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VOL. 3.
NO- 8
tN " W V . -A V
1 1 V I k rV -V. Av -fcaV
Editor ax Publishes.
A weekly newspaper devoted U the
industrial, tnteUtl and moral de
valoproent and . growth of Hancck
County in parti&tlar and East Tennessee
In general. Republican in politics, fear-
m in flexei se of truth, and ever teal
.us in advocacy ei whatever toads to
me betterment of cjux section or son in
butes to the happiness of ita hones.
Entered as seewad-cUss matter
October IK. 1916. at the nostoffice at
Sneedville. Tennessee, under At of
March 3, 1879.
Oic Tear - - $1.00
tit Months . . 50
Local and Personal
: ' Subscribe for th e News.
- Mrs. Mary Anne Da vi? handed
us a dollar for the News Thursday
Mr. John VL. Aid, : r of Princess
Anne, -Md., visittnyr friend
.ml relatives, here this week, j
ma& Manna (Joiiirs has ac
cepted a position with the Citi
ztn'sBankot Sneedville. Tenn.
Why not have your corn fertil
izer now? Roads are still gocd.
soia on next ran time. Ma uv
tcrest . Rogan & Testerrnan
J. S. Coleman of Tazewell,
Tennessee passed through town
'Thursday and reowed his sub
crip. ion to the News.
A number of our subscribers.
enewed their subscriptions
while here Monday. Don't fail
to renew yours.N0W.
Just received a carload of-h'tfht
Weber Wagons. Just the size
for farm use-Come fof yours.
Roan Testerrnan.
We expect to publish an, inter
esting story written by Mc H.
1 Ross soon, and yo should keep
the News coming so you will not
miss any of it You will regret it
if you miss it.
I will pay off air listed public
school claims to No. 75.
G. W. Trent, Truster.
All parties in arrears for sub
scription to the Newsajroexpect
to pay up at once under the new
Fence! Fence ft Yes we have
just received a car. Prices are
lower now than they will be in
three month. Buy now from
Rogan & Tester man.
If you are not already carrying
an ad in the News col urns, just
try a small ad and see whether
or not it pays-Ask those- who
are advertising.
Read the ads of Rojran & Test
erman. This well known firm
believes in advertising their
goods and letting the pubiic
know that they have the goods
There's the Uace to get what
u tid (. v hen ou neini it.
M. E. Testerrnan attended
County Court here Monday.
Read the Sneedville High
School ad in this issue.
Mr. Wright Harrison and fam
ily returned to their home at
Rogersvillelast Friday.
liev J. L). Winkler accom
panied Mr, William Ross to Rog
ersville, this week where they
will visit Mr. Lum Ross.
Joe Livesay bought one of
those good Weber Wagons last
week from Rogan & Tes terman.
Those down with Flu in and
around Sneedville are on their
way to recovery and so f ?r as we
havs been able to learn tthere are
no new cases here. :
We have, a large supply of corn
fertilizer on hand. Come before
tre roads get bad.
Terms; -Nov. 1, 1919. No interest.
Rogan & Testerrnan.
Fain Pearson of Hawkins
County, and John Learaon from
Lee Valley, have entered the
High School.
Miss Lucile Harrison, the Pri
mary teacher has returned to
school after a slight attack of
the Flu. .r;,
Gertrude Lambert, Hugh Lam
bert, George Baker,xyiola Lam
bert, nnd Minnie Livesay have re
turned to school after slight at
tacks of the Flu.
Sheriff Fleenor's children have
entered school.
Sunt. L. J. Catron was a visit
or at school Monday.
Announcements of the Spring1
iitYxccx2c cc )i:xty iiioh kjiiool
Tlie best adyintaes 'irooiVercMl in tin Han
Cock Comity Fligli School. In addition to the
general 'course, a special course is iven in
music, anfjnlso a special, course lor teachers
desiring to UlRe the March examinat ion.
Forfurthor informut ion jicI1xii
PROF. E. W. ELLIS. Principal.
Dear Editor:
Here I come aggi: with a
few itms from this burg
The health of this community
is good except a few cases of
Hello Galo Trent! How did you
enjov tne singing at' Ionrr Hol
low Sunday? '
We are sorry to note the ill
nesa of Linnie Harvy. Hope for
a speedy recovery.
The little son of Mr. and Airs.
Edmond Greene was seriously
burned Wednesday morning.
Byrd Greene was looking lone
some Sunday. Gue&c she didn't
get to see Abe.
