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YOL. 2.
Editor and Publisher.
A weekly newspaper deroted to the
. Induatrial, intellectual and moral de
velopment and growth of Hancock
County in partictlar and East Tennessee
. In general. Republican in politics, fear
less in defer se of truth, and ever seal
on in advocacy of whatever tends to
the betterment of our section or con tri
butea to the happiness of its homes.
Entered as second-class matter
October 13, 1916, at. the postomce st
Eneedville, Tennessee, under Act of
Om Year . . $1.00
Six Moatk. . ' . 50
Local and Personal j
James Steward, of Vardy, was
in town yesterday.
Several people attended the
special sestrfon of County Court
here Monday.
R. S. Long has been very sick
thia week but is able to be out a
Mrs. Lewis. Demonstrating a
sent for Hancock County, arriv
ed here Saturday.
Mr. T. J., and Miss Ludto Har
rison visited Wright Harrison, at
vRogtrsville, Sunday.
Mrsl W. A. Beckler and little
daughter, Betty, are spending
the week at Luther.
We didn't get the official count
cf a votes exit in Uncock, Co.,
r- ' -ttib trr.i. .
viileV MorristoMTi and Knoxville.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Brewer,
of Providence R. h are visiting
friends and relatives around
Luther at present '
Mr. and Mrs. William Turner
of Route 1, are preparing to visit
their children at Knoxville tktr
iag the incoming week.
Henry Depew filled, his appiont
mentat the Methodist Church
last Sunday and made another
for next Sunday.' -
Leonard Yount, Rector Car
penter, Bob Odell, Frank Lemarr
and Clarence T. Click of Class 1
left here Sunday for Camp Shelby
Hattisburg, Miss.
Mr. and Mrs. Colby Southern,
of Rogers ville, passed through
Snecdvflle, Sunday enroute to
visit Mrs. Southern's paronts ia
Mulberry Valley.
sneedviue was vrsitea oy a
great electrical storm Tuesday
evening and by electrical rain
and wind storm Wedoeaday even
ing that damaged corn very bad
ly. All parties owing a store ac
count to James Seal & Son of
Sneedville Tenn., must come at
once and settle same or account
will be placed in officers hands
for collection.
The Citiien's bank are now
preparing to have the News office
moved up near Maoess & Becklers
store and a new two story build
ing will be erected' where the
other one now stands.
Merchants can get blanks for
use under the U. S. Food Admin
istration Laws at tht News Office
or by mail upon receipt o, the
Sagar Pledge Home Canning
250-$l.C0; WO-n.QO; 1000
$225; 5000-tlO. Egg Candling
reports at the same prices.
Exg Candling Certificates 1 cent
aca or 75 cts per 100.
Dear Editor and Friends:
Will write you ail a few
Ones tonight
We left Camp Sevier Saturday
the 20th, and got here the 22nd.
.We sure had a nice trip. The
railroad track . in almost every
town we came through was lined
with women, girls and children.
who were waving flags and hand
kerchiefs and waving their hands
Of the many towns that cheer'
ed us Baltimore expressed the
heartiest welcome. As we were
leaving there, I believe there was
a row of girls half mile long lin
ed up by the raiload with their
arms stretched out to us wanting
to touch the hand of every sol
dier they could. Of course that
made me feel proud of ray kak-
hi suit. And not only am X proud
of it because so much courtesy is
shown us but I am proud that
am physically able to serve my
country and that I can help pre
serve the liberty that our fore
fathers fought for and won for us
I do not know when we will
leave here or where we will go
from here.
We crossed the Hudson River
a a boat When we got on the
boat and it started to leave, it
made me want to goon to France
I never realized how nice the
Red Cross was until this trip. At
various places they served ice
tea and cake for ua and if any
one appreciated it we did.
We 8topped off at Richmond
and marched around a couple lot
hours and when we went back to
the train the red cross grrk tad
a bt cf f 3 traced ci!:cj for. U3.
il r -" trccrjrrrl it
Camp Sevier but it went be lon
until we will all come back with
glad newa for aH, and then, wt
can greet each other with a greet
inor that has never before been
I wonder what Bessie and Hat
lie Cope and Lillio aud Zora
Greene are doing? Girls you
must have a big time tratil I come
back then I will join with yea.
This camp cossis's of every or
ganisation in the army from the
infantry to the aviation. The
air is fall of air planes most all
the tim?.'
Hello Blanche and Betty Beck
ler, why don't you write tome
Wonder what Dora and liattie
Odom are doing?
At Bail Point, just over the
Grainger County line. The farms
join each other. , one contawang
120 acres, with good house, large
new barn, good store house, one
of the best stands in the country
for a store. It has a fine spring
in the yard that cost 7100.00, to
dig and wall, and ia a fine place
for milk and butter.
