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Mrs. Godden Tells How It
May be Passed in Safety
and Comfort.
Fremont, 0. "I tu rassinj- throogh
the critical period of life, being forty
. six years of age and
bad ail tna symp-
toma Incidenttothat
change heat flash
es, nervousness, and
was in general run
down condition, so
it was hard for me
to do bit work.
pound was recom
mended to me as the
best remedy for my
troubles, which ft
sorely proved to be. I feel better and
stronger in every way since taking it,
and toe annoying symptoms have disap
peared." Mrs. M. Godden, 925 Na
poleon St., Fremont, Ohio.
8acb annoying symptons as heat
flashes, nervousnsss, backache, head
ache, irritability and "the bines," may
be speedily overcome and the system
restored to normal conditions by this
famous root and herb remedy Lydia E.
Pinkham's VegeUble Compound.
If any complications present thetn
elves write the Pinkham Medicine Co.,
Lynn, Mass., for saggestloM bow to
overcome them. The result of forty
years experience is at yonr service and
your letter held In strict confidence.
"These pies are stale."
"So they are, but we cnn't afford to
.hrow them awfiy."
"What would you suggest?"
Tut 'cm down on the bill of fare as
liberty nles. That will mnke a putron
think twice before shirting to bellow."
Hiruilnghuin Ape-Herald.
The Idea.
"How are the rhurges from wnr bnl
oons firel?"
"I suppose from thelinrnchutes."
Influenza and kindred
diseases start with a cold.
Don't trifle with it.
At the first shiver or
sneeze, take
Standard cold renwdr for J0 yeare to tablet
farm afe. aura, no otaaiaa hfak up a eoid
ia 24 hour relieves grip hi 1 day. Moae
bark If It foila. The tenuioe bmlia a Slfd top
with Mr. Hill's picture. At AU us Store.
Is a
and whole
some drink
of great food
value and
tff MVfvAiat end meon add
Mflsvoe end energy giving
material to diet and theif
use will neip tn many ways
In tha nrrnaraticn of Deist
Uable, noun thing dishea froaa
thcee foods of which tbers si
an abundance."
&mkh a CWm JteeVee
Sir Area.
Uiwitad v
Uusllshsd IT
WVea jWre fifty, yoar body Wae to
-reak a IittW at tbe hiiHrra. Mkk i
KKre slow and deliberate. "Not n yoanc
aa I ajvd tn be" i a Ireaurnt anil anvrrl
corn tbonht. frrtain Wlily Innrtnw"
opoa hM-h ewd hraith and foA pirit
e anorh dr-pmJ. are impaired. Tbe weak
Mit m senlly the LliJW. I nr-leaaant
. mtrm .ho v lWmlif. rainiul '
sax ymc rmnplirotui ta otbrr w:n
an. Thi t trtir;rly true ith el
.nx I' "h'T know bow, tku
trwijf caa 1 obviated.
Fr fver rr GTlI.n MF.D. i.
litaiVn V.l b b rliens the .n-r-om
bk nf-e and p'n d le t ailrannna
ter It a tan lrd. o'd tin broe
ri'ttrix. ! need r inrrvl t. It t
fat up i cio-ln. taelM ri''-
Ilyr i ,r rtnrr ! r-re ieaaint to Uke
i a in the 1 m bo:tW.
l"S rrwV rr-r' n llmt oo d rt
, cw like tbTTi jt I ke ) all
ant .;!. wi'h a null ! of it-r
lhr k -fct" tbe )imo a1 thrw
tbr r' bich are BMiaa oil "
tore jtrf Lme. Tkey will acily reijere
j Srer0
a cocoa
Sp Vj3ft& Is a .
''M? and whole- II
LU Jabioluta E
??-. -? - j 1
DD.1EY. Tj1 x
Wben roa
der and kid:
r to roar
bottle Dc?
is a phjaicjiii'i pr
of the kidney and
It has stood the teat ofArs and baa
a repatatioa for quickly ti effectively
priaf raaaHs in thousand of eaaea,
Tkia preparation o very effective, has
been placed on sale everywhere. Get a
bottle, atediam or large sue, at year near
est dreggtat.
However, if yon wiab irtt to teat thia
preparation send tea eente to Dr. Kilmer
A Co., Bingharatoa, N. V, for a (ample
bottle. When writing be sore and men
tion this paper. Adv.
