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Somewhere in France,
F Nov. 13th, 1818.
Dear Papa: , ;' .
Will try and wrile you a few lines
as I have, a little time just now.
Well, I don't know, but the way
things are looking the war will be
over before a great while, don't you
think so? WelL I hope so, for six
teen months over here is enough for
me in this country. 'I am anxious
to get back in the old U. S. A. where
you can talk to people in your own
ed to work for you by the name of
Cannon. Well, I saw him over here
and he is helping build railroads.
Yesterday two German soldiers
rama ttvp.r thrnncrh thn linoa with
" " " " - H'lVKJ 1 1
some beer and traded it to the cooks
for something to eat What do you
think of that?
What has become of Pearl and
Jud? 'I haven't heard from them for
a long time, and I have forgotten
their address. Tell them when they
write to me to send me their address
nnj T J .....It i.A AT
win ui oiiu nine iu uieui suuu.
Give everybody my best regards.
Tell mother to drop me a line in
your next letter, and tell her to take
good care of herself. Tell her that
I pray every night that I may be
brought safely back home to her.
God is taking care of me and watch
ing over me every day.
Tell Roy and the rest of the boys
to take good care of themselves.
Good-bye, good luck and God bless
-you all.
' ,' France, Nov. 16th,''18.
Dear Mother:
. I received your letter today and
was very glad to get it. '
You keep , Sam's pocketbook at
'home for me. I don't guess I would
get it over here for I don't get half
pf my letters. I wrote grandmother
and Swanie Laughters the other day.
I guess you will get my allotment
this month for they said you would
get it. .
Don't worry about me for the war is
about over, and I hope to be back be
fore very long. I am saving my
money and hope to have a little when
I get back. I don't know where to
have Borne pictures .made. I will try
and write vou two nr thr Wfr
a week. I had a fetter from Willis
Anderson and he said he had a letter
from you. '
France, Nov. 15, 1918.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. English,
Greeneville, Tenn. ...
Dear. People:
Just a few lines to let you know
I am all 0. K. I got gassed a little
about 30 days ago and lost my voice
for a few days, but am getting along
all right. Hope you are all 0. K.
We are up near the old original
German boundary linepwcare within
a few miles of Belgium and crossed
the Meuse river several days ago. We
are in a nice town here. When we
captured this town we freed 550
French prisoners that the Boche had
held in captivity for four yearsfand
you can imagine how glad they were
to see us. I think we are. going o
get to come home before many Hays.
Hope so anyway. . I would like to eat
Christmas dinner at home. Don't
know how it will ke.
There are several nice towns
around in this vicinity. The Boche
didn't have time, to blow them us as
we put them over-the road so fast.
Guess most of them are in Berlin by
So I will close, wishing you all a
merry Christmas and a happy New
Best wishes to all.
Your friend,
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the First National Bank
of Greeneville, Tenn., will be held at
its banking house in Greeneville,
Tenn., on Tuesday, January 14, at
1 o'clock p. in., for the purpose of
electing directors for the ensuing
year and for the transaction of any
other business that may legally come
before it.
THOS. D. BRABSQN, Cashier.
Holiday Candle , Shades
Clarence Walker to
Lf IT fka r5
When Christmas comes all the can
dles deserve to be dressed up with
new shades, and everyone is happy
when these are among the gifts thai
the morning discloses. This year'
shades are mostly made of parchment,
painted with conventional flowers In
bright colors. Whoever can handle oil
colors and a brush is sure of pleasing
friends. . ...
I wish you would let me know the
amount of money I have in the bank
and in liberty bonds, as I am anxious
to know how much I have saved up
I am well and having a very good
time so I don't Want you to worry
about me any. I sent Sam some post
cards and pictures of the town I was
in. I have been down in Southern
France on a seven days' trip and so
did not get your letters until I re
turned, then I got nihe at once, and
I have answered all of them.
'Will have to close for this time.
K Your son,
rsr , , , , stf
. . '
Here is the best place to supply
your wants for Christmas.
