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VOL. 3.
i - f
' '
" rrz - - ' 1 w " "
e . aa- --w jeaa-wnFeBnnrBWBi"
:Eihtor and Publisher.
A weekly newspaper devoted' to the
'tfaduatriaL intellectual and moral do-M-elopment
and .-growth of -Hancock
iGeenty in partictlar end East Tennessee
'in central. Beptblican inwllUea, fear.
lean in defense of truth, and ever xeal
eon in advocacy f "Whatever tend to
the betterment Of oar section or can tri-
aortas to the happiness of it honren.
Entered aa eecond-clase matter
October 1. 19M, at the poatefflee at
.BnaadrlUa. Teimeaaee. .under Aet of
March J. 1879.
. www, ft ...
Red the advertisement of W.
S. Moles in this issue.
Read the . "Mule Ad" in this
Ussue. .
We need that money "that you
, i .1. !tr.
aveaue us va dbck suuncriyituu.
Rev. p. R Sniith filled his "ap
pointment -here Sunday.
County Court Clerk. W. S.
lloles and Sheriff Fleenor swapp
ed farms this week.
Ur. Riley Mills, an acred eft!
:zen of this county died of Ty-
phoid Fever Sunday.
Softer, a 9 year old son of A.
3. Greezfe of Luther, died o' ly-
fH Fever b-t Ciry. ;
. "
Gmne, of Luther died of Ty
phoid Fever Wednesday.
The Quarterly Meeting of -tli e
If . E. Chutfch met- with the 'Al
ders Chapel Church Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wint Campbell
iand daughter Jennie Peck, spent
a few days with relatives "here re
cently. Harvey Davis, formerly of this
H)lsce who was run over by a
-team t Lone Mountain about
ttwo weeks ago died Wednesday
Hobort Greene, of Sweetwater,
Tenn., and Henry Drinnon of
."Luther, visited friends and. rel
atives here this week
. (Grant Allen, representing the
liorritftown Grocery Cd, aceom
'aniedby Claud Swecker, a Soft
"Drink salesman, were in town
one day this week.
Rev, Clinton Greene, pastor of
the Baptist church at Snecdville,
filled his regular ' appointment
-"here Saturday night, but was
called away to conduct funeral
services Sunday.
On account of the health of
3In. Greene we Tare offering a
igood 3 room dwelling, good gar
den, barn, smokehouse and oth
er out buildings, all practically
newvfor sale. If you want to
'move to town to go into business
or to school your children, it will
.-pay you to see us at once.
If you have a desire to go into
'the printing business, -we are
v fosr.in position to offer you - a
good location with the Sneed
yflle News as we contemplate
tieUing out at.an early date. Will
Mfl wa the nrnranaoer and also a
gmaD job plant at a bargain. The
Ctllt if run right will my -from
ne to two thousand dollars per
.year, including expenses. It is
the only plant of its kind'in the
county and gett all the leal
ork, and couki get an aband
fteerof job work to d.
75,000110 TO BE
Saeelal Effrt -ef Denomination A'eng
. General lines Will Ba-Enlarnt
rAntf Made sironger As Result
. This Campaign.
rarr ceneral Interest fostered by
Soathsm Baptists will bs strengthened
aad eal arced through the sucoess of
the Baptist 75 Million Campaign which
Is bow well under way, end which will
reach Its climax la the final drire to
secure this sum In cash and subscrip-
Tber SO to December 7. A period ef fire
years will' be provided for the final
payment of thess subscription but
for the campaign to succeed, the sum
of 175,000.000 must be - subscribed
. within the eight days. Many have v
pressed the belief that the subscrip
tions will run to 1100.000.000.
At a meeting of the Eiecutlve Com
mittee of the Southern Baptist Conren-
tlon the t7S.000.000 to be raised was
apportioned among the general inter
J. H. Anderson, Wealthy Kneavllls
Merchant, Who le Chairman ef 4e
Campaign In the Baptist. 71 Million
eeta fostered by tVe Convention, aa fol
lows: "foreign- missions. '110,000,04;
.home missions. $11,000,000; chrlstlas
jOducatlon. $10,000,000; state mlssloav,
$n,000,00; ministerial reuse x.ooe.
000; orphanages. $4,700,000; and ho
pitela, $4,125,000.
