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. Attorney at Law.
Sneed ville, Tenname:
DniotIcs In all courts except
CMtncery Court; Special- atten.
Son will to collections
Notary Publlo and Attorney. (
JBmoticea in all Justices Gourtsand
County Court
Office in Court Uoua
Attorney at Iaw,,
Tread way, Teim...
4 FARMS ffl
250 acres on Black water Creek
2 Wwellinss. nokehause. or-
ofaard, M teres cleared, 10 acres
ttotiom ditched and drained, bal
lance in fine chestnut oak, white
oak. and yellow pine.
ISO acres in the Slh. District
of Hsnccck Ccunty. 3 houses, 2
Uarns, 4 good orohards with all
kinds of fruit; CO acrra in dog
foot and blue grass. Enough
obdss ti timber on plaoe to pay
for it Close to river. Owner
Uvea in West Price. $2000.
50.00 cash, baL in L 2 and 3
jpeaxs time, equal payments .
' 75 sores rich in sine, right i
tH Ev&nston Zinc Lead -has a
' Vary good 3 room dwelling, good
mring, good young orchard and
will selCat a bargain. A goal
deal to speculate on. t or prices
xnd Wrmsl&ee
Hancock Cvortj Seal EMate Eithangt
Vnecilie. - Tennessee.
12S acres. ?. acres cleared of
which 23 acres are fine river bot
Vxn the remainder in timber; 8
snilea westiof Sneedvilla. Good
Bchard two good houses, barn,
two good spring. There is a bar
gain in this farm; the bottom
litnd is worth tha price asked for
tb whole farm. We're going to
stall and. if you are on the mar
fir such farm you must see os at
. ess, Prioe J4200; $1200 down,
gra Binder 1, 2 and 3 years time.
UssA Cdiaiy Rill s!i!t ticiiixi.
Sneed? Hie Tenn
Optimitti Thought.
aart taclsaac. alaoa ao ataa a
bsmt as Sa ra bora.
-'.Air . O
mi ji .
out for what alls your imokeappetitet'
Foe, With Princ Albert, you've got a new listen oh the pipe question;
that cuts you loose from old stung tongue and dry throat worries
Made by our exclusive- patented process, Prince Albert is scotfree
katn bite and parch and hands you about the biggest lot of emokefua.
that ever was scheduled' in your directionf
Prince Albert is a pippin of pipe-pal;- it beats the band t Get the
slant that P. A. is simply everything any man ever longed for in tobacco F
You never will be-willing to figure up the sport you've slipped -on once
you. get that Prince Albert quality flavor and quality satisfaction imo
your smokesysteml You'll talk kind words every time you get on the,
firing liner ' '
JWji 99hfJir mW KunJt pmm nd mnthmV-fmwm 4ti kmmt-
4mmnUlkm lmy. trmUml pmmnd urytiml elm kmmtUmr mtftk-
mmmittm. mmlltmmr Hm tmmt mmu tkm tw lmmutih mmfmmt mdltUm,
XL J. Reynolds Tobacco Company,, WuiatantSalem, N. C.
Is Yours
For Sale
Wo lire coitirvrly gttiixff fncwfxrw
ie irom people wlio tire loolcing. l'or(
. lwirublo farmH. '
IL YOUR VAKm i Tor tvlo it xviUr
t'OMt "YOIT lxoUiiug
"W mitkts no. c1u.v.lhc unhurt avo
rnulctv tv. Mdlc.
Or XHThtipH yon x'ovitr lilct to.
oluuiftt yovirw t'orouc in onio ptl'wr
Locality Or climaiu
Ttvlk itoviT wicli m whon you -vri
ii town Tii lie oowtH you xiothiiug
ho re.
Cordie M. jtrson
lleni Lswn..
In tbe Chamwy foarO at Anee.lVilln,
In this cause it appearing flow
th till which is sworn t that the de
fetvlanl llenlvTawson. irn non-resident
of tha state J Tennensea so that tbe
ordinsry prooass of law cannot be serv
ed upon hici. It is therefore ordered
by me, that publication be made in the
&ndilJtf Neva fan four consecutive
week s requiring him to appear be font
me at Saeedville, on or before tha
and snake defence to said bill as the law
require, otherwise tbe -same will be
taken for confessed ami the cause set
fos hesrins; enpartee as to him..
