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UDAV, APRIL. 1, mi
NO. 1.
'jt "rr irrttas t the
J r-i
'tU SJUr and t TniwitM
-It . -wiant fc, riUs; (Mr
3. tlt:nj ever a.
,i ft :-y cl tij'jwr taoda to
i u u tc -i i bow.
t " esoad-daaa matter
H tti peetoCfee st
tzb, :;uiniw, wUf Act of
'1 r--- r--T t-V tva Kiit a
'"'-j brrrof them
rri!3 , j ptrr of tell-
7 fcrUrxfr condltko in
ld r7 for Ptce, bat then
1 ba c.9 ptac given iy Other
infcrtQ God.
Tns Editor of the Hewa is to
gtrainger in yourmklit, and needs
no introductiou to the people o:
Hancock county, althocgn wo
brce been abcsat from the good
old town of Snecdville for about
four years, bat we have returned
tsd once again become a cttisen
tout .town and county.. And
If yon will lend us a helping hand
we will do our best to give you
newspaper that you will be
proud 1.
The Political complexm of the
News will not be in the future
as it has been in the past "Re
publican." But will be "In
dependent and all pirttee and
factions shall have equal rights
La its columns. -
Hopicg aa4 trusting that the
citizens of the town and county
will give us a liberal patronage,
I am as ever. .
. Yours truly. -Q.
F Buttry. Editor.
ell may to ia ths tester of
An exchange tmnrmuy re
marks that "there are too many
people in almost every town who
will not cast thtjr bread upon
the waters, unless assured before
hzzd that it will come back a
cub ia few days a' full grown
MwMrK. all trimmed with nam.
K f ? w8 your nc!h butter and mustard, rolled tr in
r roigni; apout you aim a warranty deed for one half the
rt2 a truth about tbemLaHh and a mortmn on the
"earth or IZ'tXZ cilea be-1
t-w r ra u -
t step to a bottomless heli..
I I vsm aa puy
V my UH thd tndfcabout Lther
.a tae ciuiurea ox cai woci to
;ctomaice evcua csu
icr ctencnea every nypoci p fca
p TZX cpumess up witn gijuk
TrCk Brief.
'Anybody can soil the reputation
of any Individual, however pure
andehaste. by uttering a tas-
pkioa that his enetnjes will belive
and his f rtevc never hear . of.
A puff cl C idle wind can taxa
air.ion- of the seeds of the
thistle and . do the work of mis
chief wich the husbandman must
labor long to Undo, the fioa ing
particles befog too fine to be seen
and too Ughtto be stopped. Such
are the seeds of s'ander, so easily
sown, so difficult to be gathered
up, and yet so pernicious ra their
fruits. The slanderer Jcnows that
many a mind will catch, up the
pligue and become poisned by his
insinuation, without seeking the
antidote. No repntation can re-
fute a sneer, nor any human skill
preven; mischief.
On Sandiy evening Hirth 3,
in Lee county, Va., juc4Utwco
sundown and dark, to rcrrj
entered the) home cl fir. V.'Jt
arott, and eeUed iZlbszzl Ua
both hands and Jccttad ftsned
hba securely in lla bedt7c(eans
of asmallropa. TtoC ran
sacked the kcra arl frund a-
bout $1,100.0 in cl'i cfid valu-
eble papers; most Li war-saving
stamps. They 1-30 took a-
bout 129,00005 la: confederare
money, wmcn trtx evtatauy M
An Act e
frxo ths ni.
cuit cf C3C
eaidCrt Iz
and taattxrh c
ty totiCttr
of the Cti!
ij ncwiiutil Nand
t!i Ihhclnty rart
a a . J I
n ne was twenty, expected
y to. believe h.m except
xaea o sixty.
n I
.liter. rMinf Hm ia no ctvkl an th
bably man of sixty who anAdaaibut he wants the whole
he felt as yonng as he didJ earth, axsa all of its crust an
the stat theft, skies overhead.
Then husth himo&to the bum
ble bees rooct wdL bury him deep
in the ground; he's of ao use here,
Is nuts tbetimanv o the roodj get him out of tto way and
from, this section of the make room, for the man thai is
r ' r . I .
litre, who have been off awsouna.
