be written or nrlnti hia office, and the date of such fil-
"Minute Book, Jury Commission, ing indoraed thereon.
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Thereafter and
County and Jury LIbU," Said portion at least five days before the next regular
of said book devoted to the lists shall or special term of such court tbe clerk
he so ruled as to have nwnA at ih if of the court shall is'ne to the sheriff a
hand side of each page for the names writ of venire facias, commanding him
and numbers, next to which shall be to summons the persons whose names
arranged Buch spaces aud columns as are set out in said reports as tte jurors
mav ha nececessarv for tho, nntria hara- for said term of Court, and It shall be
in provided for, or that may be necessary the duty of the sherill' to serve same
to complete record, gaid portion of as now provided. At auch regular or
said book devoted to the minutes ol special term of the court the Judge
said Board shall be ruled as regular thereof shall first compart the list con
minute books, Preceding each jury list tained ln the report filed with the clerk
shall be written these words. "Jury with the namea on the slips or scrolls
lint aelected by the Jury Commissioners delivered in open court by the chair
of County, to day of man of the board, and if they corrts
19 (filling in the name of pond, they shall constitute the panel of
the County and date)." After each grand and petit jurors for that term of
name upon the jury list, in a column
. ...i ... .. ID ftM I Inrinifviinri
ine lniuais oi ine commissioner propos- m. 1 1 W I v v I una
ing the name and the number of the
jurors civil district, but no name shall
be placed upon a list except by the
concurrence of at least two members of
said Board. At the end of each list
shall be written and Bigned by the Com
missioners the following: "We certifv
that the foregoing is the jury list select Poultry, CggS, leathers, rUI"8
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it the next meeting of tbe Circuit
Court said Clert shall exhibit said liata
and the miuutes of said Board to the
Judge of said Court, who shall main
taia the same secrecy in respect thereto
as is required of (aid Board and Clerk
and eaid lists and minutes shall be open
at all times to said Circuit , Judges
Section 9. E3 it further enacted
Ttiiit the names of said jurors, with
thtir number, shall be written on a slip
of paper, siid fierbeing,compared wiib
the original list, said slips shall be de
posited in a metal ' jury bcx, having a
SAt'd lock both of which shall be
broueht by said clerk of said Board at
it ihe ixpense of County, and said bcx
fhuli be Ht-cnrely locked and sealed, the
jury toir.mitiHioLern writing their names
acr wd the seal, and said seal nb ill not
be broken or said box unlocked t-xcept
by the CommiKsiouera or the (JiiCini
Judge or the Chancellor, and then only,
fir ihe purpose made regular and nec-es-ttry
by the termx of this Act; Provid
ed, ibat for good and fcullicieut cause
the Circuit Judge may (pen the same
in open court, traid jury book aud
enid jury box shall be kept in secret by
aid Clerk, undrr lock aud key, and
sh tll be inspected by no one exiepl an
herein provided; and then only for trie
purpose set out under this act. It shall
be ihe duty of the clerk of the Circuit
Court an Clerk of said Board, to record
said jury Ii.stn in said book and to write
the names and numbers on Ad slip.
For thexe service he shall be tuliileU to
receive two and a half ecu Is for each
nim written upon said lints and two
uii'i a half tfu.B fur each name written
upon the n ips j laced iu thejiiry box,
to be, paid by n.e County upon lhe cei
tilKcuie of iho tiircuit Judge that the
servitis hve beed rendered.
return 10: Ho it further enuc:ed,
Thhl no. !i-K8 ill aq ttu duTs nor more
than fifteen dajs before ch re'gu ar
or spec'al term of the Circuit Court said
i; aid xhall unlock the jury box and
brak the real thereof, and, after having
w-ll Blink en the same, cause to be
drawn therefrom, in the presence of
he Beard, by a child under ten years
of age, a number ofuamea equal to the
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