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dnouia neaamrs.monynani
Letter Published by
Her Permission.
Mt AeH, Ind." LvdJa E. Plnkham's
v egetaoie utmponnd helped mew much
aunng the tuna I
vu lookingf orward
to the coming; of my
little one that I am
-recommending; it to
other expectant
mouer. Be lore
takint it omedav
I suffered with neu
ralgia so badly that
1 thought 1 could
not live, but after
. taking: three bottle
lor UrdiaE. Pink
'ham' Vegetable
Compound I waa en
tirely relieved of
i neuralgia. 1 bad
'gained in strength
' and waa able to go
around and do all
any booseworc. My baby when seven
VKMitha old weighed 19 pound and I feel
better than I nay for a long time. I
never bad any medicine do me ao
much good." Mr. Psxu. Monyhan,
autcneiL ind.
oood neaitn during maternity la a
most important factor to both mother
and child, and many letter bar been
received by the Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mas., telling of
health restoreddurinffthif trying period
W .L. -M r i: tf lii-l.l r
J J tuv us vi t-i vuia sm f in nam
table Compound,
Kill All Flloo!TOuCT"
Experiment in
7'1 W
. Dais! sTIIlw nmmlMli
Bales. tau,aMMiM,maMu a
I l, Maai
. mm i aafii m
wSTaat mia
riy Kill
(Copyright. Itl, by the alcClur Nswspa.
per aroiucaMtj
Professor Osgood bad near-sighted
eyes, ten acres of good rich garden
oil, a desire to do bia bit and an or
der from hi publisher to get In hi
manuscript for his book on truck gar
dening in ancient Rom? by the first of
October. Naturally the course of the
rammer would shape Itself In only one
way. Hi defective eye prevented him
from enlisting, the possession of ten
acre made It hi patriotic duty to
raise everything possible, and In the
meantime he would complete his book
from the notes he had been collecting
for the past live years, lie would
divide his time between the mental
work of his book and the physical
work of supervising his garden.
He could not cultivate ten acres in
tenslvely himself. Labor was scarce.
It waa necessary in the community
where his ten acres was located to pay
three dollars and a half a day for a
laborer. There would be no economy
and no patriotism In that sort of gar
dening. The only thin left to do was
to send for orphans. lie had beard of
other people doing It. So he wrote
to the nearest large city where there
was an asylum for motherless and
fatherless girls and boys and asked or would have proved themselves poor
for two young boy of fourteen or
Tve come to ask advice," be began,
Tou see I'm pretty Ignorant about
good many things. It didn't occur to
me at first that I oughtn't to keep those
girl. They want to stay and they have
worked like trojans all morning, and
they rooked the dinner and are wash
ing up the dishes now. They are
great help. I can do the heavy work
and 111 give them short hours and 111
put away something from the proceeds
of the garden for tbem every week.
They are nice girls stupid rather and
perhaps a little dull but splendid out
door workers. They take to it like
peasant. It occurred to me, however,
that one conventional doesnt do
that sort of thing. That Is, wouldJTt
there be something out of the way
about my. keeping these girls there.
without some one to chliperone them?
That' the idea, Isn't it? It occurred
to me that maybe you could help ns
out It' all war work and X know
you are just cultivating your garden
for patriotism. Couldn't you coma
over to my place and live? I'd do all
the heavy man's work and you could
sort of keep your eye on the girl," :
Barbara laughed at the professor
and suggested that so far at conven
tion went there would be no advantage
In the way be had outlined.
Several otber plan were suggested.
There wasn't room In Barbara's cot
tcge for the orphans, and Barbara
didn't like the Idea of staying In Pro
fessor Osgood's house with the orphan
while he stayed In ber shack. Bo It
was decided that for the time being he
would sleep In the hayloft, while the
orphans stayed alone In the house.
Perhaps within a week or so the or
pbans would be tired of the experiment
CP r&f- Dslsy
f ' V.s-x
to aa,
a aenaaa. w a muw.