,x in various kinds of factories
returning- borne tbs spring. The prosperity of our country
supposa that they are com- depend siblargly on the psos-
ft. fa.aalihrftt the doainffr of I tHr f oar fimara. I W vrv
II shops updsr the Handing thine possible should be done to
Unistratfon. . render life in the rural districts
asneeable aa well as profitable,
dsrtain writer haa said that no and. nothing could conduce more
kpaper which took truth f or tp the comfortL and. happiness, of
ktandardt would make a pecuJour people than, the- knproirent
bry success. The presjamight of roads.
the compliment by remark
it no minister who told the
th about his congregation.
tordtad. would occupy the! Heaven help the man who inv
pit much longer than onSun-jagina he can dodge enemies 'by
f Afterward. The Dress and I tryixw t please verybodt If
Uv cm katvH In hand with the such an individual ever succeded
itswash brush, rosy spectacles wt should be gjadtof it not that
baifying little virtues and we believe in a man going
r2y throwing httiedeformities through the world trying to find
otiirioo. The pulpit the beams to knock and thump his
i and the graveeetne are part! poor head against disputinr
etassint-inaking." I every man's opinion fighting and
elbowing, and crowding ail who
"bcreisnothihgthat calls at- differ with him. Thatagain Isaiw
tkmand drawaTpewple toa otner expeme. . ocner people
M -nnal mod BtsscrjaDer. navoajicAS id nuer opinion, ao
n!-fa soan to make at have you ; don't fall into the error
Awrczr he matt have I of supposing they wiB
.mtmiMof the Mtle a I you Use fcac maintaining it. or
nwhTMhe lira. If be has peclyoOi more for tuamna- your
f var Mvoari. i tctxnds to. ree coat every day tor match the color
. thmth moat make a oorx ot theirs- Wear your own colors
Mr and in doing this every inspiUof wind oieathes; stormJ
nmthstownand surrounding or.sunsnine. U ceets the vacO
mtry haa to bear a portion of ling and irresolute ten times
ilosa. For thie-rwtton. if for the trouble-to wind and ahu3e,
ether, the mtn who tries to nd twist, that It does honest
i i t m l . .
mazuy lnofpepqence e sxana
its groaud.
ksa newspaper- anouid bare
.sarportofiie.town pespk,
of whorajeen . f cHy aa much
teSt irosa its efforts as be does
If th aid aa vba ladaeaa a girl to
Barrr kha for BU ateaty ka4 ahnya
abeva m, poor jadfwoC ia kia Inaaat
bmbU, h waoMat kara aecaaiaQatra
taeofBt wtalta te Kara in&acad ta
cjrlte Lara suniad tiaL
supper before leaviag the premi
sea. Mr- Parott waa Jsf t bound
it and to the bed all . night and
was found early Monday morn
injr by CampbeU . Hopkins, i
nerhbor whft heared his cries
and went te his rescue and re.
leaced him. It was about three
hours before, he waa this
stand on his feet
It Is generally believed thst
Hop Pendleton and Ann Bell, are
the guilty parties, audi Mr. Parott
oCers a reward of $46000 for
Pendletona arrest and delivery
at JejaesvOle, Va,
Hop Pendleton is a fugatlve
from justice; ha is wanted in
Hancock county Tennessee,, for
th murder of Pete Baty. . on
liarch the 20, 1921.
lir. Parott is a very wealthy
old man and is a bachelor, keep
ing house by himself and baa
been for a number of years.'
H w-v.
Is Mt to do
IT VennessL'e
i JicialCir
ftssitee, sf:
.ow eortfitituted
' Hancock Coun
fadicia! Circuit
A A MA f - r
make izii
of second Judici; "it, and b
provide foi the 1
cutt Ccar(s ci . '
Ccr.Rty by
tM Attcrer-Gr ,::
cJJalCir. ;u :t;
rcrfcrthtibt' icTfc'c
txiJ Cincoci C ity;tr.1t5
lh3 Cmc for t!; X lJ c!, V
Cuii Courts cbiki L.z:
County. ' v ? r '; '
SECTION I. 0 iteiactrd t;
the General Ac bly. of tha
State of Tenner- ' and the
same hereby is c. .Jfrcsaths
nineteenth Jf ' -I Circuit of the
State of Ter.r e of which it is
now a psrt ( jO t tit etttr.th
circuit is no-j cc. . .tituted, and at
tached to and ir. Jo a part of the
Second Circuit iz owconstitutcd;
and add Hancock County ia here
by cetincallr rxefs a part of and
nclodtdin said tcad Judicial
A,d sec
"lring w 5ec-
-a. . j
A Oarkay't I'r&yur.