The other on 9 has 50 acres ad
orning tne brst, ms dwelnng
asd outbuildings and orcharfs.
Either one the farms is a bargain
and both together is excellent
'For price and see s aft nce,
f6r this is a bargain and is likely
to sell at once.
Hancock County Real Estate Bsc inge
Steed ri He. - - Teane
ms Aft 1 PAvma.
net ia the ealaloo ef eiterteacel
Samara vae ae tkelr aaak ac
eeata grow. Tae tereraaeat baa la
Mte4 Ue A tor rare anl, aal
wfcere taere la a ed. arteee are hlga.
Hare to aawcafd for all tbe aega
Tw Cam mtU oarryT te f mm
Wrv to U4 tt yar ao that Cm feeds
raOaltle will f fart Waat are yovt
(tvMMHt Waat ta yur txpmrtmnc
WiiU to Dlrtalom of AgrlcaSaral Cz-
XaeartUe. Thwmii, tar ay
June 25, ISIS.
Dear Editor: .
It is "with pleasure
that I write to your paper, for
can write to so many f my fiends
at once thru Its columns.
I have received two copies cf
your paper over here and I sure
was glad to get them.
Hello Rock Bridge! What is the
matter that I didn't see anything
except a letter from Rev. Barnet
Greene, and it made me glad to
know that the people will pray
for us boys while we are in a dis
tant land.
Hello! Byrd and Dent, why
don't you write to the News? 'I
would love to see you ail but it is
out of the question at present
Hello Sisters and Biothersl 1
hope you are getting along fine.
I guess you are haveing a good
Sunday School r P-rkBgeand
1 want to attev ga
and also at BigVwietwo
places are dear te me.
ttie News is very iaterestiag
to me over here for I can hear
fret so many of the Hancock pee -.
pie atoace. I saw in the last copy
that I had, that a number f the
boys had to go to camps. Lay
right with it , boys it will males
men of you. If we love coun-;
good enough to live in it wenugV
to love it good enoestt to
for it
How are you Henry BowK:'
Cheer up old boy, I will get bf
to teH you something some
I am glad t bear -of Hair
getting busy in helpirj t
lha war, it mdkef C3 tJ
Frzssa Ij a fine country s3tl
land ia very rich.
I cuoss the wheat crop back
home has keen harvested.
I wonder how Henry Cantwe
is getting along, I was with him
at thia time last year but am
long ways front him at present
Friends why don't you write ua
boya? I awven't got Je.ter in
quite a while du I am anxious
to hear from home.
Home is & dear place hot many
a boy don't realize it until he gets
Don't fee !icou raced, we" will
gain the victory. .
Pvt. Sterling Vaughn.
P. S. Editor: Please continue
to send me your paper. -S. V .
Vill Ilaclcr You
If Y03 Dcn't
Hester Pd
If yens soffsr fraa amy
AtKe or Pati, tsJsa Oa 4
Two of
TVyWdora fall to &ckre
ad 60 net carntaat fcay
Ilabitformirtg drugs. .
The Road to
TlieTosul to wealth something nearly every,
(body is searching fee but itasfou&d by orfy-avery
iew people.
It is no royal road te ase. 4t H ordinarily
Aow but sure woad, often a iiatH real! io travel and
one that requires much- work -and tarWiW saving.
Would you travel the road to wedNh? We -can help
yau. Begin ncwvby opening fin account at our bank.
Start the, saving 'habit today vand you will make thN
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and you will land.
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Vc!duro 99.b& Pare Achait Pd2
wttl KOMVom tkost of mu MMhAv.
VtZZXJISA it mt serve yea properly or -puaokaee money will be
. Vciirra "99.03 Pare ArpIt Petit
: T!teiTia notar iaVALEfuRAirth atrkt 99.596 pare-mlaeral aaphalt
Trist. Aiew'ttdftara worth nmd m yeirr Vhrm MMhinerir, Implement,
I "Uirg, tc, win five yotj 1itni4rb of ioOan 'in f heir Udi4 life.
We hare lome intemting literature on VAUtJRX we would like
K gire you and a lample of the paint ;ltttelf for your 'trit ell wfthovt
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J.t 4i 4ae paint to oe "wmii ou want 4um nMm, -
Pon &
fWhyWc Fight
"Urn ell
to Mevr Weya Our
VerrNattflwAfixlcamM .
