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Greene County Fair
Notes on
a Success-
Work Accomplished
Today wag devoted to the schools
of the county, and had there been a
heart of stone in the great crowds
that witnessed the parade, that heart
would have been melted or else been
fit for the stone heap.
There must have been five thou
sand people on the streets with fully
balf of them from the different
schools. So well were the gchools
represented, that it was necessary to
for mlines not only at the high school
building but at the grammar school
building, then in marching the two
lines met and passed in opposite direc
tions, the. effect of which was beau
tiful as well as inspiring.
Banners addressed to the county
court asking for more, money .for
schools, more buildings, more teach
ers and that a chance be given every
girl and boy to attend school, were
carried by some of the schools.
All along the line of march, when
the children of the Orphanage came
in sight, it was the signal for waving
and hand-clapping. We sew tears in
the eyes of some. Perhaps they saw
in their mind's eye the lives from
which some of these dear children had
been rescued and put on the road to
useful citizenship by th's great insti
Mr. Wyser, the superintendent of
the Orphanage, brought up the rear
of his big family with a pony and
cart, the little vehicle filled with the
wee tots. This little crowd, too, wore
the smile that betokened the love and
attention they were getting every day
of their little lives. 7
Probably no single event of this
splendid fair will do more good, last
ing good, to the community and coun
ty in general that this "School Meet,"
which was so ably handled by the men
and women who worked so hard to
make it a success. . " i;
After the parade, Mr. Harry Clark,
of the University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, made a stirripg. address in
behalf of education.
When the faculty and student body
of Tusculum passed in the parade, we
felt like lifting our hats and breath
ing a prayer that God would bless
that grand old institution There
they came, every one with a smile,
from faculty back to the last stu
dent; and why shouldn't they? One
hundred and twenty-five years of ser
vice with honor is enough to bring a
perpetual smile on the faces of these
present-day workers, and ' on our
faces, too.
Two gentlemen from Knoxville
stood in front of the fruit department.
They were arguing the question 'as
to whether those fine apples, and
peaches were actually raised here in
Greene county or not. They had
just about decided that they had not
when Francis Harrison hove in sight,
and they were soon convinced that
they were not only raised here in
three or four different orchards, but
that there were many orchards in the
county capable of producing as fine
fruit as any seen there. They re
marked, "We didn't know you could
As usual, the Red Cross come to
the front. Some one remarked, "Per
haps our soldier boys have seen so
much of the Red Cross that they have
grown weary of it," but to this they
gave answer, "No; a thousand times,
no,' in their eagerness to reach the
Red Cross booth and enjoy the splen
did treat prepared for them by the
good people of the county from the
different Red Cross organization.
The Junior Red Cross boqth was lib
erally patronized by all. Here the
children from the different junior
organizations contributed things to,
sell, and a ready market was found
for everything. ,Mr. H. R. Meade
contributed largely to the financial
success of this booth by letting the
ladies in charge sell his 'fruit juices
exclusively, and at the same time
gave pleasure to all who enjoyed his
The fair was a success from start
to finish. It was accomplished at the
end of a very poor crop year. It has
been a great thing for this county
and for the individual. It has been
managedS by those who love . trf do
such things, and they entered into it
with all their hearts. Lets havl the
Fair next year, managed by the same
corps of hustlers, and when anybody
criticizes them and tries to belittle
their work or stir up opposition lets
tell the mto get up a fair of their
own and see if they can do any better
U. S. Marines Landed
at Trau, Says Report
talians Leave Town
vvi ununuuii wvjw. -
ican marines landed from a torpedo." r
boat destroyer to compel the Italians f ,.. .
t Tn. Dalmatia. accord-; WASHINGTON, Sept 26
ino- to dianatch received here from! Expectations of the War De-
Spalato, a short distance east of Trau
The dispatch adds that the Italians
left after the inhabitants fired on
them and that Jugoslav troops toon
over the town from the Americans.
The dispatch, which is dated Sept.
