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MOTHERS ARE IDLE. ' I alfalf' rc hogs. 1 110! DM 6) flHQ TnJT ' ' 7 " " 'T?. RFRT flPCPP VFT I THE HELL FAKILT.
i I iiiei na niBaa i 11 " i.. . a-ra-w mm. . . .
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1 T " ' ' I . . . i ' 'd 1
A Brooklyn preacher hands i
out in this fashion : "Who can
doubt that mothers are off the
job when they allow their young
daughters to paint their faces
and to wear the sort of clothes
we have seen everywhere in the
last two or three seasons? To
say mothers can't control their
daughters is even worse. It's an
acknowledgement of disgraceful
failure that no grown woman
should be obliged to make. We
are living today in a pandemonium
of powder, a riot of rouge, a
moral anarchy of dress. When
will women learn that the only
"aids to beauty" are absolute
cleanliness, proper . food, proper
exercise, abundant sleep, fresh
air and an unselfish character ?
Another matter on which they
are gone stark mad is the modern
barbarous dance. The new dan
ces are but an indication that the
suspicion of immorality does no
trouble some people. And so you
will find girls who, there is every
, reason to think, are good girls,
vet hnva hefme infwtprt with
the easy-going spirit of the world
about them, and will participate
in dances that ought to make
them blush for shame. It is
beside the question' for them to
sry that they do not mean any
harm, that it is all done in the
spirit of fun, and soon." John
son City Staff.
There should be no doubt about
congress ordaining monthlv pay
tf Densions. Certainly if all the
mn avm rf tfiA I mrwi -NrflTpq
5vernment from the president
,,-n. can bo paid -their stipends
every calendar month, the vet
eran and his widow should be
treated the same way. There is
no more reason lor their having
to wait three months for their
payment than there is for con
gressmen, senators, the cabinet
officers and president. If these
officials need their big salaries
every thirty days, the veterans
and widows have call for their
little stipends at as brief and
regular intervals. -Let congress
make this amendment to the pen
sion law one of the duties of the
coming session National Tribune
Eczema and Itchinf Cured.
The healing, soothing medica
OINTMENT penetrates every tiny
pore of the skin, clears it of all
impurities stops itching instant
ly. Dr. Hohson's Eczema Oint
ment is guaranteed to speedily
cure eczema, rashes, ringworm,
tetter and other unsightly erup
tions. Ivczema Ointment is ai
doctor's prescription, not an ex
periment. All druggists or by
mail, 50c Pfeifftr Chemical Co.,
Philadelphia and St Louis.
Kanc Experiment Proves the Great
Value of Alfalfa and Corn a a
Balanced Ration Crow
ers Note ihi Result ef
This Interesting reed
ing Experiment.
Thla experiment was conducted ftt
the Kansas Agricultural college:
The pigs shown In the accompanying
chart were litter mates. The larger
pig was fed on a ration of corn and
alfalfa bay; the smaller en corn alone.
Several litters of weanling pigs were
equally divided Into two lota.. The
pigs were carefully chosen as to
weight and thriftiness, so that each lot
represented a fair average of the total
number of pigs used In the experi
ment The experiment was carried on for
a period of eight months. It the end
of thla time the pigs fed on corn end
alfalfa hay were in excrllent condi-
same uvm
U 1f-J . CORN
ts in r!atioo-V&i8 CaDainn
Plan to Unite AH Interests in nation
for the General Growing of Alnjfa.
Extension Department to Aid Any Cc'.iminity Interested in Con
ducting Campaign to Encourage ihe Growing of Alfalfa .
No More Difficult to Grow .Than Clover and .
Gives Double 3 Yield.