Notice this list:
Nut Meats Breakfast Bacon
Olive Zest Tuna Fish
Mince Meat
Raisins Dried Beef
Grapes Oysters
Pickles Candies of Every kind
Sauce v Plu mPudding
Olives L FruitCakes
Dates Grape Fruit
pigs Tangerines v
Kern's Cakes Cocoanuts
Cheese, several kinds Cranberries
"Seal Brand" Coffee Oranges
Nuts, every kind Lettuce
Christmas Candl Celery
-Special prices on Oranges by the box. Compare our
prices and quality of goods before you buy.
Influenza, Colds,
Sore Throat
Spreading ' Throughout
Many are finding, relief from in
fluenza, Colds, Sore Throat and per
haps preventing Pneumonia, it is said,
by the use of Miller's Antiseptic Oil
(known as Snake Oil). Its great
penetrating, pain-relieving qualities
insure almost instant relief when ap
plied freely on the chest, or throat
well greased When first symptoms
arise. The Oil penetrates through
to the affected parts and tends to
open up the air passages, making
breathing1 -more easy, relieving;, the
pains. And for the cough a? few
drops on a little sugar uuually brings
prompt relief. Don't fail to have a
bottle on hand when the attack
comes on,, and if, used according,, to
directions results are assured, or your
money refunded. '', On' sale' s Cen
tral DrugCM JOc, ,6Qc, and , $ 1,00
bottles. XXX Ka.Xx. ,.--.Jj-
Fof the Small Boy (
Here is a tent made of etrong, on
bleached domestic, bound with red
braid which will rejoice the heart of
the small boy. It is about eighteen
Inches long and Is set up on a frame
of wood that supports a small rod
of wood at the front and back. A
third -rod forms the ridge-pole. Four
tape loops are stitched to each side
of the tent and slipped over tacks In
the sides of the supporting frame. A
little flag, a pair of paper soldiers and
a wooden cannon, make up an outfit
that will launch a delighted little chap
on a military career a half minute
after he discovers It. The tent Is easy
to make and the soldiers are cut out
of printed paper.
For Book'Lovers
f :
I 4 1 . ,
Book lovers will appreciate these
book-ends, covered with tapestry and
lined with silk, and they are easy to
make. Among office furnishings the
foundations of thin metal are to be
found. Thesa are first padded with
blotting paper g!u'ed to them then
the tapestry and silk covering Is sewed
over them and finally a silk cord is
tacked about the edes. For a bed
room the covering might be of cre
tonne.' The pair shown here has a
covering of tapestry la dark colors.
Clarence Walker, star outfielder of
the Philadelphia 'Americans, has an
nounced that he has quit baseball, and
will enter the real estate business at
Limestone, Tenn., his home. He was
in Bristol yesterday.
Walker played centerfield for the
Boston Americans until 1917, when
he was sold to the Athletics. In 1916
he played in the world series for Bos
He was considered one of the best
outfielders the Athletics had. He
scored more hits and home runs than
any other man on th8 team. He play
ed on that team until he was called
to Limestone for examination by his
draft board. The war ended before
he was called into service.
Upon enterjng baseball as a profes
sion he first played for Spartanburg
S. C. He has also played with Kan
sas City, St. Louis and Washington.
Bristol Herald Courier. '
Saturday Legal
Holiday In Paris
PARIS, Dec. 12. The cabinet at a
meeting today decided that Saturday,
the day of President-Wilson's arrival
in Paris, shall be a public holiday
Twenty-four hours leave will be given
all state employees who will receive
their regular pay. Schools and the
bourse will be closed.
The "flu" is abating in this com
munity. 4
The death angel visited the home
vof Mr. and Mrs. Oath Cartwright
Sunday night, and claimed as its vie
tim their little 14-months-old son. It
died of "flu" and pneumonia; and
also Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Vaughn'g
little 9-months-old daughter died on
Monday of the same disease. They
were both buried Monday afternoon
at Carter's Station. The bereaved
ones have the sympathy of the entire
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Casteel and
son, Jay; spent Sunday afternoon
with Mr. J. D. Brown and family.
Misses Claude and Clarence Young
are improving, after severe attackr
of flu. -
There wasn't any preaching at this
place SUnday on account of the flu
Most of the farmers are busy plow
ing for corn. " .
Mr. S. B. Wells has moved his fam
ily to his farm, four miles south of
Greeneville. We are sorry to see
thisv family leaving our community
We wish them much success.
Miss Willie Solomon has returned
to her home near Bible's Chapel.