A a nna nuuaier waa rontiucuiur re-
'igioua svrvicf a tu a vlon. church
cntly. After exlMM'tinic a bil,
alodiBoklrckmlieaeun to KJ
pmyf r. aad. taia la tbe apal which
tha brotatt la blvjc offered for hit
brother in white; 'O Lord, gib Uta da
ej e of da eagl dat he rpy ont tin
far off. Glu.i hi hanua to da RoSpel
plow. - Tie hi toqaue to da line ob
truth Nail bia ear to do gospel pole
Bow bia bead way down between bis
kneea, and hit kncea way down in tome
loneaome, dark ami narrer valley, where
prayer ia murh wanlod to t made.
'Noint him wid de kcetw Ue of bul
vahun aiul tot him on fire.
A man who waa afriad of thund
crawled into a hollo log at a place of
aaletr dorinar a thunder atortn. The
thunder rolled and the rata poured
down in torranU. aad the old log be
in to awell np till tbe poor fellow waa
-4eed io o tight that he could not
mit. All hia pat lini began paaa-
fore bin. .Suddenly ha re
d he hadn't paid bia newspaper
Ntlon, and be felt to small that
t3u, Mo to back right out.
;;;q(;f, buttrv,
Special ettentkta given to collections.
"What ia a hoi. without a pa
per?" A home without a news
paper is r.o home at all It is a
vu Asi n
I am more powoful than, the
combined armies of the world.
I am more deadly than bullets.
and I bare wrecked more homes
than the mightied siege guns.
I steal In the United States
aba over (30Q.0a.Q00 each year.
1 spare no time, and find my
reams among toe next and poor
alike; the young and the old; the
strong and the weak; widows and
orphans know me.
1 saassacree tnomrrags upon
tnotgrands ox wage earners m a
I lurk in unseeu places, and do
most of my work silently. You
are wemed against me but you
heed not.
I am relentless. I am erery-
where; in the homavon the street
In the factory, at railroad cross
lags and on the sea.
I bring sickness, degradation.
and death, and yet few seek ton
I destroy, crush and maim;
glrs nothing but take alL
I am your worst enemy.
I am 'iCariesssess".
Tha Way saaa doaaalfigvrfl
wudrdaiTClrcuitt, tzi fcsb
hereby required to attend -asd
bold the courts of said Hancock
County and the Atterney Gen
eral eX said Second Judicial Cir
cuit afore said, shall also attend
the courts of said Hancock Coun
ty and do and perform all the du
ties of his office imposed upon
bia dy law, and said Hancock
County ia made a part of said Sec
ond Judicial Circuit, the same as
if originally incorporated there
in, .
SECTION 1 Caitfurtheren
feted, that the. time of holding
the Circuit courts in said county
shall be OS) the second Mondaya
of April and of August and of
December. '
SECTION 4 Be it further en
acted, that all laws and parts of
laws ia conflict trlth this Act be
and thesame arakcrpby repealed,
and that this Act tibacCcst from
and after ca prz public
welfare reqeititj IL reused Feb
ruary & XZZfrc ;
Speaker of the Iirs cf Reore-sentatiTea.
Speaker cf the Seuate.
JLyraved Fcbrcsry IX. 1921
llany person fed oScfided be
cause their codings and goings
axe not mentioned while those of
others are. and wonder what th
mattsjecanbe. The explanation
of the mattere ia that the editor
means to be impartial, but seme
escape mention. The likes and
dislikes cf an editor hare nothing
to do with it. and while it la not
Drtended that the editor is more
than husua he knows that the
success of bis journal depends on
his fairness aad impartiality to
aQ. It is the best way always
wheat a notice is desirde to men
tion it to the editor, or cco
msnieate through the post offee,
No one feels worse about any
eeinlng neglect er partial pefor
manee of dtty than the editor
UNwaco; t caller.
when an ei t-ly acceptable
bnt t&ctk-tiH litt
comes too f reqt
neighbor hon
xy or girl be
lt a visitor at a
, or fails from
a lack of semi - lu; or training to
know when t and when to
take leave, a Jk J difficult duty
devolves on t!v ...igtresa of the
Shall she te'! -. U too qcreistent
young vibitor t ..t it is late and
suggest his reu.ning home, or
mcit him at th door and deny
hus couHny to that of her boys
nud irirls? The proper method
fori.rr, when a boy visitor ap
pears too often, is to send her
own son forth with the perfectly
polite request that the caller ex
cuse him, as he has tasks or
errands to . perform for his
mother. She should be sure, the,
that her son's . excuse is a
genuine one, and tht his apolo
gies are made kindly. In the
event cf a child visitor lingering
too long in the evcing or at meal
time, she can.very properly say
she fears thoyoungcaller has for
gotten his mother may be anxious
nd for that reason she may not
allow her children to ask him to
top to dinner or to spend the
'm " U I " " .
