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A Kw Eton Cf Htm.
Iwi tafiartBg tnm Main y
11 f " RsSalrfa, A. OaMd ait
LTsrcaakttasys l Dl t ifM
xmi un s ot nii
f tw
assat tf Tit SsaseNCt Hews.
PuUIshed ertekly at Sneedyille,
EiitA-T7altr a Polhrd. Sneed-
ville, Tennessee..
Publisher-Walter & PoRsr.
Walter C PoHard, Owner.
t3wom to and subscribed 'before
cm this SSth day of September,
County Court Clerk,
cxta . rauua. oat mi
A w kly uswspspsr rkrotsd to tha
ttadastrlsL brta&aeu: and ami da
lopsMiit and growth of Hancock
.eeanty In pnittctlar and Eaat Tannaaaaa
in fansraL -Rapebliean In politic, faar.
law la dstsrst of troth, and ever aaal
.eos la sdvoeser f warhatarar tanda to
tattawuwitof oQv aaetiorvor eontrfc
aarpbttMor ltsstna. .
AoVrwaali lUtaa nada'ltnWn on
Cfcttuartaa will bewharjraa
,ror at ina
of tan eanta a Una.
.tan moat
any toe Ornar. no
iKRW1 baIwm raal
ftfcs writer iatsdMd tharrto.
- Cntarad acod-1ass mattar
vCapaalrV12, t .tha Woffles it
Jnaadra. Taraaaasa, undar Aet of
OnTer s -v" 'V CaeD&ar
, Fifty sats
. KQ eff & calamity howler nM
' J..
Tha created need 61 Haneock
county is less kickers, ami more
' boosters. .
Tscje.ls not a Ujaniiy in Han.
' .cock county wfxf -cannot afford to
' aubacribe for their home paper. .
Tha latest reform joke Is to the
' effect thatex-Caorernor Psttcrson
.ha joined the prohibitionists.
Tha recent extra session of the
'legislature was a worst disgrace
to the state than its predecessor.
'In looking arwad .for congres
sional timber, aqd cuie who would
' be a credit to fcia peopk what's
the matter wift oe W. Howard ?
i i iaa i
A water shorlage in .Middles
; boro is doubtless due to recent
visit of the paojdibition -ng of
. our legislators to that city
The good book says that All
extortioners shall have their part
in the lake that burns with fire
and brimstone." This being the
case, the fellow who pay hit
work hands SO cents a day and
charges them a dollar for .corn,
may expect a warm time when
he passes out
pecausQ he fersuaded a young
.girl to elope with him, and b$
,eause fate led the thoughtless
ieet of the heneymoonera out of
.one state Into another, a young
;man has been convicted f the
.Mann white slave traffic act
When a servant in the Gcrrswi
.army perceived that he had bero
i4etectsd in theft he seized two
.ordnance revolvers and fled to an
attic, from which vantage point
he shot and killed the first two
inen who approached to arrest
A detective has been arreted
in Atlanta on a magistrate's war
rant charging kidnapping, it
being charged tnat a prisoner
whom the detective claims he
secured through the regular
means cf extradition, had in fsct
f tfn illegally taken nto custody.
There are Quite a number of
oar subscribers' time expired, but
throuzh an overeteht they have
not heeded the I mark on their
paper or wrapper, and some 01
them are our best patrons, who
the paper, and we hate t give
them up, also to Jose their pat
ronage. But Uncle Sam says all
subscriptions roust be paid . in
advance. So you see where we
are at Now this is to notify all
our subscribers who are deGn
linauent as well as new subscri
bers, that we will send tho News
until January 1, ISIS, for one
dollar, and that unless their re
mittance reaches us by November
1 we, will be compelled to cut
off those not paid p, which we
regret to do, but we must obey
the Dostal laws or be deprived
the privilege of the pound rates,
without which we could not run
our paper. Now watch for the X
mark on your paper or wrapper
and remit us by return mail You
cannot afford to do without your
county paper, and we have some
financial obligations that are
pressing us that we cannot meet
unless you assist us. and as we
are doing our -best to give you
paper that is of interest to you,
and a credit to jour county else
where, you should show your
appreciation of our work by
prompt renewal, und get your
friends who are not already sub
scribers to become readers.
Thanking you for past patronage,
and .assuring yon that in the
future, as in the past, we will be
found working far the upbuilding
of your county and its people.
We are Yours Tic Command,
V I2atnM Saaaf Hawklu Coaaty,
Ract for Govaraor.
A strong club of citfot nshas
been organized in Hnwkin coun
ty to boost her favorite son, Hon.
George L. Bciry, lor governor.
Ha is a aelf-raade man of rare ex
exutive ability whose life a an
open book without a stainless
page, and should he accept the
nomination end to elected, he
would bo a governor for the
'entire people, and v.'ould place
our state on a higher plane than
It has been for year, as his ad-
Ministration would be cendutted
-1 j i i:i
in ciean ami uusinrKa-i'ae man
ner. "Governor" George L.
