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tot ticn.
. Pittsburg, Julj 2. Itii oiffi
cb1C to fcet any reliable - Tacts at
Ibis L6ur. The entire eastern end
of the city is at the mercy of the
taob, which is hourly increasing.
Anarchy and violence Buvq taken
ijossesjiton of the city, and mob
reigns euprerae."
The renusylvania tracks for a
Pittance of a quarter of a mile
"westward from the , outer flei
Tpot is a bWt of Dane. The tnob ,
egan poshing the burning cars
Xowards th roaod hou?e some time
:ago, Ihc'w iutcctiett being to de
trt, Hk : extensile thops of the
jomjuny the Onion depot. -.
" n'uiber of people slain '
fc'nce dark as very ' Urge, and the
-exact numbcrb will not be accessi
ble for. Beverai chj-s. The sum
Wing op of the riot at Twetity-
ihth Btreet this afternoon 6how3
total of 20 killed and 29 wound
ed. . TW hillside was dotted with
dead anficlymg. ' .
jfiTTSBURO,' July 22. -All the
:ars between Twenth-eiJbt ' and
"Thirtieth streets are burned. Fully
Xwe hundred and fifty ' cars were
rned at daylight- The rioters
got the captured gnns in position
'and fired one 6hot, when the 'sol
diers in the round honse opened
fire -covering thre gun with mus
ketry and drove the gunners from
the cannon. Two were killed and
everal wounded before the can
toon was abandoned. The ma
thhe shops between Twenty-fifth
nd Twenty-sixth . streets are
Wn4. The soldier's tallied from
.ho round house but were driven
tack. ; The soldier? then formed
i B"o!id column and came out
through tho lumber yard and
Yent' down T wenty-fifth to Liber
ty Btreot with' V Gatling gun in
front and made for the Allegheny
fcrsenal. . .'
When they arrived at the 'ar
senal, the United States troops on
uard refused them admittance.
Left exposed, the Philadelphia
troops turned their Gatling gun
xm the crovul, killing thirty, most
ly strikers and citizens. The
found house, containing seventy
freight engines and machine shops
are entirely destroyed by fire.
" It. is , estimated that the data-
"""ligT done to railroad property is
2,C00,000. .....
FtitsfeUp.G, July 22, 3 o'clock.
Tho Union depot is in flames-
PlTXPBUUa, July 22 The rail
toad buildings destroyed were as
follows: Two round houses; one
aaaobiue shop; superintendent's
f fiiae; car repair shop and , black
smith shop; three cr four oi'
iiousos; Union transfer depot and
!;e -offices of the Pullaian ' Car
Company; laundry and offices;
rain dispatcher's office; powder
)iouee; Union Depot Hotel; Pan
. . ! T ! 1 ......
Handle railroad engine house,
general offi cos and freight depot,
end the freight depot of the
Adams Express Company. The
freight depot of ; the Pittsburg,
Circinnati and St. Louis and tho
geueral offices-of the same com
pany were fired at 4:30 o'clock
this afternoon.'
The citizens are Organizing and
marching to tho scene of the con-
JV to prevent further damage.
Al are armed with concealed
vi upons ' and heavy base ball
Hamusburo, Pa7 July 22.
Tl.c Roilrnnd' nien have struck
Le.c- Pus-enVtr trains, not con
fYmifcg tfboj are allowed to
pu. ( .....
Monday Hdoti iTiSpatches. .
?VA?IiiNQTON, July 1 23. The
mi. uia ordered from various points
in Pennsylvania was stopped by
tbr strikers. Loaded coal care
arc i tin from sidings and wrecked
on 'hu main track. ,; The freight
tueiness is stopped on the South
ern O'.io roads. Ohio andMiscis
tfippi !ave mit no freight west
fn.ir. Cincinnsti. Freight trains
Were stopped at Dunkirk, but the
Inuil and passengers were allowed
to proceed. A compromise is
pjr versing at Indianapolis
ttea" timi the trade over the Boo
Line is unobstructed.
