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Greeneville Daily Sun, Saturday Afternoon, July 27, 1918.
Don't Let Catarrh
Avoid Its Dangerous Stare.
There is a more serious stage of
Catarrh than the annoyance caused
by the stopped-up air passages, and
the hawking and spitting and other
distasteful features.
The real danger comes from the
tendency of the disease to continue
its course downward until the lungs
become affected, and then dreaded
consumption is on your path. Your
own experience has taught you that
the disease cannot be cured by
The Final Drive
In Greene County
The final drive for War Savings
Stamps in Greene county will be held
next Sunday afternoon at 2:30
- o'clock in all districts that have failed
to subscribe their quota. At that
time everyone who has not subscribed
or who has subscribed an inadequate
amount will be given an opportunity
to subscribe, suffciently to make their
district go over the top. Greene
county's quota must be finished by
the first day of August. There is
now pledged in the county $480,000,
or about eighty percent of Greene
county's quota. After August 1st,
all persons who are able to subscribe
and have not done so, and all those
who have sbscribe.an inadequate
amount, will be placed on the slacker
list, which list will be forwarded to
Mr. Preston, state director, and after
investigation by him and after he is
satisfied that they are genuine slack
ers, will be published in the local
county papers, and the papers will
be sent to every soldier who has gone
out of Greene county, either to the
camps in this country or to the fight
ing trenches in France. No injustice
will be done to any one, and no one
will be placed on the slacker list who
is unable to buy War Stamps. Every
one who has bought stamps or pledged
to buy to the limit of his or her
ability will be placed on the honor
roll of the government. The com
mittees will be careful to do no one
an injustice, but it is their duty, and
they cannot avoid it, to put every
one on the slacker list who has failed
or refused to do his part. They have
ho discretion in the matter,
Everybody is expected to attend
these meetings and help -put their
district over, even though they have
already subscribed all they are re
quired to do. Greene county must
not fail in this hour of the nation's
trial. Take notice of the meetings
and govern yourself accordingly.
, Lut of Appointment.
Poplar Springs School House.
SIXTH DISTRICT Willoughby's,
Reed's. -
Knob, Mt. Carmel.
Mt Pleasant.
ton, Romeo, Ottway.
Temple, Salem.
dar Lane, Lovelace.
Creek, Cedar Creek, Ricker's.
way, Sinking. Springs.
Wesley's Chapel, Locust Springs.
Chairman War Savings Com.
Sour Stomach.
This is a mild form of indigestion.
It js usually brought on by eating too
rapidly or two much, or of food not
Buited to your digestive organs. If
you will eat slowly, masticate your
food thoroughly, eat but little meat
and none at all for supper, you wiU
more than likely avoid the soar stom
ach without taking any medicine
whatever. When you have sour
stomach take one of Chamberlain's
Tablets to aid digestio
into Consumption
sprays, inhalers, atomizers, jellies
ana otner local applications.
. S. S. S. has proven a most satisfac
tory remedy for Catarrh because it
goes direct to its source, and re
moves the germs of the disease from
the blood. Get a bottle from your
druggist today, and begin the only
logical treatment that gives real re
sults. You can obtain special medical
advice without charge by writing to
Medical Director, 27 Swift Labora
tory," Atlanta, Ja,
W0d Rumors
In Washington
WASHINGTON, July 25. With
Americans, French and British forces
pressing the enemy hard on all sides
of the Aisne-Marne battlefront, the
air of Washington was electric last
night with a feeling of expectancy,
as of a great event impending. Ru
mors of a decisive victory ran all
through official circles like wildfire.
Untraceable reports were current
that the army of the German crown
prince had been , trapped and even
that the crown prince himself had
been captured.
Official reports gave no foundation
on which the feeling of suppressed
excitement could be based. ...,
"The latest dispatches,'? said Sec-,
retary Baker, "show continued ad
vances, in several places, by French,
British and American troops. They
are not extensive, but are import
ant and show that thebattle is con
tinuing with great vigor."