Doubling Up on Him.
"Hey! Corue down, there yer
pinched 1 Wo dy'e think you are, any
how? Barney Oldfleld?"
"No, sir," replied the frightened mo
torint, "but I was"
"Yes, I know. You was maktn' 52
ml lea an hour. What d'ye mean?"
"Well, sir, I was arrested back there
about two miles by that ofllcer Just
Coins over the hill on that motorcycle,
lie said. 'Follow me, end hurry up,'
and that's what I was doing when you
rot me." Kanaaa City Star.
Catarrh Crnnot B Cnrod
cuiot raai-h th aaal at IHa i1I...m
Catarrh la a tecaJ dlaaaaa, araatrf Inflif
nuad by coniitltuttoiial roadltkma. HALL'S
CATARRH MEOIC1NB will rura catarrh.
It la taken Internally and acta thieufli
the Wood on the aiuooua Burfacae 4 a.
is compoaed of some of the beet tontoe
known, combined with seme of the beat
blood Durtflrr. The oerfect combination
of tho Inrredlenta In HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE la what produces such won.
derful reaulta in catarrhal condition a.
DrusiiRta 75c. Tmtlmoniaia free.
P. J. Cheney St Co., Prope.. Toledo, a
The Real Article.
"I'm a very busy man, sir. What Is
your 'proposition?"
"I want to make you rich.
"Just so. I.enve your reclne with
me and I'll look It over later. Just
now I'm encased In closing up a little
,t....l l. I Krrxict tn mull A l.t-.V)
III I J TT 1 1 1 1 . . "I
In reul money." IlroiTklyn Cltlien.
Important to Mother
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOUIA. that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature of i
In Use for Over 30 ieurs.
Children Cry for Fletcher's CaatorU
Childlike Complaint.
Small Girl (stiliMng) Oh. inatumn. I
w n nt wime more nle nnd'I'm so full
Mint I can't crowd down another mouth
fr. Pliw' ri'aMiil Prllrt put Ml t
Irk n.l Mlloii hrailarhM. rnntlllia, llil
m aad ladiKMllua. "CImb hix. " Ad.
In Society.
"My husband moves imiong the beat
families here."
"That Mr
"Yes, he's tin leading furniture mov
er of the town.
Unn't Btnv linnet ! When meal don't
fit and yon Ih-IcIi gas, acids nnd undi
gested f.HMl. When you feel lumps of
iniiiirnatinn nnln. flatulence, heartburn
.--- p - - - -
or headache you can get Instant relief.
Mo waiting! Jape's DUpepsU wffl
put you on your feet. As, sen M o
eat on of these pleasant, harmless
tablets all the Indigestion, gases, acid
ity and stums distress ends. Tour
druggist sells them. Adv.
Coed Hearted.
"Jlc Is very generous: he Is always
giving away rlpirs. "Tea; be seems
to hsr-e a tobacco heart."
I'nlteil Statm keej.s three-months
uly f vntty fisx! In France.
thw eUffrnrd jmnta. that backarhe. Thee
matinn, lumbar", ertatira. rll etooea,
rrirrl, -tm k Ju.t." ete. TWy are aa
e ffit-lire rrtnedj- for all d of tbe
bla l kr, kidnr), hver, atomh end allied
CIJ HKDI. ITaerk-ni OiJ Capu1'a
rWanv the kidneja and nnrify the I l--d.
Iber freomil.T aard off attark rf the
ter anl Llal of the a4-
r-. Ihrv he a lwV-ul ef.tt, anl
fi'n e-Tiile1ely rare the dir- t.f the
l--t.lv organs, allied with toe bladder an l
L Inej a.
If ron are troiW with i arr
t' tur.. or with "ir.fl" he in! nam.
in th bark take rT1m. it my tt
ftrlniiMT ij.iK"li"ti tf antne tfartTuI
nuuHr abirh ran be warded off or cared
if takrw in tin..
C tn mi- 'Irsff rf t"de aad , a boa
f ilXl Mf ltM. Ilifn l t arHralea.
V e refat.4 if tr d sxt b'lp row.
Ih..w. i T Ml IL ar the iwre.
rfil impr-rtel llrVni thl La(i
Ait . SuMitatr, Aa.
