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ill iv i k .
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Vol. 1.
9 t
FridXV, te(?Ri
f,:00-9 :00 SjJeliing
SiOO-TTiuO . .. Arithmetic
11:00-2:00.. ......Reading Oifclo
1 .-00- ..nihlmar
"t JSO- 4:00 I........ 'RAidinc
'SATURDAY, t)E(Bft 23:
.-00-"iK)0.:....... ."Wflfiiig
9:OO--10:8O JPhyaiolosy
.aoaO-'U.-OO .Geogrtfiihy
l!00.'2i30 .W.T3. History
'2a0-4.-00.i....Tcnrttsw?6 History
"Different group ot ttbjh School sub
jects Villtilao he gIVeft.
'ty, 3 f)rinnofi, 3upt.
iEn1istmek Vbb Retalar Army,
:h for'sevdh yea'i's. I'htee Vcars
;or? in nctive service 'And four
yvnr.-i i'i the rc-3r rvofc Imt anv rii
w!io i-. .-.'Tving in an dVganiz tti-vi
statidr..-.! in tho contiix'ttui
UniV.-ti Str t.'s may be fnrloughetl
to the YeseWe fiitet one year of
honorable evice, t Ws . lrhmed
late commanfliiift officer shall re-
port him as woficien't nd sufTi-
"ently traftiea. Ally Tfnan WhO Kim. npnnlatlvi-s lit tonunereiul or-
"'"nisL ttfith aVietttO OU lftying kanlMtloiiK, railway executing eoo
Il.StS Wltn a View 10 qu ad6ther toaPW arlH foivthom.
reserve at tne ena oi one
. i'nrfco viti be essigned
H bo desire, to an drfean
il. tint ZdiUh the on
mts . tf lie tJnited !
ptj at rne time of his assign
teat In fine oTVflftee this will
rictically ftssnre furlough tO j
to the "reserve, ft desired, at thej
expiration of one year's service
to all wen who have become
proficient This provision opens
-a way bv -which any yotffip; man
may put in a year of honorable
service in the Army, with a
view tc being prepared to serve
his country in time of war. The
physical training and -discipline
'acquired will greatly Increase
efficiency 1h a'ny civil pursuit.
This year of training can be had
without expense. The Govern
ment furnishes transportation to
station arid return to place of
acceptance Tor enlistment'; good
food, lodgings 'and medical atten
dance; clothing to start with
amounting to $43.05 and add t
ional clothing during the year to
the amoimt of $24.80 in addition
to all this the pay is troth $15.00
to $99.00 per month.
For full Particulars aprly at
Army RecfuitingvOffice, Comber
land Gap. Tenn., or J. t . Mancss
SnfHHlville, SenYi.
i."EVI MURRAY Mertio
dist Minister.
My Regul appdiftiment for
!:e folio ins years Ml and 1917.
1st. Snndav 10 o'clock a. m.
Shiloh; 8 p. m. Beech S rove,
nd, Sundfcy i0 a. rfi. Alder
"Ch. Sneedville-at riijlfu
3rd. Sonday 10 o'c.cck a. m.
Mt Pi a&rr.t; 8 p. m. f Jir Viear.
"Ltiortv "t r pit
40 oV
. Vi.tt r
..vd.i !
mum - i T-iTr mi i mni i i if
4er eondition oT Carriers.
may change present system
Officials of Koada Prapaeed to Advoeafe
Fsderal Incorporation, 8uptrviaien of
'-Securities aid Extanaion of Authority
of Interstate Commerce Cemmioeiob.
"Washington, Nov. 'jO.-Teu member
W C"ouj;ress, Ave Senators inulfive
mcmliera'bf the House of Kcpresehtf
fivcs, bcgui here today :n liw'jnlry into
the subject fcf public control and
oervlsioii of railroads that may lead to
the. revolutionizing of'lhe whole scheme
if (joveriiiiUMifUl regulation fit the coun
try's rif asportation 'line. Incidentally
the committee Is to look into the tiuei
fl.ui of government ownership of rail
tvays, tMephone and tclitfroph line
lli.l - fill's CbtlltlHUlcK
The 'member of - the conimiftce
Vlilrli Vlll conduct 'this iiiiportiuit In
vestigation are Pcnntor New lauds of
Xcviidu, chairman; Kcunlor Kol.hmih
of Arkansas. VndcrwM.J of Alabama.