Tbis JunepBth 1919.
L. I'. Jania Clerk 4 Master.
A.-T. Drinnon, SoU tar eaaipIainanU
atns ale rrat, tarta. sac
la ataat af ftear, fat. a Mttle aalt. aad
aaliea with wtr. Twa aaltry of
ta flalah4 pmdwet 4epwM npnm the
af fat and tVw oad. the
watar aaaS ta aslxins. d
t aa4 la baaiaa. Psatrr. to
Bw attnta, aaaat Kara frosa eae-thlrt to
aaseXiwth as troctt fit by awsuti as
)M a Uttie water a caa poa
Slacr U aawd for aatsias. aad a bet
to battac ror th- arer
ale-fa oa V ea ewi H cap
fat, H tttaspofti aM an4 ahotit H eon
water. AJsnnet any fat If vf rn.M.
Swvoe aaatoAor wtn make r4 pattrr.
If aaa siani eaperiany f vJ nor.
a half battac aad half lard ar ether
UL wiea Ceaway, DlrlskMa af Asrl
vaUkwal gtvtttloa. Valvwwity af Tm-
ilillilk -
sWjsaJsW J
--Jlt"' V
miilll HHU U J. 5 V ..w .
pilimu- uiU. y
PLAY the smotegame with, a jimmy
pipe if you're hankering for a hand
to iit it with u, SI
HTurta are b!rr nsde ta
lawa to
eefraud farmers by aeUIor than
tftvcK tu. eeacarM said to pay bl lt
muroru soiuiera and war
worker- are wantlnt to buy or rent
ini-ins. tunni mm past tew years
thousands or men hsre left toe farm
and. bow son of tbem are wanting tw
rerara. to assist them the DtTtstaa
f Extension, oaiTeraUy of Tenaessoa.
KaoxVUle, Is complllnf a list ot farms
tbe sale or rent This list will be seat
to fanners- who wUb to set baetoa'tBa
fara. .
There I no cbarra tor this aorrlca.
Cat out the coupon botow and' neatt It
It Mr. C. S. All red. rano Bate S2m-
naiitt, KooxTUia,
Dear Mr. Alhrd:
I here a farm which I weald real
or b)I ft I got the right sort at
proposltloa. Please sea at a
Farm Deaciiptlon Rlsnk sa that X
may have It lls(ed free.
Taar Name
Toor Address
Tha eyrie of money Inverted ta
Libert? Tloads la arort and cotspSrbh
The people Brad the snoaay ta- taw
Gorenitnent; tha OoTarnmeat leads
some to oar allies : and out- (Torarv
ment sad our aBlea atratshtway
epenr Tha Baacey. or tha rrealar per
tins of rt. am cm thw people of the
raited ?at os. fa seaae tnataacea the
aaoner paid ta by wars u aw e oa
onw tnatallment of Liherrf Bands ta
paid by the Qorernaeat to their n
ptarara and by Urlr aaptoyara paid
bark to thrai ta the way of
befera tha aart hwa4
By sathonty vested in us by law
nd in obedience to a Drocl&matinn .
sued by the Governor of Tennessee, on
mm aay 01 juiy jot, we, the under-
mfgveoi Election xiommissioners for
Hancock County, do hereby call an
iectkm, to be held at the various vot-
mK places ot Hancock County, on the
n-asy 01 September, 1919, for the
purpose of sscertainimr the will of thn
people on the question of calling a n-
suiiuionai (convention lor the state of
baid Election will be held in tha sum
manner and under the same rules and
regulations that the members of the
kienerai Assembly are elected.
ftaja Klection is hereby called.
This the tth day of August, 1919.
R. L. PARKEY. Chairmkn,
Election Commissioners.
The foflo wine is a lis of. Officers.
Judges and Clerks, appointed to hold
said. Election.
Officer, T. J. Wolfe, Judges, G R.
Wolfe. T. U. Winkler. W. Allem
Clerks, McH. Seal, Mcll, Campbell. ,
OflTcer. G. A. Williams: Judges, W.
