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The Greeneville Daily Sun, Saturday June IS, 1918.
....ALL KINDS OF....
, Rental and Real Estate Agts.
Miss Thelma KUday went to Knox
ville todayj where she will spend Sun
day the guest of friends.
Don't fail to hear Hon. Sam R.
Sells deliver his war speech at the
court house Sunday night.
Mrs. Mary Gass has been confined
to her home with sickness the past
week, but is said to be improving.
Mr. George Brabson, ' of Johnson
City, is the guest of Greeneville rel
atives and friends for the week-end.
Supt. and Mrs. R. W. Mitchell re
turned today from a ten days' visit
to Washington City and other points
C1 T.(yMnn ft.... .T 1 1 1. ft 4
Stir. OOl CUI gCaO, UUl . vU Wl-
respondent from Liberty, Washington
county, is transacting business here
Dr. JYT. Smith will.be out of his
office the firct three days of next
week, attending the State meeting of
the Dental Association, which meets
in Nashville.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Leonard are
in receipt of a card announcing the
safe arrival over seas of their son,
Corporal Rex Leonard, of th 113th
Field Artillery, Battalion E.
Mr. F. E. McCay wiH leave' Mon
day for Nashville, where he goes to
attend the Knights of Pythias grand
lodge meetings. He goes as official
representative of Nolachuckey Lodge,
of this city. '
Congressman Sells wil bring a mes
sage to our people direct from Wash
ington regarding the war. Everyone
who can possibly do bo should hear
him. His talk will be strictly on the
war and where America stands in the
fightat the prestnt time.
The Milburn warehouse, near the
Southern passenger station, has been
leased by the American Tobacco Co.
the coming season, and will be used
as a packing and prizing room. Some
improvements are being made in the
building and the approaches thereto.
1 xc
For Those
June 24th
See that they are
supplied noth
ing too good for
. Buy Them At
FOR SALE StuJebaker automobile,
in good condition and with new tires.
If nterested call on F. R. Ingram, at
the Loudon Hosiery Mills, Greene
ville, Tenn.
The little carrier boys are expect
ed to collect from their subscribe. 8
every week. Dont get offended iJ
they appear too insistent. If you pre
fer, you can pay them by the month,
and in this way they will not wory
you so often.
You can get blank forms of all
kinds at the Sun office. Forms for
egg packers and shippers, blanks for
use in purchasing sugar, millers'
blanks, etc. We can send them to
you by mail upon receipt of the price
50c per hundred.
City authorities are laying a gran
olithic sidewalk from the Church
street railway crossing to the Loretta
street crossing. This is a strip of
walk that has been madly needed for
a long time. There are other walks
in this same section of the city that
need to be looked after also.
On Tuesday, June 18th, Greene
villeChapter No. 135, R. A. M., will
confer degrees on a most interesting
class, beginning at 3 p. m., Royal
Arch at 8 p. m., refreshments served.
You are cordially invited. Every
member expected to be present Com
mittee, R. Earl Snapp, J. B. Ely, Jno.
W. Walker.
SATURDAY-2-"With Neatness and
Dispatch,' with Bushman & Bayne.
MONDAY ''Vengeance and the Wo
man," No. 13.
TUESDAY "The Studio Girl," with
Constance Talmadge.
WEDNESDAY "Love Me," with
Dorothy Dalton.
Parties who purchased of Bird
Bros., in the fall of 1917, a fertilizer
branded as Half-and-Half Phosphate,
commonly known as 22 phosphate,
upon presentation to me of proof that
they did purchase it will have a re
bate of $2.56 per ton paid them.
These goods upon an analysis by the
State Chemist did not run 12 as
A. J. PATTERSON, Inspector.
Tennessee Boys
Are Among Killed
And Wounded
Washington, June 15. (By United
Press.) Eighty-one names were re
ported today by the war department
Casualty list Eight killed in action,
10 dead from wounds, 6 dead from
disease, 1 dead from accident. Ffty-
two were severely wounded, 4 were
wounded undetermined. Captain
Jewett Williams, of Athens, Ga., was
killed in action. Wm. 0. Brown, of
Crossville, Tenn., and Joe Robbins of
Hughett, Tenn., are among the se
verely wounded.
Sixty-three Marines In Catualty
Sixty-three marines, many of them
officers, were reported in the casualty
1st issued by the navy department to
day. Eight were killed in action, 55
were wounded severely. One cap
tain and three lieutenants were killed
and eleven lieutenants were severely
Burlie G. Maynatt, of Fountain
City, Tenn., is among the KVcrely
Church Notices
E. O. WOODYARD, Pastor.
Schedule of Sunday services:
Sunday School 9:15, morning.
Preaching 10:30, morning.
Epworth League, 7:20, evening.
Preachin 8:00, evening.
