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VOL. 2.
NO- 49-,
Editgs asp Pviusmzx.
A WMkly aewsnaaer derated te the
awtaetriaL intellectual and moral de
aeiepaanat and fewt of Hancock
Ceant In partictlair and Eaat Tenneasee
la gnefL Republican in peJitiea, fear
lasa ia defer ee ef truth, and erer seal-
aw in advocacy af wnatereT tend to
DU betterment af oar imtm ar eaa un-
batee to the happiaeeaex its hemea.
October IX. UK, at tha poeteOeeat
HaaadriHa, Tanneaeee, ameta Act of
SUUCB , 18V. J
Cm Tea? - - flM
Heads - - 50
jj Local and Personal
DUY W. S. S.
" . . t : .
Hancock County had 107&tk
btrants to register Sept It
We are sorry to say that R. S.
Long is still unable to elerk in his
' store.
Rev. D. T. Smith fill ed his reg
lar appofatment at the Metho
tfct church Sunday.
Ed Heakle, representing the
Goodson Grocery Company, Mor
tiatown. was in town Wednesday.
. A. B, and C, V. Parkey, of
Mulberry, passed thrash town
Wednesday with a nice drove of
R, P. Overton, of Sedalfa, pass
ed through town with some nice
eate Thursday.
f Evanston, were visiting their
son and daughter, who are attend
Ing the HigbSdbel, Wednesday.
The Local Board has been very
busy sending out questionnaire
several of which have been filled
out and returned.
On account of our baby being
very sick most of the time since
last Friday we are compelled to
leave some most interesting let
ters until next week.
If your son, who is in the
army, is a subscriber of the News
you should notify us of all chang
es in his address so that he will
not miss any copies.
A number of the boys who are
ightingforour liberty would Kke
to hear more ef scene through
the News. Why not send the
sews from yeur locality?
We Will appre:iate any news
items sent in from any part of
the county. If you know of any
happenings that will interest the
readers send them in if only one
or two lines, but please sign your
name that we may know sender
Mrs. Lynchv who spent a few
saonths-with her daughter, Mrs.
H. B. Jarnigan, returned to her
home at Morristown Wednesday,
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Jarnigan and little daughter,
Mary Elizabeth.
Corn Toll Cards, Egg Certifi
cates, and Sugar Blanks, may be
obtained at the News Office at
the following prices:
100 fir 50 cents
250 for $1-00
600 for (1 U)
1000 for $25.
As we go to press, we learn
that the death angel visited the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Har
rison and took the littk infant.
Claude Davis, who has been sick
for some time. Little Claude
wss about one and half years of
age. The bereft have our deep
est sympathies.
Dear Editor:
The health of this place is
I just finished my training at
Camp Nelson br Lake Pontchar-
ton vxd was shipped back to Al
giers yesterday and am now a
waiting furthur orders which I
will probably recieve soon.
I am having a pretty nice time
now. I have to drill only 45 min
utes per dsy while here and you
bet I am in no hurry to ship a'
You can often hear people
there saying they had rather see
their people dead than see them
start to this- war. . That is all
nonesense for the soldiers and
sailers have a pretty nice time.
especially while training. Of-
course trench work is mueh harder.
Goess the 12th. of September
was a sad day with many homes
of Hancock County because there
was some one in the home who
had to register. It was a pleasant
day with us scldiers and sailers
of this state, . We had a psrade
on the streets of New Orleans
for about one hour after which
we were invited to a treat for the
remainder of the day. At night
we were invited to private homes
for supper. You can imagine a-
bout how we ate, after being at
a treat all day.
.Guess several boys will leave
for camps sodn and when you
eave don't worry because it was
never worth while. You Willi
find it different to what you have
it mapped cut to h So pack up
your troubles sjndj Vbk for awar-
Guess farmers x ,1 soon be sow
ing wheat, when I wu sow, tow
pknty; gather your corn and take
care of it well, potatoes also; and
when you plant potatoes next
spring, plant plenty, snd if you
think there will be a dry spell
ust plant some onions with them
so they will make the potatoes
eyes water and. furnish moisture
or both. 'tV
A Hancock Boy.