B. Drinnon, R. T. Greene, C. C. Cant
well; Clerks, W. S. Drinnon, Mc Brew
er. .
Officer. John Palmer; Judges, Will
Beg ley. Sevier KJIgore. James Purcell:
Clerks, L. W. Hart on, Geo. Williams.
Officer. Milum Bowen: Judges. R. M
Johnson, Iark Livesay, Dr. R. A.
Doty;: Clesks, u, M. Anderson, Mat
Officer.. Ji II. Leamon: Judges. J as.
Williams, A. A. Campbell. W. P. Ba
ker; Clerks, Janes Leamon, C NL Col
Officer. Clay Sent; Judges. A. P.
Hopkins, Jesse A. Trent, Lewis Alder,
Llsrks, K. f . Jarvis, U. V. Hopkins.
OTiccr. J. N. Willis:. Judges. Morgan
Brewer, J. D. Wimler, Wm.
son; Clerk,.
Mark Winkler,
Officer. R. L. Parkeyr Judires. Wm.
C umbers, H. F. Paskey. Frank Greer;
t.wrKS, k, r. uverton. enss. Ksmsey.
Offices. Shirle
v ixleraan: Judires.
....... .
wxuara fflc Daniel, ueo. Bush, James
fverton' Clerks,
James A. Louthero,
W. Uay
Oflker, J. H. Davis; Juilires, E. M.
Drinnon, C F. Buttry. Grover Hor
ner; Clerks, J. C. Horner, J. T. Drin
Officer, Harvey Day: Judges, Joe
Livesay, Bob Bayles, John Burchett;
Clerics, utta Uay, J as. T. Aldir.
Officer, I. M. Overton: 'Judires. F,
W. Breeding, James Eads, Thomas
Hampton: Clerks. Ilenlev llerrell.
Hebert ShlfSey.
Under the law. the act. of 1919. each
and every Officer, Judge or Clerk, of
the Election who fails to appear and
serve as such Officer, Judge or Clerk,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and
subject to a nne, not less than twenty
five nor snore than fifty dollars. And
all Officers. Judges and Clerks are no
tified that ejection returns made with
a pencil are illegal and unless all poll
books, tally sheets and returns are
made in ink. you will not be raid for
holding elections.
This August the 4th, 1919.
Signed R. L. Parkey,
G. A. Williams,
A. T. Drinnon,
Election Commissioners
Millie Collins
Sage Collin
In the Chancery Court at Sneedville,
In this causa, it appearing from the
bill which is sworn to, that Sage Collins
is a non-resident or the state of Tenn..
so that the ordinary process of law can
not be served upon him It is thsrefore
ordered that he ba required to appear
on or before the First Monday of Octo
ber, next before the Chancellor, or the
Clerk, and Master of aaid Court, at his
office ia Sneedville. snd make deferwe
to the bill, or otherwiee the bill will be
Ltaken for confeseed.
it is further ordered that this notice
be published for four consecutive weeks
in the Sneedville News, a news paper
published at sneedville, Tennes.ee,
inia Anguot , isis.
L. C Jarvis. CAM.
A. T. Drinncn,. SoL for com pi' L
lana eaterprlse aad much soft cora
aaereaaed pork supplies, food conset
vatloa tacreased aaparta total ship
aoi deabied.
Four Kinds' From Whfch To
Uake Choice Concrete, Tile,
Stave, and Wood Hoop
1 f r
Wooden Types Have Low laitlal Cost,
But Do Not Last Long VltrifledJ
- TJe, Good Writs Division of Ex-
,. tension for Building Informatiaa.
'"wmcn type snail ft ber U one-el
tlie pvrplexiiig questions which face
the farmer wild audvlputes building a-l
xiio. jie wants t combine service
wiih "cost, and therefore thinks miata
1'our kinds of silos are heliijj 'built,
uH ut wUU-li ore tiUcceMsful, but many
farmers are of the opinion, that the
eonerete Is the cheaper and Taiost ust
i . ... Bi . .....
ininciwry waeii lis long life IK COB
sidered. The other thrw tvnes arc
the vltrifleO tUe, the stave and tli
a o4tdeu hoop.