Nfc. llaMata
wIW r
Epitome of Interest
ing Events That Are
Hlranspiring Over
the State j
Newbern The ban aiainst public
meetings, Including puilic schools,
churches and picture shows. In New
bern has been lifted here.
Dyersbure. County Agent W. O.
Wilson announces a competition for
the corn and pig club boya of the
county, to be held In Dyeraburg Not.
30. A special corn show in connection
with the boys' show will be open to
both men end boys, with special prizes
for the men.
Nashville. Arthur Bain of Camden.
Tenn., charged with complicity in
wrecking a bank at Wartrace, several
years ago, was sentenced to five years
in the federal prison at Atlanta. W.
1 1. Hooaer, cashier of the bank, is now
serving on a five-year term, having
pleaded guilty in 1916.
Johnson City. Fire destroyed the
main building of Mllllgan college a,
causing a loss of $35,000. only one
building remains, tha a' dormitory,
nnd it is aanouncad that tha school
will bo continued. Among the student
body are many from the student arrav
training corps. Many of the boya were
attending a football same and loHt con"
siderable of their personal property.
a a a
Knoxvllle. A cablegram from Ilrig.
Gen. I D. Tyson to Mrs. Tyson con
firms tha death, of their son. Lieut
Charles McChee Tyson, and states
that the body has been recovered and
will be brought to Knoxvllle for burial.
Cen. Tyson, commander of the Fifty
ninth Brigade. -Thirtieth Division, A.
E. V., went to England immediately af
ter signing or the armistice and made
arrangements for having his son'D
body returned home.
Lieut. Tyson's death resulted from
seaplano accident off the English coaat
Oct. 11. Youns Tyson belonged to tha
Royal Air Force.
Memphis. By oversubscribing tha
I'nited War Work Campaign quota for
Shelby county by many thousand of
dollars, Memphis and Shelby county
have again attested their patriotism,
raisin $331,089 for the activities of
the wsr work organisations minister
Ing to the soldiers, snd sailors. v I
Tbe greatest campaign In thefuiii
of a free will offering 13 Ihe hlsy cf
the county practlcajly ended when r'
their final meeting the team casta:.,
anl team members mad their reporU.'
With a quota of $475,000, the XI
count lea Including Shelby raleed
$55::.Cr4, an oversubscription of moro
than $78,000 for the district. The quota
of Shelby county woa $207,000.
Jacknon. Thursday was set anlde to
celcbrato as centenary day by the
MethndUts of Jarkaon and of the
whole Memphis conference. The cent
enary mlBAlonary effort Inaugurated
by the M. E. Church, and ts commence
during the new conference year, pro
Tides for raising $35,000,000 for varied
mlHKiona durlns the flve-yiar period
succeeding. Prominent laymen of the
church participate in this movement,
as well as all of the bishops, prrsld
Ing elders, preachers and secretaries.
Blhop James Atkins presided over
the sessions of the conference, which
was scheduled to bo held in the
First Methodist church. The Memphis
conference Is one of three confer
ences Included In the eplscopsl dis
trict of Bishop Atkins, the other two
being the North Alabama conference
and the Tennessee conference.
The Memphis conference includes all
the Metnodlat churches of the city of
Memphis and of West Tennesaee.
There are la this conference eight dlt
tricUesch under a presiding elder.
as follows: Brownsfn-slV7r'
rteeraaa. presiding elderPPj,8r,k"r j
district, W. C. Waters, preaidrfij- d-1
or; Jackson district, W. D. Jenkins,
presiding elder; Letlngton district,
N. Pickens, presiding alder: Memphis
district. T. E. Sharp, presiding elder;
Padurah district. !.. I). Hamilton, pre
sldins elder: Pari dlntrtrt, W. W.
Adams, presiding elder; Cnlun City
district. W. W. Armatrong. pr sjdlag
Memphis Thin city la to hse a
real birthday psrty She Is golag to
relebrste the p.i-fng of the century
msrk of her eiit-ni e in Msy. 1919. W
a movement fostered by tha Hon. J.
