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VOL. 3.
KSSE-E, Fill DAY, tUTLYlU; 191!
Editor and Pubushcr
A weekly newspaper devoted to the
industrial, intellectual and anoral de
velopment nd growth of Hancock
County in partietlar and Cast Tennessee
in genermL Kepubttcau in politics, fear
less iu defer.ee of truth, and ever eeal-
os in advocacy oc wtiatevr teads to
tne tettenaent of ur section or con tri
rates to the happinessof its cocoes.
Entered ma seoond-class '. matter
October H. 1916, at the postorBce at
Sneedville, Tennessee, ander Act of
March 3, 1879.
On Tear . .. - $1.00
Sij UoitW . . 50
-1, '
and Personal !
Read the Citizens Bar..
County Court eonvened hero
1 last MondajT; .
Read the advertisement of V.
& Moles in this issue. "
"The infant of Me. and Sirs. A,
T. Livesay has been very sick a
II Local
v portion of the week.
. . .
. Mrs." L W. Campbell, Sr. has
' nnft to MnrriRtown tr visit nnv
r. i per cruiaren. . : n
:v' Tyitr, son of D. A. Greene, of
' llorristown, visited relatives in
; sneedville Monday . ,
. Eranstoa and Vardy celebrated
ths 4th- y Both eelebm&ons were
A cre w of hands began, Moa-
day, sradins the road from the
- xnouth of Briar Creek to Evans
William Livesay; of Sneedville
made a flyincr trip to Knoxville
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright Harrison
and little daughter spent two
days with relatives in town this
Dan Darnell cold his property
on College Hill to James Rogers
Sr. Monday.
M. E. Testerman was in town
"Monday in the interest of con
crete road from Snood vi lie to
Rogers ville.
Mr. Charlie Maness of, Knox
ville, is the tvest of his aged
father, Mr. Howard Maness, who
has been sick but is improving.
Mrs. George Sea and her son
Mr. Roy Seal of Kingsport, Ten
nessee, are spending a few days
with friends and relatives, at
Sneedville, .
Rev. Clinton Greene, will fill
an appointment at the Baptist
Church, in Sneedville, on Sunday
riight, July 27. All come out
Rev. S. M." McCarter, of
Church Hill Tenn- filled three
appointments at the Baptist
Church at this place Sunday and
Sunday night.
Mr. A.T. DrinnonandMrs.W.
A. Beckl?r were called to the
bedside of their grandmother.
Mrs. Polly Greene, at Morris
town last week. We learn that
Aunt Polly died Tuesday. An
other good woman gone.
Party who borrowed my mow
ing blade will do me a favor to
return same, but if by accident
he broke it I would like to know
this R'0, so I can order another.
If he is not yet through with it
1 will be glad to just borrow it
few hours from him and
promise to return it
.HE- Jamain .
Brier Creek
JL'6earE4itGfc : " vvi :
" Thought I would give
tittle news from this place.
The health of . this section is
Farmers are J- busy ijetfing.- up
hav and laying by com.; ''p ' -
X large crowd attended church
at Brier Creek Sunday cui heard
an excellent sermon d vered by
Rev. Sherman Mullens. ,
Miss Hester Williams was. a
uruest of Misses Belle and Dora
Fairchild Saturday nigbt '
; Mrst Samps Williams, who lias
been sick forqmite a while,.4s jro
proving., : '
: .Sunday School at .Brier Creek
is progressing, nioely, V- Large
attendance. j . : s - 7, ; -
Miss Belle Fairchild was visit
ing her sister Froni' at Anderson
Mathis's Sunday rht." ( 4
The baby of Ur.y aad Mrs.
Wayne Mathis is very sick, sup
posed to have Pneumonia. ' ,
Mr., and Mrs. Ben Burchctt and
son, who have been living in . the
South are visiting his uncle John
Crcl.ett .and ether relatives and
friends near Sneedville.
Wonder how Sunday bcnooi at
Yellow Branch is getting along.
Mrs. 'Cordie " Jordon and two
children were gaests of Mrs. Or
bin Hot-ton Saturday night and
Sunday jt ' ' .' ;
HlHi)ora! How did you and
Edgaf get along Sunday? ,
Mt.:W. A. Mathis is visiting
her son, Wayne Mathis and f am
ity.' . ;, ' .. .; . ;. ;
Hello Sarah Adams! Hew are
you and your fellow-, getting a-
ong? ' V, - V. .