Tk Cans is
Daadniti and
V II Tk Remedy
IUlUnaiT Cuticura
AD Ananrh 1 SaaaSV Otnt-MtS) Bj, TakwB.
a totlat nnaisMua af
K.lp. ta arable, u aaadraC.
l-TKiilaaaaa Cola aa
too. and il.oa at fVurrtaca.
In Nowise Playful.
"I uuderstaud you have quit
Ing politics?"
"I never played politic," replied
Senator Sorghum, "When I went Into
a canialgn I never left the other fel
low enough of a chance to warrant
calling It any kind of a game,
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOMA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature of
in Use for Over M .ears.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caitori
Expert Says That In Four Ysars
Has Killed as Many as Hive
Died In Bsttle.
Tin war lis nerved effectually to
disclose tlint during the four years of
hostilities mortality from tuberculosis
In the civilian wpu1tlon and In the
armies of all the i-ountrle engaged has
at leant approximated the total number
of aoldler killed In battle, according
to Dr. Livingstone Parrund. A direc
tor of the Amertcan romnilsslon for
the prevention of tuberculoid I
Franc Doctor Fsrrund will resume
his work overseas within a few days.
He returned to the United Stste for
graduation exercise of the Urtlvrrscliy
of Colorado, of hich lie is president.
"To make our country really safe
for democracy we mut first make It
benlthy." Is the slogan Ifcx-tor Kurrand
Of the men railed to the colors In
this country first draft summons M.
000 were found to be tubercular, hi
appeal slate. Tb: IT declare. I one
of the striking Indication of the prev
alence to the dieae In the t'nlted
Making Ouncetton Safe.
Ouneotton. properly made and com
pletely purified from "free" or uncnro
'trfned add, I not liable to spontaneous
combustion. Such guncotton kept for
manv rears, ahows no tendency ta
chemical change. however gradual.
Tru happlnesa constat In getting
something you wanted but didn't expect.
A Cool Breakfast
No fussing
round a
hot stove
if you cat
i ""-v
fifteen who would profit by a summer
in the country with plenty of whole
some food and not too strenuous out
door work. lie Intended Incidentally to
give them dally Instruction In the
classics, but this he did not tell the
authorities of the Institution.
Professor Osgood waa really not
very old o very eccentric. Perhaps he
might some day become eccentric If
left too much to the solitary contem
plation of ancient Roman truck gar-
dens. But now as he sat one very
unshlny May morning In the railroad
station of Babcock's there waiting
for the arrival of his two orphan who
were to help In hi war work, he was
quite a normal looking young man of
thirty-five or six.
Barbara Grayson, whose Ave acres
adjoined his, was also at the station.
She whs knitting a sock to save time,
and. the fact that she wore a rut her
severely cut, fairly short suit of khaki
with canvas gaiters and a wide
brimmed khaki hat proclaimed the fact
that she had recently "gone In for
farming" as a war measure, and that
It was not her regular occupation. Not
having a nook to write and having a
great deal of energy and fully as much
patriotism as the professor, she was
planning to manage her Ave acrea
alone. She was now waiting at the sta
tion to receive from the conductor
some seeds that he had promised to
bring her from the city on the morning
Professor Osgood rose esgerly when
the train stopped and peeled his eyes
for two sturdy fourteen-year-old boys,
and Barbara ran to the conductor.
leaning out from the car vestibule to
band ber the seeds. Profesxor Osgood
was still casting about In searrh of the
two sturdy boys, when the train chug-
chugged out of the station and two
girls dressed In blue rlngham, each
carrying a cotton umbrella and a cheap
wicker suitcase, advanced toward
We're the orphans," one said In a
monotone to Barbara, and another held
out a sealed letter, which, from the
ppesrsnce of the enveloje, had been
held clonoly by a warm hand all the
way from the city. The Ink had run.
but Bnrhara saw It was addressed to
lYofessor Osgood." Barbara, not
having the slightest Idea of l'rofejnor
Osgood's plans, was entirely mystified,
but smiling on the two girls, handed
the letter to the professor. He read
It twice slowly and then handed It to
Barbara. He kuew her but slightly,
but she was the only person In the sta
tion, snd assuredly he needed moral
Our boys have all been placed,"
aid the note, signed by the matron
of the city Institution. "I'm sending
two sturdy, bonest girls that are used
to hsrd work. Don't b afraid to give
them "tunic h to do. If they bsve plenty
to est and enough sleep, work won't
hurt them. Our visitor will be out In
two weeks to make lnpctlons and to
see bow they are getting on."