The regular night moil trains
vero abandoned on the Vandalia
r ml.
The bridg6 over the Schuylkill,
...Vich cost ?150,000, was fired
and totally destroyed, tho object
iy. the bridge bein to
pi-i'vent, the passago of troops
towtirda HarrislHirgv
Tho immense crain elevators at
the corner of Urant and vasn
ington streets," Pittsburg, were
Vurnt. ' ' ' ' "r'
The citizens have organized
vigilant committees'. The BOdie'ra
whu escaped from tbe round
house are entrenched ten miles
up the river. ,
Governor itartranft this morn
ing, con.'essing his inability to
maintain order, makes a formal
order on the United State's au
thorities for, ; protection. The
feeling ac Kansas City where
many toads centre, is feverish.
The strike 6n 'eastern roads went
into effect av midnight.
Washington, July 23. -The
Federal Government, in a feeble
kind of- way. is moving troops
hither and thither mainly with a
view of bringing them within
protecting distance of the Capital.
It is in no present danger, but
there is no doubt it is hideously
exposed and there are fiaany mil-,
lions in it. .
The 'following curiously in
volved sentence, which is official,
gives this idea: "It is not the
purpose, of the Government to
use 1 United States troops to
merely protect railroad property
or to insure the safe transpor
tation of the mails, except incU
dentilly, while protecting its
own property." It is understood
that Gen.' Sherman and Lt. Gen.
Sheridan will be recalled at once.
Hancock has beea "ordered to
assume personal command in
Gen". Schofield, frcm West
Point, "has been ordered to re
port to Huncock. '
St. Louis, July 23. It is re
ported that afl'aira look serious at
Chicago and Buffalo.
The Central Pacific Railroad
Company's dispatch from San
Francisco says they have rescind
ed the resolution reducing wages.
;The Philadelphia Board of
Brokers have decided to make no
quotations public. The Board
has adjourned a scheme to buy
stock cheap from frightened wid
ows. ' The strongest rallying cry of
the rioters at Pittsburg ist "Let
her burn, boys, it will give us
Washington, July 24. Gov
ernor McCreary, of Kentucky,
has no apprehension of trouble
in Kentucky. The only trains
moving from Cleveland aro short
ho firemen, switchmen ana
icmen at fciocuin on vue
thtfrn- Canada " road nave
fA meeting tf citizens at Col
umbus, Ohio, took a serious view
of the situation, and five hundred
of them enrolled themselves as
special police. The municipal
nuihorities have garrisoned the
pointB likely to be molested.
The Missouri Pacific road has
restored wages. No strikes on
that road is probable.
A very turbulent meting wa.
held at O'maha, Nebraska. Aftor
the meeting the roughs paraded
the town hooting but did no vio
The Mayor of St. Louts ha3
Jered the saloons , closed. The
strikers have enforced an order
tUt fnnrt for stock is all that can
Ka ciinujAd tn tiass. Many indus-
triea are paralpzed tor wani oi
W UI1V -rf-- i tf
fuel. An overture lor an umi
buss compromise of all roads cen-
tenng at iliast St. uouis, u
fitiled. The strikers nre orueriy
but express a determination to
fight it out. A number ot striK-
ers have been 'como?i8sioucu
special police by tho Mayor, to
guard railroad property. -The
strikers meeting nominated this
Tho night switchmen on the
. - m . a .... ..w . t
Michigan Central navo biruun..
There is no undue excitement
in Chicago. : , , , .
Jersey City is disorderly but
controlled.' ,:" . '
Governor Bedle has issued a
proclamation 'requesting well dis
posed people 'to repair to their
homes. 01 . ,.
avnna will be moved from
Jersey .City to Trenton and other
places to prevent tneir irntei mo tion
with tho tnob. ;'
Tho ehort lines have been run
from Pitteburg by made-up lines
This' resulted in a collision two
,;iAa ahnvA Shftrnsburi?. The en-
UJI'UCi ww" r- .
gincs closed in on each other like
a telescope, liot.'i engineers, un
express messeuger andmntl agent,
and throo passengers were instant
ly killed and a number danger
ously wounded. .