Cummins of Iowa Aid Ilrandrtree of
Voiinertleut, dud Reim-wiltatlves Ad
hiimou of tli-orifla. flins of 'IVimenMee,
'Cullop of InJInnn. Kseh of Wlsit.iiKlii
an: lliiinllfoti of Mohly;n. The In
'niilry 'wa's 'fecoiunieudcd !.v rreisldeiit
on In his liu-MSMffo ti CoiiKii-w Hi
ll )r'iiibor of hist ycr.r. Hi tlosirlln '1
t: lln iii;rii.'e t i'u ti-n i!-.o wl:-.t n-.l 1
n vlo-io "for 1)ttM-li-r the c(i!ii!tikuV;
tinder whloii the rnllrn.ul nro oitiTh;I
nu I for limUlii: tlwni iire nsefiil aerf-
aut nf the country n ft Avt'ilc."
romiilaM Ma tfa .Witnea.
'ru onlor to ohtnln the vIuwm of all
Interests itfiVi-tetl lr tlu o'M'iatloim of
'the truiisfwulatlon lines tlw MiinmltH'e
hiiH luvllitl iroiiilmiit slditpew, lunik
v. -t th llh lire nWo
eciiiuilHshmerB of various "itates whh
i.actmii Vi..ir t-ltiiiifa 'tiNlrfr. Tlictr
Kesthuony b-dlrectPh"Cli1e1Jrtt -!
Iiitf any bulargcmcnt of I he iwierai
liuthority over eouunerce that wonhl
detract from 'the weis Imw exi-rclseil
15chV ;f wny
omanintlons who aro exKs tl t it v-
Nt r their oiutosition to the in- re...-
rihI coudltloiiri of lnlMr.
'hi-f Intercut In the heniliij'H -en-U'lH
In the proposals that will Ih put
forward ly representatives of the rail
'N'iiiN, tile-It U rertMl tht Hmt Vlll
iKlv.xnte nu cxteui ii f fiilern'l nh
th'rlty ovr rates unci s-iii-tl to the
pmik-Hl cxelusliu of slate iimlrrf
tin-up niiittei-s. It Is imderl'SMl also thai
they will k on ret-onl in fnvir of fed
eml niriorMllnii of nil rsllrHnl Hues
l.giUtiva Program ol fJailroads.
T'roiu an authorltatlv hoiri' U M'
(allied the followinv Oilllloe if I he 'leg
islative projtnini wlih-li the railroad
Vill ask the -Mnilllllei 'to rl.UKldt r hi
Iti Investlcntlon: They will endeavor
to d liioiitrale'lo the eoiiindl"ii lhal
one of the prlnelpal defeels In Ihepres
tut system f rnflroiKJ lru'iiliiti'tn Is
the ho-k i' i-oordiiuilloii rciilliiiK from
lie slilillllaliisius and l-nli;-. lot fRil
l;itlon I'.r the federal tdvenniieiit id
'by the 4 t:il They w ill, tlieii fre.
Bsl; Hint entin- u.ivennneutril -iitiol
of the rafes and prslWs of interstate
carriers. eept phri-ly 1-wsl matters.
Is plu'-l in the hands of a federal
Insly so that iiiursliite trm' may I
liRiihiled without refiTriiei- to Mote
llne. leavhiKtu the t-tnle miiiWlir
jfurl-dieiioii tity- o r l si mailer and
"Vn-a pul.ii.r utilities. a part .f this
j.lsn. n -i'iupnl'ry K.vf'iu of f-d-rl
Irntins'iath-n I" 1 1s rriitiiiu'-bricd.
heitiiiipnnh'd !. fritrral MiervlsMi f
rallpnil lsk mid blid Mie.