The apportionment ef this eem
among the 'several' sutss within Us
territory of the ConvenUon has beea
announced as follows: Alabama. $4,-
000,000; Ark ansae, $I.$00,000; DUtrist
of Columbia, $ 200.000; Florida, $1,000
000; Georgia. $7,100,000; Southern n-
11 nets. $1,200,000; Kentucky, St.son,-
000; Louisiana, $3,225,000; Marylanl.
$70.000; Mississippi, $l.M0.OOO: Mle
aourl. $$.2.O00; New Mexico. $260-
000; Korth Carolina, $.000.000; Okie,
home. $JJ60.000; Sooth Carolina, $1,
saa OOO: Tsnneeoee. $4,460,000; Texaa,
If.'WO.OOO; and Virginia, $7,000,000.
1 Olere la what this big sumf money
will help Southern BapUstt da for the
Waster, aa aet forth by the Campaign
"It wiU equip more adequately and
multiply manifold the 1.099 missionary
mrkarar the Foralga Mission Board.
' fnnt-a than ! OOO FIORfO Sd
VM V w '
Bute Board Missionaries,
-It will enlarge and raise to a better
.ti.ib- tti 112 RaDtlat schools la
the otolith.
"It wiU go far towards meetiag the
expending needs of the Southern Bap
tut ThMlodcal Seminary and the
Women's Mlaeionary Training School
m Louisville. tty,'tbe South western
Rantiat Theological Seminary aad
'irsM-a Tralalna School 'In Fort
wnnii i ha Bantlst Bible School In
New Orleans, La, a Theological 8nl
..r. car the Necroes. aad will provide
a first-class college for boye aad girls I
of the niennuia region.
-It will Increase S really our hoapltal
eervtce to the ales, opea wider oaf
arms t the orphane aad provide a
atroaa support for ear agd minleters
ef fh goepe.
-t. in n.t Sauthorn Peotlste la po-
-rion to aenme a conelderable share
.i.-orfrartiAii rJ war torn Eur
la am v.
aaj amhrare many of the marvel
144" STUam
. . . .
llTrust'lUeTOselTes , alfon s tra -parts
of - the worlI. at home
abroad." ' "
While $20,000,000, 6f tWa -s3
go to fort-lgn missions . aivj thr"
expended la retrying tha" gospel .
Ha bleings to othr landsf tf.i l
maialng JJ5,000.000,wflW;e Jifcen
at homo tn -buUdlng upjioine ratr
ary. educaUonal and bnevolent;
tmHons and " projects, of which v
are a number In eirery-eUte wfltL
.boundaries of the oonrentloV,.,
. - w:
1 ViORLD Mil
PLAN TO- RAISE I75.0tf0.000
Caen Stete Is Given Definite Task Te
Perform In Raising Hugs Sum
For Denomination's New
Budget Drive Is-On. , :
'Recognising the need of the worla
for more religion and christian service
along general lines, the Baptists or the
South have resolved to contribute
000,000 to aerogram of reconstruction
following the war, and bare laid plana
to subscribe this sum during the week
of November 30 December f, a period
of five yean to be given la' which te
conrplete the payment .of these auk
soriplons. '..' ' - '
The decision . to Inaugurate this
world program was' reached t the
meeting at the Southern Baptist Con
vention tn Atlanta last May,heo tl
more than 4,000 delegates presr
Toted - unanimously to undertake ' I
Dr. L. R. SeerMrooOh of Fort werxn,
Ten, General Directs ef amea'S
tas-k. The campaign has now been or
ganised with the general headquarters
In Nashville. Tenn, where Dr. U R.
Scarborough, president of the South
western Baptlet Theological Seminary
at Fort Worth. Is In charge as general
director for the South. He Is assisted
by a number ot men tn charge ot spa
clsl divisions ef the work, While each
of the eighteen statss la the' territory
of tho Southern Baptist ConvenUon
bss In turn perfected a state organisa
tion. Including a Stats Director, a
State Organiser and flute Publicity
Director. Rash eesocUtloe, er dis
trict, within each of the states has
llkewlae gotten basy by nsmlng Its a
taoclnUonel er district directors, and
the work of organisation has been car
rted Into the local caurcjie te tae ex
tent that practically all of the more
than 13.000 local Baptist congregations
in t h South have their workers
tsmed to help put ever the blgeet
ehrfrch drive that has ever been at
tamatea In thla section of the country-
There are $.000,000 white Bsptlets bold
ac church msmbershlp In the South.
and It Is hoped te resch every mat,
woman and child among 'hsta with
the meesaxe of this campaign aad
give each of then a part la the plea
f aatnr the world bv living te the
extent of their ability te tale vast ros
aervalloa fuad.
