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Subscribe and T t a Letter From Home
Dear Editor:
The health of this eommu-
aity is food.
WTaa a.aaw. i m it a maa4 aaVa.'.! ai
industrial. iatUetaal aad nomi de til Bridge, also a srood Sunday
wopment, ami gToawtb af Hueik kuLi
Coiner i. muirf1mji nl K.t TinnouM OVUWr.
i genmi. Bpbiia in peiitie fear- We aoticed some pieees in your
was in defer ae of torn ta, and nM1.. tWn artrnp noMiar hnva
fcfaa fcettemant at oar aeotiati or eon tri- Write often boys your letters are
dbks to too naoiaasa it hanaa. mfoiiiW .
Hello Sterlinr Vawrhn! How
are you standing the times? Hur
October V
Starch 3, 1879.1
at- ' aaoond-class matter
WVL at tha poatoSoo at rh and liek tfo Kaiser and come
lennaweae. enm an ox . . .
SDlSCIIlrTigN 11TI5?
0a Tea - - $LW
Six - m
Local and Personal
H. B. Jarniran motered toMor
afetovwr this week. '
A. T. Drinnon left for Knox
ille Monday. .
Tho County Exective Commit- and welcome - fcstitute that we
Hello Ccrdie Vaughn! How
do yon like your new home?
tfyrd anal Dent, how did you
enjoy your visit to Flat Gap?
Anna and Maggie.
Dear Editor:
' May I come with a few I
terns from War Creek?
We are having & good Sunday
School. -
. The Preachers Training School
that has fast closed out at War
Creek was the moat interesting
fee en W. 8. S. were in stsaion
here ft pertibaof thia week.
Hon. SanHarbinsoo, of Knox
vilte, spoke on W. S. S. atSneed
vilkr Monday nkht "He akin-
ned the slacker."
Frank TrenL a respected citi
zen of the 10 District, was in
have ever had. .The teachers
d preachers have our best wish
mmm w . ii a.
es was giaa to Know inai ue
scheolwill meet with bs again
next year.
Mrs. Mmnie Beckler and
little daughters Blanche and Bet
ty have been visiting W. P. Beck
lor few the last week, and were al-
town yesterday. Mr. Trent fca& amog tt w. H. Greens and
tlreeaons in U. S. semrice. Martha Brewers Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Brewer Sanday.
of Pxovidence, R, L were visiting Wtare glad to have our scool
his sisUr. iMni. Henry 'Greene, riate. !'r.rirrk:n Brewer, and
f-n rrcriicr-L
The infanta Of George Harris
on. Roy Darnell aadi Anderson
Hopkins have been very sick for
A message' hast been recieved
that Taylor Mullens whose
mother ntme is Sarah Mullens
of this county, waa missing in
action July 18.
R, S. Long, is confined to his
bed with fever nnd has not been
able to come to town for a few
days, but we hoaeand expect for
a speedy recovery.
Al) parties owing a store ac
Muntto Janes Seal Son oIlTcnn. is exnected to bemn a re-
Sneedville-Tenn.. must corae at vival meeting at War Creek soon.
once and! settle same cr accoaat School began at War Creek
will be placed ia officers lands today with Mr. Wiley Alder and
L "wtw
Mrs. Sallie Lawaon and little
Edna, and Ura. Dora Trent and
children are visiting their moth
er, Mrs. Martha Brewer at pres
Mrs. Mattie Johnson and child
ren and Harvey Johnson of Mor
ristown. are visiting friends on
War Creek this week,
Mrs. Leona Brewer and babies
who have been visiting her fath
er of Morristown have returned
We sure enjoyed reading the
letters from Cart and Sterling.
Rev. Riley Johns, of Clinton
Drawn by Uur Wllllama. DlvUtoa al rtetwtel rwOMaMf.
. . 1
Food savings of.
meat to trad tnormc
Oar savingf in cre(
hippd to Europa j
America's "box frot
Allied nation.
na of Americans durina our first year of war enabled this mot
J ahipmenU abroad for our fighting forces and the Allied nations.
1 of a short cropamounted to 154,900,000 bunhtU; all of which was
jicreaaed our meat and fat ahipmenU 844,600,000 pound. This was
V to our army abroad and the civilians and military forces of the
r -
far collection.
