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The Greeneville Daily Sun, Saturday May 4, 1018.
Pufclisls4 Every Aftaraooa Except Sunday,
W. H. Lyon, 'Editor and Proprietor!
Entered at the postoffice at Greeneville, Tenn. as second
class matter. '!.-..
Unkind words can never die; but you can cripple them
for life by a 6incere apology.
What is the good of holding the key to the situation
if you cannot find the key hole? !
The Hunsh Bhould remember that the first apostles of
frightfulnass ran down a steep incline into the sea.
The Huns are in a frenzy to end the war before worst
comes to worst and the crown prince takes the throne,.
The big Chautauqua will be here the week of June 4th,
Tfcis should be made a rousing big week for Greeneville,
Think twice before you speak and the other talkers will
change the, topic of conversation before you -have
chance. ; -' ' '- ;
The increased call by the government for soldiers will
take many more of . Greene county's young men before
July 1st. " .' ' : '
Cut out that pleasure trip tomorrow and go to church,
You will if eel. better , by having done so when Gabriel
sounds his trumpet. I -, , . " ' '
This is the last day of, the Third Liberty Loan. Don't
allow it to be said for loyal old Greene county that she
failed to come up? ; . I '
It has been demonstrated that Greeneville can make a
daily newspaper go if she wants to but the question now
is, does she want to? ' , ,
To feel forcefully how inexorably the sands of life are
running away, we should set an hourgalss before us; it
should make us busier.
It dawns on masculine middle age that, if it is slim, it
can "dress young" and preserve an air of youthfulness,
but, if, it is fat, it is po use. JCeep slim.
Being the first war he ever saw, Secretary Baker learn
ed a great many practical things when he visited Europe;
and one was, hit the other fellow before he can hit you.
There is a man who never put off till tomorrow what
should be done today, since what should be done today is
impossible to do because what should have been done yes
. terday still remains undone.
Ho-hum !
A home newspaper filled with advertising from a neigh
boring town don't speak well for the community in which
Vhe newspaper is published,, so if Greeneville business men
want to prevent this they can do so by placing an occa
sional advertisment in the Daily Sun.
Brother, don't stop your paper just because you don't
agree with the editor. . The last cabbage you sent in didn't
agree with us either, but we didn't drop you from our sub
scription list on that account ; No, we simply said : "Make
us thankful for what we are about to receive" and after
we received it we were not able to say anything.
- The money wasted during the week at the carnival
would have purchased a , sufficient amount of Thrift
Stamps to have clothed and fed every soldierthat has been
sent from Greene .county for a period of six months. Peo
ple have not taken the situation quite serious enough yet
-V . -
It is going to hurt when they have been forced to do so.
If it wasn't for the patronage the Greeneville news
papers receive from good, substantial country folks, we
dare say the town would not even have a weekly news
paper. If the daily, paper is wade possible it is going
to be through the patronage of the country citizens at
least this is. the way, the matter looks at the present time.
It is apparent, from the report of the Liberty Loan
chairman for Greene county, that the communities which
are lagging in the Third Liberty Loan drive are those from
which but few young men have been called for the army.
A community that has sent the flower of her young man
hood to fight for her does not have, to ' be-persuaded or
coaxed to help take care of them.,-
The time has arrived when. all Slackers should be mark
ed. It is. not for us to say how much any man or, woman
6hould do to help the Government in; all its war activities,
but, any man or woman who persistently refuses to do
what we all know they can do, should be marked as an
ALIEN and so treated. If a merchant fails to show a
patriotic spirit, he or she should be boycotted. If a farm
er fails, refuse to purchase his products. Ostracise them,
and bring them, to a proper sense of their patriotic duty.
It is not right that our boys should be drafted into ser
vice and we refuse to volunteer our help. Some must die
for their country, but WE ALL MUST LIVE FOR OUR
COUNTRY. - . , .'.
Why not have a "Win the War" society in every dis
trict, for the purpose of disseminating information, and
for spotting slackers and bringing them to terms. Make
them, show their hands In Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Food
Cc-r-f-cn avion, L:! cry T;nJ-, Thrift Stamps, and all the
Cu.cr .;f f . . i. '
Germany's Failing Powers;
Having exhausted himself in a struggle against the line
that binds him in on the north, the enemy is now gathering
strength for another lunge, while his raiding parties are
testing out the lines here and there. In a scrimmage with
Americana near Grivesnes the enemy found the line not
only intact, but bristling with death. In the Noyon re
gion he ventured to feel of the French force, and his
foreline was cremated. As for the Ypres front, the spent
forces of Gen. von Arnim have no desire to taste British
steel again.