While Barbara wss reading the let
ter, iTofesaor Osgood rased mutely at
the two sturdy girls over the top of hla
"Won't we dot" asked one.
"Neither one of ua want to go back."
faltered the other. "Ifa nice here."
This with an approving glance at the
very green, very sunshiny country
around them.
iTofcmnr ogood thought a minute
more, and then concluded that they
would do, and while Barbara trudged
back by ooe road, the profenaor, with
bis two orpbsns following him,
trudged thrmjKb the dosty road to bis
aid frmbone.
At ooe o'clock, as Barbsra sat for a
ail note after her midday meal, mip
ping oat on psner exactly how he
would sow the remainder of the seeds
she had Jurt received, there was a
knock at the door of ber shack It waa
f the portable. pot-p-nd tf ke-dowo
variety with only to room and a
7icc1e of kitchen and Irofeor Os
! arrwsred. I'-arbara Incited blia
to sit down with ber and drink a rap
of offee. quite a If they Wfre old
friend, snd this the profeor accept
ed with s,ireat gratltada.
But a a matter of fact Just the op
posite thing took place. They became
expert agriculturist, and when Bar
bsra, at Professor Osgood' BUtfeatlon,
asked them whether they weren't
ready to go back, they both bunt Into
tHH tha anla alnn if IIA .l.
that they had expressod since their ar
rival. So the professor continued ta
leep In the hayloft without any seri
ous discomfort After all there was
no one In the neighborhood to crltidia
the arrangement and the plan mlgLt
have worked out all summer were it
not for the expected visit of the In
spector. "Did the people at the asylum know,"
said Professor Osgood feeling carefully
one day aa the girls were about to go
forth to hoe the first showing of beans,
"did they know I waa living her alon
when they sent your
' "o, ir," said one emphatically.
"They said there was a Mr. and K
Osgood, they did, and the matron an "
'Mind you do what Mrs. Osgood yf
The professor suddenly became r
tve. It not the first time hel
thought In a rather concrete wa
late of the possibility of a Mrs. Osf
After all It wa not such an ent
preposterous Ides. Other men,
soned the professor, bad tnanaf
win the love of women complete!
entirely their superiors In everx
How foolish It would be not to takt
chance. Not to auk Barbara to if '
him would not make the intensify ;
his love any less polghnnL And)
hops. The professor left " . 1
orphan abruptly and saunterel c
to Barbara's aback. He had pl.ftwrr
several ways of beginning the conver
sation, but Barbara was buay planting
corn and he felt that quick action wa
most suitable.
"Barbara will you marry me?" he
snld, looking very hsrd at the corn la
her curved palm.
"Bless your heart," said Barbara,
dropping the grain and laughing a
iiTiie. i wa aimont arrald you
wouldn't ask me In ttmo. I thought
maybe you would sometime, but I
wanted to have It all fixed and settled
before that orphan Inspector got
around. It's part of our war duty,
Isn't itr
U4iV-ADliNL I k
Oh for a book and a shady nouka
r.tther In donra at auIt
With tha grean leaves whispering over-
Or the street rryera all about.
n here I male rrd all at mjr ease
Both for fie newe and oW;
tor a totlie good book whereoa te
la better to ma than gold.
Peanuts and peanut butter are foods
which take the place of meats and are
cheap In price. Va
rious other nuts,
when reasonable In
price and equally
nutritious, should
be used often to
take the place of
Peanut Lea f
Boa a quart of fine bread crumba In
milk ; mix with It a cup of shelled pea-
uuu nneiy ground; add an egg well
ueaten, and salt and ncrtner to taste
Mix as the usual meat loaf and hake
about as long; Serve with tomato
sauce. Cook a pint of totnutoee with
half an onion, four cloves, a niece of
bay leaf, sprig of parsley and a blade
or mace. When well rooked, strain.