Earlier in the day a press dispatch
told of rumors in London that the
British west of Rheims had scored a
decided success and had ' advanced
toward Fismes, the German rail base
midway between Soissons and the
city of Rheims. Later reports con
firmed this to the extent of a stride
forward by British and French forces
on a 3-mile front just west of Rheims
throwing the enemy back a mile and
a half. Probably it was this which
started wild reports of a sweeping
victory. "''"
Still later on came news of de
cided gains by Franco-American
troops around Fere-en-Tardenois and
north of Dormans on the Marne It
was evident that the- southern and
southwestern angle of the German
position were yielding to' the pres
sure against them. News came also
of importaht advances along the
Ourcq front. '
Versatile Windmill.
A windmill in' Europe grinds grain
to flour for a baker and then mlxea
and kneads It into dough.
Productive Banana.
. The banana produces to the acre 4
times as much food as the potato and
130 times as much as wheat
Knew, She'd Bought One.
Wife I attended the mammoth Bale
oday. Hub Where are you going to
erp the darned thing?
Shipping the Burden,
"Flubdub's wife Is helping him to
write his novels now." "He always
was lazy. After he gets her trained,
I s'pose hell let her do it all."
Blames It en Teeth.
According to a Paris physician, pre
mature baldness Is due to some trouble
with the teeth.
Listen Well.
Listen well to the words of a few
men, and to the mea of few words.
0 0
FRIDAY "Brave and Bold," with
George Walsh.'
SATURDAY Extra Special, "My
Four Years in Germany."
MONDAY Eddie Polo in "The
Bull's Eye."
TUESDAY Norma Talmadge in
"Ghosts of Yesterday."
WEDKESDAY Sessue Hayakawa in
"Honor of His House."
Dr. and Mrs. G. W; Wheatley have
returned from Limestone, where they
have been spending several weeks
with their son, Mr.' Ed Wheatley.
Mr. Vick Anderson received advice
from France yesterday that his son,
Jack Anderson, had been wounded.
No particulars have been learned re
garding the nature of his wounds. We
understand that Jack was a teamster
and it is quite likely that his injuries
were accidental.
All Soldiers Of
Greene County
Should Register
The county court at its April ses
sion authorized the purchase of a
book for the registration of all sol
diers from Greene county. This hook
has been at the Regslter's office in
the courthouse for two months, and
we are informed that up to the pres
ent time only one soldier's name has
been entered. Parents who have sons
in; the service should see to it that
their names are registered in this
book at once.
Spbmarine Sinks
British Cruiser
LONDON, July 26. The British
armed , cruiser- Marmora was torpe
doed and sunk, by a German subma
rine Tuesday, ; according to an an
nouncement made by the British ad
miralty. Ten members of the crew
oi, th vessel are missing and it is
presumed they were killed. The ad
miralty also announces that a Brit
ish torpedo boat destroyer ran ashore
Wednesday and later sank. Thirteen
of her crew are missing and it is pre
sumed they were drowned.
c regret. to say that while it has
been impossible for me to canvass the
County in my behalf for Register,
owing1 to. the fact that I have no one
who 'understands the work in my ab
sence as many of you know, and of
course the office must be kept open.
The stamp act, relating to deeds and
other instruments demands dose at
tention, and I am held responsible
should anything go wrong. Yet I
have seen many voters and expect to
see more however, I ask the support
and influence of all those whom I
have not seen just the same, and as
sure you it 'will Be very much appre
ciated ttby itneL Of'1 'course many of
you know me and know how I have
conducted ' the" office and the ' inter
est I Hitve taftSH ih tHe work, giving
it my personal attention,1 'pointing
out any '"errors" Which sometimes ex
ist in acknowledgments to' deeds and
other th'struiWents; 1&forei! receiving
ame for record, giving the owners a
chance to have these errors correct
ad, as sometimes certain errors ren
der these instruments fatally defec
tive. Then seeing when spread of
tecord they read exactly as the origi
nal, and too, keeping the records
where they belong in this way, al
ways trying to avoid any question and
possibility of future litigation for all.
When !this Avar is over, the breatest
conflict1 the r world has ever known,
thefe'will probably be more searching
of records than usual, to find out who
under,, certain conditions is the right
ful owners of different property, from
.the fact that there will perhaps be
ome of our noble boys who may nev
fcr, return, which thought we all de
plore. Yet we all hope that it will be
possible for each one to get back
home, safe, who has gone, and are
now so gallantly fighting; and Jthe
same can be truthfully said of those
who are yet to go and help fight the
battles for maintenance of Liberty,
Peace, and., for their homes, and our
homes, and to protect the American
Flag, always keeping it floating in
the gentle breeze, the staff of which
is planted on the possessions of the
United States of America, in many
places, upon whose domains it is said
the sun never teases to shine.