Arfalfa Automobile Trains Important Featurt of th Work fchedulet t Be
Arranged and Meetings to Be He!d at ti tm Homee Prominent Speaker
to Accompany Each Alfalfa Train Alfal; j Orjjenfxatlona Will Be Forms
In Each Community to Promote the V'rk Field Men ' Experienced l
Alfnlfa Crovung Will Follow Up PredRtlnary Work Wherever PoeWai
tr.d Give Aid in Getting a Stirt Prof. r Q. Holden, Director tatinaiii
Department, International Harvester Company, Chlcsoo, Will Dlreot
' We are needing rew subscri
bers, and especially some cash,
and to this end we are goinjr to
offer the Sneedville News until
January 1, 1915, for the sum of
to both old and new subscribers,
and no produce will be accepted
on this proportion. The cam
paign is coming on and ycu will
want to know about it, to say
nothing of the many other items
of interest that appear in our
columns each issue. Ncwifyou
appreciate your county paper,
prove it by taking advantage of
this low rate, which will be the
only one offered ' Send in sour
subscription at onto and ilon't
miss a single issue cf The News.
tioa for. market and averared 2 DO
pounds, dressed, while the pigs fed
on corn alone were thin end scrawny
and areraged but 60 poun! each. In
the latter case, one pig dlrd of what
the Teterinarlan declared to starra
tion. notwithstanding the fact that
this lot of pigs had all the corn thejr
could eat
Muet Have Protein.
The scrawny 60-pound pigs lacked
protein, that element ., required In
growing aAtmala, to develop bona
and muscle, blood, nerve and tis
sue that which builds th frame the
ery. thlag .(hat :-tbe- pistil et
when fed upon corn alone.
Corn Is deficient n proUiln and has
an abundance of starch, and sugar.
Neither alfalfa nor cora when fed
alone will give the beat results, but a
combination of the two make a per-
fecUy balanced ration.
A balanced ration Is a combination
'eeda containing elements necessary
fcr the proper physical development of
the animal, rroteln, the most esuon
tlal element in animal feed, builds the
frame of the body while corn Is essen
tially valueblo fur the production of
The bones of the "corn-alfalfa" lot of
pigs were double the c'.zo of the lot
fed on corn alone and stood a breaking
strain of 1,370 pounds as against C2
pounds for the lot fed on a tingle ra
tion ef corn.
r r. .'
;. j
w -
Because newspaper notoriety
attached itself to the recent visit
of Tyrus Cobb, famous Detroit
outfielder, to thU'.Uoitsd SUtes
Treasury Departnient at Wash
ington, where U was reported
that he, as director of a Georgia
bank, had figned' hia namo on a
sheet of bank notes, the depart
ment ha bin' closed to all com
ers. ' .
The FanJty Caifk Wedicine, .
In every home there should bo
a bottle cf . Dr. King's: New Dis-
coverf, 'ir - ' ' -
4 -cough.
contract! ; c
The caropnlgn will be conducted In co-ci:ration with firmer' InstftotaC
bankcru, binuHS men, farmers, commercial clubs, granges, live stock aaf
iulry as.oc!ations and other orcanieations In" ('.ay community where the
pie are anxious to improve their agriculture:- caodltlous and are willing ta
give time and money to tarry on the work. ',' '. ' '
. County and city superintendents of schools, colleges, Institute workee
Chautauqua lecturers, and others interested 'n the work will be assisted tm
cbtahiini; alfalfa charts and lantern Glides.' Alfalfa literature and booklets
will be glveu w!(1h distribution throuchout country. Special alfalfa art.
cles will be sent to farm Journals and maaslces, and plate and matrU
to newspapers. Alfalfa editions of newspapcto will be published where
paigns are conducted. Pates will be arranged for "Alfalfa Day" ta Cta
schools. . . " '"
To Begin Campaign Work In Eas West and South.