25 says that a Jugo-Slav detachment
began an advance toward Trau when
the American destroyer entered the J .J. "for a further period of three J
horbor to compel the retirement of . or four months, or until such
the Italians. time as the army is in a position
Open Fire on Italian ' to undertake this responsibility" 4
Th inhabitants of Trau then open-j. Mr. Baker has said, in reply to
ed fire oh the Italians, who hastily de
The Italian commander and three
men in armored car fell into the
hands of the Slavs. In the meantime
200 American marines, with machine
guns, landed and took over the ar-
ored car and the prisoners who sub
sequently were transferred to an Ital
ian ship.
The Sefbians arrived and were en-
tHusiastically welcomed. The Amenr
cans handed over the town to the
Jugo-Sla troops and re-enibarked.
The destroyer will remain in the har
bor for a few days.
Labor's Right to Organize Was Denied
By "Illegal, Unwarrantable, Brutal
- Means," Declares Samuel Gompers
- WASHINGTON, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) Labor's
right today in court is the issue in the steel strike, Samuel
Gompers told the Senate committee today In the last twenty
five years the steel workers have been repeatedly denied the
rieht to organize, Gompers said. "This was done with all the
power, wealth, influence and domination of the steel corpora
tions." He added, "They were denied this by illegal, unwar
rantable, brutal means."
.j. .j. .j. 4. .J. .J. 4 4
As many of our patrons doubtless have already ob
served The Daily Sun has been enlarged from day to
day, to eight pages. We have done this at a disad
vantage until our new press arrives which has been
delayed. After which we expect to continue The
Daily Sun as an eight-page seven-column newspaper.
This announcement was made some weeks ago, but
upon account of strikes, doubtless of which you are all
aware, we have been delayed in getting in our new
press. For this reason we are going to once more offer
the readers, patrons and friends of Greene County's
only daily newspaper The Daily Sun a chance to
secure the yearly subscription on Thursday, Friday or
Saturday of this week at the old price of $2.00 only.
This offer is good for either new or renewal subscrip
tions to The Daily Sun. We trust that as many as have
appreciated our efforts in giving Greeneville and
Greene County their first daily paper during the past
few years will appreciate this offer enough to take
advantage of it on at least one of the days mentioned
above. As we state,, positively, this is the last chance
they will have to secure the paper at this price.
J U.S. Soldiers May I
Stay in Siberia for
Another Year Yet
J partment that American ol-
J diers will be retained in Siberia
$ until January, 1920, if not
J longer, was indicated officially $
J- yesterday when Secretary Baker J
4 requested the seven affiliated J
welfare associations to continue $
$ their work among these troops 4"
J questions by members of the
J Congress that tilts withdrawal J
J of the Siberian expedition was
J awaiting the decisions of Presi- J
f dent Wilson. 4"
! j j j j !
Corset Is Doomed
By Woman Doctors
KNOXVILLE, Sept. 26. Lon Grif
fin, a white man, is lield in the city
jail as a suspect in connection with
the shooting of Mrs. Dacie Ward, who
was seriously wounded by an intruder
at her home, 1642 Boyd street, short
ly after three o'clock Thursday morn
ing. Griffin who stoutly denies his
guilt, was srrcsted ty Patrolmen
Wolfenbarger and Waugh and placed
n jail just before noon yesterday.
One other arrest was made during
the day, but an investigation resulted
in the release of the culprit.
Mrs. Ward was shot, according to
her statement, after she had resisted
demands of an intruder, the bullot
triking in her left trde Just beneath
the armpit, and. passing through the
front portion of her breast, lodging
just below the right of the heart.
The arrest of Griffin, according to
the officers, came shortly after they
had been given a description of a
man who is said to have been, prowl
ing about the home of Mrs. Ward
Wednesday afternoon.
Does Greeneville
Need a Creamery
Dr. C. A. Hatton, state dairyman,
of the Bureau of Extension, at Knox
ville, has been corresponding for some
time with the principal dairymen of
the county in regard to the opening
up in Greeneville "of a creamery, as
a market for the dairy products of
the county, which is one of the most
Droductive in the state, and in need of
art enterprise of this nature.
At present " there are more than
300 patrons in this county alone of
the Morristown creamery, which goes
to show that with sufficient backing
and interest this business could be
kept at home and made a paying prop
osition. Some of our local dairymen
and business men are now becoming
interested in this venture and it is
hoped that something will be done at
an early date.