The Concrete.
The concrete silo Is built exclusive
ly of cement, reinforced with iron
rods, or woven wire. The first cont
of building such a silo Is rather great-
Mr than of building the other types,
but tor durability no silo can couimx
with It. Therefore the cost riva h
Hprodd over a long period of var
Oiht'D advantngex are. It cannot burn,
blow over, rot, or allow vermin tu tm-
Vitrified Tile.
iliiny thing Hiid of conrrt-fe aim) I
ran bu KHld of tin vitrified a inn-
teriul out of which a most efllclonl
silo can be built. Initial cuM vary
very little.
This fjpo will Iat Indefinitely, will
reslut ftoruis If the tile Is properly re
inforced mid will deteriorate very lit
tle fnnn temperature fluctuations.
Inner wall, however, from IhU tvpe
tif slls Hoioethl.e nrp left with J;is
undenientli vhlrh air px-kei fHrtu iik
the wltnire settle jtml linntf-. TliN run
Ii avoMeiT, thoincli, hy nin precau
tion In i ln "in-!iii' (lon- of th !n;i!e.
No inistelive lM!i!ii-r will intike ti
liilctiiUe In- M'leilil:-.' ti vllriUed tile
Stave t'ito.
Mriy . ui riiiii.ui w r.-i-v Simp nuiiie n
rpei-Iiilty of !tJi: Ins, itml l,HV'- .'ieil
t lit t:i v. Mie ii.lvi-r,'i,:;i-i.t : i.t
f'lie:iiiie"i of roi-xi rnd in.i. uinl t.f n
pull llted J.Iul ilimr lining.
Its l.'iw iiisl, and eiiM- or Clerllof
hiive n;-n!e !l tl.e ninsi ui-li'v liuil;
type, ah or tne nnni svlMrv kmv
;fi.t luive jrootf oii.'s htu ;ln 4ji:eiie.l
vl-tnr fe:iiur hits a greater valin tv
an u-nt'.- liilkln:; Mint t!ui !t lut
fur tUe iii-hi-!MuIoii of fe."t.
i lie s'.ifve sllit krciw ei.-i;.;e weil,
nit Ii ;nin.,nil rtJssnlvr.nl.U'e U liit-
fiin tlmr it life l nhori. lit iiM'i'u!
iicsh, fiortPver, ean !e ni.iini'.I uy
(he freiienf of p.'inl, st.il tilf
tl'liicnlinr of K'l.t ii'it li M". Woodh
to lie used In coi)truciioii utilli Ive
the lotip-ei Herviif are mei-.tloned In
order: red wood, cypres, Oregon fir,
and Southern yellow pine.
The wooden hoop nllo, two types o(
which are In use, Is the clienpcwt. One
tyie I conxtructeil with oak or elm
hoops to which matched tongue and
grooved board are nalliil from the In
ltle. The Inner wall thu l nnule
iiMith, uniform and air tlicht.
The other type Is built with rough
riiiiilier iMiil.-il to the hiHip. Inside of
tfe "liarrel" U then eovt-red either
with weiiileii or metal lathing, to which
ne-half tir three-fourth Inch of plat
ter I applied.
Itoth of ihexe types. If pnHrly con-
stnicted; have centtnl of kihmI sllon.
to-wlt: they eduile air, and retain
fcioWturv; have n smooth rrendlru.
Inr; and sufilclent resistance to with
stand lanlde prvKsnre nnd outside wind
force. Their life varies from eight to
fifteen yesr.
Farmers frequently choose one of
thee typi heraue- they have an
abundance of wood, the cost of which
I therefore much leu to them. The
ttl cost, however, depend upon the
size, fnder present prices the price
ranges from si.." to $2 for each ton
t'ontTuctlon detail may te prrcuml
from the i!vilon of F!xlenioik, Knox
IUe. Tenn.
. J"vw- : . 1 . -i
v V ... .- .
1 ,... rn j.iitr Imm"" i.'iii. I. f in pitttty ;nli.i' o.: .r.