Berry soonds Rood to us hill
billys, having been rained among
us be kinder ffcls like kinfalks
and is as will be shown by our
votes, if ho js nominated, when
w will land .him in Nashville.
Waal's the aistter w ith George
L. Berry ? He's alright !
HooM-Keepiac Wobcs Nee4 Hcakk
Ml Strcaftk.
The ork of a komt-Vcering
! woman makes a constant call in
her strength and vitality, and
Mckneirs comes through Mr kid
neys and bladder cfter than
she knows. Foley Kidney Pills
will invigorate and feltrher,
and weak lvick back, nervous
ness, aching joints and irregular
bladder action will all dU appear
when Foley Kidney Pills arc used
J. C Trent
Foley Kidaey FUs SscceeJ.
Because they are an 'honestly
made medicine ' that relieves
promptly the suffering due to
weak, inactive kidneys and pain
ful bladder action. They offer a
powerful help to nature in build
ing up the true excreting kidney
tissue, in restoring normal acuon
and relieving bladder discomforts
TBY THEM. -J. C. Trent
The health of our community
Isgood at this time. . ,
We have been ht Vinor
a fine
rain all day and til oundia
irettinir wet Aa aoonaa this is
over our farmers can go tT blow
ingfor wheat .
Ye scribe attended meeting at
- w
the Johnson graveyard yesterday
and heard some fine preaching
and also some good singing in
the evening at the church at
Sand Spring, conducted by Prof.
D. J. Newberry. There was
part of three classes and they
certainly made good music
Some of the boys must have
gotten a little too much booze
yesterday,' from the way they
were acting. You ought to be
careful boys. Court w21 come
again and you won't be so gay.
W. C. McDaniel and clever li.
tie wife, was visiting his sister
on Brier' Creek Saturday and
Sunday and report a nice time.
C C McDaniel got thrown off
the track singing tenor Sunday,
and didn't get back on.
There was prerching at Elm
Spring yesterday, but ye scribe
was unable to attend, owing to
engagements elsewhere.
Hello Calera, Oklahoma Come
again. We certainly like to f end
your letters. ,
Come on, all you who write for
the News, and help to make our
home paper better if possible
it's good enough for me Jn, its
nresent form, and if the mice
was two dollars a i-it
be without it
Will G. Richmond, a resident
of Inglewood, Cal. will answer
any inquiries about Foley' Honey
and. Tar Compound. Vie says
further: "Foley's Honey and
Tar Compdund has greatly bene
fitted' me 'for bronchial trouble
and cough, after I used other
remedies that failed. It is .more
like a food than a medicine.'
Do not accept a substitute. J.
a Trent
'There will be singing at Swan
Creek next Sunday conducted by
Prof. D. J. Newberry. Thera
will be sbme good singing led by
the Brewer's Chapel xlaja, and
they always make good.
body invited.
The changeable weather of early
fall brings on coughs and .colds
that have a weakening . effect 03
the system that may beconv)
chronic Use Foley's Honey aril
Tar Compound. It has a soothing
and healing effect on the irritated,
and inflamed air passages, an
will help very quickly. Jt is 4
well known family medicine that
gives results. J. Cs Trent
Aaawt Yw InMUIa.
WUt 4 roar lBttkata apaUt
DeoDla hava bad w
Namaa Uka Aitanr B. BaJUran ai um
fartaaatai Oaona (Haary) -Aoraataa
Rala prafamd ta aaa ktawatt o
Owrv Adam Soaltk, Into OAS. QU
btrt AHwaat. of eoajraa, waa Jat
GAB. Wttatlar far awhOa drappad
ala McNatn. faartnc Ska poaaiMa no-
raw of JAM Wl Oar. Hanr
Harvard fcifaaaaa
n r n (Haarrt
ruM t hm ITXIX laaaorlaf Ida
nanM. and Mata. da Jaattf.
no loacar -Otga.
Ca4aa af Mhmn Koto
la aorta lanan a aa
Wn tMBnlA. oaarbaf of
kaalad fraaa taa aaomtaiaa and pt In
pUro wit aopaa asado rfwfcoJr
Uoao liana, wtlcfe vara WmM
fMtk ar aa adlc. rra ropao vaaa
rraM terboa ta arram
1.400 Not ka tanctt. vhOa
tbo at bar wu Wron Uckoa ta
raraoca and 2.00 f rot Hag.
Explorers returned from Baffin
LuA flout the idea that there is
gof i be found there.
1 V JToV TuAiti fcSmviM
ii 'iur i a. vw mm a vj
" riage containine
r. "killing them all
j J
w England relatives
it the distribution of
eft by the late' Abel
A tew. office, that of chaplain
to tha Catholic students of the
University of Pennsylvania, has
been appointed.
