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VOL. 2.
Editor and Publisher.
f it
A weekly newspaper devoted to the
industrial, intellectual and moral de
velopment and growth of Hancock
County in partictkr andEast Tennessee
in general. Republican ta politic fear
leas in defer be of truth, and ever zcal
oaa in advocacy of whatever tends to
the betterment of our section or con tri
butes to tha'happinessof it "homes.
Entered as second-clas3 matter
October 13, 1916, at the posto.lice at
Sneedville, Tennessee, under Act of
larch 3. 1879.
One Year - - $1.00
Six Monti - - 50
I Local and Personal
. Buy War Savings Stamps.
Several of our boys" on the fir e
ing linos are taking the News.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Harrison is very sick at present.
' Mrs. ValU Mayes and baby are
numbered among the sick this
The little infant of Mr. and
Mrs. Dalzy Arnold has been se
riously ill for a few days.
Mrs. A. F. Hopkins spent a por
15on of the week with her broth
er, Dalzy Arnold. i
Wright Harrison, of Rcgers
ville, visited his parents Mr. and
Mrs.T. J. Harrison Saturday.
James McNiel, whospent a few
.."months in . Kansas, returned
home last Satora'f '"T
Hun. Grant Jarvis, of Wash-
' Ington D. C., is visiting hi broth
er and Bister, Senator L. C. and
. Miss Mattie Jarvis of Sneedville.
Wilson Greene, of Luther, as
sumed charge of Rural Route No.
1 till his brother, Robert returns
from the U, S. Army.
All parties owing a store ae
count to Jamei Seal & Son of
Sneedville Tenn., must come at
once and settle same cr account
will be placed in officers hands
for collection.
Hon. Sam R. Sells, M. C. made
speeches at vatious places in
Hancock County last week in the
interest of his re-election to the
office of Congress in th? First
Congressional District of Tenn
essee. Merchants can get bhrks for
use under the U. S. Food Admin
istration Laws at th: News Office
or by mail upon receipt of the
Sugar TlediTO Home Canning
250-$lC0; 500-$U0; V0-$2-25;
5000-$10. Egg Candling
reports at the same i rices
Egg Candling CeitiflkaUs 1 c nt
each or 75 cts per 100.
Buy War Savings Stamps.
, .' v.- V
l , - -
Tfcli U one of ta ak(iot tow la
&hc!bjr ror.y. At tb tita the pic
hire w tko a mtlnc bng
ha lk biliii. Tke ransniaBltr
aa Ihm thnol hnmom friurrtlr
etUu( U for th diKUt"n ct
mbm fanu asi borne prc'jro
. , .. '
Dear Editor of The News:
We will try and give a few
items from the busy iittle.city of
The health is .very good and
every one is eager and willing to
do their bit to win the war. We
are hooverizing to the limit. We
are allowed to give only two bis
cuits to each person and two tea-spoon-fuls
of sugar for their cof
fee, while some take it and go on
in a manly way, others will snurl
up their nose and say bad things
about it, but who are they? They
are like some of the people that
Snookum spoke of on Pumpkin
Snookum you're around here,
yes I know vou and wish I could
spend this Sunday after-noon on
your front porch chattieg with
you and your family. You were
speaking of the lofty peaks and
beautiful scenery of Hancock Co.
It makes me oh! so homesick. I
wish I could go back to Hancock
and spend two or three months.
We are true students of nature
and would like to roam over the
dear old hills and valleys and
gazo on things that are real true
and beautiful. I cf ten think of
the old farm house nestled among
the hills and mountains of dear
old East Tenn., where we spent
our childhood days and oh! how
we wish we could recall thoso
happy days and stand once more
in the old home door with our
youthful hearts throbbing with
joy. watching the lightening
flashes as they p'ayed along the
hill tops casting their illuminat
ing ravs over the little valley be
low, or; wander where we useaM
wander over tho; old bills (
watch the bees sip honey fx..
the poplar and the poppy blossom
but my dear 4 friend, those days
past and forever gone therefore,
all we can do is to make the best
cf things that time in its fleet
ne3s brinps us nearer Eternity,
and loo, Snookum, you were
speaking cf thcold mill. We can
see the mill with its moulding
wheel in our imagination, where
we u.-:ed to l ide Alec and Lize
and while we waited for our grist
to be ground we would wade in
the creek or slid a down the red
banks that wc can't very well
forget. Hut Sncokum since those
days time has put lines in our
faces and silver in our hair.
