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VOL. 3.-
NO. 10'
- -ff - : : -
Editor and Publisher,
A weekly newspaper derated to the
Industrial. intellectual noT moral de
velopment and growth of Hanroek
VOuuty m pejticttar and ICaat Teniweaee
in general. Republican in politica, fear
leaa in defet ae of truth, and ever teal
pua in advocacy of whatever tnda to
the tetterrnent of our section or eon tri-
utea to the nappineaaof tta homea.
Entered ae aecondolaaa
October K WIS. t the poatoffiee it
lenneaaee. under Act
mwmvum, Tenneaaee,
starch 1879.
Cm Ttar . - $1.00
ti Montki 50
I Local and Personal
Volta Maye moved on Panther
Creek Tuesday.
Anderson Hopkins moved on
Newman Ridge Tuesday.
New caused? flu are reyorted
on Panther Creek.
Henry Holt, of Luther, was
transacting business, here Tues
A. T. Livesay ia having a new
roof put cn his house this week.
Hon. W. p. heckler and Misa
llary Wilder, of Luther, were
warred Sunday.
Rev. A F. Hopkiw haa been
on the sick l&t for a few day but
to improving.
Theodore Collins and Nancy
Klnd'cd. children of Grant Col
lins died of Flu Monday and Mon
day r.igfct, i
. " Why no have your corn fertil
izer now? Roads are. still gocd
Sold on neyt fall time. No in
teres. Rgan & TesVrmsn j
Clyde. Sizetrnre wl o lias been
in the Spruce Production ui Ui.
cle S m'8 Service, has been di.s
ciitrged and has returned r.ome
We are glad to not- that Mr,
Geo. Harrison is fable to be out
again, after a low? siege of the
We have a large suppby of cora
fertilizer on hand. Come before
the roads get bad.
Terms;-Nov. 1, 1919. No in
terest Rogan Si Test.erman.
Mr.WesJev Fergerson died at
his home,, near SneedxiUe, Tues
day night. He was. a very oM
msn and hail many friends in,
od near town.
The Red Cross is making a
bouse to house c a vass i& every
district in Hancock Count), and
several districts will go over the
top before th close of the Cam
paign, Dec 23.
Just received a carload of light
Weber Wafoas. Just tie s'se
for farm use Come for yours.
Rogan & Testenoan.
W. D- Gordon,,, of Tread way,
was a caller af the News Office,
Thursday. Mr Gordon has ten;
iisUllirg feme new telephones
at Evanston. this week.
FenctJ Fei cell Yes we hive
jvst received a car. Pi ices ere
lower now than they wuJ be in
three months. Buy now froc
Rogan & Testerman.
MiBS Lucile Harrison, Senator
L. C. Jarvis and John Lively
have beea appotated by County
Dear Daddy:
It is a pleasure to write
just now and let you know all is
well with me. The worries
should all be over, and those wbo
have no grief should feel honored
No greater task was ever accom
plished than the one which Uncle
Sam has just finished.
And you who have been patri
otic and served your country first
will never regret your service.
Our debt to France has been paid
in full, and it justly appreciated.
Any man in the U. S , who has
not done his bit in this great war
rhouM net be allowed to consid
er himself an American Citizen.
In fac t he Is not a true American
Now, that the victory is won,
we have another task. (Rf con
struction) restoring the tattle
fields back to theironcc prosper
ous conditions. This is a duty
which every one should be will
ing to perform- To neglect this
would be to reject an opportunity
of being true to the principles of
a great nation- This is the time
to show the world that America
is as great in peace as at war.
When we return home it will
be a happy return and hope to
receive a warm welcome.
Best wishes for success,
Your son.
Sgt. Prior T Livesay
Nov. 15, 1918.
