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'V'i't. . - .liL '' . '-a i
A'f.A.aafla , rV''" .
' From Home ' f S--k J; ' ' f
kEI, Flto 7 NO. 3 J
Edito&axb PuBisnm.
t A teekly newspaper devoted to the
i. fcxtnKiial, intellectual and moral de-
i i "slenient md sjrowth of . Hancock
0 to partictkar and East Tennessee
in tw val. RoDubhcsn in noli tics, fear-
t less i defer.se f truth, a!y ever real-
aas an advocacy or wnattever lewas co
the betterment f wr section or eon tri
butes te tae tnpptnesapf Ms homes.
aa saond"',"X ipatter
October W.
4916, tat i ;tafflce
Sneedville, Tennessee, a,
March 8. 1879.1
Om Tw - ' - $1.00
Sii Moatks . . 50
Local and Personal
James Baker rmnle a
Knoxville this week.
trip to
Read the advertisement of
S. Moles in this issue. '
Read the
Mule Ad" m this
We-tieetfthat money that you
are1 due us on back subrcri prion.
.Pike Roadbniklinif is progress!
Trig nicely near town- f
S. Price, a well knoWrf sales
rnaa af Rogersville, was here this
week.. - V .
H. B. Jaxnagin made a busi
new trip to" Morristown Thur.
Mrs. Browm Davis, of Moores
burg, has Moved to SneedviQe to
live with her sister.Mrs. Harriet
A bridge is being built across
Clinch River at Kincaids Ferrj',
in Grainger County, and iSie riv
r will be absohately obstructed
from the running of rafts for a
few days, possibly Ihreem'eeks.
On account of the health of
lira. Greene we are offering a
good 3 room dwelling, good gar
den, barn, smokehouse and oth
?r out braidings, all (practically
new, for -sale. If you want to
move to tewn to o into business
or to school your children, it will
pay you to see us at once.
At a meeting of the directors
of the Citizens Bank of this place
Wednesday, Mr, C. M. ColHns
was elected Cashier to nil vacan
cy caused by the resignation of
llr. H. B- Jarnagin. Bud is a
business man and is too well
Jcnown as a respected citizen of
the ominty to need "'boosting.'"
If you have a desire te o into
trie printing business, we are
now in position to offer you a
good location with the Sneed
yille News at we contemplate
celling out at an early data Will
md you the newspaper and also a
mall job plant at a bargain. The
outfit if run right will piy from
we to two thousand dollars per
year, including expenses. It is
the only plant of its kind in the
county and gets all the legal
work, and could get an abund
ance of job work to do.
On last Saturday night the
Sheriff with a posse of men went
ta BUckwater after bootleggers.
They arrested and brought to
jail Ardill Collins and Wint
Bunch and found Wheeler Collins
in bed not able to be brought,
and while getting these, they
learned that Silas Co'lins and Ir
ving Hopkins were leaving this
country for Oklahoma: they got
back to town with the prisoners
hout daylight and the sheriff.
with J as. Bakerand Jl T. "Gap
land, followed xnod automobile
overtaking Silas and Irving near
Springcta!e,,'wben4hy weite ar
rested ani' landed in Jail about
10 o'clock a. m. Sunday.
All of the parties arrested are
indicted in one or more cases and
it is rumored that some of them
and some other parties in the
lower end et 4hev county,' have
United States Warrants against
them The law abiding citizens
are getting urea oi the moon
. a m . k
shining and bootlegging business
and are beginning to stand by
the Sheriff in putting down these
sinful crimes, and are going to
makeit lard for the transgressor.
AM persons discharged from
military or naval forces residing
in this county, can now . receive
medicaPattention and medical ex
amination for the filing of appli
cations for compensation. Ihe
United States Public Health Ser
vice, the medical advisors to the
Bureau of War Risk Insurance,
have established oihw in Han-
coe County, andDr K. A. Doty,
Kyles Eord, TennessW, has 'been
. 1 r - A.
appointeaas local uovemmeni
examiner! All persons desiring
o obtain insurance or filing . ap
plication for camnensatioh under
the (Bureau ef War .Risk Act,
must furnish a tneclical certifli
cate of thoir present (physical
condition. These pereons, by ap
plying toDrl"
ami nod i
Uoverrmoent hospital or .jnU-
t on, anouM trns do necessary
- Pecsons desiring further infor
mation should write to Dr. JI. A.
Watkfns, 6th floor Chamber of
Commerce Cldg., Atlanta, (la.
Dear Editor:
Thought I would give
little news from this place.
The health of this section 'is
We are having son rice cool
weather here.
Corn is looking fine and fruit
very good.