Wonder if Hannah Greene and
Cordie Vaughn have ever quar
reled over that black-eyed boy
Our (vxportM since in country
entered the war have JuhIIH.mI a
Statement made by Hie Food Ad
nilnl.Mt ration Hlmrtly nfttr It con.
reptiun. outllnlOK 'ln prlii'ipliH
and HllcltM that would govrrn
the solution of ttils country's
food prollll'IIIH.
"The whole foundntlon of d
mwntcy," dtHlart'd the Food Ad
mlnlHtrutlon, "Ilea la the licll
vicinal initiative of Ita poopl
and tlit lr wIlllntrueM to Rn-e th
lntri'Ni of the nation with nhu.
pleteat-lf eflTaiftni.nt In the tlni.
of emergency. I leiuocracy i nn
ylfld to dlclpllDn, Hiid Wp ciio
solve this food problem for nir 4
owu people and for the Allies la f
thia way. To have done so will .
! "There Is no ro.vnl road to
hare Ijeen a greater servlco Uu
term of sci ool go to i)ress thig uMiT
Now that the Flu has passed
J) patrons are urged to send
their children to school
4 f" "I cmiNrvstloii. We run only 4
J accniiipllsli tliU by the voluntary
4 Hi'tloii of our whole piniph, nu ll
4 eli-infiit In proportion to Its
! iic.'iK It Is niiiticr of eqiudlty 4
of burden." 4-
4 The truth of thin Hi ill emeu t,
4 uisile l) i be rutted HtateH Food 4
4 AiliiiliiUlriiior tuiou after we en- 4-
terel the war, been iHirno
out by the hUtory of our ex- 4
pnrtM, AuiiNTatlc foM eontrol
In the Intxbi of our -iieiulex hits 4
4V broken down, whllt ileiinx intle 4
4 food ilmrlnu'has iimliitulneil the 4
heslili ami Ml-iilUlll of thlsei.lltl-
4 try nud of Hie Vllle. 4. '
American Nation Maintained Al
lied Loaf Through Self
Denial at Home Table.
With Military Demands Upon Ocean
Shipping RclicveJ, World la Able
to Return to Normal White
Wheat Bread.
Bess of our faith and ur ability ?4
to defend ourselves wttboat bo-
ing I,lSHlnlled., ' v , 4,
4- 4 4'4' v4s
itSenCnt to EuroH HI.Oihi.oi) bush
els) of hsst from a surplii" of ppr
cutty doHiIiik win the nutNiHiiilitig ei
philt of Hie Ainerlenn food srin.v la the
critical year of the war.
any more:
Mrs. Liuinda Wilder
daughter were visit Mrs.
Bow tin Sunday.
Mis Hattie Bowlin r as visit
ing Miss Maggie Viushn Sunday.
Hello John lawson! Have you
taken Flu yet?
lAlT-A i-ieee vvvh'vi ofj Claj Tient, Give us the news
c.Mk luT roltr nith ;irom joui .oca 11.
atnrvar.n tollai M I lei S.
Ui Anr.r.t.l..iit tie lEth. of thu ! sichlH'1 'eaching'
month uX col ir let we n th
Wtnier how ul Tummire
sclool ln.?t tid tie residence
of W. . Bckif r. Fir.der re
turn at tret to the News Office
or W. A Pockler and leck ve a
very liberal reward.
Mr. V.'iTiam X. Rcss son of Mc
H. Ross, was visiting relatives
and old ehoo!mats in and a
round Sneedville this week. And
while here Mr. Ross ub?tnbcd
Would like to rea 1 more letters
from the soldier boyi.
Wonder if Clay Trent has
learned the carpenter trade yet?
Some of the boys 1 corned to en
joy a nice rabbit hunt yesterday.
HtlloLillie and 2ora Greene!
! Give us the news fnra your com
jmunitv. David Greene and family have
'rtnrted to Franklin Ohio. Wish
The Financial Ladder
What is a hulJVr? Is it a iti.uhiiu', a tool, a la
labor savirtii drvire tr a what? We think it Is a
what. Anyway it serves as a means to jji I t the
It you want to get to the top in the lin.nuijl wothl
you need a financial ladder, livery oll.ir you save
and put to work is a round in your lin.iin i.il ladler.
Yu furnish tin ,roun,, and we will furnish the
"uprights" a place to put nur routiiK. I he U t
ter your ladder the faster you can tlimh. Let us
help vi'iilo inn-truct nti ladder itnd to ilitnh.
The Citizens Bank
Saving the Cost a New Roof
A .Vrwo apfilk-at.on AO IV of
Valdura 99.6 Pun Asphalt Paint
utu Matm foil intcoa- y o ruof lau-r.