Yet the Germans must go forward and die. The fate
of the Hohenzollerns is involved. The god worshiped by
the Germans is in danger, hence the Germans must either
give up their lives or their god. Thus far they have clung
to their idol and squandered their lives,, and probably
thev will continue to do so until the crash comes. Hohen-
zollern is still able to throw German men by uncounted
thousands into the crematory of defeat. The day has gone
by when it was his policy to conserve the German popu
lation. His only hope of success is to rebuild the founda
tions of his throne upon a mixture of German blood
and bones, leaving to his successors the task of repoepl
ing the empire. His reasoning is the perfection of sim
plicity. "Either I or the pepole must die," says Hohen
zollern. "Let it be the people."
It was about a week after the beginning of the tremen
dous drive on March 21,. 1918,. that the inferiority of
German arms compared with the allied forces was con
clusively established in the test of battle. The climax
of the war power of the German empire was reached dur
ing that Week. The German western army was fresh
after months of recuperation; it was fully provisioned
and equipped; it was reinforced by the enormously strong
army from the Russian front; it was trained for many
weeks in the details of an attack that was to be pressed
with maniac frenzy, at all costs, at a point unknown .to
the allies,, and the emporor was in personal command,
attended by his chief advisors. The stroke was made.
It caught the allies partly by surprise, before they had
unified the supreme command. The attack was pressed
with a ferocity that was never surpassed by savages or
beasts in the desperation of their battle throes. And it
failed. It failed, and with it the German empire began
to decline. From the hour that this assault broke itself
upon the undaunted hearts of France and England, the
defeat of Hohenzollern and the downfall of his, dynasty
was entered upon the book of fate.
Premier Clemenceau is the best informed man in the
world concerning the allies and the task before them.
He' disposed of all his reserved doubts one week after
Hohenzollern's supreme effort . That effort having failed,
i. Clemenceau knew, that Germany would never agiun
have the power to draw together the elements of an at
tack of equal, power. ; The factors of the, situation now
favor the allies in their defense. They may not be able
to begin a defensive and win that is something . which
was too much for the Germans but they have, proved
that they can stand on the defensive and kill off Germans
at a rate that means the extinction of Germany if it is
kept up. The confidence of M. Clemenceau, therefore,
is knowledge.
Let the barbarian rage. The more he strikes at the allies
the better for the world, for he will be exhausted, and
demoralized that much sooner. But the. allies must nar
rowly watch this frantic foe while they are closing in
upon him. He will not stop at anything. , He will drag in
Holland, Spain, Scandanaviaj he will smash Italy; he will
redouble his air raids; he will run amuck with submarines.
Seeing defeat and death before him, Hohenzollern will go
dow nin blood and fire, dragging down everything within
reach. It, is thus that the imperial wretch will try to jus
tify himself with the boast that he fought to the last.
To the honor of the United States, humanity to the end
of time will celebrate the fact that the world's liberation
was accomplished largely through American effort His
tory can never overlook the glorious hour when the Stars
and Stripes appeared in battle in France. The Americans
of this day are fortunate in their generation to fie sharers
in the greatest achievement of mankind, the universal
establishment of self-government Washington Post
Greene County
Sailor Boy
The "peace feelers," that night-blooming cereus which
comes to flower, at the darkest hour of German reverses,
is again about to blossom. Following the. failure f the
Hun's drive. on the western front comes the report that
peace proposals are again-to be brought forth at the ih-
stigation of Germany. J
?, The report, comes from German sources, and there
fore is subject to the suspicion that it is a part of the mil
itary strategy employed by the kaiser, as on previous, oc
casions, to gain a breathing spell and make plans for, a
new campaign. In the allied countries no sincerity 'is
credited to it and the news will cause no slackening of
It is rumored that during the current month the Pope
will renew his peace suggestions and couple with them a
specific offer of mediation. The intimation is very strong
that he is moved to take this action by assurances from
the central powers that they will look with favor upon
the proposal. If such assurances have been vouchsafed,
it is but natural and consistent with the policy of the head
of the Catholic Church that he should take any step
which contains the possibility of a solution of the great
war problem.
But the conviction is fixed throughout the allied coun
tries that the time for reaching a peace by compromise has
passed and that there remains no solution except through
the decisive defeat of the central powers.
League Island Navy Yard,
Philadelphia, Pa., May !
The Greeneville Sun,
Greeneville, Tenn.
Dear Editor: ' ' f
It has been quite a while since we
have seen anything from the sailor
boys of Greene county,, so here we
come again.1
In our last letter were were at
Hampton Roads, Vs., but we went on
board the Illinois, and were , at sea
for six weeks. We saw some real life,
too, and at present we are at League
Island Navy Yard which we think is
the best place of all. t The people of
Philadephia are so nice to all of us
and every night . there is something
for us to go to; either a church par
ty, dance, theatre party or anything
to give us a good time and it is all
free to the lad who wears the uniform.