A reiTKanitotl'Mi of tlu Interstate
't'oiniucn-e 'oiiiiiiUIiii will !s ake
"In onler ennlile the -iiiiiill'ii 'i1
etly to exen-le its lii-rt-srd mrs
It is aho rssed that the pn i nralho
Mud rse-utloii r i-jtii vant the
rslll-'Mids shall Is dtdeirstrd si.e
Mher aj:eiM-y of th r eriniierit. ol
My tlu I H-artnieot f Jii-lh-r. irti ihn
I tie hihi'jiKImi may d v"le It cner
cli-s to i adiiilidtrsilTe f met Inns.
With the tsitnioKsliHi ltiu reii.-vs1
i T mine i-f ll pie nl duli- and r-"';
t-l ! Iisinile II .i.-n--- iifrr pn:n I
I. d I I III..! Iln j.e
n ' 'it ' i iiiiiiiei' in :j
!;.. -
rti-- !-
Irl .'SI -.
.. 1-t- JS
t ln r.-a s if
u ! II l . .'.
ll l-r i ?1
l l.. -l t-
1 rN
l.i it r-
'On 0f the most Important recom
mendations for which the rallrhads
rlll ask favor.ilI consideration Is
that the coulmisslou bo KpecificaJty
fenthorleed 'to take into acoOuut lu
fate regulation (he effect of rates
tioou total earulnca 'In tlw light f ex
penses. While tho KeVlands Committee Is
required, under the resolution creat
ing it, to submit a retort :by January
2 next. It Is not ariticlpatM that the
Committee trill bare come anywhere
'near couptetlnc Its 'labor then.
Landon KJell, "l case3, tippling;
Ho'bert'Davldson, Arms'; retird.
Morrrde Mdbre, ' caS& arma
and tipling; retired.
Lewis Fergerson, arms jretiretl.
Lark Willis, fe cas33,P. D. &
arms; not guilty.
Lowis Wirrstead, arms; trans
feted to Juvenile CtiUrt
Irving Hopkins, P b. 'retired.
Wiley Jones, et al LA X"sub
mitlell. Dilla Conms, tipplinfi?; fdrfei
ture. Will Brewer, L & X retired.
James H. Davis,. rribrdtr; or
dered out for new trial.
Cleve Ratliff, murder; 10 to 20
years in rpehitentiary.
Dftvid Trent, and Lirzie Wilder
folloiiious r.ssault; guilty, Vtrdict
of Juj r.( t aside.
Fred "Earls, arm?; not guilty.
Robt-'Odell, Larceny; V yeit
in penitentiary. ' .
W. It Bennll. cel., bigam
Lewis Odell, P. D. Submittal
fined $10,00 and cost t
Dverette Winkler, P.1). t5x
Emery JoKnsdav D. axC
ted. $10.00 .eost'
Amos Collins, P. D. submitted
$10.00 and cost.
Brownlow Johnson, arms; Bub:
mitted. $50 00 & cost.
David Trent, and Elizabeth
vilder, L & A guilty, of an as
sault with intent to commit mur
der in second ifc-gYee.
Robt. Kilgore. P. T. alias
A. F. Crntwell, tippling; alias
Charlie Moles, P. D. continued.
Ill-Ill jr winiiiouii, anan
Tip Calvin n.nd Mafgf.retOwens
L & Alnislrial.
Frank Brewer, P. D. r.ol
Joseph Cioud, P. D; 2 case?,
nolle pros. ,
Irving Greene, tfUc'bill, capia?.
Dowy Collins, n6l. n cost.
C. J. Baker, 'continued.
Or ve 'Campbell, continued.
A. J. Li'fion V. D; continued.
A. J. IaWson, felony; nolle on
Noah Raby, continued.
'G. W. Buttrj'. submitted $1.00
and cost.
Lew is Odell, U. S. L. & orfns,
r, tx I .x, j.,
ij.vJ aim iu xiajo, i
Emry Goodmrfn, nolle on ct I
i v .vv. v .visited Mi.ws ikss ana uaiue
. Jwev Warn. A & Un-
j j Mrs. W. H. Greene and Mrs. T.