NEW YORK, Sept. 25. Corsets
were condemned by women physi
cians last Friday who were attend
ing the conference of representatives
of their profession at the Y. M. C. A.
headquarters, 600 Lexington avenue
Shoes with high heels also were prop
erly scored by these" health experts,
who are-trying to find a way to im
prove the modern woman physically.
Rare Old Time
Had at Newport
Quillen Is Sentenced .
to Prison By Court
BRISTOL, Sept. 2. Ewin Quil
len, charged with felonious assault on
Nina Cunningham at Kingsport, Tenn
July 15, was found guilty yesterday
by the circuit court in session at
Blountsvillc, Tenn., an was sentenced
to a term of not less than 15 years
in the state penitentiary. The jury
returned the verdict after having con
sidered the case for about 30 minutes.
"This poet prates of the strong
wine of love."
"Good deal of it is 2 per cent stuff
these days." '
FOUND: A black pig, weighing
about 25 pounds, about two months
old. Come to my house about two
weeks ago. Owner can have same
by calling and paying for this ad
FRANCIS CItUM, 18th district.
Two Hundred American Marines
Landed at Trau, Dalmatia, and
Have Turned Town Over to Slavs
LONDON, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) Two hundred
American marines landed at Trau, Dalmatia, and turned town
over to the Jugoslavs after the latter had compelled an Italian
detachment to withdraw, Copenhagen dispatches, reported
Senate Adopts Resolution Asking Navy
Department Whether Report of the
Landing of Marines at Trau Is True
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) The senate
today adopted a resolution inquiring of the Navy Departmen
whether the report of the landing of American marines a
Trau, Dalmatia, are true.
Austria to Be Declared as Bankrupt
and Her Affairs Placed in Hands
of the Allied Commission, Tis Said
VIENNA, Sept.-26. (By United Press.) Reports circulated
today said that the government, owing to .the food and fue
shortage, plans to declare Austria as bankrupt and place th
country's affairs in the hands of the Allied Commission here
Judge Don A. Pardee of the United
States Court of Appeals, Died Today
ATLANTA, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) Judge Don A
Pardee, senior judge of the Fifth District, United States Court
of Appeals, died early today as a result of an attack of acute
indigestion yesterday.
ect Held in
Connection With
Shooting Woman
NEWPORT, Tenn., Sept. 2C The
ensational event of circuit court here
since it. convened a week and a half
igo took place in front of the court
house door, on the curb of the main
street, yesterday at one o'clock, when
Sheriff John Holt, in the presence of
Judge Drinnon and Attorney General
Creswell and a crowd of about two
hundred local citizens, chopped up
seven moonshine Rtills, captured in
his county within the last few
months.. The. capacities of the stills
anged from ten to fifty gallons. Fol-
owing the chopping of the stills thirty
gallons of all-proof moonshine liquor
were poured into the gutter. The
rutter wan so nearly ' level that the
whiskey could not out-travel the
By the time it had run two-thirds
of a block a gang of negroes had an
mprovised dam of ordinary gutte
filth constructed so that the onrush
of rare spirits found a stopping place
and in a few minuter, it was ankle
leep in the gutter ir.d appeared to
be as clear as a crystal. A big bur
ley negro took his plr.ee in the cen
ter of the gutter-dam and began dip
ping up and straining through his
handkerchief into a pint cup and from
he cup through the alimentary canal
0 the regions of his best understand
mg. Utfiers lollowed and tilled pop
bottles and sardine cans and anything
that would hold the wasting juice.
half dozen neg'o nen and boys am
ane white boy, ahcut seventeen year
jld, partook of the tantalizing frui
ibundantly. Presently word came
from the judge Tor the officers to
arrest all indulging parties and bring
them into open court. And while the
writer writes some of them are sit
ting in the court room waiting for
the completion of a murder case be
fore knowing their fate, but they are
feeling good, no (bub't, and at pres
ent don't mind it.
WICHITA, Kan.. Sept. 26. (By United Press.) President
Witeon today cancelled all remaining dates on his League of
Nations covenant tour and announced that he would return to
Washington immediately. Ill health was announced from the
stage of the auditorium here as the cause of the abandonment
of Ms tour.
The President's train arrived here at 9:10 o'clock this morn
ing, but he did not appear at the auditorium where he was
choduled to speak. The parade in his honor was postponed.
