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Publimhed Dy Henry Greene-
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VOL. 2.
Ly ... .
- . ' i
'vrom Homo
v' i mitt
-"5; I,tis
A weekly newspaper devoted to the
.industrial, iiCJlectiial and moral do-
VTt and tfroVth of Hancock
- Vynty In partictlar arid East Tennessee
- fI, K11- KepUbhcan in politic, fear-
' i oeier ae 01 trnta, and ever real-
0M in advocacy of whatever tenHa t
i4l vj) tetterraenlof, otjraectjon or eon tri-
I Entered aa aeeond-fcUM matter
yctptwria, at the noatoffice at
SlMnMlle. Terineaaee, under Act of
Ulnli iom 1 i'
444U.4 4), iQiJ.J t
susscwrnoN rates:
Om Tear - . $1.00
ii Mentis 50
Local and Personal
Send the New to sqroe ofyour
sqiqier mends.
Frank Coleman, of Mulberry,
was in town Wednesday.
County Court waft largely at-
teq Monday.
I will Pjty. olT alj; High School
uieims op to zu and all FubH
School Claims up to 162.
Geo. W,. Trent, Trustee.
Rev. Wiley fyook wai in town
Monday and informed us that
Mrs. Cook had been seriously ill
fox: a while but is getting better
Nqw-is a good time. to, sell the
farm that you have been wanting
-eh at
j Brother" Sea) is an able
Yer and all should come oq
hearJGod! Word taught..
irrders for lubricating oils,
land paints , Salary or
"jion. "Address (THE
- !s mus'tjceep final clasn
-rtiffiite (form IOO7)
Si surreqdeced to local
,50 registrant is indupt-
fervice. Itis also used
ij . i of Registration ' Ccrtiffi-
Mies Anderson of Washington I
waruRXon uounty,
's Tnn has boijn, appointed homo
; demonstrator for Hancock Coun
' ty. '.She cexnea, to the, county
Wfthfy refommended and i Un
ready proving uorth of such re-
commendt'ion by the merest she j
has created amontr the vvrl 01
- Sneedville andothercommun tiea
in tomato club work. Miss An
derson will be in' the county some
time ind she will hav.acc ss to
the Rat rintendeni'a offie'hihUnme.
Mr. Coy. Ii. Hopkins and Miss
Lena Mole, members of the Red
Crqss Extension, Commjtte.'. and
Editor Greene, member pf Sneed
ville Chai-tert. organized a strong
Auxilliary Chapter at Lufher Sun
day. The Chapter is said to have
thirty-$ve members, to begin
.with. Great enthusiasm was
hon through out the meeting.
The election of o2icers were ts
t fuows:
John Greene. Chairmar, Ma
; tlnerva Mils Stcretary, SKermm
1 ' , Drinnon trrasurf r.
A'. - There was a canvassing com-
,mitteeapplea(tcet:lcaiditio -
. - ......
merrb-rhip Saturday evening.
thought that thi-t ccmmjttcc
.1 , "-iliet quite a number, of mem-
SedCorn for Sale!
I hav? 100 bushels of white
seed corn fcr sale. Also hive
200 bushels of thoroughly dried
bread, corn, for sale.
W. P.,Testermanv
Kyles Ford, Tenn.
All parties wanting good sound
se,ed corn can get it from me. at
$2.00 per bushel, in five bushel
. Geo. D. Leamon,
Lee Valley, Tenn.
Dear Editor:
1 asK 01 you a little space
for a few happenings from our
community for the first time.
The health of our burg is good.
-We have been having 'some
good plow-weather and the farm-
era made good use of it
Mrs, Harrison Antrican ha
been on the sick list for a few
days but is getting better now.
The Sunday School at Chinque-
pin Grove is progressing nicely
with A. J. Jarnigan as Superin
tendent We are having one of
the best Sunday schvX!sof Han
cock County, and if you.doRi'tbe-
ieve me. just visit us and see
We have ordered new literature
for the. second quarter and hope
more will take, an interest in the
School. We have had an aver
age attendence of 6G since wo re
org nized Feb. 3, 1918, We hope
the echool will continue this way.