I COMPROMISE A. Brewer visited Mrs. Andrew
'Every body seerrs toljc enjoy-.Wilder, Sunday evening.
f:fc -the "hne 'weather. . Miss "jarte'tolder'sliouse was
" Mconcy. tli contractor, bitmed down TUiy.
to im getting along Tr.c f. txribes aflerdt-d intin
; 'i pivt r.:d building. at (V'l Branch, lal Sunday tr.d
llev. Wiey Couk filled his rf g- listened to a two hour remcHi by
uh'- :ii'P"ittTTteni !.t Vinp"rm;cRev. T. I. Smith
Sunday. He'uas assteted in the
funtfi-al jerViccs by 'Rev. George
Mrs. -John Lawson was found
dead oa'bed lait week. 'Iler re-
frbains were intered in the oM
familfc,gjave,ydrd'hear ShHbh.
Ajrfey Goncc, Monroe Summer,
Gio.I Jas.. dnd Hendly1 Wcy.
weiia quests of T J. VAughn. I
' lr tj ... -1.
Wiliard Hill .of Rogersviiif.i
inmua iictc ounj.
. Orbean HiU.sems to have cor-
MiAd'tbe turkey market here!
to Mr. anil Mrs. W. W.
le.a'dt.ughter. - '
ohn Williams has been lU'for
e time Is get ting better.
'iley Cook and Georgo 'Trent,
the ' uesta of William Boke'r
and family Sunday.
itamcs Vaughn was seen riding
in the same direction as usual
Su1day-svcnlng. .
firs Carrie Drinnon is visiting
e hear' that Mack Snodgrass,
Hugh Te&erman and 'Missuth
Darnell are running thntg at
Sneedviile this year; wonder if
they won't have'compaVir after
"ilrs. T. 'J. Vaughn, anil Mrs.
Vesta Snapp wcro visiting Mr. J.
FrTiusley ifod family rucsday.
'7ith bestAvrehes to the Kews.
Jaa Doe.'
! (Dry Valley.
lonly Clement and Mias
,hci- ).:d last
...... in i. -
v. W. T. &m baptised Miss
nji!a Hatfield at Cook .School
tlotialkst Sunday.
" There tvra e'eo'on picking fol
(owttl by a candy pulling at John
Stipletons'lkBt Saturday.
The Rose Schtxl gave a Box
Supper Friday. .
' Ylr.Giiieral Cbtfey t.-as 'seen
....'. ' bu..i.t
on n waiyuibcvAiiss t-
ton. who is preparing to to
A - ... I. a anH.vM ak m m .k . ff 1
school at Tazewelle, Tenn.
Dry Valley School is holding
up well and has a speaking everv
Mr.'Orlander Coffey is hfculing
. , .
his cross ties to the creek.
Mr. David 'Dalton is prcliaring
to'tnove'to Tazewell, Tenn., for
! the rurral o pending to acnooi.
a . a
1 will itiakcmy letter short this
time and Writ again.
Maple Wood.
Every bbdy 5t?ems to be enjoy
ing themselves at this writing.
Mrs. Andrew Wilder Is on tha
sick fist thi ' week.
Misses Birdie Coand Maggie
Brewer passed through frosty
Hollow Sunday.
Tr R tV ftrinrwM wVin ha
(been on the sick list for a fc
:daT3 18 improving.
Mise Uine ana ora rwne.
DliiO. V'ftW.
' "'f-ZZ.
A tvvivnl'Trteetinir is excected
to begin at' W Branch, De. tO.
W.'fe. Trent of Oklahiffea.rhy
don't you write' to the -News?
Pix.f. Ctty IfopkTnsHfsifed W.
Greene Wednesday night.
'i1u"fjii-miViof tiHS&vtiiMi ari" luisv
'patlutin'VoVit 'nn'J fiVtin 'in tluir
h;tefs vi'?0v1,.
. . ,
-- - .
T ..
M Rutvrts iho rtwd
'today rifmtmg-tur ins v?siini do'.
- - - ; y ;A'7r; ,
h:2li flnat YuK-lv horses would o up
a' hohftJ boitjiht ono for i.5.
Fiftii r r as seen in Snake
HC'IFow "Sihid.iy. Wi clflimed (o e
Mihx lortnf bdt I' dtmH pttfs lto
v:i. " .
