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The Greeneville Daily. Sun, Tuesday April 2, 1918.
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are always Glad to
serve you. Our Stocks
are complete at Both Stores
Mr. Jas. H. Earnest was
from Chuckey today. "
STRAYED Small , Jersey
Finder please call No. 124.
Mr. J .A. Vines, of Johnson City, is
transacting business here today.
The splendid 7-room dwelling and
lot, and large garden of Mr. 0. S.
Bradford, on Maple avenue, is now
for -sale and at a bargain. See S. B.
LaRue & Co. "
Hon. Harry Swann, of Denton,
Tenn., was a recent visitor here.
The black scale will kill your mag
nolia if it is not treated. See W. L.
Friends of Mrs. Thos. D. Brabson
will be glad to learn of her continued
Messrs, Maurice Rose and Joe
Gooch, of Milligan College, spent
Monday in the city,
' Mr. Hu Webb, the big hearted junk
dealer from Johnson City, is transr
acting business here today.
,t Mrs. Bug Carter returned from
Tampa, Florida, Sunday, where she
has been spending the past three
months. ,
Hon. Stanley Barlow, referee in
Bankruptcy,' and Maj. Paul E. Devine,
of Johnson City, are here on legal
business today., -
and bunch October Beans for
sale. Calf on Mrs. W. M. Wool
- sey, at Mrs. Isaac 0. Harrell's.
" The beautiful spring styles of
Hart, Shaffer & Marx suits for young
men are now on display. Come in
and see them. W. A. Susong & Co.
Mr. W. D. Wright, the big hearted
merchant of Jearoldstown, is shaking
hands with Greeneville friends today.
He subscribed for the Daily Sun while
here. '
" Married, at the residence of Esq.
0. T. French, on Highland avenue,
Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, Mr.
John Kidwell to Miss Monie Dixon,
Esq. French officiating. The young
people reside only a short distance
from Greeneville.
Among those yesterday from
Greeneville, were Mrs. Krumley, Miss
Brumley, Miss Reaves and Messrs.
Fre-1 Armitage and J. H. Cooper.
Johneon City Staff.
BUY A BARGAIN Two - story
house, 7 convenient rooms, 2 large
halls, front and back porch, acre
of ground, fine garden, chicken lot,
paved street. See S. B. LaRue & Co.
For the third time our country is
coming to us asking for a loan to
prosecute the war and the money
must be forthcoming. We are in
this war and it will have to be fought
out. The government offers to bor
row our money, paying 'a reasonable
interest and paying back the princi
pal at some time in the future. It
will be a good and safe investment.
But the government must have ti-
money. If it can't get it in this way
it will have to get it by taxation and
never pay it back. ' Germany, a
country not so rich as ours, has rais
ed 50 billion dollars from loans be
sides great sums from taxation. Are
not Americans as patriotic as the
SOLD FOR $13,000.
On Friday of last week the Thomp
son farm near Limestone, was sold to
Dr. St. John, of Bristol, for the sum
of $13,000. This is one of the finest
farms in Washington county. It is
stated that Mr. Thompson will eive
possession to Mr. St. John about the
middle of April.
Friends of Sheriff Lola Remine, of
Washington county, will be glad to
learn that he received the nomination
again in last Saturday's primary elec
tion. . The
j . , ,i ...
sou ijiiy demonstrates tne high es
teem in which he i3 held in that city.
Lola has proved a caution to evil
doers and the better element of peo
ple are behind him in the enforce
ment of the law.
What do the poor-pay fellows do
with their money? They do not us
ually live any better than the other
contest was spirited lellows, they accumulate no property,
His large vote in John- and' nine times out of ten th mnn
who owes you, owes everyone else in
the community that would trust him.
It is always dangerous to take a risk
og a slow pay man for the habits of a
utetime will get the best of any
?ood intention that he may, for the
moment, have regarding you.