All boys that have attained the
age of 21 since last registration
or will be 21 on or befeso August
24, 191Simuflt register oa August
The & and 12. Districts at
at Sunny Side.
The 3, 4, and 5. at KykaFord.
The i. Z 6. T. 10 and 11. at
By the direction el tie Gov
T. J. Harrison, Chairmiaa,
Local Board
' Kimbro Trent a wel known
eittten. living four and one half
miles S. W. off Straw Plains Teoo
was killed by lightening Saturday
Aug. 10 3 o'clock P. SI while
hauling? togs; Hs waa well known
in Hancock County whetw he
spent most of hie Ufa He leaves
a wife and four children, four
brothers, two sisters and a host
ef friends- to mourn their loss.
Merchants eaa get blanks for
use under the IT. S. Food Admin
iatntion Laws a the News OSce
er by mala noon receipt of the
Sugar PMge Hone Canni?
250-ll.M; 5-1.5; 1000
$2.25; 5000-$10. Egg Candling
reports at the aame prices.
Egg Candling Certificates 50cts
Miss Zora Greene as
Wo the Second Division of the
Fifth Sunday Meeting of th Mul
berry Gap Baptist Association.
will meet with the Briar Creek
Baptkt Church, Hancock County,
Tennessee, Aug. 20 and 31, 1918.
Introductory Sermon, Rev. G.
W. Treat; Alternate, Rev. R. D.
Welcome Address Rev. Sher
man Mullens; Response, Rev.
Wiley Cook.
1st What ia the Kingdom of
God and how do wo get into it?
W3ey Cook and G. W. Ttent
2nd. Does God require of a man
. a mm .1
more than tie gives mm tne
ability to do? H. 1. Greene, and
G. W. Vaughn.
3rd. In the conversion of a sin
ner, which cones first. Repent
ance er Faith? Barnet Greene,
asd Grant Mollens.
4th. Ia Eternal Life an inher
itance? P. T. Livesay, and G.
W. Trent
Query Box at will of the body.
Brethren whose names are not
on the program are invited to be
present and take part in the discussion.
Rev. G..W. Vaughn. Mod.
William Frsiicr. iecy.
join each other
120 acres, withctil
new barn, good slcra 1
of the best stands in t'
for a store. It has a
in the yard that cost to
dig and wall, and ;.a a
for milk and butter. V
The other ons has 60 iim td-
oining the firsr. has Y ing
and outbuilding.) and orcte X
Either one the farms is a t Tlin
and both together is exJent
For price and oc us at once,
for this is a bargain and is likely
to se'l at once. fj-
Hancock County KaI EitataExehange
Snedville, Tennewaea.
Wlwt hank is the tn-st bank for you? If you
leave it t ur t our i'ustomt'ts urs is ttie IhsI
bank, and we can prove it too.
We have built this bank upon alslutcly solij
business principles. Itsoflicers and stocklioklt-rs are
anions the solid, reliable men of Hancock Gninty.
The sjifcyuardinj! of (Kir depositors' funds is our
constant care. Our banking facilities an modern,
our policy liU-ral yt-t conservative. Wf would h
Rladtohave YOU for one of our put ron. Our bank,
ing facilities are at your disposal.
The Citizens Bank
Strains resc
least expoct it
ar ii ' il
is a Tome and Regulator
for the Weakened Heart
MILK MEDivAL CO.. Clkfea. Im4.
Saving the Cost of a New Roof
A Slnjla application NO IV of
Valdura 99.596 Pure Asphalt Paint
will mqv0 pou tht cost of a mia rvoflattr.
wiirtiifr your
iW Ik- "Kublier",
Kelt, Composi
tion, Tin, Iron,
Strrl, or Shinglr,
do the work
quickly, perfectly
ami with raal
Uur flat fair
antes stands back
of every drop of
VALDURA it must serve you properly or purchase money will t
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Paint
There is no tar in VALDURA; it it a strict 79.1 pure mineral asphalt
paint. A few dollars worth used on your Farm Machinery, Implements,
Fencing, etc., will save you hundreds of dollars in their added life.