Dear Editor:
Just a few lines from "oyer
here " Of course you people back
there will have heard the good
news of peace long before this
reaches you. and am sure you t
ceived j. with pleasure hut not so
much joy as the boys here. Win
ter coming with cold rains and
mud, besides the danger made ii
hard for U3 to keep up the fight j
we, noy are now winning anaj
talking wort oi pcing home tiat. ,
of our "dose calls" while in no I
tion. because we feel our dut
done and want to get back and
begin life anew, for wo feel we
have learned what home means
to us-
We feel we have done what
waa expected of us and prcserv
ed the name of our Division that
out lorefatncis made in years
gone by.
We took up position opposing
the enemy on a very hard and
noted front (after some very
strereous training and observa
tion in quieter sections) and was
under shell fire for a few days
before 'zero" day came, then
one right w-.- moved closer to get
a better start and while "Jerry
v:as expecting us, but not so fast
and strong, cur barrage started
at xero hour on one Sunday
morning as it was preping day,
and some barrage it was, (hells
were singing every where, (thtv
sound very much like a locomo
tive passing through the air."
Then we were formed up in com
bat croups on the J. O. T. (we
call it) ind a the word was pass
el dovi n the line to go. we mov
Hve you got your chimney
buiit? Have you a good lot of. 'V
roughness saved this winter? - &
Is, are you going to school
guess you ought if they can " get" V
along without vou. , -i
Po. I want you. to let my gitis M
a 'one. Gex Leamon said pou -'V -
had me beat. .7,".-;-: . '
Po. I sent you $50 Sept tr.tf v "
Have had no answer yet WriCev
two or thre letters and maybeM
wi'l get some of them. "V.
O. C. Campbell.
Brier Creek t
t .
Dear Editor and Readers;
The health of this commu
nity is improving v ,
i I Jerry Mathis Jr.. who lias been.
ith lever is getting: a
US Ui)
'ft .'ft-- .-, o
I f -.-.and Jo
a . -
ro Va) Y.:J
.:.v: -, .vtWt
f. y ' r ,
L? .1
A vjl v?ry low w
Vl llon' nicely. J
J " i 1 ir t r i i '
iur. mm mm. . i. weniunsa.
of Njw Tazewell, wer visitinjf - j
their grand daughter Verdie 'i
St u bblertetd and others last week. . ; -
Mr. Hill Livesay has recently "'
moved to his Hrier Creiek farm. '; ,1 V
Venlio Stubblefleld ,was is!.!.
ing her sister Mary, Wednesday. ' .
I et us hear from youi . , -Vf, '
Robert Seal, of Texai, seerrpb '-'-
se enjoying his visit in Tenn. ;. ' '2
Cheer up soldiers and let n
itnr from vitu tij vAiif latn
dways vMloanei but . hop3 : the J
time will hasten when letter yr' " :
ng will be forgotten and thfboya "'J
who have fought for our liberty.; ,
and peace may recieve their4wel-'
come in the homes of old Anieri- J,
ca. Oh! that all could return and . -
tell of their experirace and auc f-
I L - 1 f ( 1
vena, uui bi'Cj tn ' -?tng DC-
neath the soJ U W-ice." T ' ,
the Lord will, lake care of mV
children where ever they may
fall, and we are trusting to see
them in the gn at beyond, where
all is peace and happiness for
ever nnd ever.
IMue-eycd Girl.
1 ,
No Bank for Him.
"I don't put my mney in any Kink, " s.iys Sloth
iul Sam. "My inside pcket i.syooj nuli tir ine
and I am wmg t ke pit ttier instead "t letting ttie
other fellow carry It."
Hut d'es he Keep it there? He d t-s i..t. Ihe
butjier, hakir, frKer, clothier and druist n t
S.im's moni'v and tin y put it in the Kink. Sam
don't know win re his money eoes. li.it somebody
puts it in the hank. W ho is putting your money
in the hank? It it is e.d tor the oiher fellow to
Imvc ni itey in the l-Uiik it'.i j;kk1 fr you and tin
otlu r ii llow ets lull jt it.
The Citizens Bank
until f get ready to embark if I
can as we are in a big line build
ing with all the conveniences,
good fire place also basement
I guess there was lots of rejoic
when poace was made. CuecM
lots of mothers, fathers and wives
shouted, and if the truth was
j known lots of the soldiers felt
Jlike it where they made a noie
or not.