Carlyle Blackwell
Nature is generous, but she never
W. A. Susong & Co. are exclusive
local agents for, the famous Hart,
Shaffer & Marx clothes. Every young
man knows that when he gets a suit
made by these famous tailors he is
in style. The new spring styles are
now on display. ,
Esquires C. D. McNew, P. M. Boles,
W. M. Lyle, R.'N. McAdams, W. H.
Greenway and other magistrates from
different sections of the county have
our thanks for subscriptions to the
Daily Sun today.
These services at the Tabernacle on
last Sunday were attended by the
presence of the holy spirit A very
strong gospel sermon was preached
at 3 p. m., after which a testimony
was held, witnessing to the blessed
privilege of being saved and sancti
fied; willing to bear the reproach
with Jesus that we may obtain a bet
ter resurrection. "Ye are my witness
es, saith the Lord." ' ,
Mrs. R. P. Johnson died at her
home five miles west of .Greeneville frets to avenge her wrongs.
Monday afternoon, after a lingering
illness. She is survived by her hus
band and two small children. Funer
al services will tane place at Hardin's
Chapel Wednesday morning, inter
ment taking place in the cemetery at
the same place.
Dr. J. F. Lane expects to leave dur
ing the coming week for the base hos
pital, where he has entered the ser
vice of the medical department of the
government. While our citizens re
gret to see Dr. Lane leave he is re
ceiving the hearty congratulations of
his friends' for having tendered his
services to our government at this
most important period of the war. He
will go with the most earnest desire
of our citizens for his safe return.
If you receive a sample
copy of The Sun today it is
an invitation for you to
subscribe. Would like to
send it into every home in
Greeneville every after.
noon. It will cost you only
40c a month.
His Royal IIighess,
Wallace Reid
"Rimrock Jones"
A merchant can get along without
advertising and so can a wagon with
out greage but it goes hard.
Lucian McClain, son of Mark Mc
Clain, of Chuckey, was brought to the
local hospital this morning to have a
broken arm set, ' which he sustained
While playing ball. While in the act
of catching a ball he fell upon his
arm with the foregoing result. "
Mr. G. M. Smith, of Concord, is on
a visit to old friends and acquaintan
ces here this week. It will be remem
bered that Mr. Smith removed to
Knox county some five years ago, and
is now considered one of the most
prosperous farmers as well as highly
influential citizens of that section.
Messrs. Will and Ralph Lowry are
at home on a short furlogh from New
port News, Va. iThe young men are
looking well and seem to be enjoying
army life. They are in the aviation
branch of the service and are ' in
special training at Newport News,
having, been transferred there from
Houston, Texas, during the past week
An old bachelor says that marriage
is a synonym for trouble.
ii OR II
The proceeds of the Liberty Loan,
including the greater part of that
loaned to our Allies, are being spent
for American products the products
of our factories, our farms, our mines,
and other industries. In lending to
the United States the people of the
Unite States are lending to their bes-t
flnd largest customer and obtaining
the safest investment in the world.
Buy Libe'ty Bonds.
Messrs. Will end Ralph Lowry, who
have been intraining at Kelly Field,
San Antonio, Texas, are spending a
few days in the city with their par
ents and friends.'
That pretty spring line of Hart,
Schaffer & Marx clothing has just ar
rived at W. A, Susong and Co. They
invite you to call and see the beauti
ful styles.
Lots of good people would go
wrong if they did not fear punishment.
The soldier must pay in suffering
and death for liberty for you.
What will you pay?
.he soldier gives up all on earth
except honor to purchase liberty fori
yu and your country.
What will you give up?
. ur loved ones and your country
and al Ion earth that is worth living i
(- are at stake.
J at are you willing to do to save
The murderer and the outrager are
striking down your neighobr's family
and are starting for your loved ones.
The soldier rushes in and offers his
life to save them.
What are you willing to do to save I
On April" 6th the nation will ask for
an expression of your patriotism. On
that day it will want to know what
you are willing to do to stand behind
the soldier as he goes "over the top."
It will ask you on that, the first an
niversary of our entrance into war,
how many Liberty Bonds, the best se
curity on earth, you will buy. Do not
wait for a long drawn-out campaign,
but be ready on the opening day to
stand in line, if necessary, to enter
your subscription. , .