We have some interesting literature on VALDURA we would like
to give you and a sample of the paint itself for your test all without
cost. VALDURA is vrry easy to apply and it ran be used i any
season. It if the psint to use "When you want aure results.
Rogan & Testerman,
RogcT.svIlle, Tcnn.
The Government Wants You To Go To COLLEGE
and enlist In the ARMY attheSAME TIME
Write For Fu.! Details of the r lan of the
students' rmy Training Corps
Britith Qtt Two Pounds a KsnS.
French Pound and HsJf, ,
lUBans One Pound.
All Natlana ranv.lt Uaa af
far Maw rVaserviafl Pwraaaaa. .
Aaaertca'a aew sugar ratlaa of twe
pounds a nioDth per parson la equita
ble whan eoBpartd with the aagar ra
tion anforcad by rigid guveremauutl
order la England, Franca and Italy, na
tion wltU whlctt wa ara skating ansae. '
Lack AUIad natlou-Hu tlia mattar ef
augar eonaumpUoa la sharing on aaaa
est poeetbie equal terms iLa kardahta
luiMisad by greatly altered eouolUaee
In tba world'sugar sttuatloa.
Formerly classed as a luxvrf, ec
la now a wr time essential. Tha tea
and JutY dielalon of this esaaadaJ B
In thef. hands ot the various AUlei
food controller.
Tha United State rood Admlntstaa
tfau has aked this nation to observe
a voluntary augar rauon as iww
pounds par peraoa a aaoalh, -
la tha ether eountriea at war wwa
Oermaay augar la one at tha acerea
articles ou every aieea whethar a
tha households ot both rich ead
or la tha hotel.
Knaland today has aagar rat
ot two nounds par month par par
In France tba ration la a poena aae a
bait and In Italy It la eaa poaad a
month. Aad the pricaa In allied ceua
tries ar from two to Uire tba at
blch as la America.
If you go to a total la Eagiaac er
Fraaca these days and order ta or
coffee they aerve abaoletaly a Mgaw
Ith It. If you wac augar yue aawSt
bring It wit yea.
In England It la allowable la eaa
one seventh ot aa unc ot sugar ia
tha preps ration of aeca luncheaa. Si
Franca many pareeea carry llttla ae
caarla tablets abeat wltk tbaea f
aa la hotels aad la Bagtand rlcfc ta
poor maat tak Shelr gr with the
trre;ta-waw-aaw tU
wwSa vlaftlag Meate.
Before tha war alerted Fraac bad)
38,000 sera devoted ta tagar prede.
tloa. By 1SIT tha Freadi augar acre
sra bad derneced te ISO.orw aeraa
Today tba Franta ana er woman with a
ugnr rard has ae aaearaaca what
that ha or aha wUI b bl ta actaaily
buy augar. Ta buy U. on aaust trat
Had It
Italy Haa -State Sugar."
Especially drastic regulations gawera .
tha use of augar la Italy. It taaee
fsrture, distribution and sale ara da
y ront rolled, and In part actuall.
takMi over by tha state.
Kaorharlua la permitted t be eobf
nd used ae a substitute for augar aad
the government nieaofactures a Mst
ture of aatvbarlae and augar called
"Mtste Sugar." which I largely aaad.
Oerman Sugar Ration Adequate.
Oannany, before tba war, produced
a great aurplus of sugar and aiportei
largo quantltlva. Today tha Oermaae
bav virtually gone out af the ranee,
eaalaesa, but have plenty of caVaa
agar for home uaa. ,
Wholesale prices prevalent la the
Allied nations, according t Informa
tion revived by tba United States
Fond Administration ara aa follows:
F.ngland, 10 cents a pound; France,
12 rmta : Italy. 2d rente.
While throe hUh price ara belag
palil abroad the Anirl-sn wboleeale
price la bring bold at ?Va ceata
GPOHaVsa gs eaf Is
AmrniiTm Ii ear saaay
CmAr So tmi ef ivs s
ew U rM hi aT
mmii bWesib
mm tls rwB
riSU Wbxb
L. mM ! a
woy ar JJ-
1 , rate. -
villa. asaur li s

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