W e are having some excellent
singing at Chinquorin. Wm. Sin-
gleta beh?tr leader.. We had!
four pejr J ' ;: T " ; I
Henry Gale Treat were;
visitors at our school the "Third
Sunday. Come back, again boys
jo are always weicopie wnen
comLoXhinquepin Wish more
4 ...,. . ... .
eorie wouia visit w,v
Listen, all you Chi istains. who
belong to Chinquapin (.hurcli.
are rcqdested to be present the
Tbh"d Saturday, In April v Our
astor,' Rev. H.'LGreene wants
you present for the inirpoe of
bavin? tJie roll called. Chinpuo-
pin is preparing to clean up tie
church book; has jjurrhased
new book Jr.Tr is purpi-se.
Wonder why DcwyDrav and.
ip .WoWT ave. quit coming to
Chinvuepin? M-
Rev. A. JarnigATi prcachod
an excllfcnt's?rmon atChinquw
T in aturdiv night We bite
prpchin ever Saturday right;
P. c Ani! if.m .wsi tool.H.gj
somewhat V.ui Sun-Jay. T-.ink
Je.iM s .about to. !!0.i him.
morvb jJ
-R. ctor C.-.rp. n and Jessie j
Soal visit an.-iay "chvLat Pmv- i
jd?nceSundav and re;iit A .ice
We want
to r ad some mre
letters from Colle- Hill.
Hello soldier boys! Why tkA
more" of you write t" the News
as we are alwiys anxKus to read
your letter-.
I will ring. off by wisting the
editor and his may readers suc-
Jf Uy C.irl.
TMs is tonoiify nnv and all
persons, that I hav severed my
counection with the firm of John
son Roberts, of Sneedville,
Tenn c. Hnvlrg soil rut to
D. T. J.'hr.son he JtSiUininn 'J
liabilities cf ta'd Srra and ail pcr
s.'ns ow!nr said firm ill settle
with Jiirn.
TUsM.rchai 191S.
James A Rohertc.
Dear Editor:
May I give you a few teras
from this place and express tay
thanks for the opcortunity Of
reading the news of the county?
The health of the thirtieth, di
vision is reDorted good consider
ing the large number belonging.
Everything aeems lively in
camp now since most of u have
spent a few days at, home. with
friends and loved ones.
I'll tell vou home looVs good
yet; It's like the old song,
"There's No Place Like Home."
I am made" to wonder why
more of the people of .old Han
cock don't write to the News. If
you knew how lonely your boys
get here so far away from home
all would see who could be first
to give the editor a fe,w itepa, to
cheer thy soldier boys, when they
take the blues.
I sure enjoyed my visit home;
but hated to return to camps.
I uess most of the farmers
are busy preparing for crops and
gardening to a great extent, I
hope how soon peacti may he de
clared when the boys can return
home to plant and reap tne goiq
en gram. " j-
As this is Liberty Loan day, f r
legal holiday for the soldiers jl
this camp, all seemed to enje:
themselves while paraoic,
through Greenville.
Anderson Seal
. i
EW1NC, YA. f :
.Xbebody of Clarence Staf
was found just South of m air
water tank evidently dead M
22 at 11:10 p.m. by W. L. 6ar.i
- Tricis Operetor wbchad!
w.- erder to train 98 and the
body of deceased wai, moved to
w&t6 house by W. L. Clark, C. IT
Thomson, Jno. Blessing, Dat;
Eldridge, Henry Stanley. Miitb
Taylor, and J. R. Thomson,
where it remained till next morri
ing when an inquest was held bf
A. D. Myers of Rose Hill Notary
Public of Lec County, Va , and
he ar pointed a jury of six wbp
were Prof. F. M. Crocket, J. S.
D. Richmond, D. V. Richmond,
Thomas Robinsoh, W. M. Crumb
ley, and R. J. Fulkerson who de
villed that Stanley was killed, by
the train, then the young Stanley
was turn d over to friends and
rtt.iivts unU under taker Carl
Newman of Middlebboro Ky.
U. G. Oweais.
Attacks com when least
expected. Directly some ill
feeling makes you aware
that you have a Heart is
the time to commence tak
ing some treatment.
is a Tonic and Regulator
rscemmended in Function
al Herxt Disorders.
t l'!.t UrOICAL CO, ttkMrt, .