John Purroy Mitchell, fusion
candidate for mayor of New York
has accepted the Independence
Lea rue endorsement
Rice in Louisiana is reported to
have been damaged to the extent
of several hundred thousand doll
ars by recent rains.
Francis Burton Harrison, gov
ernor-ceneral of the Phillinines.
is in Japan en route to Manila to
assume his new duties.
v a .
Four columns of . federal troops
are moving south in Mexico with
the purpose of surrounding Pan
cho Villa, the rebel leader, and
Ins army.
The dizzy altitude now reached
by the 'high cost of living" has
been accentuated by tho announc
meat that aauer kraut is becom
ing more expensive.
An unconfirmed rumor has
leaked out in San Francisco to
the effect that the government
mint there has been looted of a
sack ef coin containing $30,000.
Thaw's lawyers have secured
an extension of time to file sup
plementary briefs,- and the extra
dition hearing now will be heard
before Governor Felknoroon Octo
ber 6.- tri 3a ;
Edward TaBor Snow, landscape
painter and art collector, who
waaartr ye at tne
ir-rrr' J,ia dead in
vage of 73
yera,: .
Zti: Casah'Ross. of Fulton,
Mo.; has been convicted and sen
tenced to ten years impriaonment
fer the murder of her Jnisband,
who was shot with a revolver
While" asleep.
jananese warshiDS are hovering
apout the Chinese coasts, await
ing the outcome of Japan's ultj
watumto China with regard to
recent Chinese attacks on Japa-
rsa subjects.
1 A negro woman has a bullet in
bar leg, and a negro man is ador
ned with divers gashes inflicted
bra knife, as a sequel to a recent
PoSte006 race segration
.very-1 j . rn:.
cunuun lit uaiuiuvic
r ouspects are oeing rreau-u in
lrgs numbers in Montgomery in
frm . t . A J !
an effort to locate the three ban
dits who held up the Alabama
Creat Southern fast express near
Eibbville. Ala., and secured
P3.C00 in cash.
The first strp that has been
taken to o Derate or test the
Panama Canal has been taken in
passing a sea-going tug, drawing
twelve and one-half feet of water
throuzh the Catun locks into the
Gatun Lake
Woaea WU Get Dior.
Every woman who is troubled
with fainting and dizzy spells,
backache headache, weakness,
debility, constipation or kidney
troubles should use Electric Bit
ters. They give relief when
nothing else will, improve tbe
health, adding strength and vigor
from the first dose. Mrs. Laura
Gaines, of Avoca, La,, says:
."Four doctors had given me up
and my children and all my
friends were looking for me to
die, when my son insisted that I
use Electric Bitters. I did so,
and they have done me a world
of good."- Just try them. 50c
andJl.OO at all druggists or by
mail H. Beckkn ft Co-.Fkil.
ittpaia of St Laoia.
Miss Cordie Maness spent Sun
day with friends on the river.
Children Cry
The Kind You Have Always
In um for over SO yean,
ana Ua. been mado tuidcr hi per
i&tyf-f-f-, crjil snpervlslon f tne It lufancy.
X JtccA4't Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeit, Imitation a:i(l Just-tu-ztad" aro but
Experiment that trill ulth and endanger Die health of '
Infants and Children Experience ag&lnst xperimeiU -
Castorlivis a harmless snbstltute for Castor Oil, Pare
gorle, Drops and toothing Syrups. It Is pleasant. 16
contains neither 0;lum, Morpldno nor other Jiarcotlo
sabstaace. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms -and
allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it '
has been in constant no fur tho relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles ond :
Diarrhoea. It resrulutes the Stomach and Bowels, -assimilates
the Food, giving- healthy and natural sleep. .
The Children's Panacea Iho mother's Friend .
GEfjuiNE c Astoria always.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always BougM
In Um For Over 30 Years
T. J. CANTWELL, President J.
W. S. MOLES. Cashier.
DirectorsT. J. Cantwell, J.
J. B. Mitchell and
ft m - j
(Four Miles West on Snesdville PUe.)
Rogersviile, Tenn.
General Manufacturers of all kinds of Monument Work
Lowest Prices and Prompt Delivery. Give us a calL
A 5 Disc One Row
Is what you need for noaintf wher.t in corn. lias Fertilizer
and Grass Seed AltacSinient. Oily one !xie needed to operate it.
Armour & Globe Fertilizer.
, Lea, Anderson & Co.,
Roersville, Tennessee. . 4
for Fletcher's
Bcnght, oad which has been
has boruotlie aismatore of
Signature of
B. MITCHELL, Vice President.
- - - $12,00.0,
A. Mayes, W. T. Testerman, ..;-. '-'u ...
Harriet Maness. ...... . , . .
. -it
i ...
j y

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