Glad taQ so many p'diera
lSin.-ribbe tae .CjfifiS will
fasten s;uicTthat they will all
1 -?
Mrs. 7 lil'GOi ns spent Sunday
after noon with Mrs. Quince But-
Mrs. Reany Greene was a wel
come visitor at W. A. Mathis a
one day last week.
Miss Frona Fairch Id spent
Monday afternoon with her cous
in, Mrs. Mary'Cantwcll.
Miss Verdie htubblefield was
visiting her mother, Cora Stub
hlefield Sunday. '
Lonesome Girl.
Deer Editor:
Here I come again beg
iring for space in the dear old pa
A large crowd attended meet
ing at War Creek thisl afternoon
and heard an excellent sermon by
Rev. Clinton Greene, also a fine
talk by Rev Harvey Greene.
Miss Lillie Greene took dinner
with Miss Myrtle Drinnon today.
Mr. Lonnie Lakins, who has
been ill with Typoid Fever for
some time is slowly improving.
Farmers are about done laving
by their crops.
Hello Pvt. H.C D.! Write a
gain, your letters are always in
teresting. Sure would have been
glad if you could have attended
preaching v. ith us today. Hone
you will soonhave the opportuni
ty to attend your church meet
ings. It will not be very long until
1 it?
our preacners scnooi ai war
Heilo Emily Cantwein Give
us the news from your burg.
L J. D.
. For IataaU aad Caildm.
Tla fti Yea Kail Ahrip Bcrgtt
' Ilavimt been duly apfwintedand t
ifJ administrator cf tho Estate
S. Vaughan. deceased, kU pets
having cl4AS-ai 't atd ecUU, w
present them to me duly authentioat
within tSie timeTequicra by law, and 1
persons indebted to the estate, w.
cee forward -and settle said indebted
)- ' ' . . :v - '1
This 43rd day of July, 19J9. .,
. " ' ; C M., Coixws, Adtnr.-.
. .. to open acheckmg ac
count with us which af
fords you a business-like
method of paying your
bills "by heck.
U.lso to take otrt a Ger tfi-
f cate of deposit which
',. brings. you returns on .
idle money, and assists
.you in saving. t
"All of our modern facili
ties are at :your om-; ,
mand. ,v
Baptist Training School rmd B I
P. U.t Workers of the MolTt
'Ga Association. Mccririjs t
held wUh the Baptist Chur:h
Tom Maston, I). N. Liviiston,
First Day
Normal Manuel Division 1,
Training in Christian Service.
Address or Sermon.
Normal Manuel Division 1.
Training in Christian Service.
Round Tabhle Practical Ques
tions. DINNER .
B. Y. P. C.
The same program will be car-'
ried out en the 2nd and 3d days
except, Church finances and
Evangelism will be discussed in
stead of Missins,
Full information as to all em
ploymcnt openings in this com
munity and elsewhere will given
at the
J. T. Testerman,
Kyles Ford, Tenn.
All national and local efforts to
assist you are there concentrated
SERVICE U. S. Dcpattment of Labor.
I.UCIO 52T(iiE8
V Saving the Cost
"v A Sfrfffe opprufct trots f
fdara 99;5 Pure Acpbalf Pnls
t WJH save mm th coat ofiatr'K.jf'iaUtr. :'
i it iftnst trve -cti -o
ra '99l5b lVrc Aephalt Pa'irt
xrc in VALDURA; If iXtrrirt W. purt Jninir-1 aiplia1
Inere is no
U:iarnt. . few dolUrj't.'orth usedin
I Fenciag, etc., will save you .hiindredof !oUrr hi their aiWrJ life.
J- We havr some interest1- literature on V'ALDUKA wa nvould lke
yto ive you and a Umpli . the paint itself for your test all without
V ost. VALDURA it x car r tpl and it can be used in u
r.&kn. .'It is Ike naint to 1 -
Rojjcn ;
jaW '
f- r :
lzs highesi '"' zi
Jture. Uar,'j '
)ysicsi '
at'tr-Iif i
, "
11 r Whole
Your Whole Family
t.-r"..;. . . i-
patronize us.
hi I A.
We will make it decidedly to your interest to trade
Tvr.tthei e'jT
rerf he "Xl& rr
J'"elt. Coi.is -tio:i.