Sand the 'tier:
When kxxxnotivt
. wth a heavy loaj he first r :,
ceeps the wheels from slippC
. ? ."toe hold." '
; Gaining a fortune is uphi'
' Hie track Is not smooth; UvL
. grade is steep. You needs !'XlCj.V'wvTheik'' ,
, must be sanded. This bank wjSfurnisJiyou a "f.
tvoW; wili'sand the track tx f We' will puify.j'
' apd ve will push you f Cditr to us and we will
'j help y out? thet' ' s' '
,.!THe Citizens Bank
ttThe Governor haa called a pa
triotic meethix to be held in the
ourt house-of every county seat
b Terineaaee 6n Monday. April 1
!8, at one q'clock, for the pur-jc-vdiscustfiiitahs.
for oo
t'af'antl organlxation of tjie
t wdr;; t.Each' member of
' d is 'siAcaUy irtcted
i: hisVmeetirifr- anct.iT5i
.trtraii&it, s'uccjVj
,inu nested at-thil rr.ra
the Sf ldt ve Sej vloe .
Pleas.e' afe lt$ thjs,. ; ,
'criven'the fullest. pi ," 1
.cal riewKpilpera.'f "v(
et Jit h -ri'Jj
County Court and assist him in
"h.,arrangements as may be
i ;cciry.
, y direction of THE G0VER-
l" '' RlfrSEGE SMITH,
.) '. Major, Infantry. U. S. H
Executive Officer.
Dear Editor:
, Will give you a few items for
tha first time.
' The health of this community
is good
Mrs. Wolfe was burried Wedncs
day. May the Loul comfort ths
lereavcd ones.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edmond
Greene, a toy.
Heilo Bessie and Annie He:kl
Why don't you write more to the
News more J
. Wish O e p- oplf would take
more in tei est and write to the
News more.
Mrs. Carptntr nd daughter
are visiting Kev. Barnett Gtocne
I would like to lead more let
ters from the soMiora.
Hello. Elter and Zura Greene,
Byrd and Dent Liveay, also Cat
r e Hur'ey. give us th news.
Wo have a nice Sunday Sch o!
at Rock Bridge.
Two Sisters.
If there is an X mark
papet or wrapper this
on oui
week il
muns vour time is out, and that
your arer will be stopieil until
you send ir. a renewal, as the
postal laws require that all sub-
scrintions be paid in advance.
Th Tl ird L-'hrty Lean rroba I
bly will tie auUorii d in March or j
April, and it s exrocted that you t
whoaeabk will do your ptri-:
ot-c duty and he'p to hip . the1
Kaiser by doing your bit puy .
a Liberty Loan Bond, j
i;' '' '
1 Ml V2n
. . 1 -
vy a
Contain 172 airR OTcf
aor) f tfcis land Is creek bot
ctth 20Q f anans
r-y, fivi tiro pfMrhich: U .n
r ' ; .4,; 'aVIayt rolHwr but
'hilltiichinori can b
cpring ' branch " and
i younr . oronara oj
lawn, one brra barn snd U nc
esaary oatbuildica. Located in
sight of Jefferson City Tennessee
on g'.od pike road About one
mile from town, one milo toschob
college, churches,' stores and mil
Price $15,000 on reasonable terms
Any one wishing to buy a farm
of this sise cannot find a better
location or more desirable 172 a
ere farm in East Tennessee.
For Sale Bp,
Bristol, ml Morristowi, Tititmi.
We have one of the nicesi loca
lions in town for SALE, and fou
can buy it at a real bargain too.
A new 12 room, uo-to-date house
new cpomy barn 28X40 feet, go d
smoke house, wood shed, drilled
well d about 2 acres of - good
land. rbfsVto be sold-at' a
bargain on Account of . the owner
havirg a good farm to look after
and also because the owner, h td
the buildings erected in order to
seld his children to school here;
but a new school building is being
put up near his-farm and.he has
no further oe for f$Ttp?rtv here.
If you want to buy" ddrv't wail
until someoule ejse gets it, but
come now.
Price and terms on request
Hancock Count Real Estate Ex dun e
SneedvilU, Ten
233 acre farm on the north
of Newmans - Ridge, six miles
from Sneedville, on Sycamcre
and Black Water Creeks. 6 acres
cleared land and the remainder
in fine Poplar, Chestnut, Locust
and Oak timber.