Put two tablesimonfuls of butter In a
saucepan, add a slice of onion, brown
and add two tablespoonfulu of flour.
when smooth add the tomato; season
wim salt and pepper and serve.
Pa Tlmbalsa Cook a pint of peas
until tender, then mash through a col
ander and beat the pulp to a paste. To
thla add two well-beaten' eggs, two
tablespoonf uls of melted fat onion
ulce; pepper and suit to season. When
well blended, place In buttered molds
and bake until done.
J l .a
Tempting veal loaf
V17 THAT is more tempting
Af for a summer luncheon
' T than Libbj's savory
Veal Loaf I Prettily garnlahed
it makes dainty yet sub
stantial dish-" and one all
ready to put on the table!
Order Ubby'sVeal Loaf today.
You will want it always on
your shelvesfor quick lunch
eon for unexpected guests. '
libby. MTNsill a. Llbby. CUseg
liilM Canadian fff UOSu
Wben Our Own nanrest Reiilreeests Are Ce!si
United States Help Badly Needed
Harvest Hands Wanted
Military demands from a limited rjoDulation have made such a
mmi $ irm aafhl lw PamaJa !. ftka. emasmaskAexl atf VWk bOBMi4I1M
Pmmm am Y.. - -w I J wa icui Mtip lit viuuia iliai UtC uyiKW sM -jits vwiswmi
whi. ..uce. stir in 7 few .ke tiovernment to the United States Government for
-season well and serve on buttered I IIID tO I12rveSt the Clinadl29 f.rflln fCn ' atf lDlO
This Is a simple and easy dish I . i m t.i . .
iviccia wiui a request iot au Evauaoie assistance to
The Allied Armies must be fed and therefor It Is necessary to save every bit
of the crop of the Continent American and Canadian.
to prepare, but most wholesome and
nutritious. Asparagus prepared In the
same way with a hard-cooked egg or
two Is a well-relished dish and very
Scalloped Chae 4'heese In Its dif
ferent forms Is an excellent substitute
for mest. Cottsge cheese, which may
be made In the home. Is a most versa
tile one to use In many ways. Take
any good flavored cheese, cut In small
pieces and use In layers In a baking
rllsh with smsll rubes of bread; re-
until the dUti Is full. Iteat two
Z add stilt and epMr to taate and
T with pint of milk. Pour this
"d over the bread and iheeae and
Jitll set. Serve hot ai a lunch-
supMT dish.
"Taj every flower Is
verjr leaf a line.
aasDir spit, ne'er rherlah wit;
rva loves the tarder.
Typewritten Signature.
In these day of typewritten letters
nd equally typewritten official docu
ments the writing by hand la becoming
a lost art.
Average of time for reading letters
I two minutes for the body of the let
ter and anywhere from fifteen minute
to two hours trying to figure out who
msde the hieroglyphics that stand for
a signature.
In theae day of economy It seem
wicked to wte so mnch time. Let
the stenographer type the slgnsture In
full at the end of the letter, leaving a
space below In which the author may
satisfy hi teste for cubist or futurist
Every man, even a lawyer or a sol
dier, has a right to sign his nsm at
be pletteea. put the man who write
slgnsture which none can copy or
r-sd should at leant furnish hi
friends with a key to the rods he uses.
ittitlneaa college please copy. To
ronto Telegram.
Women te Civ Up Platinum.