Christian edacatloa, home aad for
elgn mUkUas. state mlsloas. minis
terUl relief, orphanages aad hospitals,
sre among the various general Inter
acts of the deeomlaetloa that will be
cared for la ttlr-rampsJga. the matter
tf local chart espeeeee, ead local
church eqatpmeat not being Included
Between now aad November !th
every effort win be-pat forth la ew
gaela! ng aad mobOltlag the BapOt
foreee? la the South, preparatory te the
la mac king of tae big drive for the suV
rrlpfloes aad caah permeate. July
sme known as preparation month.
Aagaet wee dee! staled as teformatiea
isoatV. dmrlag which. Ume every ef
tort has hewn pat forth la Informing
the people on every phaee of the caan
welga. wane Refiemeer nee teen see
VlfcaaaaW M WWSMaM
Clment nwlJt.' Hoyember M
"-ip-month,' and the period
.mowtO-to December- T4
' . . ''t .
ve- trUWea a.JMg task,"
the Tjenetal tractor,
rhn' "nndertakea tt In
for His troT. T
at4'l?-u "Thole
feed. Thifc-work
--J glory enbnSh for all
I' we cannot hceed ex
f ;Mgently" and pray
f t'ttsgooda? Texa coraee the
.CUe deletion of Mrs. M. J.
Can saint of hat Ticlnfty.
i(BapMt 75 Million Can.palta.
er pastof!l5 to apply on the
CiiVhd was inJOrtned that sub
.ort would not hp taken vytll
week ot November SO. "But X am
-f old." she revlltd. "and may not
i the end of Bepftutrbei-, and 1
want pass ssy jtititout hav
V pirt la this nt A',!niea."
fhfs is perhaps the last copy of
tr! News that you will recieve
fir til the paper changes hands a-
C-, which we hope will be at
f n early date but in case we fail
f jlsli; it is Dur intention to pay
!' A. At--A.
jfubscriDers tne amount ixnai
je them on paid up subscrip-
I Vand we expect those that
s in the paper to pay for it.
. ,7ealsoVishtoth4nkt)urmany
t3M for their patronage and
. Inesa during the past three
1 rs. . ' f (Editor.
r-i. j ' ' '
who have associate
!vm with us since last La
' would, not thtnk'ff:
Udvtd f rco task--nicra
; yrti appredata
For Sale.
FOR BALE Turn Bred Registered,
Big Type Poland-China pigs.- Both sex,
weU marked, beat breeding HM quality.
Price $20 to $40 as to age and weight ,
Pure bred will pay you besL
Also two farmer's momn ow
calves. Shorthorn, extra good.
roan, one red, price reasonable.
Call er address, W. U. Minion,
- - Jonesville, Va
The Pike Road Commualoners
of Hnnetk Countv. will Sell at
public auction on Monday Sept-
tember 1st 1919. 11 head of
males and one horse.
These mules will be sold in
pairs, single or as a whole to suit
s a)
tne convenience 01 Duyers.
The terms of sale will be cash.
The sale will be held at Sneed
vi lie, Tennessee, at or near the
Court House.
By order 'of the Pike Road
Commissioners of Hancock Coun
ty. ThisAugurt 6,1919.
An eaamination will be held at
Roger. ril, Sept. 27. for Han
cock County, to fill the position
of rural carrier at Sneedville and
vacancies that may later occur in
said county. -Por application
blanks and instructions, apply to
postmasters at office mentioned.
The examination will be epen
only to eituras who are actually
domidfedin the territory f a
post office in the county and who
meet the requirments set forth
irtVora-No. 1977.
oiir Whole Famlt
i i e ..ft
Your Whole Family
. . -.ll J a!m
w - Him
, IV""X' K - "
" iWe- will itmfi -i,r-;
C--f ouf aUtyl V vJU -t;
iV "-'v w utmost endeavors to give you .
