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"FledJ (o no )rtri rMtrr iWtv,' '
V nllow truth where'er ape leads lb wy.
. Terms of Subioriptlon.
allowing Itbertl terms axe eflferoi to Clubs
onnies for 6 00
copiei for
H 00
IS 00
- ,. Termi of Advertising-.
qutta one, yt , . . -..'j.,
ii ii ii , , , . '
10 00
in on
One column one yoer,, ,
Thre quarter of column OM rt, .
One half column one year,
.One quarter nf colum,n one year,
"Oneeoluuin slit months,
One hir column 1 month.
i ' thre monlhe,
Onesquare one Insertion, '
Kich Huhseaueiit Insertion. If lee than 8 months,
ft 00
eo no
e no
n no
an no
fi no
so no
go oo
t no
ttf Ten linos (or lone) constitute one square Wo erla.
lion Irom thie mle. . , .,'.. '.
I irsonal Communication nJ editorial notices charged
at double the above rates,
l-AU subscriber who do not give express notice to
the contrary are considered ae wishing to continue their
' a'KsuMcrlhers order the discontinuance of their pa
ear's, the publisher mav continue to send them until nr.
T3 "if uhurfhcrs neglect or refuse to take their nepers
from the post office to which they are sent, they are held
risponsibla until the Wits are settled, and tlielr paper
rdered to be discontinued.
gfijr Subscription's for a shorter time
than one year must bo paid in advance.
gglSingle copios sold at 10 cent.
8ent Free of Postage in Franklin County.
Agent; for the Home Journal.
S. M. PETTrNVxILL & CO.,.. ..New York.
JOHN P. HEFNER Winchester.
:EO. E. PURVIS MftMtnnvillc
T J. CU.MMIWS rulltthoma.
0B JUS ilo'JIfl, llO'.MT8. N. v., )
Dear J utrii'tl :
The l.wt tw-i 'f thme d-tys have
bff-j.i of gs'e.V. htwit ft ) I excite
ment to us. Before leaving the un
tropolh wo hail the pleasure of wit
nessing the joyful demontrti;m on
account of thv suceoss of th- At ftfi
tic cable nn 1 recp'io i of the en's
M-ssaJta to the President. Thurslay
morning the streets in .New Vorx were
j-.ot o!ilvi?i.W with people, hut from
evrrv house top ail.
id window .lags ot j
t!i - diitereiH n i iu:n m hkw.i
lloating. while, bandu of inusirians
made muic loud and long. Guns
mid cannon were also pealing forth
ihur thunder, and altogether ueh ex
citing times we never saw. A pro
cesdon of tho gardeners of the parks
and laboring men in general, mnrch-t-ddown
Broadway and worn three
hours in passing th? point at which
we stood as spectator. They made a
procession nine miles in length. At
night bonfire and lire works of every
kind illuminated the town and balloon
after balloon was sent up in the air.
It is estimated thai 250,000 people
were nssembbd round the City Hall to
witness the fire woikr.. Every one
seemed crazy with excitement. We
even f. It enthused ourself and -'went
in" with the crowd and "got squeezed"
yes, sirs, squeezed nearly to death.
All iha omnibuses, carriages, buggies,
barrouches, sulkies, water carts,
hacks, drays and other vehicles that
we ever saw, seemed to be there in
a in iss of co iglo nmaration. The
heavens were lurid with blazes from
the rockets and S Jch things fired up.
About twelve o'elock all went to bed
at least we did and in about an
hour more were called forth to witness
an illumination which was not in the
programme the evening previous.
The C.ty Hall was on fire and the cu
palo was entirely burned off. Dam
age, some $50,000. .
Lavinjr New York we came direct
to this placeRochester to find, or
rather to witness another fire, but a
larger one. The whole block of build
ings in front of the hotel in whicb we
now write was destroyed before the
fire could be put out. The morning
paper estimates the loss at $250,000.