Most all the soldiers 'have been
discharged from this camp and
gone home. A few wounded sol
diers are left for furthur treat
ment. Wish I was at home to attend
church at War Creek today
Hello R. D. and Charlie Greene
Would love to hear from you-
I hope the people in Tennessee
are enjoying themselves fine and
I am looking forward to the day
when I can enjoy life with you a
gain Time is not as long as it
used to be until I will come home
never to leave for such a long
time as I have found no place like
H. C. D.
The Ark scats boy who wsn rte
-waeat-fTTing prtss grew 40 bushels
ef vbaat oa tla aera at a eowt of
1&0. Hie at profit was et0.
fmntary tnapeetora vto aasted 3
vrteada of cattle rarervra trvas XU1no)
rseaatty by Tecaaaaea perchaaers
foaad 00 0 per east af taa aaiaiala
la ta
In 1014 a beat 90.000 bushels ef p
ttt.K were bovebt from etber eaira
t to feed tbe coal Albert of Law
retirr count j, Keotackj : laat seasoa
bases wave set aJtaiae Ue
Havinrc Wen duly appointedatvi$njaW
taed as administrator ci tno. estate -or
F. S. Vaughan, -deceased, all person
having cliims agaist said estate, will
.present them to me duly authenticate'
within the timerequimTLy law, and I
persons indebted to the estate, wj .
come forward and Bettle said indehtg3J
ness. ' . t
This 3rd day of Juljff 1919. ? ,
v, C'tf. Coixins, Admr, ,
' your needs and we arg - 1
in position to ..satisfy'.
any legitimate, need
thatxomes in enr juris ,
- '
diction. ' ' . , .2
, I
We wani'dn fo Ccofr- '
nize our strenAi Riid
' service and -calr upon
'us for
? i
J 0
For Sale;
FOR?ULE-Pire Bred Reglstere.
Big Typ;PolandrChlna pigs. Both at'
well wiarhed, lht breeding hndquaUt
Prie;$20 1 tip as MwjW1 wejr .
Pure bred wilf-v you bent'A- ,
(rvTl f arnWS 6 nnmih old. U
estve-rhorthorns, xHt d,1
roai one redVprice reasoobl. :
- YSAl .
piblic auction on Monday Sept-
tember 1st, 1919. 11 heacj.
mnloo otwi nnA hnrftp.
These mules will be sold f i
pairs, single"or as a whole to suit
the convenience of buyers.
Thf terms of sale will be cash.
The sale will be held at Snd-
ville. Tennessee, at or near tht
Court House.
Bv order of the Pike Road
Commissioners of Hancock Coun
- ar
This August 6, 1919.
Full information at to all em-
ployment openings in this "com
munity and elsewhere will given
YOIT KlilvlC
at the
bureau for returning
Soldiers & sailors
VJ. T. Testerman,
Kyles Ford. Tenn.
All national and local efforts to
assist you are there concentrated
SERVICE U. S. Depattment of Labor.
... 'V .'
Ifthere isan X mark
paper or wrapper .this
on your
week it
means your.time'is out, 'and that
your paper will be stopped until
you send in a renewal, as the
postal laws require that all sub
scriptions ba paid in advance.
vitstxieCcst df a New Rod?
OF. cit
f LTQURA-it must.twn-e you
VAldum 9a&.Purc Asphalt, PftS
' wMsdJputhcco,tofanci3nra?.
Valdiira99.5 Pure Asphalt Paliifc
i. There 'fno tar in VALDURA; it
piHt.VV fuiv dollars worth used on
rJ'ViUMi; will sitve you hundrcl of dollars in their ali. l
9 Wc'haTsoiue. iiUeraKtinir Hteratur' on VALDURA we wuuid lilt
lftire V'ou and a saropk the
cost. VAiUUKA. is very eaiy
eaAl.f,lt is the paint 'to use
y?' Roefan
y Kogeriivllie, Term,
vides highest standards of
)H?e, Preparatory, Teachers', Bible Training, Home Economic,
mculture, Manual Training, Music, Expression, Art, 'Book iff ?
j, .rnysicai anu morai weiiare oi siuuenis tnorougmy saieguara
L Campus, 250 acres; 15 buildings; 60 instructors; 826 students,
Whom about one-half are yoimg women. . '
Tuition, $0.00 a tojm; room rent, with steam heaf and Iwtric
'averages' $33.00 & yeat; board, iiitVioperative Clubat cost,
at $2.35 cents per week. Total college bills average $150.00 a
ixji Self-help opportunities.
n& hundred and first year opens September 9, 1919. ' Writ for
Vilog and application blank to
four W hol4
Ip i
Your Whole Family
a I wmr r - -
patronize us.