Miss Rose Myers was able to re.
turn to her home Sunday, after ar
attack of flu.
The school at this place will re
open Monday, after being closed for
two weeks on account of the flu.
Come on "C. D.," I enjoy reading
your leters very much.
Mrs. A. J; Frazier is ill at this writ
Nov. 8th, 1918.
Dear Sister-
Again I will write you a line or so,
as'l have never heard from you since
I have been in France. v
I sent you a card the day I land
ed over seas telling you I had arrived
safely. X had a letter from
yesterday; and you bet I was glad to
hear from her, A letter is always
thankfully received over here from
anyone, in the states. Today I re
ceived a letter from Edith which was
written in August.
Well, I think we will have peace
pretty soon, and won't it be great?
Christmas will soon be here, and if
you send me anything, you will have
to hurry up or I won't get it until
after Christmas. You must be sure
jbd go to see B for me. I have
also written her a number of times
and have had no answer yet. I hate
to 'hear the mail called off and all the
rest of the boys get mail but me.
Well, Sis, how is Haskell and old
Earl? Where is Philip and what is
he doing? Tell him he must write
me a line or two. It has been sever
al days since I heard from him. I
want you to write me more often
every week anyway. Tell I re
ceived her letter all O. K. and have
answered It.
Well, I will close my letter as I
can't think of anything else to write.
Be sure to write soon and all the
Your brother,
Co. B. 13th Reg.
,U. S. Marines, A. E. F.
" w
It was the night before Christmas '
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse.
, (This Isn't BILL'S)
we mean, of course, that you should give hm
something that he really WANTS this Christmas
, A man usually WANTS what he NEEDS.
and every man needs
1 Shirts, Sox, Ties, Handkerchiefs,, Scarfs,
Collars, Gloves, Underwear.
then there are
Hats, Shoes, Suits, Overcoats.
and . ' - '!
Suit Cases, Hand Bags, Smoking Jackets
and a hundred and one other things that
every man WANTS and NEEDS.
Our capable salesforce' are ready and anxious
to help you vith your selections.
All gifts are tastefully displayed for your in
spection, and a stroll through the store will solve
many of your gift problems. : .,
Shoe and Clothing Co
where he comes when he WANTS things you '
s should do the same.
"Liberty Fuel" Is
, To Be Marketed
WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. Quan
tity production of "Libefty fuel," the
War Department's new substitute
for gasoline, which cjtn be manufac
tured and sold for half the present
price of gasoline, will be begun by
private interests as soon -fls patents
protecting the Government and the
inventor can be obtained.
Meanwhile the largest producers of
gasoline are feverishly experiment
ing and . trying in every possible way
to obtain the secret formula from the
only two men wno knowlt Major 0.
B. Zimmerman, of the engineer corps
and Capt. E. C. Weisgerber. 1
Major Zimmerman said today that
arrangements for manufacture are
now pending. The patents will be
issued in the name of the Govern
ment avnd of Captain Weisgerber.
The Kaiser's
The Kaiser's attempt to kill him
self is surprising, if, true. For "sui
cide is confession." The Kaiser with
the Bible and other religious books
piled up on his table, has doubtless,
convinced himself himself that he is
thorougly in the right in- all that he
has done. That is a peculiarity of
those highly religious in a misguided
way. To blow out his brains or cut
his throat now would be to confess
himself in the wrong.
It might, however, be only con
firmation of what Maximilian Harden
says, that the Kaiser is a coward. He
'is a strange mixture of blood, and
there has been mny chances for the
cowardly streak to get in. -
Vann Bros, have to wind up their
business now and for this reason
their large stock will be sold t a
great v reduction. This means that
one of the largest stocks in East Ten
nessee will now be placed on the mar
ket at prices that will astonish you.
LOST: Between here 'and Moshelm,
Monday afternoon, automobile
tire, tube and rim. Finder return
to City. Garage and receive re
ward. Mosheim Mill Co.
221-5-t dly. Wkly 18-30-1-t
Go To
The Greeneville Feed & Grain Co.
For All Kinds of
Hay, Salt,
Poultry Feeds,
Cottonseed Meal, Oyster Shells, Etc.
; No. 228 Depot Street.
Sweet Feeds,
Dairy Feeds,

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