In conclusion, I wish to say that I
im aware of the fact, that as an of
ficial I have gained the admiration of
many warm personal and influential
friends, regardless of politice, of
which I am justly proud, and that
when on Auust 1st you cast your
ballot, I ask each and all to give me
vour support. If elected, I promise
x give to all the same courteou
reatment in the future as in the past.
Having had the experience I have, not
!nly qualifies me to give as good ser
vice, but enables me in a great mea
sure to give perhaps better service,
which I promise if possible. Thank
ng one and all for past favors, I am.
Youi humble servant,
This July 17, 1918.
and Kadkal Authtr
y mm
To help strengthen her nerre and
put color into her check.
There can be
no beautiful
healthy, rosy,
cheeked wo
men without
iron. The trou
ble in the pait
hai been that
when women
needed iron
they generally
took ordinary
metallic iron,
which often
corroded t ha
stomach and
did more harm
than sood.
I alwaya insiM that my patients take only
organic iron-Nuxated Iron. This parti
cular form of iron is easily assimilated
docs not blacken nor injure the teeth nor
upset the stomach. It will increase the
strength and endurance,-of weak nervous,
irritable, careworn, haggard-looking wo
men in two weeks' time in many instances,
l have used it in my own practice with
most surprising result. Ferdinand
rung, m. ll
MNDFAcri)iEs'NoTi.-Nuxated Ir
vmmended above by Dr. '.
n oe obtained from an i
i our absolute guarantee i
noney retunded. It I
Jonesboro, Tenn.,
To the Republican Voter of the
First Senatorial District:
On account of the pressure of bus
iness and the short time intervening
between the date of my decision to
make the race for State Senator and
the day of the primarye election, I
shall not be able to see personally all
the voters of the five counties before
the primary.
Had I the time and opportunity, I
should be glad to see and talk to ev
ery Republican along the line of sane
legislation for the interest of the
I stand, as I have always stoood,
for the support of all measures that
Would insure justice and fair dealing
to the peoplt as a whole, and against
those that would be detrimental to
their welfare. If elected it would be
my purpose to determine, if possible,
the needs and interests of my constit
uents and to endeavor at all times to
uphold their legitimate demands.
I had the honor of representing the
First Floterial district in the legisla
ture twelve years ago, and my record
in that capacity is open. I am not
ashamed of it. I served as faithful
ly as I could, and if you feel, after
due consideration, that you can con
fide in me at this time, I will greatly
appreciate it.
F. M. MAY.
If you have followed a business foi
50 years and don't understand it,
would it not be good sense to quit it
and go at something that you can
learn? This is true of even plowing.
I have been in' the Sewing Machine
business for 50 years, have sold and
repaired almost all kinds. Surely 1
ought to know a good machine, and 1
DO . I can, and will sell you just as
good a Sewine Machine as is made
for much less than you can buy such
i machine for anywhere else. Why
not save money? You haven't it to
throw away I don't suppose. Why
pay peddlers $20 to $30 for bringing
a machine to you, when you can save
that by coming after it, or having it
shipped to your nearest depot. This
is no joke; come and see and
be convinced, or send for Illustrated
Price Lists. Shuttles and parts for
ill machines.
All kinds of Sewing Machine?
Thoroughly Repaired. My shop if
now near Mohawk, Tenn. Any ma
chines sent to me to repair should be
sent to Mohawk, prepaid. Any ma
chines brougnt to me to repair should
be brought to me, near Mohawk, on
Knoxville wagon road.
My postof fice Is Midway, Tenn., Itt
l-erdinX J
P yfised I
I iy a ti
1 V
"Germany Will Never
While We Have
Bundesrath Senator, in Cannibalistic Speech, Declares Eating:
of Prisoners Thoroughly Justifiable if Black Wolf
of Starvation Faces Empire.