We spent the glorious Fourth
with Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Trent at
Morristown and feasted on green
beans, ham, rake and fried chik
en. At 5:30 we started back U
noisy city and :a wc pullel
' into tno pt?Uon. a trcop tram
had ju t arrived from some W st
crn point. lost all the soldiers
set-nnid to l o enjoying them
selves while others corned Fad.
" Will say to Lon Odom of CaBp
Meade, Md. Whydcn't you tell
through the. News how you
likoj our new camp? We w;sh
for you to be v.ith u. and hope
you will, as soon a3.you nil lick
the KrJrcrgood and rttrnt.
We had the tkasure to hear a
Rritish soldier, j'jst from the
trenches make a .recch on the
war. He carried one arm in a
sling and w alked with a cane.
Tho Germans did him a dirty job
He said he was willing to fight
ti!i he d ed for hi country.
Hello! Mrs. Martha Hrvwcr
and Homer Odom wc nm glad
you got houie aU riht-
fnrfor fnrfv we hOTe VO'J
haven't hoard that wr.it!c blow!
yet giving you the stzna! to ge.
rcidy f ir a fn. bora rii'.
ildnr.r.'i r.d Dice.
At a meeting of the War Intel
ligence Committee for Hancock
County, held July 27th 1918: On
motion T. J. Harrison was elect
ed Chairman and John I4vesay,
Secretary; the organization was
further perfected by elect in? the
following member?, to wit:
1st Dtrict, G. B. Wolfe, Idol.
' 2nd " Cv C. Cantwell, R.
W. Drinnon, Tread way,
3rd '' John Falmer, Spear
Ferry, Va. f
4th ." Dr.'R. A. Doy, C.
W. Snodsrass, KylfiFord, Tenn.
5th " C M. Collins, Snred
ville, J. T. Testerrr.an, K.'Vs
Ford. Tenn.
6th " T. J. Harrison. A.
T. Drinnon, John Lfvesny, Wiley
Cantwell, Sneedville.
7th " ' Richard Dark, R d
ville. .
8th " Dr. G. C. SumptcK
W. A. McNiel, Ii. L. PaikV
Hoop, Term. . ' f
9th " Jumer. A. Loutlirrn,
Sneedville, Tenn.
10th " " .M. TI. Butlry, Lu
ther, J. W. liogers, Lee Valloy,
Tenn. - '
11th j. T. A!.!er. Mis? Mary
T?ai,WiY Rj,oivK'ill: Teiiri. . f
12th " W. R. Hrr-cuiF?.
Ewmg. Va. . t ','
T. J. ITariis'in, C?5.;
IS k MtiU far Ammiem S'
fnijem xrk f4 to kp,
tt rrrt of tive world fern ttarv
abon? Thit it. ma fJmont
problem. UhUm a p4
it turn pomtt M warn M
ttwratMnf of crt i arur la
! fall, far Umt U imrih of mm
ptmmr en ika f arma. TKal k 'hf ,
aril mpKai b kWf uivan i '
Of farm mat-Unary akaw at la '
'J'enn.-pRf mta Ifair.
lit, hfptamtar IS 10 II-
The strain of modern bu-
Iness life U too much for
the nerves. You need a
nerve sedative. Try
A Nerve- Sedative thai U
rcrommenctl for Nr rvous-
I cess, Slepli i r.e'tr, Epilep
f ;y,Hjlem,Chrontc Hcad
ac'.i, Nervous Irritation,
for u:e hy these ad-
' ui'Acd to fi e Akoholic or
Drug Habit-
John Lives.iy; If
, f -
! .
I Wli o's You r F;
You !i.ue heard tlie kl s.iyi.i:: "The friend
In need is a friend indeed." Sure tiling. The fri-.-nd
-WAt assists you when you really need I dp, that's
the one.
' Who is th.U friend? V1I ore of the friends
tiiftt w'lil not fail to aid you,' is the Hi;; Round Dollar,
t Jive you my of that kind of friends? Don't hor
i v friendship. Have J'rimds of your own. 1 lie dol
lar you have saved is vdways at your sers ioe .md
subject to your cheek if deposited at :r hank. We
invite 'ir account.
