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Volume 1 Number 24.
Greeneville, Tenn., Wednesday Afternoon, April 24, 1918.
Ten Cents A Week.
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German Attacks
e Progressing
LONDON, April 24. Strong and
most determined German attacks are
progressing on a nine mile front east
of Amiens, Haig Reported.
Three Million Men
On Fighting Line
Within the Year
WASHINGTON, April 24. Amer
ica can put three million men on the
fighting line in France within the year
if ships are gotten ready, according
to Adjutant General McCain's state
ment today before the House Mili
tary Committee.
Viscount Monoto
Has Resigned
WASHINGTON, April 24. The
resignation of Viscount, .Monoto,
Japanese Foreign Minister, has been
announced from the Japanese Embas
sy here. Monoto was the leading ad
vocate of Japanese intervention in
Siberia. Monoto is to be succeeded
by Baron Goto, present home minis
ter, v .
America Stirred
As News Comes
From France
WASHINGTON, April 24. The
nation today is Stirred as word comes
from England that some American
troops are now being added with the
ailles in one of the bitterest sectors
on the western front, coupled with
tidings as to the new British initiative
and daring in the U-boat base raids.
This news gave the country a fresh
sense of optimism. v
Plan to Limit
Pleasure Autos
Wasington, April 24. Leading
automobile manufacturers of the
country met today with officials of
the fuel administration and war in
dustries board, to agree upon a vol
untary curtailment of passenger auto
mobile manufacture which probably
will total seventy-five per cent after
July 10. There already i3 a thirty
per cent curtailment order in effect.
Soldier Suicides
At Camp Sevier
Greeneville, S. C, April 24. Leav
ing a note to his father that he was
tired of life and had, decided to end
' his troubles here on earth, Clarence
Yarborough, private, 117th Infantry,
secured ammunition for an army rifle
; and ended his own life at Camp Se
.vier. He went to the tent of a com
rade and there brought about that
tragic end by sending a bullet through
his brain, blowing the top of his head
off. It is understood that Yarborough
had been brooding for some time over
the death of a brother, who died in
camp some time ago.
Yarborough was 21 years of age
and lived at Lavvreneeburg, Tenn.
Resumed In
Sunday Liberty
Loan Day Over
Greene County
Big Drive Arranged For That
Day With Forty-One Ap
pointments for Speakers.
All the ministers in the county have
been asked to preach patriotic ser
mons on Sunday, April 29th, and a
union meeting has been planned in
Greeneville for that night, when Hon.
Hugh M. Tate, of Knoxville, will de
liver his masterful war speech and
award the Boys Scouts, who won the
honrs during the previous Liberty
Loan campaign their medals of merit.
The following list of appointments
is announced:
Cedar Grove W. H. Piper and C.
F. Parman.
Pleasant Hill W. R. Lowry and T.
D. Leming.
Sulphur Springs N. B. Tweed and
W. H. Kiser.
Flag Branch N. T. Howard and C.
R. Hurley.
St. James J. E. Biddle.
Fairview (4th dist.) H. H. Gou
chenour and Rev. John Anderson.
Warrensburg H. R. Brown."
Piney Grove C. W. Lowry and J.
T. McDonald.
Mohawk Judge Dana Harmon.
Pilot Knob School Dr. J. T. Smith
and Rev. M. L. Clemens.
Romeo E. A. Lancaster and Alvin
Gilbreaths J. N. Pierce.
Myers J. W. Howard and E. A.
Mt. Airy S. A. Susong and W. H.
Links' Geo. C. Taylor and R. E.
Baileyton Geo. W. Doughty and
W. H. Gass.
Woodlawn J. A. Susong and Jno.
T. Phillips.
Brookside T. S. Hull and W. R.
Tusculum Hon. L. H. Trim. -Afton
Rev. W. 0. Woodyard and
S. B. LaRue.
Fairview (14th dist.) Dr. T. B.
Clear Springs J. E. Hacker, W.
W. Bernard and G. C. Bird.
Roaring Springs C. G. Armitage
and Link Smith.
Pleasant Hill (17th dist.) 0. B,
Lovette and Jas. Rush.
Lovelace John McKee and R. W.
Cedar Creek "Dr. t. B. Ely and F.
A. Rosenblatt. "
Rehobeth W. H. Armitage and A.
H. Palmer.
Midway Geo. G. Lamons and H.