Such is the price Rochester pay for
celebrating. . On'analysis, these cele
brations look very much like childish
affairs. ; Military and other organiza
tions are called out and duly paraded.
They march np one) street and then
roarchdown again,- Then they march
P another street and then they
'mwl op - another, and the- they
.. .v. : . ..C.l.n A.ki'l li a n rp
march up another. Then they march
backagftin to tho plaoo whence they
startftd. MoAn while n orowd o f mnn,
pick-pocltota, undjitlle fussy children
go along to add to the sceue. A hu(
liclency of timo being killed, they all
stop and somebody makes a spcfich
which nobody cart a to hear arid which
nvnrybody wishea wcro finished. Then
thuy through and scatter some
to go to bed," Pome to get drunk, some
to something rlsrt
Such arc usually the elements of cU
ty ewlobrationsnncl are generally at
tt'nded With serious consequences.
Among other incidents just before
we left New York was that of a young
man hhooting himself and sweetheart
becausH she wouldn't 'have liini.
Whitt the foolish fellow hoped to gaiu
by taking both of their lives we can't
divine. We, suspect he would have
m.ide a good Catholic, as he scorned
to Want the girl to think just as be
did. at the risk of her life. Three
other cases of suicide occurred, but
whether love was at the bottom of them
we do not know wouldn't be su r
prised though. When a man is des
perately n love he's mihf.y "oncar
tain," sure. Too many cases are oc
curring every day in our land of young
men and women destroying their lives ! ought else than love, or louH but love,
on account of love matters; and in j r fed but love, or act but love. Hut
nine cases out of ten one. of tho par- I those sweet bowers were never intcn
lies is guilty of the murder of l.!ie oth- ; dl for us. We may dream of them,
er. Avoutigm m will pretend to love : think of them or look at them, but
a girl will win her affections, and ; that is all. And we'll not draw a coin
after surfeiting on them, will deceive ; parison belw.-on these bowers and our
her hopes ttnd she in turn commits! printing 'l'be. ,l-r sl)ir't MliK!lt bc"
suieide. On the, other haul, a yonng ! come restless and we should attempt
man devotes bis attention to a nice ' to woo the ban 1 of some fu-ir maiden
voting lady. Slits airo irjrs him-- ' icsiding within the ple of sueh aur
Kives him every reaon to be.live that ! passing loveliness and failing in our
! i... i ....... 1.: ... ...... !., I i..lli. ,. l...i
nm i;v7? uiut n i.ii . mi tn v ... i
he djsires co'isiiinnite hi-t affect ions
by marrying. e casts him o!T or. to
iHf ii eo!!oq li'U term-'ki :ks" him
and hi for iw.nre. cuts his tliroat.
iumnsoil' the iril.,re or trcts drunk.
. ; .V....J -.n1 ,1 .n'r Wtw.n
t.liey If-i.-o.ue s io'.i I'oo's v worM can
' fT-rd to lose their co :; t:,us'.)ip.
In reir uvi t busin-.-ss we Ii ml!'.-
Know win; t ) s ty. as o :n ne , i. r
ple.ntifu! u( here.
I i N.-w York Min'if
there is in re a i i
of it. eaa lispttuse
.11 1 III"' II AM''!'- j
i'h at, a j'owl .
prolit. This Haaks are. fall a:vl peo
ple do ivt l.n nv win; or !iow to in
vest their intvyn. This is aolu illy so,
and we hop soon that so;ii s of their
wealth will find an outlet down South.
The late panic has had the. effect to
concentrate money at the large eitie
and to fill thecotfirs of t o banks.
Money can be borrowed at from 1 to
5 percent., easy. This we know to be
so. Hundreds of houses on Broad
way are advertised for rant. Almost
every dooi you pas has a sign--"!.o
let" stuck upri it. Businsi firms
that used to O'jsupy from four to six
floors now use but one or I wo. AH of
thisi.i the result oftlus panic, it shows
why sum och money lies usel-ss--, want
i!ic investment. 13'it busines is re.viv-
....1 m-.v ..iiifliliMitK- loo!; for I
in inn ..I ij i
quite an improvement soon. Crops
have generally turned out well and
everything seems cheering.