" Saving tnc cost or a in cw kooi
A Sfnala application AO W of
Valdura 99.596 Pure Asphalt Paint
will save vou the coat of a new roof later.
VALDURA it must serve you properly or purchase money will be
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Paint
. .There it no tar in VALDURA; it is a strict 99..V0 pure mineral asphalt'
tlint. A few dollars worth used on your Farm Machinery, Implements,
tencinR, etc, will save you hundreds of dollars in their added life.
We have some interesting literature on VALDURA we would like
to cive yo and a sample of the paint itself for your test all without
iosu- VALDUBA is very easy to apply and it can he used in any
-ta. It is bc puint to use "Whin ju want sure results.
vWArtlVMWliNM,iWi,il'i,liVVVVWi(,li "t .
Ill I . . d k 1 .
III I lis I III J.fUilll
FARMcr3 ror: tuchaos
Or M ACH IN fc.it Y
Many Labor Svlrg Ccvi'.cs Can
L'seJ t Eavs Mon Pcr-. ProaLii
Xhat Iftiflsmert 0 Wi'l l?
Organized a Auxiliary of f "od Ad
Nash!!o, Ter.n. "Tha Inrnrtant (
featura rf tho iiw vJie;it h.i 1 fio'ir ,
refu!tlit'i annnniiri- itiilay," r ipla'n
3 Dr. M. A. Moreen. f'lcrn fiXMl !-rnlnji-tratr'
of Tr"i !";, "is thnt lii
prv i.l w!,JJi U4.;l i.i "t leiy wli-t
U Da !onf f (Ua'. Tli" I11IIU i 1 1
romrxli t. ll.i j.'jn li.'-i' t t .i;'at.
pajrlT'.c wl!H"er iir'i r V d '!.". Imt
Uailt wi 5i U' i r'i'm i t U 1 1- '
rniidt srj riw'r Huur s:nl m'i foe.l 1
Tbo acrernjput ttw.ni ilia rrllli'. aaJ ;
tho liii.ltjiJ! l;'.l of t." i'iJ '! I
D'hii'icl rl m IiiMjit !-( nl iu
at sad of tin ir!'- t -am f!v'i rn !
whaat thi jrl.x of Ui t,i,Ua (r.t
n t LSto ba-u flioJ t-y ihu fotMl 1
rti Iris' rit'on.
Xn r.f' t fia toTrrniTt. tsrt.OKh
th t.'iiti 1 KUtra tlrMn 'ofpratra.
(itarai.lerft i'it lifji will no! ll at
I. rir'irsr at M.n tcrr.'nil pninl.
TUt Is i s n t:..s way: TVs pi .1
corpora Ion buy !! uf v h
off.1 1' at I'tI " nm1. N '
a 1 !lj ... Liiitft m.'-l ,ay atit-.ta tl
ih 1 yrlrtt or tit : lr. trJcr oUiln
"In :-rnl''al rff-l. Pi tn raad
Jutn. .. tk.a f.T - '-r'i if Tnirc
lil r" lv v.i .t w.ro l-.r li!r
wiiaat than Ibr ' li ii'-il -tee tUo
old Srlia4a T.e lr,'i of wtat i
fixed rt rirtStn t"r,!if! i.o'nts. tli
Kl( tha frne- i-.-Km l:ng lh:t
prii a tha if I if it.;.ortt!l'"
"Thara U n-, ttrf Cat'ti.u
.it :
la tb rrt - r f :
r. l.'Jt w. lii a t
: ofT,;l(in
I tri Ti- )
H e c ; '- (
t t rr i
Ihr- ! ! t'-r s. ; :,
f ir ifi . in', f
. t h' ". a ft "
.-, T'-."
. -r ; I '.
, ,-. 1.. (
il it.
' "l f- J-I.f
yet hd tii
rM i i -. . .-. :.-
tha l' T.
doa. t. t 1 . t
eona-jiiier - I "
At Ty rr";
to r ; .. . : '
a ..
a- d 1 1. : l-i-l '
ITi r --. : '
If! 1 -.,'
a i' : .1 r -. :
m. ! f !