elass who do not know who is
president or what he he is -presi
dent of-who never And ont that
a thing has happened until long
after everyone else haa forgotten
it Tbe children grow up in rsgs
and dirt while the wife generally
finds eosolation in darning socks
and luiririnir aptpe loaded witr
long green tobacco, and the man
o-enrally Uvea because he can't
die and he is too buy to kill him
self. Hs iroes out on electiot
days, and doea not know who he
is voting for, but just takes the
Hrkat baarinff the name his
flrrea.a-feat irrandfather voted
There can be no greater mistake
that a business man can make
than to be. mean in tmsiness.
Everybody has heard the proverb
of penny wise end pound foolish.
A liberal exbenditure in the wsy
of business iaslwsys sure to be a
capital investment There are
people in the world who ore short
sighted enough to belive that
their interest can be best
promoted by grasping and cling
ing to all they can get and never
letting a cent slip through their
fingers. Asa general wing, u
will be fonnd. other things feeing
equal that he who ia most liberal
is most successful in business.
Of corse we do not mean it to be
inferred that a man should be
prodigal in his expenditures; but
that he should show his
cuatomeas, if he ia a trader, or
those whom be may be doing any
kind of business with, that in all
his business traasactions, aa well
as social relations, he acknowl
edges the everlasting fact that
there can be no permanent pros
perity or good feeling in a com-
munlfr where benefits are not
WANTED Salesman for 4.000
mile guaranteed tires. Salary
$100.00 weekly with extra commission,
Sneedvitle Lodge No. 277, F. 4 A.M.
afarcb Sth. 1921.
On February 2. 1921, Death knocVod
on our outer door, death entered our - .
Lodge and took from among us ear be- '
Uwi CrctW, d JfclUti' . ssd T
&fer iarzs a f altifal' br
tber aad BMS&ber of our Lodge, whose
prinanoa aero waa always an inspira
tion to noble deads and high aau.
Brother Ms this was a good ei Liter, a
true ttaaon, and a charitable neighbor,
wboat walks la life should be aa turn
ample that we all should be proud to
Therefore, be It Resolved by the '
members of this Lodge, that we go into
deep mourning for our departed bro
ther, for in his taking off we hare lust
a brother wboee place in the Lodga
will be bard to nil and in Ms death a
dark pall has fallen orer us alL x
And in behalf of the wife and family
of oar departed Brother we will say,
they too, have our moat heart felt
sympathies, and we esn only commend
them to the Master of that Celestial
Lodge on high nut made with hands,
eternally in tbe Heavens, and crave tha
blessings of him who sitteth on tha
great white throoe to which our brother
has alread) preceded as.
Maa that ia born of woman la of few
days and full of troMs. He etneta
forth like a flower and la rut down: be
Aeeth like a shadow andeonUnoeth not. , .
Brother MatfaU is deed; yet ha Ives,
his body is aaleep la the grave, there to
remain till tbe resarection morn. The
winds blow over him, he beads It not,
the sunshine aad the storm pasa over
him. but be is not disturbed, his soul is
basking i evef4asting light where
the wicked cease from troubling and
the weary are forever at rret.
We can only say te the friends and
relaliveeec Brother fcLtthia, and tha
brothers of this Lodge, that although
his smiling eounteeenee will never
greet aa on earth again, that we will
a ar hia voice no more on earth, that
hia voice la tha cooncUe of oar Lodge
will be beared not again, yet hie mem
ory will live among aa and he will not
be forgotten, for we muat remember,
that tha cradle marks tha beginning,
and tha eoffla the cVeae of human life.
and whoa we leave the cradle, wa begin
that atomentoue anarch that never enda
enta wa reach tha solitude of tha
grave, and brother Matfcia has only pre
ceded aa ia tha march af life by a few
short years or month, and perhappa, .
days and hours, when wa te like brother
Msthie will be numbered with the si
Wot Acad, and our pUee la our earthly
Ledge will be vacant.
Be it farther reeolted, that one copy ef
theea rase hit tone be retained in the
Ledge aaa aopy erst te tha f axaCy ot
ear departed brother, and a copy sent
te tha SassdvCe News for pahtteaUon.
, BepactfaAy,
Geo, A. WtSiaaa.
C M1. rwiry
Clay JrasV
r? r'
( I
4 .

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