.... .. i
, Before closing we would like to talk! repremeu uimacsu a bu.s.c
r r t-in linrhpster. but it would ! son. His visits were ultimately sat-
" ""' T ' I
make our remarks entire too long
This morning w took a buggy ride
of several hours through Rochester
and its suberbs and were much de
lighted with the beautiful scenery
and fine works of nature that met our
m tjI . .! ..( noojiniV
View. Ine ueneaee imci iawn.g
,t,,t.l, heart of the town, has
three falls within the distance of two city where he could c.ire for her, prom
miles The highest cataract falls ; Wng not to d.vulge the proceedings
over a perpendicular precipice ninety- j to 1 er parents but to allot him t.
six feet high. The lofty banks below i call as usual. D. never meant to r.
are crowned on the one side with the 'new his calls, but a hasty summons
famous Genesee Flour Mills, while j from, his victim informing him that
the other remains in its natural wild was curtate again brought him,
-4 .n.i, .... This fall was '
the scene of the famed exploits of , city and become her destroyer .
Sam Patch, whose leap was n fatal D., had induced her to leave
one. Near the lowerfalls are the ruins i Mund a note stating that aha had
of the Suspension Bridge which determined upon leading a life of m
fell about a year after ita erection over - famy. that pursuit would be unava.l
a wild gorge in the river. On the ; ng-
Southern line of thn city is the cele- j "The parents smothered their mir
brated cemetry. ' Mt. Hope a place ! ery by giving out that their child had
Ar o-rftt loveliness. On the loftiest gone to the Far West, D. with un-
peak of tho ccraetry &n obaervatory
' ' 'Hi .
"- . I
is erected from which a view, is- ob-
taine.d - of the whole surrounding ',
country, its , farm houses and villas, j
and the distant lake Ontario, dotted
with sailing vessels.- Rochester itself
abounds with shaded avenues of great
beauty. We drove along most ot j
these avenues this morning and were
especially delighted with the many
large Nurseries that ornament the
way. Many hundred acres are devo
ted to the raising of fruit and orna
mented trees, shrubs, plants and. vines.
The green houses and ornamental
grounds attached are delightful to
look at, and we involuntarily wished,
as we passed them, that we were rich
and had a nice young lady living there
whom we might csjll our sweetheart,
aud we would take our evening ram
bleson those beautiful shell-paved and
flower-bordered walks, and perhaps
stary out to some of those vine-clad
bovrs and hide ourselves amid their
foliage and there, so blissfully alone,
with such enclianting scenery to pro
voke, our lips would vibrate to the
discourse of love's sweet lay and our
happy hearts beat in ardent unison i
thereto, hi a place of such bewilder
ing loveliness how could too young
and pure victims of cupid's dart 'think
' ritt.Mimi mi-i-ht iee( l.js v n.aV t.l SU-
... - . ... r. - ,
icide's farce. Hut speaking of love
: if report be trite, some hearts about.
i Winchester have been won and wed
1 since our depart un;, and without the
'assistance ol
bowers and
i ni-h. R.-a V Wft WOll I UliC tf lC at
" ....
we eonld not be a spectator.
Well, we'll close. This is perhaps
the last letter we shall wri'n before
our arrive! at lio.nc again, as weha.u:
leave here in the morning fur Niaga
ra an J thence homeward as fast as
the conveniences of travel will ud
m it. Editor.
Love, Desertion and Suicide.
An Albany paper of 10th has the
following: "Three or four jcars ago
a then well-known Albanian remov
ed with his family to Central New
York, and engaged himvlf to a mail
facturing firm as travelling agent.
The business ramifications or the house
compelled him to visit nearly every
county in the State, and being poss
essed of great conversational po-.v-nrs,
and much general infci tnaiion,
he rapidly won the friendship all the,
patrons of the houe. r.-pre.outed.