The Seventh Regiment, after
ftJa.mWini '-at 1 their armory in
wl- Vm-lr. - vitrei shouted and
y9Bt at bv a large crowd of
d ronchs. The streets
n)rro& bv thfl DollCe. IhQ
fi-A,.nD hAhnved well.
The soldiers at Reading, Pa.,
fired on the citizens indiBcrimiv
nately, killing fire and wounding
twenty-fire including fire police
men and two women. . -v
John Swinton 11 selected to
preside at Tompkins' Square to
morrow night.
New York, July 24. -The
Central Railroad has stopped
selling tickets beyond Rochester.
The night in Karrisborg-was
very disorderly until the citizens
took the matter in hand and dis
persed the rioters, who were
parading the streets. . No shooting
was required. For a few hours
telegraphers were .compelled to
abandon their office. The mob
attacked the offices of the Lake
Shore paint shop and a number
of Cars.
Wkstfield, Mass., July 24.
A company of soldiers, after kill
ing several rioters were driven
from their quarters. , Some of
the company were ehot by- the
rioters, who got possession of
Whitfield Company's rifles. Only
postal cars were allowed to leave
Indianapolis up to midnight.
WAairtNOTOS, July 24.-i-Two
companies of U. S. troops pass
ed Poughkeepsie en route for Bal
timore from Lake Shore. The
workingmen at San Francisco,
ten thousand strong, adjourned
after wrecking a Chinese wash
house. Working . their way
homeward in Bquads they played
all kinds of pranks on the
Chinese. Five hundred police
men Prevented them from reach
ing the Chinese quarters. Stones
and clubs were used nut no nre
arms. The demonstration seems
to have been a frolic and by tvro
o'clock all was quiet.
There have been no overt acts
ih?9 mnrninc. The 6tnkers are
becoming organized, and iudica-
tion3 are tnai mey wi
id authorities in saving
property, if the awkward militia
squads stop their wild shooting.
Trade ana travel m me
turbed districts, which extend
from the Mississippi to the At
lantio and from Mason and Uix-
on's Line to the Lakes, continues
Wftshinffton. D. 0..
July 21, 1877.
The first of the coming elections
-;n hn thnsp in Kentuckv and
Alabama. In-thow -Statw-tMn
voting will be practically unanim
ous. Very many of the blacKS
have always been inclined to vote
wilh their old masters, and now
that the delusive expectation of
benefit from the general govern
ment has been dispelled they will
do so. The much talked of divi
sion among the Southern people
will bo choifly among the blacks.
California and Vermont follow on
Sept 5th considerable interest be':
ing folt in the result in California.
There is but one opinion heic, and'
that is that the State will go Dem
by a good majority. Then comes
Maine on Sept 10th. Excepting
Ohio, where the election is held
Oct 9th, more attention is given
to Maine than any other State.
Tho overpowering influence of Mr.
Blaine among Republicans there
is well know result. Private
advices would seem to indicato le38
interest within than outside tho
State, and no reliable estimate of
the chances can now bo , made.
Ohio Democrats here r port the
constaut receipt of cheering intel
ligence. Most thoughtful persons regret
the use of Federal troops in any
State purposes connected . witn
State affairs. There i3 danger in
it. But it is gratifying fact that
those seDt to Martinsburg the
other day have been so prudently
handled by Gcnl. French, their
General Banks as a Candidate
for Speaker riees again in the
Administration newspapers. The
General is understood to have, a
policy which he thinks would do
more in tho way of conciliation
than any ther. It depends main
ly, of course, on his elevation to
the Speakership. ..