Mid-Week Service, Wed. evening,
8:00. y
J. B ELY, Pastor.
Sunday School - 9:15
Morning service, 10:30.
Pastor's theme, "The Approach of
Evening service, 8 :00.
Pastor's theme, "Kant, Cant and
A. H. Willoughby, Pastor.
You are invited to attend the ser
vices at C. P. Church, corner of Main
and Church streets.
Sunday School 9:15 o'clock, a. m.,
conducted by Geo. W. Doughty, Supt.
Childrens Service, "The Glory of
Childhood," at 10:30, a! m.
Evening Services at 8:00. Sub
ject, "Kind of Men Christ Makes."
The services in the Presbyterian
church begin tomorrow, with the Sab
bath School at 9:15 a. m. For one
hour the attention is centered in the
Word and the lesson is taught by
scholars. Ther is room in suitable
classes for all who will attend.
Congregational Worship witn sr
mon, at 10:30. Theme for the morn
congregation will be glad to Bee
ng, "Particularly Summoned." The
strangers and visitors.
Prayer Service Wednesday even
ing at 8 o'clock. This meeting be
longs to the people and the pastor,
only opens the subject The number
of attendants is growing and the pub
lic is cordially invited to the meeting
next Wednesday night
New Wheat Crop
Now On Way To
Famished Europe
Washington, June 15. The first
of America's billion bushel wheat
crop is already on its way toward
famished Europe, was learned today.
With the opening of the first wheat
in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, Food
Administrator Hoover announced that
America would cotinue to skimp on
wheat until the enmty granaries of
the Alies were filled.
WANTED Rags, Scrap non and
Castings; if you can't bring them
to us, corner Church street and
Southern Railway, watch for the
Jung Truck. THE AUSTIN CO.
Distributed & Guaranteed
Smith & Rosenblatt
Sehriff Remine
Makes Two Very
Important Arrests
Knoxville, Tenn., June 14. Offi
cers , from Greeneville left Friday
with two young men who were ar
rested here by Detectives ,Wm. E.
O'Conner and John R. Touton on
charges of larceny and housebreak
ng. It is charged that they broke
into a store at Limestone and rob
bed it of about twelve pairs of shoes
and other articles of clothing.
Shortly after receiving notice of
the robbery, Detectives O'Conner and
Touton were On the trail of the young
men and both were soon placed in
arrest, but, were not found together.
Over half of the clothing and shoes
has already been recovered, and the
remainder may be secured later.
It is believed by the officers that
one of the men is in the registration
age, and without having regstered.
This matter will be investigated by
the authorities at Greeneville.
The young men mentioned in the
above telegram from Knoxville are
members of Greene county falilies,
residing north of Limestone, and of
ficers have been on the lookout for
them for some time, and it was
through the industrous efforts of
Sheriff Remine that they were round
ed up in Knoxville Friday afternoon,
where they had their stolen goods
stored and were undertaking to dis
pose of it Both the boys admitted
their guilt, we are informed. One of
them is reported to have remarked
to the sheriff that they had been en
poying a rich harvest the past year.
No doubt many of the robberies that
have occurred throughout East Ten
ness during the past year can be laid
to these boys. Knoxville officers are
of the opinion that they had also been
operating in that city.
The prisoners were turned over to
the Washington county authorities
Friday night, as the goods they found
in their possession were those taken
from a store in the lower end of that
county. As a' result they will be
tried at the next session of circuit
court on this charge. There "will
doubtless be other charges made
against them n the meantime.
Another important, arrest which
has been made recently by Sheriff
Remine is that of the automobile thief
who stole the Dobson car from in
front of the Chautauqua tent during
the past week. This young man was
caught by the sheriff an dis now in
jail in ureeneville. His home was
near Caney Branch.
Capt. Campbell
Weds Miss Greiner
Chattanooga, June 14. Capt. Geo.
F. Campbell, of the Royal flying
corps, who is here to heliver a lecture
tonight on "The Soldier of the Sky"
was married at noon today at one of
the leading hotels to Miss Gertrude
Wilkins Grenier, of London. The
bride si a member of a prominent
and wealthy Welsh family. She is a
blond of .unusual attractiveness. She
met the famous author and "ace" five
years ago, and made the trip from
England to meet her hero, who filled
a schedule of five Flag day speeches
her today.
Except that they met in Paris five
years ago when Capt. Campbell, then
of the Highland light infantry return
ing from India for service in the war
against Germany and were married
here today, the romance of the Brit
ish hero is something of a mystery.
Both Captain and Mrs. Campbell were
reluctant to talk of themselves or in
cidents leading up to their American
LET U8 face the facts. The war situation is critical.
Unless the Allies fight as they never yet have
fought, defeat threatens. Hungry men cannot fight
at their best; nor hungry nations. France, England,
and Italy are going hungry unless we feed them.