C. Reaves.
Sinking Springs C. W. Allen and
H. II. Thomas. "
Walkertown F. E. McCray and
E. W. Armitage.
Cross Anchor W. C. Waddell and
G. II. Smith.
Gethsemane J. M. Reaves and J.
F. Swingle.
Mosheim E. A. Hirschman and
Dr. J. D. Campbell. '
Albany Dr. C O. Gray and 0. C.
Mt Hebron A. C. Holt and J. B.
Hunt's Chapel I. B. Brown and
M. G. Price.
Rheatown Judge A. N. Shoun and
H. R. Snapp.
Herman C. G. Lovette and W. S.
Hardin's Chapel Col. C. A. Hall
ar,d Clarence Baxter.
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iesfern I
London, April 24. Strong and most determined German at
tacks are progressing on a nine mile front East of Amiens, Haig
reported. '
' j set engine of destruction that has
Folowing an intense artillery bombardment covering practi- ever been produced in artillery by the
cally the entire British front from South Ypres to South Somme, j great war wni moVe out of one of
Hindenburg today apparently resumed the west front offensive J the munition factories on the Dela
with a drive against Amiens. Haig, in his official report, said ware river tomorrow morning. This
that strong infantry attacks were reported progressing in the fa the statement of Samuel M. Vau
Albert sector between the Somme and Avre rivers.' Somme clain. In his official announcement
and Avre are slightly less than ten miles apart, the battle front he stated that America's super-gun
crosses them. The Somme flows directly westward through was now ready to exchange compli-
the city of Amiens, while the Avre flowing northward converg-
es with a larger river less than two miles east of that city. Be
tween these two rivers the Germans in their last drive progress
ed to within less than nine miles of Amiens. The resumption
of" the drive against this strategic point had been forecast by
the Allied military officials. At the same time Hindenburg is
thrusting westward from Albert, which is only about six miles
north of the Somme. Heavy
night were broken up by, rifle and machine gun fire, Haig re
ported. -
On the Flanders front the British commander reported
heavy hostile shelling between Givenchy and Robecq. The
front for more than eight miles along the southwestern edge
is a deep German salient. The enemy concentration of infantry
near Merville, in the center of Flanders wedge was broken up
by artillery fire.
Changes Soon In
Financing War
WASHINGTON, April 24. Revo
lutionary changes in the financing of
the world war are to occur soon. A
re-arrangement of Allied credits,
which will eliminate the handling of
loans by England to the allies have
been virtually agreed upon.
Mob Hangs Negro
And Burns Body
Lexington, Tenn., April 23. Berry
Noyes, negro, who shot and killed
Sheriff W. E. McBride near here last
Saturday, was hanged in the court
house yard today by a mob.
Late his body was dragged
through the streets to the scene of the
killing of the sheriff and burned at a
stake tonight.
Four Hundred
Young Men Wanted
The local exemption board has re
ceived a call from the government for
four hundred young men of draft age,
young men with some mechanical
knowledge and grammar school edu
cation, to attend training school at
Lexington, Ky., for three months.
Young men from class one to class
four can enlist. They must, however,
offer their services before April 30th.
If the carrier on your route djes
not deliver your paper promptly
everv afternoon, telephone this of
fice. We have both 'phones. It is
our Intention to give you good ser
vice, however, you must remember
the work is new to the little carrier
boys and we ask that you be just as
patient with them as possible. If you
should fail to get your paper it will
be merely an oversight and we want
you to report H irregularities.
attacks in this same sector last
American Girls
On Battle Front
American Army in Lorraine, April
24. Two American girls wearing gas
masks, served with the American sol
diers one mile and a quarter behind
the front lines during last Saturday's
terrific bombardment near Seiche
prey, it is learned.
Two Flyers
Burned to Death
Wichita Falls, Tex., April 24. Sec
ond Lieutenant Stephen R. Warner
and Cadet Edwin D. Cryer were burn
ed to death at Call Feld when their
airplane burst into flames fifty feet
in the air and fell.
Contracts Let
For Vessels
Washington, April 24. Contracts
for twenty-nine more vessels, aggre
gating more than two hundred and
i fifteen thousand tons, were let today
by the Emergency Fleet Corporation.