Among them was a Mr. R., a thrifty
i merchant, who invited him to his
"There he made the acquaintance
of Miss II., then a beauty of 18. She
became greatly attached to I)., who
i- if ...
. p
isfactory after an engagement of mar
riage had blinded the deluded girl.
Miss R., pleaded for a fulfillment of
bis promises. lie informed his vic
tim that a legal objection prevented
their marriage, that he had n wife
and children, and that the belt he
could do was for her to flee to
nd nc pursuaueu ner to come lo tins
. . , . rr II J .i I
plusningaaroniery,caaiea upon iurrq,
SEPTEMBER 2,, 1858v
a month after ho had stolen their child
ostensibly to pay his addresses to her.
For the past fifteon months Miss C,
hs resided here, , When tired of her,
!., introduced a ft iend for the purpose
of affording him a pretext to cast her
otT, but failing in this, the menu ol ii.
worked upon her jealousy. '"
"To this was added prolonged fib-
sciice, a withdrawal of communica
tion, and the withholding of monev,
the whole culminating on Tuesday in
an attempt on the part of the poor
girl to end a life that was loathsome,
to her. Procuring a large dose of
laudanum, she took it all, but the ef
fect was to make her serionsly, dan
gerously ill, Instead of killing, as she
desired, ,.
".Saturday niglit s Irani .West tooK
with it us passengers, a man about, paople , took it nt 4 to 5, and will un
forty, disguised with a wi ind heavy idouotcdly peddle. U off to thoso same
false whiskers, accompanied by an in
valid female. Wither they went we
know not, but may add, that their go
ing has placed us in possessiou of this
o'er true tale.'"
The United States again a Borrower.
Four times since the formation of tho
Confederacy have the United States come
into tho market to borrow money. First,
for the most legitimate of all possible
purposes, the conquest of Independence;
next, for a very necessary purpose, tho
war which secured .American vessels from
search by foreign Powers; next, for the
war whicb was waged with Mexico; and
now, Insily, for tho ordinary expenses of
the Government, which tho ordinary
sources of revenue aro inadequate to de
fray. There is at all events a satisfaction
in reflecting that the tax which is now
bein? imposed on the people of the Uni
ted States and their posterity, in the
guise of a now Government loan, is not
to be the means of gratifying any greody
hist for unnecessary territory, or any ig
norant prejudice against foreign nations.
No future demasretrue can complain that
ii. the venn 1817 and 1918 errors of
judsrcinont laid an unnecessary load on
iho backs of the American people. The
lo.m vra.'i imperatiely required.
Those who assail Mr. R'jchanau's
administration for the financial straits to
which it ban come, sacrifice honesty to
i.Vi nrmn. iba
They know if they know
any thins, that Mr. Buchanan is innocent
of die cause of the pecuniary embarrass
ments of the Government. There has
been no material increase in the cn.-u of
the Government since he bacame Presi
dent, Indeed', eonkiderini; tho constant
ly increasing cost of every commodity
which money can purchase, tho Govern
ment of the United States appears really
to be the most economical and parsimo
nious corporation in the country, for half
its servants are underpaid. If ihe Utah
expedition a very costly performance,
undoubtedly, but nevertheless unavoida
ble bo excepted, Mr. Buchanan's ad
ministration may be said lo have added
nothing to tho usual burderfs of the coun
try. Tho want of money which embar
rasses tho Government arises not from an
increased expenditure, but from a dimin
ished revenue a matter over which the
President has no more control than the
Queen of Great Britain.