Work to be started Immediately ta the cotton belt state and la thai
east and west.- Thirty to forty meetings will held In each county, the am
bor depending on local conditions. - l ' ' " V"
To accomplish the most In Agricultural! development, we must besjM
with the man behind the crop, Upon him defends the flual working out ef
the principles of agriculture the simple anil practical thing which oosl
schools, colleges and etper1menotatlons aro deavorlnf p bring bite g
eral use. ' i "
Professor Holdu proposes to carry tbetf principles further jven
thevery elfectivu wor Apae' on the agrlcuUval trains, by using that moasj
modern vehicle the auliiteflbim -going dire ctY to the yeople on their owtl
farms where the meetings arrt ba, held. 'v
Agricultural development' needs in addition to th work of our pablM
Institutions, the Individual efforts of every merchant, banker, corporaon, as I I'rompt UM Will atop th4 Spread
This plan for Increasing the yields of onr crops by the more ntenstv OI "lCKness. a. -A. &UQ, 01 wrson,
crowing of that wonderful soil Improver, ALFALFA. Is meeting the approval) Mich., writes . My Whole fam-
of all men who have any knowlge of the beneficial result of its introduoi iy dopenda on Dr. King's New
tion as a general crop. . Diicovprv as tha beat "told nnd
Campaigns are now being conducted In many of the central wester cmery as mo WSl C01U ana
states, and Profeksor Holden is daily answering requests for his assistance tad COUgn mcUlCino In the world,
organising ether localities, and Invites cordial co-operation with every cora- Two 50c bottles 1 cured me of
munlty Intereated.
Where campaigns are contemplated It Is roqulred. first, that a request be)
made to the Agricultural Kztcnslon IH partment for assistance In carrying am
the campaign.
What the local people will provide:
(1) Expenses (meals and lodging) for the alfalfa speakers and stafl
upon their arrival and during the campaign.
(2) .From ten to twenty automobiles for each dny of the campslgn tej
carry the alfalfa crew and Invited guests; one auto truck to carry llteratarsaj
baggage, charts, and other equipment
(.11 Arrange for ufleUog places and publish schedule of same.
(1) Loral sdvertlsing.
(.r. Photographer, If possible.
The Agricultural Kitesslon Department will provide:
(I) Advance men to assist In organisation work.
(2) Lecturers.
(."!) Literature.
(4) Hpecial (durational artlrlea for newspapers and farm journals prtti
tit-nt to nlMTiL tullu.-i', obji ct of campaign, etc. '
(S) Fli-ld iu n to follow up the preliminary work and aid the peoplo M
V v.
No Icnger Is'the eelebrted Cam
family exclusively the owner of a ;
profane name. row,n In Penn- .
sylvania ! Hies' ths -flell familrj .'
The head of this family is'a man -'
uiaciurer oi ice. cream; ana as, no ' ;
is a believer in. advertising ka .
business getter the family "nama ') V
is flaunted ,in Jhe rfaces of thev I.,. fjj V;jA
such signs as "Go to Hell for Ico ! ' .
Cream," "Ic Cream: from Hell '
is guaranteed pure an cooling1."
"Hell is here don't , miss the
place.' , "HJell is alwayx open."
Some of tho sober minded people ;
of Farrell don't like this jdea ,of
making a joke of a very fripuu
matter-'-" '. : ' V 't
. - j . . . it .
If there is an X mark , oh $wrf$
paper .or. wrapper this wex u'. . ;
means your time a out. and tht, . : ":
your paper will be stopped.ontU .tJ .c
you send in a renewal, at
Dostat laws rcQuire that all
scriptions be paid in advance.
1 1
i v...
!as theV-'.-'..V;-''r(
all; sub- S'-tj v. f:.;-:-:
A man - Wished to nave somt".
thing original onhis wife's head-
stono and hit upon "Lord, she ,
was Thine," He had his ' own i. ; '
ideas of the size 'of tha letters,- .
and the space between. thetwr,4 ;
worda, nnd -gave instructions to ,
tha stoneman. j Th? litter carried
them out all rightcrcept that hi,
could not get lnhe-'''Mn Jhlnew , . , . J
1 - i .
"My Darling Pesrgy I met
you last night and vou never
came! I'll meet you a ain to
night whether you come or
whether you st p away. If I'm
there first, ure I'll write my
name on the gate to tell you of
it ; and if it's you that's first
why rub it out. darlin', and no
one will be wiser. I'll never fail
to be at the trystin place, Pegry,
for faith I can't keep away from
the spot where you are, whether;
you are there or whether you are !
not Yoiirown Pat" .