I am hnine day-dreams n to
what I would like to do when I
get heme. I did rot know how
well I liked the iieoph; there hi-;
fore I left. It don't wtin lika
there is any plr.ee th? t I would
not like to go.
This is court week there. Hope
towns, releasing poor old Frencl
civiluans who had been under
German rule since 14. The way
ed forward, bayonets everywhere j they greeted us and the stories
while some had s?t thoughtful i they told us of 4 years of misery
f jpm. Home seemed as hann.' as under the "Hoche" rule, made us
"Tor the elaa of man 0o4
gaa them rvpiraDce and for
tbalr wounda a b-Ilnf balia.
"fur tike errors of men Oetf
gaa thara truth and for their
aurrowa a great conaolaUon.
Tor the hate of on Ood
(a?e them lore and for thetr
tTMd, Um gift of aacrtflce.
-And fur Um ware of
wblch hrtag ala and
error, aril and greed, tied gare
thrra repeotanre and a heellaf
ealm, truth and a great
latlon, Wve aad the gift ea
"And the amhet of theea la
the lied Croea.
Ttita ta the opinio of thm
(. fumUhfsl bf Rabbi Abte
It. BlUer ef the UeTetand Ten
things are so you can attend.
All p.utiex in arrears for
Kcriol on to the News are expect
to pay up at onee under the new
when out on roenouvers. Wepd
vanccl with short sketches of
songs from some, shouts of laugh
ter from others, over some one
fall r.g in a she!l hole, ant", trroans
frm others, but we were goir.g
so fast it was difficult for some
Superintendent Catron to hold Jco'a to keep up with us, but be
the High School Examination
for the Senior CUs of the Han
cock Couaty High School.
.'ore we realised it hardly, we
were thru th impregnable line
feel jjlaI we were fighting for
such a t.oble cause.
When we came out of the lines
for a few days rest and reorgan
ization we had him back many
miles, bck where farming was
being carried on some as if war
had not been.
Old Hickory has proved her
self worthy of the name and we
which tne flermansfaid no Allied are clad to be in such a Dice.
ta r- . ,i ...
mis taarainauon is preparen I drive could ever break, but we
by the State High School Inspect-1 not sl, at tht, wo were
org and is said to be very diffi- j poshing him on for near month
wit- I capturing small villages and
P.ut the sad part is some of our
noble boys, heroes, are dead on
the field of glory, while others
;are maimed for lift, it will bring
dn?M to the hearts of their no
de parent but if they could only!
.now and realize for what we
ere fighting, as their sons who
died rt a:iz -d it they would say
the r sons diti not in vain.
It was a hard toll to pay but I
hope the r-rie was not too great
for the ideals we won.
Thanking you for space in your
dear hom ;iper, I remain,
Nov. 181918.
Dear Father an J Brothers:
Will write you all a few
lineaas that is about all 1 do.
I am getting well fast for the
last few days, I improved rather
siowatoTdtl thought but guess I
w as in too big a hurry- I am still
in the boapital and mean to stay
Saving the Cost of a New Roof
A Singh application HOW of
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Paint
irill bow potf thcit of a nio rvifloirr
Jif ut '
i ... . 1:
r 1 1
VALIURA it inuvi ttr you irfrrlT x iurcha iu.i iil
Valdura 99.5 Pure Asphalt Paint
1 hrrr i. ii.i laf in VALDUKA; it it a lf ict v.: .tirc nm,. i-l jn-tt
pint. A few dollar worth ucd on yotir Frin MjihiiMf. Implfnirnts
KrnnnK. rtc. will tc you humlred f d'-lUr . 1'inr a-MrJ
We have .me intrretting tHrrator? on VALDURA tt would L
l . j:ivc u and a aample of the paint itlf fT your et U without
c.L VALDURA ra very ey to apt.lr and it caa be neJ w any
aMaoo. Jt it the paint to aae "When yon want I reealta."
Roan & Testerman,
Kog;ersvlllc, Tenn.
W '

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