KMUIIy fur tUm lUrmlUK
aj ane -ef the reaaona ibv art
t war with 4tomur, cM-atioited Id
Vwvluua rUcUt of this aertea, would
b auffldeat Jintrflca'flea far 4bla na
loa UUng up anna. tahr etmu
Vatleftre, ewapM. eftaa. with mtm&rtt
failure 'to recogaM 4he arlouiDrM f
the German nmiae to Amtrtoe auU
tha tMrtd. krtn the TJaired Stat it
of the war for hrtrtj thm jww be
fore It naaU tc!d4 te Jola 'tn. In
fact JuatiflCftUoD r war with Orr
maay rztntrd tara W ore tbeeoaBtct
te Curoae raatbgua.
It hn (bowa Hh4t Oeraamj.
fbryrs,adtrrD ptottlDf 1f)ila our
bordin, mHvaraKlng luutgrjuta 'to
ken an Utaetntaa4 C aha aane tlun
rraela faltUful te the kalfttr. 8hj
-tiled -our laod Mth aplra and ageau
ef tfhKargaaltatWn When, to 4l OTit
wara ppearaDoea, Nlatloae
uinrira tixl Ajnuanr. 4re ef tw
-frlMKHy cliaracter.
frCHi eX4mn 'euppUef vj the wer-
m tfcrmaetoea. It baa nun anowa
that Jtiaefl' 'Aootrtee that inlgxt
alone la clrbt would dmw he -rj
tDdepeaiBce af4be United Sta tea "Jaat
- iwTrj . Tt'eatr74 that or sr
bta aad Belgtaau Jat aa aooa at ur
oaar fett benelf Wt eaoUKh tc
duke a furmml entail, trmaa iui
ef eonnna kaew ao oeuada.
venuf the laatear ha pmirt
That nnany, ifcatlag apUt the mttrK
tn af 4y bereraUoa of a aimelea-
wpa, ntraUnTrvi the-Baltic alawxi
to the IVrmlaa wf, nwe 4-iaauaK t
fleToar1 hkTM etpannair. Xbe far
that oar half of the wena waa aeiof
eMerred for eaert wea aU tie nan
we ahorjl eater tbe wt
r&l)eei part. Wt et the ether bal
etUI maklJig retutaace.
Tlaaly, wlww tbe eoUapM bf Ranb
ewMlrd tbe fact Uurt oerniDy woj
tlrbtla. K a "war alfirreTTb
Horn, hvt -or ena.ett ere'aax
alnirbi. tb the freedom t tia
ewtire worM waa aaenared. oy r
Boo f why we are gnnng
Tbe BUUtarrvaftf 4aeraiany earn
wd tbe war bwmoM tt b?rsrea tbe tin
Wipe Twniet. ,
rrwVtbat aaiMMm,
eratfoo tf tfa Mrety. promptef
Genua a r to begla tbe war la glvea b;
tbe Uct that Serbia aod gMfiaia. tw((
Citizens Bank
whether y o ut
roof "be "hubber",.
Felt, Ceanpoei.
tion, Tin , tlroe.
Steel, or Shingle,
VALDtmA wilt
do iht work
quickly, perfectly
and with ea4
Oar flat fear
gaitrw etawda back
Dl evorr'dren of
kelpleee little laatlena, were lire Cra
Oermavr 0 der -aaiBmlaJoa
1gned a woleaaa treaty to pretect th
eutrallty df Belgiaot. Wbea
branded tbra treaty "a aflwp'wt papw.'
gbe gs?e uroof that aU ber 'treaSe
eld be ao eeaSlderaS wbea bar la
errata demanded. In other werdl
Stenjaay'e toeaalou ef Belghint ataaa
the tearing no of etary treaty wMd
related between 'Germany and vthe
atlona, It waa ample JbaUflcatlen fe
America cetngto wart that raoraaal
Tbla did net aaur Amerlea at th
WW, bet Oereaaar'a eraebBen ln Bel
glum, avrpaaalng aaythlag er'befor
fcoowa ti'Miodeni atatory, oe farthe
-evtdenee tthet the warld waa 'net aaf
wa leaf aa each a goreraaawdt'ealatei
ta 1t
Then nttie 4JermaB's ooadaot at
the aea. With her battlefleet arwrenl
aeeklng ahaMer behtad the defeoeea e
the Kiel aoel, Oeraiany aent etft 'ha
auhmartaea anS 'begaa a war oat ua
armed ainrrhadtmea. Women and Sbil
draw were her wlrtlina. Amerlran'eKJ
tenatiy tha eee-Weart4own to AeaU
on the Lualtoaaa. Th United fcitate
iao a freteat, aad'Oantiany promlaet
to toead her wara. 7W alio did. Jet
a time, uatll be'cenm'Luna a Seat
Wggrend1ettertibntrtnea, ead fbei
tier iirere aoa watftrfe tironw out wtu
freib wtfW. Hew ceMId -we fcaep o
f war whea Genoa or, grter ruthleaalj
(killing mr waeiaj, Oelrbtrwtlay flaeet
the era -to vO
Oersiaa plottera mat eptee, wade
tbe dlreet leaderiblp -of the Oermal
ambaiaaOor -thia -eovntry, workai
aliaoat -oiienry, 'blowing up 4aluatrla
planra, -aifiklng iQitpa la our barberl
and menacing Tatlroeda and ranala.