CTv complete satisfactJOrtm1 every
. "1 purchase. We will make -it
in i H 1 1 rlelaurw to continue to
patronize us. We will mike it decid
x..m. k:4t mtanAalAm tt 5nat riiotlori in all derjartraents:
(iVIIUCB lUKimii dhuiuuiu.
College, Preparatory.iTeachers Bible Training. Home Economics,
Agriculture. Manual Training. Music, Expression. ArCBoek keep
ing, Physical and moral welfare of students thoroughly safeguard
ed.' Campus, 250 acres; 15 buildings ;CQ instrBotors; 2C students,
ef whom about one-half are young
Tuitton. $6.00 a term; room rent, wltn aream aeai ana eieemc
light, averages $33.00 a year;boanl, in cooperative Club at cost,
about $135 cents per week. Total college bilk average $160.00 'a
year. Self-help opportunities. t
One hundred and f.rst year opens September , 1919. Write fcr
catalog and application Wank to m
REV. CLINTON H. QiLLINdH AM, Registrar, ,
MryvHle, :
Worth Remembering
Market acospects
for hooey are
OWIo bee ea the
seeerdlag te
re yette reaaty, Teea, farmers have
isaeaced the markHlag ef aee osj
Ske ce-eeerattve plea.
Yevreeka etttmaree that She atske
wffl need 300 rrartor net during the
teed bailing- season this year.
Mlsateatpp4 earSe twseeee hsfew ee
laalaed for Ska parties ef betser feeeV
ftast aad marawtiag rhetr farar steak.
The thtre? aaaaaf fat eatwe
ha held at NeakvtUa,
U.1S oaTerfag iXlew hs
Kerm Dakwfls lata tea
December wink n feed can ef
re aggs essd Aar VS easkai a
'Teaectesce Irveaiack saea mtak, sjsvsy
Chat the stare hag a eeg law. fbetyheve
aeesld be ae f-se See mffUrm
aaM baviaef jCht
-.1 -y. s . t
, t lx - '
'Styl tta ri-i -.
Win taKa rir
. ute, u-lty: u v
WVVtiiiMvat efcf-w-e- ey 4
prfccil'.avebc -whittltd
taa-Ane rfoltt
ilOurssi-i-aer &
it:.:.:: ") . tz& f . ,t -
tra t 21
' " V
yea wr.ttJtij
oHrtfr in
el2htfto, ;
jut bc!itlt ;
iccrv arid'
-J-fi.'ian will '
: scdrcij '
. tis fcr weni-
' en Und children.:'
BnDGS liiai. Tiun, - wen suiu ,
'even better. O0rs,tUp:rt.j
' trient is a populw .plsca X.Dx
osinarlg -; pesplai wb
have art eyt to xttu&f.v.'. LA-t
weight shoes for wtrrrweaci
er are hier tt k!so those
SoUd comfit,' stylj til ta?-
even ln"clu5ihg'lia let" t-J
Jdddlea. No, therricjlirlj . .
Mnvtte -ysur PTLr ,
sdly to your iotertfet to trade
women. ...-,
Qe March' 1 Iheee waw"SvoBo
hnebele ef corn on Twanasess Isvme ec
MkM. la emit la nha elate. Lee)
year eS,eeov0e rw-neis were hn ehsw-'
nga. , I
For 100 feet ef re-ra'Ae" sWntes,'
will aeee I piat ex sieaa, er,e
of beets, a of a bt ef
rem, or H emnee ef leca, or ttt
plats ef p-aa, er peeals esT aoutesav
or 1-S euaee ef tsmSiies
rs Oreat Britain farmers are lsaaWtl
rertiacatee whlcB inew them te Ar-!
chase rwaceafratad feeds ea' d etrtsdy :
ratfea bas-A J
Tee sny reeetere apoli the sVwtJ
lesians'ts' s Mlaaoarl fsrsaet. recees
aaseelmsT that there ahoeld ae he heft
rhsus otx nkale htrde 1st a faAsf Seek W
tee aeea ea mage.
"Oat wfU0S.en etOee sae) twta
tSat have aeee' mvesniased. exdy S3
3i kjajea
. i
ACeeerade wit sum gaAeW
aaaAe as? hta etaen, saye. "e
saBee that ssajte aa hmr-s,X-
aaflee r ajahljsri-rsvA !
? :-.''
. fc '
' u 4 '

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