Women pose.lng platinum-mounted
Jewelry are being urged to have It
converted Into War Ksvlngs stamp
and uwd for msklng war materials. A
special drive baa been Inangursted to
tncreaee the platinum supply fr the
government by melting up slacker
baublee of pleflnnm. "Women bsv
gone without heat, without wheat,
without meat," aald one of the leader
of the movement when telling of her
pie to ber sex to sacrifice their orna
ments. They bsv been atked to
economise on the mstertsl In their
Clothe snd red nee the height of their
ahoe to aave leather. Purely they
ought not to find It a hardship to go
withoot platinum. Ther I s sbortsre
Of platinum and It Is ofly slth gral
difficulty that a eulTMent quantity tir
final aeeds Is being obtained for tb
government."-Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Cheese Is so nutritious, an ounce be-
J eejual lo two ounces of mest. with-
'Out Its waste. Cheese I
psrtlrularly good with
slarrby foods and foods
lacking In fat and flavor.
Cheese should be
bought In such quantities
that there need lie no
waste, as It molds very
eusily. Orate all the
mall pieces left over and put them In
a glass with a tight cover; keep cool
nd dry. Cooking cheese at too high a
persture makes It difficult of diges-
on.. hen possible, rook It at a low
temperature or In the hot mliture Just
long enough to melt It. A tHlilespooii
ful of cheese will add flavor to some
dish, and not even a scrap should ba
thrown away.
Onions cooked and then baked as an
eecalloped dish with white ssuce and
cheese Is a very fine dish. Cablings
cooked In the same wsy Is also good,
Fried Cheese Sandwlches-Tbeae
are sufficiently sustaining to serve as
a main dish with a salad. Tsk thin
slices of cheese, sprinkle with rpper
snd salt or other seasoning if liked.
put as a filling Into mindalchea, then
brown the sandwiches on both sides la
a little hot olive oil.
Cot lege cheese with raspberry Jsm
makes delicious sandwich filling.
Crackers heaped with grated cheewe
and browned la the oven or heated un
til tha cbeeae melts Is a iimmi tasty ac
companiment to a cup of tea.
Cheese Bailee Add a da.b of tobae-
ro sauce to a amsll amount of cottage
Cheese wblcb has been well seasoned:
make pink with paprika ami roll Into
small balls. Itoll the hall lo finely
minced Mark walnut meets, Kerv on
lettuce with French dressing.
Hashed Brown Potatoes With Co
tape Cheesev-4'hAp cold boiled pota
to one and season well with salt,
pepper and onion juire. JJix with
enough milk to help brown when
tarned Into the n. which Is greased
with some sweet fst or oil. Cook the
potatoes slowly without sUrrlog antll
they are brov.a underneath. Mean
while mix cream with cottage cheese
until It spreads easily, adding chopped
onion, cblvea, parsley or pimentos, a
little left-over bam or chill swore, and
spread over the pot a toe; thea fold
like an omelet and turn not on a not
platter at once. The add flavor. If not
liked In the cheese, may bo removed
by the addition of a pinch of and
when mixing the cheese with the
Potatoes, onions and corn, an roast
ed la the aphes o the Srw. drvefop s
tastrd flavor.
Those who respond to this appeal will get a
Wars Wilratas, Caod Wages, Coed Board assi Final Caairt-s
A card entitling tha holder to a rats of on cent per mils from Csnadlsa
boundary points to destination and return will be given to all harvsst applicants.
Every facility will be afforded for admission into Canada and return to tha
United State.
Information aa to wage, railway rate and routes may be had from the) m
fto This After Vou
Hot Weather "Out of Fix" Stomachs
Easily Put Right
When hot weather comes, atomach
and bowel miseries begin, htrong,
sound stomach as well aa weak one
are easily affected by the harmful
f,asea and acida so often produced In
the things wa est sod drink during
hot weather. Winter Nature's ice
box, la gone hot weather breed
the poisonous germs that ranse pto
maine poison in an lu many forms. "
Every one knows that the after-eat-
Ingnsusea, belching, that wretched,
bloated, "lumpy" foiling, sour stom
ach, heartburn, food repeating, and
otber forma of Indigestion and dys
pepsia are far mors frequent during
not wesiiier. II is the time hen you
bsv to guard constantly against an
upset stomach and the many ills thai
are always apt to follow. Then again
we have the world's war to win
with the change of diet and eitra
work which means we mtut all care
fully guard our stomachs this year
keep ourselves fit and fiae.