AlUl.'a should be raktd and either
put In the birn or if It is not sufficient
ly dry. put Into bay cocks. It If u mt
ler of conetny to have two or ln":
hundred hay caps (made of t-ix-rrnt
cloth one yard sqaare) to um In r"
of bad weather. You may think t!i!.
Is considerable bother, but ioer al
falfa ts poor etoff, and whn we r
ciet.ibcr that grod alfalfa ItIi.rs iij In
actual results naarly as gn at returns
as wheat bran, we can better r aliTi
the importance of taking cere of It
If any of us had (00 "bay cocks of
bran" In the field, we would tale cre I
of thetu. but with alfalfa we think of
It as -Just hay."
These cloths anajr have wooden pca
or scevs sort of weights atuch4 to
each corner ta hold thru In place; tha
pegs can be pushed Into the hay to
hold tho eornars fckt. I lay caps wiU
soon pevy for themeelvea In finer
quality of hay guaranteed by Uioir
"Where', your fat Iut 7"
the man in f .ncy c!olh.t.
"Lomme we if I can n
Ixt," paid t!i? Ik).v with on
pender. "If y.ure th tm
collect th intf-r.'st on the r
ra;rP, !:' ;:r. to town an.;
iknow wht-n he'll tu !:(!.
Few men arc pror.iincnt
claim they were miwuoteL
Duty is the thing that every
body else ou.!it to do.
Women wt-rtr khort slrovtia to
nmvo iht llsnv h:..o f nnr.vl.m a.
(you're r !fiiifcrator a rr::il-!
The Its a man arrt.u.its to the L, a h.si mor h(,. ,Jt lori
larger h? shows u in a group jUay y,u:i(;;iy. r.,i if yo'r.
photograiih. . m:,n tf,st oW. j,jm fur
Mind of irrjt Tt.vn run in tlui'uf ro'jUot.?. ic'h ri;:ht l!.-
same chann;-l when noonday
whistle Llowf.
pneumonia." Thousands of other
families have been euMfdly bene
fitted ami d'-tnd ntircly urwr.
l)r King's Nev Discovery to
cure (heir cough, colds throat
and lung troubles, t Kvery dose
help.-. Price Guc and $1.00. All
druggists, 11 E. Cockle a A Co.,
Philadelphia ot it Lovii. :
DeurjMr. Pollard-Kit d cncloml
my renewal fer the News. Truly,
your pajK-r ia "like n letter from
home," to me.
With best wishes,
Ciias. Hatfield.
(Thanks, PmiVsHor. We wish
you n pleasant stay nnd much
buccohh in your new field of lalior
nnd if your rluricnta fail to ad
vance it will not xi the fiult of
their teacher. Kdi tor.)
the v.oaI hh-l.
The Llest solution ofTeml to
The ccmrnl.sorv schjo! l .v
. . . ... '
I.ternal punuhm. nt t:i;iy te , Xcr.neesee is filling the
the nice of Uir.g loo kot to houses.-: Tbs i. a g-rd Liw,
buy a divorc?. jif properly c-nforcwL and v
When you find a wonun who j litre U wilt b?. it will mn
admiU? that she w ugly, believe U r thd cause cf ed'jrut:i :
anything she Rays. !anT rnrasure pa.-.seil within
ooe. trcry citizen tlutuni
t - - nno'm of a t,n'o-Lle met , Kar.., v. t o nas r n oivon ea ! ' ; ,
l.,? poo.wm oi a j.ruu.uic meat , ... ffrn iutl nhoaauK-i rUlj
(famine in the United Ftates is
The War Department has been j "ow J-ite to thejllltf iu-Lvnrhhurg News."
it Ccav A aav fv . a vviiivoiivii 111 1
i lie will now le rsx arid r tick to j be dealt with a. the Lw j.