H. Mahme finds the n-ad response In
the hearts tif th general public that It
has already round In the ronnty mart,
the city rimimli'in. Botsry club, U
tins' rluh. Kiwanis t lub and a aaiU-r
rf rtvlc w Ifare organisations b fore
wblrh Judre Mahme has appear arid
spxihen rf the .an
Sln'f-n hundred ard nlae'een M
rot only the on tiacdredth btrhday ol
tv.e ritr -f Mraphla. but it I the en
irnclal ft the foandlrg of Pb-'ihv cnun
tr as t:i It Is. farther. th one bun
"rer!ti jrar since the 'syin of th
ft hou'. lary line between the Mt
of Tenn"ee snd Mla- pj-i All nf
t-jr,g. snd many t:or ehl'h
'.u' 1-e or prim Intet-t t jit v. v
ln ur borne toua'rt. " t'"d t.
Jnd- Ma'ose la bis .Jr' h-for-the
various t-ol'ea h- la'i! 'o
tip te taatennlal profrni and arr
It on
Tear part In the war ta to produre
as murh as pDsalbte. conaume a little
aa aeeeeaarr. and loan your aavinsa to
tbe gevernraent. Are you fa'-lna; your
task as cheerlly aa our nVritins men
faea theirs? Are we worth the aat-rl-g
they are snaklns for tu?
PAGIIETTI or ravnll
paste may be pre
pared at home, milk
ing an economical
nnd tasty dish at
small cost. Prepnro
the puste by mixing
together two-thirds
ejAakaMwSaM) of a cuprul eacn or
RLiSjeaIZH wheat flour, rye nnd
V barley, add two un
beaten eggs and one-fourth of a cup
ful of cold water, or sufficient to make
a very stiff pasta. Turn out on a floured
board and kneed thoroughly, until
even In color, then If used for spa
ghetti or noodles, cut In strips and
let them dry for a while, ine pnie
may be cut ia squares nnd filled with
a mixture of chopped cooked spinach,
chard, and parboiled raira brains.
(Vive each anna re with another piece
of the paste, pinch the edtfes together
and drop them Into Honing sniieu
tart coon it minutes and aerrs wit
tomato aauee.
arte Pudding- Vab on and a
third ' rnnfula of rice and cook until
tender In boiling salted water. Drain
and u1d throe tablespoonroin or sngar
and four tablespoonfuU of corn sirup.
Batter a pudding dish and put In a
layer of rice. Peel three apples nnd
spread layer of sliced npples over
the rice. Alternnte the rice nnd ap-
plea until nil are need. 'Bake In a mod
erate oren until the apples nre tender.
Oatmeal-Graham Bread. Take four
cupful s of ground oatmeal or oat flour,
four cupful of wheat flour, three cup
full of liquid, one yeast cake, two cup
fnta of mnshed tHitatocN. three table-
Spoonfuls of sugar, one tnblespmmfut
of aalt, and two tnhlespoonruis or
shortening. Mix and prepare ns usual.
Onion an Casserole. Peel nnd cotik
hatfwloaoti tniM'liini sized onions In
hotline salted wnter until tender. Then
placo in a well-grensed cnnserole. Cover
with a white snuce, using n fourth of
a ennfnl of chicken fat. and the same
amount of flour rooked together; add
two cupfuls of milk, salt nnd pepper
tn iMuin mill n lieutelt ecir nnd IMiiir
OTer the onlniis ; let cMik well coveretl
sjntll the egg 1 act. Serve irom too
A really snod nir-nmry U one that
'if fibers it"Md rattier llian evil, hlnd
i i -steail of injuries. A a"ud niam
'i r-wed with useful thlnss. It
j'a pkaasures rslhe than tu
, and as Is a storshouee of
- -frVlHINT. AND DIIHtt.
I IE secret of a good
Mulling r force
nient Is one not
solved by nil cooks.
Here Is one used by
mi old cook which
will iippeul to many
who oliji-ct to the
soggy liKllgestnue
Htulllng, so fntueiit
ly served :
Break stale bread In small pieces
and rover with cold witter; never use
hot water unless you like It soggy nnd
htavy. Uroln and siuoct the water
out with your hands. If It still seems
wet, add dry crumbs to adsorb the ex
tra moisture. Now season well with
salt, pepper, finely minced parsley nnd
sweet mnrjornm; the kind nnd amount
of seasoning deMnds upon your own
tuste. For a quart of st tilling tske
three good-Mscd onions, chop floe snd
rry In butter until they are cooked
through; butter means any sweet fat.
though of course the butter gives a
most delirious flnvor. Turn the onions
Whi n a light yellow Into the brend nnd
mix all together. Then add a little
more fat to the frying pun sad tore
In the stuffing; when It begins tn
brown, stir often; cook a half hour If
rare Is taken sot to overbrown It,
then put It piping not Into the fowl or
taovtof any kind; tbe flavor goes into
the neat and the result ta a better
flavored breast of veal or turkey.