Gerroaar. epufreH tjy aurceaaea
openly began 1e anouaev ajMana fn
dldpllnlDg tbw totted State. Six
eoffad at the tfearoe doititoe. aa
tried to ereate 'a Gerraan atate
BraUl which, hb Vase weald be etroai
enough to bring about a-reiMvtloo aa4
ajrerthrew deaefrattc giw anwit
By her hoge amMom, her dlara
Crd df treaties, aod her rtoet
llance en force alone, 4tonaaay wai
TepMly maklnc Khe world an aaean
plare ta which te Bee.'ferrlav ttt oth
er natlona te adopt the nlutaT ays
'teea. er be at her merry.
Vbe Geraaa enhltJen te torre Oaf
taea kattor en 'the remaleder of thl
world waa well avdloltd. Keller, tt
tbe Oermaa astnd. waa nn what
tare ta te aa. It wan the wbt4t Oar
naaa aytteaj. ef gtrmament. ef
aaerrfallaai cat of Ufa. There
no place for emorracy 'ta a eocti
afMch bre tbe at amp df Oeraara kab
t. IT ea ratved on term oT gwern-
taetft. we had to go to war.
The flgbt which CagtanS M Trance
took ap freaa tbe bertaaiac "aatf U
Ifth Brtgjaa aad Serbfa laid.
nun , .
1 i? j m.
- - 1
H 11 n'l1 1
-1 twJ.' f
at c t 1
i - Waa.kl..Wft. '
Whea 'Mttatac bT MtU
aoiatt or errata rr4 Imci
wog -wtta anwN aaouaAteaa aaktci
n to 10 ttaya te t the cattle caitrc3
fe4. Oae ihona he '(ra m a
! ef h ecaa la 4ha nattah
a tteSI vaaovak Ntrr ftkta -atMnat M
SeteriiUta4 by tpatltMof UM
cattle. TSe 4Sr reeli, tmtikmtmtw.
vtevtr, 4te will tnrSy Se m ataA
or feta raike'kwUI1r ItetMS eil
? UM a4tuet tke eaitle.
wuteM armlikr ro Q.:t. a S,
taloeai aheun 'rwaf nae far
10 tta
ia aa
f into
llatw (ewtuCrtod).
Stowr. atraar,
Cotfeoee ateal let IS
ia rat
2nd fa.
r SO day,
SO roe
10 lba
I lb
8IIate 'rtatrre period).
Stover, etrew, kullg. or
hay 'fa a tire period),
aelrdt 'bM w ratewt
caeal tilt 90 lay a.
Velvet baaUM r eaTeet
meal tail M abaya.
Walvet baana er vereet
aaaU grd It Sera,
Shag tenure period).
'Stover, at raw, hella,-er
'Cottooaeed -laal.
dtrekaa ar rora.
It s
SO Rrw
10 Iba
tv Iba
SlUga oteallre pwrtol).
Soybcaa, cowpea. er
10 Iba
It Iba linihea -ear earn.
II ta
trtorer hay, owpea may, ty
Veaa. hay. er alfalfa.
4t Iba
C D. Urwe, liwetock apeatUlat. Dt
Maloa af Ritenaloa. Ualrerelly ef Tn
No other enaetance
pertoraiiiig ttr mJ 'dlffeiwat
Ueaa that llaM perftrrata. 4a 4am aeJaV
aoeerdlag to 1. -C McAaila, S4t Sge
ckJtat. -UlrUlon ef 'Ettoaju, lUairaP
aNy 'Of treaaeeeee, KaaarUla, XS
prlaclpal a IT acta are aa foltowa;
I. To aeetraUke aekllty.
g.lpe'ooenterect eoll poladM.
I. To promote acoapaeJtlon CtC
tgaolc taauar. '
I 'Q-t Imprtrre th pHyaMaU '
rtbe eoll.
4. To -proauata the growth wf
1 Aa a 4lrWt:parat food.
?.Te laaka Ota pvtaah aal pkaa
pborowo ta tbe aoil aaoreaa
Tit Uti Km, tx?. j

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