Price. $6,500. Terms. $1,000
down; $1000 12 months from date
of site and Lai. on one and two
years time.
h'ea u for further particulars
Inu:k Out h;! 11 ! Eicliip,
Sneedville Tenn,
niV A 17
UU I 4 Wa Vl Vi ,
is in gootl4 tbt Jr&, 1
pasture, apartb Ii 'rjir
blu grass t(&ffil:. tr
cultivation., prx'.St I
ago of fnaaWy "fH
A J . w. . J. - . ."t v."'
wl. Til
to t
au the L.:n.
In t&e creel Lx- ii
Nev YertsVCfcktr
trolt Plttebari etc.,
people ttve sever txf
el home, hut 1 Mve
t-aai hreal. tley .v
JMJ Uteauetvee Jf N tia
Wq bake l "
tre4 ta' Cti 1 . .
we -- J f- v
SouUl staeraU ear eeie L..
eatlaff large quaaUUee f eera V
froai ceolce. Now I Ml t ie C
to lertely laereaee tata rmwiK
ea a petrletlo duty .to tae,'aeUe r
order that thrd njr e pJ
wlieat flour fa tkereat 4adaaU1ai t
teri wbere mllttone 6t lborere ere '
gated Is meklnc atlloryt war S
eulldlng ablpt, U.f The bread
from the oakarlaf ut have's f
wheat cotnent Uaa flour bakr
home 4caeae It Must Btve k
quaJitiea , i
--lfi .Tcanewe the K-le t
IteviaUy fortunate be4atit'
iora eoaiea aearer niat'r
lect for huran connmpt.
any other atate la tae Ua,.oev 4
great earrince upon taaJfVt i
people who have for,gt
koowa aet appreciated "Tk
lncre the amount uael.O
know that If the people lt).a
once rerognlica that t;-J -
fleur wm aecaary to O Jfc" M
.1.4. - . I - feK.. 4 -
win war aa ii ia. m j w.
healtate to prctlcafl , Cr '
from tkalr daily mtne."
The rood AdmlaletraUe ke 'b.4
erfurted ell of It etaft, the ovtaty ' (
BiinitLrttora. aad the &ipecttre. e '
oparaUig wtlh city, oettty aednute
ofHclala. te Ite taat'Ue Lew recaW .
tioaa whlrh Umlt Ue aalet of fleer '
roue try cuatoAere to forty-alee pwod
end to city ruatomera te tweatyf.'e
aad onahalf poaade are rigidly eaforey'
4. Whard a farmer aaa hlwa waeet
aad UaM ft te the fclll he to eader a
ahio reatrlctlone-taet Id 'wwald ke)
uodar were he to purtaeee the Beef
Wright. Not ealy le Ue eaeenl
he r4 ebUla limited, but ad taaal .
eithar bay or ahow taat 'he has at
hoase aa eaal aaoaat of eabattlessi
wefere be eaa ebiaJa Ue near.
feed Slge ee Cdpieek
rroaa CHarchtreeC te block 4kb
taat. vUitora te N aaa Title eaa sew eea - '
a am mU dpUenef the oraeSb
ute Cap4t a keg e alga that Vwt
Win Wie the War." aad appealtac be . t
all to have a ebere la a vtcbery thre
taJe ateaa. . Slaltar algae are
ateced at MeXeadree eharaa k
teaalal part, at Ue Oka' elab aa4
er proalaeat plaaaa. They Mrw tfea)
pairtol roatrlbaUeea of irfialartlifaj
aad tadlvldeela aad 1M ae ee
goveraaeat a dollar.
Te leereeee Frewwetle
CoeperatUg wtU Ue etaaa odal tew
tloaal depanaeau ef agrtoaJtar. bae)
rood Adalalstratioa fea Teaaeeva bi
ta the BUdet er K 4g drTve ba
ettaalate aa laereaae ta predacitaa 2 ,
feed eoBiaedtUee dartag tha eeeattj
eeaaoft. KepecleJly le Che teed Ae
- T?"":.
m eele. Urr betrtt te
Kite gre..
e Uaaaeruufi frJtna.'
'i - V
' f V .
4 I v

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