Dear Papa: V
I am well and standing
hard times pretty fair, i' Hope
you are enjoying the, best of
health. Sure would like to see
you and tell "you all about this
part of the world. It ia" quite
different from the New World.
The people here are just now
harvesting their giain.;, 'Their
Crops seem to be very . good.
Some of the farmers use binders
similar to ours but verj ', much
smaller. But the farmers who
farm on small scale use a very
peculiar kind of scythe. It has
a very short Handle or sneea
which is held in the rig':t hand,
and in the left hand the) nolu a
hook to place the grain in tench
es to be bound into bundles. "It
seems to be very tlrsorae work
because they have to go sloped
while working. .. .'
Tne wagons are very heavy
and clumsy. They are generally
drawn by one horso- The ihcrxe
is hitched about five feet frcai the
single tree. - Vou can. see the
horse some time before you see
the wagon when making a , bend
on the road. One horso here
pulls a load twice as large as qne
of our horses. Tl.cy seem to be
lieve in loading a horse.
The people here raise several
cattle. They have small dairy
farms. It is real funny; to see
them work with their milk J They
use a cream separator sirruar to
the Americans. But they chum
altogather different,-
used to run the chi
are placed in-- tHoJi-'
eight art: - r
very r '
wheet . .
such a manner jj i.
on the go. The churn,
ed to the wheel with a",
and it seems to bo a
scheme. I
So I will close for feat
sor will drop my letter
waste basket Give my I
gards to all.
Your son,
Roy E. Hatfield.
of Tonnossco
'.CliU, plow, roll, harrow. Early, long eon-
' tinued preparation insures highest yields.
Food tho flolda; fill the soil full of fer
, tilizer-phosphate, lime. " Topdress the
poor spots lightly with manure. " . -
fioloct sound aeodV clean and . plump, of
. varieties successful in your neighborhood,
8ow October 10 to 20.
A (ood publication on wheat ealturs eaa' ba aaaarad ay
otui card to DlTUion or Extaatkw, UaUaralty af Taa
Farmers, INTERESTED In Farming, Study Their Business
, i'.ti .ii
.. .
" jaw v ,. v .
L. V!. -v-'j.:..if
a T bubc"i t ' mi ja
, '-, if.
AMERICAN families would have less sugar than the
people of war torn France, if we depended entirely
on oor home-grown sugar stocks.
Approximately 75 per cent of our engsr is shipped
to our shores. We produce about 1,000,000 tons of sugar
a year. Our imports from abroad amount to over 3,000,
000 tons a year to normal times.
The United States Food Administration asks eseh
family to limit its use of sugar to two pounds per month
per person for household use. The military situstion de
mands that every available ahip be placed at the disposal
of the Army or Navy. When we save sugar, we save
j iJX witter day. -Junt befora
rtatmaa, Tb? rame to itudy and
to learn mora' about tha farm prob
lems before them. This meeting wm
bat one of forty two mectlnm of a
to a meetlni ati--:Ial fr-Uer-f 'ing, ct9 lrn car-
U i llnee of tha
Hi West, Middle and
Tedtienae' alons
C. and 8t I. Ry
Eait Tenneaiea
lne railroad co-operated by furulih
Ing the can that carried tba ipeakeri
from place to place
You can't stand still'and Ktrt ilnywlu-rc. It is
ncct'ssary to jo forward if you would kt-cpahrtMst
of the times, for the worlJ inovos and it mows
so rapidly that only a lew of us can m?c r claim
wimc of it. Are you netting alw-ad, finam Lilly f
Would you like to know the opininionofoncof tli
urestt finaikicr? the country ever producrJ? Well
here it is:
The late James J. Hill said; "If you want to
Know whether you are going to he a success or a
fariure, you can easily lind wut. .The tet is simple
and infallible. Are you able to save money? If not
y.u drop out. You will lo You may not tKink it
but you will mnc as sure as you live. 1 he seed of
success is n t in you." Think that over car fully.
The Citizens Bank
Saving the Cost of a New Roof
A Slnol cp plication NOW of
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Paint
will tat poa tht eoMt of a neio rvoflattr.