Ill vs . .
for the New, .for himseUTar, for, Sinco ,hc weather V.M KOtten
h,s brother Charhe. (The .It , fc
Boy) Mr. Hoss-s man,v fnend.
were glad to tee hun. !xrrrw Girls.
W ef- ?V.,'i.- r !.
. V sw . m -
i rr iiiUfi.v' .ioir. -.H-. 'jA' k
VALDURA it must vrrvc ym r..pnty - pirc!u.- re. i j -v."
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Taint
T'.crc i it . Xjlt in VALDUKA; it i a 'irt : purr t.uo. i. ! ...... a Jt
paint. A irw d -liars w.ri)i u -r-l .n y.ei- Kr Mr luiir r, l;i pb rernt,,
1-rtiiiiiK. ttc, -a ill 4r )(u I undrtd'. 'l"l:r- u. '' rn ': ! I.I'.
U have .mit ineretini Jiirralarr n VALDURA e would I. kr
n Rive vi and a vam'.lc cl the faint it-tH f. r yoor ie all without
-..M. VALDURA is very easv to a-'y aM it can t i.ed in asy
MvasgO. It is the int to ae V'!.en you sot sjt resclt."
SIiko the Hhetil of Ihe luteal wheal
erop Hie only IuuIihiIoii upon Auierl
i'iiii eHHl to KuriH Iiiii liii-n the
hluirliie of alilppiiii;. lb tweeu July I
tiliii ll'iober III we MliliH-d tl.'i.'.ISi,:MCi
tiHln Is. If HiN rate nil. Mild eoiilimie
until the etui of the Iih.iiI enr we will
Iih. fiiinlslieil Hie AllleH with more
Hi. ill riT..io.(KMi loisUeU of wheat and
flour III lernm of w heal.
Ilie reHilll of IlK TMtlHed priHluetloli
tlitl eiiiiKel'Milioll ell oi ls In Hie Culled
SiiiieH IniM been Hi tit Willi Hie eeNMii
Hon of lioNilllileN vr are able to re
turn to a noriinil nhi'iil diet. Suppllen
llnii bate u i iiuiiil.i led In A hn rallu.
A rj-n r in. inul oiIm-i I.IiIh i i.i imn ren
Mllile iniitl.eis limy be ln.eil liy hhlp
releuM'd fnini tmiiHHiri xertiit', and
i;ur.M Hn ileuuiml for American wheal
pK.liiini) will not xieeil our normal
i HiirpliiM. 'I lu re l win ii enoucli avail
i a Me to lime a wlille loaf at the rum
moll luhle.
I'.ut lMt yeiir the tul wnn dllferent.
tinly by the preiitesi Missll.lr xalni;
and NlterinVe were we able lit keep
Mendy nl renin id wleni ami flour niov
Ine ure- the i-e.i We found our
helri nt Hie beftlnnlne of the harteat i
year wlili nii uiniMiiilly Kliort crop.
K'ven Hie moil opiioiiile vlnllmli'liinn
floured HihI Wi Iiii-I ii tiHle MirpliK of
Jmmi nuiiliel. .Mi 'I Ji l l.iroMi I
on f luff lh prol.nl.lllf y of bread i
, fHinliif ii nd In l iiioie breml U by fai I
1 Hie ni..l imiH.rtnnt nile In the illei. j
All of ll.iN Mirpi'M b'ld lell Hie
i croinlry erl In It..- fnll Ity the f!r-.l
j of Ilie tuir we h i.' i.i.. Mn k .-0 to alilp a
little mole Until .MllmilllllO hlltn-U Ii)
' prioli.ina Hie iiIiimihI eenliouiy at
( home t.v wlieatlrM ilayn. whfntleiia
liM-iil benvy Mlitltiitlon of rtlirr
! rerealt and by ;i-rlfl'r at alnn.nt
eery airul l b rui1..iit li mumry.
In jNonxry the tale lurd IChoii.liln,
then prtflili Kood milroller. ial-le.!
j that only If we ot un rt'Mltlnnal TV
j fiMiKKii l.ii...-l ., ft.r July I roiil 1,.
j lake tt.e n ,r,lhi: iv of a!iir.,'ir I.I
j people Hull II. ey w uLl 1 fr.
I 1 be r of tlie Ani.ii'ari p
pie Wu K-Mn!!!"! lnistiei :iMy .el
, r-fe. mn. m ImM we i J:i!:n irv 1 and
.July I. l. of a barienl wl.eli i.r
U 4ilr .'"."'i loci,.-'. iiriiia we
aelUiilly sl.l -. I ll.ianiii ai ,nlirl .