The particular means assistant
Secretary McCormick , is ' taking
just now of getting hi3; name in
papers is U authorize the statement
that he will resign his office:rather
than place on the Republican Na
tional Committee. Thrown in
to prominence by the scandaloni
campaign of 1876, and given uf
fico under" the new Administra
tion, this man has managed to
keep his name in all tho newspa
pers all the time. Except the
'womau in another column, pick
ing grape3 for Speer'sPort Wine"
no person has been better adver.
tised that Mr. McCormick. None
will be sooner forgotten after the
advertisements are withdrown.
There were congratulations all
around when Gen. Howard Bent
ub. a week aeo. .tb news of his
victory over the v Indians, and
Sanguine people eeemed to Bee
Chief Joseph and hia band in de
moralized flight. Bu in the
hands of General Howard the
pen appeare-.to- be mightier-thau
the sword. The Indians are not
tunning, or were not at last ac
counts. This crying of victory
when there was no victory i in
tensfying the feeling of distrust
of Genl. Howard which has long
been comnlon among army officers.
The Mexican question is receiv
ing Cabinet consideration to day,
and it is believed Euuh a' decision
will be reached as will remove all
fear of war between the tvro coun
tries. This Administration . has
resolved more, and changed its
mind opener than any ' of the
Adminstrations that have gone
before it.
The revenue cutter "Grant"
eeems .to be making confusion
down East. Only 6 few days run
on one of tho best known rocks
on tho coast of Maine and iame
ueardrov niiig Secretary Sherman,
and now she is toported ns sinking
a steamer oh the coist of Massa
chusetts.. If she goes staggering
through the Eastern waters in this
way, ehe will disgrace the country.
Her name 5s a sadly suggestivo
So for no evidence seemed have
been elicited in any way showing
bribery ' on the part of Senator
Grorer of, Oregon. Reso.
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I1WU IU WV.. w - . - ) .
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ahippful County Court to be held for
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House in Greeneville, on the first Mon
day in September wxt, to plead, auswer
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Thomas B. Malone and wife Nancy J.
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C. Luster, Benj. D. Luster and Amelia
Luster are uon residents of the8tateof
Tennesse. It is therefore ordered by
LlhcJClerlc and Matter that publicbt'on
oe made for four successive iu inz
Union, a newspaper published in the
town of Greeneville notifyingsaid non
residents to appear belore the Chan
cery Court at Greeneville ott--tbo Bn'H
Mcuday in November, 1877, to make
defence to said bill or tueame w'Jt
taken for confessed as to them ana the
canio set for hearing cx parte. .--
A. W. Walker, c. n.
This 28th June, 1877,-r40 4w. pf $5.
1 ncmas Morelock vs. Harmon Kinney
TN this cases it appears from the al
legations in comulainants bill that,
narmon Kinney is k hon-residcnl of
the State of Tennessee. It U ordered"
by the Clerk & Master that publication
be made for four successive weeks in
TUB Union, a newspaper published
weekly in town of Greeneville, noitfy
ing Harmon Kinney to appear before
UicChmcery court, at1 Greeneville on
the 2d Monday of November 1877 to
make defence to said Bill, or the same
will be taken for confessed as to him
and Jet for hearing exparte.
A. W. Walker, c. m.
This June 26, 18:7.-40. 4w. pf $5.
N.I. Sevier, Gdird. Ac, vs. David
Sevier, Et'r., and others.
IN this cause it appearing from the
allegations in complainants bill that
Robert Sevier, Batsy Cunningham, Th.
Sevier, Landers and his wife
Nannie Landers, and Edward Huvier are
non-residents ofthe State of Tennessee.
it is therefore ordered by the Clerk aud
Master that publication be made for
lour successive weeks in The Union,
a nowjpape published ia tho town of
Greeueville.notifylngsaid non-residents
to appear before the Chancery Couit at
Greeneville on the 2d Monday in No
vember 1877, and make defence to said
bill, or the same will be taken for con
fes?ed, and set lor hearing as to them
ex-parto. A. W. Walker, C. & m.
This June 20, 1877. 40 4v pf f .