T-j n , t
StccLVi S!ii't
do the
of vvcTm V
tfdlr Fann MacJicrv. Imilriinertt'L
iftan tail -mint juir rr.i "
- Jester m an,
Sk keep
ing in keeping
with t.1e nelson.
and expen. e is
an imtHrh.nt i
tern 'to you. Try
our clothing de
partment for
men and boys.
Styles are right
up to the mm
ute, quality is
evenlj'Cher. but
prices have been
whittled down
to a fne point
Our vummer &
fall clothing and
turnisnings are
attractive and
are selling on
siirht. When
you want to see
our clothing in
the light of day,
just look at at
your friends.
Thy wear it
Economy and
satisftction will
prompt you to
do the same.
See our dress
goods for worn
en and children.
liKes to wear
nice comfortable
shons that look well and last
ven Detter. Uur shoe depart
ment is a popular place with
discriminating people who
have an eye to economy. Light
weight shoes for warm weath
er are heic, as also those pop
ular makes for farm wear.
Solid comfoit, style and ser
viceability are in every pair,
even including those for the
kiddies- No, the price is riget
We invite your patronage.
We will serve you to the best
of our ability. We will use our
utmost endeavors to give you
complete satisfaction in every
purchase. We will make it
I your pleasure to continue to
Llcmcr.tary and High School; V
j-Exaroination , will hi ! held 'or. "
JULYlTthand 18th, 1919.
Hancock Cour.ty Ncrwal will
keb scss-.ouJULY-l,'to23, in
clusive. ' '
All 'ach:s who exuect
j teachiiiut be prt snnt'ibo entire
L J. CATRON, County Supt?
t h -
'lTrt:rVf'isrir. X rrrir!c von yottr .
paer or' wrappiV this vvcek'lt
means raur Jlnd fs cut, and that.
yjr VRper viiJ le'f tcppefl'uhtiK
you cnd in a , renewal, as' th
postal hvn require thutraUWV'
SP:i:Lionsl e paid iiV-aifvanctf.
TljiUhi!!? MotaiU'afa MntfiXM
-u tli--iM.atiM'u.c.t for tbc orfotWa
f bs tat-Kit ncrrsn for the roJeC-
Wi, '.rctiire ever built -1ii t!i .
f'oild- This Is'to rZu of 4ti fea-
Sti's of .(lie MoilioJut eauuary I'sl
i atloti. !,lo be . held 4n VoIuiuIhis
'il' monlsr srvecn !'! hare
UJitr plottirss ll.'.xllJ ii t. The
lstrutt;tie m neveral fst
ln'earh, dirpejidiu A spuclal
t. ""In k'rvn;!id0iS' ple
screen will be UhO tset from the nta,
ant sperlAtor and w(U be1 built .'to
wtthstand 40 pounds pressure rotra
sinare foot. The Untvra wblob wAl
firocf these plctursn ban alrealy
urotMfully thrown pictures -ea
screen ln .New lfork CHy across
dUtanre of four sad a half Uy
blocks Act ordlag to Architect Harry -C.
Hollirook, the screen will be,-
effect, three sides of e boum. It'rS
necesHarr to gie U'the foundation's
eaulvalsnt to a four-story building.
I order that ihere may be aa osudk
ralvaca s osslble after the scree
has served Us purpose, the picture
fare will he of flttsd lumber, wktdt
later will be treated with - while
ewrfsee niaratlon.
The eHtinuH'd com of this scree
wtU be M.o(M). The screen end 'the
lantern will te used In showing tBs
tens of thousands of views, msde aU
orer the world by the Meihodlst
Mlmlnnary Kurvey. which has Ore
flnsnt collect len of lctorlsl reviews
asywhere In the world.
Columbia Profrtrcr ia Qarf t (
Eihibils at Metnodist Centenary
ftoriceson i.a mont'a. WaI-
KKH of Columbia university h
dfrecter of S arts -sad designer of
eihlblts aad scenery for the Meth
odist Centenary CeleeraUea, la tw
in tab us. Jnae T9 U Jaly tt. On
less -which he laid dews,, the rnetd
ti.de of eihlhit. doe-sxtlc aad far-
eign. have seesetrsBged in the bslll
lags la sesle efsrts. anaklag taeas
At eece asproprtste ard tractive.
Prefetsor Wsrner had rksree of
world ethloits he!J tn fion, Chl
eage. Bsltla-ors aid frt U'e.t to
past tears, and h- I ihJ wcre-4bread
Dears the
J5lg&aiaxe of

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