IV.', e -
AUGUST 2,1018
ie n d
Citizens Bank
nrinrr y u i r
nv.f he Kulilicr"
Felt, Composi
tion, Tin, I nut,
StrH, or Sliiiiplc,
do the work
quickly, perfectly
and with real
Our flat guar
antee stand hack
f .u.rv !rnn of
.." .l'lH
1 AVi tfrm JiMibfu. iu w't F'J
1 alMf- r,rl,-n inilr ! M) to DlOMf
v pnfnrra I 10 iosuint:ons
arjalnat priflt'rlns upon I ha part nf
flour retailers.
Farm Machinery.
ItenllzInK thi nrroaiilty for increas
ing, thrown tii" use of niarhlnery,
man power on tha farms of Teanossan,
to met t'i ilemnnds of war and war
liKtiiatrtea. the farm power and ma
chinery irnmlttaa of tli fedoral food
administration mat on Monday at tho
offfi-e of la-'fpli II. Juild. rhalrman, it
jitan a rampnlk'n lo riii-oiiraKa tlin iu
rhaa hy fannrtra of mora labor savlutf
rtavlreN. As onn of Ilia prl'iiary atepa
In this direction It was rroKnlod thst
th fartrt linplmiient dealer of Ten
ncftnea alionlil be nigaMzed and
brought Into (loser relutlotihlilp with
tha food artin'rlstratlon and other war
aKnnrle. lo l!s end that a patrlo'l.1
ra:i-K'en to em ourrga the ue of labor
snvlr.-; i"U'e mtRlit ba pni.notfil.
It Is piaiired to me an nrKBiilsatlon
of Iho Implement deslarn n a sort 9f
auilll'iry of the faod adiulnUtratlon.
Just ai fli- fifteen, hakars antl olhrr
prgnnlr.itlnna aro being uaail. U la es
pet tvt t!ii aa lb re'ult of I bin move
mnt M'l only will tba fjinrrs ha m
r.reaRPd wlUi tha n'e. for ma- MnT.
but t'. ilo.iier will l a i-n'oiirai d p
nrdar fur I lie next aaaaon nr adi(iiato
i nptlv of liniib-nianf ard tool.: for rroj
miiUlr-jf It Wim roportai! t tha rorfl-P'tH-
limt In i-r?iirsl rounHr f tho
ttat- 'ha .ijifiiii-a of retain l;i!or SST
Iit dvl'"-s tnd bwn Iraibtiate for
b d--iJtii?S and. oalnr In ffvlght eon-
, ".
fi-..i!n!i a!-! otiiar ai' ea ineaa na-
i.-l". i-'wJd not lio piomntly mado.
' r.r.i,i a re iirriirn of this sltua-
li-.n t : ! rnn of I main olijrrta f
t ! artit of thin comuiltt-a.
It l itiirib nlarly planned to enroar
uga t!ia nir(bi of farm traitors
on lha nurli't that wl'l ro far toward
a.ivliir IIS labor ',nrtr" It l!ad oa
th" f.irr-a. Tbtr era riany other
trrr dtleao that rn ta uaed
o rrn jor. Tha food admin
l.irtliii. iernrnl7'ig 'hat tbo labor
;,ml :-m on Tie farm la going to grow
;t, ire ralt.ar fw.an la arute a., tho
hi .ri.r. and fcr i hut r"son Is
In rrar way piaiw f.i ta-
I'i el.'l'laniy nd prtnlmUT -
of Iht lltnlt'fl mai iowr In fiod
Or. ColUy At Columbia.
I r
K-ratt C Hr. of tha faltad
. ' Tool Adn. nirailin. Washing
. altl b ona .r th ( Maf ipaakors
..t ih Midi: lanra.aa farmer' eon -
.r,f lab-Ual.t at Pulj-nbla oa July
11. U arJ Dr n.y "
ia?'a ir"r aa a iawar. bostnes waa
at pol.tiral laad.r. II b., vUlted
arii of tb warrtsg na:kia aad
raui-e Hh a naatage frosa tb aul
8uar leuiatJca
On Jnly t nw aer.r ragelatlors re-
rtrtrtlag coiaiara lo ro! fl'ti4
hr pc'iaJs rf i"it pr j,a'o par
Mcath -ft Ito 'v r Raiailar caa
nr'." otlr a-noqni or otr
!kt ihy bae ri1 In tie pait j
a i tsl! o .'v t i uinrara for or-!
isrj fti.t'tU w-it,. iiaa'JuaW ua.'1'S
NO- 40
Some Where in ' France, Ar
June 20,
Dear Mother:
I am well and enjoying tht
scenery of the old world. Hope
this letter, with the news of my
arriving safely will be of much
pleasure to you. You need n6t
worry about me in the least. I
think we wiU have the Huns lick
ed before a great while and then
I will return homo with good
news and tell you of my. exper
ience in Europe.