'I by i. Atiit-rba fiilllll her pledge
thHl lb Allb d b'.-a'! rll-.iii ii-tM
if. irti.ilii. J. i.i;'l'iilreii.t the Aiio-rena
pple ure teiiionatra'li,c 'hai. lih
in an il. i.nl war -oiiwieiir. last
).-ar'a t.fuf will ba belt ere-1
Roan iS: Testerrnan,
RogerjiVllle, Tenn.
Amerir-aBa arlfbrviit saarmurlDf rat
their ancar al'owaaea frun four
potjiel a niooth to ttie asd tbea as
Ut,t as flee be to two poufido for lay
American Willingness to Give u
Luxury Demonstrated Na- '
tion's War Conscience.
By Rrdwcing Consumption PoobIs f
j the United States Averted a
Famine at Horns In Spits)
of Low Supplies.
The fuel that the piN.ule of tbsj
I'nileil Sliilea were uble to reduce by
more limn oiie-lmlf mill Ion tnim tliel
July, August, Sepiember and b tobe
coiisuiiiptioii of Hiitnr provvi fMirls
alvely ihril their war eoiisebnice was)
Ihoi-ouelil.v awuUeiied and Hist thS)
count r an il whole Mood ivuil.v tu fol
low Hie Injiiiit Hons of the lioerninent.
tur noriinil i on-iiinpilnn of miiir la
the four iiioii lit period heittiililliK with)
July bus tir.ii iimi.imni mum er inonfU,
a lota! of l.noo.ooii fur the rjomfef
In July, wlin our mpr rtti'iri.'iicjf
liet-'Nli Ic i'i'ii il lis liellil ronUtnpliow
WMK reilu.vil In 'JlUl.liOil Ions. In Aa
KIIKl only :iuri.oo- tons went Into dls-ti-iliuilou
and in Septeinbee only 279,
nod (oils, l.i Oitober the dlsirlbuilim
fell to '.11.000 toim.
If the Keiieral pulille hntl fulled t
oliNerve the lujiiiirl bitia of the l'oi4
A.liiiliiKlliilloii llii iiiiitiiiy wnuK
Imve Imi ii 'in Hie li i.H's of a siiiiar
famine befnre Hii et.'l nf AilKUSt. Oil
stie HupplieH wei-. ho low nt to brlnf
krini ntixidr to ibie fainlllnr wltfe
the Kiiznr nIiuiiii.iii. Tiny fen rod thai
It would be' iiliMiliilely Impossible tS)
reiliiie i-oiihii npiioii to a Hiint wliers)
autuu would no Imicer be a mere lirs '
ury hi the Aini'rieiiii diet.
Few lieeoliiplisliloeiitM of be KooS
Aduilulai ration will stand forth so prs
dotninanlly aa thla reduced eonaiiinik.
Hon of augur. Ity It we have been ablsj
In lirliUre over Hie period of atrliiveiit'F
mil 11 the new beet iii..l I.oiiIsIhiiu ao
atu'iir crops w . re In .-u'lit
Now Hie tuition is in ii poslliou -M
thiit if we rboose M Hilly li'Killl t)
our normal Imine ns.. of mtiir. an4
l.uro'. wlili the n-leime of hlilim la (
fur ii field, can luiiiiiltiln lis rereiit nr
alibied ml Ions. If, however, Hioa
aatlnnH are lo Im-reiinc their use at
siiK'ir very rouslileruMy It miiNt bo bs
our coiilliiinsl slnirliiK Willi thess
throuli litniiliic our own i.n.sini-tlon.
America's Pledgo of Food
Cave Heart to the Allies
In Their Darkest Hots)
Whatever ts iieirsiiry Aineilia Hill
end. 1 hill WHs Aliierh'a plfdife (4
Ibe Inli'i illlleil fiMi.l oiilieil. And be
:iiis the Am. 1 1. un PhmI army hits
blllieilo iini.le f.Mxl Ihe;- Iih4 bea.
and went ii.niinil.
r'lirill elili-rplise mi.l imirll itnft rorsi
Ineri-MM-d pork suppiii., fo.e muser
Vniion im reused expori lolnl Htlaw
lo Ills ilniibled. ,
Those Utmm H
which ere the lot of so
mny Housewives and
Seldom Fall I ReKere
Any Achr or Pain.
f o- ;' All Oeufgtat.
( -. f.-i ll
CO. Etknart. Iaa

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