Casualty List
Announced Today
Washington, April 24.Forty-three
casualties are listed today by the war
department, shownig six killed in ac
tion, three dead of wounds, eleven
dead from disease, ten severely
wounded and thirteen slightly wound
ed. Conspirators Are
Found Guilty
San'Francisco, April 24. Twenty
nine men, charged with conspiring on
American soil to start a revolution
against British rule in India, were
found guilty in Federal court here to
day, after a trial lasting for five
ensive Wi
Greatest Engine
Of Destruction
Is Now Ready
Philadelphia, April 24. The great-
ments with Germany's coveted toy of
Declaration of War
Against Turkey
and Bui. Held Up
WASHINGTON, April 24. S"enat
or Ging, of Utah, will hold up the res
olution asking for a declaration of
war against Bulgaria and Turkey, it
was learned authoratively today. The
senator reached his decision follow
ing a conference with President Wil
son, who, it is understood, 'asked to
let the resolution die in the hands of
the committee. 'J iOTW. 1 4
German Triplane
Brought Down
PARIS, April 24. A German tri
plane was brought down and its crew
of three taken prisoner in last night's
German air raid, is officially an
nounced this afternoon. The raid
was frustrated.
German Losses
Total 4,456,961
Paris, April 24. Karl Bleistreu, a
German military writer, in the Neu
Europa, declares the German losses
on the west front, between August,
1914, and August, 1917, totaled, 2,-
604, ,961 in killed and prisoners.
On the east front, he said, the total
killed and prisoners were 1,484,550
German writers estimate the Ger
man losses between August, 1917,
and January 31, 1918, as 367,450
killed and taken prisoner on "both
Next Friday
For Big Drive
Friday has been designated as the
day for the big drive throughout the
United States in the Third Liberty
Loan campaign. There will be patri
otic parades and public meetings in
all the cities throughout the country.
The day has been set aside as one of
patriotism, and it is hoped to make
the day so successful that the full
amount of the Third Liberty Loan
will be raised or even over subscribed.
Public buildings, banks and public in
dustries will close Friday in order to
allow employees to- participate in the
big celebration. "
Highest Strategy
Facing Pershing
Is Killing Germans
By J. W. T. MASON.
United Pre War Expert.
New York, April 24. Every en
gagement between German and
American forces that resulst in no
more than an even dist'jution of cas
ualties is a defeat for Germany, be
cause of the already depleted con
dition of German Man power;
The casualty results,' alone, there-
fore, of the flight rit Seicheprey would
mean a German defeat, even if the
Germans had retained permanent pos
session of a sector of the American -front.
The highest strategy confronting
General Pershing is the strategy of
killing Germans. When von Hinden
burg orders his troops into the Ameri
can trenches to be killed, instead of
waiting on the defensive in their own
trenches, the Germans are playing
Gen. Pershing's own game for him.
Nervous activity of this kind by the
Germans is sure to. continue. Fre
quent assaults of the character of
Seicheprey adventure can be ex
pected during the period of final
trench training of the American fort
ces. Every one of them will mean a"
German slaughter, and this will be a
victory for America regardless of any
slight changes that result in the lines
of the battle line. wi
This spirit of restlessness la the
greatest fault of the German militar
ists and by its operation alone means
their ultimate undoing. The germans
are wholly incapable of letting well
enough alone. That is the reason
why they embarked on their sub
marine wafare and forced America
into the war; that is why they started
their present west front offensive
which is proving to be without ade
quate compensation for the terrible
slaughter of German man power:
that is why every major mistake 6f
the German military faction has been
A kind of Neurasthentic irresponsi
bility prevails at German headquar
ters. The higher commandis think
ing always in terms of the initiative.
This is a disastrous trart. It mean
von Hindenburg and the Hohenzol-
Ierns cannot restrain their mania for
killing ever more Germans as their
sole means of trying to win the war.
Each German assault, therefore, that
results in German deaths must be re
garded as a German contribution to
democracy's eventual triumph.
Wounded Fatally
He Shoots Cousin
Wilson Osborne Dead and
Flem Osborne; of North
Carolina, May Die.
Jefferson, N. C, April 24. Wilson
Osborne, of Jefferson county, is dead
and Flem Osborne, his cousin, is in a
critical condition as a result of a
quarrel between the two reported to
have taken place Monday on Little
Horse Creek, near this city.
Flem Osborne, it is reported, shot
Wilson Osborne through the heart
The latter, fatally wounded, rose to
his knees and leveled a revolver it
his cousin," who was just turning
au'3y shooting him in tfs back sad
then failing to the ground dead.

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