1 Htw wi,n lu:tr msde Hie tratet -jor-r ith tbe ir-lnc of rhlhen bae
rVo-nirt-l Use value of thee t Hetreti's. the selecil.M of purebred strata
prrowr mtior.lnr. and many other little tLUigs ef ahic R. N. Craaa, pnaTTrj
ji.:!; UUUi. t! of extettslod, tella '
R. N. Crane Says Pick Qua
Early Feathering. Vigor
ous Bird -
Specialist Gives Much- Interesting Iim
I formation In Regard to Breeding Upf
Flock and Caring far it During Lata
bum DISC.
tis it. o-nnr, Toultrj' SpecioiUtJ
. I'liisiou. ot lktvuslou, UsJverslty
i eimeKj.ee-.)
The eurllest ntAtureit eoekerel that
khtiws the ui t vlgur tliat feaihert
first, and I dispose J to Kht, la Dearly
always the beta breeder, and should
be- rvtalnetL.
The cockerel shoulir have strong
well-KtandliiK apart legs. II should
have,, strong buck, lu wide across th
bliould.erst and buck, to the IWpa. lit
sliouUr u deep, full breast, sborl
neck, short blocky hentl, uiodl.iin size
coiiiTi. and stronir.. UilL-hr w.w Tht
t.vie-f cockerel raslly kept fat, aud
will truiismlt this rauUty to his- off
spring. Summer Car of Poultry.
Wbeu votkerU i.m.li siurkouilil
ageM- they Uiould be sold aud the pul
let transferred to roomy auartcr
which have ben thoroly wliltuvmlu j.
lloujie and lulierciilosU will develop
If they are ulloued in stay In crowded
1'ullets which have their early
growth hindered by close condition
never develop Into profitable egg-producing
Net Fresh Water.
iMtrlng August uml Seiitetuhwr, pout-
try must have jiieiity of fresh, waietv
grulu night aud iiiornJng, and u dry
liiiikU ut nil time. An excellent liiaslk
can he iimde froiiiJugredleiit pru por
tioned us follows: i
l'(X poiimU of ground corn, SOi
piMiuds f ground outs, 1K jmiuimI
each of wheut, bran and shorts, 3
pouuds ef tdd process Unseed juenL
Iimi pounds of meat srap; add to tb la
one per rent tC tine salt, Ave per t-ena
of oyster shell, gelt nnd t-harcoaL
July Molting.
H-nneitMee fowl begia moltlag 4XJ
luly and t-ontiuue until Xeteiubr.
4IU of wbservatlous a compiled b
'of the trup uest bare proved thai
moll lag Ium produce fewest
1'utlets hatched curly will lay dut
lug the fall and early winter, lleavj
producing heiut will eooilaue to laj
until Noveuilter. The hep .tellow la
the legs of the best lay In i; hen IU
futie t-oosiderably as- the luylug svasoa
advauces. (ireat width between ths
(M'lvic bones also Is noticeable lu tht
lilggest prtslucers. The boa also ar
plluble. There is also great width be
tween the keel and these bone
Usually on the Best heos this dlstaaca
will be the width of the hand.
The spread between the pelvic bwne
of the smaller breed, such as Leg
horn. Is ulsMit the width of two and
lut If angers, lu tbe larger strains at
Plymouth Kocks the spread Is about
the width of three or more fingers,
Ileus In any strain having this auatt)
U utlon should be carried ever for use
bi the breeding pens.
The early molting, yelhw legged
hens -otilrf te umrketed during July)
August and SeKemher, the time whet
their lajlog pwriml Is umM likely t
With corn- setnag at f- a bushel
and other feeds equally as expensive)
the few eggs that light protfuclng beat
lay from July 15 until January 16 will
Bot offset the feeding cet. Further
in re, the nx.ni they wilt occupy caa
be mnre profit ahly Uked1 If early hatch
ed pullets are kept in their specs.
Pullets thst develop sfowly shooM
he sold at the time ciM-Vends are placed
on the market. Only strong, vigorous,
early hslched pullet should be kept
for egg preibicer. A ths-k thus pick
ed, kept In a comfortable bouse, stadt
well fetl. will product tne msxissuml
otherwle vitality, production ami
profits will be low.

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