J.:irn.'SVA. l.initliCni and1 f.un'ily i
Mollxfry'fiap nro aiming to 1Mve
fen WM 'a .vain.
The ptH)'plc at SwlplVur "Springs
aro expecting 'a revtvai inH tinjr to W
SMVT ' , then Mf. VVjlliams V .
Wfe'ru J",'A vAv Su.ir ( An-iy 'Mr. 'Tom'Ctnt- ...1 ;
luHivp.ipii and lu-Jp ilio' l;ditff iRot'to'fiirntsh'him. -with, another "' 7'v.
... i. ... . ..." ..lUi.vii will turn over to the
1 , .MlllU'l'S f' .ill I I'
ciil.trpn Ills M"r.-.
J. H. Collins ;m lits warnf li.t'f
reltiint'd 1-ot I.uttrHI, Tenn., wlvrv
. , , .u.j'.k tit-
Asthisis my lrit letter I Wiling
oft afrd I'on.etiffnin wxm.
' , i
J.ty-I'ird. ;
IrfCrtaSE VrOTS '"OAirtV
'if Poorer' Half tfCeVrs Were Sole1 f4.
turns Would ae'Doubltfd, Says .
Dirty XeftWulaeloiMr.
ll sccius like a Ktwma: rtstertient to
innke, l.ul it M no Unibt true, t a wns
raid by ttie dairy tsimmlsMnT of a
Kront slnt? dnlry. thut If tfce MNrer
hnlf of tbe eows of tho state w-ro sold
off the dairy' Vrottts of the stnte would
lf'lmt the brtter half of tho eowa
NrentM 'heTwm thnsi'-V-tV
l)n.,ronlM,, ,. wuu,, i XN, th.
. k a a a
work would I hnlvs and the proflts
front thoso kept would Is- more than
double those of the liepls us now con
st I tul. "U
Tlie Ttdn f liutter-aad nillk pro
ilii' tl-m wsvld Ik 1s-rensst. lio Vfoull,
4f this ssut'i dero nirsuel, ad the
DtiiMh Vn liAV
i itiKer iiriee; out i nniiyinnn wom"
Hu m i.r.dns. Mu.i that mIhuiM be
IdKher rriee; hut iin oniiymnn womo
rxbs'siol Improve' Mn bind rvf v,
" . . ; . .
uiiisi he awai-e nights rMdyimr . i
A-tlliu; milk Is nboyt Iho banl. w-A,
I.. . .l..lrv r.rm l.nt lie Im s lis
liUttiTfut nils tt.t I . I ttir bul Miiftiiii
r.ra l-mof l.uttif l-ii t nsiii a v;fii
n.eyfay !tls.HIi"aH.ir.T.--;ir,-
(te Mwt !,Uaee' orevenl Miat
. 'far., faa-' -ed In htorin? r... ,
for winter rrverji tifiilii-. Hi-
lis psi tn " n-llar Unl and i'b
enslderuble t siih " thrlr roUi aro
trry M ri beei. end rm4 of awy lln
that beat lb' tin bfn A.
Wbeii wratbfr rtndloiN r ill i
,.m iUf tnn BflH, pnUiutt ,,rr ,M1I
I'tw - f. srftrlnir'lii 'H-e.rt. The .-
... .... .. ... . .
arb that Tn th cellar v nil ib"
n!Jh theT-Mtee ibry wltl k.nK !jr'
Brhnpas-tsiN hf i r rs-n' t ! rrfl a1
r--nf s eif -ulatl.si f sir. '
AHks tii-r" Is dnof'i f f.
ftsr1it ll lle- r.iwl fcle! Ih.-y
tw To'l-s'itl ft a w"'ii..;'i I ;
tS. II I'll- :H-f- r al ) tl ' r
utel r.iirr v.Hi irraw aad maMir.-'and
I t.-at'Hit.i rbee fr e.!. yr vee
.Irv ..n:. Tf ti- osrrl'i? T- n ftvl
rSrt'IV f'.ir!nr I'e- d. y uii'
f-v1iC r w I dry V ry y .