If one has a small amount of mesl
left chop It snd use this same stufTng
In slternate layers with It with plenty
of gravy, making s most economical
and good flavored dish.
Qraham Wsfers. These are mi tiiiK-h
better for the children to rut than
rlfb rookie snd miirh rlienier made
at home that tiny nre worth trying.
Take one cjunrt of god graham flour,
one tablesjioonful of stiffnr. one half
teaspo"f' "f ""M. "nehnlf ten-pooti
ful of bnktng lewder, two tabeioon
fiiU tif awe. t fat. and a g'd rupful f
milk. Mix end f-lfr ns ttiinl. ki.:1
well and roll nt mie fourth iii h In
thlrktiess. Cut Int'i mall .Uniigs :.nd
bake In a hot ovi-n. wateh'tur nr-f iHr
as they will bum n-sdllv iiri.iind 'be
economical Cake. "renin t' fa le
Spoooruls of t iU'i-r. ndd n cupful of
nicer, one and thrce-fonrth-i -!' 'i'
of jsi'try flour. ten'iifuN of
taking -i.I. r. th- y !k t.f -n rg un-U-aten.
IH--le "n- M.d one half
k inures of t 1k--oIii,- In It.- 11 Ik
hot water. Si.t H-iir ur I ll 14
.wder togHlor; If a Inro-r vii--tl-Mite
Is used. t- ur- t. add Mi
ai d 1-skf ns a lay-r f lsf ml.". Tb
egg white may be us-l f." fr -'ihs. II
When Children are Sickly
are Constipated,
tuui saaa
fl-l ..a .U I .
j lie-t si iiraiiiis i vuatj iim sra iwh i w-v ' - " '
liver and ll.iweU snd tend U correct intestinal disorders, lo.ood Iwtuuouii
from mothers and fneuda of little ones telling of relief. Ko motlier should be
wii h.mt & !: at Miitlifr ' Kwn-t Powders for ue when nssded. Jm
toijy. The neod of them often ooiuee
tsoef by mother tor mvr thirty yearsw
De Not Accept Aay Sabslllatc Ur 110THC1 GUY'S SWEET TWVEB.
Sold by pTOKgists everywhere. Sample sent FUCE. Addreae
As Age Advances
Soul PuT, SomU
Dose, Small
rrice Bat
Crest in
it Good
CnAmmm txr Plsa Fnrk
v,oiori3a or rata r ace
conditio wUca wiU b roatly
X 1 f
M sin us
r I saSaaeaBa SS I
Aeidaitomaeb Victims
Miff, UgoIi, Unfit,
Mark row
till i!iira-
ant il.Hi't know III Tbr ar mlllkim or
anxt) imivlr wmi. Ulna, iln-4, wiira
eil ! ' all in" lrr. III. Sa I half
gono-II.II.im anU linliffiT.nl to lli.lr r
r"iiii.niin -ifli-B l li aili-. anil alaa
all "r lb ltr - wx l'illr lai kluK
livalral iwr ami mnilal Kr-l'l..
ma. lalej - Ju.l lniilni mil a w.arf
.bilriM'.. Man .Mil ..f ry Ire i-J
tUem pwifil. ar uiHHiarluu .IrlluM "t
arM l.rafb.
Th.inuD.la li.a Iti'Miaaml of w-1l
hn ar. .ul'Vrl in atta.ka ft Inillgrait.
aoit hllkHian..; eh lit Brrv.nn, nl
aaiiiil. iiH-ni.il ilwwaid; nlT.r
fnMii rheiimall.to. Iiinilair of arlaili-a
yr, rvra niaiir t IImn hn bat.
raiarrh, ul .r lanrer of la. aiiorb -If
llir In.illilr I. irarwl to tu whip .. It
III lrira I MI liMinil l.l IMI ) rllt aliMM-
afh. I it IImmm ar. alr t lb. all
ni.-nta lhal r ruM hr what III. rti
lnr. a all .iiim t.. Iilln. a hb b la aaulbcf
aatti. t'r ..Hir or iil al.Mn.rh.