I am still with Co. B.' 11 3th. M.
A. RnJ . I think most of the boys
enjoyed their trip across the At
lantic, Although our fare was not
the best owing to the fact that
there w ere a little over seventeen
' . aT
hundred on the loaL Since 1
have crossed the pond I have
been in Liverpool England, also
London Dover. I have Been the
Knglish Channel anil the Irish
Sea. We stayed a little while In
Calias, France.
France in a beautiful country,
but tho people are behind time in
mot of the modern methods.
Their farming implements are
nltogether different from ours.
They are very rude mado tools.
Th?p?ople ride in peculiar twa
whi-el calls drawn by onlv, one
horse. Their trains are very much
smaller than ours and not near
as accommodating rs ours. Their
dwelling houso and barn are un
dor the sane roof. They are
built of brick and covered with
til . i np;. Sometimes the roofs are
thatched with straw. The build
ings are generally enclosed by
strong brie k wcllit. The French
are not very sanitay. They live
more like rats than people.
I im not on the firing line vet,
bl t,njghtjfc rant bear the big
guns roai fng. .And fn the f ter
noon I see our allies going over
to visit tho Huns in the airplanes
So I will cloae, hoping to hear
from you real soor. You must
write me real often,
Yocr son.
Koy E. Hatfield.
Khaki Cl.id Coy With a Lump in
ThroM Wflcrnr Homj
lniHkln ur ' ( r i.ihj. ualn
bifiiiKl fr aoiim t'u:il Snitj seaport
nln-rt) a rui...mrt 1 1 cm ricUy 19 tnko
uikI I. lit f ii "nvor ther."
lli nrver Ml h.vliMrr 1 1 hl.i life In
tJy. In nilu lT If lie nul momrots
wIm-ii his ilimu'Ma In fill to ru-e bark
fwnrl you, u'i'lerluic wlmt ynu 'tra
lilnr, run y'U hlxu.a htm If mi.i'liiD
n!!y riniM'tlilnir liin.pi In lil tlmat
vlioii' n itrinfot hilili- ria a ti'IMaM batlT
Aril I hfi t th' train cD-kIm to a stand
still. K.ini- tmr )IH. "UlK fata; oh.
iMiyp aa arral ;.h Vrrm uniforms
flu oat I 'i Hi irowil on I lie statloa
platform. Kr lnr la a ftl Cross
rnifrifenry rantrm. Her ha can gX
tff-f"ot, htt riffr Miidwichea,
candy, tohPT, fruit, p1'"' earda abd
alinoat anything that h may hsvt for
got tan.
iKtra It bel hla aplrttaT lves 111
Iii9 It eheer him to got thi-M snscsj
of gnnd liotu tatlnc fo"l aervod bf
women Ilk' thna th but own family?
IrolablT the moat valuable part of tit
ei xjmn t-i.imi - w
i effect of the trail and rheer frons taa
women who era In ebarra. Soldiers
writ freouatillT such ineaaagao at tb
; f ,i:.. ln. In.ltcailag tb4r approcja
' ,. f tbla braach of Bed Cr""
' worfc :
; j-j, Rj Cr f CMeafo met to
: mi(h .g eandab hr and pot card.
, . . MrtS)UB, WMDn are e'l -
i ,,. ,illr,go aura Is a b!f
' ... lh-
P' V P- j",h,"2
. "" belp he boy who bar vo.
! aataared their llea.
Tba re are eew more tbaa 500 of
: the fled Ora caataat or rrfrrah-
ntaat na!ta lomted at ib I m portal t
t railroad cental- ta tlw CatteJ State
;,ery conimandar of a troop trahs baa
iIbI f thF raote-iia, ao that b eaa
nU uitnn th ta CtMa foe tats
, tt) ,tt- j a rwot.

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