We will make it decidedly to your interest to trade
ation AO IK of
7 I v
. -' - - w
tioii. !'. 'iir v
ax.! w 1 1
auUe. land W.ii".
properly or purchase money H
in a strict W.f pur'nvjcra4 at'lt
your Farm Machinery. litii'' in. tK.
paint itself for your test all withi.Or
to apply and it can be tibctl m an-.
When you want sure
tSc I'esterm
instruction in all departments;
Fa m i ly
must wear cloth
ing in keening
taftff the season.
and expense is
an important i
tern to you. Tr
our clothing de
part men t for
men and boys.
Styles are right
up to the min
ute, quality Is
even higher, but
prices have been
whittled down
to a fine point
Our summer Si
fall clothing and
furnishings are
attractive and
are selling on
sight. When
you want to see
our clothing in
the I'tfhtof day,
just look at at
your friends.
They wear it.
Economy and
satisfaction will
prompt you to
do the same. .
Se our dress
gonds for wom
en nnd children.
likes to wear
nice comfortable
shos that look well and last
even better- Ourshoe depart
ment is a popular place with
discriminating people who
have an eye to economy. Light
weight shoes for warm weath
er are heie. as abo those pop
ular makes ior farm wear.
Solid comfort, style and ser
viceability are in every pair,
even including those for the
kiddies- No, the price is riget.
We invite your iatronage.
We will serve you to the best
of our ability. We will use our
utmost endeavors to give you
complete satisfaction in every
purchase. We will make it
your pleasure to continue to
tf v nnt
r-.Z- .it" ii iii i i in,, .aa;
va . -
av Mif invTtivK- fl'
if the . MuiberrO
I As.iOW m will meet wimJUfcch f
Ha'nrocfi: Cotmty,
III www 1 -V I .11.
-i:is Friday. Aug. 59,,
'i fit
MtroSuc.Sorrnpn by.
UJ."1. !?3 shnitiU "Are B iptlafc '
( Wpp',TM)UT;ptuf1 ttv aawrj'
c Ttripf V pi 'Liviay.
athtneqisaiification of:
chtwmtml)efliip? , Elbttt'
o .-i.i.i '' .
fXt' tScriptun
nffktrrh "Ofnbershi
ptural doc-
bership? G.
1 Vhat ls'the mark of dto
Unction bHweiii the saved arid
t )u unsaved ? Clinton Greene,
(V: ft Wilder, 4 '
rethjen who5e ndmes ttofrtt .
aear on program ire Invited to
etime and take part in these dls
cu.sions. Come one and all for
the purposu of having a fpooVl
meeting and reviving this church
to higher standard of christian
living because the timi has comt
that everv one must be up anU
II. C.'Brooka. .
Fifth Saturday Meeting, No, "2
of the Mulberry "Gap Associatica; ,
wi convene with the Dry Vlhfv.
Church Gralrtger County, TttjW
t 29 30 and 31. . l. - .
Ci. W. Vaughn; Alternate, C."
M. Young.
Welcoiie Adlress by W. ft.
Rose; Response by liev. Bamat
What is the work of the clrcrcti
in leading the lost to Christ? 'J.
II. Ogan, Henry Collins.
J What is the Kingdom of
Got! and how do we get into it?
Barnct Greene, Wiley Cook. v
:: What is the duty of tbe
church to the pastor and what U
the duly of the. pwstor to the
crwrch? J. J. .Ijtckson, H. U
1 (Jive the Bible mefnoU .f
. d. a.. .i.
extending the tiospei to trie
world. Wiley Cook. W. T. Rw. i
Query Box at -will 6f body.
Brethren whos names do r.6t
apiar on program are invitetl te
attend and tkepatt.
K. S. Ilirker. Mod.
Jack-on. Sec.
Worth Remembcrinf
itnrket pr-jH-rta for haey afa
irvxl. acrerdiiif to Ohto nae aalba
alass fefte r.tiit. "Jrin .'ramwra' la
roriim.-ii -! tl. inmkili wf'kofjm
tat tit irnitM r ;ml.
KffinUi .i!mfr that rbe-btiii
wit! nl J"" ir-i.r mm durlac
read bnlld.ru -on Uii yrar.
M!al!pBl cattla $torm' k9"w
r a i ri for tbe prja ef hear
lac " aiartetlM r,r,
Tbe tblri anaatV fat battle
Ve bld at NashTltte. Deceanber aait
11, la nfferinf IZ.VO ks aaab '
aevea bene la Sertb Dakata bjsa alt
en fa I with a SaHl eaat 4t
tX. Tba ergs aaM far ft-aaaaa
inw tlMMek a tadaa.'
Ifcat tbe atata baa a 4t . M t
sbeuld be ae eaeaae fee
m ttb a ftgfiVe

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