What toil warn kmw aln. all
rlw la h"r In iiil.ktjr rl.l .Mirlf nf .-.-
arlil A ari.nilrrf.il taolvra rrmr.tr
allixl KATKNH' lllrrall Ih. II "Mil
li it.-, lb work raailv. .iM-.llir anil
oalurallr It makra th. atuia.rk
r.n.1 anil r.MllI'M'l.l.la.
r.Mi r Mil air. until 11 ' ." ia Mim
ful r rl 'imi .at; anil unlrM ton IMI
full triialk fr.a f.anl
cnB'. en.r mImmI, lfur-Mia bra lib
When you hare aeeere. atiiUmrn c;urIi or eold. you nee.1 the l-eat tioaBiliVl
ni.-l.nie ).u tan g.t. Why not. ttwrtfore. grt one hi.h u giuraiilred lb
.....at rootlung and aatiafn. tory remedy etrcr ued, or tri Jr n-f Urkl
Oruooists everywhere are authorised to refund money If 8CH IFF MAPJN I
EXPECTORANT i not found the very lt ever sl for Coughs, Colds, Bron
chltls. Crouo. Whooplno Cough or Hosrseness. When nud st limne win
no...y orX?; V cent- worth rnske. 64 t.a.poon.ful I'-dively 1 Retain,
1.0 .liloroforin. opium, mnrnhim or any other nsreatie. and i. unlike any ol
inr-lirine. It is so .lesssnt to l.We that .li.l lren are fond of it In raae drugguill
ahould uol have it order direct of B. J. Schiffmann. t Paul, Minn.
Are Common in
bountiful crops
Where you
And other land
Daring many
wheat I
Deads hare
to tho acre
AS buahads to
crops also of Oats, Barley, and flax.
Mix raVawteg is aa profitable an
Industry aa grain railing, trood
i at bona, caa i tiia, roarmate caMkeeokwt.
I -iimB,rUjt. Wnt.flrMrlaaraluraand
part iralar aa to redor! railwav ratat
biHA. rl launistauoa. Ouaaa. kaaat m
W.S.IIefWry. IsssiBMsirT.
arses SI a. Ble..Cslstske.0.
Stronj Prejudices.
"Tbo AiiH-it'-rn iM-l'te di twit rare
lor Tb Wnt.-h on tin l:hlne."
"I tliotild ny Im.I."
l doti 'I l-l ! Ili'-y wnld even
!nii t" It if I' -r- ii-itil."
flinilii.li;iiii Ag' ll-r:itd.
rirantitat.e rnM l-'la. laramrt Tv
mi-. .4 .,,.r t. i.. e -man lliJ
im trial rr..a n. m rll AS
A Rtslil-ing Srr.ae.
"Vlill .. , .. Til" Old rtT. .f
tlii nr "
"i.y h i I .1 " r !!. . I I ":irtoi r
t..v. i l. r.' ' Mlt.'i.MIl of ..'ts f-1
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When Vcur Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedf
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FeverUh, Cry out tn their sleep, Tske ould
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the Liver Requires
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ny Indicate the abaenca of Iron la
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helped by Carter SirOnrillS
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Western iiinada
The thousands f U. S. farmera who ha) accepted
Canada'a generous offer to settle on homes leads or buy
farm Isndin her province hive been well repaid by
ol wheat and other graina.
can buy reed farm land at $1S to t3
parr ncro get S3 Mabel for wheat and ralaaj Z9 to
4S hnaheto to tha men you ar bound to make money
that's what you can do in Western Canada.
In th province of Manitoba, Satkitchewan car
Alberto yon caa get
at very low prices.
year Canadian
sversged 20 bushels
many yield as high a
the acre. Wonderful
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A. nt
Cuticura StoDS
Itching ana
Saves the Hairjf
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iiMn r w srixTR-swna
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rrtsm Vi'rtpracfj AaTtkiaf i.lTrrr
W r.- , ss t ' sj asay . ( aa; ratJasj
' f - ' jirseertss. I risa As bTmsssi
fMpe m lsts ! e . A I ft m
Persistent Coughs
.(.... Cr-t araaart rrlwf fraaa
r i'a e nHuurk, ootfci-. tfrrtit
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