It was undoubtedly a mistake in the
early financial chiefs of th Confp lorncy
to derive the whole substantial r-svenue
ofthecountry from customs dmios. Pro
tective fallacies probably underlay the"
blunder; there was a time, it must be
remembered, when ever the clearheaded
Southern Democrats thought well of pro
tective duties. But from whatever mint
the false coin sprang, of its,Jjaseness there
can now be no question. The United
States, which a couple of years ago were
buying in their promises to pay at twenty
per cent premium, are now in tho market
as a borrower; and this because, through
unwise action on the part of the banks
merchants, and corporate institutions of
various kinds, the people of the country
have been forced to curtail their consump
tion of foreigh commodities. Thus It ap
pears that whenever Smith of Ohio, or
Jones of Wisconsin, chooses to deny
himself French claret, and his wife Lyons
silks, or his children British pen knivos,
the Government of the country may be
brought to a dead lock for want of mon
ey. However, the nation is generally so
prosperous, and the eystem of government
in general so satisfactory, that even those
who eee most clearly the radical fallacy
of our present financial methods rebel but
very mildly against them. The sugges
tion that tho Government ought to meet
tho-present deficiency in the revenue by
ditect taxation wai eminently proper and
logical; but no one took it up, and it was
hardly considered worth discussion by
Congress. An idea. prevailed the next
year, at farthest, the revenues from cus
toms would reach their old standard, and
that the Government would begin again
to redeem its bills payabTe, 10 that no
burden would bo laid on posterity.
furthermore, people generally, being
used to form superficial judgments, pre
ferred a heavy tax which was indirect and
concealed, to a light one which they could
ee and feel in the exaction of the tax
gatherer. They would rather pay twenty,
five cent)! additional on tbt pooad of of-
lee lliHn contribute n dim in coin to re
lieve tho necofitics of tho Government.
Thue, even if every citlzn or landlord
could have paid hit proporiiou ofo diroct
tax in specie- in which ahape alono the
Government could receive it, no matter
how acarce coin might happen to he in
this or thai ronton innriv very loyci
cilizonn would have doddrfdly objected to He wai av'nlcndy e Span'mr.l or German,
pay it; and ao all, or nenrly all. havn ; twenty-five yuan of age. An inquoU
gladly acnuieired in e acherno which re- j w i.j ,y s (Ife jlHin;9t whlcb.'aftor
levnd them from proncnt exaction at the I fl n ,,! ,i f ,. ,
coat or future imlibtedne.. It i wro,.,.., . " fu!l ,nV s"8a"". ' following mul
aaid Jonathan, quietly musing over the . ve"lltl wa relumed; "Suieidt, If
evival of trade will mend all.
, Meanwhile it i pleiiHani to know thai
neither the revuUiou nor tho shivery
quarrel hae shaken tho credit of iho Con.
ledoracy. Thu loan was taken ot a pre
mium which makes it yield about 4i per
cent, interest to its holders. This is
nenrly. us wull as the Europcnn govaru
intuits run do: heller perhaps than any
cttU( mtitf itrpm
I St
Hritain. foreigners
ofrereJ a )remioni of 0 to 3; our own
foreigne r at o comfortable advance on
these' rale. And eur country friends
ouzht lo know that, but for the proupcct
that Mr. Cobb inrty to-morrow advertise
for other ten millions, the premium would
have boon 8 lo 10 instead of 4 to 5. This
does not look as though thoe very timid
pcopln the capitalists Ii8il any lively
faith in the schemes of tho Secessionists.
Harpers Weekly.
A schoolmaster, wishing hia pupils to
have a clear idea of faith, illustrated it
thus: "Here is an apple you see it, and
therefore know thiit it is there; but when
I place it under this tea-cup, you have
laith that it is thorn though you no longer
see it." Tho lads aeemod to understand
perfectly; and tho next timo iho master
asked ilium, "What is faith?" they an
swered with one accorJ, "An apple under
a tea-cup."
If you ha vo anything to do, go and do
it; don't stand about putting it off.
One hundred and fifty Yankees are
about visiting the Holy Land from Bos
ton. ye"Whv should guns be called hel
Because they huve on Ireechet.
In the choice of a lover a woman con-
n'tders more how be appears in the eyes of
other women than her own.
. fiijr The. total cost of the Atlantic
Telegraph Cable whs $1 ,258,250.