A marvelous relief and prevention
bss teen found for stomsch sufferers,
which makes it possible fur yon to eat
tb things you like beet without a
Ingle nnpleaaant thong U of alia
msy follow. KATON10 Tablets, food
tasting, quick acting, and absolutely
harmless, have already proven an un
told blessing to thousand of people.
One or two F-A TONIC Tablet after
meals work wonder. They sweeten
and purify the stomach by nsntrsli.
ng me troubie-making acid and f I
ami stop tha griplrg pains of indigea-
nn ana oilier umiacn . ana Dowel
And tb best prt "f it Is you can
be vonr own judge. Just try EATUMO.
Let your own stomach tell yon th
truth. If you are not pleased then
tbey don't cost you on peony.
Druggist are amased at the aston
ishing report from K A TO NIG oaer.
who have found KATUN 10 a quick,
wonderful relief for stomach ailments.
. w tell you to get a large box of
EATON 10 from your draegiet, whom
yon know and can trust, and tbsa
II r ATI IN IO Is aot suit) to roar esse.
r-ur H lo your drussiat at ooce an (at
bees -or anwi lasts s (air. -ivtrm
offer. Starr teiwia to arse t tasks tbe
taet. L4 your ova ar mark aril yew laai
nil, start UaU kATUM lO May.
May Hester Csnsle.
tldtta. In lis presaliig nod for trans
portation fscllltlts. Is considering the
restorstlon of It old time system of
csnsls, of wbl'h there were at one
time no.isi) tulle within the empire.
Centuries Ix-fure the Christian era the
great rivers of the celeetlal emigre
were diverted from their natural
course lo form the ancient water-wsya
Watch Your Skin Improve.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the fee with CuUcura ointment Wssb
off Ointment In Ave minute with Co
tlcura ftosp snd hot water. For frc
sample address "Cutlcura. Dept. X.
Boston." At druggist and by malL
Soap 23. Ointment 23 and CO. Adv.
Her Ambition Not High.
Mother had changed the atyle of ber
young daughter' hair dressing and
IX ty waa remonstrstlag.
"Why. Hetty," eipalned mother,
"you should like this way of wearlog
your hair. It makes you resemble
your grandmother, aad she was a
spleodld character."
Hut. mother.' objected Itwty. "I
don't want to be a splendid rhsracter
bej I grow up. I wsut to he a tearb-
Old Iwidy lut. lull Ho you know
Hhst becomes of little boys who tell
Willie lllbrow sge fle Oli. that
Is an optional matter with the boys'
parent. Some are foolishly threat
ened with eternal dumnatlon; corporal
ptinlahment I Indicted on some; oil
ers are Incarcerated for short erioda
of time In cellar, shod snd closets or
sre hiimlllaletl by being put prema
turely to bed. Others are subjected to
s rourw of Hirlit mental gymnastic
ontatiilng a sinatteriog child jchol
gy. y hopathy, jmyrhomsncy, often
times with sn element of alert ry o
mancy or dnrt)llomsocy. After all, the
question Is one of a belief la or
against a perxwial devil. Peratrnally,
(I'uf the good old lady wss gapiog
for breath.)
Paradental Pale.
"I see where tbe price of shaves has
gone up."
Queer lo a busioeaa where there
are so many cuts."
Better Net Try.
A ma a may be a hopeless Idiot, bat
If he adrulrea a woman yna cant ceo
lae her that he la traiv.
An Coooefnie Move.
"So yoo want te give up work
c-aa you afford to retire r
"Tea. sir; I'm gong to get mi fried.
No msa ever surprised a wonisa by
telling ber that be loved bee.
Invisible patches ought e be
la Silag ap quarrel
The Usual Place.
"Don't vy. little boy. Toll get
your reward la the end." "I spo so.
That's where I allwa do git It."
When Your Eyes Need Cre
Try Martae Eye Rcmedv
see 4a wfciv at
sau ra ta 9 mm a Baa.
Hkavisa ai a aajaaaii ia,cmicawo

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