On Tuesday night we went to the
Keith Theatre and Liberty Bonds to
the amount of seventeen thousand,
eight hundred dollars . were sold,
while the night before the sales were
one hundred and thrity-nine thousand
Last night we spent a real nice
time here in camp. The girls and boys
spent, the evening dancing.
On Saturday, April 27th was the
great parade to boost the Liberty
Loan drive here. About forty thous
and sailors, soldiers and marines
marched through the streets of Phil
adelphia, while it was estimated that a
There are always two sides to every
question-r-our side, and the wrong
side, ..... , ...
half million thronged the main streetsi
to see it. We are seeing the best time
here of any place we have been yet,
for most everywhere else has been de
tention and here we get liberty every
night from 5:00 p. m. to 7:00 a. m.,
if we want it.
On Sunday people bring their cars
to the central Y. M. Ct A. and take
us to church and to their homes for
dinner, while the afternoon is spent
visiting some two or three sailors
being invited to each home to get ac
quainted, sing, play and have a good
time in general.
Almost every day there is a draft
going out from here; most of them to
foreign duty. It seems almost impos
sible for us to realize the enormity of
the resources of America and her
man-power. I have been reading some
accounts of what the Americans have
accomplished within the last year and
it is wonderful to think of the cities
that have been built "over there" for
military purposes the hospitals, one
of which I especially refer to, which
has accommodations for several thous
and patients; the railroad yards, and
the removing of any obstacles that
hinder the progress of our plans for
rendering vhe allies all the assistance
we can for a complete victory at last
It, is quite a common thing, to gee
the service flag in, the windows as we
pass along the streets. Some of them
with one star and some With fpur or
It's almost time for us to go on
duty and we send our best wishes to
the Sun and it's readers.
! Points & Pointers
Kissing a fashionable young lady
on the cheek is one way to remove
A man never has real trouble until
he has a son big enough to wear his
The trouble with a great many
young men is they do not like to work
between meals.
The youthful graduate is the only
person who knows exactly how the
world should be run successfully.
It is easy for a youth to paddle his
own canoe when his parents . buy the
canoe and paddle for him.
Some men would getalong better
if they had less point to their shoes
and more to their conversation.
Pity the poor young man who parts
his hair in the middle he has to do
it to prevent his mind from becoming
Most people believe in the total de
pravity of somebody else.
Every man is anxious to help his
neighbor when he don't need it.
When a man disputes with a fool,
the fool is doing the same thing.
Most people are like eggs too full
of themselves to hold anything else.
Advice, like castor oil, is easy to
give, but dreadful uneasy to take".
j 'i
Greerievilld, Tenn. r
Gives all the Late War News Received by Telegraph, All
the Latest General News;, All the Latest County News -'
and All Local Happenings in Greeneville.
When it is 4 o'clock over here it is almost midnight in
France, therefore the War News we give is the same you would
get in the morning papers the next day. "
, . I naddition to this, we give, you news daily of your home
town and county that no other, paper gets. We are working to
build up your home town and,, county, . Help, usnow, to give
Greeneville a good daily, newspaper pne that you will be proud
of. We know that we will have to run the papef -possifyly at
loss the first year, but we have faith in our people and believe
they will help us to build up a good daily newspaper. We have
been printing it now for about onev month and everyone seems
to be pleased with it. We will make it larger and better as our
subscription list grows. We will publish .all market .reports
daily. We guarantee you that we will give you the news of the
Town, County, State and Nation each day. We promise also
that nothing will appear in 6ur columns but that which may be
read by every member of the family, , ,
We are going to accept subscriptions to The Daily Sun until
May 15th at only -, , , ,
$2.00 A Year
No Subscription Accepted For Less Than One Year at This Rate.
AFTER MAY 15th, the-rate will be $3.00 A Year to every
one. We are making this special rate Now to get our list made
up. ;' ' . ; .7 ; , ";, 7
We will send the paper anywhere in the United States at
this price, . (This rate, howeyer, does not apply Jn thctown of
Greeneville, delivered by carrier.) , ,This is only 50c -more, than
all the weekly papers are costing you . it: ;i , iu (v. t jr
H ; Fill out the blank l?elow and,, mail it to us TO-DAY. If you
are not satisfied with The Daily Sun we willxefund the amount
to you .,' . ................ "'
in;.- - , .
' Send The Greeneville Daily Sun, published every af
ternoon except Sunday, for one year, to address below r
NAME... - 1 "
Postoffice ;
County State Rt No '
Find enclosed $2.00 in

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