Admiral Grayson, the President's physician, declared that
here was nothing critical about President Wilson's condition.
A nervous reaction affecting the digestive organs due to the
constant strain of the trip and last year, Grayson said, forced
the abandonment of the trip in order that the President might
get more exercise.
President Wilson is scheduled to arrive in Washington Sun
day morning. No speeches were made in Wichita, the. Presi
dent taking an automobile ride instead.
5,000 Men From Vicinity of Steubenville,
Ohio, Are Praparing to Invade W. Va.,
County and Compel Workers to Quit Jobs
t mm 1 in 1 1 IBM
COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 2f. (By United Press.) Governor
Cornwell, of West Virginia, today telegraphed Governor Cox,
of Ohio, that 5,000 men from the vicinity of Steubensville,
were reported about raady to cross the Ohio river into Hancock
County, West, Virginia, and compel steel workers there to quit
work. Such an act, Cornwell warned, will be regarded as an
attack upon the sovereignty of West Virginia. Governor Cox
immediately ordered the sheriff at Steubenville to take steps
to prevent possible conflict between citizens of the two states.
Officials of Big Ohio Steel Men Claim
1,200 Employees Are Planning to Take
a Vote Preparatory Returning to Work
CANTON, O., Sept. 26. Twelve hundred men employed by
the Canton Steel Company, as reported by officials of the plant,
have voted over the question of returning to work Sunday.
Gardener in Home of Robin Cooper
Was Arrested This Morning, Charged
As Being Cooper's Slayer Month Ago
NASHVILLE, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) Dennis Met-
calf, gardner at the home of Robin J. Cooper, the attorney who
was slain here a month ago, was arrested this morning on the
charge of committing the crime, with a warrant sworn out by
Gabriel Hansen, a Memphis detective, who claims to have se
cured evidence against Metcalf by pschoanalytical means. Nora
Jones, negro cook at the Cooper home, was also arrested, charg
ed with complic ity in the crime.
Nikolai Lenine, Bolshevik Premier of
Russia, Has Been Overthrown, Tis
Reported Imprisoned at Moscow
BASLE, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) Copenhagen dis
patches today report that Nikolai Lenine, Bolshevik Premier
of Russia, has been overthrown and imprisoned at Moscow.
People Commissary Dorchinsky is in power and occupying Mos
cow, the report stated.
Trimble Trial May
Be Held in Bristol
BRISTOL, Sept. 25. The rase of
Jasper Trimble, charged with first de
gree murder for the alleged killing
of Officer ). M. Carmack at Kings
p"rt, Tenr., July ilfi, may be tried
it the Brir.tol. Tenn., court house.
The case vhirh was to have been
1 rcught up for tnul yesterday, was
postponed until the place in the Cir
cuit Court of Sullivan County, Tenn.,
now in session at Blounteville, for
holding it can be decided upon.
The court announced yesterday that
owing to the fact that the court house
in 'Blountsville now being torn
down in preparation for the construc
tion of a new, the trial will be held
either at Brixtol or Kingsport. If it
is held at Kingsport it will be held
the fourth Monday in November. If
it is decided to bring the case to this
city, however, it will be held at an
early date.
Nation-Wide Railroad Strike in Great
Britain to Take Effect Tonight Con
ference With Officials to No Avail
LONDON, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) The big railroad
strike will become effective in Great Britain tonight, it was
announced by union leaders. Today's conference between gov
ernment officials and union representatives was unsuccessful
in reaching an agreement, it was stated.
Small Battle Raged Today Between
Strikers and State Police at Clairton
PITTSBURG, Sept. 26. (By United Press.) Steel strikers
and sympathizers engaged in a long-range battle with state
and local police at Clairton early today. About a dozen strike
sympathizers, it is alleged, fired on men enroute to the mills
for work. The police immediately returned the fire and then
gave chase. Three men were captured.
$50,000 Stolen From Canadian Mail
Car Is Found Today Near Quebec
QUEBEC, Sept 26. (By United Press.) A satchel contain
ing $50,000, stolen from a mail car on the Canadian National
Railroad a week ago, was discovered today in an old house near
here. About $10,000 of the bandit loot is still missing.

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