The first day of September has been
fixed upon for the grand National Atlan
tic Cable Celebration. , .,
Ho who feel9 his own deficiencies will
be a charitable man for his own sake.
Bicbes are tho baggage of virtue: they
ran not be spared nor left behind, but
ihoy iiinder the march.
' - 0
Maids, choosing man, remember this;
Yoa toke his nature wilh his name.
Ask, too, what bis religion is,
For voti will soon bo of the same.
'Why do you drive such a pitiful looking
caicnss as that? Why don't you put e
heavier coat of fhsh on him?" said a
traveler to an Irish car drivei. "A
heavier coatoffiesh! By tho powers, the
poor creature can hardly carry what lit
tle there is on him now!"
Do not visit counting rooms or
shops where you have no business
and when you go on business, leave as
soon as your business is doue, do not
gel in the way of others, nor sit and
Fifteen tnilions of dollars are sup
posed to bo spent annually by the
people of the Union for newspapers.
Do not stand about thn door of a
church, watching persons passing in
or out.
Never strive to bide your" poverty,
nor be ashamed to work. To work
is honorable. To be idle is a dis
grace. Never ask a person what his busi-
ness is, where hu is going to; where ,.e
came from; when he left; when he in
tends to go back; or the number of his
Never grumble at your purents,
O complain ugainst your brother or
Always take pride in doing your
work well
ar D Vi.'Ht, If yooaie by it.
A Bagacloua Verdict;
Some hoys tail week having noticed a
man lying on the mountain severar.fleyii,
ventured to tbo pot and found him deud,
e piato' at lm aide, and every thing indi
cating that he had taken bis own Ilfo.-
Avoid all kinds spirits particular,
ly rapping spirits.
Never gaze, at women or strangers
Never notice the clothing of per
sons at church. ,.
Never ask a publisher how many
subscribers he has.
Defend the innocent ur.d help tho
Never speak disparagingly of wo
men. Be f nconomical, but not pnrsicnon
Circulate no scandal, nor liston to
hive within your means, and nover
borrow money.
Get married, if you can, but look
before you leap.
Go to church at least once every
Miss Margaret Fox, well known M
one of the high priestesses of Spirit
ualism, having renounced that heresy,
has been received by baptism into the
Catholic Church.
Mrs. Stephens, the authoress, is ill
with consumption, Ilempden, Mass.
A New York rural paper pays rath
er a questionable compliment when it
says of the local editor of a contem
porary "Mr. Brown is a clear think
er, ready and vigorous writer, and a
first-rate fellow to boot.
A pretty woman pleases the eyes;
good woman pleases the heart. Ths on
is a jewel, the other a treasure.
We know one, then, who pleaaei bottt
ihe eye and the heart who it both a
jewel and a treasure.
To fan treason into full blaxe, al
ways fan with a petticoat.
The gentleman who kissed the lady
snowy brow, caught a severe cold, and
has been laid up ever since.
Love without money has been com
pared to a pair of shiny-leather boot
without soles.
Poetry is said to be a gift, but it very
often turns out to be a theft. '
Wanted a thin man who has been,
used to the business of collecting to
crawl through keyholes, and find debt
ors who are never at home. Salary
nothing tho first year, to be doubled
each vcar afterwards.
Has a finer thought ever been pen
ned than that Knowles puts into the
mouth of Virginius "1 hear a voice
so soft that nothing comes 'twixt it and
A lawyer in Batatia, New York, re
cently charged a man $782 for collecting
300. "
A correspondent from Northampton
Mass.. is responsible for the following:
"A subscriber io n Moral Reform pa-'
per called at our Post office the other'
day and inquired if the 'Friend of Vir-"
tue.' had come. 'No,' replied the post
master, 'there has hren no such per
son here for a lotig time.'
Young men who would prosper in .
love should woo gently. It is not fash ,
ionable for joung ladie to take ardent
It you sets r. wile carefully looting
her husband's stockings, you may con
clude that he will net Cad it difficult '
to foot W bill' i

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