Go to a woman, thou man, con-
Eider her ways as a bargain hunter
snd save your money.
Somehow it doesn't
right when a spinster1
sound just
asks for a
Whatever may be our '
personal there should be made to keep them
THE DANGE or in the ordinary walks of
life, great emphasis has been placed upon
If you would show good taste in dressing,
this inpbrtant detail shoule receive your
most careful consideration.
SHOES before making your selection.
M. Snyder's Quality Shop
views in regard to moving our time
forward one hour, let us ever keep in
mind that this is war times, and the
good soldier, whether in the trenches
or at home, is the one who without
questioning, obeys the orders of his
officers. If it has been your cus
tom to arise at 6 a. m., continue to
do so, for whatever you may con
sider you have lost in so doing you
can readily see you gain at night. Let
us all pull together, pull hard and en
deavor in every way possible to speed
ily bring this horrible war to a close.
As it has not been mentioned be
fore, we would suggest that our cit
izens get the "clean up" spirit at
once. A stroll around the city, and
especially into some of the back al
leys and some of the back lots of the
city, conditions are miserable. The
city should be cleaned up thoroughly
before the hot summer days arrive.
Much' sickness can be avoided by hav
ing the city thoroughly renovated
NOW. -
As we have stated ' before, and
which is an old but surely a true say
ing, "first impressions are most last
ing," and certainly the first impres
sion a stranger gets of Greeneville
after alighting from our trains is any
thing else but good. The general ap
pearance of the surroundings , at
tie depot are deplorble. Parties who
own T:ast lot and property near
respectable. Appearances are bound
to be bad enough at best in that sec
tion of the city, so see to it that all
filth and rubbish is removed from the
vacant lots in that section of the city.
Remember, if you have only what
is called an ordinary home, that the
great deliverers of the world have all
come from such a home. And there
ing stand a child who R ial be potent
for the ages. Just unroll the scroll of
stand a child who shall be potent for
the ages. Just unroll the scroll of
men mighty in church and state, and
you will find they nearly all come
from log runs out in the third or
fourth generation You cannot find
in all history cabin or poor homes.
Genius almost an instance where the
fourth generation of extraordinary
people amount to anything. Colum
bus from a weaver's hut, Demosthe
nes from a cutler's cellar, Eloomfield
and Missionary Carey from a shoe
maker's bench, Arkwright from a bar
ber's shop and he whose name is high
over all in the earth and air and sky
from a manger." Let us all be con
tent with such things as we have. God
is just as good in what he keeps away
from us asfl what he gives us. Even
a knot may bo usef ul if it is at the
end of a thread. The epider draws
poison out of a flower; the bees get
honey out of a tnistle, but happiness
is a heavenly elixir and the contented
spirit extracts it not from the rho
dodendron of the hills, but from the
lilly of the TaHey.
If your Binder, Mower or Rake needs
Repairs, get your Repairs at once
they are the next thing to impossible'
to .get that's what your "Uncle
Sam" says. If you don't believe it, ask '
him. We will get these repairs for
You at once. We are the people to see.
Armitage Wholesale Gro. Co.
State Depository
Greene County Bank
Capital - $75,000.00
Deposits $500,000.00
Total Resources $650,000.00
We are prepared at all times to meet the reasonable
' requirements of our customers.
We pay 4 per cent interest on Time Certificates of
Deposit x
W. H. Armitage, Pres. W. A. Susong, Vice-Pres.
O. C. Armitage, Cash.
The Rosenblatt Co.
Of Greeneville, Tennessee
The Entire Stock And Business
1 r; OF THE '
Rosenblatt Piano Co.
Of Bristol, Tenn.
They are enlarging their Store Rooms and Ware
house, on Main Street, and when completed
they will have the most
Complete Music House In East Tennessee
' In the Clean Up and Removal Sale they are of fer.
ing some Rare Bargains a Pianos, Organs, Talking
Machines and All Kinds of Musical Merchandise. If
you have an idea of buying an Instrument now is the
time, ' , .
Sheet Music and Records will h
attention by this firm.
' f
) I
i I
i- )

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