Berne, Switzerland, (Delayed)'
July 9. In one of the most barbaric
speeches ever uttered in. the high
chambers of Bundesrath, Baron Wil
helm von dcr Keilhofer, of Bavaria,
with typical Teutonic cruelty, declar
ed it was useless for the enemy to
presuppose that Germany could be
starved out, because of the added
harvest their conquest of Russia en
tailed and the fact that the Father
land already holds 1,000,000 Ameri
can, French, British and Belgian
prisoners. He said in part:
"Survival of the fittest and self
preservation has always been the pre
dominent features of existence. Were
Germany to face the black wolf of
starvation, it would be our sheer and
bounden duty to our brave soldiers,
wives and children, to slaughter such
prisoners as God may have granted
us in the same manner as we would
any other swine, and thus releive the
hunger of our noble race. I might
take you back through the history of
the ages and show you how, when
forced to this point of extremity, all
nations have subsided on the carcas
ses of their prisoners.
"Fortunately, however, Germany
will never be forced to such an ex
tremity; for God, in his righteous an
ger, has smitten the enemy and given
Russia with her thousands upon
thousands of grain fields unto us in
our hour of need, and while our mili
tary jrenius has been turning out sci
entific monsters of destruction, our
wizards of chemistry have been de
veloping equally startling discoveries
of life conservation. .
"Today we possess a marvelous
product, which ranks as the greatest
single achievement in the annals of
modern chemistry one five-grain
tablet of which, when added to the
ordinary vegetarian meal, serves as a
full equavalent to a half-pound of the
best porterhouse steak or to one and
one half pounds of sausage. There
fore, Germany need never resort to
the necessity of the admittedly un
pleasant thought of eating her prison
ers, although it is well known that hu
man flesh is very tasty. Naturally,
Give your sons and cfaughters the best opportunity
to become valuable American Citizens.
President Wilson, Secretary Baker, Commissioner
of Education Claxton, and all in authority at Washing
ton, are urging American boys and girls to remain in
school as long as possible. This is absolutely neces
sary in order to keep up the supply of educated men
and women who are now needed.
Franee and England are urging the Uuited States
not to make the mistake they did in allowing their stu
dents to drop out of school before'they are really need
ed for service.
Send your children to TUSCULUM and give them
the training Uncle Sam asks them to receive. The ex
pense is small. i
Next Session Opens Sept. 3
Write at once for information and catalog to
DR. C. O. GRAY, President
Gkeeneville - Tennessbe.
Special Offer
Fill out Coupon below and
Subscription Blank
Send The Greeneville Daily Sun, published every af
ternoon except Sunday, for one year, to address below t
Post of fice , -
County State Rt. No
Find enclosed $2.00 in .
" .
Starve Not !
1,000,000 Prisoners!"
-Baron von der Keilhofer.
this formula is a military secret, and
great care will be taken to prevent
any of this product falling into the
enemy's hands, for fear they might
possibly be able to analyze it and then
reproduce it themselves."
Just what this alleged marvelous
product contains is of course still a
mystery to the scientists of this coun
try, although it is a well known fact
that many of the organic sulphates,
when taken in conjunction with other
food, will greatly increase the blood,
tissues and weight of the individual.
It has long been a recognized fact
that a purely organic, assimable and
digestible iron would greatly enhance
the general health of mankind, but
the only known chemical irons ruined
the. teeth, upset the digestion, and
were just about as absorbable in the
human anatomy as a ten-cent piece
would be. ij
The only known product i this
country similar to that described by
Baron von der Keilhofer is Acid Iron
Mineral, which, like the iron found
in beef, mutton, celery, and a few
other foodstuffs, is fully organic and
digestible. '
Acid Iron Mineral not only thins
the blood, but strengthens and invig
orates it. For those who suffer from
the effects of thickened, heavy blood,
coagulated and polluted with the
waste matter of the winter's accu
mulation, A-I-M stands without a
peer; for it not only thins and purifies
the blood, but carries the various im
purities out of the system naturally
and effectively. As a general spring
tonic and as a prompt relief for that
"tired feeling" and run down condi
tio nso prevalent at this season it
remains the only natural, nor-corros-ive,
fully assimilable and digestible
iron known to medical science.
Therefore, reject all spurious imi
tations, which profit-seeking drug
gists try to thrust upon you, and de
mand the original Acid Iron Mine
ral. '
Acid Iron Mineral is on sale by all
progressive druggists in the United
Statse, Canada and Great Britain.
The Central Drug Co., wholesale dis
tributors for Greeneville and vicinity.
Until Aug. 1 .
mail it today.

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