Weiller&Brcsetal vs.II.T Chapman i ta';
SN this cause it appearing Iroin the
allegations In complainants bill, that
A. B. Spinning, oik- of the defendants
is c non resident of the State of Ten
nessee. It is ordered by Clerk & Mas
er, tha publieetion be made in TnK
Union a newspaper published in the
town of Greeneville, for four successive
weeks, notifying said non-resident tn
appear at our npxt Chancery Court, to
be.held at the nrntt Ilnusi in; CLajs
ville Tennespsf, on the 2nd Monifty in
November next ana pleiid answer or
demur to 8:iil bill, or the same will be
taken as confessed an.l set for hearing
as to him ex parte, July 14th 1877.
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stratatoL urialoiny in Ilia
Ciji, hence, person uin(T
hit Pillt l:it tiie Riiiran
,at tlify are prcpam)
iciaitirtc, principle.
tk tree from ill
on Kicntifi
U tbat t
He hut succeeded lit
coinl)ii)in(f id 'them, tiie
herctotcife arttaoniitic
qiiiilitU i.or ttitn?ilif
I ng , pHrfzalivtyillUlt fur
Tlu iV tirst apparent ef
fect into increase 'the p
k pgoperlrltijniate,
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lilied', anil by their tonic
action on l!iciiijfi f live or
pans, regular an.l Ik ilt'.iy
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.i r i-, ..
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petitc, can digest well, the
piles have iliiappmirci',
and I have paii:d iJort V
pounds in solid ticsli. I
would not be ( without
them for their weight ill
gold. - ,, .
Rev. It. L. Simmon.
They Sire pt-rfrtly
harmless; Sil he tak
en1 In- yoiuig or oUI
without restraint of
diet or occupation.
price as cents:
NKW Yottii.
muim of scise rj
Gnty Hair can lc c!i:ii"-tvl I . it f
rlosyv hl.irk 1a a i;ii'le appliciitUMi e
Dr.TftfSIIa rPve
iii;i.eiii.i-''., EL ,
i, .'.in.-.
Received Highest Honors conferred
at Centennial.
& CrIBt3
fMflUiOsi In Uie
of.vory m.cUlo..
utsst vmmax, Tntiaig UAfivxLObS sssuLia.
b the only Sewing Machine In tbe trorid with
Automatlo Tension, and
Automatlo Stitch Indicator; i
.Always Ready for Work, and 1
Altogether Unparalleled.
Send Portal Card tot Price LUt, LUt of Offices, 4c.
Wlllcox & Gibbs S. M. Co.,
'Cot. Bond St.) CC8 Broadway, Wew Totfci
Ail Hum It I
All LOxO
18 77,
Full of Wit Iloinor -Pathos J
Sketch dosfiip sshioni , ...
Incident Nws -Home ;.
. iinl Foreicri
I "!' f .
, Letters. m
You will er.joy it better than anj
other newspaper. ,
iio' us v7sTMprEr." .
thrilling cmtiiiJ) I 'rt ory, written"'
for T3k FitK.K hR.es, ly f'E'lzcy 1
... .liny". (Fminy An Irows). tho ; ... .
, noti'l. &.-utlicrn wiil(Rf
wi I W r. 'lent in e '
' of 1877; "
Weekly pontiigu 1'rcc $ a'.OO per iinham
In mnkinj; yrt'nr lint, 'stitit'wjth ,
DicrR'i'iT Furn T'kt.h.
IT. : . ,.. fi.
V!l Tip Top Ttrf l thi Isrrwa ,
.nil hcsMalMiiKout. READ AMD
SCC. 1 unci. Noi rr la
RuvAinpw, rU' U, I'sii b.Ul.r, k.KK f ;
n1 l'n, H.t of IH'ittiil
I.. IMl'U Vldl.V
sWLWrTWflvrW(Mffr, . .
DRlPIi Clinton Plnov N York
'.I ' ' '
111 '.

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