Wlieat SavingsThey must have wheat. It is the
best food to fight on. It is the easiest to ship. We
alone can spare it to them. By saving just a little
less than a quarter of what we ate last year we can
, support those who are fighting our battles. And we
can do it without stinting ourselves. We have only
to substitute another food just as good.
The Corn of Plenty Corn is that food. There's a
surplus of it. Providence has been generous in the
hour of our need. It has given us corn in such bouniy
as was never known before. Tons of corn. Train
loads of corn. Five hundred million bushels over and
above our regular needs. All we have to do is to
learn to appreciate it. Was ever patriotic duty made
so easy? And so clear?
America's Own Food Corn ! It is the true American
food. The Indians, hardiest of races, lived on it.
Our forefathers adopted the diet and conquered a
continent For a great section of our country it
has blong een the staff of life. How well the South
fought on it, history tells. Now it can help America
win a world war.
Learn Something Corn! It isn't one food. It's a
dozen. It's a cereal. It's a vegetable.' It's a bread.
It's a dessert. It's nutritious ; more food value in it,
dollar for dollar, than meat or eggs or most other
vegetables. It's good to eat; how good you don't
know until you've had corn-bread properly cooked.
Best of all, it's plentiful and it's patriotic.
Corn's Infinite Variety How much do you know about
corn? About how good it is? About the many
delicious ways of cooking it? And what you miss
by not knowing more about it? Here are a few
of its uses:
There are at least fifty ways to use corn meal to
make good dishes for dinner, supper, lunch or break
fast. Here are some suggestions:
Corn-meal molasses cake.
Apple corn bread.
Fruit gems.
Boston brown bread.
Griddle cakes.
Corn-meal croquettes. Corn-meal fish balls.
Meat and corn-meal dumplings.
Italian polenta. Tamales.
The recipes are In Farmers' Bulletin 565, "Corn
Meal as a Food and Ways of Using It," free from the
Department of Agriculture.
Horn Proof, Here, There and Every
The undersized, having been duly
appointed Administrators of the es
tate of D. W. Seneker, deceased, late
of Mosheim. Greene County, Tennes
see, hereby notify all persons having
claims against said estate to bring
them to them, properly made out and
verified. All persons indebted to the
estate are requested to make payment
at once.
This June 10th, 1918.
18-3 4t.
When you see Doan's Kidney Pills
recommended in this paper you most
always find the recommender a
Greeneville resident. It's the same
everywhere in 3,800 towns in the
U. S.. Fifty thousand people pub
licly thank Doan's. What other kid
ney remedy can give this proof of
merit, honesty and truth? Home
testimony must be true or it could
not be published here. Read this
Greeneville recommendation. Then
insist on having Doan's. You will
know what you are getting:
Mrs. J. W. Kirk, 753 S. Main St.,
plaint and my back ached so I could
hardly do my housework. When I
says: "I suffered from kidney corn
was doing my washing, I couldn't
straighten my back and it ached so.
I thought it would break. My kid
neys didn't act right, either. A friend
advised me to use Doan's Kidney Pills
and I procured some at the Boyd
Drug Co. Doan's helped me from
the start and soon the backaches and
other symptoms of kidney trouble left
I feel like a different person."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
11 i 1
Tut itmt Doero Guaranties
Ob at bedtime and yea (eel
like a sew pertoa nest
Ask anyone who atea tkem.
If you have followed a business for
50 years and don't understand it,
would it not be good sense to quit it
and go at something that you can
learn? This is true of even plowing.
I have been in the Sewing Machine
business for 60 years, have sold and
repaired -almost all kinds. Surely I
ought to know a good machine, and I
DO . I can, and will sell you just as
good a Scwiner Machine as is made
for much less than you can buy such
a machine for anywhere else. Why
not save money? You haven't it to
throw away I don't suppose. Why
pay peddlers 20 to $30 for bringing
a machine to you, when you can save
that by coming after it, or having it
shipped to your nearest depot. This
is . no joke; come and see and
be convinced, or send for Illustrated
Price Lists. Shuttles and parts for
all machines.
All kinds, of Sewing Machines
Thoroughly Repaired. My 6hop is
now near Mohawk. Tenn. Any ma
chines sent to me to repair should be
sent to Mohawk, prepaid. Any ma
chines brougnt to me to repair should
be brought to me, near Mohawk, on
Knoxville wagon roaa.
My postoffice is Midway, Tenn., Rt.
1. JOHN M. McKE.
The First National Bank
Only National Bank in the County. We appreciate
your business. ONE DOLLAR will start an account
with us. We invite the accounts of young men. We
issue statements once each month. We put our
Cashier and President under heavy bonds in a Sure
ty Company for our customers' protection. We have
a Savings Department.

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