:: A'.
p I n innii i-iuiiK v.iiaiinV
II the sign of a lady'n hari.or shop.
and m r e hail r.ev r leen in 11
lady 'a barln-r nhop ho went in.
When lu went in tho barter was
nursing hr child, ibc put the
child down and said "You are
"Excu.-e me," he aid. 1 nd
walkc.l out
We olTrr (Iih: 1 1 nf.lr.il I .liar, IU--wahl
tor an raw f I atarrh Ihnl cui
mit I cur-l l.y Hall's Catarrh t ure.
F. J. ( h nry t Co.. Tol-l, ().
We. Ihf uiuW-rtifrrtnil. har krx.wn F.
J. ("r rm-y iwjr 1 he Ifht 1.1 year, a rwl I"
lirve lit m rfr-tlv hniral.lr in all
A rough looking gentleman ,
entered the home of a gentleman
is a western city, and seeinj ,M
n iic, omuf w luin ay i iai . .
,; "If you don't tell me where
your father keeps his money, I'll'
knock ycr top knot oft and after
wards eat yer."
"Please don't," said Willie.
"You'll find all the money we've
pot in an old coat in the kitchen.
Two minutes later a bruised
and bettered wreck was pitched.
f hrough the front door of Willie's
home and sat in the gutter and
'That kid's too smart," said
the man. "Never said a word
about the old man being inside
the coaL"
charged with suppressing reports 1
from Philippine Commission, nar
rating instarces of human sla
in that island.
i Chicago, in a suggestion that the ;
Not one mn in a
marries the girl who first monop
olizes his affections.
Lands with catt'c, pat the cavalry
j to wrrk as cowboys, and supply
hundred beef to the 1 ackers at cast.
CLi.draa Bfca
t"ac" UcawM
l.ii'.-K" transaction. arnl rinanriallv
and we warn til tcrents i . to . bv ,.rn,
quart of tnions spilled in vioiata this law f . r it v.i'i.iiimi.ia:.k m msuit,
1 . . - Tsiad-L I hui
York, ticJ:e2Kr to hi rohJ; tu f r( .,., ... . ...
11,11 (t . m l 11 1 11 . in r .r, ,'n.t-
t nally. "ti : tlmvtl uim the f il
J'cn'and mii.'oui 'irf rr of thfrvtm
out of school.
,ar . ...u Herald Siur-?. Sc.
ci all iraSic for ten minuter' Pick bean, than it x.ilto
1 linn j 1 rnr"iia 11. 1 1 iriaa-wnirv' &
while the owner rickfd up his . K fines to ktei yo-.ir t l.
precious burden.
The fit n'oasurf A of vr-Jth lo Knoclin? aa a t.rtifs.
come miffitH in after years. Pd- orerrrowiletl
lT N.ttle. Sl l.y ail lrut;i;!U.
Take ll.;i' IMU f.v rftiUm.
Ka.sUis was in New York for
the first time and wanted to go
to the Polo Grounds to see a ball
Getting on one car, ha paid his
nickel, rode a half hour, then'
getting impatient, asked tne con
ductor where he was going. On
learning from that dignitary that
he was on the wrong car and well
over in Rrooklyn, off he jumped,
and ljok another car, which he
was told would tale him to the
. . .. , i 11 &
;inu inis umc ne lanaea mi
the Battery, very excited at his
hard luck.
The third time he caught a car.
Hat down and wiped the perspi
ration from his face and began to
cuss, a3 only a full born nigger
a A
can. A preacner suun;; ntxiio
him heard him, looked over and
(aid :
"i!y man, don't you know yott
are going straight to hell ?"
Up jumped Kastus, made one
dive? for the door, stopping only
long enough to shout to the Trea
cher :
"Fo de Lawd's ra'ke, is I on d
wrong car agin
Sitting at the table wiJi the
remainder of the family, a Penn
sylvania woma. diei suddenly
and her death is unnoticed until
after the completion of the masL
-w.r 4,
(: '
'.'-'' ,
f A'

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