Whether roar
hcthcr y(
ro..f be "Kubher".
Felt. Compoti
Hon. Tin, Iron,
Steel, or Shingle,
do the work
quickly, perfectly
and with real
Oar flat guar
antee stands back
of eery drop of
VALDURA it mutt tenre yon properly or purchase money wiil ba
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Paint
Tberc it no tar in VALDURA; it is a strict 99.5 pure mineral asphalt
paint A few dollars worth used on your Farm Machinery, Implements,
Fencing, etc, will save yon hundreds of dollars in their added Me.
We have some interesting literature oa VALDURA we would Uke
to give you and a sample of the paint itself for your test all without
cost. VALDURA ia very easy to apply aad it can ba ased ia mj
It ia tae petal to aae vtaca you waai aura reeuna.
Rogan & Testennan,
KoKtivi!!c, Tcnu.
ay Inquiry about farm tractare te
rather difficult to ', answer wltaoc
knowing something of tha nature cC
tha eoU, the aixe ot farm and tha ahai
of fleldi. '
' Ia Tennessee, ianaa are anuaHy Um
hair, flelda are email axi lrrecaiar Jq
shape, and freqaeatly It to
to aecare a careful eaarctar.
are a number of tractors ta taa Scaaw
that are giving goad aattsMtloa. it
aJd aeam that tha lueceaa of a tran
ter la dependent upon a careful opar
a tor to a great extent. Meay fi
Had ft necessary to replaa taalr
to make their fields larger aad
rTUr. . . .' '
I believe taara are mora keroeenai
burners la this section thaa gaaoClaat
aad there ta no way of detertatal,'
from tha raaorts we have bdwn abba
ta get. detoitely which k the Caaatj
aatlstaotory. I would suggeet It aa
wishes ta aaa kerosene, that a mak
ajira ne geU a tractor that ia daalgaa4
ta burn kerosene. Try las 'ta bam.
kerosene ia an engtae that la daeieaat .
to burn gasoline la ssldom satlafaa
tery. Ia burning keroaene, there ta aA
waya more danger of damage to that
machine It the adjustments are aat a
actly right It requlrea a careful apeev
ator. ft la Important to aaa tha rlstt
kind of oil aad I would suggest. If onaj
ever uses a kerosene tractor, that haj
find an oil that la atlafaatorjr aad thaaj
Uck to It It le well ta gat oil that laj
recommended by the manufacturer aa '
tha tractor. James Areataoa, faraa
machlaery peoiallst, dlrtsloa af as
tension. University of ' TeaneaseeJ
KaarrtUe. . ; '" ; 't
Do your part la tha general stata
plan tor aa laoreaae ot teatyrpejn -eaat
wheat acreage. Xven If wheat la, -
at a aatlstaotory erop for aiport la
your community, grow at laaat eaeuoj
far your family and your taaaata. S
la your duty. If you live lnva waeaa; .
growing community where it la a aaM 4
lafactory crop, aow aa many acres as'
70a eaa care for., and grow a r "
to the acre aa possible. '
Olve-whert a favere-V p' f
. a. 1 -- -e?
Prepare the land aa aarly aa poaoftHn.
The rcl( of mrrey Invested ta
Liberty Ponds ia short anl complete.
Tho poitplf lend the ' mono)- to the
Government; Hi 'Oovo-nment lends
some, to our allien; and our Govern
ment and or slllon stralxhtay
spend the morey, or the rmiter por
tion of H, amorrg the poorfl of the
fnlted states. In eome tistanrea the
money pnld In by wn earnem on
one lnlallment of tJIrrt Ttonds ta
paid by the- norernr.ienf to their em
ployer and by their, employer sld
back to them In the way or wsee
before the nH bond Installment ta
The proreedii of iKe WHerty 'Isa,
Including the unnt-r part of that
loaned to our allien, are bring spent
for American products the produrte
of our factories, our firms, our mlnea
ad other Industries. In lending ta
tha Ualted States the people are I see
ing ta taetr best and largest enstose
Stop That
It' Stopping
Your Work
For Anj Aclie or ram.
Mit a a m
- i
1 J L

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