XT'- ts Lie. !i - r How t- -t '"
i lle r-.ll.r - '''-
M,rt.t t bn llwr are f..it.d L
' n- l"-l ben
Si). 8
sbcitflEbifcr f-s'I'thlfcotlr
i)aper thbiiht' I would ' give ydu
a few doHinrld4tvKes1 ri-Brn' bfir
The health' of lt.V.r,cfBimuni.v
is very good at pre? ent ' etcct.
BaWctPriceAvMoisi:. .
Mss Loiia 'Xtilft-Trfo. r'ild
bimrti'Kvtnt'fo VarcAc
Suhday torSe"cflrfff ah'd'rejftrt. '
nice 'tJme. ,:ey '$ofcffffihcr
"V" cur' -n;?...
... ...
the girls v'6re 'taking KfifL
D6hknoWrry. -'i
arn lookintf for a 'prosperoiL
tirjje fo'r'the next four yPars of
tlr. : vWilsrin8"fminti'fttion, ds
rabbits are pow'lcfH, "ixrfd look-
ing To'o htgher. Flour is how so .
high that? thfioor rnari din never
hotnorc reach a bMut.
Well.il am very tony for
G. Al Williams "aa he maile tlie
nsseHifri that if Mr; Hughes was .
AMtA thntlhe wfruld kick i bis
plionelut 'of; his h;odse.;,VfcA
HuKheHeWrWlIikrrts . r'
kept his;wj)W nd kickd'hfo
phone out and tore it ail to pieces
uui snoniy ne news tonic m
.V"" T , .. : . . w
(JrAnd t;ui lfrrniDiican. rpny..
think Tom ough'to fnirnisji r
witnoiut. ( t a
Mr. Floyd . Greenotat "
!Cftrrt this last week and n
.... l.jwu AAtA '
ii.v w -M 9.1 a jiiire.ui,' u., luui s anaaw -
jnobilo and street ttyr&tr
r.ftonro OdomiV
. .ik . ,r . w
Gatrett'Greehe arp trapping .
mi aVi-nlR. Thiv Am ill i
iTr. 'and
Mrs. Barhct Prieo
k . OK
were' visiting Mr. and Mrs. G.
A. Williams at trAnvrmnir.
ilobert'li. Smith says that ff
ho does not get that girl down at
G. A. W's ho believes he will gb
Aco Murrell says ho expects fb
remain single till he rnarrics.
Wedding bclU are ringing 7rt
our bUrg Mr. Sam Vflcj rinjl
MiMs'Gctty'Ditfry.xverc 'rnarrietl
last week. Mr. Dave Day . of
TreruTWay and. Miss r-Ha Pkt
j ; , " . .. . , , . .
:0 Rosref3vi!le,Tt'c Ti'.arnett Idst
vKev. Crart TawsVAi
.,11 iiMnintr
(;uegs (.'nc'.o SuXTi will have
lK-hty 0SIdKl J M M.CK
I W'ltltK ClVO Wilder. I l'.JS
(Hrdon rirtl 'Ham Yintr.iat
, ,
Mr. 'KjL V.-fllt dfd MU'Uiy
a-vh't thik'lViylifcw whose
buys (hcyVtf0.
MThs 'Mom nd crl I-
Smith T4v th'V '-xrc love the
: i . .nwls FA'Vi toJr .
tdiut IP l..r iVnr tV
lotTicc'rat j"etH trret ring sttr!
'if I fev thM i?4f;-int''ni" ma;v
1 '.lilly
Berlin raert "SoecM for'Cermaas In
ittKCtactftar Air riQsts ea He
itro Frost.
'ruiin v.'tt in ' srtv "t tc-
tailor Vlr libls ii tW i-iiini
ft iTiiiiii fyefs shot lowii 1" al
tUt nrrt.lV-. tbe 'war of ! ao
k ...r.-- ri,n. at1nfS iariui; T4
I """ ,
f hmi-s r.ilil.sl Ki nunM-roti" rMs m
slllisl rslKny aystnua. troi nd an
nmUiloii des. Attacks on bofa
ld of IV saBJ wi- lsl.i
rbe htateiiMnt "ld-
0 '
5jU1 Circuii.

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